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This is an erotic story featuring adults and children.  If you don't want
to read such a thing, don't.  If it's illegal for you to read it whoever
and wherever you are, I don't really care.  Don't read it, or don't get
caught.  Either way, it's your problem.

   This is my story.  It may be freely distributed and reposted to free
sites, or the free areas of pay sites, so long as authorship is properly
credited and these introductory paragraphs are included.  If you can find
someone silly enough to pay you for this story and you steal it for that
purpose, well, mazel tov and fuck you.

   This story is F-I-C-T-I-O-N.  No actual children or adults or anything
were involved in its production.  What part of "made up" don't you
understand?  Intelligent feedback gratefully accepted at rufusfugit at
yahoo dot com.  Stupid feedback and flames to /dev/null.

   Jenny's Couch, part 24 (Karen's Party 3) (M+g, Mg, gg, Fg, ped, mast,
oral, anal, ws, prost, bond, humil, forced-exhib, cons, booze and drugs) by
Rufus Fugit

   I didn't get football.  I didn't get people who enjoyed playing it, I
didn't get people who enjoyed watching it, and I certainly didn't get
people who would still be interested in watching it with a naked girl tied
to a chair right in front of them.  But Renee and Karen and I were sharing
a party with quite a few of them tonight.

   I presumed sports obsession wasn't the only reason why several of the
college kids had made no move towards Karen where she sat bound
spread-eagle to the low-backed wicker bench.  Some of them were interested
in her - the lumps in their pants, their sweaty faces, the way their eyes
darted back and forth between Karen's writhing body and the flatscreen tv
above her, and the way they surreptitiously touched themselves made that
plain.  Moira wouldn't have invited anyone she didn't know to be both horny
and broadminded, but even so perhaps it was a bit much for them that Karen
was obviously underage, and not in a
"gee-your-Honor-I-coulda-swore-she-was-eighteen" way.  Even with Moira's
expert makeup giving her the face of a fashion model or a high-class hooker
and even though there was nothing childlike in Karen's response to being
forced to sit with her cunt split wide open before a roomful of strangers,
it was clearly a child's smooth, hairless, barely-pubescent body before
them.  They may have wanted to touch it but held back from fear or even -
though I doubted Moira would ever have invited them in that case - moral

   Several others truly showed no interest in her at all, but preferred to
do nothing more than drink beer, smoke pot, eat Cheetos and cheer on their
college's team.  One or two tousled her hair casually as they passed by her
on the way to kitchen or bathroom, and one fellow made a point, every time
he came back with a fresh beer, to splash a little foam on the
fifth-grader's head and naked chest ("for luck", he said, going along with
Moira's conceit), but other than that she might as well have been a piece
of statuary - a piece of wet, sticky statuary, but still.

   Thank goodness there were a few regular horny college pervs in the
crowd, enough to keep the pile of wrinkled bills growing in the "tip jar"
that Moira had set down and enough to keep Karen gasping and trembling with
pleasure.  She had had at least one pair of hands or lips caressing her
preteen body continuously since the game had started.  We were now in the
second quarter and while my money was still on Karen to win the hundred
dollars Moira had put up, she appeared increasingly agitated as she
resisted her body's growing arousal.

   WIth the sole exception of a black leather dog collar she was naked, as
she had been for the entire evening.  Her new clothes - a denim miniskirt,
spaghetti-strap top, camisole, dress sandals, and panties - were carefully
put away in Moira's closet where they would stay clean, fresh-smelling and
unwrinkled for her to put back on tomorrow.  The collar was clipped to the
back of the bench on a very short lead.  Her arms were bound behind the
back of the bench by zip ties at her wrist and forearms, pulling her
shoulders back and pushing out her narrow chest with its puffy,
cherry-sized nipples and just-forming pre-breasts.  Her ankles were cuffed
to the arms of the bench, spreading her legs wide and exposing her hairless
vulva and her anus to the dozen-plus men and boys watching the football
game playing on the tv behind her.

   Karen's head lolled back against the wicker, eyes mostly closed.  She
seemed to be enjoying herself overall though she was pretty out of it.  I
was glad for that.  I had let Moira keep the details of her party plan to
herself, in retrospect probably not the best idea.  Karen's humiliation at
the way Moira dragged her around the apartment naked and forced her to
introduce herself as a whore had been comical.  But I'd seen the
humiliation turn to panic as she was strapped down on the bench and for a
moment or two I'd been afraid I would have to step in - it wouldn't do to
have her traumatized right before the ride home and school starting again.
I was bemused, but relieved and gratified that as soon as she got a dick in
her mouth she seemed to settle right down.

   It was warm in the room, as the aging a/c unit proved inadequate to the
size of the party.  It was even warmer under the track spotlight that made
Karen's tan skin seem to glow.  Her high forehead, her face, her naked body
were all beaded with sweat.  She had complained of thirst repeatedly and
her partners had all been willing to give her swallows of their drinks -
beer, various sweet malt beverages, whatever - which kept the slender
eleven-year-old pretty thoroughly hammered.  Some of the boys made it a
game with her, pouring beer into her upturned mouth from higher and higher,
so her face and her body were glistening and sticky.

   At the moment, a beefy, deeply-tanned young man was kneeling behind her
with his face next to hers.  His hands roamed over her torso, tugging and
squeezing her nipples.  He pulled one and then the other, rolling the stiff
nubs between thumb and fingers, twisting them to point to the left and
right.  Karen 's body jerked and wriggled as he molested her. 
"Ahh...ahh...ohAH!  Oh, shtop..stAHP!" she slurred.  She tossed her head
from side to side, her long blond hair swishing behind the seat.  Her toes
flexed and curled alternately and the handcuffs holding her feet up and
spread wide rattled as her legs jerked involuntarily.  Her eyes closed and
her face screwed up as bolts of pleasure shot through her.  There were
tear-tracks from the corners of her eyes back to her flushed ears.  Her
mascara was starting to run, just a little.

   Moira watched Karen avidly from her seat on the floor next to where
Renee and I shared an armchair.  She ignored the rowdy group and their loud
responses to the progress of the game.  She had her short satin wrap dress
tucked around her thighs, but I knew her well enough to notice the way she
licked her lips over and over and the slightly wild look in her bright
green eyes.  I could also see what no one else in the room could, one hand
stealing underneath the hem of her dress from time to time and the way she
rocked and shuddered slightly when it did.

