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Comments? Criticism? Email
To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my
previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.

                                      Taken At A Rest Stop
                                      The Rest Of The Story

If you have not read "Taken At A Rest Stop", please read that first.  If
you have read it, and did not care for it, don't read this.  This is worse
and you won't like this either.

   I wrote this a week ago as the result of an email request for more of
the story I had just posted.  This story is rougher, more perverse, than I
normally write, and if you have read any of my previous stories you know
that I sometimes get carried away.  I didn't post this right away.  I went
back and forth.  This one is pretty raw and a lot of people won't care for
it.  Still, there is no reason why the deeply disturbed among us shouldn't
have a little entertainment now and then.  For those of you so inclined,

   I was finally starting to get my life back on track.  The trials and the
appeals were done.  JT and Luke had been convicted of murder and kidnapping
and rape and sentenced to death.

   But the damage they had done to my marriage had turned out to be
irreparable.  We had tried, we both had.  But we were never the same again.
We could never look each other in the eye without seeing what had been done
to me.  The worst things, the things Jim hadn't seen, had come out at the
trial and he had heard all about them in great detail.  It was just as
humiliating as when it had actually been happening.

   The jury and the audience had heard all about the gangbang by a bar full
of rednecks, ending in my being raped by a dog on a table for the amusement
of the crowd which paid ten dollars apiece for the show.  They also heard
all about the next day when I had been forced to have sex with two horses.
The jury even got to see stills from the movie that had been made.  They
also heard about the four men who had urinated down my throat.

   During the testimony I had watched Jim.  Every word had been like a blow
to him.  He never recovered.  And a lot of those details made it into the
news, at least into the tabloid news.

   Living in a tiny town like we did, well, everyone knew what had happened
to me long before I got home from testifying at the trial.

   When I got home I saw it in their faces.  They were sympathetic, of
course.  But seeing that knowledge in the eyes of everyone I met was more
than I could stand.  Jim finally moved out.  I didn't blame him.  We had
been to see every kind of counselor there was.  Marriage counselors, trauma
counselors, sex counselors.  But none of them could change what had
happened to me.

   After Jim moved out I stayed in the house for a while.  But I couldn't
even bring myself to shop in town.  I had to drive sixty miles for a quart
of milk.

   I called my boss and told him I wouldn't be coming back.  He understood
and told me that he would give me a good recommendation if anyone contacted

   Then I sat around the house for a couple of weeks and just cried a lot.
I finally ran out of tears and started looking for a new job, and a new
place to live.  I didn't know where I was going, but I knew I had to leave
here.  I put my house up for sale.

   I received divorce papers and signed them without even reading them.  I
didn't even notice that Jim had given me everything we had owned jointly
until I sold the house and had to know.  Jim and I had made a lot of
improvements to our home.  It was our dream house.  I got lucky and it sold
for what I was asking at a time when the housing market was sky high.  I
made an obscene amount of money and sent Jim a check for half.

   With the rest of the money I put my belongings in storage and drove to
Atlanta to look for a job.  I am a graphic artist by trade and checking the
internet I gathered that the fastest growing market for my skills on the
east coast was in the Atlanta area.

   I stayed in an extended stay motel outside of Atlanta and started my job
search in earnest.  I had some offers but the best job, with the best pay
and the best benefits was with a small firm in Augusta, about 150 miles
east of Atlanta.  They even offered to pay to move my belongings down from
Vermont and gave me significant signing bonus.  I hadn't expected such
generosity and was touched.  I liked these people all ready.

   I spent a couple of days finding an apartment and getting set up.  I
wanted to get to know the area better before I started home shopping.

   Compared to Atlanta, Augusta is a small town.  But compared to the
little town I lived in, this was the big city.  I had trouble getting
around without getting lost for a while, but I figured out the main streets
and boulevards before long and got settled in.  The immediate benefit was
that nobody here knew me or what had happened to me.

   The new job was great.  I liked the people and it was just a nice place
to work.  They had really been short handed, they kept losing people to
Atlanta.  So I had to hit the drawing board running, so to speak.  That was
good for me.  I was able to stop thinking about my troubles for a while.

   I don't want to sound too vain, but I am very good at what I do.  My
employers recognized my talents and quickly increased my workload.  I was
happier for it.  I threw myself into my work and the months flew by.

   I was doing a lot more interacting with clients after I started getting
my confidence back.  It was not uncommon for me to meet clients for dinner
or at a quiet club with proposals and preliminary sketches.  So I had no
clue when I agreed to take some of my work out to the new documentary film
company opening up outside of town.  My brand new life was about to come
crashing down around me.

   I printed out a map on my computer with the driving directions and
gathered up my presentation.  I told my secretary where I was going and
went out to the parking lot.  I had gotten a new car already, there were
too many bad memories associated with the old one.  I piled my things into
the trunk of my new Lexus and took a good long look at the map I had
printed out.  Then I headed out.  It was still a bit early and rush hour
hadn't really kicked in yet so it was a pretty easy drive.

   I found the place.  Fortunately, they had a nice big sign out by the
road or I would have driven right past.  The studios were located on a
large farm.  Even after all this time I was uncomfortable driving up to a
farm.  But I just reminded myself that all of that was a year ago and half
a continent away.  I pulled up to the farm house and parked.  I pulled my
briefcase and presentation case out of the trunk and headed for the front

   I was met at the door by a young woman and when I introduced myself she
smiled and told me to follow her.  I followed her inside and down a short
hallway.  I noticed that the rooms I had seen were all converted into
offices and a meeting room.  I was led into an office and offered a seat. I
was told that Mr.  Todd would be with me shortly.

   While I was waiting I went through my papers and made sure I was
prepared for any questions.  It was Friday afternoon and I imagine that
anyone else would have been anxious to finish up and go home.  Since I
didn't have a life outside of the office I was in no hurry.  I planned to
make the best presentation these people had ever seen.

   It was ten minutes before I heard footsteps coming toward the office I
was waiting in and at last two men came in.  As soon as I was aware that
they were coming into this room I stood up and turned to greet them.

   As soon as I saw them the blood drained from my face.  I recognized them
immediately.  They were two of the men that had filmed me having sex with
horses a year ago.

   I turned back around immediately and reached for my bags.  I stood up
and said, "Excuse me.  I can't stay here."

   One of the men had stepped into the room and was behind me.  The other
was standing in the door looking at me with an evil grin on his face.

   "Well I'll be damned!  Look what he have here!  Hi Jean.  This is
perfect timing.  We have been having trouble finding another star to
replace you in our newest epic films.  Your first one is still selling like
hotcakes.  It has been one of our biggest hits ever.

   I tried bluffing my way out.  "Get out of my way," I demanded.  "I am
not starring in any of your movies and I am not representing your slimy
movie company either.  Now get out of my way before I call the cops.  And
don't think you can pull anything either.  My secretary knows where I am."

   The man that had come into the room behind me sat down behind the desk
and said, "Yes, she knows where you went.  But she doesn't expect to hear
from you before Monday, does she?"

   "Yes," I lied.  "I told her I would check in before I went home." It
sounded like a lie even to me.

   The man behind the desk reached into his desk and pulled out a DVD case.
I glanced at it and saw immediately what it was.  There was a picture of me
and a horse on the cover.

   "Honey," he said, as though disappointed that I would try to fool him.
"After all we have been through you should know better than to try and fool
me.  We have been intimate.  You have sucked my cock and I have pissed
right down your fucking throat."

   He pulled the DVD out of the case and slipped it into a player in the
corner and turned it on.  I found myself totally unable to avoid my staring
at the screen.  I watched in horror as I saw myself on the screen, licking
a horses balls and smiling at the camera.  I watched until I saw myself
kneeling under the horse and licking it's big cock.  Then I was finally
able to tear my eyes away.

   "Let me go," I heard myself begging in a voice that was weak and scared.
"Please, I can't take that again.  I am getting my life back together
finally.  You have got to leave me alone."

