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Going Commando
By Emi Tsuruta

Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. 
If you'd like to know a bit more about me and my
friends and what we've been doing, please drop by my
home page at:

One morning, I woke up to see it was almost 9:20.  Oh
no!  I have a 10 o'clock class.  I'm never going to
make it.  There was no sign of my host mom Loretta or
Brandon and Jennifer, her kids, so I got up, and madly
rushed around trying to get ready.  I grabbed some
bread and some milk from the kitchen eating it on my
way upstairs.  I quickly stripped off my nightie, and
dove into the shower.  Oh yeah!  I wanted to go
swimming today too if I have time after class.  I
rinsed, and dried myself off, and pulled on my bikini
first, so I wouldn't have to waste time changing
later.  I pulled on a navy blue mini-skirt and white
blouse, and stuffed my notebooks and textbooks into my
bag.  Do I have everything?  Hmm.  Soap, a towel,
shampoo, sun block, my sunglasses, and my cell phone -
I guess that's everything.  I quickly dashed out the
door, and headed for the bus.

It wasn't until much later that I realized what I'd
forgotten.  After class, I went in for a quick swim
before lunch at the campus fitness center.  I was
getting hungry though, so I soon got out of the pool,
went into the girls' changing room, and stripped off
my bikini to have a shower.  Once I was all showered
off, I came back to my locker, and fished around in my
bag for my bra and panties.  Hmm?  I thought I packed
them.  Oh shoot!  I was so sure that I'd packed
everything.  I must have left them at home.  Now what
am I going to do?

My blouse was modest enough, so I guess I can just go
without my bra, but my mini-skirt was the problem.  I
pulled it on, but it looked awfully short.  I had
another class that afternoon, but maybe I could just
dash over to Satomi's dorm, and see if I can borrow a
pair of panties from her.  I pulled on my blouse, and
did it up, but one of the American girls nearby was
looking at me a bit strangely.  I guess she had
noticed I wasn't wearing any underwear, and thought I
must be doing it on purpose.  It's not like that at
all, I wanted to tell her.  I almost always wear
panties.  It's just that I forgot them today.

Anyway, I pulled on my socks and shoes, picked up my
bag, and headed out.  I was a little worried as I left
the change room.  I smoothed my skirt down just to
make sure everything was covered, and slowly stepped
out into the main foyer.  My old boss Ted was at the
front desk.  Fortunately, he smiled, and waved as I
left, not noticing anything strange about me.

By the time I'd gotten outside though, I was starting
to feel a little nervous, what with the breeze blowing
up my skirt tickling my privates.  There usually isn't
much of anyone on the back streets near the fitness
center, so that was safe enough.  Satomi's dorm though
is on the main street that runs through campus, so
there are a lot of cars going by and quite a few
students.  I almost had a heart attack when a car
drove by, whipping up a wind that sent my skirt flying
up.  I fluffed my skirt back down, and looked around,
but luckily it didn't look like anyone had noticed. 
Phew, that was close.  My heart was beating pitter-pat
away in my chest.  I'd better be more careful.

At Satomi's, I went under the arch and around to the
courtyard using the combination to get in the door to
Satomi's 'house.'  The students in the common room
looked up, as I walked past, but I soon dashed down
the hall to the stairwell.  Satomi's room is up on the
fourth floor.  I held my bag against my rear to cover
up, a bit worried that someone might come up behind me
while I was on the stairs.  Luckily, it was pretty
quiet.  I made it to the top, and knocked on Satomi's
door.  No answer.  Shoot.  Maybe she's off at class. 
Unfortunately, Sarah and Natasha had moved out at the
end of the summer, and I didn't really know Satomi's
new dorm mates so well.

Now what do I do?  Does the campus bookstore sell
panties?  I doubt it somehow.  There must be some
clothing stores nearby, but the only ones I could
think of were way off campus downtown or in the
shopping malls.  I slowly walked downstairs in a bit
of a daze wondering what to do.  I guess I could go
home, but then I'd miss my tutorial.  Ernie, the T.A.,
probably wouldn't like it if I skipped his class.  He
probably thinks I'm ditzy enough as it is.

