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Subject: {ASSM} ScatGirl Ginger - Part 3 - Seducing Young Samantha {DayDreamrxx} (MFf Scat Pedo Exhib Cons)
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                                          This is total fiction and was written at the 
  request of a friend. Do NOT read it unless 
  you're a fan of extreme scat action. It 
  involves scat, public exposure and pedo. 


  ScatGirl Ginger - Part 3 - Seducing Young Samantha
    (WARNING: Don't read this if you don't like extreme scat!)
  Background: Ginger is fifteen and looks younger but has the body 
  of a nineteen year old. Long flowing blonde hair. Shaved pussy. 
  Beautiful full 36b tits that stand proudly. A perfect round firm ass.
  I'm 28 and found Ginger via the internet. Heather is 12 and Rachael
  is 11 and both have dark hair and eyes.   

  When we dropped Heather and Rachael off at Rachael's house, 
  Ginger told them to eat a lot the next day and then we'd pick them 
  up the following day to have some fun. 
  "Is it okay if Heather and I eat the shit from Trish, Jenny and 
  Claudia tomorrow?" Rachael asked. "I don't think I can go a whole 
  day now without some fresh shit in my mouth." 
  "Mmmmm, you've got the hunger, Rachael. I love it!" Ginger said. 
  "Yes, you can eat their shit and drink their piss. And you can eat 
  each others cunts, but save your shit for me." 
  "Okay!!" Rachael said excitedly. "Oh, one more thing," Rachael 
  said. "Can we find some places that are even more public to shit in 
  your mouth?"
  "You like that, do you?" Ginger asked. 
  "YESSS!!" Rachael and Heather both said. 
  "Okay, but on one condition," Ginger said. 
  "What?" the girls said anxiously. 
  "You're going to strip naked and expose your sexy young bodies and 
  your cunts and assholes to lots of strangers before you feed me." 
  "OKAY!!!" the girls chirped as they smiled at us. 
  The girls both kissed us good-bye and Heather said, "I can't believe 
  how exciting it was to shit where people could watch us! Knowing 
  that people saw my shit coming out of my ass really turned me on! 
  I want to do that over and over!" 
  Ginger looked at Rachael and said, "And how about you, Rachael? 
  Do you want people to see your shit coming out of your ass?" 
  "YES!!" Rachael said. "I want them to see it coming out of my ass 
  and directly into your mouth! That's so fucking filthy! I love it!!"
  "Good girl, Rachael!" Ginger purred. "That's what I want them to see, 
  too! Nice fresh warm brown yummy SHIT coming out of your asses 
  right into my mouth! I also want you to join us when we go out to 
  shit in public places like the hotel we went to the other night where 
  I shit on a big sofa in the main seating area. FUCK, that felt so good!
  My asshole was so happy when I relaxed it and just let my shit roll 
  out. And my fucking clit exploded as I did it! I never would have known 
  how good that feels if it hadn't been for Jack." 
  Heather looked at me with a real sexy slutty smile and said, "Would 
  you like to watch Rachael and me take some big public shits for you,
  Jack? You want to fuck our asses right after we shit and then watch 
  us suck our shit off your cock while Ginger sucks your cum out of 
  our assholes and eats it?"
  "God damn right I do!!" I said. "Come over here and let me drink your
  sweet piss, Heather!"
  Heather scampered around to the driver's door as I got out and knelt
  down on the driveway. She lifted her mini-skirt up to her waist and 
  looked down at me as I stared at her beautiful tight pussy. Then she
  teased me by running her finger up and down her slit. 
  "You want this cunt again, don't you, Jack?" she cooed. "I love the 
  way you stare at it! You want to drink from my 12 year old cunt?" 
  "Mmmmmmm!! I want to drink every drop of your sweet piss, 
  Heather!" I said as I kept staring at her finger splitting her slit. 
  "Lick my peehole, Jack," Heather purred. "Tickle it with your tongue
  and maybe I'll give you what you want." 
  Heather took both hands and spread her cunt open so I could push 
  my tongue inside her. I wiggled my tongue on her peehole over and 
  over as she shivered with pleasure. Suddenly she released a strong 
  spray of piss right in my mouth and I quickly covered her cunt and
  began swallowing it as fast as I could. 
  "Oh YEAH!!" Heather moaned as she used my mouth. "This is the 
  only way to piss!! Right down someone's throat!" 
  Ginger and Rachael had come around to watch us. Ginger was 
  kneeling down so she could watch while she felt Rachael's pussy 
  and ass. Rachael stood with her legs spread and was enjoying 
  Ginger's fingers between her legs. 