   Renee, on the other hand, was proving annoyingly reserved.  When we had
first entered the apartment Moira had left us alone for a few minutes to
shower.  Once I had assured her that her big sister would be okay swimming
alone in the pool, the first thing she had said to me was, "You made my
boobies all tingly in the car.  I want to have an orgasm, and I want to
suck your cock tonight." Just hearing those words in her high, childish
voice took my breath away.  Her hazel eyes looked up at me with a
completely matter-of-fact expression, not coy at all.  She wasn't old
enough yet to have developed any shyness or "feminine wiles" - she knew
what she liked and I had taught her to ask for it.  When Moira had walked
out of the bathroom naked, toweling her hair, she had found Renee and I
French kissing on her king-size bed.  The third-grader's arm had been down
my pants, her short fingers playing delightfully at smearing slippery
precum around the head of my erection.  I had been returning the favor with
my own hand underneath her sundress, my fingers pushing inside the elastic
legband of her panties.  Renee was making little "mm-mm" sounds into my
mouth as I stroked the sweaty, rubbery flesh of her bald labia.

   But now Renee was being much less cooperative, squirming in my lap and
pushing my hand away from her panties.  "Not here!" she whispered fiercely.
"I don't want everyone to see.  I'm not a whore!" I had to content myself
to stroking and kissing her face, neck, and shoulders, placing precise,
delicate pecks on the two tiny moles that adorned her smooth jawline,
rubbing her calves and ankles and her feet inside her cute sandals.  I was
getting some seriously blue balls from the delightful heft and warmth of
her little butt squirming in my lap.  Moira's smirk told me that she had
overheard and that didn't improve my mood any.

   I turned my attention back to Renee's older sister.  "Thirsty..." she
was gasping, turning her head to look vaguely into the eyes of the man
currently molesting her.  He chuckled and picked up the sweating bottle on
the carpet by his knees.  Karen jumped and yipped as he playfully touched
the cold glass to her belly, her sides, her spread labia.  He held it up to
her mouth, letting her have just a little of the mildly-alcoholic fizz. 
She swallowed.  "More...more," she begged until, laughing, he upended the
bottle.  Karen choked and liquid sprayed in the air and poured in bubbling
trails down her sweaty body.  She gave a little groan as the carbonated
beverage ran over her hypersensitive privates.  The young man stood up and
headed for the kitchen, still laughing.

   When Karen's coughing fit passed, her bleary eyes focused on the oldest
and youngest party guests just sitting down between her bound, spread
thighs.  The boy looked to be no more than twelve or thirteen at the most.
He was still rosy-cheeked in the way of boys on the cusp of puberty.  His
face, chubby with babyfat under longish brown curls, was only inches from
Karen's wide-open cunt.  The balding, bearded oldster who had brought him
to the party whispered something in his ear.  He gulped and nodded.  He was
wide-eyed with amazement as he minutely examined what was no doubt the
first vagina he had ever seen in real life.

   Karen's labia were puffy and a raw, irritated red in color.  Her smooth
mound was pushed up and forward by the spread, stressed position of her
bondage.  The tendons on the insides of her thighs were prominent and taut,
moving a bit as Karen flexed her splayed hip joints from time to time,
seeking to ease the strain.  The spotlight shining down on her nude body
highlighted the sparse dusting of fine, light peach fuzz on her mons.  Her
inner lips were a thin ring and her hole was a darker, richer red than her
labia, open and gleaming with moisture in the light.  It winked closed
occasionally as the smooth, childish musculature of her abdomen pulsed and
spasmed, as did the pinkish-brown star of her anus.  Thick, milky, aromatic
cream oozed steadily from her open slit, running down her perineum and
through the wicker caning of the seat.  Sticky threads dripped in slow
motion to the carpet, which was wet and stained in a ragged growing patch.

   Karen stared dazedly at the two, boy and man, between her thin, tanned
legs.  She blinked to clear sweat from her eyes.  Her belly heaved as she
took a breath.  "D'you like my whore babycunt?" she piped, then burped and

   The boy's eyes darted back and forth from Karen's sweaty face to her
spread-open crotch.  He looked mesmerized by the eleven-year-old's
clitoris. It was a deep, blood-flushed burgundy in color, standing straight
up, shiny with moisture and obscenely swollen far beyond its normal size.
It throbbed visibly with Karen's pulse.  Slowly, tentatively, he reached
out a shaking hand and stroked his fingertips across the slick, wrinkled
knob of flesh.  "AHH!" Karen jumped as if electrified at the contact.  Her
head fell back and her jaw clenched.  Her legs jerked and the chrome
handcuffs around her ankles rattled again.

   The boy sat back in surprise.  Karen slowly raised her head and focused
with difficulty.  Beads of sweat gathered on her upper lip, and tendrils of
damp hair clung to her face.  "Oh, do it again, touch my button," she said
in a breathy, cajoling tone.  "Rub my hot babycunt, please, touch it, touch
it, rub it hard.  Touch my babycunt, touch my babycunt, ohhhh, ohhhh,
ohhhh..." Her voice trailed off into moaning sighs as the older man sitting
behind the boy placed his gnarled hand over the child's and pressed their
fingers together into Karen's soaked slit.  His vigorous circular motion
made a wet, sloppy sound as more thick juice squished out and soaked their
fingers.  The boy jumped and once again I could see what the others in the
room could not: the man's other hand was gently tugging his skinny pole
through his shorts.

   "AhhHAH!  OhhOH!  AhhHAH!  AhhHAH!  AhhHAIE!" Karen jumped and her eyes
rolled back in her head as the two continued to roughly masturbate her. 
With each cry her body went rigid, her ankles pulling hard at the cuffs and
her bald pubis thrusting forward.  Her face got redder and redder as the
cords in her neck and her baby six-pack stood out.  "OH!  OH!  OH! 
Arrrgh..." she went limp and sat back in the chair, panting.

   "I think we won a hundred dollars," the man said to no one in
particular, examining the froth of Karen's copious secretions that his
fingers had churned up around her vulva.

   "Nuh-uh!" Karen said weakly.  Her head was laid back and her eyes were

   "Don't think so," Moira concurred.  "The little whore's a screamer and a
squirter.  When she cums, you'll know it." Glancing at the game clock on
the tv screen, she continued, "I think she's on track to win." That sounded
like a challenge to me, at least it did after it filtered through the beer
or six I had drunk myself since the game started, so I unceremoniously slid
Renee out of my lap and dumped her on the seat cushion and stepped forward.

