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This one was a little longer than the previous 3... and it took a
little longer to write because I have a terrible tendency not to save
my work as often as I should.

Continuing the Adventures...


	It was a typical dog day of summer, the temperature was hovering
around 90, the humidity was 100%, and I had been wearing a helmet and
shoulder pads for the past hour and a half.   We had just finished
some conditioning drills and coach had sent us to get some water.

	As we were crowded around the water taps drinking our fill and
cooling off Ben Shockley loudly said so that everybody could hear it,
"Hey Mike, what the fuck are doing hanging out with a lesbo."   Ben
was a loudmouth asshole, a fellow freshman, and he had decided for
some reason at the beginning of the summer practice that he was in
competition with me for something.   For what or why I was completely
unaware of, but he constantly tried to outdo me, when ever I said
something he found a dumb reason to chime in, and most annoyingly he
made a big deal about it when ever he was able to do something better
than I did.

	I shot back at him, "what the hell are you talking about now?"

	"My sister saw that girl you've been hanging out with, Summer, with a
girl who is a known lesbian at Hollins."   He chided with a smug look
on his face.   This was entirely likely as Summer's most recent female
lover was a girl who went to Hollins College, and Ben's sister went to
the same college.

	"So?   I fail to see where you are going with this."   At this point
most of the team now was attentively listening to our exchange.

	"So it means the chick you are trying to get in the pants of, is a
carpet-muncher," he accused.   "And you are never going to get
anything off her."

	I grinned a bit, considering what happened Friday night, "Who says I
am trying to get in her pants.   Maybe I am just getting some tips on
how to eat pussy from an expert."   This caused a few people to

	Ben, not liking the fact that I had turned around his verbal jabs
into a joke shot back, "Whatever, you're just bullshitting."

	"I don't know, why don't you ask Stephanie if she thinks I've gotten
better."   This caused a sudden silence to spread across the group
that was listening to us, as I realized that I may have stepped over
an unmarked line.   Stephanie was Ben's girlfriend, and Ben was
notoriously jealous and protective.   And if I had paid closer
attention to the rumor mill I would have known that she was hooking up
with a slimy twit named Roland on the side... and I would have avoided
the subject like it was radioactive.

	Ben was on me before I knew it, he threw a punch at my head which I
barely rolled away from.   I brought my elbow around low as I rolled
and caught him in the solar plexus.   Ben quickly wrapped me up around
my shoulder and head; so I grabbed the arm near my neck, stepped back
into Ben and rolled him fully over my shoulder.   Ben hit the ground
with an audible thump and our fellow players were grabbing me and Ben
to keep us from each other.

	Coach bellowed, "Shockley run the hill, Bose laps around the field,
don't stop till I tell you... every body else to the 50."   And for the
next 30 minutes Ben and I ran... not the most effective punishment,
except that when Coach finally had us stop running, fighting was the
last thing from my mind.

	Coach marched us into his tiny office, sat down behind his desk and
made a single word command, "Talk!"

	I had already decided that I would take the heat for this, and before
Ben could interject I looked up and said, "Sorry Coach, it was my
fault.   Ben said something I didn't like and I responded with
something really crass.   He had every right to take a swing at me, it
won't happen again."

	Coach silently looked at us for a minute then said, "Shockley hit the
showers, and close the door behind you."   Ben obediently and hastily
left the room.   Coach stayed there behind his desk looking at me like
he was trying to discern something.   "OK, Listen up if you want to
talk shit you save it for the other team, not your team mates!   I
don't need your smart mouth ruining morale, am I understood?"

	I nodded, "Yes sir."

	Coach continued, "I know Shockley can be an asshole, hell his older
brother was a royal pain in the behind... but you are going to let it
go, and you are not going to antagonize him, am I understood?"

	I nodded, "Yes sir."

	"Good.   And another thing, if I catch you pulling that Kung Fu
bullshit again your ass and that bench are going to become best
friends.   Am I understood?"