  After Heather finished pissing, I licked her dry and then sucked her
  clit until she climaxed. Ginger had followed my lead and was bringing
  Rachael off with her mouth. 
  Then we hugged the girls one more time and waved good-bye. 
  "We're going to make them the dirtiest young cunts alive, Jack," 
  Ginger said as we drove away. "They're perfect! They're both sexy
  and hot and they both have delicious shit. It's going to be difficult to
  watch them shit like I did in the hotel and not eat it, but I want them
  to feel the pleasure from doing it." 
  I nodded at Ginger and said, "I need some of their shit, too. Fuck, I 
  loved watching you eat their shit with people watching! I know you'd 
  rather take your time, but it's so fucking dirty to see you do that!" 
  "You'll get to eat their shit, Jack. I promise!" Ginger said as she 
  rubbed my cock through my pants. "Let me do something nice for 
  you now. Take me somewhere real public so I can piss for you. I'll 
  do it real good for you!" 
  I loved that idea and we drove to an area where there are lots of 
  stores and restaurants. I pulled into a rather upscale shopping center
  and parked near the street. 
  "Walk out on the sidewalk and then strip and piss for me," I said to 
  Ginger. "Be sure to face the road so people will see your cunt real 
  good when you piss." 
  Ginger just nodded and smiled as she immediately got out and 
  walked over near the street. Traffic was fairly heavy and I could tell
  Ginger was very anxious to be a total piss slut for me. She looked 
  so fucking sexy as she wiggled her ass while she pulled her tight 
  white shorts down and off. She absolutely loved exposing herself. 
  She tossed the shorts away and then pulled her red top off and 
  tossed it away also. Now she was really happy, standing there 
  naked as people stared at her incredible 15 year old body. She ran 
  her hands up and down her sides, being careful not to cover her tits
  or pussy. She even turned around slowly and bent over so people 
  could see her cunt and asshole. 
  Then she stood up and faced the traffic and spread her tanned legs
  as wide as she could and put her hands on her hips as she started
  pissing toward the street. I saw her body shake and I figured she was
  having an orgasm as she flooded the sidewalk with a steady stream 
  of fresh piss. She was being so deliberate to make sure people saw 
  her in order to really please me. And she was continuing to discover 
  how much it turned her on as well. It was so beautiful and just made 
  me love her even more. 
  When she finished pissing, she used her hand to wipe her piss and 
  cum off and then licked her hand. She loved that and stuck two 
  fingers inside her cunt and masturbated, bringing herself to another 
  quick orgasm. Then she ate more of her juice and cum mixture off 
  her fingers. 
  She picked up her clothes and slowly returned to the car, bubbling 
  with excitement. 
  "Fuck, that was good!!" she said as she got in the car. "Next time
  I'll take a glass with me and drink my piss!"   
  "It looked like you came while you pissed," I said. 
  "I did!!" she said with a big smile. "It felt so good standing there 
  exposing myself to all those people while I pissed, I had a wonderful
  "You looked so beautiful standing there pissing!! Thank you for 
  pleasing me so much!" 
  "You're welcome!" Ginger purred. "Now let's go home so I can suck 
  the shit out of your ass and eat it!!"
  The next day, we just rested and started thinking about being with 
  Rachael and Heather again. 
  "Do you want me to eat their shit in public again or do you want to
  watch them shit in some risky places, Jack?" Ginger asked me. 
  "I want to watch you eat their shit in public, Ginger," I said. "That is 
  soooo fucking exciting!!" 
  Ginger's eyes got big and she lit up like a light bulb. I could tell that 
  was the answer she was hoping for. 
  "Mmmmmmm!! I can't wait!!! I'll make you SO PROUD, Jack!! Let's 
  find a real good family restaurant so more kids will see me eating 
  the girls' shit!" 
  Ginger knew how much that would excite me. So we decided to 
  drive around and find more restaurants with lots of windows where 
  we could take the girls the next day. We wanted to pick out the 
  ones where the sidewalk was right by the windows and the doors
  were farther away so no one could get to us very quickly. 
  "I'd love to find some restaurants where the entrance is a long way
  from where I eat the girl's shit. That way I can take my time and 
  eat it slower so everyone will see it better. The girls are really 
  starting to get into it now. Pretty soon, they'll want to do some wild
  "What would you like to see them do, Ginger?" I asked.
  "I'd like to see them walk up to a family with young kids in a fast food
  place...naked...and turn their asses to the family and take a huge shit! 