   For some reason I focused on Karen's feet.  The wrinkled skin of her
soles looked so pale and vulnerable as her ankles twisted and her toes
curled and spread.  I dropped to my knees and seized one foot in my hands,
holding it steady as I licked the sole from heel to toes.  Karen's head
jerked up in surprise and she made a sound like "Eep!" When she realized it
was me she smiled and slurred out my name.

   "Hi there, cutie," I said as I sucked and tongued each of her tiny toes
in turn.  They tasted salty.  The polish on her big toenail was chipping. I
kept her foot gripped in one hand but began trailing the fingers of the
other ever so lightly over the skin of her calf.  Her leg trembled from the
stress and she squirmed and giggled as my tongue tickled her.  "How're you
holding up?  Feeling good?"

   "Dizzy," she replied.  Her pointy nips rose and fell as she breathed
deeply.  "Shoulders hurt," she continued as she rolled her head back and
strained her arms futilely against the zip ties.  "Gotta pee." She

   "You can hold it.  How's that babycunt?" Her eyelids fluttered as my
fingers grazed her inner thigh.  "Lotsa people playing with it tonight so
far.  You like that?"

   "Hot," Karen mumbled.

   "Yeah, hot and juicy.  You sure are a messy whore, though, leaking all
that juice.  You're doing great.  I'm proud of you.  I bet you're the best
whore in the whole state."

   "Hot," she babbled, "So hot.  My whore babycunt's so hot." She raised
her head and began singing tunelessly, bobbing her head and moving her feet
back and forth in time.  "I'm a whore, I'm a whore, I'm a whory whory
whore! I'm a whore, I'm a whore, I'm a whory whory whore!" Except for her
choice of lyrics she sounded just like any child amusing herself with
invented songs.  I licked her sole and around her ankle as it bobbed,
skipping over the rattling chrome handcuffs, and started to kiss and suck
my way up her leg towards her spread preteen clam.  Her skin was hot and
slick against my lips.  The fine little hairs tickled.  The healing scabs
on her knee were rough.

   Karen's high-pitched voice cut through the party and crowd noise and the
announcers on the television.  First one, then another and another of the
young men behind me heard her and took up the chant.  "She's a whore, she's
a whore, she's a whory, whory whore!" In moments the room was filled with
their deep voices.  The floor shook with rhythmic stomping and clapping. 
Earlier the tv had picked up the stadium crowd doing "We Will Rock You." I
liked this better.

   Karen's voice faltered as the rising volume penetrated her drink- and
drug-fuzzed brain.  She blushed, craning her neck to peer blurrily out at
the crowd between her spread legs, but then a shy, trembling smile spread
across her face and she began to sing louder.  "I'm a whore, I'm a whore,
I'm a whory whory whore!  I'm a whore, I'm a whore, I'm a whory whory
whore!" I'm a whore, I'm aaaAAAIEEE!" I had reached the very top of the
fifth-grader's sweaty thigh, nibbled at the straining tendon there, then
extended my tongue and poked it right into her asshole.  I leaned forward
and swiped upwards across her perineum and her hairless cunny, gathering a
generous portion of her delicious baby honey as I went, until I fastened my
lips around her straining, oversized clitoris and sucked.

   Karen went rigid with pleasure as the contact shot through her
eleven-year-old body.  Her voice choked off raggedly as her head snapped
back and her neck strained against the leather collar.  A fresh surge of
cunt cream gushed out of her spread quim, overflowing my mouth, wetting my
beard and mustache, and smearing around her puffy labia.  I slurped up
another mouthful and swallowed, rubbing my cheeks and nose against her
smooth slippery girlflesh.

   "Eee!  Eee!  Eee!" Karen squealed as I applied suction to her straining
button, stretching it into my mouth.  Her face was scarlet and she tossed
her head back and forth.  Preorgasmic spasms shot through her trembling
limbs, scrambling her drunken brain and driving out coherent thought.  She
bucked against me, desperately resisting the climax fountaining up from her
center.  She really wanted that hundred dollars.

   Our audience hooted and cheered - whether at us or some development in
the game I couldn't say - as I cupped my hands beneath Karen's firm, pale
buttocks and pressed her vulva against my face, driving my nose into her
gaping slit and pushing it up and down against her twitching clitty. 
"You're going to cum for me, whore," I urged her, speaking right into her
spread cunt between swallows of the thick, piquant ooze flowing out of her.
Sweat prickled my own scalp and my tool was burning hot and stiff, bent
uncomfortably sideways in my shorts.  I wanted nothing more at that moment
than to open my fly and jam my organ into her, smashing our thighs together
and painting her tender insides with a load of hot semen.  I was panting as
my eyes roved over Karen's sweating form.  Her stiff nipples poked out of
her otherwise-flat chest.  Her bare mound banged against my nose.  It was
the culmination of months to see the fifth-grader completely abandoning
herself to drunken sexual pleasure, heedless of a roomful of onlookers. 
The innocent eleven-year-old who had stood frozen in horror at the sight of
me ejaculating onto her little sister's smiling face was gone.  In her
place was a wanton, shameless whore.

   But she was a whore with determination.  "Gah!  Guuuh!  Nuuh, noO NO! 
Gah!" she gasped, thrashing against her bindings, every muscle straining to
resist the orgasm that threatened to overwhelm her.  "Mine!" she said
through gritted teeth.  I sat back on my heels and watched her fight for
control, her body slowly relaxing until she slumped back in the chair.  She
was panting as if she had just run a mile.  Sweat was pouring off her now,
and the reek of her perspiration and her juvenile cunt filled my nose to
further inflame me.  The roots of her hair were completely soaked; the curl
was coming out and the waist-length mane dragged limply on the carpet. 
Cunt juice continued to flow from her hole, dripping off her butt and
through the wicker seat.  The stain it made on the carpet had spread until
it audibly squished under my knees.

   I looked over to see that Moira had taken my chair and pulled Renee down
to sit between her spread thighs.  Her short dress was flipped up in front
and though I couldn't see it I could tell that she was pressing her bare
cunt against the thin cotton of Renee's dress.  Her arm was loosely around
the child, hand palming her flat chest.  She was whispering in Renee's ear.
The nine-year-old wasn't struggling but she didn't look happy.  For the
moment I ignored her, perhaps as payback for her earlier reluctance. 
"Moira, throw me a joint, willya?" The brunette dug in the pocket of her
wrap for a second, then stuck a number under the cover of a matchbook and
tossed them onto the damp carpet at my knees.  I puffed it alight, then
squatted down to exhale, blowing the aromatic smoke across Karen's
twitching clit and into her gaping vaginal opening.  I had read somewhere
that the blood vessels were dense enough and close enough to the surface
inside a woman's cunt that it could absorb THC just like the lungs.  Karen
sighed as the air soothed her burning clit.  Then her eyes widened as a
wave of dizziness and warmth washed over her.  She put her head back as I
blew more smoke across her privates.  When she opened her eyes again, her
pupils were enormous.  Almost none of her blue irises showed at all.

