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Copyright (c) 2006, H. Grant. All Rights Reserved.

COMMENTS: Warning!  This story depicts the sexual abuse of a toddler
girl.  If themes involving exploitation, rape, and scat offend you, DO
NOT proceed to read this story!

STORY CODES: Mg,extreme pedo,toddler,rape,diapers,ws,scat

STORY INTRO: Warren cruises the city streets looking for desperate
prostitutes willing to do anything for drugs - including giving up
their children for sexual abuse.

The Perverted Prowler

by H. Grant

	Warren knew what to look for.  And most importantly, he knew where to
look.  Searching for pics and vids of little kids on the Internet was
one thing, but finding an opportunity in real life was an entirely
different story.  Being extremely careful went without saying.
However, it also took a lot of research and planning.

	Warren was attracted to very young girls - especially toddlers.  He
had a sickening desire for the particular habits and behaviors that
were unique to this age group.  His thick penis enjoyed the drooling,
baby babbles, tottling, squatting, and messing that little girls in
this age group were known for.  He enjoyed the way they smelled.  The
light soap, the baby breath, and especially the aroma of baby powder
between their soft little legs.  He loved their innocence, and the act
of betrayal of that very innocence when they went potty in their sweet
little diapers.  He also enjoyed the notion of defiling them and
molesting them in cruel and degrading ways once they were "dirty."
Upon making "messy," the child was no longer deserving of any sort of
respect, rather they were now deserving of sick and degrading
humiliation.  That was the part that Warren enjoyed the most.  It was
the only thing left in life that made his evil cock explode into
intense orgasm.

	Indeed, Warren had many years of practice to hone his craft.  He now
had plenty of real life experiences under his belt to draw from.  He
was now a veteran predator and (as mentioned above) he knew exactly
where to hunt for his victims.  Today, he was on the prowl and his cock
was hard as hell.

	The age group of little girls that attracted Warren didn't fall off
trees.  They were always closely guarded by someone - usually a
relative.  This made the victimization of the child very difficult, but
not impossible.  This process required the initial "hunt" for a much
older victim - usually the mother of the child.  In Warren's sick and
demented mind, the profile for a successful victim usually read
something like this:  Very young mom (usually teenage to early 20's),
raised in abusive household under impoverished conditions.  Young mom
seeks attention.  Young mom tries drugs and alcohol to fit in with her
peers - who are also raised in white trash impoverished conditions.
Young mom seeks attention from opposite sex and will have sex with
anyone who will give it to her - which usually entails multiple
partners.  Young mom gets knocked up.  The five or six boyfriends she's
had within the course of 18 months (give or take) deny responsibility.
Young mom cannot afford to take her case to a court.  Young mom's
abusive parent (notice there is no plural here) learns of her
predicament and either A: gets angry and kicks her out. OR B: Cannot
afford the additional burden and cost of a grandchild born out of
wedlock and kicks her out anyway.  Either way, the young mom usually
find herself desperate and living out on the street at this point.

	The profile continues:  Young mom is left to fend for herself.  Young
mom has no place to live.  Young mom takes more drugs to feel better
about life.  Young mom becomes unable to sustain her drug habit with a
legitimate income.  Young mom turns to selling her body on the street.
Her looks begin to fade after giving birth to her child.  Young mom is
forced to do more perverse and sickening things with her male "clients"
in order to make the money she once did when she began "hooking."
Young mom's child becomes slightly older - drugs, diapers, and baby
food become more and more of a financial burden.  Young mom becomes
much more desperate - turning more tricks a day than ever before.
Young mom loses what little self esteem she has left.  Young mom's drug
addiction takes over all other priorities in her life - including the
well being of her child.  Then, finally, young mother will do anything
at all get another high - ANYTHING!

