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Jo, Company Whore part two By shooter3704

   For most of Saturday morning Jo and I avoided each other.  I read the
paper and she made coffee and then a brunch.  She was sitting across from
me and even though I could see her through the newspaper I could feel she
was looking at me.  I lowered the paper and looked across the top at her.

   "Are we going to talk about last night or just pretend it didn't
happen?" she said with a tiny smile playing around her mouth.

   "Do you want to talk about it?" I countered.

   "I'd like to know what you're feeling.what you're thinking about it." I
gave it due consideration and answered her honestly.

   "I think, without a doubt, that you are the hottest woman in this whole
fucking state and probably in the top ten in the world." She laughed.

   "Thank you kind sir.  I was worried about how you would feel after
seeing the real me."

   "I have to wonder where the real you has been all this time."

   "I've always been around close by.  So you're all right with seeing me
with other men?  I mean it didn't freak you out or anything?"

   "It gave me a diamond cutter hard-on," I answered.  "Hell, Jo, I know
you did it for us." I didn't add to the statement that I also knew she
enjoyed the hell out of it.  She enjoyed it and so did I.  Besides Tina
wasn't any slouch at fucking.  In fact she's one hot gal.

   Monday morning, Al flew to the left coast on business leaving me in
charge of the department.  I know that made the grunts happy.  I was a
little later getting home that night and when I walked in the door I knew
Jo wasn't alone because of the strange car in the drive and from the
feminine laughter coming from the den.  I got a beer and went in.  Jo was
there with Tina and it was obvious that they had a big head start on the

   "Hi honey," Jo said getting up and giving me a big sloppy kiss.  Tina
did the same.  Nice way to come home.

   "Hello girls," I said.  "What's up?"

   "Just shooting the breeze," Jo answered.  "Come join us.  Tina was
telling me all about herself.  Go ahead, Tina, tell Andy what you told me."

   "Like I was saying to Jo," Tina said.  "I got an early start.  I am the
youngest of three girls.  My oldest sister is about six years older than
me. I would sneak around and spy on her and her boyfriends.  One night
while mom and dad were away I saw her and this guy getting it on.  They
were laying on top of her bed and he was banging away on her.  Carla, my
older sister, saw me and after that she made sure the door was locked but
that didn't stop me from spying.  I got dad's drill and made a hole from my
closet into hers.  I fucked up the knob on her closet so that it wouldn't
stay shut and I used a clothes hanger I'd straightened to push her door
open.  Of course I had to be careful to wait until they were busy and
didn't notice the door was being opened.  I got by with that for nearly a
whole year but alas I got caught."

   "My parents were on a weekend trip and Carla was supposed to be watching
me and my other sister, Marty.  Marty didn't need much watching because she
was always the good girl.  I was a rebel and was always into something. 
Anyway Marty was spending the night with a girlfriend and Carla thought I
was asleep.  She brought a black boy in and when I heard them next door I
got my wire and got in the closet.  I guess I pushed too hard or made too
much racket and the black kid saw the door opening.  Next thing I knew
Carla was dragging me out of the closet and into her room.  She was pissed.
She told me if I wanted to watch I would watch from up close.  She made me
sit and watch while that black boy fucked her.  I guess you could say it
was the beginning of my learning experience.  I don't remember the boy's
name but I can still see his big ol' black dick."

   "Carla had a steady stream of boys doing her.  I guess you could say
that she was an equal opportunity slut.  Indians, Asians, black or white.
Apparently her only qualification was they had to have a dick.  She always
made me watch them.  I say 'made', but I didn't need to be forced.  I was
always ready.  Things stayed like that until one summer she was home from
college.  Changes, they were a-coming."

   "What happened?" Jo asked.

   "Until then Carla had always brought boys near her own age home, but
that summer while our parents were away, she brought a grown man home.  He
was a big black dude that was nearly forty or so.  At the time that seemed
older than dirt to me.  Carla and Howard, that was his name, were making
out in the den when I came in from the mall.  I was surprised that she was
with a grown man.  When I walked in Carla was giving him a blow-job and I
can still see his huge cock in my mind to this day.  Carla told me to get
over there and help her blow the guy.  That was a first because until then
I had always just watched.  Of course I was dating and I had let the boys
feel me up and had even jacked a few of them off.  I certainly didn't need
to be told twice.  Finally I was getting to be a participant."

   "Sucking his cock was the wildest thing I had ever done.  I watched
Carla to see how it was done and as I sucked the big dick she gave me
instructions.  Carla was good and she could take all of his big dick in her
throat.  I tried, but I gagged every time.  It seems like only yesterday
that it happened.  I can still remember so clearly when Carla got up on his
lap and that huge cock slowly went in her.  They fucked there in the den
for a while before she took him, and me to her bedroom.  That was where the
dude really got in her.  He fucked Carla on her back, her knees, and even
had her on top of him."

   "'Get naked, little girl,' Howard told me.  'I want to see your naked
white body.' I hesitated but Carla told me to do it.  I did as she said and
took off my clothes.  That was another first for me.  Being naked in front
of a man.  He had me get on the bed while he fucked Carla.  She was on her
back at that time and he told me to stand over her.  He played with my
titties while he did her.  After a while he got off Carla and lay on his
back telling me to suck his cock.  It was wet and slick from his and
Carla's juice but I did what he said to do.  I found I liked the taste of
their combined fluids.  While I was sucking and licking his black cock he
told Carla to eat me.  I tried to resist that shit, but he wasn't having
any of that.  I was laying on my back with his legs on both sides of my
head and his dick in my mouth.  I couldn't move anything except my legs and
he grabbed them and held them open while Carla licked my pussy.  Another
first, and it didn't take long before I was cuming.  I couldn't hear very
well because of his big legs covered my ears but I sure heard him when he
said he was going to fuck me.  I heard that loud and clear.  I was in a
panic.  I didn't want my first time to be with an old nigger.  I tried to
resist but he was too strong for me.  The next thing I knew was I was on my
back, Carla holding my legs open, and that massive black cock going in me.
An ear of corn had taken care of my hymen several years earlier, but I felt
like he was going to tear me open.  His cock was the biggest thing I had
ever had in me.  I stopped resisting after the first of many orgasms.  I
don't know how many times he brought me off but it was a lot.  After Howard
came in me he let me rest and he started fucking Carla right beside me.  He
fucked her hard for about fifteen minutes and blasted her pussy full of his
semen.  I foolishly thought he was through with us but I was wrong.  He
made me lick his sperm out of Carla while he did me again from behind. 
They say you never forget the first time and they are right.  I'll never
forget that day and most of the night.  Howard was a fucking machine. 
Seeing Carla and I eat each other kept his old dick hard all night.  Since
I wasn't on any kind of birth control and he didn't wear a rubber it's a
thousand wonders I didn't get knocked up because he must have put a quart
of cum in me that night.  Carla took me the next day and got me on birth
control pills."