I was so lost in my own thoughts that I almost bumped
into a boy who came rushing up.  He grabbed my arms to
keep from crashing into me, and soon I realized it was
Anton, this tall handsome medical student who lives in
the same house as Satomi.

"Oops.  Sorry, I didn't see you there," he smiled.

"No, no, it was my fault.  I wasn't really watching."

He glanced down at my skirt for a second, making me
wonder if he had perhaps caught a glimpse of my pussy
on his way up, but soon went on up the stairs.  My
heart was beating even faster now.  That was close.

I slowly walked out onto the street, and across to the
Arts building where my class was, still in a bit of a
daze, wondering what to do.  Once inside, I headed up
the stairs toward my class, but as I turned, I noticed
a guy, perhaps a young prof from another department
standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up.  He
was staring up at me with this confused look in his
eyes.  Oh shoot, I guess he must have caught a peek up
my skirt, and wondered why I wasn't wearing any
panties.  I quickly dashed up and around the corner
before he could get a better look.  Oh gosh, I'm
really going to have to be more careful, or soon the
whole school will find out.

In the classroom, those two jerks Brad and Luke were
there early again.  They looked over at me with these
sneers on their faces, but soon their expressions
changed.  I deliberately sat down on the far side of
the table near the front.  Surely they couldn't tell.

Anyway, soon Ernie and the other students arrived. 
Ever since Ernie had come to visit me in the hospital
that one time, he always got this twinkle in his eye
whenever he saw me.  I had been wearing one of those
thin hospital gowns, and I guess he'd gotten a peek at
my bare behind.

Anyway, I guess I must have been blushing like crazy
by then, all excited to be sitting in class with no
panties on.  I was so flustered I couldn't even think
straight any more.  When I leaned over to get out my
books, I spread my legs wide apart.  It took me a
moment to realize that Ernie might be able to see my
pussy, but luckily, he was facing the other way,
writing something on the blackboard.  I tried so hard
to be good, but the feeling of the air on my pussy was
driving me crazy.  I fiddled with the hem of my skirt,
trying so hard to resist the temptation to show Ernie
what a bad girl I was being.  I finally managed to
keep control, and made it through class without
embarrassing myself further.

After class, Brad and Luke followed me out into the
hall, and stood there watching me as I walked off.  My
face must have been beet red from the embarrassment,
but fortunately, they hadn't figured out why.  I'd
better calm down though.  I don't want to set anyone
else off.

I didn't have any more classes that day, which was
good because I was getting way too excited to think
about studying.  I wanted so much to tell someone, to
share my little secret.  I headed back to Satomi's
dorm, and luckily, she was in this time.

"Can you lend me a pair of panties?" I asked straight
off, slipping out of my shoes as I entered her room.

"I was just about to do my laundry," she said giving
me the strangest look.  She knew me well enough to
suspect why I was asking, but didn't say so.  Satomi
doesn't really approve of my wilder side, but she
doesn't make as much of a fuss now as she used to.

"Oh, OK.  I'll wait."  I went over, and peeked out her
window while she gathered up her clothes.  "Why are
you still up on the fourth floor this year?" I asked,
picking up the Japanese hand fan she had lying on her

"I don't know.  That's what they gave me."

"But I thought only the freshers live up here.  Can't
you switch to the basement or something?"

"I guess I could ask.  Anyway, I'm just going to go
down, and put my laundry in.  I'll be right back."

I lay down on her bed.  I went to push down my skirt,
but there didn't seem to be anyone much around the
dorm that day, so eventually I just left it.  Despite
myself, I was really beginning to enjoy this little
adventure.  It sure made school a lot more interesting
than usual.  Even so, I was a little worried, so I got
up, and checked the hall.  Everyone's doors were
closed, so I guess Craig, Anton and them all must be
off in class.