	I considered for a moment telling him that it was not Kung Fu, but
Jujitsu... but thought my "smart mouth" had gotten me into enough
trouble for one day.   "Yes, Sir."

	"Good.   Now hit the showers."


       As I was leaving the gym and wandering out into the parking lot
I was surprised to find Summer out there with her car talking to my
friends Stan and Marty, two guys who were also on the team.   I
usually got rides to and from practice from Stan.   As I approached,
Summer waved at me, Stan and Marty started heading over to Stan's
car.   Stan waved over his shoulder to me, "See ya in the morning
Bose, try not to pick any fights on the way home."   He and Marty
laughed at their lame jab as they got into Stan's Mazda.

       Summer was smiling at me as I approached, "Stan said I could
drive you home today, as long as you aren't too tired for practice
tomorrow morning."   I rolled my eyes.   "Get in and tell me of your
devious plans to get me hooked up with your little neighborhood

       I laughed as I got into the car.   Summer got in on the
driver's side and said to me a little coolly, "I heard you got into a
fight today defending my honor."

       I was not sure where she had heard about it, but decided to
play it off, "Nah... not really."

       Summer hauled off and punched me in the arm and repeated
emphasizing each word so that I might get the hint, "I heard you got
into a fight today defending my honor."

       Taking the cue I hammed a response, "Oh yes my dear lady's
reputation was besmirched by a foul brigand so I smote him mightily
upon the head."   This caused Summer to erupt in peals of giggles.   I
sighed a little exasperated, "I thought you didn't like me fighting."

       Summer calmed down, "I didn't, because you always kept getting
beat up.   Now you are bigger and stronger and may smite any foul
brigand who speaks ill of me."   She dissolved into laughter as she
started the car.   She was right though, when the two of us were
living in the same general neighborhood, I was much smaller, and
tended to get the shit kicked out of me by bullies on a weekly
basis.   My parents decided for me that I should learn Jujitsu, and I
took that for about a year just learning to defend myself.   Oddly
enough though that same year I hit my pubescent growth spurt and
sprouted a full foot in height, and gained over fifty pounds in muscle
mass.   Over a single year I went from the smallest kid in school to
one of the biggest.   And after I wrenched a bully's shoulder out of
its socket "defending" myself, my parents thought it best that I go to
a new school.   This was partially because North Cross was a better
school, and partly because my parents did not want to have to pay the
hospital bills of any other bullies.


	When Summer and I got to my house, I told her to park on the drive
way instead of in the street.   The house was situated so that the
garage was in the basement of the house.   This caused the drive way
to curve and slant sharply down from the street in such a way that a
major portion of the driveway was hidden from the street by a
retaining wall.   Summer wanted to meet Andrea, and I didn't think
Andrea would show if she thought I had guests, especially if I had
female guests.

	Summer was giddy with anticipation as we headed in.   I told her to
hang out in the house for a little while as I stripped my clothes
off.   I let the dog, Prince, out in the back yard.   He immediately
started barking at everything in an attempt to show the world that he
was boss.   I uncovered the Jacuzzi and set about relaxing my muscles
in its luxuriant bubbly warmth.   At this point I was kind of sorry
that I had left Summer inside, I could have really used a neck

	It did not take long before I heard Andrea's voice, but she wasn't
calling out to me, "Hey Princey, is Mike home?"   Prince didn't bark
in response, I looked over at him and saw that he was lounging in his
favorite spot of grass with his tail wagging vigorously.   I would
have to ask her one day how she did that, the dog barely listened to a
word I said.

	I heard Andrea open the gate to the back yard, then close it.   I
twisted myself around to see Andrea beaming at me.   She was wearing a
tiny little bikini top and a pair of cut off jeans, her dark hair was
flowing from two pony tails and cascading over her shoulders.   "Hi
Mike," as she came closer I could tell through her tanned skin that
she was blushing, "How you doing?"

	"Hey Andrea, I'm good, maybe a little sore from practice, but good.
How are you?"   I answered.