   I took another deep hit, then reached blindly behind me to hand the
joint off.  Someone took it from me.  I bent forward and placed my thumbs
on Karen's soaked labia.  I gently spread them as far open as the elastic
flesh would stretch, placed my lips against her distended hole and emptied
my lungs.  I sat back.  "Look, Karen." She was staring vaguely up into the
spotlight.  I reached up and gave her a gentle open-handed pop on the
cheek. "Karen!" Her eyes slowly tracked down from the ceiling to my face,
then widened in shock as she saw bluish tendrils of smoke drifting out of
her cunt and curling lazily up over her bare mound.  I sat back.  "Hey,
Moira!  Renee, check it out!  Smoking-hot babycunt!"

   Moira's caw of laughter drowned out Karen's strained mumble, so I had to
ask her to repeat herself.  "Gotta pee," she said again.  "Gotta pee bad.
Lemme up..." She bent her knees and put her heels against the arms of the
bench.  Her abs tensed as she tried to lift herself upright but with her
arms bound behind her she had little leverage.

   "Sorry, kitten, can't do it." Moira pushed Renee out of her lap and came
over , bending down over Karen's head.  The fifth-grader goggled up at her,
focusing with difficulty since her face was upside-down to her.  "You're
stuck there until halftime.  You might bring yourself off in the bathroom
and cheat on the bet."

   "Won't...promise." Karen mumbled.  She was clearly in discomfort,
bearing down as best she could with her legs pulled so wide open.  "Can't
reach my cunt anyway." She twitched her hands in the zip tie in

   "So?  You were humping' yourself on my leg like a damn dog before. 
Lying little whore," Moira placed a hand on either side of Karen's flushed
face.  She reacted slowly, starting to tense in fear, but Moira only leaned
down and kissed her.  From my vantage point between the naked
eleven-year-old's spread thighs I saw the older girl's tongue stab into
Karen's mouth.  Karen relaxed into the kiss, making little hums of
pleasure. Her cunny hole winked at me and a fresh flow of cream oozed out.

   "Eee!" Karen stiffened and her soft moan ended with a sharp little
squeal as Moira raised her head, chuckling.  I looked up and saw a droplet
of blood welling from her bee-stung lower lip.  Moira had bitten her.

   Renee wrapped her short arms around me from behind and hugged, pressing
her cheek against mine.  "Hi sweetie," I said absently.  I was still a
little annoyed at her for being uncooperative earlier.  "Go get me a Zima
from the kitchen, would you please?" She broke the embrace a bit
reluctantly and went to obey.  When she returned and handed me the cold
bottle, I patted the carpet next to me and she sat down cross-legged.  Her
narrow shoulders flinched as a yell came from behind us.  I glanced at the
tv - someone on our team had apparently just done something important.  The
game clock was under two minutes, but even I knew those last two minutes
could stretch out over far more realtime.

   I popped the cap on the Zima and took a deep drink, then laid the cold
glass against my forehead for a few seconds.  I offered the bottle to
Renee. "Go ahead, it's sweet.  Sweet like you," I chuckled.  She took it in
both hands and took a tentative sip.  I gently squeezed my erection through
my shorts as my imagination put my penis in the place of the bottle between
the nine-year-old's full lips.  Which gave me an idea.

   "Will you come play with me now?" Renee asked.  I marveled that the
third-grader seemed completely oblivious to the bizarre, unspeakably
perverse situation - sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of her big
sister's literally smoking cunt, as the older child squirmed in bondage. 
She leaned forward, pushing both her hands under mine into my crotch. 
"Pleeeease?" she wheedled, squeezing one hand then the other on the bulge
of my shaft.  I closed my eyes and sighed.  It was very tempting, and I was
thrilled to the core that the child had become so thoroughly sexualized,
but I still wanted to teach her a lesson about denying me access to her
preteen charms.  I had to be subtle, though.  Karen had been trained that
she had no right to refuse an adult's sexual advances.  I wanted Renee to
just not want to refuse me.

   "You didn't want to play before, so I'm playing with Karen now," I said,
and suiting action to word I pressed the long bottle neck against the
length of Karen's slit.  She jumped and moaned at the feel of the smooth,
hard glass against her slippery inner lips.  I rubbed it up and down,
gently pinching her oversized clitoris against the rounded lip of the

   "Ah-HAH!  Ah-HAH!  Ah-HAH!" Karen gasped as the cold glass warmed
against her tender skin, then the breath gusted out of her as I slowly
twisted the bottle and inserted just the lip into her opening.  "Ahhhh!"
Her knees bent and the handcuffs around her skinny ankles rattled as she
tried to push her mound forward to increase the depth of penetration.

   "Hey!" Moira called out from her chair.  "Rules!  Nothing inside the

   "'Sokay," I called back.  "I'm just flavoring my drink." I pressed my
thumb against Karen's straining clitty, squeezing it against the bottle. 
She jumped and yelped, and a glob of creamy goo slid down the inside of the
glass, plopping gently into the clear, fizzy liquid.  I mashed her hot
little bud from side to side until more of her baby honey flowed.  She
yelped again as I pulled the bottle out of her cunt and sat back.  I
swirled it around until the globs of cunt cream spread to translucent
threads, then held the bottle up to the light.  "Babycunt-flavored Zima!" I
declared triumphantly, and drank deep.  It was delicious, the citrus tang
cut perfectly by Karen's sharp, floral, slightly pungent taste.

   Karen was writhing and groaning but she was drowned out by a roar of
crowd noise from the tv.  The game clock was under a minute and counting.
"Looks like you're going to win the money, sweetie," I said, but she was
oblivious.  Her eyes were squinted shut, her abdomen and Kegels clamped
tight as she concentrated on resisting the nearly-overwhelming urge to pee.
A thin trail of blood ran down her chin.

   I turned my head when Moira called out, "Go ahead, do like I told you,"
but she was talking to Renee, not me.  I watched in surprise as the
nine-year-old got to her feet and stood pressed right up against her big
sister's naked crotch.  Her white sandals squished on the soaking carpet.