My face was all hot, so to cool down, I got up, and
sat on the window sill to try to catch the breeze. 
Satomi's room looks out over a university office
building, and there is a narrow walkway that runs
between the two buildings down below.  I sat there
looking out at the alley for a while, but no one
seemed to come down this way.

Trying to get comfortable, I lifted my feet up, and
set them down on the sill sitting sideways, letting
the breeze billow up into my loose-fitting mini-skirt.
 The wind really felt so cool and refreshing on my
bare pussy.  I flapped the skirt up savoring the
feeling of the cool breeze between my legs.  I
suddenly realized this would look pretty strange if
anyone saw me, so I stopped.  Satomi sure was taking
her time coming back.  I guess she must have gone to
the office to ask them about switching rooms or

I glanced down at my pussy inside my skirt.  The
excitement of the day had really been getting to me,
so I guess I was a whole lot wetter than I had
imagined.  I got up, and went to Satomi's door, and
double-checked the hall.  It looked safe, so I came
back into the room, and slowly started stroking
myself, dabbing at my wetness with my middle finger. 
I sat back down on the sill.  I could really feel the
breeze now, and it felt so good.

Just then someone walked by Satomi's door in the
hallway.  I freaked, and scrambled to push my skirt
back down.  Luckily, I guess they hadn't seen me.  I
guess this isn't the safest place to sit.  Soon I
heard a guy's voice.

"Satomi?  Are you up here? "

Kevin and Hector appeared at the door.  I knew them
from the toga party.  Kevin was a soft-spoken Chinese
American boy, and Hector a roly-poly funny guy from
Colombia.  I rushed to straighten out my skirt, but
perched up there on the windy window sill, it was hard
to get it under control.

"No, I think she's downstairs," I blushed.  The way I
was sitting facing sideways with my feet up on the
window sill, I was worried they might be able to see
my pubic hair sticking out from between my thighs.  I
glanced around for something to cover myself with, but
there didn't seem to be anything around.  I pressed my
skirt down between my legs trying to cover up as best
I could.

"What cha doing?" Hector asked coming right into her
room.  Kevin hung back keeping his distance.  I hope
they can't see.  I tried to press my legs together,
but I was having trouble keeping my balance on the
narrow window sill.  I finally swung my legs around
praying that the two of them didn't catch a glimpse of
my pussy.  As quick as I could, I stood up, and
straightened my skirt, but they still looked pretty
calm.  I guess they couldn't tell.

"Um... I was just... uh."  I couldn't very well tell
them I'd come up here to borrow a pair of panties.  I
looked around for some other excuse.  "Uh, Satomi
asked me to come help her straighten up."

Hector looked at me kind of strange.  Maybe it didn't
sound like something Satomi would say, but it was the
best I could come up with on the spur of the moment. 
Slowly, I realized though that were probably wondering
why I'd been sitting on the window sill instead of

"What are you guys here for?" I asked, trying to
change the subject.

"Satomi was having trouble getting into the online
discussion group for our psych class, so I volunteered
to give her a hand getting set up."

Oh, that's right.  I vaguely remember Satomi saying
something about being in the same class as Hector.  He
was in Computer Science or something like that, but
maybe psych was his minor.  He nodded towards the
computer, obviously planning to work on it now.  I'd
been kind of hoping they would come back later, but
not wanting to arouse their suspicions any further, I
motioned for him to sit down.  He switched on the
computer, and started busily tapping away, while Kevin
continued to hang at the door.

I guess I'd better start cleaning.  I found a bucket
and cloth in her closet, and scooted across the hall
to the washroom to fill it with water.  Standing at
the taps, I looked in the mirror at my all-too-short
mini-skirt.  I vaguely realized how dangerous this all
was, but I had to do something till Satomi came back
with some fresh panties.

I went back to her room, and started wiping the dust
away from the window frame.  I knew of course that
bending over that way might give them a peek at my
bare behind, but somehow I just couldn't resist
teasing them.  Kevin was vaguely gazing over at me,
but apparently he still hadn't realized.