  I want to see the shit stretch their assholes real wide and listen to 
  them moan as the shit rolls out. Mmmmmm!!" 
  "Fuck....that's nasty, Ginger!" I said. "I love it!" 
  "And then I could eat it while you cleaned their assholes with your 
  tongue!" Ginger added. 
  "Maybe they should do it one at a time, so you could be sure to eat 
  all of it," I said. "You might have to hurry a bit and I know how you
  hate to leave any." 
  "You're right!!" Ginger said. "And if they did it one at a time, more 
  people could see it happen!" 
  We spent a few hours finding some good places to take the girls
  and then Ginger started to get restless. I knew she wanted to eat 
  some shit. 
  "You're hungry, aren't you?" I said. 
  "Starved!" Ginger purred. 
  "Do it right here in the car. Please?" I asked. 
  "Can I? Can I hold it up and let people watch me eat it?" she asked
  "Yes. That's what I was thinking," I said. 
  Ginger leaned over and kissed me and then removed her clothes 
  and threw them in the back seat. Then she got up on the seat 
  and crouched there with her knees apart and her naked upper body
  visible to anyone who looked at us. 
  She looked at me with a sexy hungry smile as she put her right hand
  between her legs and under her ass. I could hear the moan as she 
  relaxed her asshole. 
  "'s going to be a nice size!" she purred as she shit in 
  her hand. 
  A moment later she pulled her hand out and showed me the warm 
  four inch brown turd. It was smooth and tapered at both ends. Then 
  she held it up and tilted her head back as we stopped at a corner 
  where people were waiting for a bus. She licked and sucked on her
  shit before breaking half of it off with her mouth and swallowing it
  "Mmmmmmm!!!! It's so warm and delicious!!" she moaned. 
  Then she turned toward the people and held the remaining part of 
  her turd and licked it all over before stuffing it in her mouth and 
  chewing it up. 
  "Mmmmmmm!! I love fresh SHIT!!" she announced to the people. 
  "Especially my own!" 
  Ginger was in a zone of sexual heat and was going crazy with 
  perverted lust. She suddenly whirled around and stuck her ass out
  the window and said to me, "I hate to waste my shit, but I've just got
  to let them see a piece come out of my asshole!"
  "Do it, Ginger!!!" I urged her. "That's so fucking dirty! I love it!"
  I kept the car right there as Ginger grunted and then moaned to tell
  me her shit was rolling out of her ass. 
  "Tell me more, Jack!!" she pleaded. 
  "They're looking shocked and covering their mouths with their hands! 
  Fuck, this is so hot!! I'll bet your asshole and your clit feel fantastic!" 
  "YESSSSSSS!!!! I'm shitting with people watching my asshole 
  stretching! God, I love you!!" 
  "When you finish, turn around and let me eat the shit smears on your
  asshole," I said. "I'll stick my tongue in your ass and suck it clean."
  "Ohhhhhh FUCK!!" Ginger moaned as she pulled her ass back into the 
  car and turned around so her beautiful shit-covered asshole was facing
  me. "Promise me you'll eat it real good for me. You may get a nice 
  Ginger looked back out the window at the people as I leaned in and 
  lapped up the shit that was clinging to her sweet asshole. Ginger 
  moaned as I ate the sweet tasting smears. Then I heard her straining
  and felt her asshole stretching. 
  "Mmmmmm! Here comes your surprise!" she moaned as I covered 
  her asshole with my open mouth as I realized she had another turd
  for me.
  Loudly, so all the people could hear her, Ginger said, "Suck my shit
  out of my asshole and eat it, Jack! OHHH GOD, THAT FEELS SO
  Ginger's smooth warm shit slid right down my throat as my tongue 
  felt her asshole slowly close around it. She kept talking as I sucked 
  every morsel from her and cleaned her up. 
  "YESSSSS!!" she gasped. "Suck my asshole clean! Eat my shit!!" 
  As soon as I finished sucking Ginger's shit out, we waved good-bye 
  to the stunned people and drove away. 
  "That was so fucking good, Jack!" Ginger said as she leaned over
  and kissed me, licking the last smears of shit from around my mouth. 
  Ginger was glowing with satisfaction after her lewd act. 
  "Jack, I know I've told you this, but I can't believe I've found you!" 
  she said as she squeezed my hard cock through my pants. 
  "No, Ginger.....I'M the lucky one to have found you!" I said. "I wasn't 
  sure you'd be half as nasty as you are. Thank god I was wrong." 