   "That's a problem, honey.  I could let you go and just send a copy of
the movie to the people at your office.  But even if I did that, I would
still have to close up shop and get out of here.  I just spent a lot of
money getting set up here.  I can't afford to move now." He leaned back in
his chair and said, "No, I can't let you go telling everyone about my
friends and me and what we are doing out here.  That doesn't make good
business sense, now, does it?"

   I was on the verge of panic now.  I could not believe that after all I
had been through I had ended up walking right back into their clutches.

   "No," the man continued calmly.  "The way I see it, the only way to keep
you quiet is to make so many movies starring you this weekend that you
won't be able to tell anyone about us.  We are going to have to make your
weekend so humiliating that it will be impossible for you to ever tell
anyone about us.  Now, while my staff start getting set up, why don't you
get down here and let me see if you still remember how to give a decent

   I looked at him and I knew that there was no way out.  Suddenly it was
like my nightmare had never ended.  Tears poured down my cheeks as I slowly
walked around the desk and knelt at his feet.  He stared down at me and
waited for me to do all the work.  I had not seen or touched a male organ
since I was rescued from the clutches of JT and Luke last year.  I couldn't
stand the thought of it.  Now I was reaching out and unbuckling this horrid
man's belt and unbuttoning his pants.  I struggled with his bunched up
zipper and finally I was pulling his pants and his shorts down as he lifted
his hips up to make it easier for me.

   I looked up at him, wanting to beg him to let me go.  But I saw the
obvious pleasure he was taking in my suffering, my humiliation, and I knew
it was hopeless.  I reached out and lifted his large, warm, soft cock and
leaned forward and took him into my mouth.  As soon as I felt his cock on
my tongue I started gagging.  My eyes were closed and I had no warning when
he suddenly slapped me viciously across the face.

   "Get over it bitch.  I have seen what you can do, remember?  Now god
damn it get with the program.  I want to feel your lips in my pubic hair.
Do it!"

   I tried to remember what I had done when I had been raped by JT and
Luke. I took my hand away and started sucking his rapidly growing organ
into my mouth.  He sat back and relaxed and watched me work on his cock
until I finally managed to force it into my throat.  He chuckled and said,
"That's a good girl, I knew you could do it." then he patted me on the head
and let me get to work.

   I quickly got into a rhythm and spent a very long time sucking this very
jaded man's cock before he finally grabbed my head.  But instead of pulling
me close and cumming down my throat he pulled me back until just the head
of his cock was in my mouth and made me use my hand to finish him off.  I
moved my hand rapidly up and down his fat cock as he filled my mouth with
cum.  When he was finally finished I swallowed and licked him clean.

   Then I said, "Thank you sir," without even thinking.  I had slipped
right back into my slave mode without even a thought.  Both men laughed at
me and I just covered my face in shame and sobbed.

   I heard the man behind me unfastening his pants and the man I had just
sucked off nudged me with his foot and said, "I don't mind if you cry.  In
fact I like it.  But you still have to do your job.  I expect you to be
very busy this weekend.  So you are going to have to get used to going from
cock to cock without much rest."

   I lowered my hands and turned around.  The man who had been blocking the
door was now sitting where I had sat when I first came in, with his pants
down around his knees.  Two more of them were standing in the door watching
with big smiles on their faces.

   As I began sucking my second cock of the afternoon, one of men in the
door said, "Well, I guess that solves a lot of our problems, doesn't it? 
I'll go out and start getting things ready in the barn.  How do you want to

   The man behind the desk said, "Why don't we start simple and work our
way up.  Why don't we gather all of the crew and the trainers and I'll see
if I can get Midge on the phone and see how many guys she can come up with
and we can start with a gangbang.  Then we can do a quickie on water
sports, then move up to the dogs and horses.  I think we should try to get
everyone here tomorrow and do a Bukkake film.  After that we can see what
we are in the mood for.  One of you contact that S&M couple that has
offered their services and they can come in on Sunday evening.  We will
determine then if it will be snuff or not.  If sweet little Jean here
behaves herself and convinces me that I won't have to worry about her
opening her mouth, well, we'll see."

   I was listening in horror as he laid out his plans for me for the
weekend.  He probably thought I didn't know what he meant when he said
snuff.  But I did.  The prosecutor for JT and Luke had told me that, before
very much longer, that is probably what would have happened to me if they
had not found me.

   At first I was terrified, but all at once I thought, "Maybe it's for the
best.  My life is over.  I will be better off dead.  Especially after this
weekend.  In fact, death is something to look forward to now."

   I had been sucking mindlessly on the cock in my mouth and was startled
when I felt his cum blasting into me.  The first shot of cum landed against
the roof of my mouth but the rest of it all went straight down my throat. I
finally sucked him clean and said, "Thank you sir." Then I sat up on my
heels and waited for someone to tell me what to do.

   The man behind the desk stood up and moved around in front of me.  His
pants were still open and his soft cock hanging out.  "Let's see if you
remember that other trick of yours," he said.  He grabbed my hair and
pulled me close and shoved his cock into my mouth.  I closed my eyes but he
yelled at me to look at him and so I stared up at him as I felt his strong
stream of piss shoot right down my throat and into my queasy stomach.  But
I couldn't see him.  My eyes were so full of tears that everything was just
a blur.

   When he had finished pissing down my throat I grabbed my stomach and put
a hand over my mouth and started to scramble to my feet.  He grabbed me by
my hair and pulled me up using only the hair on my head.

   He pulled my face close to his and yelled at me, "Don't you fucking
dare, god damn you!  I saw you drink the piss from four men and I know damn
well you can handle that little bit.  If it comes up, you'll be licking it
up off the floor."

   I tried to calm down and take some deep breaths, fighting desperately to
control my uneasy stomach.

   The two men I had just sucked off fastened their pants and the one that
had just pissed in my mouth led out, the other one grabbed my arm and
pushed me along behind.

   They took me out to the barn.  On the way out from the house I could see
several large horses in a corral adjacent to the barn.  I couldn't see the
dogs but I heard dogs barking not far away.  It sounded like a lot of them.

   The other three men that had made me suck them off before making me have
sex with horses last year were getting things ready in the barn.  Off to
one side was a film set.  It was three walls and a king sized bed.  It
looked like a regular bedroom except there was no fourth wall, instead
there were lights and cameras facing into the room.  There were also a
dozen other men, some bustling around adjusting cameras and lights, while
others were just lounging around.  The woman who had admitted me to the
house earlier was also there.  They all looked up as I was led in.

   I was led over to the other three partners and given what seemed to be
their typical welcome.  I was put on my knees and forced to suck them all
off in front of everyone.  A few of the other men wandered over to watch,
but they didn't say anything or attempt to join in.

   I was just starting on the third man when someone behind me said, "OK,
the set is ready." But I just continued as if he hadn't spoken and sucked
off the fifth and final member of the group of men that seemed to be in

   When I had licked him clean and thanked him, he put his pants back
together and went over to talk to the men that were waiting around.  I
didn't hear what they said but the men kept looking over at me as he
talked. I turned to the one that seemed to be most in charge and asked if I
could go to the ladies room.  I suspected that I was going to have a very
rough time of it and it would only be worse if I had to pee.  He pointed to
a door.  I hurried over to it and squatted over the dirty toilet seat and
peed.  Then I cleaned myself and took a few deep breaths and went back

   I was ordered to go sit on the end of the bed and handed a magazine and
told to look through it.  I looked down and found myself looking at a
magazine featuring women of all descriptions having sex with dogs!  I
remembered that was one of the movies I would be making today and cringed.
I still vividly remembered how horrible it had been to be raped by a dog.
It was horrible to contemplate, and I tried desperately not to think about
it.  At least until I had been handed the pictures to stare at.  Now I
could think of nothing else.

   I glanced up and saw that the crowd of men standing on the outside of
the bedroom set had just about doubled in size.  There seemed to be about
25 men standing around now.  They were all ages and all races and all
shapes and sizes.  I didn't know what was going to happen, but that
question was answered when the director nodded and the men came rushing at
me from all sides.  They pulled me up and started to violently tear my
clothes off.

