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                        My Wife Marlene Turns Into A Slut

                                     Part 15
 It was 5 am Wednesday morning, Martin Trochaic, Ross's CEO was sitting in his
office. Opening up his computer for the day ahead. He always came in early to
start his day. Also he loved checking out his favourite porn web sites. The one he
loved best was the one Troy ran on the web. Martin had been a member for the
last three years. He love Troy's site, it had the most beautiful looking women and
his gang bang videos were the best. Martin had bought all of his gang bang dvds.

 Scanning through Troy's site he noticed a new DVD, Marlene Turned Slut. He
clicked on the link. Big letters came up! NEW DVD! Marlene Turns Slut. And a
head full size shot of this woman picture popped up on the screen.

 Boy! She looks so fucking familiar Martin thought. He couldn't believe what he
was looking at on his computer screen. Fuck! Yes! He knew this woman, he was
positive. The it hit him, she looks like Ross's wife, Marlene. Was it her? It was the
same name, but no it couldn't be. Ross's wife was very shy and so fucking modest
about her body. He stared hard at the picture thinking of Marlene. In the last five
years since Ross started working for the company, Martin had met Marlene many
times mostly at office functions and on different business dinner occasions with
Ross. He really liked him, he was a good computer man for the company. And he
knew Ross thought the world of his wife and loved her very much.

 Yes! Marlene, he smiled wildly. Martin always wondered what her body was like
under those loose fitting clothes, she was always wearing the big sweaters and
tops with high neck collars or those long house dresses that fill down to her
ankles, along with low heeled shoes. He wished she would have worn lusty
clothes like a tight low scoop neckline sweater and mini skirt, with 6 inch high
spiked heels. She had this fuck me look about her, it was so sexy, even without
makeup. Her beautiful eyes and pouting lips had fuck me written all over her face,
he thought.

 Opening up the web link, he clicked on her bio. It read! Age 37, 5ft 6in. tall,
weight 120 lbs, 42in. bust (36DD bra), 21 inch waist, 34 in. hips.

 With a story under that reading,

 Hello everyone,

      My name is Marlene, I just got into porn. This is my first time on the
     web. I am married to a loving man, but I am so bored, and lonely. My
     husband leaves me alone all week and I am a very horny woman. I just
     love to fuck and suck cock, mostly huge black cocks now. I enjoy all
     kinds of sex. Being gang banged by a group of strange men is my
     favourite past time. Please look at my first DVD where I take on 25
     well hung black men. So please buy my first DVD today. Check out my
     trailer samples below. And I will be making many more DVDs soon.

 Love Marlene.

 Martin moved down the page and click on one of the four video trailers. #1 He
couldn't believe his eyes the woman in the video was on her knees, taking turns,
sucking five huge black cocks that had circled around her face. Taking each one
deep into her throat. He could see more black men waiting in the background. The
first sample trailer was very short, he wished it had gone on, he clicked on the
next one. Now five different well hung blacks were taking turns fucking her in
every hole and she was jerking off a black cock in each hand. Moving on to trailer
#3 they had her head till back over the edge of the bed while each black man face
fucked her and dumped their cum down deep into her throat, she drank load after
load of hot cum. Martin watched as her adam's apple bobbed drinking down every
drop of stickily white semen. He had never seen a woman take so much sperm
into her sucking throat and down into her belly. A blanket of cum covered her
face. He played this trailer over and over. His cock was rock hard under his dress
pants. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge beautiful cock. He was well
hung. It stretched out over a foot long and thick as a baseball bat. Martin was
proud of his enormous dick. His cock had a bend in it midway up its trunk, like
a huge banana, it came straight out then took a shape turn up, woman loved the
hooked cock on their clits, it drove them wild as he fucked into them. 

 Martin slowly stroked his cock with one hand as he watched the last of 4 video
samples. It was unbelievable! Five of the biggest blackest cocks he had ever seen
in his life. He guess they were all well over 16 inches long, and all five so fucking
thick, like tree branches hanging down to their knees.

 The one outstanding cock was twenty inches long and was the biggest, meanest,
ugliest thing Martin had ever seen. It was thicker than Marlene's wrist, and it's
bulk forced it to drop down heavily. It was covered with big blue veins that
appeared about to explode at any time. His balls were as big as baseballs hanging
in a black skin sack, filled with gallons of fresh hot cum.