  "Jack....please make me the filthiest girl alive? Please?" she moaned
  with a very serious look on her face, almost a look of pain. "I'll do 
  ANYTHING you ask, and I'll make you proud of me!" 
  "Just keep eating fresh shit for me, Ginger! It drives me wild!" 
  Ginger got a wicked smile on her face and said, "You love it when I
  eat the shit out of young girl's asses, don't you?" 
  "That's the ultimate for me, Ginger," I said, growing very hard. 
  "Then we've got to find more girls," Ginger said. "Heather and Rachael
  can only feed me every other day. If we can find more real little girls,
  I can keep you really happy because they won't fill me up so fast, and
  you'll get to see me suck their shit out and eat it. I know how crazy it
  makes you to see those cute little pink assholes open up and dump
  their shit into my mouth. And you love watching me lick their pink 
  slits and drink their piss, too." 
  "Mmmmmmm, you know me so well already, Ginger," I said. "But I 
  also go crazy when you eat your own shit and when you eat a nice 
  fat turd out of Heather's and Rachael's asses. It amazes me when 
  you swallow a huge chunk of shit right down your throat!' 
  "I'll get better, too, Jack. I promise! I want to swallow a five inch turd
  right down my throat! It makes me cum when it almost lodges in my 
  throat! All I can think about is that huge fresh fucking lump of fresh 
  SHIT sliding into my stomach! OHHH, FUCK!!! I'M HUNGRY AGAIN!!"
  I chuckled and said, "You sexy slut! What do you want?" 
  Ginger leaned over and said, "I need to eat some shit! Fresh shit! 
  Young girl shit! Help me get some, please?" 
  I thought a minute and said, "I doubt we'd be lucky enough to find 
  more girls like Heather and Rachael. But maybe we can try something 
  else. Let's go to the mall and find a sleazy looking sexy girl and see if
  we can pay her to do it." 
  "You'd do that for me?" Ginger said. "Oh fuck, I love you!!" 
  So we drove to the mall and went in and spent about thirty minutes 
  walking around until we spotted a candidate. She was shoplifting a
  pair of sexy panties in a big department store. We followed her out 
  into the concourse and then I walked up to her and grabbed her arm. 
  She was a hot little number with long dark hair and blazing green 
  eyes. I guessed she was ten or eleven by her size and her budding
  tits that pressed against her t-shirt. We had spotted her at first 
  because of her nice round ass that was stretching her jeans. 
  "We saw what you did back there," I said as the girl looked startled.
  "I think we need to turn you in." 
  Suddenly the girl's pretty face had a look of fear as she quickly 
  stared at us. 
  "I didn't do anything," she said defensively. 
  "Maybe you'd like to explain to security about the panties in your 
  purse," I said with a stern look. 
  The girl softened immediately and she changed her tune, saying,
  "Please don't. My folks would kill me. I needed some new panties
  and I don't have any money." 
  I smiled at her and said, "What's your name and how old are you?"
  "My name is Samantha, but my friends call me Sam, and I'll be eleven
  in two months." 
  "How'd you like to avoid trouble and make a hundred dollars, Sam?" 
  I asked as I ran my hand up and down her arm. 
  "A hundred dollars??" Sam said in surprise. "Are you serious?" 
  "Yep," I nodded. 
  Sam looked at Ginger and then asked, "What do I have to do?" 
  "First of all, we won't hurt you so don't be scared, okay," I said. "You
  just have to come with us out to the parking lot and take a ride with
  us to the park down the street." 
  Sam started to relax a little and said, "Yeah, and then what?" 
  I noticed that Sam was glancing at Ginger a lot and checking out her
  sexy body. 
  "We'll tell you when we get there," I said as I showed Sam a hundred
  dollar bill. 
  "Okay," she said. 
  As we walked out to the car, Ginger put her arm around Sam's 
  shoulders and told her how sexy she was. Sam seemed flattered 
  and told Ginger that Ginger was beautiful. 
  Ginger decided to test Sam and put her hand on Sam's budding 
  breast and squeezed it, saying, "I love that you're not wearing a bra,
  Sam. Your tits look great!" 
  Sam gave her first hint that she might be a slut when she didn't try
  to take Ginger's hand away, despite the fact that we were walking 
  right out in the open parking lot. 
  "Thanks," Sam said. "You have fantastic tits." 
  "Would you like to see them?" Ginger asked sweetly. 
  "Sure," Sam said. 
  Ginger lifted her shirt as we walked and let Sam see her gorgeous 
  tits. Sam glanced around and realized some people could see what
  Ginger was doing and she smiled and blushed a little. 
