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Subject: {ASSM} Two Star Hotel:  Part Five (Rape, Bondage, Oral, Humil, Spank, anal)
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Well, I know it has been a while since I put anything out there, but I
had a break from the writing that pays the bills and decided to play
catch-up.  I will try to put out another chapter of this story this
week and may manage another in the series "The Taking of Hermione
Granger" as well.  I will repost the first four parts of this series
although you can Google them and find them easily enough.  I don't have
editor for this fluff, so if you find mistakes I will fix them in the
original that I keep so they are fixed the next time.  I gladly
(although not always graciously) accept CONSTRUCTIVE  criticism and
welcome it. just try not to be too brutal, as I really don't like to go
back over my own work, and thus tend to miss things I shouldn't.  Thank
god for copy readers and editors.  This installment is in the
neighborhood of 1700 words, and I am told that there are a few sites
posting my Usenet works in archive.  Enjoy
The Word Smith

Two Star Hotel
By The Word Smith

If you're here reading this you know what this is and you were
looking for it.
If your not 18 its on your head.
This is my work, not yours, so don't steal it.  Give credit where
credit is due, and ask me at the address above before you repost it

Two Star Hotel

Part Five
The man lay on top of Kelly for a few heartbeats and then said "I
asked you a question slave."  Kelly hesitated for a moment and then
quietly said "Please sir, do whatever you want to me but please
don't hurt my sisters."  The man, heaving a great sigh rolled off
of Kelly and lay sprawled on the bed beside her for a moment before
saying "I fully intend to do whatever I want to with you slave, I
will also do whatever I want with your sisters."  Rolling onto his
side and propping himself up on an elbow he looked at her and said
"Look at me slave."  When she didn't move right away he roughly
grasped her cheeks and forced her head to turn until she was looking at
him.  "You just earned yourself a beating cunt" he spat at her
"and your sister gets one too.  If you don't want me to start
hurting Mandy too, you had better start doing as you are told when you
are told."
Seeing the futility of the situation, Kelly said "Please sir, I am
sorry, I just was stunned and didn't know what to say."
Taking a deep breath, Kelly said "I don't know how she would handle
herself sir, she is a good girl though, please don't hurt her I will
be good and cooperate!"  Chuckling as he moved, the man said, "I
believe you will Kelly, and I am going to give you a chance to prove it
right now.  I am going to put a chain on you and then release your
hands, and when I do you and I are going to fuck like mad and if you
don't convince me that you like it and act like you love me" I am
going to go and cut Sandi's face up so bad that even plastic surgery
wont help, then I will find Mandy and start on her.  Do you understand
me?  Kelly looked the man in the eye and started too cry as she nodded
and said "Yes sir"
Taking the chain and securing it around her waist, the man took the
restraints off Kelly's hands leaving her free to move. And walked to
the desk where he set up the cameras again and went back to the bed.
Pulling Kelly up by the hair, the man said "If I ask you how you like
it you had better reply that you love it and want more, and you call me
sir at all times.  If I tell you to do something you had better do it
or your sisters will pay the price, and if you don't want them to get
hurt you had better convince me that you are in love with me by the
time I cum, not by telling me, by showing me.  Do you understand me?"
 Knowing she had no choice, Kelly simply bowed her head and said "Yes

