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Subject: {ASSM} The Husseins (pedo,g,b,F,M) Chapter 2
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Warning:This is an adult story based on erotic fantasies involving 
children, if you do not like this do then dot read any further.

These stories maybe considered offensive by Muslims, you are free to 
read or not to read, if you still believe these stories should be 
censored, the author believes you can fuck off.

No copyright held, free to copy and distribute as long as the same 
rights are granted to others.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party (


(M,g,pedo) The Hussein's watch TV :  Naughty 4yo Aaysha misbehaves in 
the TV room.

   			   Koran 55:70-77
In each there shall be virgins chaste and fair... Dark eyed virgins 
sheltered in their tents whom neither man nor Jin will have touched before..

The whole family is watching  Sharia Law Bradford TV , Ali and Ahmed 
wear the traditional Asian men dress, and the older girls and her mum 
the chador, but Aaysha the 4 yo girl is only wearing some white cotton 
panties, and suddenly the little one decides that she's had enough of 
them so takes them all the way off and throws them to daddy, she has a 
very sweet and smooth pussy, Ali is always very understandable with his 
little girl and does not get angry, instead decides to take Aaysha on 
his lap, he likes to feel his little girl 4yo sweet pussy rubbing on his 
crouch because it makes him hard even more than his wife can manage to 
do and he isn't wearing any underwear today, they both seem to have a 
good time as Aaysha notices her daddy hard cock pressing against her 
slit, thinking it's a game she keeps rubbing her naked bottom against it 
jumping and moving her pussy around as she giggles, in ten minutes 
Aaysha has managed to make her daddy cum under his Asian dress, a big 
wet patch of cum soaks it.

  Ali is very happy now with his little daughter, he can't stand not 
giving a kiss to Aaysha's 4yo pussy, holding her by her arms  lifts her 
up on his lap positioning his little daughter 's smooth cunt right in 
front of his eyes and gently approaching it licks her soft slit, mum 
smiles, his 10y son looks on getting horny and jealous, Amal the 9yo 
finds it arousing, Tasneem the eldest girl wets her pussy, the whole 
family stops watching Sharia TV and stare at Ali eating Aasyha's small 
pussy with daddies big tongue being introduced graciously on her slit 
gyrating it around and salivating all over the little girls slit right 
until the little one feels so pussy wet that moans:

"Oh!Daddyyyyyyy! My cunny, mu cunny! Arf!!Dadddy!! ouu!"

Ali holds her little girl's waist real hard so she does not harm herself 
as she dry orgasm on his lap, then lies her down on the sofa still 
salivating and tickles her as both giggle in complicity.

	Five minutes later Sajida holds 4yo Ayshas hand and takes her to the 
bath to wash her well, her other two daughters go to their bedroom where 
they take off their niqabs and closing the door behind them start to 
masturbate, Tasneem touches her small hairy 12yo pussy  without any 
shame sticks a finger inside her and slides it in and out quickly 
wetting her private parts, on the bed next to her, Amal rubs her 9yo 
smooth  cunt too she circles the palm of her hand around her smooth 
child clitoris, mummy opens the door of the bedroom holding Aaysha's all 
naked and fresh she just finished bathing her, she looks both her older 
daughters touching their pussies, she loves the spectacle, she 
understands her daughters may feel horny after watching daddy eating 
Aaysha's pussy, she leaves the little girl inside and leaves them alone 
to finish their fun.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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