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This Is A Work Of Adult Fiction And Should Not Be Viewed By Minors.  I Am 
The Author Of This Text. Please Do Not Repost Without Contacting Me First. 
If You Are Forbidden From Reading Works With Sexual Content, Either Due To 
Age Or By Law, Please Do Not Continue.

Story Codes: Fb FFb oral inc


Chapter 1

Ed had just witnessed one of the sexiest things he'd ever seen. His ex-wife, 
Honey had just had oral sex with a 10 year old kid named Billy, wrapping up 
with a golden shower. And now she had informed Ed that it was all his fault!

"My fault? How the hell is it my fault?" Ed told her, confused.

Honey took a deep breath, then told her story. "Do you remember years ago, 
when we started having problems?"

"Of course."

"Well, one day I was on the computer and found your private stash of 
pictures. The ones of the naked kids."

"Oh." Ed said quietly.

"Yeah, oh. At first I was pissed. But the more I looked the more aroused I 
got, until I finally wound up masturbating right there. And kept on, every 
day I couldn't help myself and kept coming back to look at the pics and play 
with myself."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Ed asked.

"I couldn't. I was all confused, all mixed up. I withdrew and withdrew until 
I finally drove you away." Honey confessed.

Ed sat silently for a minute then asked "So what happened, how did you 

"I was going nuts, I knew I would go insane if I didn't do something about 
my sexual desires. I finally went to see a shrink, and she helped me come to 
grips with who I am, what I want, and how to get it. I'm no longer sexually 
conflicted, I'm a child fucker, and I'm OK with that. All thanks to Doctor 

Chapter 2

Doctor Barbara Rindell was a psychologist and sexual therapist. She 
specialized in patients with deep sexual lusts and perversions. She operated 
her specialized clinic in a small office on the edge of town, near the 
secluded farm on which she lived. Unknown to the general pubic though, 
Doctor Barbara was an even bigger pervert than her patients.

At 40, the doctor didn't look much like a sexual therapist. Her long black 
hair was pulled back in a bun. Stylish wire rim glasses perched on her small 
nose, shielding her dark eyes. Her thin lips completed the picture. Her 
frumpy clothing however hid a body that enjoyed sex. DD cup breasts with 
thick nipples rested on top of her plump belly, large from having birthed 
four children. She preferred the natural look, a thin strip of hair went 
from her belly button to her extremely hairy pussy. Barbara had an ass as 
big as her belly, perfect for the spankings she enjoyed.

Doctor Barbara, as she liked her patients to call her, enjoyed every kink 
possible. Watersports, S&M, B&D, pedophilia, incest, bisexuality, orgies, 
gangbangs, nothing was too extreme for her lusty tastes.

The psychologist had been seeing Honey Potter for several months. From the 
outset she had pegged Honey for a pedophile in the making. The doctor 
decided that sweet miss Honey would be the perfect candidate to add to her 
sexual circle of playmates.

It didn't take many sessions before the doctor had her patient pouring out 
her darkest secrets. "Honey, I think we both know what the real issue is. 
Your secret lusts. I know what they are, but I think you need to say them. 
Out loud, so you can admit them and we can move on."

Honey hesitated, then looked down at her lap. In a quiet voice she said "I 
want to have sex with kids."

"What? Say it again Honey." Doctor Barbara urged.

Honey sat quiet for a moment, then with a ferocity that surprised everyone 
said "I want to fuck kids, alright dammit! Is that what you wanted me to 

"And why does this bother you so much?"

"Why does it bother me??" Honey asked incredulously. "It's wrong."

"Really? Who says."

"Everyone. You know, I mean, well everyone." Honey said, getting confused.

Doctor Barbara shifted tactics. "Honey, what age were you when you first 
started masturbating? I mean, when did you discover that touching yourself 
felt good."

"Well, I guess I was about five."

The doctor nodded. "That's about normal, I was four myself. And did you play 
house as a kid, touching other kids and letting them touch you?"

"Well... yeah." Honey answered, remembering fond times in her childhood.

"Honey, we've known for a long time kids are just as capable as adults of 
enjoying sexual pleasures. They may not be able to ejaculate or have a 
period, but the sexual pleasure is just as intense for someone in prepuberty 
as post. It's simply old puritanical traditions that leave this limiting 
notion stuck in our heads. "

Honey sat quietly, thinking about the doctors words. Finally she asked "So 
what do I do?"

Doctor Barbara smiled, knowing she had Honey hooked. "Well, I can talk to 
you all day long, try to talk you into a more traditional lifestyle. But at 
the back of your head there will always be that little demon hiding there, 
ready to escape."