   "Wow, that's a hot story," Jo said.  "How old were you when that

   "Eighteen," Tina said with a grin.  "That's my story and I'm sticking to

   "Was that the only time you fucked Howard?" I asked.

   "Oh hell no!" Tina said with a laugh.  "Carla and I fucked him and some
of his cronies all that summer.  They were a wild bunch.  They didn't give
a shit if we were having our period or not.  I don't think there was more
than a couple of days that whole summer that we weren't getting some black
dick.  Usually a lot of black dicks.  Even after Carla went back to school
I still got together with Howard and his friends.  It didn't take long
before I had a reputation as a slut for black cocks, but I didn't care.  I
was always well fucked.  It was one hell of a summer."

   "It sure sounds like it," Jo said.  I could see that the story was
making her hot because she was flushed and her breathing was a bit faster
then normal.  I was excited too.

   "Hell, that isn't but half the story," Tina said with a laugh.  "Since I
had missed most of my freshmen year because of mono, I was a year behind
and was only taking a few courses my fifth year.  I didn't need some of the
credits and only signed up for them to have something to do.  One afternoon
I cut my classes and went home early.  I walked in to see my mother on her
hands and knees with a black man at each end.  Fucking and sucking.  Dad
was making a video of it.  When you are eighteen you don't think of your
parents as sexual.  At least I didn't until that afternoon.  That changed
quickly.  Mom was getting a royal fucking.  I stood in the doorway and
watched for a while.  I guess I was in shock.  Dad saw me first and told
mom I was watching.  She didn't miss a beat and only took that black cock
out of her mouth long enough to say hello."

   "I learned several things in the space of what seemed like only a few
seconds.  First I discovered that mom was a beautiful woman with a great
figure.  A lot like Carla's.  Every woman in the family got nice tits but
me.  The second thing I discovered was that daddy was hung like a bear.  He
wasn't letting videoing stop him from stroking his dick.  It was a little
later that I found out that Carla knew about Mom and Dad and that was how
she met Howard.  Apparently when I wasn't watching they all played
together. Even Marty had been included.  I was both shocked and a little
pissed that I had been left out, but they didn't leave me out after that."

   "Damn, I must have been raised at Sunnybrook Farm," Jo said .  "I didn't
hardly know what a dick looked like until.well, later anyway.  Luckily you
had a sister to guide you."

   "When did you and Al hook up?" I asked.

   "It was at college," Tina answered.  "I was dating his roommate a jock.
His name was Li Mombia.  Talk about mixed blood.  Li was part Chinese, part
Polynesian, part black, and a dash of white.  He was the center on the
football team I think he weighed close to four hundred pounds.  Anyway Li
was rooming with Al and one day Al walked in while Li was fucking me.  Al
took a seat and after a while Li let Al take a turn.  It was the first time
I had ever laid eyes of him and he asked me to marry him while he was
humping away on me." Tina laughed.  "I thought he was full of shit and I
told him so.  He kept after me and pretty soon we were dating.  I thought
it was nice of Al to let Li keep fucking me.  Or anyone else for that
matter.  Al only had one hard and fast rule.  He either had to watch or I
had to tell him all about it later.  We got married right after graduation.
That was nearly six years ago."

   "I guess you just stayed with the swinging life style, huh?" Jo asked.

   "Oh yeah, we wouldn't have it any other way.  I get plenty of dick and
he gets all the pussy he wants.  Also he gets to watch me getting fucked
and he really likes that."

   "Must be catching," I muttered and winked at Jo.

   "Did you like it the first time you saw her getting fucked by a black
dude?" Tina asked me.  I admitted that I had never witnessed her getting
fucked until that night at their house.

   "You have had black cock, haven't you?" she demanded of Jo.

   "As a matter of fact, no," Jo answered.

   "Are you prejudice?" Tina asked Jo.

   "Yes, but no race prejudices.  I never had the opportunity to have sex
with a black person, is all.  I don't even know a black person except the
lady who works beside me."

   "Fuck a duck!" Tina said.  "We'll have to fix that.  Would you like to
see Jo all spread out getting a black cock slammed in her, Andy?" Ever
since Tina had mentioned her sister and a black man, I had been thinking
about it.  All this hedonistic shit was new to me but I liked the idea.

   "Yeah," I admitted.  "I'd like to see her getting a big black cock."
Saying it out loud was a real turn on for me.

   "Are your nipples sensitive, Jo?" Tina asked.

   "Yes they are.  In fact my whole breast is sensitive.  Andy can get me
off by just playing with my boobs, can't you Andy?" I acknowledged that it
was indeed a fact.

   "My tits are so small," Tina said.  "But my nipples are super sensitive.
I can get myself off in hardly no time at all.  Want to see me?" She didn't
give us a chance to answer.  She had her shirt off and both hands on her
puffy little tits.  "Oh God, that feels good!  Come on Jo play with your
titties for me.  I love your big knockers."

   Jo looked at me and I glanced at her and quickly back to Tina who now
had her short skirt hiked up around her waist and was using one hand on her
denuded pussy.

   "Andy, help that poor thing," Jo demanded.  I needed no other
encouragement.  I helped her get her remaining clothes off and shoved my
face between her legs.  Tina tasted wonderful.  A combination of muskiness
and vanilla.  I had no more than got my tongue in her cunt when she came
with a yelp and a jerk.  Of course she did most of the work herself, but I
do have a talented tongue, if I do say so.  "Bring her to the bedroom," Jo
said.  "You can play with her more comfortable there." I wasn't sure what
that involved but it sounded good to me.

   Since this was a first for both Jo and me, Tina took charge.  Of course
that was all right with us.  For the next couple of hours Tina led us
through the pleasures of girl, girl, guy threesome.  Jo was a little
reluctant to do anything with Tina, but Tina had no such reluctance.  She
ate Jo to several big climaxes.  It dawned on me that Jo was just waiting
on some encouragement from me and When I pushed her face down on Tina's
pussy she took to it like a duck takes to water.  She told me later that
having her pussy ate while being fucked was the greatest thrill she had
experienced.  She told me that she blacked out for a few seconds when she
came.  It did sound good.  Having two women worship your cock ain't bad
either..  ***

   "Hi Andy," Al's voice came over the speaker phone.  "How's it going?" I
told him things were fine.  "Great," he said.  "I talked to Tina last night
and she told me that Jo is turning out to me a great muff-diver.  Tina said
Jo is a natural cunt lapper." I told him that it certainly seemed so.  Tina
had been at our house every night since Al left.  There had been a lot of
fun and games for the past four nights.  The only down side to the fun and
games wore me out!  Trying to service two women in more than double
trying to take care of one.  There is a lot of pressure to perform.