	This is usually the point when a sick pervert like Warren moves in on
her.  This is most likely to occur when the young slut is very
desperate and, consequently, VERY willing.  This is when the young
woman's child is ripe and ready to be victimized.  This is the point
where no one will be alerted or notified.  The child is too young to
talk coherently yet - and therefore will not tell anyone.  The young
mother has lost all sense of priority and will never tell the police.
All she wants is her next fix.  And now - more than ever before - she
needs a steady stream of male clients to keep up her drug habit.
Calling the police on ANY of her clients would almost certainly narrow
her list of customers and reduce what little income she has left.
Calling the police on disgusting perverts like Warren will certainly
not help her needs - especially if the perverts (men much like Warren)
who want to have a "special session" to  "play" with her daughter often
pay much more money than the sickos that want to degrade and abuse her
own body.  As a matter of fact, it is these child molesters that often
turn out to be the young mom's bread and butter, and she becomes very
pleased and willing to cater to their needs - at the expense of her
useless "cunt" of a daughter whom, by this time, has annoyed her to no
end, causing her nothing but headaches, and drying up most of her drug
money.  The young mother begins to care less and less about her little
girl and more and more about catering to the wishes of her child
molesting clients.

	This is inevitably where a pervert like Warren comes in.  He has seen
these kinds of women prostituting themselves on the inner city streets
time and again.  He is experienced and he is ready.  He has done this
many times before.  Today is Tuesday and it is sunny and 82 degrees
out.  The cheap cunts won't be difficult to spot.  Their sleazy white
trash outfits have "desperate whore" and "poverty slut" written all
over them.  All he has to do is find the perfect victim with a daughter
of the appropriate age (stretch marks on the whore's stomach and
abdomen are usually a tell tail sign).  Then it is strictly a matter of
luring them into his lavish car, being nice to them, patronizing them
with false compliments, and offering them lots of money to play
"coochie coo" with their sweet little girl.  This formula has worked
many times before.  And it will work again.

	Today was Tuesday, and Warren had taken one of his many vacation weeks
from his job as a senior executive at a large business firm in New
York.  He had plenty of cash and free time to seek out and indulge in
his quest for perverted sexual fulfillment.  He had taken his expensive
SUV out for a spin in his favorite "neck of the woods" to find his
potential victim - the North Jersey city of Newark.  It was on the
outskirts of Manhattan just 15 minutes outside of the Lincoln tunnel.
The usual gutter whores where on the beat.  They tended to be black
women or much older white women who were all washed up and permanently
scarred and damaged.  Warren had little interest at all in these types
of prostitutes.  Fortunately, the kind of "cunt" he was looking for
could also be found in these parts, but they were usually the ones who
were snatched up first and therefore it took a little more patience to
find these special kinds of girls.  Warren breathed deeply and exhaled
slowly.  He had to be patient.  After all, he wasn't the only child
molester out here that had figured out his strategy.  He had to wait
his turn.  That was fine with him.  He had all day and all night.
Hell, he had the rest of the week for that matter.  Having divorced his
ex-wife years ago (or rather she divorced him), he was a free wheeling
middle aged man.  Life was great.  And it was about to get better...

	There, standing on the corner, was the useless "cunt" of his dreams.
This young tart looked to be in her late teens and had pale white skin.
 She had long blond hair (probably dyed) that hung down past her thin
shoulder blades.  She was wearing a cheap pair of cutoff jeans that
were ripped at the base and looked liked the classic pair of daisy
dukes.  She wore a cheap halter top that exposed the upper potions of
her small breasts.  Warren was a few cars behind at this intersection
and so he eyed her carefully.  She seemed to be looking around
desperately at all the cars that were stopping at the traffic light.
She certainly seemed to be in need of something (probably drugs) and
Warren certainly had the means and the money to help her - for a
special price of course.  Yep, today was a good day for the filthy
child pervert.  He didn't have to wait very long.  This young
teenybopper was exactly the kind of trailer trash he was looking for.
She was perfect!

	Warren pulled is SUV around the corner away from the main avenue and
stopped.  The young hooker took this on cue and hurriedly made her way
to the passenger side.  Warren unlocked the automatic door and the
stupid cunt got in quickly to avoid being potentially seen by various
law enforcement.  She had green eyes that seemed a bit worn and tired
for a young cunt her age.  Warren noticed needle marks almost
immediately on her arms and legs.  To top it off, the filthy whore
smelled like she hadn't bathed in a while - more specifically, she
smelled like urine!  Probably one of her previous "clients" had used
her for a toilet - not uncommon for a sleazy street cunt like herself.
Warren's cock was already rock hard.  He politely introduced himself
under a false name (hookers never checked for ID) and let her touch his
crotch.  This was a prostitute's standard procedure to make sure they
weren't being snagged by an undercover cop.  The young girl had the
shakes and it was obvious that she was far overdue for her fix.