In the sample videos she was taking the monstrous dick in very hole of her
beautiful body. Marlene looked right into the camera and cried out for more cock
with every stroke. It was a real teaser sample lasting only 60 seconds.

 Martin had to have this gang bang video. He quickly got his credit card and
ordered it on line.

 His mind went back to Ross's wife! Fuck no, it couldn't be her, no fucking way
he thought, it's not the same woman, just some one that looks like Marlene. He got
up and left his office, moving quickly down the hall to Ross's office space. It was
still early, nobody was in yet. Yes, Ross had four pictures on his desk, three of his
wife and one of his young daughter Kim. Martin picked up the three pictures of
Marlene and run back to his office.

 He study each picture carefully. The first one was Ross's wedding day picture,
Ross and Marlene took in front of the church where they were married twenty
years ago. Marlene was so young and beautiful in the long white wedding gown,
a pure virgin. The next picture was Marlene in a full swim suit taken at the beach
not too long ago. It showed off her long showgirl legs and taut thighs. He couldn't
get over Marlene's tiny waist, he could see the large shape of her breasts in the
loose fitting swim suit. Yes! She was heavy chested alright. He studied the
pictures for a long time looking for something, anything, a birth mark or scar of
some kind. Then he saw it on her right ankle, a tiny birth mark, it was a circle
almost like a heart shape. He went back to the computer screen, played the trailer
video, and then checked the still shots on this woman's web page.

 Bingo! Martin went the dark tiny circle on her right ankle. Yes! It was Ross's
wife. He picked up the last photo. It was a head shot of Marlene and Ross. It had
been just taken this year at a company party. Even with little makeup, it still
showed off Marlene's beautiful face features.

 Martin went back and opened up the home page of the new site, he held up the
photo to the screen. Oh! Fuck! Yes! It's Ross's wife alright, she was a dead ringer.
He was now positive it was Marlene. He still wouldn't believe what a fucking slut
Ross's wife had become. There was no way Ross knew his wife was this new
changed slut. There was no way. Or did he know?

 Quick Martin took back the photos to Ross's office making sure they were all
placed back in the right order. He was back sitting at his desk playing the trailer
samples over and over, looking at all the still shots thinking about Marlene and
how he could meet her one on one. He wanted some of the action, he had to fuck
her or watch her in real life fuck something.

 Looking over Martin, started at his wife picture on his desk. Yes! His wife would
want to know about Marlene too.

 His beautiful young wife Monica had a very wild appetite for sex. They were
both into swinger groups. Over the years they traveled all around the country go
to different swinger clubs. Monica loved black couples, and huge black cocks, but
what Martin loved best was watching his wife make love to strange men and
women, once she was fucked by three well hung men and then a strange young
woman sucked all of their cum out of her pussy. Then she shared a mouth full of
fresh cum with Monica.

 He and Monica kept they sex life very low key around people from the office and
around town. Monica would travel with Martin on out of town business trips. She
would dress up in the most revealing outfits, she loved showing off her tight little

 Martin wasn't going to his Monica about Ross's wife about starring in the new
video. He wanted to see if she would recognize Marlene herself. He knew once
Monica found out she was a slut, she would want to meet with her one on one for
sex. But Martin had a better plan, he wanted to have Marlene first, yes all to
himself for a night or a weekend. She was so hot looking and she really knew how
to please a man. And he wanted to see if she could suck his huge cock down her
throat and take his cock in her ass and pussy. Thinking about the way she
performed in the video, she could handle any size cock.

 Time would tell, he smiled, looking at Marlene's pictures on her web page.

 It was 9:00 a.m. Marlene sat at the kitchen table, having her morning coffee,
having a boiled egg and toast for breakfast. She stared out through the big bay
kitchen window. She would see the lake the water was so still looking like a huge
glass mirror. It put her in deep thought, thinking about her loving husband Ross.
She knew she had to call him, but held back, not wanting to talk to him anymore,
he would just want to know what she had been up too. She always would tell him
everything about her day, But now she didn't want him knowing what she was up
too. Since she had changed into a full blown slut, fucking and sucking every man
with a huge cock. The hunger for sex had taken over her mind totally, wanting sex
all the time, a fiery lust ran through very vein in her body, she couldn't live without
sex, the wild addiction had was controlling her life. Yes! She thought to herself,
I have turned into a nymphomaniac.