  When we got to the car, Ginger got in back with Sam and continued 
  to rub her tits. Sam let her lift her shirt and softly pinch her nipples. 
  "Are you going to fuck me?" Sam said suddenly. 
  "No, we're not going to fuck you, Sam," Ginger replied with a smile. 
  "Although that sounds very tempting!" 
  At that point, Ginger started feeling Sam's legs and ran her hand up 
  to Sam's pussy and was surprised when Sam spread her legs so 
  Ginger could get her hand on it. 
  "Do you like girls, Sam?" Ginger asked. 
  "Yes," Sam replied with a little moan from Ginger's intimate touch. 
  "So do I," Ginger said as she leaned over and kissed Sam. 
  "Are you hungry?" Ginger asked innocently. 
  "No, I had lunch a couple hours ago," Sam said. "I'm kinda full." 
  I knew that made Ginger very happy. 
  "Here we are, girls," I said as we pulled into the parking area at the
  We left everything in the car and started walking toward the wooded 
  area near the lake in the center of the park. Sam was about four 
  inches shorter than Ginger, but had a great little shape. I kept staring 
  at her ass and knew that Ginger was in heat. 
  We found a beautiful spot in between some huge trees and Ginger
  could hardly contain herself. She kissed Sam and then lifted her 
  shirt over her head and dropped it on the ground. 
  "I want to see you naked, Sam," Ginger said as she kissed her
  Sam unbuttoned her jeans and let Ginger pull them down along 
  with her low cut lime green panties. Ginger slid Sam's shoes off and
  then helped her step out of her pants and panties. 
  "What a yummy body!!" Ginger said as we both stared at Sam's 
  small tits, flat stomach and hairless pussy. 
  "Thanks," Sam said, blushing just a little, but apparently not scared 
  to be totally naked. 
  Ginger rubbed her hands all over Sam and made her spread her legs
  so she could feel her nice slit. I knew Ginger was going nuts wanting 
  to turn Sam around, but she took her time to enjoy playing with this 
  new ten year old body. I watched closely as Ginger knelt down and
  leaned forward to lick Sam's pussy. 
  "Ohhhh, that feels good!" Sam moaned.
  "Okay, Sam, it's time to look at your sweet little ass!" Ginger said, 
  her voice cracking with anticipation. 
  Sam smiled and turned around. Ginger gasped as she saw the firm,
  round, smooth bubble-butt that had been so obvious through her jeans.
  It was beautifully proportioned, too, with little dimples just above her 
  asscrack and thighs that indicated Sam exercised a lot. 
  "Are you a cheerleader?" Ginger asked after she regained her breath. 
  "How did you know?" Sam asked. 
  "Your thighs are so tight and strong looking," Ginger said as she felt
  each one carefully. 
  Then Ginger softly rubbed Sam's ass and spread it open to reveal the
  object of her desires. 
  "OHHH, FUCK!! Look at that asshole!! It's perfect!!" Ginger gasped. 
  I decided I'd better help Ginger at that point because she was 
  extremely excited and probably dripping. So I got on Sam's left side
  and suggested she lean her hands against the big tree in front of her
  and stick her ass out and spread her legs wide. I made sure she 
  saw me put the hundred dollar bill in her jeans pocket to make her 
  feel better. 
  "Ginger wants something from you, Sam," I began. "It's something 
  very very kinky." 
  Sam looked curious and said, "What does she want?" 
  "Ginger wants you to shit for her," I said as I softly ran my fingertips
  over her hard nipples. 
  Ginger couldn't hold back any longer and she leaned in and started 
  licking Sam's asshole. 
  "She wants me to shit?" Sam repeated in surprise. "Right here?" 
  "YESSSSS!! I want you to shit right here, Sam!" Ginger pleaded. 
  "I'm going to suck your shit out of your sweet ass and eat it!!" 
  "You're not kidding, are you?" Sam said as she realized how excited
  Ginger was. 
  "No, she's not kidding, Sam," I said. "That's why I'm willing to pay 
  you a hundred dollars. We know it's kinky, but it's what Ginger lives
  Ginger had begun pushing her tongue into Sam's asshole and was 
  moaning loudly now. 
  "I can tell she's excited," Sam said. "Is that all you want me to do, 
  or do I have to do other things, too?"
  "All you have to do is accept the fact that Ginger really really wants
  to eat your shit AND you have to enjoy it," I said. "It's no fun for
  Ginger if you don't do it right." 
