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                  I'm Doing It For My Wife
                     By: Charlie "the drifter"

It all came to light two month after we were married.
Katy and I had dated for only about three months when
I ask her to marry me.  She was eighteen at the time we
wed.  She was also a virgin on our wedding night.  She
was shy and backward when it came to sex, but in that
two months she learned quickly and loved it.  There
was not much we didn't do and I have to think about
it to think what we missed.

On our wedding night I took every one of her virgin
entrances and she loved it all even though painful the
first time.

It was actually on our second month anniversary that
she popped a question at me that I wasn't sure how
to answer.

We were laying in bed naked as usual with her
straddling me with my cock buried deep inside of
her and her slowly pumping herself up and down.
Suddenly she dropped herself on my cock and buried
it deep inside of her and sat there, not moving just
looking at me.

Finally she hesitantly ask, "Honey I have to ask you
to do something for me that I am not sure how you
will take it.  I want your help in doing something

"Well what is it you want me to do for you sweetheart,
you know I will do anything for you."  I told her.

"I am not so sure about this though honey, I am not sure
how you will take what I have to ask you to do for me."

I softly told her, "Well honey how will I know unless
you tell me what it is you want me to do."

"I, I'm a little afraid to ask you, though honey.  It might
change how you feel about me."  She said hesitantly.

"Honey nothing can ever change how I feel about you."
I told her.

"Well this just might." she told me as she leaned down
and kissed me passionately.  With even more passion
that she had been before.

"God, what was it she wanted him to do for her
anyway?"  He wondered.

"All right honey, don't be shocked, I, I want you to
make love to my mother.  I want you to fuck my
mother."  She said almost to fast for me to hear.

I stared at her with my mouth open.  I didn't know
what to say.  I was too shocked to say anything.

She saw the look on my face, and told me. "I mean
it honey.  I really mean it.  I want you to fuck my

"Wh, Why?"   Was about all that I could get out.

"I know it sound bad honey, but I mean it.  I want
you to fuck my mother.  Honey, I mean it.  I really
do.  You know that my mother and dad are having
problems."  She said.

"Yes,"  Was all I could get out.

"Well it is all about sex, honey.  Dad won't have
anything to do with mom and hasn't for a long time.
Close to a year now.  Mom is so sexually frustrated
that she can hardly stand it.  She has tried every thing
she can think of but nothing has worked.  Dad just
doesn't want anything to do with her sexually."

"When she tries, he tells her that he isn't interested in
sex.  He has even told her he can't.  He told her that
he can't even get hard anymore and that there was no
use in even trying.  Mom even wanted to suck his cock
and things like that but nothing has worked with dad."

"Mom told me a couple of days ago, that she has to
get some relief.  She has tried doing it herself even with
vibrators but she told me that there is nothing that takes
the place of a real cock, a real man fucking her.  She
told me that she is to the point of going out and getting
some complete stranger to fuck her and give her some

"Oh honey, I love my mother and I don't want her
going out and fucking some stranger.  Honey you know
she is only twelve years older than me.  She had me
before she became a teenager and honey, I'm eighteen,
mom's only thirty.  She can still get pregnant and have
babies.  I know she would be tickled if Dad could and
would get her pregnant, but he won't.  He says he is too
old.  He's fifteen years older than mama."

"Honey, I talked to her and I told her that I would talk
to you.  Honey, I told mom that I wanted her to let you
fuck her, to make love to her.  Mom was hesitant at
first, but then she was excited by it.  She told me that
she would if you would do it.  She said she loves you
and that she would love to have you fuck her as long as
I was not against it.  Honey, I don't mind.  I want you to
fuck her.  In fact honey, I think it will be exciting,
knowing that my husband, my new groom is also
fucking my own mother."

I couldn't believe it.  She had even already talked to
her mother and her mother was all for it.  No her
mother was not old.  She was really a looker.  She was
still slender with small firm looking tits, great slim legs.
She can still wear a bikini swimming suit with glory.
She also has lips that were just made for kissing and if
I say so myself, sucking.

After listening to my wife,  I finally choked out that I
would do it if she really wanted me too.  Then I told her,  "Honey I
told you I would do anything for you
and I meant it.  Even fucking your mother for you."

She kissed me and hugged me hard, at the same time
squeezing my cock hard with her pussy muscles.  Then
she told me something I wasn't to sure of.