 It was her beautiful sexy body and her big firm tits. She open the short robe and
exposed her breasts. Lifting them up with both hands. She had used these babies
to lure men into her web of sin, feeding her new found hunger for raw sex. That's
why she had her mind set to enlarge her breasts. She wanted go to a 52 inches
chest, that would make her bra size 36MM. That would make her even a bigger
slut, everyone would be staring at her new chest she thought. Yes! The bigger the
better. Oh! Yes! I can't wait till Troy calls me about when the doctor can do my
new implants. And I am going to tell Troy, I want my tits as big as the doctor can
make them. If he can make my chest size bigger than 52 inches, I want them
stretched to the limit, as she looked down holding her tits up high watching her
nipples growing from her thoughts, she was smiling, hoping the phone would ring.

 Marlene's mind then drifted back to just last night. How she had dressed like a
slut, wanting to show off her hot body for the men at the garage, it got her what she
wanted, being fucked by five well hung men and one more sex act than she had
planned on. 

 Last night she been fucked so well and hard by each guy and then they all gang
banged over and over till the small hours of the morning. Taking heir huge gross
cocks in very hole in her body, swallowing well over a gallon of hot sperm.

 But there was more to it than this. She thought, she was unshockable but this
wasn't really true. What these men had done to her last night, she had done many
times in the last four weeks, taking big pricks down her throat, drinking gallons of
the fresh hot cum which she loved so much, and being tripled fucked in her ass,
cunt, and mouth at the same time, having men spray their sperm all over her face
and tits. It was what the men last night did to her at the end of the wild orgy in the
garage, that she was trying to forget, but Marlene couldn't get it out of her mind.

 She remembered being forced to kneel down on a rubber mat in the middle of the
garage bay. Fresh sperm covered her upper body like someone had poured thick
cream over her face and football shaped tits. She could still picture all five men
standing around her nude body. Their cocks semi-hard hanging close to her face.
Some held up their cock with one hand, some just stood close with hand on their
hips pushing their hips out toward her face. Then one by one they started pissing.
At once all five men were peeing on her thighs and on her bald pussy, moving up
to her flat hard stomach. They moved up pissing all over her cum covered tits
washing it off and then the piss sprayed up her neck an onto her face. Streams of
the hot pee drenched her face and hair mixing with the sperm.

 Marlene let them do as they liked. she didn't complain, she willingly tilted her
head back and let them piss all over her face. Yes! Five streams of piss sprayed her

 She opened her mouth to let the piss inside. She drank it down, the yellow pee,
like taking a drink from five garden hoses, what scared her was she enjoyed it. She
really loved the exotic feeling that rushed through her body and mind, from the hot
pee hitting her skin and yes, she love the taste too, thinking only a nympho slut
would drink a man's piss.

 The door bell ring. Marlene came out of her wicked thoughts. Who could this be,
she wondered. Going to the door, only in the tiny terry robe, completely naked
underneath it. Looking through the peep hole, she saw a young man in a uniform.
What does he want, Marlene thought.

 Quickly, she glanced into the hall mirror. "Fuck! look at me," she moaned. "No
makeup, hair just pulled back in a pony tail."

 Marlene didn't have time to change or make up her face. So she loosen the ties on
the tiny robe, and pulled open the neckline, exposing more of the tanned tit
mounds, the robe just hide her huge nipples. She spotted a pair of black pumps
with 6 inch heels by the door and slipped them on.

 Opening the door, a tall good looking young man in his early twenties.

 "What can I do for you?" Marlene asked. The young man unable to talk, wide
eyed and a open mouth, he just stared at Marlene's chest, locked on the deep

 "Well son? Can I do something for you," smiling. She knew what she was doing
to this young man, cock teasing him. She bent forward making the robe open more,
showing him all of her golden tanned tits, her nipples growing hard with
excitement, how he had a full view of her golden brown breasts inside her robe.

 His mind had gone blank, he was fucked. Finally he uttered softly, "I 'm here to
do a final inspection on your new furnace," still not taking his eyes off her exposed

 "OK! Love please come in. I will show you the furnace room." She walked slowly
in front of the young man, her high spiked heels clicking on the tile. The robe
barely covered her firm ass cheeks, the heels showed the young man her long
beautiful taut legs and firm thighs.

 "Fuck! He was so cute," Marlene thought. She wondered if he had a big cock.

 "Here we are love. I will be around if you need me for anything," she smiled back
at him.

 "Thank you. I should be OK, this won't take long, take your time sweetie."

