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Subject: {ASSM} The wedding part 4 {snuff, BDSM,nc,oral,WSA2000}
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Dianna Nicolea, identical twin sister of the bride Karla is standing
with her arms attached to some attachment points above a Jessica 3000
mobile version.  She has already been flogged, for a total of 60
strokes or so.

Karla, the bride to be, enters the ballroom where the spitting will
take place.  She and Wilfred Hitchcock, the best man confer, looking
over the 8 slaves, all former friends or co-workers of Karla.

She selects Brittany McKee, a 5' 3" redhead, with "generous C" tits.
Brittany is the classic slightly plump, very pale skinned Irish/
Scottish girl you would expect with that name. Karla then selects
Stephanie Frost, a 5' 8" tall slim blond, who looks like your basic
small tit model.  Not quite up to supermodel status, but still looks
like a model.  She looks like she is in shock.

Karla states:  "I want these two tortured with Dianna."

This puts me in a bit of a bind, as I only have 1 Jessica 3000 with
me.  I call the shop and they only thing they can do is send Sarra, my
current work slave, out in the other truck, bringing two more Jessica
3000. Sarra is wearing a snuff collar, that will remove her head
explosively if she is either late getting to the hall, or if she
strays from the designated path.  Of course, I could also trigger it
just to watch her head come off.  That might be fun.

Sarra arrives, and is a bit slow in getting the 2 machines into the
hall.  At least the brake system trick isn't turned on for her.   I
might start doing that for her.  Give me a reason to flog her ass.
Time for some motivational talk "Move it slave or you ride one of
those tonight.".  This doesn't seem to have any effect.  Odd.
"I said fucking move it.  What is your problem!"

Sarra finish moving the two Jessica 3000 machines in place.

As soon as Sarra finishes setting up the first machine, I grab
Brittany and cuff her to the upper wrist holders.  She is stretched
almost off the ground. I then secure Stephanie to the other one.
"Well, slave, what do we do first?  We have 3 sluts in an over head
Y.  What shall we do?"

Sarra looks up at me "spit the first two"

"I should spit you!  Didn't you read "Torture expected!""


"Come up something to do this little redhead or I will do you!"

"hang them and spit at the same time?"

"I know why I selected you, because you can suck a damn good cock, but
damn it, come up with something non lethal or YOU get to be the prime
rib tonight and I take one of them back with me to be my helper..."

Brittany says "I'll help you!  Please, don't hurt me!"
Sarra looks up and says "sixty lashes"

"On which one?"
I pick up the whip. "Where? Tits, ass or cunt?"

"tit's belly and cunt"

After ten or so lashes she is screaming in pain, tears running down
her face.
I stop for a moment. Turn to Karla "Want me to do more?"
"yes whip her pussy."

I stand in front of Brittany, while she weeps.

I toss a strong "up shot" up into her cunt.  She screams..... "You
want more?"

Karla answers "Ten strokes of the whip"

"Count them bitch" I snarl at Brittany

I through a strong shot right into her pussy *CRACK*
If you don't count, it doesn't count....
I toss another.  *CRACK*

three so far

No, bitch, it's zero.  You are supposed to call them out as I do
them.   No wonder they are snuffing you, you are a dumb as a post.



That's better...  I toss a shot hitting her right on the clit.



Brittany screams out in pain

*CRACK* A strong shot, going right up the slot, so to speak, ending
with the tip hitting her clit again


*Crack* A sideways shot that raps around and almost enters her ass

Brittany is screaming and coughing


*CRACK* One just like the last but from the other side...
She is crying out in pain

*CRACK* the shot hits the navel, then travels down, almost hitting the

Brittany is turning red in the face from the screaming

*CRACK**CRACK* A pair of fast shots landing on each side of her
bleeding pussy.


I smile, noticing that she counted those two as one shot.  Dumb cunt.

She is still yelling and screaming.

*CRACK* Right up the middle
Brittany is trying to jump and screaming her lungs out.

*CRACK*  Very hard hit directly on the clit
She slumps over, almost passing out, sobbing.

"Want the same on the other girls?" I ask Karla.
Oh, yes..  She looks very turned on by this.

Stephanie seems to be a little more on the ball than Brittney, as she
counts out as each blow lands.  Given her size and shape it is a
little harder to land some shots on her.  I land the 10 lashes in
fairly quick order.

I move to Dianna. "I know you have already had 60 or so lashes.  Where
do   you want these?"
"on my feet", she whipers.

"On your feet?  OK.  Sarra, hold up the cunts feet while I lash them."

Sarra picks up her feet and holding them up in the air for me to
lash.  I get evil idea.