   "When are you getting back, Al?" They are about to kill me."

   "yeah, I know it," Al said laughing.  "I've got to stay a few more days.
Look, Andy, I made a good contact a couple days ago.  There are two guys
from the Ministry of Finance from a new merging African nation that I can't
pronounce.  I made an appointment with them that I'm not going to be able
to make.  You'll have to handle it for me.  Wine and dine them and make
sure they have a good time.  Get Tina to help you.  She knows the drill."

   I assured Al that I could handle it.  He told me their names but I
didn't know how to spell it and neither did Al.  Their English names were
James and Thomas.  I got one of my grunts to make reservations for them at
a plush hotel we use.  I called Tina and then Jo to make sure they were on
board for Friday night.  Shit, this job is a piece of cake.  ***

   We met James and Thomas in the hotel dining room.  I'm not at all sure
what I expected but they were not it.  Thomas was the older of the two, and
James seemed to be the leader.  James spoke English with a British accent,
and Thomas spoke sparingly with hardly any accent that I could detect. 
They both were dressed in expensive English tailored suits with silk shirts
and ties.  I estimated James at mid-thirty and Thomas at somewhere over
fifty.  I could have been off ten years either side of my guess.  James had
close cropped hair and Thomas had his head shaved and apparently polished.
James had a mouthful of pearly white teeth and Thomas had pointed teeth. 
James was a bit lighter and Thomas was almost a purplish black.  Both
seemed pleasant enough except there was something a little disturbing about
Thomas.  For one thing he had tiger eyes.  Light brown with flecks of
yellowish gold and when he turned his gaze away from Jo, which wasn't
often, they seemed to look right through you.  James insisted on expensive
champagne to start the evening.  For me fine wine is a waste because I
don't really like the taste of any of it.  A three dollar screw-top bottle
of rot-gut tastes the same as the two hundred dollar of swill James bought.
Of course he didn't actually pay for it.  It went on the bill that I would
pay with the company credit card.

   Jo and Tina kept the conversation lively by asking about their little
mineral rich country.  They, James mostly, seemed happy to talk about it.
After we were informed about how they killed a bunch of white people to
wrestle the government away from them and how they nationalized every thing
and ran the remaining while people out of the country.  Telling about
killing people was the only time during the meal that Thomas seemed

   "We killed most of the white men," he said.  "They couldn't stand
against our might warriors.  Some offered a pitiful resistance but it
served them no good at all."

   "What about the white women?" Tina asked.

   "Women have a use," the said with an evil grin.  "Not so many of them
were killed.  They helped our warriors relax after fighting."

   "You mean they were raped?" Jo snapped.  I tried to give her a silent

   "Yes, some were raped," Thomas answered indifferently.  "Most were only
too happy to have a real man for a change.  It was my experience that they
only had to be raped once and then after that occurrence they were glad to
comply with whatever demands were made on them."

   "Really?" Jo said sitting up straight in her chair ready to do battle.

   "Why do you think that was?" Tina asked trying to head off the

   "I suspect that in the battle of sex most of the Europeans were carrying
a short spear," James said smoothly.  "Once they had the pleasure of having
a longer spear they were most satisfied.  The size of the spear really
matters you know."

   "I don't condone rape," Jo said sharply.  "Sex should be consensual."

   "Ah, but you miss the point, dear lady," James said.  "There is an old
saying.  To the victor belong the spoils.  We simply consider that women
are spoils of war.  There is another adage that speaks to the fact that the
winners write history.  Besides they loved getting stabbed with our spears.
Isn't that correct Thomas?"

   "Yes.  The longer the spear the greater the pleasure."

   "I take it you claim an ample endowment?" Tina asked.  "How ample?"

   "I am twenty-three centimeters and Thomas is nearly twenty-six
centimeters," James answered proudly.  I tried a quick conversion in my
mind but Jo beat me to it.

   "Nine inches and nearly ten and a quarter inches," Jo said.  "That is
truly impressive if true."

   "Oh it's true my dear," James said.  "Are you ready?"

   "For what?" Jo asked puzzled.

   "I have signed letters of intent prepared.  They are in our suite, and
you will accompany us to get them," James looked at me.  "Of course she
will stay with Thomas and I for a while.  I'll see that she is returned to
you Andy.  I'm sure she will surely want to verify that I didn't over
estimate the size of our spears."

   I froze.  Totally and completely froze while Jo, Tina, James and Thomas
stared at me waiting for me to say something.  It was abundantly clear what
they expected, and they expected that it would happen without me.

   "Of course that will be fine," Tina spoke up.  "Jo can bring Andy the
Letter of Intent later.  I'll keep Andy from being lonely.  Have a good
time, folks." And then they were gone.  My little wife and two black
savages with a thin veneer of civilization walked out of the restaurant and
got on the elevator.  What the fuck did I just allow to happen?  ***

   I wasn't very good company for Tina.  She sucked me, jacked me, rubbed
me, and nothing worked very well.  She managed to get me hard enough to get
on and bring herself off but only once and it didn't do much for me.  Tina
left saying that she'd be better off with a dildo.

   I dozed on and off during the night.  A fitful restless sleep and it
seemed like I woke up about every hour or so.  When I heard the front door
close I jumped up and glanced at the clock.  It was fifteen minutes after
five o'clock.

   "Are you all right?" I asked a haggard looking Jo as she came down the
hallway toward the bedroom.  "Can I get you anything?"

   "A shower then a hot bath," she muttered shoving past me.  "A long
soaking hot fucking bath." I ran past her and started the water running. 
After that I helped her remove her dress.  She wasn't wearing anything
under her dress and I knew she had a bra and panties on when we left the
night before.

   "Oh my God," I said when I saw her naked body.  She was covered with
bite marks.  Her breasts were an angry red and her nipples were nearly blue
and elongated.  There was hardly a single square inch of her tiny body that
wasn't marred in some way.  A stream of cum was leaking out of her
distended pussy and was running down both thighs.  I discoverer, while I
washed her, that cum was also leaking out of her stretched and swollen

   "Jo, what happened, honey?" I asked as I gently washed her private

   "I got fucked, Andy," she answered.  "I got fucked long and hard but I
don't feel like talking about it right now.  Later.  The papers are on the
table in the hall." It took two applications of the disposal douche to get
the cum out of her holes.  Even then I wasn't sure we got all of it out.

   After the shower I ran the tub nearly full and left Jo soaking while I
made coffee for us.  She was sleeping in the tub when I brought the coffee
back.  I woke her and put her to bed.  I got the paperwork and saw that the
Africans had signed Letters of Intent that would bring my company a pile of
money, but I had to wonder if it had been worth it.  Suddenly the idea of
putting my wife in the game didn't have the appeal it once had.