	"I'm good."   She was acting coy for some reason, looking down as she
talked and chewing on her lip.

	"What's up?   You look like you want to ask me something," I said
trying to pry.

	"Well... uhm, you remember what we did Saturday?"

	I decided to be a bit mean and acted like I couldn't remember, "You
mean watching TV."

	She looked at me with an exasperated look, "Nooooo!"

	"When we ate lunch?"


	I was very quickly running out innocent things that we did on
Saturday, so I responded with a grin, "You are going to need to remind
me Andrea."

	She looked mortified as she whispered, "When we had sex silly."

	I gave my best look of shocked discovery, "Oh Yeah!   Now I

	She was sitting on the edge of Jacuzzi now and smacked me lightly in
the head, "You better not have forgotten already."

	I leaned over to her knee and kissed it lightly, "No my dear, I would
never forget about that." I kissed her knee again.   "But I may need
occasional refreshers."   And I kissed her knee a third time, "to make
sure my memory doesn't lapse."   And on the last kiss I brushed my
tongue lightly on her hot skin.

	"Yeah," she looked a little crestfallen and whispered, "I'm a little
sore.   I really want to feel you again... but it is going to have to

	I smiled up at her, "I understand."   I moved to the other side of
the Jacuzzi and splashed a little of the rolling water at her.   "So
are you going to sit there, or are you going to get in the water?"

	In a flash Andrea was naked and in the water, and a moment after that
she was pressed up against my equally naked body kissing me with a
desperate passion.   My cock was quickly hardening as she rubbed her
body against me, and her tongue aggressively attacked my own.   I
moved up a hand and began tweaking one of her nipples to hardness as
she continued her attack.

       After a few minutes of that I noticed a motion over Andrea's
shoulder.   It was Summer, she was wearing one of my old bathrobes,
and was quietly walking towards the Jacuzzi.   Andrea noticed a change
in my response and broke the kiss to look at me quizzically, and then
she turned her head around to see Summer not more than ten feet away
from us.  Andrea squeaked in terror, pulled away from me and sunk down
into the Jacuzzi up to her neck.

       Summer smiled as reassuring of a smile as she could muster and
attempted to calm Andrea, "Oh no, dear, don't stop on my account.   I
didn't mean to interrupt you all.   You must be Andrea, Mike has said
such glowing things about you that I just had to meet you."   She
looked over at me and said, "She is even more beautiful than you
described, Mike.   She's an angel."   Andrea was blushing furiously at
the compliments and the awkward situation.   "You are not going to
mind if I join you are you?   For just a little while."

       I looked over at Andrea, and told her, "Its up to you."

       Andrea just sat there and stared at Summer, her expression told
me that she was completely disarmed by the uncomfortable circumstances
and attractive older girl heaping praise on her as she slightly nodded
and said, "OK"

       Summer smiled and opened the bathrobe, letting it fall from her
shoulders, revealing her gloriously naked body.   Where Andrea was a
model of under developed womanhood, Summer was a picture of feminine
perfection.   Her ample breasts hung from her with the firmness of
youth, her nipples were mounted on quarter sized pale pink areola, and
her abdomen tapered slightly amplifying the flare of her hips which
framed the dark tangle of pubic hair that hid her most sacred of
treasures.   She gracefully glided into the churning water as both
Andrea and I stared agape at her display.

	When she had seated herself she looked at me expectantly, "Well...
Mike.   Are you just going to sit and stare or are you going to
introduce me to this lovely young lady?"

	This shook me from my catatonia, and I recalled for a second that the
plan I had formulated was nothing similar to what was going on.   It
was much more sedate, slower, one might even say sane.   But I should
have known that something like this might happen, Summer had a chaotic
nature about her that no preparation no matter how cunning and
intelligent could survive upon contact with her.   "Summer, this is
Andrea.   Andrea, this is Summer... she used to live a couple of streets
down the way."