 Marlene left him and went quickly running straight to her bedroom. She stood in
front of the big long mirror, staring at herself. Dropping the rope off her body. Her
bump sized nipples stood out hard and swollen off the end of her huge tits. Her
pussy growing wet by the minute. Fuck! She was so horny. "Yes! I want him, I do
need to fuck him." Staring into the mirror with a wicked smile on her lips. Talking
to herself out loud, "Now what should I wear for this young man," she spoke out
to herself.

She didn't have much time, he wouldn't be here long, if she want this young stud,
she would have to work fast.

 Yes! My red crop-top baby doll outfit. The one I wore on my wedding night for
Ross. She loved wearing it for him very once and while, even have twenty years
of marriage it still turned her husband on. She opened the bottom drawer of her
dresser and pulled out the delicate see-through crop top, the sheer top had lace trim
with black applique, it had thin ribbon shoulder straps and a matching new red silk
thong. Fuck it was tiny.

 She had bought the new red micro thong to go with the old crop-top, it was much
more revealing then the old red panties and so fucking small, it barely covering her
pussy lips.

 In the top drawer, she pulled out a pair of red hi sheer nylons with lace tops.
"Shoes, I need shoes!" Marlene thought. Going to the closet, finding a pair of
bright red 7" inch stiletto heels and 2" inch platforms with two wide ankle straps,
they went perfect with the sheer outfit.

 Quickly, she dressed in all her red apparel, sitting on the small chair at her
makeup table, she slipped into the red stiletto heels. Standing slowly, she walked
back over to the dressing mirror.

 "Fuck!" It took her breath away. The sight staring back at her in the mirror. The
twenty year old see through sheer crop-top still looked good, she hadn't really wore
it a lot over the years. Ross always loved her to wear it on their anniversary. She
had thrown out the original red panties and nylons that had came with the outfit
twenty years ago.

 The thin sheer crop-top draped down off her huge thumb sized nipples, it hide
nothing exposing her 36DD deep tanned breasts to their fullest, the front of the tiny
silk thong was being sucked into her pussy-lips, it showed that her pussy was
completely shaved. She thought why even bother wearing it, but she loved to tease.
Marlene had left her hair in a ponytail and did her face in her slut looking makeup,
along with a pair of 4" inch red hooped earrings. Looking one last time in the
mirror. "Yes! Now I am ready to seduce his young man. Yes, she looked so horny.
Oh, Yes!" Marlene would be getting fucked wearing this outfit. No man in this
right mind would pass her up.

 Marlene left the bedroom and head down the hall to the furnace room. The stiletto
heels clicked on the tile floor. Just as she got to the kitchen entrance, the young
man was standing in the doorway. He was leaving, his work was done.

 The young man just stared in astonishment at the half naked housewife standing
in front of him. Never in the last three years of doing this job had he ever been
approached by a housewife like this. He had been told stories from other
repairmen, about the lonely woman wanting to be fucked by them. But he didn't
think they were true. It would never happen to him, he always thought till now. He
knew that this wasn't the first time for this sexy housewife, fucking around behind
her husband's back. Her husband had to be fucking crazy leaving a beautiful
woman like her alone and so fucking horny. She had the body and the face all
right. Any man would fuck her at the drop of a hat.

 The young repairman, smiled running his eyes over Marlene's body. "Does your
husband know you're such a fucking cock teaser and where is he right now."

 Marlene just blushed and smiled back with a look of lust in her eyes. "My poor
husband is working in the city all week." As she moved in closer to the young
man, she took hold of one of his big hands and escorted him to the bedroom.

 He followed her like a little boy, watching her tight moon shaped ass, fully
exposed as the string from the micro thong disappeared down the crack of her ass
cheeks. And soon he was sitting on the edge of her big king size bed. Marlene
stood with her back to him. The young man watching as she slipped the sheer
crop-top over her head. Letting it drop to the floor, she slowly turned to face him,
wanting to tease him a little, her huge nipples had grown to their full swollen size
of 2" inches, and thick as a man's thumb, standing off the football shaped tits that
pushed high off her chest were on full display for this strange young man.

 "Well do you like them?" She purred. "Do you think I have nice tits?"