   "What'd you say, Karen?" she said, mockingly.  "I can't hear you."
Karen, of course, wasn't saying anything coherent, just moaning and
grunting.  "I guess I better turn you UP!" Renee continued, then she leaned
forward and seized Karen's nipples in her hands and twisted.

   "AIEE!  YII!  AIEE!" Karen bucked her crotch against Renee's
cotton-covered belly and yelped as the younger girl pulled as hard as she
could, stretching Karen's swollen nipples far out from her flat chest.  She
laughed at Karen's bug-eyed, openmouthed groans as she tugged on the nubs
in turn.  I was shocked at the malice in her bright hazel eyes.  I had only
intended to make her a little jealous of her sister, but apparently her
long-simmering disdain for Karen's uncontrolled sexuality had boiled over.
She had accepted my explanation before that Karen's pleasure was tied to
humiliation and pain without really understanding it, and it seemed Moira
had capitalized on that, suggesting a way that Renee could keep Karen from
winning that hundred dollars.

   But it looked like it wasn't quite enough.  Karen's legs were writhing
and jerking against the cuffs and she gagged as her neck strained against
the leather collar but her teeth were gritted above her bloody chin and her
face, though streaming in sweat, was fixed.  It looked like she would be
able to forestall her orgasm for the few seconds remaining in the first
half of the football game.  Renee released her tortured nips and they
snapped back to her chest.  Then the younger girl dropped to her knees,
putting her face level with Karen's soaked, puffy snatch.  She screwed up
her face at the odor, but as Moira urged her on she leaned forward,
fastened her mouth around Karen's jutting clitoris, and bit down hard!

   That did it.  "AAAAAAAAAAAA!" Karen 's body convulsed violently as her
long-denied orgasm exploded.  But that wasn't all that cut loose.  Urine
sprayed from her slit, catching Renee square in the face and splashing
everywhere.  The little girl reared back in shock, lost her balance and
fell flat on her back.  The hiss and splash of Karen's bladder emptying was
accompanied by a high-pitched, full-throated groan.  The golden arc
shimmered under the spotlight and splashed onto Renee.  The stream burned
its way out of Karen, wobbling with her ululating cries and orgasmic
contractions, drenching her little sister in hot piss.  "AIEE!  AIEE! 
AIEE! AAaaaahhh!" Finally Karen's voice tailed off into a whistling sigh
and the last of her pee dribbled out onto Renee's toes.

   The little girl climbed to her feet, her expression comically stunned.
Her long brown hair was soaked.  Urine ran down her face and dripped from
the end of her little snub nose.  The front of her thin cotton dress was
completely transparent and clung to her chubby outthrust belly and her
sturdy short legs.  Her mouth worked but for a moment she was too shocked
to speak.  Then her face crumpled into tears.  "YOU WHORE!  I HATE YOU!!"
Sobbing, she fled down the hall back to the bedroom.  In the sudden
silence, the snap of a starter's pistol blared from the tv, signaling the
end of the first half.

   Karen went limp.  She dropped her head back and moaned.  "Too bad,
kitten, your sister wins," Moira laughed.  I glared at her over my shoulder
as I headed back to look after Renee.

   The nine-year-old had made it into the small master bath but beyond that
was at a loss.  I closed the bedroom door behind me, shutting out the noise
of the party.  Renee stood flat-footed on the tile floor, wailing.  Her
mouth was open and eyes screwed shut.  Her hands flapped in the air,
casting droplets of her big sister's urine onto the shower curtain and the
walls.  Her hair and the hem of her sundress were dripping and a pale
golden puddle was forming around her feet on the tile floor.  The acrid
smell was strong in the small, windowless room.

   Renee was normally such a self-possessed child that I was disconcerted
to see her so upset.  The best I could think to do was just deal with the
problem rather than try to comfort her.  I bent down and grabbed the hem of
her dress and pulled the soaking garment up and over her head.  Her waving
arms tangled in it for a moment and she made a gagging sound as the
piss-soaked cloth plastered over her face.  Then I pulled it free and
dropped it in a sopping wad in the sink, leaving the stocky third-grader
standing in panties and sandals.  She stopped crying though her face was
still pulled into a rictus of disgust and her belly heaved with nausea and
emotion.  I reached around her and started the water running in the tub.  I
got on my knees and tugged at the waistband of her pink panties, rolling
the wet, clinging cloth down to her knees.  For a moment I was at eye level
with the smooth vulva pooching out beneath her round tummy.  I pulled off
each sandal in turn as I lifted her feet to free her underwear.  As I
fiddled with the hot water I admired Renee's tanned prepubescent body. 
Even with urine-soaked hair I thought she was beautiful.

   I flipped on the shower and pulled the curtain aside.  I grabbed Renee
under the armpits and boosted her up and over into the tub; she bent her
knees and raised her feet to clear the rim.  The shower was weak so I could
leave the curtain open without making a bigger mess.  I held the
unresisting child under the warm spray.  Water cascaded down her
already-soaking hair and her nude body.  I picked up Moira's shampoo, some
expensive designer brand, and squirted a generous portion onto Renee's
brown hair.  I rubbed at it a bit myself to get the lather started, then
said, "Go ahead and wash your hair, sweetie.  Be careful you don't get it
in your eyes, it's not baby shampoo, it'll sting."

   My calm manner appeared to help Renee get herself back under control. 
She raised her arms to start scrubbing, gathering her thick, butt-length
brown hair onto the top of her head.  Her smooth armpits looked sexy and
lickable.  I groaned softly as my penis thickened in my shorts, but for the
moment I controlled myself.  I started cold water running in the sink and
used a bit of shampoo to start washing out Renee's peed-on clothing.  Of
course, the cheap dye ran.  I was already formulating a story about a
spilled Coke or something to rehearse with Renee, but that was for later.

   As I wrung out Renee's sundress and tiny panties and hung them over the
shower rod, she was just starting to rinse out her hair.  I kicked off my
flipflops and stripped quickly, tossing my shorts and shirt out onto the
bed, and stepped into the tub to join her.  Her eyes were closed as soap
streamed down her face.  My erection waved in the air and bopped her gently
on the cheek.  I took her by the shoulders and gently turned her around so
I could squeegee the remaining lather out of her hair.  I stood back, clear
of the warm drizzle.  My hardon poked through her thick hair and the
sensitive underside of the head rubbed against the back of her neck.  Her
skin was so smooth.  Renee giggled, a delightful sound that showed she was
recovering from the shock of being pissed on by her older sister.  "Your
thingy's hard," she said matter-of-factly.

