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Subject: {ASSM} Joshua and His Negro Slaves
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Joshua and His Negro Slaves


The following story is a work of erotic fiction intended for
entertainment purposes only. It includes scenes of racial humiliation
sex between adolescent peers. This story is not intended to be read by
minors or anybody else who may be unduly influenced by its contents.
Anyone who believes that they might be offended by the nature of this
story should find some other form of entertainment.


"Come and watch how we breed our slaves," the overseer called to young
Joshua. Timidly Joshua crept into the slave quarters where the
overseers were busy increasing the stock of slaves by breeding a fresh
group of young Negroes who had just been purchased that afternoon.
"It's about time you learn how this done, Master Josh," the overseer
said, grinning at the slave owner's son.

Joshua stood wide-eyed as he watched a naked muscular Negro man plant
their seed inside a black woman's body. The black slave men grabbed
their female breeding partners and humped frantically between the
women's fleshy thighs. Grunts and groans filled the breeding barn as
the male slaves ravished their women while the white overseers watched
with amusement.

The sweaty sex smell of the black breeders made Joshua uncomfortably
aroused. His stiffened cock made a noticeable tent inside his pants
and he had no way to conceal it. He hoped the older men wouldn't
notice it - he feared that they might think he was some sort of
pervert if they realized that the boy was actually getting aroused by
watching a bunch of naked niggers fucking. Maybe they would decide he
was still too young to be responsible for breeding slaves on his
daddy's plantation. Maybe they would disinvite him the next time they
had a new batch of Negroes to be bred.

For some reason though the men didn't seem to be paying him any mind.
They seemed too absorbed with drinking whisky, smoking their cigars
and rubbing the crotch area of the front of their own pants while they
watched all of this breeding take place right in front of them. Joshua
thought that, by their joking and laughter, the men treated these
events as much like entertainment as like a business. The men were not
nearly as stone-faced, scientific and businesslike as he expected them
to be.

The men snorted with laughter and commented on the action, "Look at
the rhythm on that nigger over there. Look at his butt muscles flexing
as he fucks that nigger bitch. He's really giving that black wench a
workout." Another man interrupted and pointed the group's attention in
different direction, "Do you see the size on that nigger's cock over
there? Look how he's slamming that black monster into that wench. No
wonder she's screaming and moaning like that. It's hard to tell if
those moans are from pleasure or from pain. Look at the sheer size of
that nigger's cock."

When the breeding session was over Joshua staggered out into the
sunlight, trying to digest all that he had just seen and experienced
in his own body. Joshua figured that the men let him watch the niggers
breeding because they now considered him a man too. Somehow he must
have crossed a mysterious dividing line between being a child and
being a man without even knowing it. He stuck out his chest and threw
his shoulders back as walked home to the big house of the estate. He
felt his whole body tingling with sexual excitement. The scene he had
just witnessed was sure to send his fantasies into overdrive and would
occupy his mind as he tossed and turned in the warmth of his bed for
many nights to come.

As a boy Joshua enjoyed sitting near the dock, watching large slave
ships unload their cargo of barely clad black flesh. On a hot day, the
dark skin of the nearly naked new slaves glistened in the sun due to
the sweat of the niggers' bodies. On cooler days their black skin was
ashy. In either case, young Joshua sported an involuntary hard-on as
he watched the white slave traders steer the firm-muscled young black
slaves down the plank of the ship and onto the pier. Joshua's cheeks
flushed red and he blow the unruly locks of his blond hair out of his
eyes as he eyed the Negro slaves' sensuous bodies. Joshua twist
uncomfortably on the wooden stump, where he was perched, trying to
conceal the intruding stiffy in his pants and unable to do anything
about it to give himself immediate relief.

But for weeks afterward young Joshua would lie in his bed at night,
staring at the dark ceiling. He would stroke his young adolescent cock
as images of naked nigger slaves danced in his mind. The boy
ejaculated streams and streams of hot cum all over his sheets and
pajamas until he fell asleep in the sticky residue of his own bodily
fluids. He would do this night after night until the next cargo ship
full of new slaves from the Caribbean arrived at the dock.

Joshua had also come to enjoy the ritual of inspecting Negro slaves
when slave auctions were being held. His father would take him
backstage to the stalls, before the auctions began, to look at the
slaves who were about to be sold. White men roamed around, pulling
down a nigger's baggy pants and inspecting his thick, black testicles
to make sure the nigger was good for breeding. The owners would run
their hands up and down the insides of the black slaves' ass cracks
and stroke their thick Negroid cocks to see what they looked like when
they were fully erect. All of this, they rationalized, was important
in order to know whether or not a nigger would make a good stud for
their slave wenches.

