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Bin Laden Family Rape (M+/F+, Mg, rape, tort, beast) by American Guy

   * * * * This story is a work of fiction that contains graphic depictions
of rape, torture, oral and anal sex, and bestiality.  Anyone under the age
of 18 should not read the sections that follow.  Anyone who finds this
material offensive should stop reading now.  If this material is illegal in
your state or community you should stop reading now.

   Although some of the characters are based on real people, this is a work
of fiction.

   NOTE: This was written a month or two after the Sept 11 attacks, but I
never got around to posting it for some reason.  I haven't attempted to
update this to reflect any individuals who have subsequently been caught or
killed.  I thought you would enjoy the sentiment as is.

   * * * *

   It was the Super Lotto of terrorist bingo.  Osama bin Laden, Ayman
Al-Zawahiri and Abu Zuaydah, the three big guns of Al-Qaeda, were having a
party with their families to celebrate their latest round of victories
against the American infidels.  The postal system had again been shut down
with another round of anthrax mailings, an airplane had been blown up on
the runway in St.  Louis, and two more airlines had announced bankruptcy
proceedings due to the downturn in passengers.  At the present rate, in a
few more months the American cowards would be begging for mercy, they would
withdraw all troops from the Middle East, and a full scale attack aimed at
the complete destruction of Israel would be underway.

   Unbeknownst to the celebrants, 12 Navy Seals were quietly clambering
over the hill outside their secret party.  Nestled under a rock overhang
between two low mountain ridges, the small building was a perfect hiding
place for their operation as it couldn't be seen by satellite.  The
Al-Queda headquarters compound would have probably remained secret too if
not for Said Al-Hattef.

   Al-Hattef was a loyal Al-Qaeda bodyguard to the key leaders, especially
bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri.  He was prepared to go to the Virgins of
Paradise for the honor of Islam, and had asked repeatedly to be given a
suicide mission to kill Americans.  Unfortunately for bin Laden, Said was
NOT prepared to have his daughter raped and murdered for the cause.

   Fatima, his lovely 15-year-old daughter had been headstrong and
independent, something no Muslim woman should ever be.  He frequently
disciplined her for her failure to keep her head covered when guests were
about, or for talking back when asked to aid one of the men, but this
rarely amounted to more than forced fasting, or asking her to pray to Allah
for forgiveness.  It was curious that this man who would have no qualms
about killing a few hundred civilians with a truck bomb was so tender and
forgiving with his own daughter.

   A month earlier, Fatima had walked out from her room when bin Laden was
in Said's house planning the next attack.  She was unaware that anyone else
was there and had not covered her head before entering the room.  When bin
Laden shouted curses at her for her disrespect of absolute Islamic rule,
she talked back to him, pointing out that women should have rights like
men. For this offense, the terrorist leader had her hauled outside where
she was beaten and raped by bin Laden's bodyguards.  They held her over a
barrel while one man rammed his cock into her virgin pussy.  All four
guards took turns with her, ramming their cocks into her pussy, then when
they were done, they turned her over and fucked her in the ass.  While she
lie on the ground screaming with pain they took their rifle butts and
pummeled her all over her body.  One guard stuck the end of his rifle up
her ass.  He meant only to fuck her ass silly with the weapon, but
accidentally hit the trigger while ramming it in.  The gun fired.  Fatima
lie dead on the ground, blood pouring out of her defiled anus on one end,
and out of the bullet's exit hole just above her heart.

   Said was frozen with horror.  He said nothing to bin Laden, but after
burying his daughter, he vowed revenge.  Through a middleman he contacted
US advisors in the north who were advancing with the Northern Alliance. 
Knowing when the party was being held, and knowing that many of bin Laden's
children would be present, he provided the US with the exact location and
time of the party.  The trap was set.