	"What is your name sweetie?"  He asked her politely.

	"It's Shelly."  The young blond stammered looking at him anxiously and
smiling as best she could.

      It was obvious that she wanted him to like her and take her out
on "a date."

	"Mmm Shelly.  That's a nice name for a girl like you.  What's a pretty
little thing like you doin on the street?"

	 The young cunt blushed a little.

	 "I...I know....I'm lookin' for a date.  You sure you ain't a
cop or nuthin are ya?" she stammered.

	"No sweetheart.  I'm no cop.  I'm just cruising the streets looking
for a little action myself.  You seem like a pretty girl who like to
please men.  Is this true?"  I was kind of hoping you were 'that kind'
of girl."

	 Warren was working her over well.  He wanted to get the point across
that he like obedient girls - girls who would do anything he wanted.

	 The young blond slut nodded her head and cooed her response as sexily
as she could.

	"Mmm Mister.  I certainly am that kind of girl.  I really like to make
men happy.  Wanna see my titties?"

	"That would be nice darling.  Also, can I see your stomach?  I like
women who have plopped out a baby or two.  Do you have stretch marks?"

	 The young cunt giggled a little.  She thought this was kind of
strange.  She raised her halter top to reveal her stomach and tiny pale
breasts.  It was clear from the obvious outline of her rib cage that
she hadn't bothered to eat very often.  Drug addiction does this to
women.  Warren had seen it all before.  He was a pro when it came to
determining just how willing and desperate a young cunt really was.
Shelly was exactly the kind of girl he was prowling for.  He was even
more pleased and horny when he gazed upon her pale abdomen.  She had
some stretch marks there - an indication that she had given birth in
recent years.

	"Mmm yes indeed.  Seems you've had a child recently.  Is it a girl or
a boy?"  Warren asked in a kind and unobtrusive way.

	 Shelly hesitated - though only for a moment.  This man had a kind
demeanor about him that seemed to make her relax a little.  More
importantly though, he was well dressed and appeared to be loaded with
money judging from his business clothes and his SUV.

	"I have a little girl.  She's 2 years old."  she answered slowly.

	 "Very nice indeed Shelly."  Replied Warren grinning at her.

	  The middle aged pervert eyed the stupid cunt up and down again.  She
was clearly a drug addict judging from her scars.

	"I'll bet your daughter is quite a handful to take care of considering
your other hobbies and habits."

	 Shelly looked back at him for a moment, then looked shyly down at her

	"Yeah.  She's a real pain in the ass.   All she does is wine and fuss
all day.  I hate taking care of her.  I wish my aunt could help me out,
but she moved out of state."

	 It was clear to Warren that the young hooker was trying to lay on the
sob story.  Sometimes pity worked with her clients.  Some of them
probably felt sorry for her and gave her tips.  But not Warren.  He was
an evil man who cared nothing for her (or her child's) predicament.
All he wanted to do was take advantage of this stupid cunt's situation.
 He smiled at her and put a suggestive hand on her knee and slowly
moved it up and down her lower thigh.

	"Now just relax dear.  I know you're on drugs.  I can tell by the
scars on your arms and legs.  You really need a fix don't you?"

	The little blond piece of trash lowered her head in shame, then raised
her gaze up to meet his.  Tears were beginning to form in her tired
green eyes.  It was clear she cared for nothing more than that.  All
she wanted was drugs.

	"y..yes mister...I...I really need one bad....can you help
me...I.....I'll do anything you want."

	"Well that's a very kind offer Shelly dear.  But it's not you that I
want.  I have a lot of money that I'm sure you could use right about
now, but you have to help me out too."  Warren suggested calmly.

	The young whore looked up at him with brief surprise - but only
briefly.  She had been approached by a child molester before who had
expressed interest in her baby.  Back then she had the will power to
say no.  But that was nearly a year ago and a lot had changed since
then.  Her blood was now corroded and poisoned with drugs.  Her mind
was no longer her own.  She was now a slave to her body's intense
cravings for heroin.  She desperately needed a fix.  This man was kind
enough to pull over and offer her money.  All she had to do was exactly
what he wanted - and Shelly had a feeling she knew exactly what he

	"I...I think I can help you Mister."  She replied looking down at her
scar laced legs and feeling sick to her stomach.   "I...I'll do
anything you want...I need money really bad."