   Jo, once again proved her resilience.  I was surprised when she was
ready to go again by Sunday afternoon.  Her nipple were still tender and
she still had the bruises all over her.

   "You're dressed," I observed.  I was about to fix her some lunch.

   "Yeah, I have to go grocery shopping.  I can't lay in bed all weekend."
She sounded cheerful.  She even laughed saying, "I just can't walk very
fast.  Go with me?" I agreed even though shopping isn't something I care to
do.  I wanted to ask her about her ordeal but I held off.  I hoped she
would tell me when the time was right.  That evening she asked me if the
papers were what I wanted and needed.

   "Yes, I think so," I answered.  "I just glanced at them but they seem in
order." That of course was a tiny lie.  I had studied them closely.  The
Africans were tied up nicely.

   "Your company will make a lot of money?"

   "Yes, a bunch," I assured her.

   "Good," she said.  We were in bed with the lights still on.  "I'm glad
that it wasn't for nothing."

   "Want to share it with me?" I asked.  She nodded.  This is her story:

   We got on the elevator.  I know we must have made an unusual trio.  The
top of my head only came up to their chest.  We got on with a couple. 
Middle-age I would guess.  Both were white.  The woman winked at me and the
man ignored us.  I knew what both of them were thinking.  Of course they
were right.

   "You know why you are here?" Thomas asked me when we got into their
suite.  It seemed silly to pretend I didn't know so I told them I knew the
score.  Thomas suggested that I take off my dress.  Being coy didn't seem
appropriate so I took the dress off.

   During dinner it appeared that James was in charge, but that isn't
right. Once we got inside the room, Thomas took over.  Which reminds me. 
James didn't lie about the size of their cocks.  I can tell you there is a
world of difference in twenty-three centimeters and twenty-five.  Anyway I
removed the dress and Thomas told me to walk around and let them look at
me. I did as I was told wearing only shoes, stockings, panty and bra.

   On my second trip by them all pretences of being nice stopped.  Thomas
ripped my bra off and James jerked my panties tearing them off of me.  Both
men took their clothes off and that was my first glance at their spears. 
They were the first black dicks I had ever seen except for your porno
tapes. God, they were gigantic!  Both were erect and hard.  Thomas looked
like a huge black cobra ready to strike.  By comparison, James' dick looked
almost benign.  Almost.  Thomas was longer but James was a little thicker.

   "You were interested in how we handled white women during and after the
rebellion," Thomas said.  "We'll show you and satisfy your curiosity."
Before I could even say a word James grabbed me and put me on a table. 
There was a practiced effortlessness to how he gathered my up and held my
legs open for Thomas.  It was a good thing that even in spite of my
apprehension I was wet because they raped me.  First Thomas then James then
Thomas again.  Of course it wasn't really rape because I was there
willingly but boy it was rough never the less.  It took Thomas some effort
to get his cock in me and I suspect he was a little gentler then he
normally would be.  It still hurt a little.  Did I cum?  Hell yes I did! 
Over and over again.  James didn't have much trouble getting his big black
dick in me after Thomas got through.  The scary part was how helpless I was
during the faux rape.  I couldn't move at all.  One held me completely
immobile while the other fucked me.

   For the next hour they fucked me.  There wasn't a single minute that one
of them wasn't in me.  At first it was vaginal then they started on my
bottom.  Luckily they were nice enough to use some lube but it still was
painful to have such big cocks in my butt.  Thomas used some sort of ornate
stick to open my ass up.  It was carved with some sort of writing or
graphics on it.  They made a ritual out of it.  The damned thing hurt like
hell but they didn't pay any attention to my crying or yelling.  After they
got the damned stick up my ass they started chanting and jumping around
still holding onto the stick.  It would have been funny if it hadn't hurt
so much.  After the stick, the cocks didn't feel so bad and pretty soon it
didn't hurt any at all.

   After what seemed like days and not hours, they let me go wash up.  Both
my pussy and ass was tingling, but it wasn't over by a long shot.  After
the shower, we had some drinks and talked a little bit.  When they were
rested it started all over again.  This time they doubled up on me.

   Thomas sat on the edge of the bed and had me get on him, facing him. 
His big ol' black spear went in a lot easier then.  I had a small orgasm
just working his stiff cock in me.  James re-lubed my butt and rammed his
cock in my ass.  Damn!  I came hard when he did.  I have no idea how many
time I came but it was a lot.  After a while they swapped and James took my
pussy and Thomas fucked my ass.  Frankly after a while things just became
blurry.  It was intense, it was exciting and sometimes I would pass out. 
Not that they let that interfere with the fucking.  They just hammered on.

   James seemed particularly fascinated with my boobs.  Sometimes it hurt
when he bit my nipples hard.  I was worried that Thomas would bite me and
his sharpened teeth scared the hell out of me.  He didn't seemed to care if
my tits got any attention or not.  My pussy was his thing and I'm glad. 
Finally they got dressed, put my dress on me and brought me home.  ***

   "Thank God it was finally over for you," I said.

   "It wasn't quite over," Jo said with a frown.  "They had a hired limo
and when they got to our drive the let the Hispanic driver fuck me.  Thomas
held my legs open for him and James played with my boobs.  Anyway, I think
our neighbor, Mister Jenkins, may have saw it when he came out for his
morning paper.  We may have to move out of the neighborhood.  You know what
a gossip he is."

   "Fuck Mister Jenkins," I snapped.  "I'm just glad you are all right.  I
was worried sick the whole time you were gone." *** Monday morning started
out with a bang.  I was called down the hall to the President's office
where I was presented with a check for thirty thousand dollars.  It was a
bonus for getting the African's to sign with us.  Talk about a fine start
to the day.  I got out of Kirk McCall's office without bowing but barely.
It was the first time I had even spoken with the president.  I called Jo
and told her the good news.  She mentioned something about a nice down
payment on a new house.  She was still worried about what the neighbor saw
Sunday morning.

   About mid-day Al called to say he would be coming home on Friday and
offered his congratulations on the signing and the hefty bonus.  All in all
it was a great day and I was in a good mood that vanished the minute I
pulled into my driveway.  Jenkins was waiting for me to arrive.

   "Mister Edmond," he called scurrying to catch me before I made it to the
door.  "Something disturbing happened this past weekend," he called nearly
out of breath from his short jog.

   "What was that, Mister Jenkins?" I inquired making an effort to keep my
voice pleasant.

   "When I came out to get my paper I saw some.Negros in your drive.  Three
of them."

   "Really?" I said.

   "They were with some woman, too.  A white woman, I'm positive.  I didn't
get a real good look at her, but I.."

   "Oh yeah," I said with a sigh of relief.  Jo hadn't been recognized. 
"I'll bet it was the people that came to look at the house last week.  They
said they might come back for another look."

   "You are selling your house?" Jenkins looked like he was about to puke.
"To Negros?" his voice went up two or three octaves.