  "Okay, I'll do it!" Sam said. "How do I do it 'right'?" 
  "You relax your asshole and let Ginger suck your shit out at her 
  pace," I explained. "Don't push unless she asks you to. You're 
  shitting to feed Ginger, not to empty your ass. She wants to eat 
  all your shit, as slowly as possible. Do you think you can do that?" 
  "I'll try," Sam said. "Damn, her tongue feels good! I just have to 
  come to grips with the shiteating. I knew people drank piss but I
  never thought about this." 
  "Lean over a little more so she can eat your cunt, Sam," I said. 
  Sam pushed her ass out a little farther and bent over more, obviously
  enjoying the sensations Ginger was causing with her hungry mouth. 
  Sam gasped as Ginger moved down to lick and suck her cunt and 
  her clit. 
  "I think I like this!" Sam said, losing her natural inhibitions. 
  "You like being naked with a sexy girl eating you?" I asked. 
  "Yes. And I think I'm going to enjoy shitting in Ginger's mouth!" Sam
  Suddenly, Ginger grabbed Sam's upper body and turned her around
  and said, "Sam....I really need your shit! Please understand and 
  make it good for me. Please?" 
  Sam smiled and said, "I think I have a lot of shit for you, Ginger. 
  Does that excite you?" 
  "YESSSS!!" Ginger moaned. "You won't believe how good it feels 
  if you just relax and enjoy it! Tell me about your shit. Is it soft or
  hard? Light, medium or dark? I want to be ready for it." 
  "My shit is usually medium brown and very smooth," Sam said. 
  "I tend to shit long soft ropes that hang out of my ass." 
  "Oh my god!! My favorite!!" Ginger said. "If it's soft, I might be able to
  let it slide down my throat and just swallow it!! Of course, that's only
  the first five inches or so. I need to chew a lot to really enjoy your 
  "You make it sound so exciting!" Sam said as Ginger sucked her 
  clit again. 
  "Wait till you feel Ginger's mouth on your asshole as you shit into it,
  Sam," I said. "It's unbelievable!" 
  "It feels so good being naked out here," Sam said. "I wish my sister 
  was here!" 
  "Sister? Tell us about her," I said, knowing Ginger had heard that. 
  "Stephanie is my twin," Sam said. "We're real close." 
  "How close?" I asked.
  "We started licking each other a few years ago and she's a little
  wilder than me," Sam said. "She'll probably be jealous when I tell
  her about this." 
  "Maybe we could meet her sometime," I said, wondering what Sam
  would say. 
  "How hungry is Ginger?" Sam teased. 
  "I'm fucking STARVED!!" Ginger said. "How about feeding me now!" 
  Then Ginger licked Sam's asshole and said, "Relax your shithole 
  for me, Sam. I want to watch it open up!" 
  Sam closed her eyes for a minute and concentrated on relaxing her 
  ass. I moved behind Ginger and drooled at this ten year old girl's 
  slender but shapely body. Then I watched as Sam's asshole slowly 
  began to open and the tip of her shit was visible. As Sam's asshole 
  opened farther, Ginger started panting with anticipation. Ginger was
  careful to hold Sam's asscheeks apart very gently.
  "YES!! YES!! It's beautiful, Sam!!" Ginger gasped. 
  When Sam's shit was hanging out about an inch, Ginger opened her
  mouth and held it directly below Sam's smooth brown turd. Ginger had
  timed it just right as the turd started to slide out a little faster. I moved 
  up so Ginger could see me looking at her mouth as the soft smooth 
  turd made contact with Ginger's tongue and started sliding deeper and
  deeper into her mouth. 
  I guessed Ginger had a little over four inches of Sam's assfood in her 
  mouth when she moved forward and made contact with Sam's tender 
  asshole and pinched off the shit with her lips. As Ginger moved her 
  head back and tilted it upward, I glanced at Sam's asshole and noticed 
  that it had involuntarily closed when Ginger pinched her turd off. The 
  pretty pink skin was just slightly wrinkled and some traces of shit 
  were visible. 
  Then Sam turned her head and we both looked at Ginger and she 
  looked at us as she smoothly swallowed the entire lump of fresh
  "FUUUUCK!!! Your shit is DELICIOUS, Sam!!!" Ginger gasped. "I need
  to be naked to eat the rest!!" 
  Ginger quickly removed her shorts and blouse and tossed them aside
  and then got back down to eat the rest of her meal. 
  Sam had reached a hand down between her legs to rub her clit and 
  said, "That was incredible!! I want you to eat all my shit, Ginger!" 