	"I know you do Shelly dear.  And I'm willing to give you $200.00 if
you will be kind enough to introduce me to your sweet little girl.  I
promise I won't hurt her, but I do expect you to let me have my way
with her for a least a few hours."

	"I...uh...I...OK mister.   I think I know what you want.  I have to
get back soon.  My baby is all alone.  I live in a one room apartment
up the street.  It's not really clean.  I...(sob)...I hope you won't
mind the mess."

	"Certainly not dear.  That's why I picked you up off the street.
You're just a desperate piece of trash looking for a fix.  I hope you
don't mind me degrading you like this, but It's part of the $200.00
package.  I like to degrade and humiliate stupid little cunts like you.
 You don't mind if I degrade you do you 'Shelly Cunt?"

	  Shelly smiled up at him and batted her sweet, white trash eyes.
When she heard that he was offering $200.00, what little inhibitions
she had were now melting away - along with her sense of care for her
daughter.  He was offering more money that she had ever made on one day
- even when she was just starting out.  This man was a gold mine, and
she would do anything to please him.

	 "I don't mind mister.  I'm used to being degraded.  In fact, an old
man paid me fifty bucks to let him pee on me a little while ago."

	 "You let him pee on you didn't you?"  Warren smiled evilly.  "You
definitely smell like piss and you certainly do look like the perfect
female toilet."

	 The filthy pervert reached over and stuck his filthy fingers close to
her mouth.  The stupid blond cunt parted her smelly lips and opened up
her dumb little mouth instinctively.

	"Lets just see how 'willing' you are Shelly Cunt."  Warren said as he
jammed three of his dirty fingers into her sleazy mouth and wiggled
them around inside.

	The desperate blond sucked and slurped like an obedient little pig.
She was such a sweetheart and very willing to please - just the way
Warren liked his women.  It was an added bonus that young Shelly was a
"pee pee kind of girl."  She had sunk really low by now.  The drugs
were now working their filthy magic on her stupid little mind.  Warren
was sure that it wasn't Shelly's first time receiving a golden shower
from a customer.  She probably hated it the first time.  But gradually
the stupid cunt probably learned to enjoy taking a warm "golden bath."
Golden showers were especially rewarding to desperate little cunts like
her - especially on cold winter evenings when she needed to keep warm.

	"So you like golden showers don't you Shelly Cunt?"

	"(slurp)..ughhn aha yeah (gag... slurp...slop)."

	"That's a good little piggy.   I'll bet you wouldn't mind taking a
'brown' bath for the right price wouldn't you - you wouldn't mind if I
pooped on you're skanky little face would you - especially if I added
an extra $50.00 to the package?"

	"(slurp)..ughhn aha yeah (gag... slurp...slop)....I gaghg love pooghve
poop (slobber...suck...slurp)"

	"Well Shelly dear, it seems you might just get you're wish.  You just
be a good little cunt and lead me to your shitty daughter and we'll see
how things go.  I hope you haven't potty trained the baby slut yet have
you?"  He asked withdrawing his slimy fingers from her stupid little

	"No mister.   She hasn't been toilet trained yet.  She's still wearing
diapers."  Shelly replied trying to smile sexily at him through her

	 The young whore felt like she needed to throw up.  This pervert was
as sick as they came.  But he was sooo rich!  She needed the money
badly.  She withheld her urge to puke.  She didn't want to make him
angry or turned off by messing up his car.

	"So how bout it Shelly Cunt?  You want that extra $50.00 dollars?
Does Shelly want a warm 'brown' shower afterward?"

	"oohhh yes Mister...I need all the money I can get...I like it a
lot...especially on my face!"

	Warren smiled down at his stupid little prize.  She was the perfect
little "toilet target."

     "You're such a good little whore Shelly Cunt.  You're learning
what men really like in a woman." He soothed in a cool and calculating
voice.  "Now lead me to your daughter, I'll bet she likes playing with
shit too!"

	Shelly was feeling very sick now.  It was a combination of her desire
for heroin and her disdain for this asshole.   He was truly the
filthiest of all perverts - very sick and demented.