   "Maybe," I said casually.  "They haven't made an offer yet.  I think one
of the black gentlemen is married to a white woman.  I got the impression
that the others were homosexual lovers." Jenkins actually made a gagging
sound and hurried away.  His opinion of blacks were almost as well know in
the neighborhood as his hostility toward gay people.  My good mood was
restored in full measure.  I was still laughing when Jo got home.

   "Now we don't have to move out, or be drummed out, of the neighborhood,"
I said after telling her about my conversation with Jenkins.

   "It would serve the old bastard right if we did find some blacks or gays
to sell to," she said with a laugh.  "Speaking of that when can I quit my

   "Anytime after I get this position permanently," I told her.

   "You think there will be a problem?"

   "No, not really," I answered.  "When I got the check from Mister Timmons
this morning, he seemed to think I was hot shit.  Of course I didn't try to
convince him otherwise.  Let's go out tonight and celebrate our windfall
and the fact your not going to be blacklisted by our neighbors." ***

   "Hey Andy, my man,!" Al said giving me a high five.  "Good work on the
African's.  I just left Kirk McCall's office and he was singing your
praises to the heavens.  He's dieing to meet Jo who he's referring to as
Wonder Woman.  I hear she got them to sign all by her self."

   "I introduced her to them," I said.  "She took it from there."

   "Damned good work.  How's she doing?"

   "She's fine, Al," I told him.  "Bounced right back."

   "Did she say anything about the date, for lack of a better word?"

   "Not all that much," I hedged.  Hell, it wasn't any of his business that
Jo liked it.  Well not much of his business.

   "I wouldn't be surprised if Kirk.  called Jo sometime.soon," he gave me
a conspiratorial wink.  "Kirk is a pussy hound and he likes a gal that will
party with him."

   "Kirk?  Jo?  Party with him?  What the hell does that mean, Al?" I

   "Kirk likes to party and he isn't married at the moment.  Sometimes he
borrows our wives.  All part of the game, Andy.  Go with the flow, buddy
and you'll have that AVP job locked.  I'll see you later." I sat and stared
at the wall a few minutes.  What had I gotten into?  Better question was
what had I gotten Jo involved with.  ***

   "Guess who called me," Jo said meeting me at the door when I got home.
"Your big boss, Kirk McCall, that's who." I motioned her to get on with the
story.  "He wants me to go with him to a party Friday night.  Did he say
anything to you about it?" I shook my head.  "Is that normal?  I mean are
we wives supposed to go on dates with the boss?" Again I shook my head.  I
didn't know exactly what to say anyway.  "I'm going to call Tina and see if
she know what this is all about."

   I went on into the kitchen and got a beer out of the cooler.  This whole
thing was a freaking mess and seemed to be getting worse.  Jo was back with
a report from Tina before I finished the beer.

   "Tina said Kirk has asked her out several times," Jo said.  "He dates
most of his vice presidents wives.  Rarely the assistant VP's wives so I
guess I should be honored, huh?"

   "Yeah, honored," I said.  "You know this isn't a date as in date, don't

   "Of course, silly," Jo said, getting me another beer.  "Tina told me
what to expect.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  Can I buy a new dress for
the party?" Whatever reservations I had, apparently Jo had none.  She was
excited about the so-called date.  Of course I agreed that she needed a new
dress and I managed to keep my mouth shut about anything else.

   Jo's shopping trip cost me seven hundred bucks and some change She took
Tina with her on the shopping trip.  Jo would be dressed in new things from
the skin out.  I'll admit she looked damned good when she got in the
stretch limo that Kirk rode in to claim her.  I watched it drive away with
a whole host of mixed feelings.

   Kirk had been friendly to me while he waited for Jo to make her
appearance, but just as soon as she arrived, Kirk turned on the charm. 
After a few minutes, Jo acted as if she was going out with an old friend.

   Later that evening I got restless and went out to a movie, but I
honestly couldn't tell anyone what was playing.  I stopped at a tittie bar
and watched the dancing for a short time and left.  It was just after
midnight when I got home.  Jo wasn't home and I hadn't really expected her
to be there.  Kirk's last words were not to wait up so I didn't.  I had
another stiff belt of whiskey and went to bed where I slept fitfully.

   When I woke up Jo still wasn't home.  I was feeling a lot of anxiety. 
But still wasn't overly concerned.  I called and got a tee time and played
a round of golf, but my mind wasn't really on the game.

   There was a message on the machine when I got home.  Jo called to say
that the party was still going on and that she would see me later.  She
added that she was having a good time and for me not to worry.  Fat chance!

   Jo finally came home Sunday afternoon.  Aside from looking tired she
looked fine.  She managed to keep her expensive dress looking good so I
took heart that it hadn't been a weekend of total debauchery.  As usual I
was wrong.  I asked Jo to tell me about her adventure.  ***

   Jo's story: Andy, the rich live a completely different life from us. 
Just riding in a big-ass limo was a thrill.  The party was at a private
club nearly thirty miles away, near Bluff City.  I'd guess that there was
fifty million dollars in just jewelry there.  I thought my expensive gold
necklace was showing off, but boy was I wrong.

   By the time we arrived at the club I was a little tipsy from the
champagne we drank on the way.  By the way, Kirk said a lot of nice things
about you.  He said you were an "up and comer" in the company.  Kirk
introduced me to a lot of people who I suppose were important, but I don't
remember any of their names.  Kirk introduced me as his "special friend"
and I gathered that a lot of the men there had "special friends" with them.

   It was a nice party as parties go.  A lot of drinking and some dancing.
I danced with several of the men.  Sometime later we left the club and went
to somebody's house a few miles away.  Up to this point, Kirk and everybody
had been perfect gentlemen.  At the home we went to, the gloves came off,
so to speak.

   Just as soon as we went in, Kirk took me to a bedroom and told me I
should change clothes.  I told him that I didn't bring a change, but he
just laughed and opened a closet and told me to pick out something.  It was
full of nothing but really daring clothes.  When I couldn't decide what to
wear or even if I wanted to change, Kirk took an emerald green robe out and
hand handed it to me.

   "I think you'll look nice in this, Jo," he said holding it out for me.
"Please put it on and we'll join the others." There wasn't any real
decision to be made.  I knew exactly why I was with him.  He handed me the
robe and went and sat down in a chair.  It was apparent he intended on
staying while I changed.  I took my new dress off and I'll admit, I posed
for him in my new lingerie.  "Very nice, Jo," Kirk said.  "You won't need
the under garments.  Just the robe." There wasn't anything to do except
strip completely naked so that's what I did.  Kirk seemed to appreciate my
unclothed body.  I slipped the robe on and tied the belt.  There was a
matching pair of slippers with high heels and I put them on.  It was a
reasonably good fit, but rather plunging because the belt was the only
thing that held it together.  I had to walk carefully to keep my boobs from

   Kirk stood up, smiled at me , and held out his hand.  He led me out of
the room and down the hall to a large dimly lighted room.  There was a
murmur of voices from inside that stopped when Kirk and I entered.  It took
a moment for my eyes to adjust to the lighting and I realize that I was the
only female in the room.  There were eight men, counting Kirk, and just
little ol' me.  My heart was racing and I was sure others could hear it.