	Summer put out her hand for Andrea to shake.   Andrea slowly extended
her own and said in a week voice full of fear and drained of
confidence, "Are you trying to take Mike away from me?"

	Summer took her hand in both of her own and smiled at her
compassionately, "Oh God, no dear.   I am not here to seduce him."

	"You're not?"   Andrea's voice seemed to gain a little more

	"No, Mike and I are friends."   She said softly, with an emphasis on
the word 'friends' that made it seem less threatening.   "I am sorry
if I scared you dear,"   Summer let one hand go of Andrea's hand and
moved to the center of the Jacuzzi gently pulling Andrea to the center
with her inviting her into a hug.   Andrea still acting
uncharacteristically submissive moved to the center of the tub with
Summer and hugged her.   The sight of the two naked women holding each
other in the middle of the tub caused my cock to throb in spite of
Summer's intent of soothing Andrea's nerves.   As Summer held Andrea
to her ample bosom she kept softly whispering, "Its OK, I'm sorry."
Then she leaned into Andrea's ear and said something that I could not
make out.

	What ever it was it caused Andrea to break the embrace and move back
a bit, not in a way like she was trying to get away from Summer
(because there wasn't much place to go in the small tub.   Andrea said
in a surprised way like one might expect from a girl finding a litter
of kittens, "You're a Lesbian?"

	Summer put a finger to her mouth and shh'ed Andrea, "no, not
specifically, I don't think.   I still like boys, but I like girls

	"That's so cool," Andrea extolled, "What's it like?"

	Summer looked a little surprised by the response.   I was busy having
fantasies of what I would do with two women at once... and possibly
because of a lack of imagination couldn't come up with much of
anything original.   Summer thought for a moment, "Well, you have
practiced kissing with girls at slumber parties and things like that

	Andrea's face darkened and she went silent as I realized Summer had
accidentally crossed over into an unpleasant reality of Andrea's
mostly friendless life.   Andrea looked down and sullenly shook her
head no, "I've never been to any slumber parties since me and my
parents moved here."

	Summer looked at me for help and I said simply, "You remember Dana
and Amy?"

	Summer nodded, an icy cast hid her smile as she coolly stated, "Oh...
them."   Summer had had own run in with the acidic Hope sisters who
lived down the street when she lived near here a few years ago.   They
had really made Summer upset a few times on the bus home from school
when she was just starting to sprout breasts.   They teased her,
called her fat, a cow, even referred to her early budding breasts as
udders.   This was probably because the less gifted sisters were
terribly jealous of Summer's early endowment that they lacked.
Summer finally had enough of it and one day slammed the younger of the
sisters into a locker and kicked her a few times as she was on the
ground crying.   Summer got suspended for a week and made a point of
waiting at the bus stop that the Hope sisters shared with me and the
rest of the kids on the street.   That was when Summer and I first met
and really got to know each other.

	Summer reached for Andrea and pulled her to her, "We will just have
to fix that now won't we."   She looked at me and made a twirling and
pointing motion instructing me to turn around and look out at the
forest behind the house.   I resisted causing Summer's motions to
become more animated, finally I relented and turned my back on the two

	I heard a slightly nervous sounding Andrea say, "Wh...what are you
going to do?"

	"Answer your question," and I heard after that the soft wet sounds of
lips against lips... I looked down at my cock which was still rock hard
and receiving very little attention and recalled that this was nothing
like what I had been planning.   I decided to rub my cock slowly as I
listened to the tantalizing sounds of the two girls behind me kissing,
fondling, and who know what else behind me.

	After a few minutes I heard Summer whisper, "Its like that, but all
over."   This was followed by a yelp form Andrea and a splash, "But
most especially right there" Summer laughed.   Andrea joined her
laughter as Summer said, "OK Mike, you can turn back around."

	I slowly turned around to find Summer sporting a cat that ate the
canary grin.   Andrea was sitting, slumped down in the water, with a
dreamy look on her face, still blushing brightly through her tan
skin.   As I settled myself to sit back down Summer said in a
mockingly, "Aww is little Mikey feeling a little lonely?"   Standing
in the water like I was, half of my hard cock was above the water
line, being bobbed back and forth by the motion of the water.