   Chapter 2

   Robert McTeer was the Navy Seal commander.  He was a veteran of the
first Gulf War and was widely regarded as one fucking mean son-of-a-bitch.
Under him were 10 men and one woman, each trained as an astonishingly
efficient killing machine.  In addition, the men were all incredibly horny.
They hadn't gotten so much as a blow job since leaving San Diego five
months earlier.  The woman, Sarah Awlsey, was no easy piece for them.  She
ate, slept, and fought with the men, but anyone who so much as laid a
finger on her would find a grenade up his ass.  One green recruit came on
to her once, and when he unzipped his fly, she reached in, pulled out his
cock, took her bayonet, and carefully sliced a small piece of skin off the
tip of his pecker.  "Next time I'll take the whole thing," she said as she
let the screaming man drop to the floor.

   McTeer had been briefed on the mission, but only knew that some high
level al-Qaeda leaders were meeting.  As they approached stealthily, they
listened to the voices inside.  There was laughter, and adult voices
speaking.  Maybe 5 to 10 men, and perhaps 4 or 5 women, or possibly
children.  It was hard to hear the voices clearly.  In addition, 4 guards
stood watch outside.

   The attack was initiated with astonishing speed.  Two of the guards were
dozing next to the building and were attacked from behind.  Their throats
were slit before they even woke up.  The two remaining guards were attacked
from the sides.  One started to shout, but Ted, a large black Seal jammed
his fist into the man's mouth as he drove a knife through his back.  The
whole operation lasted maybe 12 seconds.  There was still laughter from
inside.  They had not been heard.

   The party inside was as wild as a group of fundamentalist Muslims ever
get.  They were eating and telling stories, with laughter punctuating every
tale of an Israeli or American killed in a terrorist raid.  Two guards
stood by the door, while everyone else sat at a large table.

   The explosive charges did the job.  The door exploded inwards, killing
one of the guards instantly.  Three men charged in and shot the remaining
guard, and two other men who reached for weapons.  Within seconds they were
all at gunpoint.  Three Seals remained outside on guard while the rest of
the team stormed in.

   McTeer quickly flipped open an intelligence booklet with pictures of all
the key Al-Qaeda players.  It was an incredible haul.  Osama bin Laden, two
of his sons in their 20s, and one daughter, about 16.  Ayman Al-Zawahiri,
his wife, two daughters in their late teens, and one son who looked to be
about 12.  Abu Zuaydah, his wife, and his daughter who was about 11 or 12.
There were two other men and a woman who weren't in the intelligence book,
and McTeer assumed they were simply bodyguards or servants.

   bin Laden surprised the troops by speaking perfect English.  "We are a
poor Arab family.  We have no money.  All we can offer you is food.  Please
help yourself."

   It was a nice try, but two men walked over and forced him down on the
table.  Another man produced an ink pad and a sheet of paper.  They inked
bin Laden's thumb and rolled it over the paper.  The woman pulled out a
lens and eyed the print.

   "It's a match.  Identical to the prints the Saudis provided."

   With that, it became clear that they were caught and they wouldn't go
down without a fight.  All hell broke loose as one of the two unidentified
men pulled a pistol and fired at the nearest Seal.  The Seal's Kevlar
jacket kept it from penetrating, but the force knocked him on his ass.  The
second man drew a knife.  Both were shot and killed instantly.

   It only took about 3 min to subdue and tie up everyone else in the room.
There were enough chairs to tie everyone to their own chair, facing the
large table in the center of the room.  Everyone was tied up except the
elder daughter of Al-Zawahiri, who the briefing book said was married to
bin Laden's son.

   "Let's see what we got here." One of the Seals, a short, stocky blonde
named Bill, tore the burqa off the whimpering girl.  She wasn't beautiful,
but she was reasonably pretty.  Maybe 19, about 5'3", with long black hair.
With a quick yank, her clothing was off except for some gawdawful oversized
cotton undergarments.  Those came off a second later.

   "AIIYYYYEH HA YEH HA!" Her husband, bin Laden's son, screamed something
in Farsi.  A rifle butt to the gut shut him up as he doubled over in pain.
He started to vomit.