  "If you think it was incredible the way Ginger ate your first turd, just 
  wait until she sucks out the rest and devours it, Sam!" I said. 
  Ginger was on her knees now and licked Sam's asshole clean. 
  "Ohhhhh, god, I need your shit, Sam!!" Ginger moaned. "Ten year old
  girl shit!! The size is perfect for making my throat stretch to the limit
  if I want to swallow it whole and the texture is perfect if I want to hold
  it in my mouth and suck the flavor out before I let it slide down into
  my tummy!" 
  Then Ginger attached her mouth over Sam's asshole again as I said,
  "Relax your asshole again, Sam. Ginger wants to suck your shit out
  and eat it all. She'll probably cum as she eats." 
  The next five minutes were sensational as Ginger sucked out nice
  big lumps of shit and ate them. I couldn't believe how much shit Sam 
  fed her. When Sam was almost empty, Ginger took pity on me and 
  let me suck the last bits of shit from Sam's ass. Ginger was right....
  Sam's shit was delicious. 
  I finally let Sam turn around and sit down. She sat with her legs 
  spread apart so Ginger and I could stare at her naked pussy. Ginger
  was still shaking a bit from the orgasm she had while she ate from 
  Sam's ass and licking her lips to clean off the last traces of shit. 
  "That was awesome!!" Sam said. "I can't believe it! I took a dump in
  your mouth!!" 
  "And I think you gave me over fifteen inches of fresh shit!" Ginger said.
  "That was one of the best meals I've ever eaten! I can't wait for it to 
  digest so I can eat it again!" 
  "You eat your own shit, too?" Sam asked. 
  "I always eat it, unless Jack eats it or I shit in public places just to 
  feel the thrill of my shit squeezing out of my ass!" Ginger said. "Fuck,
  how can I thank you, Sam? I was starving for some young girl shit!" 
  "Would you eat my shit again in two days?" Sam said. "I'll save it for
  you. And I'll bring Stephanie along, too. I want to watch you eat her 
  "Are you serious?" Ginger panted. "You want to feed me your shit 
  again? And you'll bring your sister along? Another new asshole to 
  suck the shit from!! Fuck, yes!!" 
  Sam had a slightly embarassed look on her face as she said, "Does
  shit really taste good to you?" 
  "It tastes GREAT, Sam!" Ginger replied. "When I first tried it, I was 
  just horny as hell and needed to do something gross. I was nine years 
  old and I had been thinking about tasting my shit after seeing a video 
  that my Dad had in his porn collection. I got so fucking hot I put a 
  small turd in my mouth and sucked on it. I liked it and I had my first 
  real strong orgasm as I swallowed it. Within a year, I was eating 
  my shit fairly often. It always made me cum." 
  Sam was listening intently and I said, "You're turned on by the thought
  of eating shit, aren't you, Sam?" 
  "Uh...well...kinda, I guess," she admitted. 
  "Why don't you taste mine, Sam?" Ginger said. "I just took a big 
  dump a little while ago, but I think I could give you a small turd to eat." 
  "Will you shit right into my mouth like I did in yours?" 
  "That's what turned you on, wasn't it?" Ginger said. 
  "Yes," Sam said. "I love asses. I lick Steph's ass all the time." 
  "Sam, if you suck some shit out of Ginger's ass right now and eat it
  without making any ugly faces or negative reactions, I'll give you 
  another fifty dollars," I said. 
  It was obvious that Sam wanted money. Her eyes got big and she 
  nodded and said, "I'll do it. You won't tell anyone, will you?" 
  "We won't tell if you do it good," I said. 
  "Lie down on the grass, Sam, and let me squat over your mouth so
  I can shit right into it, okay?" Ginger said. 
  "Okay," Sam said as I showed her the money. 
"Jack will eat you and watch you eat my shit," Ginger added. 
  Sam laid down and spread her legs and I got down and began eating
  her sweet ten year old cunt as I looked up to watch Ginger squat over
  her mouth and I saw Sam's tongue immediately begin licking Ginger's 
  asshole. I used the flat of my tongue to bathe Sam's clit real good to
  stimulate her as Ginger's asshole began to slowly expand. Ginger 
  held back so Sam could lick the tip of Ginger's shit. I watched with 
  anticipation for Sam's reaction as she pulled her shit covered tongue 
  into her mouth and rolled it around and around, tasting fresh shit for
  the first time. 
  Sam showed no negative reaction at all, and in fact, seemed anxious 
  to get her tongue back into Ginger's asshole to lick up more shit. 
