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Subject: {ASSM} Black Boy's Revenge
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The following is a work of fiction. It includes racial abuse and
homosexuality. Anyone who is offended by such material should look for
something else to read. This material should not be read by minors.

A poster in one of the usernet groups mentioned the kind of video that
he wishes the porn industry would make because such a video would
really turn him on:

"My ideal video would have a small fraternity pledge class (ten or so
White men) be charged with the mission of catching two straight
niggers on campus. The pledge class would find two studious black men
leaving the library one night, hood the two struggling men, and bring
them back to their fraternity house."

I agree, I would like that kind of video also. I like the more
studious niggers on campus. I like making them suck my white cock with
their thick luscious black lips. The studious niggers are especially
good and vulnerable because their own people reject them.

First I try to comfort them and sooth their hurt egos -- I am
sensitive to the fact that they are outsiders to their own race.

"There, there -- your own people reject you? Well, here -- "

I unzip my pants.

"How 'bout sucking on this big white cock?"

I shove my hard white cock in the nigger's face. It waves in the air,
just under the boy's thick lips. He stares at it, almost as if he is
being hypnotized.

The smart young man has tears in his eyes from all of the hurt and
rejection he has experienced.

He slowly sinks down to his knees in front of me. His face seems lost
in thought, like someone who is trying to work out his pain. There is
no time to think about it -- this is not a time to think.

He reaches out and grabs my throbbing white cock.

He wraps his thick lips around my cock and slowly sucks it. He rubs
his lips up and down the shaft of my throbbing white manhood. He
closes his eyes and sucks as if he is trying to make the feeling of
lonseliness will go away.

I grab the back of his nappy head and force his face harder on my
dick. I rub his flat nose against my pubic hair. My hard rod thrusts
into the back of the lonely young nigger's throat. He gags.

"Suck my white cock, nigger. Suck that dick to get back at your black
'brothers' who have abandoned you. Get revenge on those niggers by
giving yourself to the white man and rejecting those who have rejected
you. Pay homage to the Great White Master! Suck that white cock!"

The black boy now slurps wildly on my cock. He gives himself away in
reckless abandon. He turns his back on all those loud, unruly and
abnoxious niggers and pays homage to superior white manhood -- the
white manhood that his own black brothers and sisters submit to when
they want money and other favors. He sucks the cock that he knows
still masters him.

I rub his head.

"Suck on my white cock and admit the superiority of the white man. I
know how to make good use of your nigger lips, even if your slovenly
'brothers' don't know what you are good for. I'll make them suck my
cock too. Kiss the hairy white balls and pay homage to the white man
who will save you!"

The nigger slurps on my cock and balls with tears of shame in his
eyes. He must acknowledge the truth -- a truth he would much rather

After about ten minutes I am sure that if I take much more of this I
might cum in the nigger's mouth. I pull my cock out of his mouth and
make him turn around and drop his pants. He exposes his smooth black
ass to me in an act of submission.

"Oh yeah -- I'm going to fuck your black ass, nigger -- and as I'm
fucking your black slave ass I want you to think about how much I own
you -- and how I own all of your people."

I shove my hard cock between his smooth black buns. The nigger takes
my cock deep in his ass. I shove my meat in and out of him, using his
ass like a tight fist or a pussy. He closes his eyes and grits his
teeth in pain. He's taking that white cock. He's betraying his race
and subordinating himself to white manhood. I can see in his face that
there is comfort beneath the pain -- the comfort of knowing that he
has a white man inside of him -- using his black ass. Comfort in
knowing that at least he is good for giving pleasure to the white man.
Comfort in submiting his body to the manhood of the race that has
power over him.

"You belong to me now, nigger. Take that thick white cock!"

His face is twisted in pain and embarrassment. He surrenders and I
plow his ass deeper. He's nothing but a black pussy boy to me. I grab
his hips and thrust wildly in his ass,

"You like that white cock in your ass nigger?"

He reluctantly nods his head "yes," although the pain on his face
tells another story -- his face registers humiliation, pain and
defeat. But it also registers revenge -- the revenge of a black boy
who is acting out his revenge on those who have rejected him by
submitting his lean, strong young black body to be a white man's

He knows that as I 'rape' his black ass I am also raping all of black
manhood. He faintly smiles at this thought, but the smile is quickly
overshadowed by the pain as I use his raw black ass for my throbbing
white cock. I can't get enough of his moist nigger ass. I'm glad his
own black brothers have abandoned him to me.

"Ride that white cock, nigger. Get equal opportunity by riding that
white cock that's in your black ass. Ride it, and know your destiny."

The nigger moans in pain. I thrust deeper and harder inside of him. He
cries out. I shoot my cum in his ass.

"Take my cum, nigger -- " I pump globs of thick cum inside that black
boy's ass -- filling it up with white master seed. I pump my seed
inside that nigger's body, claiming his body and uplifting his race.

Once again the nigger faintly smiles with pain, knowing his body is
being used. The only use for is black body is to submit to a white
man's sexual needs. He surrenders his whole body to me. He admits his
powerlessness and surrenders to the white cock.

I grab a fistfull of his nappy hair and pump more jizz into his ass.

"Take it, nigger take it! Who's your master? Who's the only one who
will accept you? Who's your master?"

The nigger cries out in a sudden burst of passion and realization, as
if to relieve himself of everything that's been building up inside of
him for all of these years,

"You are. You're my white master. Give me that beautiful white cock --
that beautiful white flesh. Cum inside of me! You own all the niggers
in the world!"

This makes me smile. I pump yet another load of hot cum inside his
negroid body. I become a living orgasm. His tight nigger ass and soft
bubble butt make me grab his brown body with passion and empty my cum
inside of him.

The last of my load fills the nigger's ass with sticky seed. The seed
of white manhood. I pull my dick out of his ass. My cum trickles downs
his long smooth black legs. He quivers.

I stand up, smile with satisfaction and wipe my cock on his thick
nigger lips and all over his black face. I hold my balls in front of
his submissive lips.

"yeah -- kiss those white balls. Pay your respects to white manhood."

He meekly kisses my hairy balls in deference to white mastery over

I look down at his black face between my white thighs, kissing my
hairy balls. I think, "There's nothing in the world like a studious
black nigger."

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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