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            Her Fifth Birthday
          By: Charlie "the drifter"

Little Alma was laying there in his bed, her little
body sore and hurting.  When she moved her small
legs they hurt and ached.

She reached down and rubbed her hairless pussy.
It was all wet and her fingers slipped right up into
her little hole down there.  She could feel how wet
it was with what had been spurted up inside of her.

It hurt her to even touch it.  She knew why it hurt
and why her fingers slipped right up inside of

Her hand went up to touch her little nipples.  They
hurt when she touched them and ached even when
she wasn't touching them.  Yes she knew why they

Looking down at them she could see how they had
been bitten hard, there were teeth marks all over
around her little nipples.  Her nipples were swollen
and sore from being bitten so hard and so much.
Not only bitten but pinched hard and twisted hard.
It had really hurt when they had been bitten,
pinched, twisted and pulled hard.

Alma remembered how her mouth had been made
to open and a big cock as they called it pushed into
it.  Her throat hurt when she swallowed, those cocks
had been pushed all of the way down her throat.

She could remember how she couldn't breath when
they pushed them down her throat, but they
wouldn't stop.  They even made her swallow all of
that stuff that came out of their cocks, and filled her

Yes, she could even remember how it had hurt
when they had pushed their big things, their cocks
up into her down there, into what they called her

She pulled her fingers out of her stretched wide
pussy and moved them down to her gapping anal
opening.  Her fingers even slipped right up into her
down there.  Yes, they had even put their things
into her there.  Oh it had hurt but they had still
pushed them all of the way up inside of her and
then pushed it in and out until they had spurted
that stuff into her there too.

She remembered how they had put one up into
her pussy and one up into her back there, two
of them up inside of her at the same time. Then
they had put another one in her mouth and down
her throat.  Yes, she had three of their things in
her all at the same time.

It had hurt but she couldn't do anything, she
couldn't pull away.  They had moved their things,
their cocks in and out of her all at the same time
over and over for a long time.

Finally they had all pushed them all of the way
into her and spewed that stuff into her.  They
had all changed places again and all of the put
their things back inside of her but in a different
place.  They had done this to her most of the night.

Finally their things wouldn't get hard anymore so
they left her laying there.  She had been so tired
she had slept until now.  She was almost to sore
to move.

She was laying there to sore to move, when her
mother came in.

"Good morning honey. Did you have fun last night?
I know your daddy and your grandpa's really
enjoyed it."  Kendra told her little five year old

"I know it was a lot for you at one time honey,
but your daddy and both of your grandpa's wanted
to fuck you on your fifth birthday.  From now on
honey, usually it will only be one man at a time,
but sometimes they all might want to fuck you
at the same time again. I know there will be other
relatives that want to fuck you too, sweetheart and
you know you have to let them whenever they want
too."  She told Alma.

Yes, little Alma had turned five years old the day
before.  Her daddy had been the first one to put his
big thing, his cock up into her little virgin pussy.
Each one of her grandpa's had been the first to put
theirs in her mouth and in her tight little virgin ass.

Alma had had a big birthday party yesterday.  They
had taken her to one of those places with all those
rides and toys for kids to play with. There had
been eight other girls her age, her friends with her.
They had had a lot of fun.  All day had been her
birthday party.  They had played games, and even
swap naked in the swimming pool in the back
yard.  All of them had had a lot of fun.

Then when they had all left, her mama had taken
her in and had given her a bath telling her that now
it was time for her daddy and her two grandpa's
gave her a birthday present that she would always
remember. She told Alma that they would be
fucking her and making her a big girl.

Of course Alma didn't even know what fucking was.
Then mama had taken her into the bedroom and had
her lay on the bed naked. That was when daddy and
her two grandpa's had come in and began touching
her all over, all of them had even licked her little
pussy and pushed their tongues up inside of her.
She had liked that, it felt good.

Then one of her grandpa's had made her open her
mouth and pushed his thing into her mouth.  He
had pushed it all of the way down her throat and
then pushed it in and out.

Finally he had taken it out. and daddy had moved
between her legs and pushed his thing up into her
down there.  It had really hurt and she had cried
out but he didn't stop until she felt his thing all of
the way up inside of her.

Then he had rolled over putting her on top of him
but wouldn't let her take his thing out of her.  One
of her grandpa's had moved behind her and she felt
his thing being pushed into her potty back there.
She had tried to pull away but they had held her
until grandpa had his thing all of the way up inside
of her potty.