"Are you taking any online courses?" Hector asked me.

"Um, no."

"It's really kind of interesting how they have all
these forums set up now, so you can message your
teacher, or chat with the other students."

Neither Hector nor Kevin gave any sign that they had
noticed how short my skirt was.  I'd known them for a
while, and I guess they didn't want to be impolite or
anything, but I couldn't understand why they weren't
even looking at me.  I began to take more chances,
tempting fate a bit, bending over right behind Hector
to see if they would react.  Still nothing.  Hector
got up, and the two of them headed out into the hall
apparently to get something from Hector's room.

I felt so strange, nervous to be standing here with no
panties, but a bit exasperated that they hadn't even
realized.  I even got down on my hands and knees,
cleaning around the edge of the floor, all the while
deliberately flashing my bare bottom at the open door.
 I heard Hector coming back though, so I straightened
up, and not a moment too soon.  He came right in just
barely missing seeing me with my fanny in the air.  He
sat down at the computer, so I continued to clean,
sticking my bare backside up in the air whenever he
wasn't looking.

I had to wring out my cloth, so I took a horrible
chance, bending right over while he was facing this
way, but strangely he averted his eyes, trying to be
polite I guess.  I was beginning to warm to this game
though, wondering how far I could push it.  Hector was
a friend of sorts, and he didn't seem to object to
being teased.

Still before I could do anything, he disappeared off
somewhere again.  I bent over to wring the cloth out
again flashing my pussy at the door.  Without even
realizing it, I was getting more and more daring all
the time.

He came back, and made some comment about how clean
Satomi's room always seemed.  I came around beside
him, still down on all fours, threatening to show him
my family jewels, but ultimately keeping them just out
of view.  He didn't seem to find my behavior strange
at all, but I guess he still hadn't realized that I
was naked underneath my skirt.

Kevin came back, and they talked with each other a bit
completely ignoring me.  Kevin left again, and what
happened next is a bit harder to explain.  Hector
started fumbling with his briefcase, and it was
obvious he was nervous.  I guess he must have caught a
glimpse of my backside when I was bending perhaps
while he was talking to Kevin or just after that. 
Instead of feeling all embarrassed, I felt like I'd
been freed.  Now that my little secret was out, there
was no reason to hide it anymore.

I reached down, grabbed something up off the floor,
and then straightened up to hide again.  I bent over a
few more times, but it was obvious he was watching me,
looking for an opportunity to get a peek, but trying
not to get caught doing it.  My skirt had ridden so
far up he could probably see my fanny even when I
wasn't bending.  I didn't even try to hide.  I bent
way over letting him have a good look, and then
squatted down, enjoying showing off my little bare

The door was still open though, and I realized I had
gone just a bit too far, so I stood back up, and
pulled down my skirt to cover my bottom again.  I
tried to listen calmly as Hector explained to me what
Satomi needed to know to sign into her account.  He
began gathering up his things and putting them back in
his briefcase obviously intending to leave.  There was
this long silence as neither of us knew quite what to

Embarrassed somewhat, I turned my back to him, but I
couldn't resist giving him a last farewell peek.  I
started wiping off Satomi's chairs, and Hector, the
little devil, moved his briefcase to the floor to give
him an excuse to peek up my skirt.  I didn't object
though, leaning forward to give him a better view, all
the while pretending I hadn't noticed he was watching.

He left in a rush, barely even saying good-bye.  I
worried a bit that I had teased him too much, but I
felt exhilarated actually, proud of my bravery.  At
last, I'd managed to let someone in on my secret and
he hadn't even complained.  Wow!

Eventually, Satomi came back with her clean laundry. 
She'd gotten into this big conversation with a couple
of her American dorm mates, and lost track of time.

"I have a class tonight, and I have to go to the
library before that," she told me grabbing her things
and stuffing them into her backpack.

"Can I borrow some panties?  And have a shower maybe?"