Honey was a bit distraught, "Oh no! What can I do? I don't want to go on 
like this. I can't go on like this."

"There's only one way. You are simply going to have to give in, and go 
through with it."

"You mean... have sex with a kid?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Until you actually live it, you'll spend 
your life wondering. By doing it, one of two things will happen. Either 
you'll get it out of your system, or you'll realize at heart you are what 
you are, a child lover. Either way you'll have at least resolved it in your 

Honey sat silent for a long time. Doctor Barbara remained silent, letting 
her think. Finally Honey said "But... if I did, I wouldn't know where to 
begin. How would I find someone?"

Inwardly Doctor Barbara was jumping up and down, knowing she had this hot 
woman where she wanted her. Outwardly, she remained poised and professional. 
"I can help you, if you are serious. I have some contacts."

"I am! I mean, I can't go on like this, I've got to do something. So yeah, 
I'm ready. Let's do it."

Smiling, the doctor scribbled a note and handed it to Honey, along with a 
bottle containing two pills. "That is the address of a discreet hotel I use 
for such encounters. I'll be there, waiting for you. One hour before you 
arrive, take these pills, one will relax you, the other will make you more 
open to new experiences. Clear your calendar for the weekend and be there at 
8 pm Friday night. Call me at the number at the bottom, it's my cell phone, 
I'll tell you which room to come to."

Chapter 3

Honey Potter followed her instructions perfectly, arriving at the hotel five 
minutes before eight p.m. Honey had expected a seedy dive, and was pleased 
to see it was a nice place, near the interstate with suites that catered 
toward the business traveler.

Having gotten her directions on the phone, Honey went straight to the given 
room, located on the top floor toward the back of the building. Doctor 
Barbara greeted her warmly, giving her a hug. Honey looked around the two 
bedroom suite.

In front of her was a small kitchenette, combined with a living room. A 
couch sat before a TV, atop which was perched a DVD player. Two her left was 
a door that was open, the lights showed it to be a bedroom. To the right was 
another door, which was closed. She could hear a TV playing, muffled through 
the door.

"I'm so happy you came." the doctor was saying. "OK, this is your last 
chance. Are you ready?"

Honey nodded her head eagerly. "Oh yes, absolutely."

"Great! Step into that bedroom..." Doctor Barbara said, gesturing toward the 
open bedroom door. "On the bed is a towel. Remove all, and I mean all of 
your clothes, jewelry, everything. Wrap the towel around you and come back 
out here. I'll step into the other room and do the same."

Excited, Honey nodded and practically ran into the bedroom. She quickly 
disrobed, noting her vagina was already getting moist. The towel was a 
typical motel towel, small and it barely covered her. Honey had a feeling it 
wouldn't matter long anyway.

When she returned to the living room, the doctor was already there. Barbara 
had opted to simply hold the towel in front of her. "Have a seat on the 
sofa." the doctor ordered. "We'll watch some video first to get into the 
mood." As Honey sat, Doctor Barbara dimmed the lights. When she put a disc 
in the DVD player, her naked backside was exposed to a smiling Honey, who 
was admiring her psychologists sexy ass.

Sitting down beside Honey, Doctor Barbara said "OK Honey, remember you are 
here to enjoy this. So you just do what comes natural to you. To be honest I 
like this kind of entertainment too, and intend to have a good time."

The video started, a middle aged woman was on a bed, naked of course, with a 
boy who was around 8 years old Honey guessed. The woman was giving the boy 
quite a blowjob. Eventually they shifted, he eating her pussy, then sliding 
his small penis up and down her clit until they both had an orgasm.

A blond haired couple first came into the next scene, lying naked in their 
bed. Moments later two blond kids, a boy and girl came running into the 
bedroom. Soon the four were engaged in their own orgy, licking kissing and 
touching each other all over. The girl, probably about 9, soon sank down on 
the adult males cock. The boy was perched by the woman's head getting his 
dick sucked.

Honey had gotten very aroused, and found her hand between her legs. She 
stole a glance at Doctor Barbara, and was pleased to see the doctor had lost 
her towel. Nude, she was openly masturbating. Noticing the look, Barbara 
said "Go ahead Honey, have fun, it's what we're here for."

Smiling, Honey threw her towel across the room. Naked, she spread her legs 
wide and openly began fingering her pussy while sucking one of her large 
breasts. Honey had a small orgasm during the next scene, a man with two 
boys, one was around 13 the other about 7 if she had to guess. They were in 
an all out threesome, sucking each others cocks and ass fucking one another.