Her other grandpa had then pushed his thing back
into her mouth and down her throat again.  All three
of them had then pushed their things in and out of
her over and over.  She had felt their hot stuff when
they spurted it up inside of her.

Then they had all changed and she had a grandpa's
thing in her pussy and her daddy's in her potty and
her other grandpa's in her mouth.  They had pushed
them in and out of her until she had again felt that
warm stuff they spewed out of their things, their
cocks.  Then they had changed again and they had
pushed their things in and out of her until she again
felt their stuff being spewed up inside of her.

Finally they had not been able to get their things
stiff again so they had left her laying their in bed.

Alma knew that all of the time that her daddy and
grandpa's were doing it to her, her mother and her
grandma's were there in the bedroom watching.

Finally mama had her get up and took her into the
bathroom and gave her a nice warm bath.  After
the bath, Alma did feel better, but her mouth and
throat and her pussy and potty still hurt.

She looked down at her little titties.  They were all
red and swollen and their were teeth marks all
around both of them.  She could remember her
daddy and her grandpa's all sucking on them and
biting them.

Her little legs were all red and hurt between her
legs from them being there and rubbing her soft
thighs with their bodies as they fucked their
cock's in and out of her little cunt.  Her sensitive
thighs were rubbed raw by her daddy and two
She had teeth marks all over her tummy and even
down there on her thighs and legs.

She could see that her pussy lips were all red
and swollen and they ached.

Her mama took her, still naked, out of the
bathroom and into the living room.  Both of her
grandpa's and grandma's were still there along
with her daddy.

All of her grandma's hugged her and kissed her
and told her that she had been such a big little
girl last night while her daddy and grandpa's were
fucking her. They told her how good she had sucked
and fucked them and how cute she had looked with
all of their cocks up inside of her.

Yes, little Alma was the star of the family this day
after her fifth birthday, the day after they had fucked
her and taken her virginity.

Her mama and her grandma's all told her about how
from then on they knew that she would really enjoy
and having lots of fun when she had her father,
grandpa's and other family members fucked her.

Later that afternoon she did feel better, and she
got to watch mama straddling both of her grandpa's
and put their things in her down there then move
up and down on them.  They said mama was
fucking them.  She also watched both of her
grandma's doing it to her daddy too, fucking his
thing in and out of them.

She heard daddy telling her mama, how exciting
it was going to be when she had one of grandpa's
baby's and didn't know which one was the father
of it.  She heard him tell her grandma's how
exciting it was watching her mother fuck them
knowing she was fertile and would get pregnant
with one of their baby's.

She then heard her grandma's tell her daddy that
yes it was exciting and that it was going to be
exciting when he got both of them pregnant with
his baby.  Her daddy told them that, yes, it was
going to be exciting their having his baby while
her mama had one of her grandpa's baby.

Little did little five year old Alma know that when
she had her first period, no matter how old she was
she would be having her daddy or one of her
grandpa's baby and not know which one would be
the father.  They would all fuck her at the same time
during her first fertile period, no matter how old
she was at the time.

Alma was surprised when her six year old cousin,
Mira came over with her parents.  They also
brought her a birthday present.  Then Alma
was surprised when her mother took her clothes
off and had her straddle her cousins daddy and
put his thing in her still sore pussy and had her
bounce up and down on it until he spewed his
white stuff up inside of her.

She was surprised when at the same time, Mira's
mother undressed Mira and had her straddle
Alma's daddy and put his thing in her and had
her bounce up and down on him until he spewed
his white stuff up inside of her.

She then watched Mira's mama do it with daddy
too and mama do it to Mira's daddy.

She also watched both grandpa's do it to Mira
and Mira's mama.   She watched her mama
and both of her grandma's do it with Mira's
daddy too.

Mira giggled and told Alma that her daddy was
fucking her all of them time and she was even
letting her older brother fuck her.  She told Alma
that when ever someone visits them her daddy
and mama have her do it with them too.  She
said her mama almost always does it with them
too and daddy does it to the their wives, mama's
and their little girls.

Mira told Alma that she really likes having them
put their things up inside of her.

After the girls were both fucked by the men, they
finally went out in the back yard and played in
their swimming pool, naked of course.

Yes, little Alma, now five years old would find
out that she would be having a lot of her relatives
coming to visit her parents and all of them would
be putting their things, their cocks, up inside of
her and in her mouth and her tight little ass.

Alma like the other little girls of the family would
now be fucked by any man or boy of the family
that visited or they visited.

Charlie "the drifter"

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