	Andrea looked over at my cock and made a frustrated whining noise as
I sat down, "What's the matter?   We can have him stand back up and
show it off for us again.   Maybe he can get it to do some tricks."
I somehow had been demoted to slab of meat with dick in the time that
I was staring out at the woods listening to two of my lovers suck

	Andrea laughed, "Its not that... it's frustrating that I am still
sore.   I soooo want Mike to put it in me again.   It's like I have
discovered this itch and now I want it scratched all the time."

	Summer asked, "Oh did you lose the Big V recently," knowing full well
what had happened over the weekend.

	Andrea chewed on her lower lip and said shyly said, "Yeah..."

	"How was it?" Summer pried.

	Andrea was hesitant at first.   She looked at Summer then at me in
thought, then moved over to sit beside me and leaned into me.   I put
an arm around her as she decided to tell her story to her new found
friend, "Oh God, I felt like I was floating.   He was using his mouth
on me... down there.   Like I have given myself orgasms a few times
before... but these were... Every time I was coming down from one he would
start pushing me towards another.   And then he started kissing me and
I was a scared just before, but then he pushed in and there was this
moment of horrible pain... but it was quickly replaced by such wonderful
pleasure.   And I was there floating and I could feel him moving in me
and."   Andrea sighed and snuggled up against me, "But I was sore the
next day and I still am."

	Summer moved over beside Andrea and stroked her hair gently, "Yeah,
you probably will be sore for a few more days."   Andrea pouted at
this.   Summer moved in a little closer and whispered, "There are
other things you can do while you wait for the soreness to pass."
Andrea perked up at this obviously interested.   "Come on, lets go
inside where we will have more room."

	The two girls got out of the tub and toweled each other off while
giggling.   I hastily turned off the Jacuzzi and covered it, then led
the girls to my room as I sloppily toweled myself off.
	When we got to my room I checked the time, still two more hours
before my parents were expected home.   Summer directed me to sit on
the bed, and grabbed the pillows off the bed to place them on the
floor at my feet.   She got on her knees at my feet and directed
Andrea to join her she then asked Andrea, "Do you mind if I touch

	Andrea hesitated for a moment and said, "I guess not."

	Summer reached out and grasped my hard cock in her hand and started
rubbing the skin up and down.   It felt nice, but I knew that this was
just an appetizer for what Summer had in mind.   She stated to Andrea
who was watching my cock intently, "I am going to show you something
that every guy loves, and with a little bit of practice you can make
any man putty in your hands."   And with that she leaned down and
engulfed the head of my cock in her warm wet mouth.

	Andrea interjected, "I kissed him there on Saturday and it made him
shoot right away."

	Summer disengaged herself and said, "True, but the trick is to keep
him just at the edge where he is just about to shoot.   They will beg
you to make them cum, and when you finally do make them shoot, well
they go nuts."

	Summer then gave Andrea some instructions on how to engulf my the hed
of my cock with her mouth, and lathe the head with her tongue.   Andre
dutifully did as she was instructed, and though her skill was not
quite the practiced art that Summer was... her eagerness made up for it.

	Summer then instructed Andrea to use her hand to skim the skin on
shaft up and down.   Andrea's hands were a little too small to fit all
the way around the shaft of my cock so Summer had her use both hands,
which ended up being a little clumsy.   Finally sensing that Andrea
was becoming a little frustrated Summer showed her how to handle my
balls, just gently tickling the skin as her hot wet mouth worked its
magic on the head of my cock.

	After a few minutes I was starting to feel that familiar tingle in
the back of my balls.   I think Summer sensed this and disengaged
Andrea from my cock and started lecturing her on some of the finer
points of sensing when a guy was about to cum, and things to do calm
him down.   Such as talking to another girl and completely ignoring
the boys cock... anyhow they talked for a few minutes as that tingle
slowly faded.