She narrowed her eyes, and glared at me, but
eventually, handed me her keys.

"Um, yeah, I guess.  I have to go now, Emi.  Give me a
call later when you're done."  Once she'd got all her
stuff ready, she paused at the door, and looked at me
with this very serious expression.  "I don't know what
you are up to, Emi, and in some ways, I don't want to
know, but promise me you'll be careful, OK?"

I'm not sure what set her off, but I guess she knew me
too well.  I nodded, and told her not to worry, but
she was still shaking her head as she dashed away.

Well, know at least I had some panties, but my next
problem was that all this excitement had gotten me
more than a little... well... turned on I guess.  I
plopped myself down on the bed, and gave my boyfriend
Ryosuke a call.  He was still at work, and wouldn't
finish until late, but he promised to phone me later. 
I sat there vaguely stroking myself wondering what I
could do to make this feeling go away.

With the door still open, I slid out of my skirt all
excited now.  I stood up, and walked over to the door,
slowly unbuttoning my blouse and taking it off.  I
knew I was taking a terrible chance.  It was late
afternoon, and there were probably people around in
the dorm.  It felt so good to be naked though after
walking around outside commando all day.  I peeled off
my socks, and then stood in the doorway naked for a
while, peeking this way and that to see if anyone was
coming.  Slowly, I began to realize that this wasn't
the brightest idea, so I grabbed a towel and the keys,
and dashed across to the washroom to have a shower.

I guess the warm water calmed me down a little bit,
but I couldn't stop thinking about all that happened
that day, all the people who might have seen me. 
There was something about the whole situation, out
walking around in front of all these people that
really got me going.  I eventually finished showering,
and toweled off.  I wrapped the towel around me, and
tip-toed over to the door, but it still sounded pretty
quiet.  It must have been around six by then, so I
guess most people must have gone to supper by then. 
Some days, the dorm was like this with almost no one

Gathering up my nerve, I walked down the hall to the
stairwell still dressed in just a towel.  My mouth had
gone all dry, and my heart was beating away
pitter-pat.  In the stairwell, there was sunshine
streaming in through the windows, but they looked out
over the courtyard, and I couldn't see anyone outside.
 I felt torn, part of me wanting to go further, but my
sensible side telling me I should go back.  I fiddled
with the knot in the towel next to my breasts, and
finally pulled it undone, letting the towel fall open
exposing my naked body.  It felt so good, so
absolutely delicious to be standing out here naked in
the bright warm sunlight.

I bunched up the towel, my whole body shaking as I
leaned up naked against the rail.  I guess it is hard
to explain why I had stripped naked.  It just felt
right somehow at the time.

Suddenly though, behind me, I heard two voices coming
this way.  It sounded like Anton, the med student, and
his girlfriend.  What was her name again?  It was kind
of obvious that the two of them were in a sexual
relationship, probably going to get married some day. 
Even so, it would be hard to explain what I was doing
out here standing at the top of the stairs naked.

I tried to unfurl the towel, but I was so nervous I
lost my grip.  The towel floated out over the railing
and down down down to the floor below.  I was now
completely stark naked, but my reflexes took over, and
I dashed down the stairs after it.  Anton appeared at
the door just as I rounded the corner.  I caught a
glimpse of his face, but it was hard to tell if he had
seen me or not.

I gathered up the towel, and quickly rushed out into
the third floor hall and into the washroom.  I quickly
pulled the towel back on, and stood waiting at the
door to see if Anton had come down following me.  I
couldn't hear anything.  I guess he mustn't have seen.
 Thank god.  I waited a bit longer, and once it seemed
safe dashed back up to Satomi's room and inside.

It took me a long time to calm down after that.  I'd
taken a few too many chances today, and in some ways,
I was luck to have gotten away with so much.  I didn't
want to tempt fate anymore though, so I got back
dressed, borrowing a pair of panties from Satomi's
clean laundry.  I promised myself never to do that
again.  Let's see how long I can keep the promise this

Emi Tsuruta
My web site:

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