"Honey"  She said.  You know you can't use anything,
mom is allergic to the rubber in the condoms and she is
also allergic to something in the contraceptive pills.  So
you will be taking a chance on getting my mother

I looked at my wife, then hugged her and kissed her
then I told her.  "Honey there is something that you will
have to do to for me to fuck your mother."

"Wha, What?"  She ask me.

"Sweetheart, when I fuck your mother you have to be
there with us watching us. You have to watch me fuck
your mother honey.  That is what I want.  If you will I
will do it anytime you want me too."

She kissed me and told me that of course she would
watch, that she would love to watch her husband fuck
her own mother and maybe even impregnate her.  Yes
honey, I know you just might impregnate my own
mother.  That is just a chance that all three of us have
to take." She told me.

What could I say.  After I had agreed to fuck my wife's
mother, fuck my mother in law anytime my wife
wanted me to my lovely wife, like to have fucked me
to death that night.  And for the first time in our two
month marriage she fucked her own ass on my cock,
gritting her teeth at the pain she felt when she plunged
my cock deep into her own bowels.

It Seems that the thought of her husband fucking her
mother and maybe even getting her pregnant, giving her
a brother or sister, was a real turn on to her.

It was a good thing that I had the next week off, my
vacation, because she fucked me all night and into
the next day.  It was like she couldn't get enough.
Finally though I had had more than enough and
couldn't even begin to get hard again.  I was completely
fucked out.

I don't know how Katy done it, but she kissed me and
told me that she was going to go see her mother.  She
didn't have a hell of a long ways to go, like only about
three blocks.  I don't know what they talked about but
Katy sure came home several hours later all excited and
told me that her mother was so happy that I was going
fuck her.  She was all excited.  She told me that her
mother wanted us to come over that night.  Damn I
thought, I wasn't sure if I could even get it up again so

Well we did go over and when we walked in, her mother, Wanda, came up
to me and kissed me
passionately just like my wife does when she knows I
am going to fuck her.  Her mother caressed me with her
whole body, as my wife, her daughter stood there
smiling and watching.

Wanda's body was fine, believe me.  I could feel her
petit tits pressed against my chest and her pubic bone
rotating on my already stiff cock.  She grinned at me
the told me that later she would take care of it for me,
as I took care of her problem.

I guess we were lucky because Katy's father was going
to be gone for a full week.  Katy told  me that we would
be spending the night with her mother, then she would
come home with us and spend the entire week with us
so we could all enjoy each other.

Hell I couldn't complain about that.  It was only about
seven that night when Katy and Wanda went into the
bedroom and when they came out both of them were
completely naked.

Wanda came over and stood right in front of me with
her daughter sitting on the couch.  She slowly turned
around showing me her entire naked body, her firm
bare breasts, her firm petit ass and her hairless pussy
slit.  Katy told me her mother had shaved her pubic
hair because I like hers bare of hair.

It was really something when she suddenly sat down
on my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck then
kissed my lips with her tongue caressing my lips and my tongue.   With
her kissing me, she reached down
and grasping my hand put it right on her firm breasts.

There I was, sitting in my easy chair, my mother in
law sitting on my lap naked, kissing me, holding my
hand cupped on her firm breasts.

I'll tell you, it didn't take long for me to begin caressing
and fondling her on my own.  I also licked and sucked
on her firm breasts and swollen nipples.  While I did,
I was looking at my wife.  She had a big smile of
pleasure on her face and her eyes, shined with erotic

I had never suspected that my loving wife would ever
be sexually excited watching me holding another naked
woman, kissing her, fondling her breasts and doing
what ever I wanted to with her, especially that woman
being her own mother.

Well that didn't last long, before Wanda pulled away,
and stood up.  She took my hand, just as my wife stood
up, came over and grabbed my other hand.  The two of
them, mother and daughter led me into our bedroom
to our queen sized bed.

Katy  unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants as her
mother pulled them down.  Wanda grasp my shorts and
slowly pulled them down, exposing my stiff cock.

Her mother stared at my stiff cock and then told Katy
that my cock was some bigger than her fathers.  She
told Katy that she was really going to enjoy sucking and
fucking her daughters husbands cocks.