Joshua was always surprised to find himself strangely aroused as he
walked with his father to inspect young naked slaves up for auction.
Their smooth, dark, athletic bodies captured his attention and
enthralled him like nothing else he could imagine. The contrast
between the nearly naked Negro savages and their well-dressed white
captors - who were often either skinny or bloated from lack of
physical exertion - amazed young Josh. He found himself somewhat
mystified as to how these white men were able to make these healthy
young Negroes yield to their every demand. When the white men ordered
the strong young Negro slaves to lift their arms over their heads so
they could inspect their smelly black arm pits, the slaves lifted
them. When the white men commanded the Negroes to bend over and touch
their toes so their inspectors could probe the niggers' butt holes
with the end of their canes, the boys obeyed those commands too. There
was nothing too humiliating that a white man could tell a nigger to
do. And he would do it without a sign of protest.

Most of the slave buyers at the auction, however, enjoyed inspecting
black wenches. They would make those Negro women expose their udders
so they could feel them and play with their nipples until they got
hard in the white men's fingers. The buyers would also run their
fingers inside the black women's vaginas to see if they could get them
moist and lubricated for fucking. They joked that a good slave wench
from the fields could give you the wildest sex ride you could ever
imagine. The men swapped tales about fucking nigger slave women right
in front of their "husbands;" the black men stood by helplessly,
unable to do anything but watch and try to conceal their own confused
anger mixed with sexual excitement as they watch "their women" being

One overseer was fond of stripping preadolescent black girls naked and
finger-fucking their pussies in front of their teenaged brothers.
Their brothers were forced to watch and enjoyed the guilty pleasure of
masturbating while their sister was being finger-raped by the white
overseer. The embarrassed black boy would soon find himself gasping in
ecstasy and shooting his creamy teenaged jism all over his sister's
body. While the overseer was playing with the negro girl's pussy he
would bend over and whisper in her ear, "Are you my nasty little black
bitch?" The girl's body trembled with ecstasy and she could barely
gasp the words between excited deep breathes of sexual passion, "Oh
massa," she said softly and shyly, "Yessum, I's yo nasty little black
bitch if you says I is."  The overseer rubbed his finger over the
young girl's clit, "Good little nappy headed nigger ho." Then the girl
gasped and trembled, "Oh massa!" A wave of pussy juice flowed from her
vagina and ran down the white man's fingers. The shiny pungent fluid
streamed down her smooth brown legs after her intense contractions.
Then her body went limp with pleasure and exhaustion.

Usually the owners of the plantation enjoyed the pleasure of fucking
the light-skinned nigger house slaves. But the white overseers, who
managed the field niggers, thought there was something extra sassy
about drinking whiskey and fucking a dark field slave in the slave
quarters. There was something wild and rough about a black slave girl
from the field's sexuality. The older men had a saying, "You ain't
really a man until you've split a black oak." These men split many a
black oak, giving them light-skinned nigger babies. The babies were
fawned over by the other black women in the slave quarters because
they were said to have had "good hair" and "fair skin." When the light-
skinned babies were old enough, they were taken into the big house to
become well-trained Negro house servants.

One of the great pleasures of having house servants was that white
boys Joshua's age could order them into the most intimate situations
without raising an eyebrow of suspicion from anybody else who might be
around. Joshua ordered his house slaves to give him a bath. The light-
skinned black boys had to wash every inch and crevice of the white
boy's body, including his ass crack and under his nut sack. The black
slaves washed the white boy's neck and underneath his arms. They even
had to clean the white boy's ass after he took a shit.

Soon Joshua got more adventurous and had those colored slaves holding
his penis while he peed, and shake him off once he was through to get
rid of the excess urine. It didn't take long for Joshua to graduate to
the idea of ordering a slave to sit by his bedside at night and
masturbate him to sleep. In the mornings Joshua ordered the colored
slave boy to clean him off with his tongue, before giving him his
morning bath. The slave sullenly licked the dried semen off of the
white boy's limp cock and his pubic hair in the morning. In no time at
all, Joshua was fully erect. He grabbed the slave boy by his ears and
violently fucked the colored boy's face, depositing a fresh load of
teenaged cum down the nigger boy's throat.