   "Very nice, McCall," a short round man said, approaching us.  "Very nice
indeed.  I think this is the best one yet."

   "Thank you," Kirk answered.  "Her name is Jo.  Jo, this is Ben."

   "Jo, we only use first names here." That was funny because he had just
called Kirk, by his last name, but it didn't seem important to mention it.
"That will be all, McCall," Ben said, taking my hand and leading me further
inside the room.  I glanced back and Kirk was leaving.  I thought that was
strange, but even stranger was how he acted and was treated by Ben.  I
mean, like a hired man or something.  Certainly not like a friend or even a

   The other six men were more or less lined up and Ben led me to the first
one.  "This is Able," Ben said.  Able was a heavyset man in his late
forties or early fifties.  Able leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.
Ben took me to the next man and introduced him as Charles.  The next was
David, then Evan, then Frank and finally George.  They all were middle-aged
or older.  I didn't catch on for a while that their names were all in
alphabetical order and probably false.  Each one kissed me and the kisses
got progressively more passionate.  By the time I got to George the robe
was opened enough so they could feel my boobs.

   I'll admit that I was scared when it started.  but by the time I had met
all of them and had been kissed and caressed, I was over it.  There was an
sort of electric feeling in the air and a sexual tension that's impossible
to describe.  Ben was the last to kiss and fondle me and he sure put a lot
into it.  I was panting by the time he finished and started me back up the
line of men.

   George took my robe completely off so I was totally naked except for my
heels.  Each man took several minutes with me.  They took full advantage of
my exposed body using their fingers in my pussy and butt.  There was a
single inch of my body they didn't explore By the time I got back to Able,
I was soaking wet and ready for anything.  At least I thought I was ready
for anything.

   I've been naked in front of men before, but being the only naked person
was weird.  I mean I felt more naked than just not having any clothes on.
Fortunately that didn't last all that long.  Able took his turn playing
with me and then he pushed me downward and took his dick out of his pants.
I knew what I was supposed to do so I took his cock and sucked it.  It
wasn't fully hard when I started, but it was very hard when he told me to
go to the next man.  I glanced down the line and saw that the others were
naked, too.  Ben was next to get head from me and so on down the line. 
Some were already erect but some needed help getting it up.  I was happy to
assist them.

   I didn't have a watch on, but I'd guess all that took about half an hour
and by the time I got to George again my jaw was getting tired.  When I had
sucked George up good and hard, the other broke rank and gathered around
me. One of them led me to a large couch-like seat.  It didn't have a back
or arms so I guess it was more like a lounge.  That was when the fucking
really got started.  Able, Ben, Charles, David, Evan, and George took me in
turn.  I guess they must have figured what order they would fuck before I
arrived.  Frankly I didn't care what order they fucked me.  I was steaming
hot and it didn't matter at all.

   I had a bunch of orgasms, but the guys were careful not to cum.  They
were all older men, but they had a lot of control.  When George brought me
off, they started over again.  This time they weren't as gentle as before.
They bit and jerked on nipples harder but not overly painfully.  Just
enough to keep me excited.

   I'm not sure exactly when, but the alphabetical shit stopped, and it was
whoever was up for it.  After a couple hours of that type fucking they got
creative and they started taking me two at a time.  One in my mouth and
another in my pussy.  That lasted about half an hour or so but I could be
way off on the time.

   I knew it was Ben who came in me first because his dick was bigger than
the others.  He felt good in me.  When he shot off in me, I was allowed to
suck the cock in my mouth until he came, too.  Things got real messy from
that point and it wasn't long before I had their cum in every nook and
cranny of my body.  I even had cum in my hair and ears.

   Ben took me to a bathroom where I showered and got the semen off of me.
I don't think a shower ever felt so good.  By the time I finished, I was
clean again and refreshed.  It was a good thing because they weren't
finished with me by a long shot.  I was taken to another room and joined
the men in a large hot tub.  That felt good also.

   I had no more than gotten into the tub when one of them grabbed my tits
and from that moment until we got out, there were hands all over, and in,
my body.  That was one randy group of guys, I tell you.  After the erotic
soak in the hot tub, they took me to a huge bed.  Much larger then our
king-size bed.  It, and the linen, had to be specially made.

   On that huge bed they really got into it.  They double fucked me using
my pussy and ass.  A couple of times they doubled up on my pussy.  That was
something and it caused me to lose consciousness a couple of times for
short periods.

   I'm not sure how long that session took.  Hours, I'm sure.  I was
totally fucked out when they decided to stop fucking me.  A couple of guys
helped me to another bedroom and into bed.  I don't think I even moved
until nearly mid-morning on Saturday.

   I woke up and realized that I was in a strange bed in a strange place.
For a few moments I was really confused.  I finally got my brain working
and realized that I was a mess.  Cum was leaking out of my ass and pussy
and I was covered in dried sperm.  There was an adjoining bathroom, well
furnished, with a shower so I got myself cleaned up.  I had no idea where
my clothes might be, but I found a terrycloth robe, put it on, and went

   I detected the aroma of coffee and you know how I love my morning
coffee. I found a kitchen and a pot of fresh coffee, and I helped myself.
Somewhere off in the big house I heard the sound of footsteps and suddenly
Kirk McCall appeared in the kitchen doorway.

   "Good, you're awake," he said in a cheerful tone of voice.  I had
already noticed the clock on the stove and knew it was nearly noon.  "Did
you sleep well?"

   "Yes, thank you," I said.  "Where did you disappear to last night?"

   "Oh, I had things to do," Kirk said giving me a dismissive wave of his
hand.  "Did you have a good time?" I considered his question then nodded.

   "Yes, I did," I answered.  "It was.different.  Where are my clothes?  I
have to get home, Andy will be worried sick."

   "No, he won't," Kirk told me.  "I have you for the weekend.  The boys
will be back in a little while and they want to see you with Tony the

   "Who is Tony the tiger, and how do you know Andy isn't worried?"

   "He's a guy you'll meet in a little while.  Kind of a special guy.  I
think you'll enjoy meeting him.  Andy is a team player, Jo," he said
sitting down next to me at the table.  "Andy will play along with whatever
comes up.  He's going places in my company, I can tell you that.  I have
brunch being catered.  It should be delivered in a little while."

