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This Is A Work Of Adult Fiction And Should Not Be Viewed By Minors.  I Am 
The Author Of This Text. Please Do Not Repost Without Contacting Me First. 
If You Are Forbidden From Reading Works With Sexual Content, Either Due To 
Age Or By Law, Please Do Not Continue.

Story Codes: Fb M oral ws voy


Chapter 1

"Ed, I promise you, I've changed, I really have. And I want the chance to 
prove it to you." Ed Potter's ex-wife, Honey was pleading with him on the 
phone. Ed and Honey had been married for several years until their 
relationship mysteriously, as far as Ed was concerned, soured. Honey became 
less and less responsive in the bedroom, and refused to talk to him about 
the issue. The void finally drove a wedge into their relationship until 3 
years ago it had ended in divorce.

Ed had gone on to try many other relationships, he'd slept with many women, 
and had even tried the bisexual route, having sex with guys. At six foot 
four he didn't have much problems meeting folks, the few flicks of gray in 
his hair and goatee gave him a distinguished look. Like most guys he wished 
he'd had a bigger package, at six inches he was about average.

Despite all of his efforts, Ed's relationships never worked out. It kept 
coming back to the basic fact that he was still in love, and lust, with 
Honey. And no wonder, at five foot ten she was the perfect match for him. 
Her pretty blue eyes and blond hair attracted him, but her F cup size tits 
and dick sucking lips kept him around. Her shapely ass was a bit on the 
plump side, as was her soft tummy, but not badly so. Like most women in 
their 30's she had about 20 extra pounds on her.

"Honey, I dunno. I mean, I just don't want to get hurt all over again."

"Look Ed, I'm going to say it up front, I'm still in love with you. I still 
want you. And I realize what drove us apart last time was my fault, not 
yours. But I've come to grips with that, worked through it thanks to my 
shrink, and now I want to prove it to you. Can you honestly say you don't 
have feelings for me?"

"Well... No." Ed had to admit, letting out a small sigh. "I still do. OK, so 
what now?"

"Be at my place at 3:30 today. And DON'T BE LATE!"

Chapter 2

Cross town traffic was bad, and it held Ed up to the point where he was 
late, despite his best intentions. As instructed he parked in the alley 
behind Honey's house, in the older residential neighborhood where she lived. 
He didn't even get a chance to knock on the back door, Honey flung it open 
and pulled him inside.

"Dammit, you're late!" she said by way of greeting.

"Sorry but traff..."

"We don't have much time." Honey said, interrupting him. She took him by the 
hand and led him to her small but tasteful master bedroom. It had the look 
and feel of an island beach cottage. Ed was more interested in Honey though, 
she was clad in a white silk robe that barely cleared her bottom. It was 
open slightly, showing off her magnificent cleavage.

Honey grabbed him by the shirt and planted a hot, steamy kiss on Ed's 
surprised face. Their tongues danced around each other, exploring their 
mouths for the first time in 3 years. When she finally broke off the kiss, 
Ed said "Well hello to you too."

"It's nice to see you again." Honey replied.

"Why don't we have much time?" Ed asked. This startled Honey back to 
reality, the kiss having distracted her.

"I want to show you something. Something really serious. I want you to hide 
in that closet and watch." Honey was pointed to her closet, the door had 
horizontal slats across it, allowing air flow. "The top slat on the bottom 
half is loose. You can pull it out and see everything clearly if you get on 
your knees."

"But..." she continued, "you must swear to me you will stay in the closet 
until I let you out. You cannot come out, do anything, until I let you. 
Swear to me Ed, swear to me you'll do this. Afterward I'll explain 

"Well, OK." he said a bit confused. "Whatever you want, I'll do."

"Great!" Just as she replied, the doorbell rang. "Oh shit. OK, get in there. 
Hurry." Honey shoved her ex-husband in the closet and closed the door, 
through the slats Ed saw her run out of the bedroom. Eager with curiosity, 
he dropped to his knees and waited.

Chapter 3

Honey was gone several minutes, he heard her return before he saw her. 
"Let's go back to the bedroom Billy, we'll be more comfortable back here." 
Honey was saying. What Ed saw next though nearly caused him to cream in his 

Honey was naked, and sat on the edge of the bed. Her companion Billy was 
also nude, but what was wild was his age, Billy could not have been more 
than 10 years old. His tiny hairless penis was sticking straight out, he was 
on the chubby side with sandy brown hair. His skin had the supple smoothness 
of youth.

Rather than being repulsed, Ed was extremely aroused at the site. He had 
been a closet pedophile for years, jacking off to pictures of young boys and 
girls he'd found on the web. He'd been tempted but never had the courage to 
actually do anything. And here was his ex-wife, doing what he'd always 
fantasized about.