 "You have perfect tits, and you know it bitch! he grunted. He gazed at her gigantic
nipples amazed at their sizes. Marlene moved to him at the edge of the bed. Then
very slowly and methodically, she began to undress him she eased off his work
jacket, undid his tie, and opened up his shirt. When all these items were off, she
got him to stand and unzipped his fly and pulled down his pants. What she saw was
the thick log shape of his dick under his tight undershorts, it made her excited, the
sex juices started to flow through her body. She had to see his cock. Placing her
fingers in the top of his underwear she pulled down slowly exposing the young
man's prick. It sprang free pointing up his stomach, bobbing in the free air.

 Her eyes widened when she caught sight of his half-erect dick it was huge and not
even fully hard.

 "What a lovely cock!" She muttered, wrestling his pants and underwear off his
feet, not taking her eyes of his growing penis.

 "May I suck it? Can I put it in my mouth?"

 He didn't answer, He moved up on the bed sitting up, watching her letting her do
as she liked. She curled up between his legs, her big tits dangling beneath her. And
the thumb size nibbles rubbed on the top of his thighs. he could feel how stone
hard they were, the hard buds scraped his skin. She took hold of his cock and
examined it tilting it this way and that. It was swelling in her hand, fuck it was
going to be one huge fucker. It was already at least 9" inches long and getting
thicker and longer by the second. Marlene lowered her head and licked it several
times and then stuffed his member into her willing open mouth. Marlene bobbed
her head up and down, and his cock grew harder and thicker between her lips.
Within seconds it was a solid pole of hot flesh in her fist. She pulled her mouth off
it and stared at the huge prick. Her one fist squeezed it and pumped it up and down
gently. There was room for two more hands to clamp around the hard shaft.

 "It's a beautiful cock! I really like it!" She murmured. "And it got big so fast! Your
cock has to be well over a foot long!" she said softly, all the time staring into his
beautiful eyes.

 The young man smiled back at Marlene. "Rub your hard tits all over my cock!"
He urged. "I want to feel your big tits all over the shaft, but take your time."

 She grinned at him and let go of his dick. It jumped and bobbed up and down
pointing up as it laid on his flat stomach. Then she eased herself forward, gripping
her tits in her hands. she folded her firm jugs over his huge cock, trapping it in her
deep cleavage. She began to rub up and down, fucking his prick gently with firm
titties. she glanced up at him to check his reaction.

 "Perfect! Fucking perfect!" he praised.

 "Really, do you like this?" she asked. "I am so glad. Thanks my love. I will do
anything you want me to," with the most wicked smile on her face.

 The young man just smiled and watched her press her tits hard to either side of his
thick prick shaft. He could see the head of his cock poking free and disappearing
as she moved back and forth. What a sight this horny wife was with her tits
pumping his cock, and the look on her face, her eyes full of lust. He was going to
enjoy fucking the shit out of this lonely wife. He was going to really enjoy doing
dirty, dirty thing to her.

 "Suck it some more!" he instructed. "Lick it all the way down the underside and
then use your tongue on my balls. Then if you do that well. I might fuck you
doggie style. Would you like that Mrs. Neil?"

 "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned, already slurping her lips back over
the head of his cock. She sucked it hard for several seconds, her cheeks caving as
she sucked.

 The young man watched his cock disappear slowly into her mouth, she kept going
down and down the thick shaft. He felt the huge mushroom shaped head of his
cock go into the back of her throat. Fuck! she took it all, he stared in wonder as her
bottom lip touched his ball sacks and her nose pushed into his stomach. Marlene
bobbed her head up and down going to the base of his prick very time. Would that
he could hear the pop as it came out deep of her throat. Then she spit his cock free.

 Licking her way down the underside of his shaft, as instructed, his dick was tilted
up to one side, resting on her finger tips. He could see her tongue snaking out and
teasing the thick blue veins pulsing in the length of his huge long 12 inch shaft. her
eyes stared up into his. They were all big and serious.

 "Does my tongue feel good?" she mumbled! "Is it nice that I lick your cock

 "Beautiful baby! Just fucking beautiful! You are one horny slut!" he croaked.
"Now shut the fuck up and do my balls. Take them in your mouth and suck them

 Marlene's tongue slurped all over his wrinkled ball sacks, chasing and over large
plum size nuts from side to side. Then she captured one between her lips and
sucked it inside. She bathed it in the heat of her mouth for thirty second and then
repeated the process with the other big nut. Her mouth made wet snuffling sounds
the whole time. His one nut almost filled her mouth, he really had a huge set of
balls. She was thinking how much semen would he have stored up in these two
huge sacks.