	Then the drugs took over her mind again.

***But he is such a nice man.  He has lots and lots of money.  He is so
kind and generous.  He's going to help me get my powder.  Such an
adorable and sexy old man.  I'll do anything thing he wants - ANYTHING.
  All he has to do is ask me.***

	 Shelly surrendered to the drugs in her mind and veins.  She was no
longer herself.  She was now just a worthless object of pleasure and
obedience - a puppet on drugs being controlled by the many tentacles
and strings it held over her mind and body.  She was nothing but a
"play toy" now.  A play toy just for Warren.  And she was eternally
grateful to him.  He was a VERY kind and generous man.  He was her
savior.  He was going to help her get high again.  Such a nice man.
Such a beautiful and wonderful man.

	The little blond tart smiled up at Warren as she led him to her
apartment complex down the filthy street.  She wanted to please him so
much.  Her heart ached to please him in any way possible.  She hoped
that her mouth and face would make the perfect receptacle for his
bodily waste.  Maybe, if she pleased him enough, he would ask her out
on another date.  Then she could make another $200.00 dollars.  Shelly
wanted to make sure that Warren's stay in her cheap apartment was both
memorable and pleasurable.  She would do anything to make sure that her
stupid daughter pleased him - even if it meant smacking her around
until she did as she was told.  She wanted her daughter to behave for
this man.

	***Such a kind man.  Such a successful man.   Such a warm and generous
man.  I would do ANYTHING to make him happy.  I want him to ask me out

*     *     *     *

	The old apartment complex smelled musty and stale.  It was comprised
of three floors with several separate rooms on each.  Warren knew the
types of people who lived here.  They were almost always comprised of
welfare parents, drug addicts, teenagers (like Shelly) with virtually
no income at all, and drunks.  The shelf life of a typical tenant
usually lasted no more than a few months in a place like this. Then the
inevitable eviction notice came and a new group of losers moved in.  It
was clear to Warren that the landlord cared nothing for these people.
The building was old and falling apart.  There was no air conditioning
and the paint on the walls was chipping away with age.

	The young cunt led him up to the second floor and down a narrow
hallway.  The carpet smelled like vomit and the slight smell of stale
urine was unmistakable to Warren.  A few moments later, the cheap
hooker led him inside a small room that comprised her stupid little
white trash world.  There was only a kitchen and four small rooms.
There was nothing but junk and trash strewn all over the place and the
stench of soiled diapers was quite pervasive.  Apparently young Shelly
was so far gone in her drug habit that cleaning up after herself (or
her child) was no longer a priority for her.  Warren's cock became
stiffer than ever when he smelled the scent of wet and poopy diapers.
He even spotted one on the floor half open.  What a stupid cunt of a
girl.  If DYFS had seen this place they would have scooped the child
right up and carried her away to a shelter.  Fortunately for Warren, no
one ever bothered to check on Shelly and her daughter.  In fact, nobody
cared.  Everyone who lived in this complex was doing something illegal.
 It was a roach trap to be sure.  Hell, even the roaches probably lived
better than these pathetic people.

	Warren surveyed the scene one last time before he made his way into
the daughter's bedroom.  He gazed upon the half open Disney diaper.  It
was all white with pink girlie trim with a hint of brown mush inside.
If Warren had any ounce of respect left for the little cunt, it
dissolved right then and there.  This little "cunt princess" was due to
be fondled and jerked around - much like her sleazy mother.  The fun
was only just beginning.

	As soon as she showed Warren inside the room, the young hooker begged
him to give her the cash up front so that she could run out to buy
drugs.  Warren handed her a fifty dollar bill.

	"You get the rest when I'm through with your cunt of a daughter."  He
scolded.  "Also, its insurance so you don't go blabbing to the cops."

	"Don't worry Mister.  I promise I won't tell anyone.  Hell I don't
care what you do with her, just pay me the rest when I get back."  she

      "I'll pay you the rest when you return.  Just don't come back too
soon.  I want to treat your daughter like the little whore she is."  He

	Shelly grabbed the fifty dollar bill and rushed out without saying
another word.  Warren gazed briefly on the little toddler sleeping on
the floor in the corner of the room.  She had dirty blond hair and was
dressed in a little t-shit that read "Princess" on is.  Her lower body
was adorned only with a disposable Cinderella diaper.  From the smell
of it, it was quite soiled and messy already.