But boys being boys are always prone to become competitive. Even
though there were differences between masters and slaves there still
plenty of opportunities for petty jealousies and rivalry to occur.
This was particularly true when the young white master decided to play
with the darker brown and black-skinned field slaves on the
plantation. If one of them was foolish enough to allow himself to
defeat their young white master in running, jumping, or any other
game, Joshua's face flushed red with anger. His steel blue eyes grew
narrow, demanding revenge. He would make all of the black boys - the
one who bested him and the others who openly laughed about it - kneel
in front of him in the field while he unzipped his trousers and
urinated in their faces.

The black boys groaned with disgust and humiliation while the yellow
liquid splashed against their eyelids, their flat noses, and their
thick lips - some of it forcing its way into their mouths. This gave
Joshua the last laugh and taught the black boys not to get too uppity
just because they had the privilege of playing with a white boy every
once in awhile.

As much as Joshua enjoyed his easy access to the light-skinned house
slaves, he found even more excitement in the forbidden pleasures of
breaking in a darker-skinned slave from the fields. Joshua enjoyed
tying young teenaged brown skinned boys to a wooden beam in the slave
quarters - even though tying them up really wasn't necessary. He
pulled their raggedy trousers down and ripped their shirts off their
chests, exposing their dark naked bodies. Then he explored their nut
sack with his tongue. He also licked every other part of the nigger's
body that he desired. Before long the brown-skinned nigger slave boy
was breathing heavily and ejaculating semen all over Joshua's face.
The nigger boy's cum clustered in thick globs in Joshua's blond hair.

Other times the young black slaves weren't so lucky. Joshua ordered
the tough black boys to get down on their ashy knees and worship his
white cock. The black boys would do it, too. With trembling fingers
the black boys would hold Joshua's soft cock and masturbate him to a
full erection. Joshua looked down at a black boy with contempt and
spat in his face, "You like that white cock you're holding there,
nigger?" The black boy's face flushed with shame but he knew what he
had to say and do. "Yessir, I sho do like dis here big white cock."

Joshua smirked. "You want that thick white cock between your lips,
nigger?" The black slave swallowed with shame. "Yessum, I sho do want
yo big white cock between mah lips."

"Well suck it, then. Suck that big white cock before I breed your
mammy with it."

The black boy shoved the white boy's cock between his trembling thick
lips and began to suck on it until the white boy was near the point of
orgasm. The white boy grabbed the black slave's head and shoved his
cock all the way to the back of the boy's throat. The blond hair on
the white boy's thighs brushed the sides of the black boy's face.

"Eat my cum, nigger. Swallow it all."

The young white master's cum flooded the black slave's mouth and slid
all the way down to the nigger boy's belly. The white master held the
black slave's head tight, pressing the boys face against his thighs,
not letting the boy waste a drop of his master's precious seed.
Joshua's body convulsed as he fired his last load of cum into the back
of the black boy's throat. He slowly withdrew his cock from the boy's
thick nigger lips and wiped it off on the boy's chin.

"You deserve some chitterlings and watermelon for that blowjob,"
Joshua laughed. The nigger boy just looked relieved that the ordeal
was over.

Joshua soon started to invite other white boys over to have his black
slave boys service them. It became a test of manhood, among the boys,
to see who could make the toughest nigger slave do the funniest
things. One of Joshua's buddies enjoyed spreading his legs and making
a defiant black boy wash his hairy balls with his tongue. Another
white boy made a black slave repeatedly kiss his cock while praising
the white boy's power over him. All the other white lads laughed with
uncontrolled glee at the spectacle and eventually urinated all over
the nigger slave's body.

Some of the older white boys got more adventurous and grabbed a slave
boy by the back of his trousers, as he was attempting to crawl away.
He pulled down the boy's pants and thrust his hard white cock in the
boy's firm black ass, fucking the nigger mercilessly until he filled
the boy's body with his master seed. Afterward the obedient slave had
to grin from ear-to-ear and tell the other white boys how much he
liked it.

Joshua learned a great deal by growing up on a plantation with Negro
slaves. But he also began to realize that he would never find
satisfaction in watching niggers fuck or breeding them himself. It was
fun to have a young sensual nigger body at his beck-and-call, ready to
obey every command that ushered from his lips, but it also seemed that
something was lacking - something was missing.

It took a sudden upheaval in Joshua young's life for him to begin to
realize just what that "something" was....

(To be continued...?)

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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