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Subject: {ASSM} The Husseins (pedo,g,b,F,M) Chapter 10
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Warning:This is an adult story based on erotic fantasies involving
children, if you do not like this do then dot read any further.

These stories maybe considered offensive by Muslims, you are free to
read or not to read, if you still believe these stories should be
censored, the author believes you can fuck off.

No copyright held, free to copy and distribute as long as the same
rights are granted to others.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party (


	(g,M,pedo) Tasneem marries: Tasneem is given to Muta marriage

  			    Koran 55:56-57
  In them will be bashful virgins neither man nor Jinn will have touched
  before. Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny ?

	"Muta Marriage" is a short term contractual relationship, lasting hours 
or a few days, where the man gives something of value to a woman and 
they marry and engage in sex for an agreed length of time. Once the 
contractual time expires the marriage is over and they go their own ways.

	Tasneem is already 12yo and her parents have decided that is about time 
she tried marriage so they have arranged a Muta marriage with her uncle 
Ragaad, a 39yo man, after the celebrations are over Tasneem and her 
uncle are left alone in Ragaad's Bradford council flat.

	"Ok sweetie, we have two days all for us, I am now your husband and I 
will teach you what a wife must do"

	"Yes uncle" says Tasneem who is still wearing her niqab on

	"Don't call me uncle anymore and start by taking off that filthy veil 
then come to me and kneel", and Tasneem uncovers her sweet face.

	"Do you have pussy hair already sweetheart?"

	"Only some little since last year my master"

	"Let your husband see", and Tasneem lifts up her dress above her waist 
showing off a close up view of a 12yo cunt, he fixes his eyes on the 
prepubescent pussy.

	"Take the dress all the way up little whore", and Tasneem does as told 
letting her new husband contemplate her brown 12yo naked body

	"As a I thought peach sized tits only, mmm..." Ragaad massage the girls 
tits as he inserts a finger up her fuzzy haired pussy.


	"You real tight there, doesn't daddy fuck you in your pussy my girl?"

	"She prefers my sister Amal, she is 9yo and he says she needs it more"

	"What about mummy?"

	"She fingers fuck me every time she bathes and sometimes licks my cunny"

	"You have a caring mum, good for you, ok slutty girl now is time you 
offer your 	pussy to me, lie down on the carpet with your 12yo cunny 
spread out and open your legs"

	Tasneem does as told as her little girl pussy makes her new husband 
hard, he takes out his big fat cock and kneeling grabs Tasneem 12yo ass 
lifts it up with his 	hands and proceeds to inserts his now wet dick 
into her tight pussy lips.


	"Do you like it little muslimmah slut?"

	"Yes it feels nice"

"Allah is rewarding you  for being a girl" and as the man fucks the 12yo 
girl pussy slowly getting his shaft in and out of the girl he keeps 
yelling "Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah" (there is no god except Allah), both him 
and Tasneem keep getting their pubic parts wet and hot and fuck for at 
least half an hour he manages to cum inside the 12yo girl pussy, and 
when his cock loses its hardness he takes it out of the preteen sexual 
hole and spills some of the cum on her tummy, then they both fall asleep 
next to each other.

   A few hours later Ragaad awakes and can still observe the 12yo Asian 
girl naked next to him, the Muta marriage will finish soon he must make 
the best of it before it is over, as the girl sleeps Ragaad ties her 
hands on her back and then opening a shopping bag he pulls out a pink 
vibrator, on seeing this Tasneem smiles again and spreads out her legs, 
her new husband is about to plunge the vibrator on her teenie pussy, 
she's never had one before and as soon as she feels the movement of 	the 
shaft she closes her eyes and lets her husband to masturbate her freely, 
she notices the moist of her preteen pussy lubricating it all and she 
loves it, Ragaad makes her orgasm once more.

  She is untied and now Ragaad is hard again after masturbating her, he 
is still naked sporting a hard cock, Ragaad sticks his cock in her still 
wet pussy once more and fucks her very hard, this time Tasneem shouts 
real loud.

	"Ah, ah, my pussy! Oh please!, it hurts"

	"Don't worry my child, it will be over soon", and Ragaad goes on to 
fuck her for a long time.

	Tasneem 12yo body is pretty roughed up by now but they still have some 
hours left, she is loving every minute of the Muta marriage and for the 
rest of the days Tasneem gets her preteen pussy fuck two times more and 
is made to suck Ragaad cock three times, the girl has also her cunt 
eaten once and all goes well until  midnight then her parents knock the 
door, she naked all filthy and covered in cum 	she does not like mum and 
dad seeing her like that she can spot daddy's hard on too she puts on 
her niqab and the veil again and heads home with her parents.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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