   After enough coffee to get my eyes opened and my heart pumping, Kirk
showed me how to get back to the room I slept in.  He picked out a racy
little outfit from the closet and told me to put it on.  He watched me as I
took off the robe and put the little abbreviated outfit on.  I think it was
supposed to me a French maid costume.

   "You have a fine rack, Jo," he told me as I tried to stuff my boobs into
the tiny bra.  I thanked him and finished putting the costume on.  He left
while I was putting the fishnet stockings on.  He was back in a few minutes
and he told me to put the robe on.  The food had arrived and we went to
eat. I was absolutely starved and I know I made a pig out of myself. 
Everything was delicious including the champagne.  I've never had champagne
for breakfast before.  I think I could get used to that.

   After the scrumptious meal, Kirk told me it was about an hour until the
show started.  I asked him what show.  He just grinned and told me I'd find
out.  I assumed that the six men would be returning for another session of
gang-banging me, but I was wrong.

   While we sipped the last of the champagne Kirk told me that I should
give him some head.  After the previous night of fucking and sucking that
didn't seem like an unusual request so I gave him a champagne blow job.  I
got a mouthful of champagne and took his cock in my mouth.  It took some
doing but I managed to figure out how to do it without dribbling champagne
all over his pants.  I was on my knees, sucking his cock when the people
from the catering company came to get their things.

   It was strange, but none of them, two men and a woman, didn't bat an eye
at what they saw.  They were going out of the door when Kirk erupted in my
mouth.  I washed it down with the last of the champagne.  I went to the
bedroom to repair my makeup and to wait on the show.  Whatever that was to
be.  I didn't have to wait long.  It was about two o'clock when Kirk came
to get me.

   Kirk took me down the hall to a room that was really a small theater. 
There was a stage, and seats for an audience of twenty or so.  I was
shocked to see the place was nearly full of both men and women.  I was
begining to get really nervous while Kirk and I waited in the wings.  I was
beginning to get the idea Kirk really meant a show.  I was also beginning
to get the idea that I was the star and that I didn't have a clue what was
going on.  I asked Kirk, but he just grinned and told me to wait.

   So I waited and tried to calm my jittery stomach.  I studied the stage
which was bare except for a straight chair and a low bed.  The bed didn't
surprise me very much because I knew it was to be a sex show.  Suddenly the
house lights went down leaving the stage brightly lighted.

   "Show time," Kirk said handing me a feather duster.  "Go dust the chair
and look surprised at what happens next."

   I did as he told me and spent a few moment's pretending to dust the
chair.  Then from the other side of the stage, a man strolled out.  I
didn't have to pretend to be surprised because I was.  Shocked would be a
better word to use.  He was a giant, Andy.  I mean a real giant.  He was at
least seven feet tall, naked, and black!  I nearly ran from the stage when
I saw his cock.  I would have if my legs had worked.  His dick hung nearly
to his knees.  It was even blacker then the rest of him.

   I heard some of the audience gasp when they saw his cock.  I had never
seen anything like it in my life.  I was thinking that surely nobody
expected that a tiny thing like me could ever take anything that big.  No
way!  It was nearly as big as my arm, for pity sakes.

   The giant walked, strutted actually, out onto the center stage and when
he stopped beside me he seemed even larger.  The top of my head didn't
reach his chest.

   "Fifi, dust my cock," he said.  It dawned on me that apparently he had
lines.  Nobody had told me anything to say.  He sat down on the chair and
spread his massive legs.  I swear his cock looked like a black python
laying there.  It looked like it was staring at me.

   I used the feather duster and made a swipe across his big cock.  I swear
it moved, Andy.  For all the world, it still looked like a big snake that
was waking up.  I tickled it again with the duster.  In all honestly I was
scared to death of it, but for some reason I was also fascinated.  I could
feel the wetness forming between my legs.

   "Suck it, bitch," the man who I assumed was Tony the tiger, whispered.
"Take it in your hand and suck my cock."

   I didn't think there was any way I could that that monster in my mouth,
but I did.  Some of it anyway.  The damned thing started to twitch, jerk,
and get harder.  Fortunately it didn't get any bigger, just harder.  I
sucked and stroked it until it was standing up all by itself.  I wasn't
sure getting something like that hard was a smart thing to do, but it
seemed to be out of my hands, so to speak.

   "Stand up and show me your tits," Tony ordered.  I reluctantly turned
his monster loose.  I kinda felt like if I kept hold of it I was safer. 
Yeah, silly, I know.  I stood and took off the flimsy top and pulled the
bra down exposing by breasts.  I heard a collective gasp when they spring
into sight.  Not as big as the gasp when they saw his dick, but it was
appreciated anyway.  I am a little vain about by breasts, as you know.  Me
standing and him sitting, my boobs were level with his mouth and he pulled
me to him using my tit as a handle.  When he bit my nipple, I yelled out
loud.  He released that boob and did the same to the other one.  It hurt
but it was a good hurt.  I didn't realize I had taken hold, but my hand was
stroking his big ebony cock.

   "I'm goina fuck you until your fucking eyeballs pop out, slut," He said
He spoke in a conversational voice, but I could hear his voice over a
speaker out on the audience.  "You're goina scream when I cram my foot long
hot dog in your fuckin' white bun." While he was talking, he roughly shoved
my legs apart and started playing with my pussy after tearing the flimsy
panties off of me.  "You're fuckin' slut.  You're already wet." His finger
seemed like it was a foot long when he pushed in deep into me.

   "I love little white bitches with wet a cunt," he said, putting another
finger in me.  I was standing up on my tiptoes.  "You like to fuck, bitch?"
I was in a quandary.  Nobody had seen fit to give me a script.  I didn't
know if I was supposed to answer or not.  He took his finger out of my
pussy and grabbed my clit and pulled hard on it.  "I asked you a question,
slut.  You like to fuck?"

   "Yes," I managed to stutter.  "I like to fuck." It sounded like I
shouted it, but I hadn't.

   "You want my big black cock in your little white pussy?" he asked.  His
finger was back inside my pussy and I didn't want him jerking on my clit
again, so I answered.

   "Yes, I want your big black cock in my white pussy." Surprisingly, it
was true.  I did want his big black cock in me.  I wasn't sure it would
fit, but I was damned sure ready to give it the ol' college try.  Next
thing I knew he was standing and I was up in his arms like a little child.
He carried me to the bed and set me down beside it.  He grabbed the French
maid uniform, what was left of it, and ripped it from my body.  Since there
was little resistance I assumed it was designed to be a tear-away.

   He pushed me back and I fell down on the bed my legs spread.  He grabbed
my ankles and held my legs apart while he shoved his face in my pussy.  The
man was a pussy eating marvel.  He took me to several mind shattering
climaxes with his tongue and lips.  I forgot all about the watching people
just a few yards away.  I didn't know it at the time, but in addition to
the live action on the stage we also were projected onto a large screen on
either side of the stage.  That reminds me, I brought you a copy of the
video that was made.