   "Line up guys.  Let's have a little fun with this rag-head bitch," Bill

   Two men rushed over and pulled the girl onto the table.  They held her
arms while fondling her small tits, letting her legs drop over the edge of
the table.  Bill stepped up, dropped his pants, and pushed his cock up
against the opening to her pussy.  She was scared and dry, but Bill jammed
it in with all his might.  She screamed at the top of her lungs.  The
guards outside heard the noise and poked their heads in, but after seeing
what was happening, smiled and closed the door again.

   Bill began to pump in and out.  While the girl was held down by her
arms, he banged away for 2-3 min as her screams died down to faint
whimpers. As he was about to let loose, he pulled out, and climbed up to
her face.  She refused to open her mouth, but one of the men pried it open
with the end of his rifle and Bill shot his load straight into her mouth.
They held her mouth shut until she swallowed.

   By this point, the girl had gone limp, but Marty, a short stocky Irish
boy, dropped his pants, pulled her off the table and on top of him on the
ground.  He impaled her with his cock, but she was lubricated enough now
from the previous fucking that he slid right in.  Hank, a large black from
Arkansas, whipped out his huge dong, probably 11-12" long, and climbed
behind the girl.  He tried forcing his massive prick into her tiny anus,
but it wouldn't budge.  One of the men found a jar of olive oil and handed
it to him.  He oiled his fingers and jammed first one then two fingers into
her ass as the girl squirmed uncomfortably.  After he had greased her up,
he poured oil on his cock, put the head against her virgin asshole, and
began to push.

   The girl had never felt such a pain in her life.  She suddenly came to
life again, kicking and screaming as he slowly pushed his cock in, but he
continued the assault on her rectum, eventually pushing the foot-long prick
all the way in until his balls slapped against her ass cheks.  He pulled
all the way out, then slammed all the way back in, causing the girl to
utter a grunting scream.  Both men began to pummel her in and out and shot
their cum into her within a few minutes.

   The other men wanted a turn, but McTeer said, "We've got more meat here.
We can get back to this one later if we still can get it up."

   The limp girl dropped to the floor and crawled to a corner of the room
where she sobbed in pain and humiliation.

   Chapter 3

   Jeff was from Tennesee and wanted his turn next.  He went over to
Al-Zawahiri's other daughter and untied her.  Her name was Sari, and unlike
the first girl, she didn't put up a fight.  She was scared shitless of
being raped, but was more scared of getting killed.  She simply stood up
and, without saying a word, pulled her burqa off, and lay down on the table
in front of him.  The Southern boy, always a gentleman, was somewhat
stunned by this and decided to go easy on the girl.  Instead of jamming his
prick up her cunt, he put his mouth in her pussy and started to lick to
lube her up.  The girl began to respond by gyrating her hips against his
mouth.  She was clearly enjoying it.  Al-Zawahiri began shouting something
at her in Arabic, which one could only presume was the Arabic equivalent of
"You fucking slut!"

   After a few minutes of giving her head, Jeff climbed onto the table and
as gently as if she was his girlfriend, he eased his prick into her pussy.
She was a virgin, but he gently pushed against her cherry until it gave
way. She flinched briefly in pain, but it only lasted an instant, and soon
the two were rocking together in unison.  Her father hid his face in shame
as the girl had a screaming orgasm.

   While the two were going at it, Mike, the oldest of the Seals, decided
to get some action.  Mike was a little on the weird side.  He'd once nearly
been courtmartialed because he got drunk and cut off the nipple of a
prostitute he'd picked up, but the girl decided to drop the charges when
three of Mike's buddies found the girl before the trial and told her they'd
take off the other nipple and her clit to boot if she opened her mouth. 
The charges were dropped.