I step back and toss a shot.  I have "missed judged" just a hair, and
the tip of the whip misses Dianna's feet, but instead hits Sarra in
her tits.

Dianna calls out ONE

Sarra goes "hey that was a good hit"

"Oh it was?"   I toss another, not even really trying to hit Dianna's
foot with the main part of the blow.  It instead lands across Sarra's
back side

Dianna calls out TWO
"Shut up cunt." I say to Dianna.

Sarra looks over at me "hey you playing with me? I like that whip"

You do?  I turn and fire a shot not even close to Dianna.  It lands on
Sarra's back, leaving a bloody mark.

"whew that i felt and it does sting" Sarra says.

"Was that three?" Dianna asks.

I land 2 more on Sarra, before Karla makes a noise.  "I'm not paying
you to whip that cunt.  You need to get back on my sister, and stop
hitting her feet.  I want her to bleed.

OK, where now bitch?

Karla looks at me a bit harshly, but hey, if some one who wants her
twin sister tortured as part of her wedding isn't a bitch, who is?
Plus, well, let's just say I give her about a 10 percent chance of
living out the year.  She obvsioly belongs to the social circle that
things women should be enslaved, and she is smoking hot.  That's a
recipe for enslavement, torture and death.

"How about on her tits?"  I say as I land a shot on her left tit.

"On the back of her leg's"

"Ah, That's no fun."  I hit her other tit.

"Well, OK, as long as they bleed, go ahead on her tit's"

OK, Dianna, start counting them out...  I toss a strong shot that hits
right on the right nipple.   A small track of blood starts to form.

"one", followed by a whimper.

"Oh, very good.  You didn't count the other ones."  I hit the left


My next shot lands across the top of her size C breasts, leaving a
mark over both.


The next shot is more of an under hand shot not really hitting the
breasts, but the rib cage just below.


I look at Karla  "Want to count that one? I missed."

"Yes, you left a bloody mark."

"What ever."   The next shot is a downward slash, going right into her

"five" she managed to get out over the screaming.

I fire a fast shot to the left nipple splitting it

"six", but it was sort of hard to understand, given that she is
yelling her head off.

I pull back and fire a shot at the right, splitting it like the left.

"seven!" she screams.

I turn to Karla, "That's going to make the injecting the breast bit a
little hard.  Want me to keep going?"
"Yes"  I swear she looked like she was about to cum.

"You are the boss", at least for now, I think to myself...

I toss a hard shot across the top of both breasts

eight!  Dianna is screaming and crying.

I pull back, and toss a shot as hard as I can at the left nipple.  It
being already split, it is torn off the twin sister's body.

nine! much screaming and yelling

I take one more step back, flip the wrist a little, then throw the
hardest shot of the night. it comes straight down on her abused right
nipple,cutting it off, like the whip was a knife blade.

Dianna slumps over, crying.

Wilfred starts clapping  "Bravo.  Bravo.  Come, Karla, we must get you
ready.  Please give them some other types of pain for an hour or so,
then spit them all but Dianna.  Do her as you were instructed."

After Wilfred and Karla leave, I release Britteny from the Y rack she
was attached to, then strap her into the Jessica 3000.  She whimpers
slightly as I insert the spit into her cunt.  Tears start to flow as I
move the anal stabilizer  into place.

I attach a set of electrodes to her back, then push the test button to
see if  they work.  She jerks and screams in pain.

I secure Stephanie the same way, also attaching the electrodes to
her.  She seems out of it, like she was in shock or sub space.  She
jerks when I test, but only lets out a small grunt.

Dianna goes on last.  She is crying and totally out of it.  I don't
even think she noticed when the spit went up her cunt, and I know she
didn't notice the anal prob.  When I attached the electrodes to her
and tested them, she screamed like a banshee.  She must be the type
that doesn't do well with being shocked.  To bad for her.

"Ok, we are going to play a game Sarra."  I hold up a box with a
button on it.  "every time I push this button, one of the three spit
muffins will get a shock.  You have to guess which on gets it.
Dianna, Stephanie, or Brittany.  If you guess wrong, I'll give you a
lash later. If you are right, I remove one. Understand?

"ok, sound like fun"

Ok, who is your first guess?


Dianna jerks and screams.

Oh, that good for you.  That means you are at negative one.  Next?


Dianna again jerks and screams.  She really doesn't like being
shocked.  Note to self, shock the bitch as part of the next phase...

"Oh, not so good.  Back to zero.  But only 8 max now.  But they are
going to be on your tits."


Brittany jerks and screams.