	Summer then moved into position and started sinking her mouth down on
my cock, squeezing about three quarters of into her mouth and
throat.   The feel of the head of my cock pushing against the back of
her mouth was heavenly.   After staying in that position for a few
moments, Summer came back up, bobbed up and down on my cock a couple
of times and then told Andrea to try it.

	Andrea placed her mouth on the head of my cock and then started
sinking down on my cock excruciatingly slowly.   She got almost half
way down when her gag reflex kicked in and my cock quickly exited my
mouth in a fit of couching.   Andrea's eyes were tearing a bit as
Summer held her and comforted her, that she had done well and that it
took practice.

	After a minute to rest Andrea went back to sinking just about half
way down on my cock and bobbing up and down on my cock to that
depth.   She snuck a hand down and began playing with my balls again
as she sucked and fucked her mouth on my cock.   I was starting to get
that tingling in my balls when she disengaged again and announced
triumphantly, "I think he came".

	Andrea looked at my leaking cock and informed her that it was just
pre-cum that was leaking out of my cock, but it meant that I was very
close.   Summer leaned down and licked the head of my cock to get a
taste of her own commenting, "yeah he is really close.   Maybe we
should just let it sit for a moment before we continue."   Summer
winked up at my pained expression... the two minxes had been using my
cock as a learning tool for the past forty-five minutes.

	Summer looked over at Andrea and asked her, "Or are you ready to make
him cum?"

	Andrea evilly said, "I don't hear him begging yet."

	"Oh Goddammit, please, please, do it or I will do it myself," I
reached down to stroke myself the rest of the way to have my hands
slapped away by Summer.

	Summer said in a mock tone, "Now, now Mike, this is for Andrea's
benefit so that she can learn how to give a good blow job."   Andrea
laughed a bit.   "Oh well, I think it might be about time to release
everything we have built up.   Now the only question is where we
should have him cum.   I personally like having a boy cum on my tits
so I can rub it in... but some girls like it in their mouth and they
either swallow it or spit it out, or they just let them spend on a
towel or a handkerchief.   So what do you want to try?"

	Andrea shyly said, "I want to have him do it in my mouth, so I can
see what that is like."

	Summer guided Andrea in fucking her mouth with my cock.   The heat
and friction of her tongue on the underside of dick quickly conquered
me and I was wracked by an explosive orgasm.   I looked down at her
angelic face as she took my semen in her mouth, a lot of it started
leaking out the corners of her mouth, down her chin and onto her
chest.   When it was done Andrea swallowed what she had captured of
me, but what she had missed had made a mess.

	Summer leaned in and started kissing the cum she had missed, licking
it off Andrea's tan skin.   I was overwhelmed and fell back onto the
bed... I think I slept for a few minutes, because the next thing I knew
Andrea was laid out across my bed beside me making small whining
noises, and Summer's straight blond hair was splayed out over her
crotch.   I leaned over and engulfed Andrea in a soul searching kiss
as Summer slowly brought her to crashing orgasm.


	Andrea and Summer managed to clean themselves up and leave only
minutes before my Mother got home from work.   Later that night Summer
called me.

	"Oh my God Mike," she exclaimed into the phone.   "That was so
fucking hot.   I am getting wet again just thinking about it.   We
have got to do this again when we are not so pressed for time."

	"I don't know Summer.   It might be kind of tough, her parents keep
her on a pretty short leash, I mean she is just thirteen."

	"What's her phone number?"

	"Why do you want that?"

	Summer repeated, "What's her phone number?"

	"First you have to tell me why you want it."

	"Because you lack imagination."

	I thought about that for a moment, not sure if I should feel insulted
or to simply let it go and give her the number.   Against my better
judgment I gave her the number.   When we hung up the phone I wondered
if I had just set in motion something that I no longer could control...
hell I was not even sure if I had ever had control of what was


I have one more chapter to write on this series.   Then I will move on
to another period.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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