Turning up the volume a little bit again on the TV, the man walked to
the desk and told Kelly to lay on her back and watch the porn on the
TV.  When Kelly had done this, he said "Play with yourself, pinch
your nipples and rub your cunt."  Embarrassed, but knowing she had no
choice, Kelly did as she was told.  Before coming to the bed, the man
had Kelly bend he knees and spread he legs wide so that the cameras
could get a good view and then told her to slap her cunt a few times as
she rubbed it.  By the time that the man stepped back into the scene
that the cameras were recording, he was fully hard again from watching
the voluptuous young woman rubbing and slapping her clit.
Grasping his stiff prong by the root, the man pumped it a few times
then turning her head from the TV the man rubbed the pre-cum across her
lips and sighed as she continued to rub herself as her lips parted to
engulf the head of his cock.
Kelly couldn't help it,  she was mortified at the fact that she was
becoming aroused, she didn't want anything to do with this man and
yet here she was rubbing her own pussy and making it dripping wet.  She
had never slapped her pussy before, but even this was giving her a
sexual charge with each sharp but not too powerful blow he pussy got
wetter and wetter.
Without warning, the man pulled out of her mouth and got on the bed.
Kelly looked at him with apprehension as he laid down between her legs
and said "did that taste good sweetheart?"   Kelly, realizing that
this was her queue, replied with a little bit of enthusiasm, "Yes
sir."  Looking her in the eye sternly, the man said are you ready to
cum Kelly?"  Kelly seeing the anger in his eyes said "Yes sir,
please make me cum!" with more than a little bit of enthusiasm.  To
both their ears she sounded sincere.
As Kelly watched, the man lowered his face to her luscious pink cunt
and started to suck he clit.  Kelly sat stunned for a moment with her
head thrown back and panted with the feeling that he was giving her.
After a moment, the man's tongue lapped at her cunt and dipped into
her honey pot, snaking deeply into her and causing her to let out an
involuntary moan and a squirm of her gorgeous ass.  The man alternated
between sucking her clit and driving his tongue into her now dripping
pussy.  After a few moments of this it was plainly evident that Kelly
was enjoying herself despite he shame and guilt at the  fact that she
As Kelly built towards a forced orgasm, the man wrapped his arms around
her legs placing her knees over his shoulders and drove his searching
tongue as far into her as he could and used his thumb to rub her clit
as he lapped at her insides.  Kelly, overwhelmed at this new sensation
propped herself up on her elbows so she could see what he was doing,
and after a few seconds of his unwavering ministrations, he hands moved
on their own to her breasts.  A heartbeat later the mans eyes smiled up
at her from between her legs as she began to pinch and twist her own
The man seeing that she was responding like this raised his head and
said "Are you ready to cum my dear?"  Kelly's face blushed
scarlet as she was humiliated by the fact that she was, and stunned
when she heard her own voice say "Yes sir."  Switching from
thumbing her clit to sucking on it, the man pushed his ring and middle
fingers easily into her dripping pussy and feeling the roughly textured
skin of her G spot, began to rub it forcefully.  As he sucked and
chewed lightly on her clit.

Kelly had never felt anything like this in her life.  The orgasm washed
over her like a tidal wave.  One second she was being raped by an
unknown stranger and denigrating herself to his will, and the next she
was laying flat on her back with her feet in the air pulling and
twisting her own nipples as she came on his face.  Kelly's hips
bucked and she panted and moaned as she came unwillingly in his sucking
mouth as she twisted and pulled her nipples increasing the pleasure
with just the slightest pain.
She had been with a few boys from high school and even gone home with a
bartender while at college, an older more experienced man, but it have
never felt like this.  None of the men she had ever been with had
worked her like this, it was always just sex with a slight penchant
towards roughness, call it vigorous sex.  Now as she squirmed on the
bed she was enthralled in the sensations he was giving her, forcing her
to experience!
Kelly dropped her hips back to the bed and lay there panting as the man
stopped sucking on her clit and began flicking and nibbling again.  His
voice came up to her as if from a dream, and caught her off guard as he
said "Your first true orgasm Kelly?"  She lay there panting and
quivering as he continued to stroke her G spot and said "Yes sir"
"Good" he said, "get ready for another!"  The man took her clit
into his mouth again and began to suck on it while continuing to rub
her G spot.  Again Kelly's hands came up involuntarily to her chest,
this time not just pinching her nipples, but rubbing and squeezing her
tits roughly.  Kneading them like dough sometimes and pulling the
nipples taught others, Kelly worked her chest as the man in the mask
worked her cunt.
Kelly was so into it and so close to he second orgasm the she did not
notice immediately when the mans thumb slid down to her exposed anus.
With her feet in the air and her knees pushed wide and back to her
ribs, she couldn't stop him when he pushed his thumb into her ass and
pressed down slightly stretching her anus open ever so slightly as he
bit her clit.

Kelly sucked in a sharp breath as the mans thumb pushed into her.  She
had never had anal sex, but she knew what it was.  A few of the times
that she and her boyfriend had used a hotel room while her folks were
out on the town or gone for the weekend, they had watched pornos, and
he has talked her into trying it.  They had even used lube once, but it
was always way to painful for her and she had begged him to stop.  This
time though, his thumb pushed into her and the slight pain of it
combined with her own nipple twisting ministrations made her shudder
and her abdominals flex as the man suddenly bit down lightly on her
clit.  The feelings were too much and Kelly tripped over the brink
again.  Not so much a crashing tidal wave this time as being tossed
into a maelstrom, Kelly bucked and thrashed and tried not to scream as
the man chewed and sucked on her clit and sawed his thumb in and out of
her ass, keeping the ever present downward pressure so that as she
bucked under his tutelage she was stretching her own ass for him, so
that she was opening her own passage to depravity.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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