"That means you get one on the tits".  Brittany keeps screaming, even
after the shock is over.    "Would you shut her up?"

I push the button.  Stephanie screams.  "Good guess."

Sarra installs a ball gag in Brittany's mouth.

"Good call.  Next?"
Dianna also screams like a banshee
"Let me think about this.  You have missed two, got 4 right.  I think
that put you at negative one. Next?"

Stephanie jerks and moans
"That's negative two, with only 3 more to go.  The most you can take
is a single lash.  Lucky slave. Next?"


Brittany jerks and blood comes out of the ball gag.

"Well, Looks like you are home safe now.  Want to do the last two for
fun?  Ours, not them of course."

"Ah, so you do want to go on.... And Dianna it is!"  Her screams are
ear piercingly loud.

"Who gets the last one?"

I push the button.  Dianna jerks and screams for a long time.
"Oh,yeah the last one last a bit longer.  Sucks to be her. Well, that
was fun, want to do some thing else to them?"

Sarra looks at me. "I not sure there almost dead..."

"Ah, not really.  Just a couple of high voltage, low amperage shocks
and 10 lashes.  That's nothing.  Thrust me. Of course, you are right,
they are strapped to a a Jessica 3000, that does make them almost
dead, but not like you meant"

"do you have a skin peeler?" Sarra asks

"Why, yes, I do.  Who are you going to peel?" I ask as I hand here the
tool, which looks a lot like an over sized potato peeler.

"I will do Brittany's ass and breasts"

"Ok then, start on her."

Sarra walks over to Brittany on the Jessica,  she lean over with
herass exposed for me and begin to peel the skin off of Brittany's ass
Brittany screams.

"That's nice.  I love hearing a woman scream into a ball gag. Do some
more, please..."
"her screams are a little muffled..."

"Why yes, it would be.  Please, do more to this fine young woman."

Sarra keeps peeling Brittany's skin off her left ass cheek as Brittany
wiggles and cries out of her gag.

I start to stoke my self watching Sarra.  "Go on...."

She finishes the left ass cheek then starts on her right ass cheek, as
Brittany is spitting out blood.  She must have bitten her tounge.

I get harder and stoke faster. "Oh, yes, please..." I knew I didn't
snuff you for a reason.

Sarra goes "wow this work's good no more skin on her ass, now for her

"What are you doing with the skin?"
"I think I'll stick it on my ass"

Oh,yeah... this one is a keeper.

Sarra pouts a bit "it wont stay but it feels all warm and
back to her breast"

Sarra starts skinning her Brittany's breast as Brittany screams and
jerks as much as she can.

I pick some of the skin up off the floor.  I nibble on a little of it
"Want some"
"yes please"

I push a good sized piece into Sarra's mouth.

as I pull my finger out of her mouth she sucks on my finger.

"When we do her, do you want me in your mouth or in your ass? Because
I am going to fuck you as she dies..."

"either as it is up to you."

"I'm letting you make a choice. you don't get to make many..."

"My mouth so i can suck and lick you clean after"

"That is what we will do then.  Carry on. She's got a bit to go

The other slave, the ones chained to the wall, that will be snuffed
later are looking on in horror, knowing that this diabolical pair will
be turning them soon.

"ok" Sarra says, turning back to Brittany, chewing on her skin, as she
peel the redheads left breast skin off

I moan as I watch her work.

As Brittany yells and screams out of the ball gag Sarra tugs the last
part of her tit skin off.

She starts skinning Brittany's right breast and Brittany's body is
twitching and shaking as Sarra pulls the last of her tit skin off.

"Ah, yes....."

"all done"

"OK, do I push the red or the black button for her?" I ask as I push
Sarra to her knees in front of me.

Sarra slaps the breast skin on her breast

"Are you sure?  That cuts her throat first."

She thinks for a second. "ok black" as she unzip your pants and pulls
out my dick.

My finger moves from the red button to the black.  A push it, the ram
my cock down her throat.

The machine begins to move the spit through the hapless co-ed, who's
only crime was to be the friend of a bride.
I thrust faster and faster and faster into the slave, who I can kill
at any time, for my pleasure, mouth.

She is sucking hard and licking the side of my dick as it comes out of
her throat.

She starts to gag a little as I stay longer and longer in the throat.
I bend over and whisper "Is this the time I kill you?"

She grabs my ass and swallows my dick deeper.

The spit erupts from Britteny's mouth.  I start to cum.  I hold
Sarra's head down as I pump cum deep into her throat.

As I pull out the gutting system on the Jessica kicks in, ripping the
young redhead's vital organs from her body.  She gives a last twitch
and dies.

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