Honey was sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide. Billy stood 
between them, the two of them kissing as passionately as Honey had been 
kissing Ed moments ago. Billy's hands were squeezing Honey's massive breasts 
while Honey tugged on his small penis and caressed his smooth ass.

"We don't have much time today." Honey told Billy. "So let's make this a 
quick one, OK?"

"OK!" he said, and began sucking her breasts, one then the other. After 
several minutes Honey laid back and spread her legs, exposing her hairless 
pussy to the boy. Billy must have been an experienced muff diver, as he dove 
in and in no time had Honey squealing with delight.

After letting out a second squeal, apparently due to a second orgasm, Honey 
sat up pulling Billy to his feet. She kissed him, again their tongues 
dancing with lust. "That was great Billy, you're such a good pussy eater." 
The boy beamed with delight at the compliment. "It's your turn, would you 
rather fuck me or have me blow you?"

"Oh, suck my cock, please Ms. P, it's my favorite." Honey giggled, then slid 
to the floor sitting on her plush ass, her face in front of Billy's small 
dick. Honey kissed it gently, all over his shaft and nut sack before opening 
wide and gobbling him up. He closed his eyes, moaning with delight.

Ed felt himself quiver as Honey looked over in his direction, giving him 
lustful looks with her eyes. After several minutes Honey paused to ask 
"Billy, I know you love having things up your butt, would you like me to 
finger you there?"

"Oh yes please!" he cried eagerly.

"Then turn so I can lube you up." Honey guided the lad, turning him so his 
ass was pointed right at the closet, bent over slightly. She looked directly 
at Ed now, parting Billy's ass cheeks wide so Ed could see. "Oh Billy, you 
have such a beautiful ass." she cooed, giving Ed the lustiest look he'd ever 

Sticking her tongue out, she began licking up and down Billy's crack, then 
centered on his pink rosebud. She licked it well, eventually fucking his 
backdoor with her sexy tongue. Finally she stopped, and again looking 
straight at Ed slid her finger into Billy's asshole. "Oh yesssss oh yesssss" 
Billy was moaning.

Turning the boy once again, Honey resumed her blowjob, sucking Billy's tiny 
cock while finger fucking his ass. In no time Billy shook then screamed "I'm 
cumming!" Even though no semen shot out of his cock, Ed could tell he was 
having a 'dry orgasm', having experienced many of those himself during his 
own misspent youth.

Honey finally broke off the blowjob, extracting her finger and leaning back 
against. "Wow Ms. P! That was awesome, thanks!"

Honey giggled. "Sure thing Billy, I had a great time too. Probably about 
time you were getting home."

"OK, uh, I know I need to go and all but I need to wee. Do you think we 

"You mean like last time?" she asked. He nodded, a hopeful smile on his 
face. Honey laughed at his eagerness. "Sure, what the fuck. They don't call 
me Ms. P for nothing!"

Honey leaned back a little more, resting against the bed her legs spread 
wide. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. "Right here Billy baby, 
right here!" she ordered, pointing to her extended tongue.

Billy stood between her legs, concentrated, then a dribble of piss started 
flowing from his penis. At first it splashed on her big tits, but soon it 
was streaming with force, splashing into her open mouth. Some of it she 
swallowed, much of it she just let wash down her body, flowing between her 
tits, down her belly, and into her shaved cunt.

He finally stopped, then leaned over and gave her one last passion filled 
kiss, tasting his own fluids from her face. When the kiss finally broke off, 
he went over to the corner, just out of Ed's sight, and began getting 
dressed. "Mmm Billy, you have the best tasting piss." Honey smacked her lips 
to emphasize the point.

"Thanks." he said with pride. "Hey, by the way Ms. P, mom said to tell you 
she's going to host a small orgy in two weeks. Just a few folks, but said 
you are welcome to come."

"Sounds great Billy, tell your mom I can't wait. It's been a while since I 
got to eat her pussy."

Billy laughed. "Yeah that's what she said too. Well, better go, bye Ms. P!"

"Bye Billy." Honey sat quietly, watching Billy as he left. When the door 
slammed she looked at the closet. "OK Ed, you can come out now."

Ed emerged from the closet, a bit stunned at what he'd witnessed. "So, what 
do you think?" Honey asked, both nervous and excited.

In answer, Ed bent over and kissed her, deeply. He sank to the floor beside 
her, and said "That was the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen. But.. what 
happened, I mean, you..."

"What happened? I'll tell you what happened." Honey said. "I became a damn 
pedophile child fucker, that's what happened. And it's all your fault you 
son of a bitch!"

to be continued...


I hope you enjoyed this. If you got off while reading this, please let me 
know! If anyone wants to swap stories, or has questions you can e-mail me at
plumplvr <at> . I welcome all correspondence (please, no spam or 

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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