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     He Loves His Slut Wife and Daughter
              Charlie "the drifter"

Johnny, stood there watching his wife and daughter.
His cock was stiff as he watched his young twelve
year old daughter, bounce up and down on her
sixteen year old brothers stiff cock and her mother
lowered her wet cunt down on his mouth so he could
lick and suck her while his sister fucked him.

Johnny had already fucked his daughter and his son
had already fucked his mother.  Now both mother
and daughter were enjoying Jimmy's young stiff
cock while Johnny made sure the video camera
was catching it all.

Johnny had began fucking his young daughter Janet
when she was five years old and had a video of him
taking her virginity and her mother, Carla, sucking
and fucking Janets brother, Jimmy, taking his virginity.

Johnny was proud of his young daughter and the way
she could suck and fuck.  By the time she was six years
old she knew how to and did take his big cock and any
other big cock she was sucking down her throat.  She
could also easily take his big cock up her tight ass
by the time she was six.

When Jimmy was nine years old, Carla, was showing
him how it felt to have his cock sucked.  By the time
he was ten he was spurting his fertile sperm into her
mouth.  That was also when Johnny and Janet watched
Carla fuck Jimmy and take his virginity.

After that, Johnny and Jimmy both fucked Carla and
little Janet regularly.

After both Johnny and Jimmy were fucking both mama
and daughter, Johnny also let them enjoy sucking and
fucking other men and boys.

Johnny had video's of his own father and Carla's father
fucking both Carla and Janet.  Both Carla and Janet,
loved fucking them and did every chance they got.
Of course at the same time, Johnny and Jimmy also
got to fuck Johnny's own mother and Carla's mother.

Both Carla and Janet began enjoying fucking almost
any man or boy they decided they wanted to fuck.
Johnny always enjoyed watching them bring a young
boy in and both Carla and Janet fuck them together.

Those boys really got a treat.

It was great, for Johnny, to watch as Carla and Janet
slowly stripped a young eleven, twelve, thirteen
or fourteen year old virgin boy  then let the boy
watch both of them strip.  The look on the boys
face and the desire in his eyes and his young cock was
great to Johnny.  Then when he got to see both of them
naked, especially Carla, an older woman.

Then that look of astonishment when she Carla would
fondle and lick and suck their young cocks, even until
they cum in her mouth and she would swallow it.

Of course they had about the same look when Janet
would suck their cock and let them cum in her mouth
and she would swallow it.

Of course the greatest was when that young boys
would feel his cock slipping up into both Carla and
Janet's tight hot wet cunts and then they would both
fuck him until he got to cum in their cunts.  They
never made any of the boys use any protection.  This
always fascinated the boys to be able to cum in their

Of course Johnny also enjoyed it when either Carla
or Janet would manage to bring an adult man in and
both of them would suck and fuck the man letting
him cum in their cunts, unprotected.  The men could
never believe their luck, being able to not only fuck
a mother and daughter but to be able to fuck a daughter
as young as Janet was beyond their belief, especially
a mother watching and approving of them fucking
her daughter and even filling her young cunt full of
their hot fertile sperm.

It was just luck that Carla and Janet had not gotten
pregnant from one of the many boys and men that
Johnny had watched them fuck.

Now Johnny was planning on both Janet and Carla
getting pregnant.  The father of their babies would be
either Jimmy or he himself.

To make it more exciting,  Johnny had let Jimmy
fuck his mother first, in fact pump three loads of his
hot fertile sperm into her womb, while he, Johnny
fucked and pumped three loads of his own hot fertile
sperm up into Janet.

At twelve he and Carla knew it was save for Janet to
have a baby, most likely her own fathers.  Of course
no one else would know who the father of her baby
was.  Every one would think that Johnny was the father
of Carla's baby, but it would most likely be her own
son's baby.

Johnny had pumped three loads of his fertile sperm into
Janet, who was now fucking herself on her brothers stiff
cock while her mother had him licking her own cunt
that he Jimmy had earlier fucked and was right then still
full of his own sperm and sperm of his own father who
had also already pumped a load of his sperm up into her
to make it exciting not knowing for sure who the father
of her baby would be.

Janet was fucking herself on her brothers cock just
waiting for him to add his load of fertile sperm in
her womb so that she would not know for sure who
the father of her baby would be, but knowing most
likely her own father.

Johnny sat there and watched as his son fucked his
sister and filled her young cunt with his hot fertile
sperm, mixing it with the sperm of her father
already filling her young fertile womb.

He watched as Janet took her brothers sperm up into
her fertile womb.  As she did, she looked at him and
smiled at him throwing him a kiss.

Finally the two of them pulled apart and Carla moved
from her son's mouth.  Then leaned down and kissed
and licked his lips coated with her own juices.

Janet came over to her father and kissed him, reaching
down and wrapping her hand around his once again
stiffing cock.  She wanted to bury it in her bowels but
she wanted even more for him to add more fertile sperm
to that he already had in her fertile womb and that of
her brother that had just been added to her.

She pushed him back and straddling him, Janet slowly
slipped her young well fucked cunt down over his cock
once again.

Johnny loved the feeling of his cock being squeezed
and messaged by his young sweet slut daughter.
He even loved the feeling of her young cunt being
lubricated by her own brothers fertile sperm.

It took quite awhile for Janet to milk her fathers last
load of hot fertile sperm of the night up into her
womb.  As she did she also watched her mother milking
the last load of fertile sperm from her own son up into
her fertile womb.

All of them knew that the rest of their fertile time, only
Jimmy would be fucking his mother keeping her womb
full of his fertile sperm and only Johnny would be
fucking his daughter during the remaining days of her
fertile time keeping her womb full of his fertile sperm.

But when they found they were pregnant, they could
not know for sure which one of them was the father
of there baby, unless they had tests done and they were
not going to do that.

As Johnny lay with his daughter laying on him, his
cock buried in her pussy, he could hardly wait until
the tests showed them both pregnant and he could
then again watch them sucking and fucking some
other man or men.

Johnny didn't know why but it seemed the more
sluttish his wife and daughter were the more he loved
It had been quite a while since he had watched them
both being gangbanged and he planned on arranging
that once again as soon as the doctors said the yes
they were pregnant.

In the mean time he was sure going to enjoy fucking
his own little girl and watching his son fuck his own
mother in each and everyone of her opening.

Johnny drifted off to sleep with his little girls cunt
muscles softly caressing and milking his cock.

Charlie "the drifter"

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