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                    So Tight So Tight
                By: Charlie "the drifter"

Brett looked down at his smiling daughter.  The smile
on her face was something to behold as he rubbed his
big stiff cock up and down her little pussy lips coating
them with his precum, getting her little slit ready for
him to slip it up inside of her.

He could tell that she like the feel.  She was spreading
her legs wide letting him do it.

Brett knew that in just a minute she would not have
a smile on her face, that she would have tears running
down her face.  When he had her little pussy lips well
coated with his precum, he would be slipping it up
inside of her little virginal pussy enterance.

He knew he would be stretching her little opening wide,
wider than it had ever been stretched.  He knew he
would be feeling her young pussy muscles squeezing
his thick cock shaft, milking it, trying to squeeze it out
of her.

Slowly Brett guided his big cock head to her little
entrance, now coated with his precum.  He took hold
of her little legs, one on each side of him and began
putting pressure on it.

He watched as his big cock head slowly began
stretching the tiny hole wider and wider.  He could see
her little pussy lips stretching thinner and thinner as
they stretched.

Slowly, little by little, he could see more and more of
his cock head slip inside of her as she began to whimper
and moan at the pain she was beginning to feel between
her small legs.

Bret even though he wanted to enjoy as long as he could
the feeling and the sight of his big cock slipping up
inside of her virgin slit, he decided he was going to do it
quickly, slip his cock into her quickly so she would not
feel the pain long.

He relaxed a bit, letting the pressure up on her little
opening.  Then suddenly he lunged forward and
plunged it up inside of her hard.

His big cock drove in quickly, stretching her vaginal
tunnel.  He felt his cock head tear through her tight little
hymen and continue up inside of her.

As she screamed out with the pain, he felt his cock head
plunge against her deepest vaginal wall.  He could even
feel it pressing hard against her tiny cervix.  He wished
he could slip his big cock head through it all of the way
into her little womb, but he was afraid her tiny cervix
wouldn't be able to stretch wide enough to let his cock
head through.

Even then though he pushed his entire cock length up
inside of her.

"Oh god, she's so tight, so tight."  He thought as he
stared at his big thick cock buried deep inside of her
tiny little pussy.  His cock looked so big to be inside
of her small body.

She was crying and screaming trying to pull herself
away from his big cock, but he held her tight, keeping
it buried deep inside of her, letting her tiny pussy stretch
and adjust to it's invader.  He knew she would soon get
used to it and would even begin enjoying having it
inside of her.

As her little pussy, stretched and adjusted to the width
of his big cock, her pain slowly faded.  As her pain
faded, her crying slowly faded also.

As he felt her little cunt muscles relax some he slowly
began to slip it in and out of her.  She whimpered with
the pain at first, but as her tight little cunt become
lubricated with his precum cum, her own fluids and
even the blood from her torn hymen, it began slipping
in and out of her smoothly with causing the pain that
first swept over her.

Brett just couldn't believe how tight her little cunt was
on his cock.  It was like heaven to him.  He was glad
when it quit hurting her and she lay there as she slowly
pumped his cock in and out of her.

With her tightness Brett knew he was not going to last
very long and he didn't.

He held off as long as he could, then drove it in as
deep as he could get it, held it there, then began coating
her inside with his hot sperm.  He wished that she was
fertile so that he could give her his baby, but she was
way to young for that.  He would have to wait a few
years before he could impregnate her and he did plan on
doing that.

Once he finished cumming in her, his cock didn't get
soft.  It was her own tightness and her little body that
kept him hard and he began once more pumping it in
and out of her.

Brett managed to stay hard until he cum in his little
girl three times.  She was laying there with out a
whimper when he added his third helping of his hot
fertile sperm up into her little three year old body.

When he finally pulled his cock out of her, he stared
at her gapping little cunt, knowing that his big cock
would be enjoying it for a long time.

As he watch his cum seep out of his little girls gapping
cunt, he began thinking about how tight her little sisters
pussy would be when he had his cock in her.  After all
it should really be tight, because she was only a year
and a half old.  He planned on having his cock inside
of her in the next two or three weeks, after he enjoyed
the tiny pussy he was watching his sperm seep out of

She lay there without moving letting her daddy look
at her gapping pussy, keeping her legs spread wide.
Little Connie had no idea her daddy would keep putting
his thing in her from then on.

Brett planned on keeping his big cock inside of his little
girl all night.  He turned her so that her back was to him
them he put her in a spoon position and slipped his
big daddy cock up into her tiny cunt.  That was the way
they went to sleep.  As he drifted off to sleep, Brett
knew he was going to be fucking his baby girl one hell
of a lot.

Charlie "the drifter"

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