   They were very violent.  The ones that weren't destroying my clothing
were pulling my hair or, as parts of my body were uncovered they pinched
and twisted and pulled.  One man tried to lift me up by my pubic hair.  I
was crying and screaming and begging them to stop.  They seemed to love it.

   As soon as I was naked I was tossed on the bed, followed immediately by
more men than I could count.  Some of them had already undressed and they
started immediately raping which ever orifice was available.  It went on
and on, man after man raping my mouth and my vagina and my ass.  It hurt
terribly at first, but after a while I started getting numb.

   After ever three of four fucks they would pause and one of them would
use a spoon to scrape up the cum leaking out of me and force it into my
mouth.  Then it would start again.  I have absolutely no idea how long it
lasted.  By the time it was over there were probably forty or fifty men in
the group.  I know that a lot of them went around more than once because
after a long while I became aware of the taste of my pussy on the cocks
being shoved in my mouth.  And everything was being recorded by cameras all
along the outside of the room, as well as a couple of close up, hand held
cameras and two more cameras dangling from the rafters.

   I couldn't count the times that I had three cocks at a time in me.  A
couple of times they tried to get two at a time in my mouth or my pussy,
but gave up.  I was just too tight.  Finally, I am not sure how many, but
the last group of men, perhaps a dozen of them, pulled out and shot their
cum on my stomach and breasts and face.  I was covered in a milky glaze of
cum when they finally left my battered body alone.

   The young woman came forward, still fully dressed and looking very
business like.  She was wearing latex gloves and had a disgusted look on
her face.  She grabbed my hair and pulled me up and led me out into the
center of the barn again.  I was led to a small kiddy pool and ordered to
kneel.  The lights and cameras were shifted and I was again the center of
attention as men started coming forward one or two at a time and hosing the
cum off of me with urine.  The hot streams of piss were directed to every
inch of my body.  I was ordered to keep my mouth open and that became a
frequent aiming point, but I wasn't forced to swallow, I just allowed it to
flow into my mouth and swirl around and flow out again and wash down over
my filthy body.

   There were a few, however, that had stranger appetites.  They ordered me
to get up and bend over with my ass at the edge of the pool.  Then one of
them would forced his cock into me, sometimes my ass, sometimes my pussy,
and fill me with piss.  I was usually forced to suck them clean after they
had emptied their bladders in me.

   There were some final shots of me laying down in the bottom of the pool,
rolling around in warm piss, even sticking out my tongue and lapping at it
and smiling for the cameras.  By the time all forty of them had used me
this disgusting way they had close to an hour and a half of just me
kneeling in a pool and being used as a urinal.

   The woman came back and pulled me out of the pool and led me away, using
my nipple as a handle.  I was led back to the nasty bathroom and pushed
into a small shower stall.  The woman turned on the cold water and ordered
me to rinse off.  I did the best I could.  There was a cheap shampoo on a
shelf and I tried to wash the piss and the remnants of cum out of my hair,
but it was very hard to rinse clean in that cold water.

   When she was satisfied she shut the water off and handed me a towel.  I
stepped out of the shower and dried off.  As soon as I was sufficiently
dried off she grabbed the towel and threw it over the toilet and pulled me
back outside by my nipple.

   She pulled me back over to the center of the room.  The pool was gone
now, but in it's place was a bench, similar to the one I had been strapped
to when I had been fucked by the horse, but smaller.

   This bench had a padded top support which arched gently upward.  I
realized immediately how this served their purpose when she put me down
across it on my back and strapped me down.  My hair was pulled into a pony
tail and weaved together with a piece of rope which was pulled under me and
fastened to the bench.  It was pulled tight and my head pulled back,
forcing my mouth open.  My arms were tied under me and my legs pulled out
obscenely.  In this position my head hung down one side and was accessible
from that end while my body rose up and then back down on the other side of
the bench, making my pussy vulnerable from the other side.  I was totally
helpless.  To make things worse, the numbness had begun to wear off and my
whole body was in incredible pain.  Especially my throat and my pussy.

   Once she had made me helpless the woman pulled a small jar out of a
pocket in her skirt and opened it.  She smeared my face and my breasts and
my thighs and my pussy with the oily cream inside.  She even stuck her
finger in my mouth.  It smelled foul.  Then she stood up and smiled down at
me while she slowly removed the latex gloves.  "Now my babies get their
turn bitch," she said quietly, but with hate dripping from every word. 
"You thought you got a lot of cock over there in that bedroom a while ago?
Well hang on baby, you're going for a real ride now!"

   The cameras were already rolling and she walked away and took a leash
from a man standing nearby.  She came back and brought the dog to my face.
It started whining and dancing around anxiously as it smelled the cream on
my lips.  She held the dog back for a moment and hugged it and whispered to
it.  Then she let it go.  The dog, a large German Shepherd, lunged at me
and started licking my face, slobbering all over me, but taking great pains
to explore my mouth extensively with it's large, slobber covered tongue.  I
was gagging uncontrollably and thought for sure I was going to puke up all
of the cum and piss in my stomach.  But I fought to control the impulse.  I
was certain that there would be repercussions if I lost control of my

   Once the dog had cleaned the oily cream from my lips he was directed to
my breasts.  His front feet were placed on carpet covered runners that went
up each side of my body and as he leaned up to lick my breasts I saw his
remarkably large erection.  I had no idea!  I had been raped by a mutt in a
redneck bar last year, but it's penis had not been this large.  And it
certainly had not been in my face!  I tried to avoid the throbbing organ as
it bounced around my face, but the woman ordered me to start licking and I
obeyed.  It was disgusting, but not as bad as it looked.  He wasn't clean,
but after I had licked him for several minutes, with cameras aimed at my
face, it wasn't so bad.  Then I was ordered to start sucking and I took his
fat, rapidly moving cock into my mouth and in less than a minute his body
was pressed against mine and he was thrusting his cock in and out of my
throat at an incredible speed.

   The pain was awful and I was moaning loudly.  Both the director and the
dog seemed to enjoy my moans.  It seemed like hours, but I suppose it was
only minutes before I felt his knot growing at the end of his cock
battering at my lips.  I tried desperately to keep my lips closed so
tightly that he couldn't push that knot into my mouth, but he was fucking
my face so violently that it was inevitable.  As soon as his knot was all
the way in my mouth, forcing my jaws open so wide that I thought that they
would separate, he held himself tightly against me and quivered as he
ejaculated right down my throat.

   The dog finally was satisfied and with a little difficulty, managed to
remove his still sizeable knot from my mouth.  Much to my relief.

   But my relief was short lived.  The woman handed the dog's leash to a
man standing nearby and rubbed a little more of the cream on my lips and my
breasts.  She stepped out of my sight for a moment and then appeared with a
huge Great Dane.  The dog was led up to my face and as soon as he smelled
the cream, and the cum from the first dog, he was immediately excited.  He
started lapping my face, and his tongue was twice as large as the other
dog's had been.  Each time he lapped my face his tongue covered half of my
face.  When he started exploring my mouth I nearly choked.  It was like he
was trying to stick his tongue down my throat!

   When the woman was satisfied that they had enough film of the dog French
kissing me he was led around and presented with my crotch.  He started
whining and growling as he lapped at my pussy, all the while prancing
around and humping air with his hindquarters.

   He was allowed to spend a lot of time eating my pussy.  I suspect that
they were hoping I would react, become aroused.  When it became obvious
that wasn't going to happen she led the dog up over me and as he licked my
breasts I waited for that huge monster to start raping me.

   The woman finally was satisfied with all of the foreplay, I guess, and
she pulled the dog forward and I could feel her using her hand to line his
cock up with my slit.  She was having difficulty controlling him, but
finally he felt the head of his cock enter my hot, much abused pussy and he
surged forward with all of his might.