   I picked up a bar of soap and got down on my knees.  "It's been hard all
night," I agreed.  I lathered my hands and began rubbing them up and down
her back.  I kneaded her firm, prominent buttocks, squeezing a cheek in
each hand, pressing them apart and together.  One thumb strayed down her
crack and she jumped as I wiggled it gently against her anus.  "It's been
hard because I want to play with you." I turned her to face me and gave her
front the same treatment, spreading the perfumed suds over her belly and
her flat chest.  I gently rubbed her tiny pink nipples between my thumbs
and fingers.  My fingers slipped down over the gentle corrugations of her
ribcage as I leaned forward to kiss her nips, tonguing first one and then
the other into hard little pebbles.

   Renee sighed and her arms wrapped around my head as my fingers moved
further down, spreading slippery lather over her bald vulva.  She crouched
slightly, spreading her knees as I sawed the edge of my hand gently against
her slit.  I tasted soap as I kissed the delicate hollow of her clavicle,
then licked up her throat and across her jawline, finishing my pressing my
lips against hers.  "Mmmm..." she hummed with pleasure, opening her mouth
and moving her tongue against my lips as she had been taught.  We both kept
our eyes open, our vision each of the other blurring into one cyclopean
eye. I parted my lips very slightly so as not to slobber on her much
smaller mouth and flicked my tongue against hers.

   Renee was a very accomplished kisser.  My nuts ached pleasurably as the
sexually-experienced child gently sucked on my lips.  I put my arms around
her pulled her stocky nine-year-old form against me, rubbing my slippery
hands up and down her back.  My penis pressed against her leg.  She moved
to trap it between her thighs, giggling as the hot, stiff flesh rubbed
against her sensitive skin.  I broke our kiss and leaned back a bit,
breathing heavily.  "Let's rinse off and get in the bed, OK?"

   "Mmm-hmm!" she nodded with a rare grin, so I stood and guided her naked
form back under the weak spray until the soap sluiced from her skin.  When
she was clean I lifted her out of the tub and set her on her feet.  I
turned off the water and stepped out myself.  I pulled a towel out of the
cubby and dropped to my knees again.  I dried her body first, then draped
the towel over her head and gave her hair a quick but vigorous rub.  She
raised her arms, working blind, and took over.  I picked up a hairbrush
from beside the sink then I took one of her hands and wrapped it around my
rampant cock.  Her fingers squeezed and more giggles came from underneath
the towel.  I guided her that way out of the bathroom and to Moira's
kingsize bed.

   The a/c at full blast wasn't nearly enough to cool the crowd in the main
room, but in here it was chilly and the bed was right under the vent. 
Renee clasped her arms around herself as I tossed the towel onto the bed;
the pink dimes of her nipples were already crinkling with gooseflesh.  I
pulled the spread back and slid under the covers.  Renee climbed after me,
her bubble butt sticking up in the air.  I gave it a playful little spank
and pulled the spread around us.  We were face-to-face on our sides; I
threw my arm around her and pulled her to me, pressing my hairy adult form
against her smooth, undeveloped body.  Damp skin warmed against mine under
the sheet.  I kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her nose, her chin, and
came back to her soft lips, nudging them open with my tongue and sliding it
between her permanent teeth, oversized in her small mouth.  Her tongue
pressed against mine and she kissed me back noisily.

   Renee insinuated her arm between us and I felt her cool hand grab my
cock just below the head.  She squeezed firmly several times then began
jacking it slowly, with expert technique gained over the months since I had
made her my sex partner and lover.  "Ohhh, Renee," I sighed into her mouth,
"I love the way you play with my thingy.  You do it better than anyone." I
turned my head slightly to rub my bristly mustache against her smooth, rosy
cheek.  I moved my arm down her back to her butt, stroking her cheeks and
then diving between them, curving my fingers to reach around and tickle the
bottom of her vaginal opening from behind.  Renee sighed herself and lay
her leg across my hip to give me better access.  Her labia were soft and
damp and the tip of my finger slid easily between them into snug, delicious

   "I love the way you play with my cunt," Renee mimicked me.  "I get all,
all squishy and juicy inside when you touch it." I thrilled to the way my
youngest niece was so shameless and guileless when she talked about the
good feelings that being molested gave her.  I fell to kissing her again,
and she breathed into my mouth and wriggled her stocky body against me as I
continued to tickle her vaginal opening.  Her hand slid gently up and down
my shaft.  She brushed her fingers across the flaring head, smearing precum
as it oozed freely.

   We petted under the covers for a few minutes longer.  Her soft little
hand skimming up and down my erection was driving me crazy.  I started to
hunch it up and down against her, and from all of our previous sex play she
knew I what I wanted.  She started to squeeze harder, pulling the loose
skin up and down with greater vigor.  I felt lightheaded as our tongues
danced against each other.  I couldn't decide where I wanted to cum first,
in her sexy little mouth or her hot little behind, but as I imagined her
lips stretched wide around my veined organ I felt the first stirrings of
orgasm and I knew I didn't want to cum yet.  I rolled over so Renee was on
top of me and threw the covers off.  She shivered slightly as cold air blew
across her naked backside.  I put my hands gently on either side of her
round face.  "Sit up for me, sweetie.  I want to eat that cute little cunny
of yours."

   Renee let go of my cock, put her hands on my bare chest and levered
herself up to a sitting position with her legs splayed astride my abdomen.
I hooked my hands behind her knees and pulled her forward so she was
sitting on my collarbone.  I reached behind me and plumped the pillow, then
put my hands on her firm little butt and urged her forward until I was
staring directly into her tight slit.  I craned my neck so my nose just
nudged between her bald labia, then moved it gently from side to side,
stretching each lip just a bit and pushing gently on the line of her
clitoral hood.  I pulled her a little closer, cupping her buttocks to cant
her pelvis forwards until I could swipe my tongue right up her center. 
Renee breathed out, "Uhh..." as I twisted my head to the side so I could
push my tongue further into her, nudging upwards to begin teasing out her
baby clitty.  I felt it begin to swell and poke out from under its cap, a
tiny hard bead nestled in the keyhole notch at the very top of her slit.

