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Subject: {ASSM} A Jog in the Park
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This story was brought to You by Trans Ladyboy. Other stories can be
found in their archive:

After a jog in the park, I retired to a park bench to catch my breath.
It wasn't my breath that was caught though. This hot blonde with big
tits run by and showed me her tits as she passed. My cock immediately
rose to the occasion. I jumped up and ran after her. As she looked
behind she yelled, catch me. Ok I thought, I can do that.

After catching up to her I pushed her into the bushes where we could
have a bit of privacy. She pulled my pants down and began sucking my
cock like there was no tomorrow. Stop for a minute, shut the fuck up
she said. I grabbed her hair and she yelled. Show me your tits would
you? Sure, she pulled up her shirt and began lifting her tit to her
mouth. She licked and sucked her tit while I stroked my cock.

Then I turned her around and stuck my cock in her very very wet ass. I
fucked her as usual and played with her tits, pinching and pulling.
After I exploded my cum into her she turned around and said, my turn.
What are you talking about I asked. This she said pulling out this
massive hard dick. Now turn around and shut up. Spread em baby and
spread em good. My cock has to have lots of room, you saw it, does it
scare you? Hell yeah, you only see that size cocks on the porno's. No
baby this is real, all me, no strap on here. Now turn around and
spread your ass, and get ready for an ass pounding that you will never

I spread my cheeks and screamed like a school girl as her cock forced
its way up my ass. Hurt like hell, but what a feeling. It felt so
good. I have never had a cock before but no wonder women. As she was
fucking me she reached around and played with my balls which sent me
in to orbit. I was creaming the same time that she was cumming up my
ass. After she was finished she pulled her pants up and jogged off.
Wait, wait can I get your number? No she yelled, I never fuck and
tell. It is the surprise and fling that I am after, not a relationship.

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