   Mike liked young girls and eyed the young daughter of Abu Zuaydah.  He
untied her and she began to shriek like a stuck pig, but he slapped her
hard a few times and she settled down to a whimper.  He tore off her
clothes and dragged her to the ground.  Mike didn't have a particularly
long prick, probably only 7-8" long, but it was as fat around as his
forearm.  He roughly forced the girl's legs apart and began to push his fat
dong into her dry, virgin pussy.

   The girl screamed and wailed, but he kept pushing in, her hole now being
lubed by the blood from her busted cherry.  He pushed all the way in, then
started pumping her hard.  He did this for only a few minutes, then he
pulled out and lifted her legs high into the air to give him access to her
asshole.  While still facing her, he found her tiny anus and began to push
in, with the only lubrication being the blood on his prick from her defiled
young pussy.

   Mike forced his prick all the way up her asshole until his balls hit her
ass cheeks.  Her eyes rolled to the top of her head the pain was so
intense. But he wouldn't stop at that.  With his prick in her ass and her
pussy right in front of him, he began to work his fingers into her bleeding
pussy.  He pushed in two, then three, then four fingers.  Soon he had his
whole hand in.  With a final push, he forced his fist all the way in and
continued to push until he hit her cervix.  He pushed inside her cervix
with two fingers and she began bouncing off the table in agony.  While
holding his arm in her cunt, he began pounding her asshole.  He could keep
this up for a only a few minutes before shooting a load of cum into her
violated rectum.

   Chapter 4

   McTerr was starting to get impatient.  They had been there for nearly
half an hour, and he still had some serious vengeance in mind.  He signaled
to one of the men to grab bin Laden's wife.  The woman was pulled into the
middle of the room kicking and screaming.  bin Laden himself started
shouting for the first time since the event began.  The woman was stripped
naked and tossed onto the ground.  She wasn't too bad looking, maybe early
50s, with big saggy tits.

   Rob, one of the smallest Seals, said "I want to do her mouth" and he
whipped out his dick and pushed it up against her face.  This turned out to
be a mistake, as the woman first opened her mouth as if to willingly take
him, but once he started to put it in, she bit down hard on the tip.  Rob
started screaming, but the woman refused to let go.  bin Laden began to

   "Oh, it's funny is it?" said McTeer.  He took his rifle butt and bashed
the woman in the head a couple times, until she let go and fell to the
ground with a thud.  Rob was bleeding from the tip of his dick, but at
least it was intact.  The medic went to work with some bandages.

   "I can take care of this bitch," said Donovan, an Italian who did the
munitions work.  He left for a few minutes and came back with a few lengths
of pipe, some wire, and the ignition unit for demolitions.  "Strap her
down," he said and the men grabbed the kicking and screaming woman and tied
her, face up, to the table.

   Donovan didn't have a mean bone in his body, but Rob was his best buddy
in the troop, and he was pissed off.  He had two lengths of pipe in his
hands.  One was about a foot long and 2" in diameter.  The other was really
fat, about 4" in diameter, and a good 18" long.  He sprayed both pipes with
water, grabbed some salt off the table, and covered the wet tubes with a
layer of salt.  "Better conductors," he smiled.

   He stepped up and began to push the 2" pipe into the woman's ass With
the rough edges cutting into her rectum and the salt on her tender
membranes, she started to scream in pain.  Then he took the 4" pipe and
jammed it nearly all the way up her pussy.  He could only get about 15" in
before he hit her cervix.  She was screaming in agony, but he just smiled
and said, "You ain't felt nothing yet, bitch."

   He took out the detonator and ran 4 wires from it.  The two positive
leads went to the pipes in her ass and pussy.  He connected the negative
leads to each of her nipples with alligator clips.  She screamed when the
clips cut into her large brown nipples.  He cranked up the generator to
store the charge...about 1500 volts...and then pushed the plunger.

   You couldn't really call it a scream.  It was more of a loud grunt, but
the woman's body lifted about a foot off the table until the ropes caught
her and pulled her back.  Then she screamed like nothing anyone had ever
heard.  He cranked the unit and fired again.  And again.  And again.