   "Mmm, Renee, you have the tastiest cunny I ever ate," I praised her, and
it was true.  I made my tongue broad and flat and painted it back and forth
across her labia.  I pulled her knees a bit further apart which made Renee
lean forward and split her open slightly.  She was starting to leak, just a
few drops of clear, thin, delicious fluid.  Her scent and flavor were not
as as spicy as her big sister's and nowhere near as complex and pungent as
a grown woman like Moira, but the simple, sweet, light taste with just a
hint of sourness of a completely prepubescent girl-cunt was, for my money,
the best taste in the world.  I knew Renee's cunt wouldn't taste like this
forever, but for now I savored it.

   I picked up the hairbrush where it had fallen on the bed and put it in
Renee's hand.  I looked up past her chubby belly and her flat chest to meet
her excited hazel eyes.  "Can you brush your hair out for me, sweetie?  We
don't want it to get all tangled." She complied, starting to draw the brush
carefully through her well-conditioned damp hair as I resumed my oral
attack.  I moved my hands all over her, caressing every inch of her lovely
bare body.  I massaged her calves.  Her toes curled when I stroked down her
soles and I laced my fingers between the upturned pads.  I rubbed my palms
up her back, feeling how her shoulderblades moved under the skin as she
worked out a tangle.  Her eyelids fluttered closed and she gasped, starting
to hump her pelvis against my face as I fastened my lips around her
now-fully-erect clitoris and sucked gently, then trilled my tongue against
it.  I caressed her cheeks, brushing one thumb across her swollen lips and
then gently pushing it into her mouth.  She suckled it as I moved my other
hand down to stroke her tiny nipples.  Her belly heaved and hollowed below
the inverted vee of her ribcage.  All the while the room filled with the
slurping sounds of cunnilingus and the giggles and sighs that signaled my
prepubescent lover's enjoyment.

   Renee's breathing was getting deeper and faster, and her chubby thighs
began squeezing my head rhythmically.  Her eyes were closed now, her head
thrown back a bit, her mouth open.  She held the hairbrush apparently
forgotten in midair.  Her flat chest was flushed a little under her olive
skin tone.  Her belly hollowed as she breathed rapidly in little sighing
grunts.  Her cunt juice was flowing a little more heavily, though nowhere
near the volume her sister produced.  I could smell both of them in my
beard.  She was getting close.

   I reached for Moira's nightstand with one hand.  I managed to open the
top drawer while still slurping at Renee's smooth bald cunt.  My fingers
groped blindly among the oddly-shaped appliances until I came up with a
small tube of scented lubricant.  I thumbed off the cap and reached behind
Renee to squeeze some into my hand.  I thoroughly coated all my fingers.  I
used my right hand to pry her left buttock open and pressed my left pinky
against her tight anus, pushing and twisting my hand gently.  "Ooo!" she
exclaimed and pressed forward, mashing her immature cunt harder against my
lips.  I used my chin to press back, whiskers scraping over her most
sensitive skin, and slowly, gently penetrated her with the slippery finger.
"Urgh," she grunted as I began pistoning it in and out of her hot, tight
little rectum.  Renee looked down at me, chest heaving, her eyes squinted a
little bit, but her mouth was still open and she gasped as I puckered my
lips and applied suction to the tiny knob of her clitty.

   I looked up at the third-grader.  "I want to fuck your sweet ass,
Renee," I said softly.  "I want to shove my cock up your ass as far as it
will go, and I want to squirt my hot stuff into you." I abandoned the
kiddie slang for the illicit thrill of talking smut to the child.  "I've
wanted to fuck your ass all night.  Whenever I see you, you're so pretty
and sexy you make my cock hard.  I want to tear your clothes off and shove
my cock in your mouth."

   "Then why did you...uh! with Karen's cunt instead?" Renee grunted
as I replaced my pinky with my much thicker index finger.  It wasn't
exactly a mood-breaker - Mark Foley leading the "To Catch A Predator" news
team into the bedroom wouldn't have cooled my ardor at this point - but it
wasn't really a discussion I wanted to have right now.

   "You didn't want to before," I answered, trying to keep the petulance
out of my voice.  "So that's what whores are for.  You use them when your
lover is busy or isn't around or just isn't interested.  I love Karen, you
know that, and she's a hot little whore, but you're my only lover."

   "I hate her!  She peed on me!" Renee grunted, rose up on her knees
slightly, then settled back as I twisted and curled my finger inside her.

   "Who's fault was that?" I demanded, and she looked away.  "You heard her
say she had to go to the bathroom, didn't you?  And then you hurt her just
right to give her a great big orgasm.  If I were you, sweetie, I'd be mad
at myself for listening to Moira.  You shouldn't be mad at your sister. 
She couldn't help it.  She's a whore and she did what whores do."

   I turned on my side, spilling Renee off me onto the bedspread.  My
finger slid smoothly out of her ass.  I put the pillow in the middle of the
bed and, getting up on my knees, laid Renee across it on her belly.  Her
bubble butt poked up in the air invitingly.  I dug through the tangled
bedclothes until I located the tube of oil and poured a generous portion of
it onto my throbbing tool, stroking it with both hands until it glistened
in the red-tinted light.  I aimed it with my right hand, wedging the head
between the cool skin of Renee's butt-cheeks.  "Here it comes, sweetie. 
Here comes my cock, just for you." I held her still with my other hand on
her hip, and then I pushed.

   "Unnngghhah!" the third-grader groaned as her anus dilated reluctantly
as I forced the blunt end of my tool into her.  She was tight, so tight,
but this penetration was easier than before as the third-grader's sphincter
got stretched with use and she learned how to relax it.  When the hot ring
slid over the flare of my cockhead and squeezed tight behind it I grabbed
her hips with both hands and pulled her against me, driving my cock slowly
but implacably into the intense heat of her rectum.  She was so small, my
thumbs almost met at the base of her spine.  Her groan went up the scale
until it was almost a whistling yelp.  She arched her back, pushing herself
up on her arms.  Her feet came off the bed too, toes curling under as her
knees sank into the mattress.

   "Ahh!" I exclaimed as my wiry pubes crushed against the smooth pale skin
of her ass.  Her back looked incredibly sexy, the soft ridges of her
ribcage crosswise to the pale band where her tankini had covered her.  Her
hair was a wavy waterfall over her shoulders.  Her head dropped as I slowly
withdrew, then jerked back again as I drove my cock into her.  Soft muscles
shifted and tensed around her shoulders.  I had never penetrated the child
this deeply before.  My cock felt hugely swollen and it looked enormous
splitting her nine-year-old ass apart.  Her sphincter clung to me and
pulled on each outstroke, looking increasingly red and raw.  Renee
shuddered as I began thrusting faster and faster.  Her belly and her butt
cheeks jiggled with each thrust.  I grunted each time I bottomed out in
her. "Oh, I love UH!  fucking your sweet ass!" I told her.  "I wish we were
UH!  married, I'd fuck it every morning before you UH!  went off to school.
Then I'd shove my UH!  cock in your mouth for your afterschool snack, and
UH!  eat your little pussy every night for dessert!" I arched over the
child's tender body.  A string of drool dripped from my lips onto her back.