  After Sam had licked three times and swallowed each time, Ginger 
  relaxed her asshole and a nice two inch tapered turd oozed out into
  Sam's waiting mouth. 
  Ginger raised up slightly so she could see Sam's face and she said,
  "Eat my shit, Sam! You know you want it!" 
  Sam was beginning to orgasm under my tongue as she closed her 
  mouth and sucked on Ginger's shit, moaning softly. So I increased my 
  speed on her clit in hopes of bringing her off real good. 
  "Mmmmmmm!! Mmmmmmm!!" Sam moaned as we watched her 
  swallowing Ginger's fresh shit. 
  "MORE!!! PLEASE GINGER!!! MORE SHIT!!!" Sam begged. 
  Ginger was out of her mind as she watched Sam's reaction. She 
  squatted back down and strained to give Sam another turd. I licked
  and watched as a long thin rope of shit flowed out of Ginger's ass
  and into Sam's wide open mouth. I'd guess the rope of shit was at
  least four inches and about an inch in diameter at the center. 
  Sam was hungry now and quickly chewed up the shit and swallowed
  it down quickly. Then she grabbed Ginger's thighs and pulled her
  asshole to her mouth and sucked hard while she cleaned Ginger's
  ass beautifully. 
  "Now that's what I wanted to see, Sam," Ginger moaned. 
  "I LOVE YOUR SHIT!!" Sam said excitedly. "The nasty smell turns 
  me on and I love eating it!" 
  Ginger knelt down and kissed Sam, using her tongue to taste her 
  own shit in Sam's mouth. 
  "So we'll see you again in two days, with your sister, and you'll be
  my toilet and you'll feed me your shit?" Ginger asked. 
  "Yes!!!" Sam replied. "But will you save more shit for me? I want to 
  suck a really big turd out of your ass!" 
  "And what will you do with it, Sam?" Ginger teased. 
  "I'll eat it!!" Sam said with hunger on her face. 
  "Can I watch you?" Ginger asked excitedly. 
  "YESSSS!!!" Sam said. "I want you to watch as I suck on your shit
  and chew it up and swallow it!" 
  "You want to shit right down my throat, too, don't you?" Ginger asked. 
  "YESSSS!!" Sam said. "I want you to swallow my shit whole!!" 
  "Fuck, you're a hot little slut, Sam!" Ginger said. "Eat my cunt now
  and eat it good while Jack continues to enjoy your pussy." 
  Sam kept her legs spread wide for me as Ginger lowered her cunt to
  Sam's mouth and started rocking back and forth, fucking herself on
  it. I sucked and licked Sam's tender young pussy for all I was worth. 
  I loved the way she slowly humped her pussy up and down for me
  as if she was begging me to eat it. 
  Lifting up for a minute, I said, "I want to see you eat Sam's shit in 
  public, Ginger! She needs to be naked. She needs people to see her. 
  And we need to get Sam and Stephanie together with Heather and
  Rachael. They all need to eat each other's shit." 
  "OHHHHHH, FUCK, JACK!! You know I'll do her anywhere!!" Ginger
  "Maybe next time I'll fuck this hot little cunt," I said. "She'd look good
  on my cock!" 
  "Or maybe you can stick the head of your cock up her sweet asshole
  and coat her shit with sperm so I can eat some semen-covered shit!"
  Ginger said with hunger in her voice. 
  Ginger started cumming at that point and watched Sam sucking up 
  the goo dripping from her cunt. That and my intense sucking on 
  Sam's clit made Sam climax hard. 
  After we finally let Sam sit up, she said, "That was great! I've never 
  cum that hard before. You can use me anytime you want if you'll 
  bring me off like that!" 
  "We want to use you in public places so strangers will see your 
  naked body while we're doing you, Sam," I said. "Would you like
  "If it makes me cum like that, I'd love it!" Sam said. 
  "You need to stop wearing underwear, Sam," Ginger said. "Your 
  cunt needs to be stimulated by the fabric of your jeans or the 
  breeze on your clit if you're wearing a skirt." 
  "And you need to let people see that cute little hairless pussy, that
  perfect ass and those young tits," I added. "It'll make them drool and
  you'll love the attention." 
  "I'll do it if you say it will make me horny," Sam said. "I think about
  sex all the time."
  "We'd love to teach you how to be a slut, Sam," Ginger said as she 
  hugged her. 
  Sam picked up her panties and threw them in a bush. Then she put
  her jeans and top on and we all headed back to the car. We made a 
  date to meet Sam and Stephanie two days later. 
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