I could see that Wanda was actually excited by the fact
she was going to be sucking and fucking her own
daughters husbands cock with her daughter watching.

Wanda went to her knees right there as I stood beside
the bed.  She, looking at her daughter, grasp my cock
and began licking it.  She then opened her mouth and
sucked my cock head into it.

It didn't take her long before she was sucking my
entire cock into her mouth and down her throat.  She
motioned to Katy, who came over and knelt down
beside her.   Mother and daughter then took turns
licking and sucking my cock down their throats.

Finally they pulled away.  I lay on the bed and they each
got on the bed, one on each side of me.

My mother in law didn't take long before she was
straddling me with Katy holding my cock rubbing it up
and down her mothers wet cunt lips.

It was like they couldn't wait to get my cock buried
deep in mama's hot wet pussy.

Katy moved my cock head to mama's pussy opening
and held it while her mother slowly lowered herself
on it.

Katy held my cock until her mother had it buried deep
inside of her tight cunt.  With her holding my stiff cock
shaft I began plunging it in and out of her mother.  It
was really something, my wife holding my cock as her
mother fucked it in and out of her tight hot wet cunt.

Her mother didn't fuck me long before she cried out
with pleasure and dropped herself on my stiff cock
driving it up inside of her cunt as deep as she could.
I could feel it ram against her deepest vaginal wall.
I could feel it pushing hard against her cervix, as if
trying to plunge right up into her womb.

No I didn't cum in her right then.  As soon as her
orgasm faded, she once again began riding my stiff
cock.  Once started she acted like she couldn't get
enough of it.  I guess she was craving being fucked
having a stiff cock pounding in and out of her tight
not fucked for a long time cunt.

I finally cum in her filling her cunt and womb with
my hot sperm, after she had cum from my cock
three times.

After I finally cum in her she slowly raised up and
pulled my cock out of her cunt.  She lay back, then
watched as my wife, Katy, even surprising me,
grabbed my cock and licked then sucked it clean.
Once my cock was clean she moved between her
mothers legs and licked, sucked and tongue fucked
her mothers, just fucked sperm filled cunt.  I never
suspected that my wife would ever lick and suck
another woman's cunt, let alone a just fucked cunt
full of sperm, her own husbands sperm too.

Damn it was exciting.  As she licked and sucked
her mother's cunt, my cock getting hard once again
watching her, I moved behind her and rammed my
cock up into her cunt.  I fucked my wife hard while
she licked and sucked on her mamas just fucked
cunt, licking my sperm from it.

Well that set the stage for that entire week.  I fucked
mother and daughter back and forth.  They took turns
licking and sucking my cock after I fucked them.
They licked and sucked each others clean of my cum
after I fucked them.

My wife even watched me drive my cock up into her
mothers virgin bowels and fill them with my hot sperm.
Her mother had never been fucked in the ass before.
It was a pleasure being the first to drive my cock up
into her virgin ass.  She cried out loud with pain as
my cock plunged up into her taking her virgin ass
stretching her wider that she had ever been stretched
there before.

I was shocked when after I fucked her mother in the
as and filled it with my cum, when I pulled it out,
Katy, quickly grabbed it and again licked and sucked
it clean.  She even licked her mothers just fucked,
cum leaking anal opening cleaning it of her husbands
sperm.  It was really something to watch.

By the time we were finished that first night I fucked
mama in law, I pumped my hot fertile sperm up into
her tight cunt four times.  She lost count of the number
of times she orgasmed.  She told us that she had
never orgasmed so much or had cum pumped up inside
of her so many times in one night.

That first night I went to sleep with my wife on one side
of me and my mother in law on the other side.  Both of
the naked, both of them holding my cock in their hand.

During the night, Wanda even moved down and licked
and sucked my cock.  She couldn't get enough of it in
her cunt or in her mouth.  When I woke up the next
morning, she was asleep with my cock still in her
mouth.  My wife, got a big thrill at waking up and
seeing her mother asleep with my cock filling her
mouth. She wouldn't let me wake her mother up to
even go take a piss.

Finally I couldn't help it, I had to go and I let go
pissing in her mothers mouth.  It went right down her
throat.  She didn't even try to take my cock out of her
mouth, she just swallowed and swallowed, even
sucking my cock down her throat.  I was pissing deep
in her throat and it was flowing right into her stomach.