   My original reservations came back when Tony stood up and pulled me to
the edge of the bed.  His dick looked even bigger poised at my pussy than
it had.  I knew for a certainty that he was going to try to put it in me so
I pulled my vagina open as much as I could.  It was a good thing that I was
as wet as I was.  He did get it started after a while of poking and
probing. When the tip of his dick entered me, I nearly passed out.

   I could hear myself yelling at him to stop, but he didn't stop.  I knew
he wouldn't but I had to try.  He pushed another few inches in me.  God,
Andy, it felt like he was shoving a baseball bat in me.

   It could have been real bad, but Tony was pretty gently.  He didn't try
to give me more than I could handle.  He would put some farther in and hold
it for a few moments.  It seemed like hours before I felt the tip of his
black cock touch my cervix and he still wasn't all the way in.

   I remember telling him it was as far as he could go.  He smiled and
nodded at me.  I was truly stuffed with his big cock.  I was having trouble
breathing and that was partly from the excitement and the discomfort.

   He pulled out a little and pushed back in.  He did that several times
and suddenly there wasn't any pain or discomfort anymore.  When he started
stroking in and out of me it was like a reddish haze settled down on me.  I
heard a loud, god-awful scream, and realized it was me screaming.  I had an
orgasm like no other I had ever experienced.  It went on for a long time.

   Pretty soon Tony was fucking me long and hard and it was wonderful.  I
came a thousand times during the next thirty minutes.  No, honestly, I
really don't know how long it was.  Time stopped the moment he got that big
black cock in my pussy.  What seemed like hours was actually only minutes
and what seemed like minutes was longer.  Time and distance got all screwed
up for me.

   When I would pass out, somebody brought smelling salts and woke me up
again.  Tony fucked me in the missionary position, doggy style, and finally
he had me on top of him.  It was easier by then because he had filled me
with a gallon of cum.  It was pouring out of me in buckets, yet his cock
never went completely soft.

   I did everything he told me to do.  Like I had no will of my own.  When
he told me to lick his balls, I did.  When he squatted over me and told me
to lick his ass, I did that, too.  I licked and sucked his big slimy cock
when he told me to.  I only refused him one thing.  He told me that he was
going to fuck my ass, and I managed to summons enough willpower to refuse.
There was no way that huge cock would fit in my little asshole.  I guess he
realized that because he didn't insist.

   When he finally had enough, we lay on the bed and tried catch our
breath. After maybe ten or fifteen minutes, I raised up enough to see that
most of the people had left.

   "Thanks for being so gently with me, Tony," I said.  "That was.well, it
was just great."

   "No problem," he said with chuckle.  "But I ain't Tony.  Tony had to go
out of town for a while.  I'm Chuck, Tony's brother.  His cock is bigger
than mine." ***

   "Boy, if that's not a roll of quarters in your pocket," Jo said
laughing, "you must have liked that story."

   "It's not and I did," I said.  "Where was Kirk McCall while your were
being fucked?"

   "He was watching from the wings," Jo answered.  "By the time Chuck was
finished with me, Kirk was about to burst.  He admitted that he liked to
watch women getting fucked by big men.  He's a certified voyeur, I guess.
Not that he doesn't like to do it himself, mind you."

   "Why are you just now getting home?" I asked.  "That was yesterday

   "Yes, I know it," Jo answered.  "As it turned out, Kirk wasn't through
with me.  He took me back to my room and I showered and washed Chuck's cum
off.  I douched and got the cum out of my pussy.  After I got washed, Kirk
and I soaked in the hot tub.  That was when I found out the house was
Kirk's.  I asked him when I was coming home and he told me it would be
tomorrow, today.  We have to get a hot tub, Andy.  It has remarkable
healing and soothing powers." *** Jo's story continues:

   After the soak, we went to the dining room and had another wonderful
catered meal.  Like I said, the rich live differently from us.  While we
ate we talked.

   "You were great this afternoon," he told me.  I thanked him.  "I really
didn't think you'd perform like you did.  How did a big black cock feel in
your cunt?"

   "Hurt like a son of a bitch at first," I said.  "It got a lot better
real soon." He laughed at that.

   "God, I couldn't believe you took it!  Chuck isn't as big as his
brother, but he's big isn't he?" I admitted it was plenty big enough and
that I didn't think I wanted to meet Tony the tiger anytime soon.  "You
won't," Kirk assured me.  "Tony, hiding out for a while.  I think he fucked
the wrong white woman.  I took the liberty of inviting a few of our
directors over this evening.  I thought they should meet our newest company

   Company whore!  That's what I was, the Company whore.  It took a few
minutes for that to sink in.  Tina, me, and the other wives were nothing
more than whores.  Out talent for the company is between our legs.  I was
pissed at first.  I wanted to slap the hell out of Kirk and leave there.  I
wanted to wipe that smirk off his face.

   "Andy is looking at a vice presidency very soon," Kirk said while I
fumed.  "Al is going to take over our operation in California in a few
months.  Andy will take over for Al.  How does a quarter million a year
sound to you?"

   It dawned on me right then, that I wasn't really that angry.  Two
hundred fifty thousand dollars a year, Andy!  That's big bucks in anybody's
language.  Plus an even bigger benefit package with stock options and the
whole nine yards.

   "It sounds pretty good, Kirk," I answered.  "Very good, in fact.  How
many directors do I get to fuck tonight?"

   "Just five of us, tonight," Kirk answered laughing.  "You'll meet the
others as time goes by.  Is your pussy up to another gang-bang?"

   "You bet it is," I told him.  "Anytime you need pussy, I'm your girl. 
I'm your newest company whore, but I'm your best company whore."

   While we waited on the directors to arrive I found out that Tina
wouldn't be going with Al to the west coast.  Kirk told me that the whores
didn't go with the husbands.  Not if they were good whores and Tina is a
good whore.  Kirk told me that Al would find another woman out there.  He
told me that they both were fine with it.  Will you be fine when they send
you off and keep me here?  ***

   I was dumbfounded.  No, hell no, I wouldn't be all right with it.  No
fucking way and I told Jo that.  She kissed me and said that we would cross
that bridge when we came to it.

   That's why I'm sitting on a park bench tossing crumbs to the ducks.  The
bridge as come along.  Kirk informed me that I would be transferring to
Florida in a few weeks and that Jo would stay on doing what she does best.
Fuck everybody and anybody.  When I told Jo about the transfer she already
knew about it.  She told me not to worry about it, that she'd be just fine.

   I wanted to cry, but it was way too late for tears.  The bed had been
made and Jo was lieing in it.  If this is success, then fuck success.  It
just isn't worth the price I'm paying for it.  Now I had to figure out what
to do.
   The End.

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