   Rob was feeling a little better.  The medic had wrapped a bandage around
the end of his dick which looked silly, but he hobbled over to Donovan. 
"Let me do it," he asked.  With that, he sat on the ground next to the
woman and began firing the unit over and over.  He experimented a bit with
the polarity.  He tried negative to one nipple and cunt, and positive to
the other nipple and ass, then he switched them around again.  But he found
that the original setup lifted her the farthest off the table, so he stuck
with that one.  She started screaming something at him in Arabic so he got
a fifth lead and clipped it to her tongue.  That really got a rise out of
her when he released the charge.

   Chapter 5

   By now, all the men had picked one of the girls and were going at them.
One of the teenagers and the 12-year old were each being pounded in the ass
and cunt by two Seals while a third forced his cock into her mouth.  Jeff
was doing his new found girlfriend for a second time.  When one man would
cum, he would go outside and send one of the guards in so they would have a
turn too.

   After another 20 min, all the girls and women had been fucked at least
once in each hole.

   "Look what I got here guys!" said Fred, a slight man, the smallest in
the whole team.  He was leading a camel that stood a good 8' off the

   McTeer eyed the giant beast and said, "Bring him in here.  I've got me
an idea."

   With some difficulty, as the camel was a good foot or more taller than
the door, they squeezed the camel inside.

   "Where's the prick on a camel?" asked Tod.

   "Just rub around between its haunches and see what pops up," laughed

   Sure enough, after a minute or two of rubbing around between the legs, a
long, fat prick started to emerge from the fur.  Sarah commented, "What a
beauty!" and stepped up and started jacking on it.

   The prick was giant, probably 15 or 16 inches long and as fat as the
hitting end of a baseball bat.  After it was fully erect, they led the
camel over to the table where the first teen had just been fucked for the
second time.  She saw the giant camel dong and started to shriek at the top
of her lungs.

   It took 4 men to hold her down---one on each arm or leg---but they held
her while Sarah helped line up the camel's prick with her already bleeding
pussy.  This wasn't easy as the camel was unsure of what was happening. 
Finally, the camel was positioned with its front legs on the table on
either side of the girl's head, and his prick was positioned directly in
front of her cunt.

   The camel must have suddenly gotten the idea, because he lunged forward,
driving half a foot of cock into the young girl.  She screamed an
absolutely blood-curdling yell when it penetrated her.  The beast continued
to pump until all 16" were deep in the girl.  It had to be all the way into
her uterus given how small she was.

   The camel started to lose control and gyrate wildly as it fucked.  They
were all afraid it would smash the table under its weight, but it somehow
held up under the weight.  The camel let out some kind of strange wail and
they knew it was cumming.  Thick white spunk began squirting out the edges
of the woman's ruined cunt because there was no where else for it to go. 
The camel stayed still for a few moments then pulled out.

   "How often can a camel cum," asked one of the men.

   "I don't know.  Let's find out," answered Sarah.  With that she started
jacking on the camel's cock and, sure enough, after a few minutes it began
to get hard again.  The animal seemed to get excited because it knew what
was coming.

   "Try him on bin Laden's bitch wife," said Donovan.

   Realizing what was happening, the woman started to scream again.  They
wanted the camel to do her ass, so they pulled the pipe out and flipped her
over on the table, then reattaching the ropes to hold her down.  They left
the pipe in her pussy and the clips on her tits.  The camel was brought
over and Sarah coated the prick with olive oil to help get it in.  They
lined up the prick with the woman's ass and immediately the beast began to
push, but the woman was fighting it with everyone ounce of her strength.