   The pain was incredible and I screamed loudly.  His only reaction was to
growl at me threateningly.  I realized his mouth was right at my face.  If
I pissed him off he could bite my throat in half in one bite.  I tried to
keep quiet, but with each thrust his cock rammed into my cervix painfully.
I cried out each time.  The tears were streaming down my face and the
camera man was right there recording it all.

   The first time I had been raped by a dog he had forced his knot into me
and it had been very painful.  Just like now.  I had already been gang
raped that time too and I was very sore.  I was remembering that and I was
terrified because I knew that his dog had a much larger cock, I felt it was
safe to assume that his knot would also be much larger.  I was right.  I
felt it grow and batter at my pussy and finally slip in.  I screamed in
pain again, but this time he ignored me.

   The dog held his body close and I felt his knot getting bigger and
bigger until I was sure that I was going to be torn.  Then I felt that
shiver go through him and I felt my belly grow as it filled with his sperm.
Our sexual organs were sealed together and there was no way for his cum to
escape.  Instead it filled my cavity and then expanded my belly, pushing
out as I filled with dog cum.  All I could do was pant in pain and wait for
it to end.  For the entire time he was emptying his sperm into me his face
was right over me with steady streams of drool draining down onto my face.
It took a long, long time to come to an end.

   At last he was satisfied and tried to pull his knot free.  I screamed
again, it felt like he was tearing me apart.  He tried several times to
pull free and then he pushed his body away from me and stepped over with
his hind leg and then he was facing away from me, pulling gently from time
to time until at last he was able to pull free.

   I had tensed up every muscle in my body by that point.  When he finally
pulled free I collapsed back onto the bench and sobbed in near hysteria.  I
couldn't take any more.  Surely if they would do one more thing to my
abused body I would go mad.

   But I didn't go mad.  I wished that I could.  Or become unconscious. 
Instead I remained awake and aware and sucked and fucked four more dogs. 
Then my legs were freed and pulled up to my head and fastened in place and
a last dog was brought in to fuck my ass.  Half way through that was when I
finally passed out.

   When I finally became aware of my surroundings again I was in a pile on
the floor and the bench was gone.  There was a bottle of water beside me. I
looked up and there were a couple of dozen men sitting around staring at
me. Including the big five.

   I tried to take stock of the pain in my body, tried to decide if
something was torn or broken.  But everything hurt so bad I couldn't really
tell.  It took me several attempts to sit up, much to the amusement of the
men watching my struggles.  At last I was able to grasp the water bottle
and take a desperately needed drink.  I tried to gulp the water down at
first.  But my throat was so sore that I choked.  I ended up slowly sipping
until the water was gone.  I would have really liked something stronger, or
a bottle of aspirin.

   I finished the water and collapsed back onto the floor.  I was too weak
to sit up for long.  I glanced outside and saw that it was quite dark.  I
tried to estimate how long that this had been going on.  But I couldn't
really.  My best guess was somewhere between four and five hours, probably
closer to five.  It was very dark out now so it had to be at least eight

   I was allowed to rest for a short while.  Much too short.  Then I heard
a noise and when I saw what the men were doing I curled up into the fetal
position and cried like a baby.  I saw four men pulling out the bench I had
been tied to when I had been raped by a horse last year.

   I heard a horse being led inside but I didn't open my eyes.  I just
cried and hugged myself and rocked gently on the floor in the middle of the

   I could hear them moving things around and getting set up at the bench.
I heard someone nearby and opened my eyes to see that one of those assholes
was filming me crying in fear and pain.  Something to make my movies more
appealing to my fans I suppose.

   I tuned them all out until I was lifted to my feet by two of them and
handed a damp towel.  I wiped myself off.  I must have been a horrible
mess. But they didn't care.  One of the men told me that I would be sucking
this first horse off solo, and warned me that if I didn't stop from time to
time to smile at the camera I could not even imagine how much worse my
suffering could become.  I honestly didn't think things could be worse. 
But I didn't want to find out.

   I was given a minute to towel myself off and then I was led over to the
horse.  The man who I assumed was in charge told me to do the same things I
had done last time until the horse started to cum.  Then I was to swallow
as much as I could until he yelled cut.

   I dropped the towel when they told me they were ready to start and
approached the horse.  I couldn't tell if it was one of the horses from
last time.  He didn't seem nervous, so I figured that this was not his
first movie.

   I approached him from the side and rubbed my hands over his flanks,
talking quietly to him.  I worked my way around to the back of the huge
animal and pulled his tail out of the way and started licking his balls. 
The camera came in for some close ups and I looked up and put a forced
smile on my face, then returned to what I had been doing.  I licked his
balls for several minutes, until I got a signal from someone to move on.

   I moved down the horses side and dropped to my knees.  It was
immediately apparent that the animal had enjoyed the touch of my tongue to
it's large balls.  His cock was almost fully extended and was nearly two
feet long and throbbing towards it's full length.

   I took hold of that large, ugly tube of horseflesh and moved my hands up
and down for a minute before I noticed the man signaling me from the side
and I leaned forward and started licking, covering as much of the last foot
of that huge cock with my comparatively tiny tongue as I could.  I saw the
camera man squat down on the other side of the horse and I smiled at him
for a second, then resumed my work.  I took the end of the cock into my
mouth, that was all that I could squeeze in.  I moved my tongue over it,
while moving my hands up and down the shaft the way the other woman had
shown me.  I was getting very tired when I started seeing signs that the
animal was nearing climax.  I remembered what I had learned and I moved
myself so that I was centered under the horse and took his cock back into
my mouth and rapidly massaged his rapidly throbbing organ.

   He was starting to thrust his cock at me, making it very difficult to
keep my mouth over the end.  I held on though, and soon I felt the flood of
cum begin to squirt into my mouth in a volume I could never be expected to
handle.  I swallowed mouthful after disgusting mouthful of horse cum, but
the vast majority of his spend splashed into my face or squirted out of my
mouth around the sides of his cock, and ran down my naked body in streams.
The stream gradually tapered off and finally came to an end.  The cameras
came in for some more close ups and I smiled at them and licked my lips. 
Following direction from off camera I rubbed the hot, sticky, pungent cum
into my skin and licked my fingers clean.  At last they stopped filming and
I was allowed to take another quick shower while the horse was led away.

   When I returned from the bathroom another horse was tied up to the
bench. I was ordered to repeat the process and I started all over again at
the back of the animal.  I tried to smile when they were filming me licking
it's balls, but the tears of despair were streaming down my cheeks.  I
licked until I was signaled to move on and then I knelt and started licking
and sucking yet another huge horse cock and massaging it with my hands.

   This time, however, after about ten minutes of manual manipulation, I
was pulled out from underneath the horse and rushed to the bench and
strapped down.  I could still vividly remember the pain of being fucked by
a horses giant cock from last year.  I cried loudly and begged them to let
me finish him with my mouth, and cameras got close ups of my despair, and
my abject terror.

   As soon as I was fastened down the dog trainer untied the horse from the
corner of the bench and led him between my legs.  She held his nose to my
pussy and he licked at it.  He had apparently fucked a woman before and he
was getting excited.  He was led farther up my body and I felt his cock
sliding over my belly.  He was thrusting, frustrated at his inability to
sink that huge organ into my body.  I felt someone's hands guiding him and
I saw two people at the horses head to try and control him and I felt the
head of his huge cock being forced into my pussy.  If a woman can be said
to be thankful for a rape, I was grateful for my abuse at the hands of that
crowd of slimy men and the dogs that loosened me up earlier.  The horse
felt his cock sliding into me and started thrusting.  Thankfully he was
held back by the padded boards at the end of the bench that were in place
for that very reason.  He could only get so close to me, only thrust so
much into me.  But it was enough to hurt more than anything else in my
life. I screamed in pain as he thrust more than a foot of his huge cock
into my abused pussy.  His thrusts were horrifying.  He was a huge animal
and his thrusts so powerful that the bench moved across the floor with
every massive thrust.

