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Subject: {ASSM} At The Local Park
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          At The Local Park
          By: charlie "the drifter"

I was at the local park with my little five
year old daughter, letting her enjoy herself
getting men to take her back into the brush
and let her suck their cocks and then talk
them into letting her fuck them with her
little five year old cunt.

She loved having a big stiff cock buried
deep and driving in and out of her little cunt
stretching it wide and plunging hard against
her tight little cirvix. She told me that
she loved it when their cocks hit it sending
a sharp pain shooting through her little cunt
and body.

Well this time I happened to see a man their
with his little girl that looked to be about
the same age as my sweetheart. As I watched
them she walked over to some guy and began
talking to him. She suddenly pulled up her
little skirt and showed him. I could see
she wasn't wearing any panties, she was showing
him her little hairless cunt.

When I seen that, I knew that her father had
her at the park to let her fuck other men.
When I looked at him he was standing back
grinning just as I knew I always did when
my litte angel would show her pussy to a
stranger then go into the brush with him.

As I watched, the older man the girl was
talking to, took out his wallet and handed
the girl some money, then he took her by the
hand and they walked back into the brush.

Her father followed a short distance away.

I followed him.

When the girl and man got back into the
brush, The man took his cock out of his
pants. The little girl, took hold of it
and was soon sucking it all of the way
down her throat. It was great watching
that tiny thing take the man's cock, a
man I knew was a complete stranger to her,
down her throat.

Like my little Angel always did, she sucked
the man until he filled her mouth with
hot hot creamy sperm. She swallowed every
drop of it.

She then lay down and pulled her little skirt
up baring her tiny cunt then spread her legs
wide, both the father and I watched the man
move between the little girls legs and plunge
his big stiff cock all of the way up inside
of her tiny body.

She squealed both with delight at the feeling
of her tiny cunt being filled and the with the
pain as he stretched her wide and probably
rammed hard against her cervix.

The man fucked that little girl hard and fast
ramming his cock up inside of her as hard as
he could. I could see that the little slut
loved it.

She suddenly cried out and her little body
shivered, shook, stiffened and push her tiny
cunt up at the man's cock. I could tell she
was having an orgasm and that the man was
spewing his hot sperm up inside of her.

After cumming in the little girl, the man
quickly, thinking he might get caught fucking
a little four, five or six year old slut,
and almost ran out of the park. I had to
chuckle because I had seen that several times
after men like him fucked my little girl
behind those bushes.

The man walked over to his little girl as she
lay there her tiny legs spread wide and her
pussy full of the strangers cum.

She didn't move when he went over to her.

It was at that time that my little sweety
came up and took my hand.

"Daddy, did she just fuck someone?" She ask.

"Yes sweetheart, I can see she loves fucking
strangers and sucking their cocks just like
you do. Honey would you like to suck and fuck
her daddy?" I ask her.

"Can I, Can I daddy. I want to. She can suck
yours and fuck you too." She said giggling.

As we watched the father and daughter, the girl
still laying there, her daddy moved between her
little legs and leaning down began licking and
sucking and tongue fucking his litte just fucked

"Why don't you go ask him what his daughters
pussy tastes like with another man's sperm in
it?" I told her.

Grinning she almost ran over to the couple. Boy
did that man move from between his little girls
legs, his face wet with his little girls juices
and the man's sperm.

The man had a look of fear on his face at being
caught licking and sucking his baby's pussy, especially
just after a stranger had fucked her.

My little girl stood there with a big grin on her
face then pulled her skirt up showing the man her
pussy. I heard tell him she wanted him to lick
her pussy and fuck her. The man stared at her.
The my baby, told him that her daddy wanted to fuck
his daughter while he fucked her.

The man then realized I was standing there. He look
at me and told my daughter he would love to fuck her
and have her suck his cock while he watched his little
girl suck my cock and fuck me.

What a chance meeting. Two fathers who loved to
watch their little babies, suck and fuck other men
then lick and suck their just fucked gapping sperm
filled cunts and fuck them.

I went over and introduced myself, We talked for
a minute the our little girls took over. My daughter
took his cock out and began sucking on it while his
daughter took mine out and began sucking on it.

We watched our babies, lick and suck each others
cock down their throats, then they had us lay down.
His little baby straddled me and dropped herself on
my stiff cock and my baby straddled him and dropped
herself on his stiff cock.

Damn it was exciting watching my litte one fucking
another while his little one, fucked me.

After he filled my little girls cunt and womb full
of his hot fertile sperm and I filled his little
baby's little cunt and womb with my fertile sperm.
we set there talking.

Yes his wife knew about his having the girl fuck
men so he could then lick and suck her pussy clean
just as my wife did. Yes, he would love to watch
me fuck his wife just as I would love to watch him
fuck my wife.

We both knew our wives would let us fuck them because
they both loved sucking and fucking other men while
we, there husbands, watched.

We exchanged names and telephone numbers so we could
have our wives call each other and make arrangement
for us to meet and fuck each other wife and daughters
and maybe even watch other men fuck them before we did.

Before we parted, my baby sucked his cock clean and
swallowed another helping of his hot cum and his
'daughter sucked my cock clean and swallowed another
helping of my hot sperm.

It was another enjoyable day at the local park.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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