   "Let him in," McTeer told her.  "LET HIM IN BITCH!" he shouted and he
slammed her head against the table.  The woman relaxed for an instant and
that's all it took.  The camel plunged forward, driving all 16" of cock up
into her intestines.  The woman screamed louder than when she was being

   The camel began humping away, and having cum 5 min earlier, they assumed
it would last for some time.  After 10 min, the camel was still going
strong and seemed to be getting a bit more violent with his thrusts,
perhaps frustrated that he couldn't ejaculate again.  Rob was still sitting
next to the woman with the detonator in his hands.  "Let's see if we can
speed this up a bit.," he said.

   With that, Rob cranked the generator, then fired.  That was a mistake.
The woman received the full 1500 volts into her pussy, but he forget that
only a thin membrane...a good conductor at that...separated the charged
pipe from the camel's dong.  The camel let out a wail that drowned out the
woman's own scream.  It reared up on its hind legs for an instant, and came
crashing down on the woman's head, crushing her skull.  She died instantly.
The camel didn't care.  It kept pumping away, and 5 min later shot another
pint of cum into the dead woman's asshole.

   "Damn it!  I didn't want any of the women or children killed!" shouted

   There was nothing to be done.  She lie in a heap on the table, with
blood pouring out of her ravished anus.  bin Laden began screaming again.

   Chapter 6

   By now all the girls and women had been thoroughly fucked.  Even the
young boy had taken it up the ass from Bruce, one of the Seals that the
others had often wondered about his sexual proclivities.  They had been
there nearly 2 hr and it was starting to approach the danger point.  McTeer
decided it was time to wrap this up.  He had his men put all the male
prisoners in the van except for the one surviving guard.  The guard and the
women and children were all tied up.

   Sari shouted at Jeff, "Don't leave me.  They'll kill me." McTeer nodded
and Jeff untied the girl.

   "Get everyone on the truck," shouted McTeer, and with that all the men
raced out of the hut except for McTeer and the medic.

   "Give me that vial you got from Central Command," he said to the medic.

   The man carefully took out a small syringe vial with a clear liquid
inside.  It was well wrapped and stored in a padded double container for
protection.  "Give him the shot," McTeer ordered the medic.  The man put on
rubber gloves and carefully withdrew 0.5 cc of the liquid and approached
the guard.  The man began to struggle, but McTeer held his arm down while
the medic did an intravenous injection of the liquid.

   "Do you speak English?" McTeer asked.

   "Little bit," said the terrified man.

   "You've just received a lethal dose of anthrax," McTeer told him.  "I'm
leaving a knife by your foot.  It should only take you about 30 min to
figure out how to lift it up and cut yourself loose.  When you get out, go
tell your al-Qaeda buddies what we did, and tell them we will rape and
murder the shit out of them and their families if we catch up with them."

   With that, McTeer and the medic packed up the med kit and head for the

   "What was the point of the anthrax?" the medic asked, once they were
outside.  If you wanted him dead we could have just shot him, and it isn't
contagious so we can't infect anyone else if he returns to a hidden
terrorist cell."

   "It wasn't anthrax," McTeer whispered in a hushed tone.  "It's Ebola."


   Two weeks after the incident, hostilities in the region ceased after the
300 remaining hidden al-Qaeda fighters were wiped out by a mysterious,
highly virulent form of hemorrhagic fever.  McTeer's entire team received
Silver Stars, although Mike had to be awarded to him in the brig.  On his
first day back, he went to a brothel to celebrate, but when a hooker
wouldn't let him put his prick up her ass, he beat the shit out of her.  He
was court-martialed and got 10 years in a military prison.

   Jeff talked to the recently opened American consulate in Kabul and
explained the situation with Sari (though he somehow neglected to explain
about how they had met by fucking).  The embassy refused to issue her a
visa for the U.S., so when Jeff was discharged he stayed in Kabul and they
were married.  Two years later, she received her approval to enter the U.S.
and they now live in Hackensack, NJ with their two children.

   bin Laden and the other prisoners were taken to Guantanamo where he
spent the rest of his life rotting in a cell.

   McTeer was discharged with full military honors and is now manager of a
Krispy Kreme, where he is still one mean fucking son-of-a-bitch.

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