   Everyone had stood back and they were filming every massive thrust until
he finally started cumming in me.  I felt myself being filled up with the
hot fluid spurting forcefully from the end of his desperately thrusting
cock.  I was beyond screaming now.  I could only cry and moan at the pain
and degradation.  The huge flood of semen finally came to an end and I felt
the horse finally stop his thrusting.  He stood still and his cock began to
recede, sliding out of my pussy an inch at a time.

   I was thankful that it was over.  Waiting impatiently to be freed from
this horrible bench.  I became hysterical when they came in with another
horse.  I begged them not to make me do it again.  I begged them to leg me
go.  I begged them to kill me.  They filmed it all.

   Then they led the new horse over to me and as soon as he smelled my
abused pussy he became agitate.  He was allowed to lap at the horse cum
dripping from me and then he was quickly led up over me and his cock was
guided by hands into my pussy.

   The first two horses that had raped me had received more than ten
minutes of manual stimulation before their cocks penetrated my body.  This
one had not.  He started fucking a foot of his cock brutally into me, but I
was beyond screaming now.  My body was wracked with pain but all I could do
was move my head back and forth and gasp and pant in pain.  I wanted
desperately to sink into unconsciousness.  But it was not to be.  The rape
went on and on and I finally just collapsed onto the bench and laid there
like a limp rag and let whatever would happen, happen.

   I was aware when he began filling my body with horse cum once again. 
But I just ignored it.  I just let them do whatever they wanted.  I thought
surely that it must be over now.  I was partly right.  The pain was over.
Well, I was still in agony, but the cause of it was led away.  I was about
to be introduced to a new feature of the bench.  The collector.  Unlike my
first experience on this device, this time when a horse fucked me the huge
volume of his cum drained down between my thighs into a clear plastic
canister under my ass.  The cameras had been watching it fill up after my
two horse rapes and now they were getting ready for the disgusting,
degrading, grand finale.

   A metal rod with a hook on it like an IV stand was attached to the
corner of the bench near my head.  My mouth was fitted with a rubber
mouthpiece and I saw someone reach under me and pull out the canister which
was nearly full of horse cum.  The canister was hung from the hook by my
head and a tube was inserted into my mouth piece.  I watched in horror as
they worked, realizing what was happening and being powerless to stop it.
Everything was ready quickly and someone turned a knob underneath the
canister and I watched the cum start to drain down the clear plastic tube
and into my mouth.

   At first I held the warm, slimy, nasty fluid in my mouth.  The only
alternative being so difficult to contemplate.  Finally, however, I
realized that I had no other option and I started swallowing.  I had
already swallowed a large amount of horse cum, of course.  Or at least,
large by human standards.  The canister at my head appeared to hold nearly
a gallon!  At first I watched for progress as I swallowed.  But it was
going so very slowly, I couldn't stand to watch.  I finally just closed my
eyes and swallowed it a little at a time.  The last half of the canister
was worse, in part because my stomach was beginning to rebel, but mostly
because it was cooling and the taste was more repugnant when it cooled.

   I must have sucked at that mouthpiece between my lips for at least half
an hour.  I thought that it must surely be a very boring thing to watch.  I
was startled when I finally sucked in a mouth full of air and realized that
the horse cum container was finally empty.

   I opened my eyes and looked around I saw that the only one still paying
attention was the man who was taking the occasional close-up.  I stopped
swallowing and waited for whatever indignity would be next.

   One of the cameramen got the attention of the rest of the group and they
finally ended filming, except for the handheld camera.  I was released from
the bench and pulled to my feet.  I was unable to stand and collapsed on
the floor.

   Nobody wanted to touch me.  I didn't blame them.  I was ordered to crawl
and I followed the woman who had been so cruel to me across the barn and
into a kennel attached to the side of the barn.  She opened a cage and I
was forced into a pen with one of the Great Danes I had been raped by
earlier.  As soon as I was inside a camera was set up on a tripod and left

   She squatted down and got my attention and said, "Don't worry sweetie.
Rex really liked you earlier.  I am pretty sure he won't hurt you, as long
as you do what he says.  Do you understand me?"

   I nodded numbly.  Aware that he was sniffing and licking around my ass
while I was being pretty much told to do whatever he wanted by his trainer.

   I begged her for some water and she smiled and pointed at the nasty dog
bowls in the corner.  "There you go sweetie, all the food and water you
need.  Enjoy."

   I ignored the dog and crawled to the corner and tried to lift the bowl.
She yelled at me and told me that if she saw me using my hands I would have
them tied behind me.  I had no fight left in me.  I dropped my face to the
dirty bowl and sucked up as much of the water as I could.  As I lapped at
the water bowl the dog was lapping his huge tongue between my legs.  I
tried closing my legs and moving my butt around and reaching back and
pushing him away, but he started growling and I remembered what the trainer
had said about not being hurt as long as I did what the dog wanted.

   I considered my options and there seemed to be only two.  The first was
to allow this huge dog to fuck me.  I had just been raped by two horses,
any number of dogs and a large crowd of men.  My pussy was so sore that I
didn't think I could stand another brutal dog rape.  I decided that the
option I was most likely to survive would be to see if I could get the dog
to settle for a blowjob.  I slowly twisted my body around and reached under
the dog.  He was still lapping at me, but he allowed me to touch his
lengthening cock and as he realized that what I was doing was pleasing him
he stood still and I was able to turn around and put my head over his cock
and start sucking.  He had probably been sucked off before, maybe even by
me, and he allowed me to get him off with my hands and my mouth.

   When I had finished I watched him go into a corner and lay down and lick
himself for a few minutes before going to sleep.  I was horrified when I
realized that without even thinking about it I had swallowed the animals
ejaculate.  I carefully sipped at the water bowl again, keeping an eye on
the dog as I did.  Then I curled up in the corner farthest from him and
tried to rest.  I wouldn't have thought, under these circumstances that I
would have been able to sleep, but I was exhausted and before long I
drifted off.  I was raised from a deep sleep some time later, I have no
idea how much time had passed.  The damned dog was lapping at my crotch

   Just as before I tried to push him away.  But he just growled and
snapped at my hand.  I knew I had no choice.  I got up on my hands and
knees again and started playing with his cock.  He tried several times to
get behind me and mount me, but I managed to get him to settle for my mouth
again.  When I had swallowed his cum he returned to his corner and, after I
rinsed out my mouth at his water bowl again I curled up in my corner and
tried to sleep some more.

   I was startled awake when the trainer opened the cage.  She refilled the
dogs bowls and then pulled me out of the cage.  I was pulled to my feet by
my hair.  I had trouble standing, I had not been able to stand since being
fucked by the horses, and the cage I had been in all night was only
slightly taller than the dog that lived there, so I couldn't stand up in
there either.  I followed stiffly behind the trainer to what appeared to be
a dog wash area.  She hosed me down with cold water and then handed me some
shampoo and body wash and I was finally able to get rid of the animal

   She hosed me off again after I had soaped up and then she gave me a can
of breakfast drink.  "I imagine you are pretty hungry, for food anyway. 
But it is probably best that you have an empty stomach.  Don't worry
though, you will be having plenty of nutrition pretty soon."

   I hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday, and I suppose I should have been
famished, but I wasn't.  I was just waiting desperately for this to end.

   The trainer led me into the barn and I was once more fastened to a
bench. This was smaller than the other two benches I had already
experienced.  I was on my stomach, waist high, and I had noticed as I
approached that there was another of those canisters under the bench so
that any fluids that dripped down would be collected.

   The only people in the barn when I was brought in had been a couple of
camera men who filmed me coming in and being strapped down to the bench. 
Once I was in place they took turns fucking me.  They finished quickly and
stepped back out of the picture.

   The trainer had been watching and as soon as the camera men were
finished with me she went to the side door and opened it and started
letting men in.  A lot of men.  At least twice as many as last night.  They
were already naked and they quickly surrounded me and started forcing their
cocks into me.  It lasted nearly all day.