	Warren grinned to himself as he exited the room momentarily.  He went
out to the main living room (such as it was) and locked the chain on
the door.  Then he inspected the rest of the small apartment to make
sure all was safe for his perverted little session with the sleeping
piece of filth in the small bedroom.  Warren hadn't bothered to ask the
prostitute for her daughter's name.  He didn't care.  The little cunt
was just an object for his pleasure, and he intended to use her up like
a useless scrap of toilet paper.  Hell, maybe he would wind up using
HER as a piece of toilet tissue.  Of course, it all depended on his
mood - which tended to change from one moment to the next when he was
engaged in molesting a small child.

	 Warren entered the child's room and removed his clothes.  The toddler
stirred herself awake and began to cry almost immediately.  She was
definitely uncomfortable lying in her squishy Cinderella pamper.  It
smelled of stale BM and urine.  Warren moved closer to the child and
knelt down.  He turned her over and began smelling and licking the
filthy piece of "fuck trash" all over her smelly body.  The child
stopped crying and grew curious as to these new sensations.  Gradually,
the sensations grew more hostile.  In addition to licking and smelling,
Warren began to bite on the child's soft baby nipples.  They were so
tiny they could only pass for dots.  The little cunt began to whimper
her displeasure in soft baby moans, but Warren was relentless.  He
began stroking his dick with one hand and cupping his lusty palm
against the crotch of her stinky diaper with the other.  Warren could
almost feel the disgusting warmth of poo poo encased within
Cinderella's secret potty place.  He could almost make out the squishy
and mushy sounds of her smelly "preschool mud" as his hand caused the
dirty crud to mash itself deeper and further into the child's helpless
crotch - caking itself deep inside the crevice of her baby bottom and
upwards toward her sleazy little pisser.

	"Just a filthy little child cunt you are sweetie.  Now just lay still
and let uncle Warren play special little potty games with you're sweet
messy cunny."  He soothed menacingly.

	The little piece of trash lay still while Warren had his way with her
soft smelly body.  The sick pervert undid the tapes on her poop smeared
diaper and unfolded the front.  The sleazy toddler giggled and cooed at
all the attention she was finally getting - especially between her
smelly little legs.  A large pile of "little girl poopies" greeted his
twisted eyes and nostrils.  The musky odor of baby powder and squishy
brown child candy seemed so warm, sexy, and inviting to the middle aged
pervert.  He immediately immersed his sick hand inside the smelly
depths of her disposable diaper and wiggled his   mentally ill fingers
into the warm pile of kiddy stink that greeted him with a friendly
"kiddy toy" embrace.  Warren scooped up a large chunk of the child's
soft brown poo poo and began wiggling his sick finger inside the
child's pee stained vagina.  The child's little pink folds turned from
a lovely golden color of stale pee pee  into a sexy shade of girl scout
brownie poop.  Now her soft little pisser would become much more sexy
for the disgusting pervert who was molesting her, and it would make his
cock even harder with lust.

	The toddler's little whimpers and soft coos only served to heighten
Warren's perverse sexual arousal.  He gazed lustfully down at his
stupid little prize.  The twisted smell of the child's warm poopies
entered his nose again and his evil cock twitched and bobbled in sick
appreciation and approval of it's master's catch of the day.  The
child's soft, heart shaped bottom was covered with smelly chocolate
icing for Warren's sickening pleasure.  She was definitely a dream toy
for a gross pedophile like Warren.  She was made for him, and his cock
twitched and "boinged" in appreciation of all the smelly gifts that the
little cunt had to offer him.

  	Warren continued to grope the dirty little tyke for almost an hour -
taking in all the pleasant sensations of the little "potty smears" and
sexy brown poo poo smells the little kiddy cunt had to offer him.
Gradually, the rigid head of his evil vessel craved to explore the
warmth and squishy underworld of the child's special diaper candy for
itself.  Warren's thick menacing cock wanted  to bathe itself inside
the smelly brown chocolate the toddler had created just for him.  It
wanted to feel the soft squishy warmth and messy poopy smears all
around it's shaft and sick little head.  Warren obliged his cock with
everything it desired.  He rubbed his thick penis all around the inside
of the child's diaper - coating it with the sweetest brown candy the
dumb little girl had to offer.  She was such a good little whore.  The
little kiddy cunt felt so soft, moist, and pleasantly obedient.  Little
cunts like her enjoyed making soft pooey gifts for perverts like
Warren.  It's what she was made for.  This was her sole purpose in life
- to please Warren.