The next scene had two women with a boy and girl. They were giving the kids 
a real going over, using their mouths to please the children. Honey felt a 
hand on her pussy as Doctor Barbara moved beside her. Spreading her legs 
even further, Honey welcomed the touch.

The doctor pressed her large body up to Honey's side. In a lusty whisper she 
asked "Are you enjoying this?"

"Yes." Honey managed to choke out.

"Are you ready to embrace your future? To become who you really are?"

Honey let out a low moan, her desire filling her. "Oh yes." she managed to 

"What would you do if I told you there was a naked boy in that room, behind 
the closed door. He's here for you. He wants to have sex with you. And all 
you have to do is get up and go in there."

Honey froze, trembling with anticipation. Finally she stood, and stepped up 
to the door. Her hand paused on the door knob. "It's OK." said Doctor 
Barbara, standing beside her. "I'll be here for you." Taking a deep breath, 
Honey opened the door and stepped in to her destiny.

Chapter 4

"Hi! You must be miss Honey. My name is Jake! Wanna fuck?"

Lying on the bed was the cutest 7 year old Honey could remember seeing. Jake 
had black hair and smooth white skin. He was lying on the bed naked, 
stroking his tiny dick. Honey would have laughed if she wasn't so turned on.

She gulped then stepped up to the bed. "You're awfully cute." Honey heard 
herself saying.

"Thanks, you're pretty hot yourself. I love your big tits." Honey stood 
staring at him, Jake staring back at her.

"So," Honey said finally, "What would you like me to do?"

"I'd love it if you sucked my dick." Jake said hopefully. Honey smiled, and 
slid into the bed between his legs. She put her face right into his crotch, 
inhaling his boyish scent, looking at this pretty little penis. Closing her 
eyes, she opened her mouth and wrapped it around his hard dick.

Honey loved the feeling of his cock in her mouth. So small yet hard, so 
tasty. She couldn't get enough of it, and licked and sucked for the longest 
time. All of a sudden he seized up. Honey was alarmed at first then realized 
he was having an orgasm!

Stopping, she looked into his beautiful face. "Wow, that was great!" Jake 
said when he calmed down. "Come up here, let me do you!"

Honey moved up the bed, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. Jake 
started first at her breasts, licking and sucking on them and just plain 
having a good time. Out of the corner of her eye she realized Doctor Barbara 
was in the room. She was sitting in a chair, legs spread wide watching the 
action. Barbara's fingers were giving her fat hairy cunt a good workout.

Jake moved down the bed, recapturing Honey's attention. His face dove into 
her shaved pussy, licking like it was tastier than ice cream. Honey realized 
Jake was no stranger to pussy eating, she wondered how many other women he'd 

And it was that thought for some reason that sent Honey over the top. Her 
lust, already on edge, exploded into a massive orgasm. Hot cum sprayed out 
of her pussy, Honey arched her back screaming with pleasure. She felt a 
mouth on her breasts, and realized Barbara was there, sucking them during 
her orgasm.

Drained, she collapsed back onto the bed. "Wow Honey, you were great, I 
loved your pussy." Jake was saying, licking his lips. He moved up, lying on 
top of Honey and gave her a kiss. Honey felt aroused again as his small 
tongue entered her mouth, probing during their hot kiss.

When he broke off Doctor Barbara was there, replacing Jake's lips with hers, 
kissing her patient passionately. When they finally stopped, Doctor Barbara 
told her patient "Congratulations, it's official. You're now a pedophile. 
How do you feel?"

"Fuckin' awesome." Honey blurted out. "Mmm, I think I'm going to like being 
a child fucker."

"Yeah Mom," Jake said, "Miss Honey was great. Can we play with her some 

"MOM?" Honey blurted out? "Jake's your son?"

"Of course." Said Doctor Barbara, matter of factly. "I have sex with all my 
kids. I told you kids were capable of sexual pleasure, why would I not want 
to share that with my own kids most of all?"

"I..." Honey couldn't think of a good reply.

Doctor Barbara smiled wickedly. "Honey my sweet, you have no idea of the 
decadent pleasures in store for you. Now come here Jakey, give mommy's pussy 
as good a licking as you gave to Miss Honey. She has to rest a minute, we 
have a long weekend ahead of us."

to be continued...


I hope you enjoyed this. If you got off while reading this, please let me 
know! If anyone wants to swap stories, or has questions you can e-mail me at
plumplvr <at> . I welcome all correspondence (please, no spam or 

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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