   Even while being violently sodomized, Renee was a practical child.  "I'd
rather suck your thingy in the morning," she panted.  "My butt kinda hurts
after you put it up there, and the chairs at school are hard...oww!" she
groaned as I held her tight against me, grinding my hips and twisting my
cock deep inside her bowels.  I sat up straighter, lifting her knees off
the bed.  Her arms collapsed, her shoulders taking all her weight, and I
gripped her hard around the hips and fucked her against my cock faster and
faster.  Her little feet began to wave in the air and slap against the
covers.  Her head was turned to the side and her wavy brown hair was an
unruly cloud around it but I could see her face was getting very red.  The
room filled with the sounds of my rapid, greasy penetration of the child
and my balls slapping against her hairless vulva at every stroke.  Her
grunts got louder and merged into a low moan as I pumped her nine-year-old
ass faster and faster.  "OooOOOoooOOOoooOOO!"

   "D'you want something?" I panted as I bounced us both up and down with
the force of my violent penetration.  "D'you want to feel good?" Her hands
had disappeared and I realized she had them both underneath her, rubbing at
her slippery cunny.

   "YEESS!" she squealed as I let go of her hips and fell forward, letting
my weight drive me still deeper into her.  I dug in the pocket of my
discarded shirt and came up with a popper.  I snapped it one handed and
thrust it under her nose, then grabbed her around the hips, sat back, and
resumed pumping my burning stiff cock into the child deep, hard, and fast.

   Renee pressed her face against the cloth-covered capsule and inhaled. 
Her belly expanded as she pulled the sharp-smelling vapors deep into her
lungs.  The effect was immediate.  Her eyes went wide and wild, rolling in
their sockets.  Sweat popped out on her body and a flush spread across her
shoulderblades and down her back.  Her moaning rose in volume and pitch,
climaxing in a series of short shrieks as her body trembled all over in a
violent prepubescent orgasm.  The incredible heat of her rectum seemed to
grow even hotter and her muscles clamped down on me, rippling and twisting,
making the friction unbearable.  I boiled over, growling deep in my throat
as each powerful ejaculation burned past the constricting ring of her anus
and erupted into the third-grader's tight, twisting ass.  A froth of hot
cum squished out around her distended asshole and ran down her labia. 
Renee spread the hot, slippery goo all around her crotch with both hands,
twitching in my grasp as she flicked her miniature clitoris back and forth.

   "Uh!  Uh!  Oh!  Ahhh..." I groaned as the child's clenching muscles
milked the last of my seed out of me.  I fell forward, rolling over and
bringing Renee with me so that she ended up on her back atop my stomach,
still deeply penetrated.  Her legs twitched and kicked as the amyl nitrate
coursed through her system.  Both hands dug at her cunt, spreading her
rubbery labia and everting her clitoris to her strumming fingers.  I buried
my nose in her hair, breathing deeply as my pounding heart slowed.  I
closed my eyes and held her, feeling her ass slowly relax as my cock began
to soften inside her.

   "Ooooo," Renee's breath gusted out in a big sigh as she settled against
me.  "I had a big one," she said sleepily.

   "Me, too," I replied.  My eyes drifted closed and we dozed together.

   I woke up when the overhead light flicked on.  I squinted up in the
glare and saw Moira looming over me.  I was on top of the covers, still
naked of course, as was Renee, although she had squirmed herself off my
cock and and was lying instead plastered to my side.  Her head rested on my
chest, and she was gently hunching her bare cunny against my thigh.  Her
eyes were mostly closed and she had her little fist pressed against her

   "Well, thanks for gettin' santorum all over the bedspread," Moira said

   "I'm sure it's not the first time," I replied.  Renee opened her hand
and scrubbed at her face, then raised her head and looked blearily around.
She winced as she sat up and put weight on her backside.

   "No, but usually it's my santorum, least some of it," she rejoined. 
"Anyway, the game's over and you should probably get dressed.  While you
were makin' a mess of my bed, I'm afraid we were kind of makin' a mess of

   Uh-oh.  Now that I was awake I could hear the sounds of the party had
changed.  The tv was muted and rising over the drunken buzz of male
conversation was an irregular, keening whine.  "Renee, honey, go use the
bathroom and wipe good.  I'll be right back and we'll find you something to
wear so you don't have to be naked in front of all those boys." I figured
that would keep her in here while I checked out what had happened to her
sister.  I cleaned myself off quickly in the sink then dressed and followed

   The men surrounding Karen stood back as we approached.  Her tip jar was
overflowing with cash; a small pile of bills had spilled out onto the
carpet next to the bench.  She looked pretty much OK, although the "no
penetration" rule had clearly been relaxed.  Her lipstick was smeared all
around her lips.  There was a trail of semen dripping from the corner of
her mouth, pearly white in contrast to the crusty brown track of dried
blood down the center of her chin.  There were a few globs of cum drying in
her long hair, and streaks and drips adorning her chest and belly.  Her
neck and ankles were still fastened to the bench but someone had released
her arms.  Fading red stripes at her wrists and below her elbows showed
where the zip ties had bit into the skin.  Her eyes were wide and her
expression was strained.  Looking down, I saw the reason for her distressed
moans.  An empty longneck was buried in her preteen cunt.

   Her inner lips were flared out and stretched tight around the shoulders
of the bottle.  The clear glass gave me a very interesting view of her
dilated inner passage, but the problem was immediately apparent.  She
gripped the bottle with white-knuckled hands and tugged.  Her labia
stretched away from her crotch but the bottle didn't slide out.  Karen
moaned louder, splaying her toes and spreading her thighs even wider as she
strained, but the pain was too much.  She relaxed her grip and the bottle
was sucked back into her.  Her thin arms tensed and shook as she pulled
again, but it was no use.

   "This genius," Moira said, hitting a skinny boy named Carl on the
shoulder, "wanted to copy you, but he used an empty bottle and now it's
stuck.  Jerk."

   I nodded.  Vacuum lock.
   To be continued...

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