	Warren found that the little pre-school slut also had another purpose.
 The smelly piece of two year old toilet trash would make a nice
receptacle for his perverted cock.  With the child's "Cinderella poo
poo" smeared all over his sick cock and testicles, Warren plunged his
vessel deep and hard into the little girl's womb.  The child screamed
out in pain, but no one in the apartment complex cared.  Warren had
already accounted for this problem.  He figured correctly that this
little piece of fuck meat had probably cried out just as loud many
times before and the tenants were probably used to it.  They would
simply dismiss it as just another one of her many tantrums.  Warren was
right.  No one listened and no one cared.  He could fuck the little
cunt anyway he wanted.

	And he did.

	The sick child molester fucked the little girl hard with his pooped
stained cock.  Trails of sickening shit mashed and smeared itself all
over the inside of the toddler's vagina.  A pool of red dribbled out of
her cunt from the violent invasion and dribbled into the open diaper.
Warren didn't care.  His cock was in pure heaven.  The smell of the
little cunt's poopy diaper and pee stained cunny were all that was
needed to bring Warren into a gushing climax.  Within moments, the
child's soft vaginal walls became infected with the child molester's
sickening poison.  Large gooey globs of thick white "man cream"
splashed and dribbled all around the inside of her soft pooey vagina -
coating it with sweet twisted poison.  Warren slowly withdrew his cock
and watched as little rivulets of gushy white goop began to dribble and
ooze slowly out of her chocolate coated pussy hole and into the warmth
of the friendly disposable diaper that lay beneath.

	Warren felt powerful and strong as ever.  His sickening desires and
thirst for power were finally quenched once again.  The disgusting
pervert washed his privates off and picked up his clothes.   He didn't
feel like waiting for the stupid cunt of a mother to return to the
apartment.  Besides, had he waited, he might have been sitting there
all night.  Hell, the stupid whore was probably outside somewhere
getting stoned out of her small dim witted mind.  Warren finished
getting dressed and headed for the door.  Then he remembered the money.
 Despite his evil disposition, Warren was a fair man.  He left $150.00
on the kitchen counter for Shelly.  Besides, if he didn't pay, it would
have set a bad precedent for future "Johns" who wanted to take
advantage of her in almost the same way.  Also, by paying her off, it
meant that she would probably be more than happy to accommodate him in
the future.  Judging from the fun time he had with her filthy daughter,
it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that he would probably come back
again.  Thanks to Shelly's stupidity, he knew exactly where she lived.
All it would take was a desperate craving for more drugs, a knock at
the door, and a handful of money from a generous pervert like himself,
and the stinky toddler slut would be all his to enjoy over and over
again.  Warren left the room and walked down the narrow hallway -
retracing  his steps back from where he came.  The scent of vomit and
stale urine entered his nostrils again.

    **Thank god for poverty** He thought to himself.

	Poverty was a child molester's best friend.  Fortunately for perverts
much like Warren, the vicious cycle of poverty, domestic violence, and
sexual abuse clearly would not end any time soon - at least not with
the current administration on Capital Hill.  If anything, those
conservative politicians seemed bent on eliminating the middle class
and pushing them down the food chain into levels of poverty similar to
the ones he observed in the city of Newark.

	Warren smiled to himself.  He was definitely on the side of the
"Have's" as opposed to the side of the "Have Nots."  Thankfully, he
made plenty of money in his current career position and wasn't tied
down to a marriage - let alone children of his own.  Life was good, and
tomorrow would be another new day.  Warren checked his wallet.  There
was still almost $400.00 remaining inside of it.  Of course, he had
plenty more savings in the bank, but why bother taking more out?  He
had plenty of cash, and the kind of whores he shopped for were as cheap
as women came.

	Indeed, tomorrow would be another day.  A warm and humid day.  A great
day for prowling whores in sleazy low class outfits that revealed
almost everything.  Warren smiled to himself again.  Indeed, life was
good.  Very good!


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