   They came in my mouth and they came in my pussy and my ass.  Over and
over.  And they were all so violent.  They thrust brutally, driving their
cocks down my throat or deep into my pussy or ass.  While they fucked me
they reached under me and pulled and twisted my tits or pinched and spanked
my ass.

   It was nearly dark when they finally finished fucking me and then stood
back to watch as the canister was put in place at my head again.  I saw
that there was as much cum in the canister as there had been last night
from the horses.  So I knew what I had to do.  I started sucking and
swallowing, just like last night.

   It occurred to me that this was worse.  It shouldn't have been, but
horse semen didn't have that bitter bleachy taste that human semen often
has.  This was a very bitter drink I was sucking down.

   While I worked at swallowing the contents of the canister I saw them
placing another canister under the bench I was fastened to and a man came
up and shoved his cock into my ass.  He had difficulty because his cock was
only half hard.  Once he was all the way in though, he didn't fuck me. 
Instead I felt him release a strong stream of piss into my ass, giving me a
piss enema.  As soon as he pulled free of my ass the piss drained out
quickly.  My ass and my pussy were both so numb from an entire day of abuse
that I couldn't have controlled them if I had wanted to.

   Once the piss had drained from me another man stepped out of the crowd
and forced his cock into my stretched out pussy.  I felt another long, hot
stream of piss filling me up and soon he too backed away and watched the
urine stream back out of my cunt, with the dregs of the cum with had still
remained in side me.  Two more men stepped up in turn and repeated the

   When I finally finished emptying the canister of cum it was replaced by
the canister of piss.  They didn't seem to realize that I had reached a
point that nothing really mattered any more.  I just kept telling myself,
"It's OK, you are going to die tomorrow."

   I finally managed to swallow all of the piss and the trainer took me out
to the dog wash area and hosed me down.  Then she took me to the bathroom
and I puked my guts out for the longest time.  I washed my face and went to
the bathroom and then went back out to see what was next on the agenda.

   Apparently I had worn out all the men they were able to scrape together,
so I was put back on the dog bench.  This time they experimented with
having one dog fuck me while another raped my mouth.  It was a tense
situation with some of the dogs, they resented having to share.  I got
nipped on the boob by one of them when there was almost a dog fight over

   But they finally got several pairs of dogs to work together and I spend
the next hour being dog raped in threesomes.  After they had enough footage
they let me up and I staggered after the trainer back to my cage.

   The camera was set back up to film the action in my cage and the trainer
shoved me back into the cage with that big Great Dane for another night.  I
was covered with dog cum and I guess he was pissed because he had not been
one of the dogs that was brought out to fuck me during the day.  He became
immediately agitated and started lapping me and growling.  I knew what I
had to do and I reached out and started rubbing my hand on his cock.  But
this time he was not going to be satisfied with a blowjob.  He kept
spinning around and growling and finally he worked his way up onto my back.

   He inched up my body until his head was right next to mine and I felt
his cock punching at me from the rear, searching for the hole, any hole. 
Fortunately he found the right hole and then it began.

   This was different than when he fucked me on the bench.  He was an
enormous beast.  He towered over me and I was totally overwhelmed by his
size and strength.  His front legs pressed against my body, holding me in
place as his cock thrust brutally into me, causing me a great deal of pain
and forcing me to grunt with every stroke.  I looked up during my ordeal
and saw that, by coincidence my face was right in front of the camera.  I
imagined that those freaks were really going to enjoy this one.

   I screamed when his knot entered me and then he held on and shivered as
he filled me with his cum.  All I could do was wait for it to be over.  It
seemed to last for hours, I know it wasn't really that long, but I had lost
all track of time, all concept of time.  Eventually his knot went down and
he pulled free and went to his corner.  I crawled over to the water dish
and lapped up a little of the dirty water.  I picked up one of the kernels
of dry dog food from the other bowl, but I still wasn't all that hungry. 
And I would have had to have been pretty hungry to eat that.

   I curled up and tried to sleep again.  I was in the depths of despair,
but I just kept reminding myself that tomorrow was the big day.  Tomorrow I
would die and it would all be over.

   The damned dog woke me up twice during the night.  I was still covered
in cum and I guess the smell kept getting to him.  The first time I managed
to get him to settle for a blowjob, but the second time he insisted on
fucking me.

   Morning finally came.  My big day!  I was led out to the bathroom this
time and I was allowed to use warm water.  What a treat!  I shampooed and
washed and after I had dried off I was given my makeup and my brush and
told to make myself presentable.

   When I stepped out of the bathroom finally I was surprised that, to look
at me you could not tell what I had been through in the last day and a
half. I was handed some plain white underwear and I put it on, then a
simple little dress and my shoes.  I didn't understand, were they letting
me go?  But no, they couldn't do that.  I knew that wouldn't happen.

   I was taken back to the house and given another breakfast drink.  The
five men who ran the place were in and out of the dining room I was sitting
in, they talked to each other, made phone calls, just generally went about
their business and ignored me.

   I had finished my drink some time ago and the trainer was sitting across
the table reading a magazine and ignoring me.  I heard someone yell, "OK,"
from outside the room and the trainer started giving me instructions.

   "Listen cunt," she said, "Don't screw it up.  You go outside and knock
on the door.  When somebody answers the door you say the same thing you
said when you came to the door Friday.  You give your name and the name of
your company and say that you are here to give your proposal.  You don't
mention the name of this company or the people, got it?"

   Well, not really, but it didn't matter.  I nodded and I stood up and
went outside.  There was man there with a camera recording me as I knocked
on the door.  Another man answered and I said my spiel.  He smiled and
invited me in.  He stepped aside and I walked in and the camera followed. I
saw a woman I hadn't seen before.  A tall, older woman, perhaps in her
fifties standing at the end of the hall watching.

   When I was inside she walked down the hall and introduced herself as
Helen.  As she was talking the man that had answered the door grabbed me
from behind and held my arms tightly.  I wouldn't have struggled, but he
bent my arms so far I thought that they would break and I had to struggle.

   The woman watched, smiling for a moment, then she slapped me with all of
her might.  I stared at her, shocked at the violence and stunned by the
pain.  They led me to and then down a set of stairs and into a room made up
to look like a dungeon.  No, that isn't right.  It didn't look like one, it
was one.

   My arms were forced into wrist cuffs and the cuffs were already attached
to a heavy cable hanging down from a ceiling beam.  I was pulled up until
my feet no longer touched the floor and the cable holding me was secured.

   My body swung gently from the cable for a moment as the couple moved
around me, examining me, tormenting me.

   My wrists hurt from the pressure of the cuffs and the weight of my body,
suspended in air.  The couple started toying with me.  Spinning me,
pinching and pulling at me through the clothing I had been given.  The
woman even punched me in my stomach and while I was recovering my breath
from that she punched me again, in the tit.  I had never imagined such
pain. I could not imagine a woman doing that to another woman!

   I screamed in pain and horror and called out to her pitifully, "Why? 
Why are you doing this to me?"

   She grabbed my hair and pulled my swaying body to a stop.  She spit in
my face, and then, smiling sweetly, she said, "Because my dear, we can.  We
enjoy it.  We can do anything we want to you.  No limits.  We want nothing
from you but your screams.  It is so rare to have a beautiful young woman
in our clutches.  To be able to do anything we want, no laws to worry
about, no social restrictions.  Our only constraint is time.  Sadly, we
only have an hour and a half to torture you.  So we are going to have to
cram a lot in.  I hope you don't mind."

   I had an awful desire to say, "No, that's alright." But I knew better.

   They started ripping my clothes off and when I was naked the man
attached cuffs to my ankles and spread my legs out until my knees were
nearly three feet apart.  It was very painful.  Then they started whipping

   At first they avoided the most sensitive areas, concentrating on my back
and my butt and my stomach.  Then they started branching out.  Soon they
were concentrating on my breasts and my pussy.  The pain was incredible and
I am sure that they were pleased by the screams I produced, until I started
getting hoarse.