 She pulled her mouth off his nuts, looking up at the young man. "I want to lick
your ass-hole," Marlene said suddenly, looking at him from around the column of
cock. "Spread your legs honey and let me do it."

 The young repairman groaned. Even he hadn't thought of this one. He spread his
legs wide and lift them back and waited as she crawled back between them. He felt
her fingers on the cheeks of his ass, as she was spreading them apart.

 I just love to lick ass, sweetie!" she muttered. There's nothing like giving a guy
a nice rim-job. Yes! It was just one more thing Kathryn had taught her to do to a
man that first night. 

 It was the strangest sensation in the world, he thought. Her tongue scraped lower
and lower over his ball sacks, until it was driving deep between the tight cheeks
of his young ass. Then her tongue found his ass-ring, curling the long tongue
everywhere on the puckered circle. She poked hard with the tip of her tongue
against the opening, as if she really wanted to pop inside.

 "Okay enough!" he wailed. "You're going to have me shooting my wad! Mrs. Neil
get up here on your hands and knees. Let me come at you from behind. I want to
fuck you doggie style."

 For a while Marlene went right on probing, licking, sucking his ass hole with her
wild tongue and lips. she seemed reluctant to quit. But then her face emerged from
between his legs and she was grinning up at him.

 "Isn't that the dirtiest thing in the world? Doesn't it just drive you wild?" She
cooed. "I love licking asses. I just love it."

 Marlene crawled up the bed, on her hand and knees and sank her face into one of
the fluffy pillows. It was Ross's side of the bed and his pillow that she made herself
ready to be fucked by this stranger. her hard nipples poked into the sheet beneath
her. She tilted her moon shaped ass up into the air.

 The taut stripes of her red garters dug into the flesh of her tight thighs.

 "Okay! Big boy! Ram me from behind!" she mumbled. "Fuck me doggie style
with your giant prick. It's just what I've been needing among other things."

 Among other things? He wondered how fucking kinky was this housewife.

 "Yeah! There's something special! I want you to do to me. But me first. But fuck
me first, cram your big cock up my wet cunt."

 He came up onto his knees in back of Marlene, his foot long prick jutting out in
front of him. He placed one hand on the left cheek of her ass, he couldn't get over
how taut her ass cheeks were and with the other hand he guided his cock into her
wet slice of her bald pussy. With one long stroke he was in her all the way.

 "Yes! Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me like the slut I am, honey! Ram your hard cock all
the way up my cunt!" she howled.

 He began drilling his cock into her. Both hands now rested on the cheeks of her
ass, each time he rammed forward, her face was forced deep into Ross's pillow.
Her tits were mashed into the white bed sheets below.

 "I love it doggie-style!" she cooed. "Cocks go so fucking deep this way! I can feel
your prick all way up into my belly, I can baby! I feel it way up inside of me. Fuck
me! Fuck me harder! Honey! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please fuck me harder!"

 "I like it too," Mrs. Neil, he grunted. "I can look at your gorgeous ass while I fuck
you. I can play with your pretty tight buns."

 He dug his finger into the firm tanned flesh of her tight skin. He plucked at the taut
straps of her garters, snapping them back onto her thighs and all the while he
fucked her steadily, driving his thick 12" inch dick to the hilt up her dripping pussy.
His balls swung to and fro as he pumped into her.

 "You know what the something special is that I want?" Marlene gasped, glancing
at him over her shoulder. "Do you know what I want you to do to me."

 "I have no idea, what is it?" he grunted, genuinely curious, still pumping her.

 "I want your cock up my ass, I want you to fuck me up the ass with your big hard
dick. Do you think you can do that for me?"

 The young man gasped! He felt a thrill go through him. It was something he'd
wanted to try. But he'd never got the chance with most of the girls he dated, they
were always too scared of his over-size cock, they said, he would split them in half.
It would be a dream come true to shove his huge prick up an ass as pretty and tight
and firm as this housewife's.

 "I'd be happy to fuck you up the ass, baby!" he groaned, "But do you think you can
take all my cock. It is pretty big, and your ass-hole looks so fucking tight."

 "Try it and see honey! I want it real bad!" Marlene moaned. "Shove your big ugly
cock up my ass hole. Ass-fuck me now! You cock-sucker," Marlene cried out. 

 He drove his prick up her cunt for a moment or two yet. But the he stopped in
mid-stroke and eased the long shaft out of her dripping pussy. He poked it up and
down along the deep furrow between her hard ass-cheeks, smearing off as much
cunt-juice as he could. He then pulled away and stared down at the puckered ring
of her tiny ass hole. "I don't know about this, Mrs Neil," he muttered. "You look
awfully tight."