Once I was done, she pulled her mouth off of it, kissed
her daughter and told her that my piss tasted so good to
her.  She told Katy that she should try it, that she should
have me piss in her mouth so she could swallow it,
drink it right out of my cock.

Katy told her that she would but later.  Her mother held
her to that later that morning.

It was almost noon when I stood up, we were in the
living room, still naked.  I excused myself saying I had
to go to the bathroom.

Wanda looked at Katy and ask me if I had to piss.  I told
her yes.  She told me to  use Katy's mouth, that it was
time she tasted my piss.

Well, Katy, knelt in front of me and at her mothers
directions, sucked my cock into her mouth.  She then
told me to use her mouth and throat.

It took some doing but once I started, I just kept pissing.
My wife, swallowed as fast as she could, but then
plunged my cock down her throat and let me piss right
down her throat into her stomach.  I didn't think I was
ever going to stop pissing.  I felt like I had pissed a
gallon into my wifes mouth and throat.

After I was finished both women, licked and sucked on
my cock until I was stiff as a board.  Wanda then again
bent over and had me ram my cock up into her cunt
and fucked her hard from behind.  My mother in law
was sure turning into a cock craving loving slut.
I sure as hell wasn't going to knock it.

Wanda stayed with us for the entire week, spending
most of the time with my cock plunging in and out
of her mouth cunt and ass with my wife right there
helping and watching.  She told me she loved watching
me fuck her mother's mouth cunt and ass.

By the time Katy's father returned home,  his wife was
well satisfied sexually.  I knew that she would be
coming over to visit quite often and that I would be
plunging my cock up into her cunt every time she did
come over.  I was right.

It was about two month's later that Wanda came over
with a big grin on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.
She couldn't wait to tell Katy that she was pregnant,
pregnant with her daughters husbands baby.

Both of them were deliriously happy.  The both  led
me to the bedroom and stripped me and my wife
watched her mother suck my cock and fuck me in
celebration of my having knocked her up.

As we lay there, Katy and Wanda began talking about
how Katy's little twelve year old sister was going to
take having her mother pregnant with her sisters
husbands baby.  Well that turned into them talking
about maybe they should have me fuck her too so she
could join us in our sexual pleasures.

Again I was shocked when my loving wife, looking at
me told her mother she thought that was a good idea
and that they should talk to Beverly,  her sister, about
enjoying sex with me having me show and teach her
all about sucking and fucking.  My wife, then giggled
and told her mother, maybe they should have me get
Beverly pregnant also.  Her mother grinned and told
her that they would have to work on that.

Well what was just to help my wife, out now was
becoming a family happening.  Not only could my
mother in law not seem to be able to get enough of
being fucked, my wife, couldn't seem to get enough
of watching her mother suck and fuck me.  Then
they began working on her little sister to get her to
let me fuck her too.  They told me she was a virgin
and I could take her virginity.

Well finally they succeeded.  She finally told them
she wanted me to fuck her and take her virginity and
show her all about sucking and fucking.  She had never
even kissed a boy up until then.

I was just waiting for the next Friday night, two days
away, when they were going to bring her over and and
young Beverly would be taught and shown the joys and
pleasures of sucking and fucking and watching others
being fucked.  Yes she would also be watching me fuck
her  mother.  Well actually her mother suck and fuck me.  She will
then be told that her mother was gong to
have my baby, that she was pregnant with my baby.

They would also be telling her that she could fuck me
anytime she wanted to but she had to let me fuck her
anytime I wanted to also.  In fact they had already told
her when they first talked her into sucking and fucking
me.  It was going to be a real pleasure having my
mother in law and my young sister in law to fuck
anytime I wanted too and with my wife's blessings.

Oh yes, my wife got pregnant her next fertile time.  She
wasn't going to let her mother have my baby and she
not have her own husbands baby.

Katy also told me when they set the day for me to fuck
her little sister that her little sister would be fertile that
weekend and she and their mother wanted me to get
little Beverly pregnant so the three of them could all
be pregnant at the same time with my babies.

I am still wondering if my mother in law is going to tell
my father in law that she is going to have their son in
laws baby.  I'll just have to wait and see.

But what is seeming like a long wait is for Friday to
come around so I can enjoy my young little thirteen
year old virginal sister in law. The time just seems to be

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