   I guess their arms were getting tired, because they paused to take a
breath before they moved on to the next activity.  The woman attached
strong, sharp clamps to my nipples, raising my screams to a new pitch.  The
pain was incredible when the teeth bit down into my nipples and the blood
started dripping down the underside of my tits.  She attached cords to the
clamps and pulled them out and attached the cords to a post several feet in
front of me.  She tightened the cord, stretching my tits out painfully
until I thought surely my nipples would be ripped from my body.

   I was screaming hysterically, and she loved it.  She came close and
kissed my cheek and licked the tears streaming out of my eyes.  "Yes my
darling, scream for me.  You are making my pussy so fucking wet."

   She stepped back and picked up a container off of a nearby table.  She
reached inside and pulled out a very long needle, three or four inches
long. I watched in horror as she held it against the skin on my breasts and
slowly pushed it all the way through my tit.  I passed out for a moment. 
When I came to again she was waiving smelling salts under my nose.  I
snapped awake and she picked up another needle.  I looked down to see that
while I had been unconscious she had put several more in both of my
breasts. The ones closest to my nipples went all the way through.  She kept
inserting needles into my breasts for a very long time.  There were so many
at the end that I couldn't see my breasts, only the brightly colored little
plastic heads of he pins.

   She picked up two more of the clamps like the ones attached to my
nipples and bent down and fastened them to the lips of my pussy.  I
screamed again, and passed out again.  But it is no fun torturing the
senseless.  They used the smelling salts to bring me back and then they
attached cords to the new clamps and fastened them to the same post that my
nipples now stretched towards.  They stretched my pussy lips out more than
an inch, until I was sure they would be torn off, then they tied them off
to the post.

   Once I was secured the man moved around behind me and forced his large
cock into my ass.  Every move of my body was causing me extreme pain and
blood was dripping in little rivulets down my breasts and my pussy.  I
started to pass out again but the woman slapped me a few times and that
seemed to do the trick.

   While the man was fucking my ass, she started pulling the needles out of
my tits.  Slowly.  Drawing out the pain.  She finished at about the same
time as her friend finished fucking me.  They removed the clamps from my
nipples and I screamed in agony.  I think it hurt worse when they took them
off.  Then my labia were released, with the same result.

   Finally my ankles were released and then I was lowered to the floor.  I
was pulled to my feet and draped backwards over a large barrel.  My wrist
and ankle cuffs were tied off to something on the floor and my back felt
like it would break.

   They each appeared over me and started dripping hot candle wax all over
my body, literally.  The entire front of my body was encased in wax by the
time that they had finished.  Even my face!  I thought surely I was going
to be covered in burns.  It was excruciating.

   They took a short break and let the wax set up nice and hard.  Then they
came back with short little riding whips and started whipping me. 
stripping the wax form me with the whips.  By the time they had finished I
was pretty much out of it.

   They unfastened my cuffs and laid me out on the floor.  The woman
squatted over my face and ordered me to eat her pussy.  This was probably
the only perversion I had not been subjected to already.  But it was
alright.  I was going to die soon.  Besides, compared to a lot of the other
things I had been forced to do, this was nothing.

   I gave her several orgasms with my mouth while the man lifted my hips up
off of the floor and raped my tortured pussy.  After they both had cum in
me she started pissing in my mouth.  I swallowed it all easily.

   I was then pulled to my knees and the man pissed in my mouth.  While I
was drinking his piss the woman was putting handcuffs on my wrists.  I
finished drinking the man's piss and I was pulled to my feet and let naked,
up the stair and outside to the barn, with the cameraman following closely.

   There was a small group of men gathered in one corner and they watched
as I was led to the horse bench in the middle of the floor.  I was strapped
down and the cameras were set up and the lights turned on.

   A couple of men came over and did something at the bottom of the bench.
I realized that they were removing the boards that kept the horses from
being able to get close enough to bury their cocks into the victims
strapped to the bench.

   Now I knew how I was going to die.  I was going to get fucked to death
by a horse!  Not what I would have chosen, but soon it would be over.  I
was about to die.

   The boards were moved out of the way and I waited fearfully.  I hoped it
wouldn't hurt too much when that horse shoved two feet of cock into my

   I heard the sound of hooves on the wood floor and I looked up to see
which horse would have the honor.  I saw the large black horse being led
forward, but I honestly couldn't remember if I had serviced this one yet or
not.  The events of the weekend were really a haze now.

   The horse was led over so that my pussy was in his face and he could
smell the semen dripping out of me.  I watched as the trainer reached down
started massaging the horse cock.  It was getting hard fast.  Soon he was
ready and the trainer led him up and while one of the men held the reins
she bent over to insert his cock into my drizzling pussy.

   I was startled when the man near my head suddenly crumpled to the
ground. I couldn't look down and see him and didn't have any idea what was
going on.  I saw the trainer stand up and look towards the door and
suddenly there was a small red hole in the middle of her forehead and she
dropped to the floor.  The horse was startled and pulled back and ran back
out to his corral.

   I was still confused.  It looked like the trainer had been shot.  But
those little popping sounds didn't seem loud enough to be shots.  I looked
around and saw more men falling to the floor.  Some after running a few
steps.  But none of them got far.  I saw that the big five were all dead.
All of the cameramen were dead.  Everyone but me was dead.  That wasn't
right!  I was supposed to be dead.  I wanted to be dead.  I was ready to be

   I heard footsteps and I closed my eyes and waited for my turn.  But
instead I felt my arms and legs being released from the bench.  I opened my
eyes and saw Jim.  He had a look of absolute horror on his face.  "Oh god.
Not again," I thought.  "Not more things he can't forget.  Oh well.  It
doesn't matter.  I will just have to find another way to die."

   Jim pulled me off the bench and carried me to his car.  He put a blanket
over me and then he called 911.  There were tears in his eyes, he was
crying so loud he had trouble telling the cops where he was and what he had

   When he got off the phone I told him to tell them that I did it.

   He smiled at me and tried to kiss me, but I turned my head away.  He
didn't realize where my lips had been.

   "I am so sorry," he sobbed.  "This is all my fault.  If I hadn't been so
stupid you would still be safe, at home, with me."

   "No," I said softly, "Don't be silly.  I'm no good anymore.  I am going
to die soon.  I'm ruined now.  Tell them I shot all the men.  You shouldn't
go to jail for something like me."

   He pulled me close and cried and I felt so sorry for him.

   Finally the cops drove up.  There were a half a dozen cop cars and
several ambulances.  Jim got out as they approached and put his hands in
the air.  The cops surrounded us and put handcuffs on him.  Then this big
old redneck Georgia State Trooper came back out from looking around the

   He looked at Jim and said, "You do that?"

   Jim nodded.


   "They kidnapped my wife.  If you look around you will find three days
worth of horrible movies recording all of the torture and abuse she had
suffered since she came out here Friday afternoon at their request to make
a business presentation."

   The signs of what had taken place here were everywhere.  The cop looked
around and then he took the cuffs off of Jim and asked him if he had any
other weapons.  He said that he didn't.

   One of the cops came out of the house with the DVD with my picture on
it, from my first horse rape last year.  I explained what that was and who
the five men were and why I was here.  I asked that I not be asked what
happened in front of Jim.  I know that our marriage is over, but he has
suffered enough.

   When I was finally alone with the big trooper who seemed to be in charge
I told him everything, starting with what happened last year.  I put in
every detail.  He recorded it on his little tape recorder.  I gave a cold,
honest, complete recital of the events that had taken place.  I didn't have
to worry about my pride or humility any longer.  I was going to die soon.

   They had me show them around the farm.  I showed them what little I had
seen and explained the paraphernalia I had become familiar with.  Then they
found some clothing inside the house I could put on and I took a quick
shower and got dressed in the house.