 Marlene yelled at him. "I don't fucking care! Ram your cock into my ass. I don't
care if you hurt me." Her fingers reached back and clasped the cheeks of her ass.
she pulled them wide apart for him. Again she was looking back at him over her
shoulder, eyes were bright and very excited.

 "Don't worry honey, I've had this done to me many time before!" she gasped. "You
won't be the first man to ram his cock up my ass."

 The young man still hesitated for a moment. He reached into her cunt with two
fingers, scooping out a wad of cunt slime and making her shudder in the process.
He daubed the goo onto the circle of her ass hole. Then, very slowly he planted the
huge mushroom shaped head of his prick against the puckered ring. he pressed
down steadily.

 "Yesssssssss! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" she moaned, "do it to me, ass fuck me with that
big fat ugly cock! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck!"

 "Tell me if it hurts!" he gasped. He braced his hard-on with a hand and put more
weight behind it. He watched the cheeks of ass indent around the massive bulk of
his prick.

 She whimpered and moaned, but she held her ass-cheeks apart gamely. Her knees
were digging deep into the bed. Her face was mashed into her husband's fluffy

 "I think you're too tight, lady! I don't think this is going to work!"

 "Sure it will! I can feel my ass opening!" she shimmered. "Don't stop! Force your
cock harder between my cheeks! I can feel it going!"

 The repairman was sure she was telling the truth, so he grabbed another pillow and
stuffed it under her, just in case her legs buckled. She was solidly braced now, and
he put even more weight behind his cock-shaft. It started to bend, but he held it
tight with his fist. He watched the cheeks of her ass mold themselves around the
bulk of his prick. The housewife was right, her tight muscle of her ass-hole was
relaxing. It was stretching and opening. The head of the huge cock was being
sucked inside.

 He stared down and watched his purple mushroom shaped dome of his cock slowly
disappearing, her ass-hole was folding down taking the huge dick steadily.

 "All the way babe! All the way!" she gasped, "cram every inch of your gross
fucking hard-on up my sweet ass."

 "Okay! Okay!" he moaned. "Fuck this feels weird."

 The head of his cock had disappeared all together, and now inch after inch of rock
hard shaft was vanishing as well. He pressed down hard, scared that if he stopped
he'd never get started again. He was splitting her ass-cheeks wide with his swollen

 "So big! So fucking big! And hard up my ass!" Marlene grunted. "But so fucking
nice and dirty."

 The last two inches of his foot long cock bulled up her ass-hole. She had taken all
of it, his pubic hair was crushed against her taut ass-cheeks. He leaned low over her
back, breathing heavily. One hand had now gripped her shoulder. The other tugged
at the rear strap of her red garter belt.

 "My cock feels all numb! Your ass is so tight!" he panted.

 "Then fuck me, baby! Fuck me up the ass! Move your cock in and out!" she urged.

 He stayed still for a second or two, yet gathering his strength. Then he begin
plowing his cock in and out of her ass. He started with small strokes, but soon went
deeper, using more and more of his cock shaft. His balls kept slapping against the
gaping wet hole of her pussy.

 "Yes! So fucking good! Ass-fuck me harder! You sonofabitch!" she howled!
Marlene spread her arms out on either side of her and grabbed handfuls of sheet.

Looking over to Ross's night table, through her sex gazed eyes she saw a framed
picture of her and Ross on their wedding day. Marlene just smiled at the picture,
she thought of Ross, he could never fill me with this much cock. Fuck him! Maybe
someday she would let him be fucked up the ass by a huge cock. She then turned
away. And cried out, "Fuck Me harder up the ass! You big fucking stud."

 Her strange lover grunted on top of her, drilling his prick all the way up her ass
again and again. The feeling returned to his cock. In fact the sensation were so
strong all of a sudden that he thought he was going to shoot. He slowed down he
tried to think of other things. It didn't really help.

 "How does it feel lover? Does it feel good? To fuck me up the ass?" she yelled,
glancing at him over her shoulder.

 "Fucking fantastic! Fucking amazing!" he groaned, "I never knew ass-fucking
could be so great."

 He moved faster up again, he couldn't help it. His dick felt so terrific trapped in
her tight ass-hole. He stretched his whole body over her, pressing her hard into the
bed. Marlene's ass was tilted upward by the pillow beneath her, so the angle for
ass-fucking was perfect.