   The trooper took us in to the station in his car and on the way in I
asked if I could get a hamburger somewhere since I hadn't eaten since lunch
on Friday.  He stopped and bought me a hamburger and a coke.  But I could
only eat a few bites before I started feeling ill.

   We got to the station and as soon as we arrived he called the District
Attorney.  The DA wasn't all that happy about being called in on a Sunday
night, but he finally showed up and the Trooper told him everything.  By
then they had looked at some of the recordings and were thoroughly

   There was a long discussion, apparently the DA didn't want to make a
decision until morning, but the Trooper absolutely refused to lock anyone
up.  The DA left after a few minutes and the Trooper came out to Jim and I
and said, "You two can go for now, but we will have to talk to you some
more before this is over."

   He asked me where I would be staying and I gave him my address.  He
asked Jim and I told him that Jim could stay with me, if he wanted to.

   Jim nodded and the Trooper explained that our cars would be released
tomorrow after the crime scene was processed.  He handed me my keys from my
purse and he had one of his troopers take us to my apartment.

   I went inside and Jim hugged me and tried to kiss me again.  He seemed
sad when I refused.  I tried to explain that it wasn't him.  I still loved
him.  I had never stopped.  It was just that after what had happened I
could never kiss anyone again.  I was.....dirty.

   He cried out and pulled me closer and forced his lips to mine.  "You
aren't dirty," he sobbed.  "You are a victim.  And it is mostly my fault. I
fucked up in Vermont.  I had trouble dealing with things.  But when you
left I realized what was important to me.  I won't let you go again."

   I smiled at him.  I really loved him.  "Yes you will," I said calmly,
reasonably.  "It's worse now.  This past weekend......well, it's worse now.
You can't love me now.  You love who I was.  I think she is gone now.  They
killed her."

   He held me close and said, "I know about this weekend, well, most of it.
I don't care.  I already learned my lesson.  I know you were hurt, badly.
Mentally and physically.  We will work at it, you will get better, we will
get better.  I won't let you go again."

   I knew he meant it.  It didn't matter though.  I was going to die soon.
I asked him how he found me.  What he was doing here.

   "I got that check you sent me, from the sale of the house," he said.  I
tore it up.  I was so pissed.  Not at you, at me, for being such a stupid
asshole.  I realized I had let the best thing that had ever happened to me
get away.  I didn't let you get away, I drove you away.  I threw you away.
It didn't take long to get your address.  You can't keep secrets in our
little town.  I got your address and drove straight through to Augusta."

   "I had gotten the name of the place you worked and I couldn't wait for
you to get home.  I went to your office.  Your secretary told me were out
of the office on business.  So I waited in the parking lot outside your
house apartment for you to come home."

   "When you didn't come home I gave up and got a room in a nearby motel
and the next day I waited in the parking lot again.  I was getting worried
but I didn't know what else to do.  I called the cops and they said that
there were no accidents or anything, you weren't in the hospital.  All I
could do was wait."

   "Finally on Sunday I called the emergency contact number on the door of
your office.  I had a terrible time convincing the answering service that
it was an emergency.  They finally agreed to try to contact someone.  I
ended up having to wait until church got out for them to reach anyone."

   "Finally your secretary called me in the afternoon and after I finally
convinced her that something was wrong she told me where you had gone. 
Since last year I always carry a weapon.  I had my M1 carbine in the trunk
with a couple of banana clips.  I got it out and drove out to the studio. I
pulled up and went to the house, but there wasn't anyone there.  I heard a
noise in the barn and headed across the yard to the door.  I saw what was
happening when I walked in and just started shooting.  I went crazy.  I
didn't even know how many men were there or if they had weapons.  I just
wanted to kill them all.  So I did.  And I am glad.  I wish I could have
done it last time."

   My hero.  No, really, I mean it.  It is sad.  He will feel bad when I

   I made him some supper.  I ate a little.  I couldn't stand much.  Then
we just sat and held each other and comforted each other.

   "I love you Jean," he said softly.  "I am so sorry I was such a dick. 
Believe me, I will never forgive myself for what I did.  But I outgrew it,
I swear.  It doesn't matter now.  None of it.  Well, that's not true.  Of
course it matters.  It happened to us, to you.  But I don't care anymore.
That was a terrible experience, and you will need help to get over it.  I
am going to help you.  And I am going to get you all of the best
professional help that there is.  In fact, you are going to meet Kevin

   "Who is Kevin?" I asked.

   "When I got back from reserve duty in Iraq I had some problems.  Kevin
was the guy that helped me work through them.  He is good.  It's like he
can read your mind.  I know, he isn't a rape counselor, but he just has a
way.  I think he can help.  I called him from the police station and he is
flying down in the morning."

   I smiled at Jim.  He is so sweet.  He really wants to help.  I almost
wish it wasn't too late.

   We went to bed together.  With our clothes on.  We just cuddled.  It was
nice.  It had been a long time.

   The next day we went back to the police station.  I called my office and
told them I probably wouldn't be in.

   Ten minutes later my boss was at the police station.  When he found out
what had happened he was in shock.  He offered to give me as much time as I
needed, with pay.  He even offered to provide any and all counseling that
was needed.

   He was so nice I felt guilty.  I hugged him and told him to relax.  It
wasn't his fault.  Nobody blamed him.  He had no way of knowing that his
clients were the mad rapists from my past.

   "Doesn't matter," he said.  "I'm gonna do what's right."

   I introduced him to Jim and they talked for a few minutes and finally
the Trooper came out of his office and said, "You folks are all free to go.
I have talked to the DA and there will be no charges.  Case is closed. 
Your cars are out back and your gun and your other belongings are being
brought out to you.  All I ask is that if you leave the area you let me
know where you go in case I need to get in touch with you.  My boys found a
lot of movies in their store room and I suspect that there are going to be
a lot of crimes solved eventually.  A lot of horrible crimes.  A lot of the
men in those movies that are still unaccounted for are known rapists."

   I said goodbye to the Trooper and thanked him for being so nice.  I said
goodbye to my boss and thanked him too.  Jim followed me home in his car
and we went inside my apartment.  I tried again to explain that it was
alright.  I understood.  I knew he could never look at me in the same way
again, that we could never be the same way again.  That cute young,
innocent couple.

   "No," he said.  "We are just going to have to be who we are.  Two people
who had a rough time but got over it and are still in love, so it doesn't
matter.  I should have my ass kicked for deserting you when I did.  I know
that now.  I am so sorry.  But I swear I won't leave you again.  Not ever.
Not even if you try to make me."

   I just smiled.

   Someone came to the door in the afternoon.  It was Kevin.  He had
treated Jim for post traumatic stress.  I remember when Jim came home from
Iraq.  He had been very quiet, but I had no idea he had been having
problems, or that he had been seeing someone about it.  That was while we
were still engaged.

   Kevin came in and we talked for a while.  Kevin certainly did have a way
about him.  He made you feel comfortably talking to him.  In fact, we
talked all night.  All three of us.  We talked and we cried and we hugged
and by morning I was not so sure I was going to die.

   Then we had to make some decisions.  Jim understood that I could not go
back to our place in Vermont.  He offered to move anywhere that I wanted to
go.  Even here if that was what I wanted.

   I didn't know what I wanted.  It was going to take more than one night
of talking to straighten me out.  I knew that now.  But I thought, maybe,
things might get better.

   That was two years ago.  Today, Jim and I are remarried.  We live in
another small town in Vermont.  If you are from Vermont it is hard to not
live in Vermont.

   We see Kevin a lot.  He is our friend now, as well as a counselor.  I
have a new job.  We have a nice new house.  No barn.

   We are going to make it this time.  We even make love again.  And it is
good.  In some ways it is even better.  I can deep throat now.  Jim likes
that, and I like it when it feels good for him.  Anal sex doesn't hurt at
all.  We don't do it often, it isn't a favorite for either of us, but once
in a while, what the hell.  But the best part is that now we look each
other in the eye and we can smile and laugh.  Yeah, we are going to make it
this time.

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