 The young man loved the feeling of her taut ass-cheeks against his hips and feel
of the tight thigh against his body.

 "It's so good! I can't hold back, lady!" he gasped! "I think I'm going to cum up
your ass! I'm going to shoot your ass full of streaming hot cum."

 "Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Yessssssssssssss! Do it! Lover!" Marlene urged. "Cum up
my ass! Shoot my ass-hole full of gooey sperm! I want it. Fucking love it!"

 He rammed into her one more time. His cock was buried to the hilt up ass. The
shaft flexed and gushed shooting a creamy stream of hot cum. Her ass-hole was
flooded in an instant. He pulled back and then rammed forward once again.
Another thick wad of sperm fired off up her ass.

 "All of it! Shoot all of it up my ass!" Marlene begged him. "I want an ass full of
thick creamy semen! Ohhhh! Fuck! Yes!"

 His cock spurted again and another jet of hot sperm shot up her ass. Globs of white
oozed free. Clinging to his cock shaft, dribbling down over the open lips of her
pussy. His balls mashed the fresh cum into a white froth each time they hit her
swollen cunt lips.

 "Keep spurting, honey!" she urged him on, "shoot out all your cum into my ass

 And he did just that. He pumped out cum till her ass clogged with it. and he still
fucked her, driving his prick deep up her ass as if he never wanted to stop.

 There was a big popping like sound when he finally pulled out and let his cock slip
free from her sucking ass-hole.

 Marlene's ass-ring gaped wide, as if he'd had shoved his fist up inside. And as he
watched, a thick stream of white cum overflowed and drained down into the folds
of her cunt-lips and down on the inside of her thighs. Her ass flexed as if he still
was fucking her and more and more white goop flowed free.

 "Yes! Spurt all over me." she grinned, looking back over her shoulder. "Jerk
yourself off all my back and ass cheeks! I love to watch cum fly on me."

 His prick throbbed in his hand, as he pumped it over back. A long jet of his cum
shot free and splattered up the entire length of her back-side, from her ass to the
back of her neck. The hot sperm felt hot on her tanned skin, it glittered on her
tanned skin, like fresh white paint. It filled the hollow cave of her back bone.

 "Ohhhhh! Fuck! So much cum!" she cried, "Spray me! Lover! Soak my body with
your sperm. I love it, fucking love it." She reached around with one hand and
scooped up his cum with three fingers and quickly shoveled it into her mouth
licking her fingers clean. She returned her hand to her back cupping it for him to
shoot into it.

 He lifted up letting his dick dribble the last of his cum into her cupped hand filling
it. He watched as she brought it up to her mouth and sucked the cum out of her
hand with her lips, licking it clean once more.

 The young man looked down at this woman he had just fucked for the last hour,
she was one wild slut, he thought, as he picked up his uniform off the floor and
quickly dressed in front of her.

 "You're one horny lady! You know that," he grunted.

 "I know," she grinned! "And I love being fucked. You were really good baby. I
loved your cock."

 "Come back anytime to check my furnace," she smiled.

 Marlene was now sitting up in her bed as she watched her new young lover get
dressed and watched him leave the bedroom, not saying a word to her. Then she
heard the front door close. Marlene stared across the room seeing herself in the big
wall mirror. "What a slut you are," she talked out loud to herself.

 "You never even got the young man's name, did you slut?" She just smiled back
into the mirror. Shaking her head side to side for a no. "And you don't even care do
you slut." She give another no with her head.

 The phone ring beside her on the night table beside her. It surprised her, her heart
started beating faster. Fuck was it Ross! Oh! Fuck! It could be Ross! She didn't
want to answer it at first. But then it could be Troy. He may have news about her
breasts transplants. She slowly picked it up the phone, her hand snaking a little and
softy said, "hello."

 Thank fuck it was Troy, Thank God!

 Marlene just listened to him talk, it was about her new breasts, he was quick,
giving her instructions, about the time and place.

 "Okay Troy! I will be ready. And thanks! Goodbye." She put the phone down
slowly. Yes! It happening, she would have her tits enlarged tonight. Marlene just
stared into the mirror, thinking what her new over sized tits would look like this
time tomorrow. Marlene would soon find out. Troy was sending a car for her, to
take her to doctor York's private clinic just outside the city. Marlene ran to get

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The End For Now... More to come.

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