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Stressful Mom

   By Rakesh HellBound

   Chapter One

   I am the only child of my parents.  The both loved me very much and gave
me everything any child could ever ask for.

   My whole life changed about 10 years ago when I was sixteen years old.
My parents had a very special relationship.  My father was a typical alpha
male very dominant and controlling.  My mother was his best friend, his
lover and his sex slave.  She loved him to death and did everything he
wished.  She had fully submitted to him heart, body mind and soul.

   My father made a lot of money so mom never had to work.  He made sure
she kept her self in shape.  After all she was his trophy wife.  Her
26"waist, C size tits and tight ass was to die for.

   Until age sixteen, I had a very normal life, I was very active in
school, sports and in everything a sixteen year boy does.  One day I notice
that my mother has adopted a new way dressing.  She was wearing short
skirts around the house, tight T-shirts, sometimes she would stay in her
nightie all day long and it seemed she stopped wearing bras altogether. 
Her humongous tits would bounce and jiggle.  Her mini skirts were so short
that couple of times I saw her bald pussy when she bend over to pick things
up from the floor.  Anytime I was around her I had a hard on and I would
have to go to the bathroom and jerk off.  In my heart I was convinced that
she was purposely teasing me.  I decided I was going to test the waters.

   One day, she was at the kitchen sink washing dishes in her tight bra
less white T-Shirt and denim mini skirt.  I came from behind put my arms
around her gave her a hug and gently squeezed her tits.  She turned her
neck and gave me kiss on the cheek, I still had my hand on her tits and I
started to caress them through her t-shirt.  In a very stern voice she said
"David, move you hands immediately" and I did.  I was a bit nervous not
knowing what she was going to do.  I was more nervous that she would tell
dad and he would kill me.  I wanted to tell her that I was sorry and not to
tell dad.  But I was too embarrassed and nervous to even do that.  She was
acting very normal, gave me the supper went about her routine chore like
laundry, dusting etc.

   I went to my room and could not stop thinking about what happened.  I
was confused.  Next morning was Saturday, I came downstairs for breakfast
mom was sitting on the couch in her very short and completely transparent
light pink negligee watching TV and sipping on coffee.  Dad had gone out
for his golf game and would be gone for few hours.  She asks me what I
wanted for breakfast; I said scrambled eggs and toast.  She went to the
kitchen and I stood there admiring the movement of her beautiful
practically naked body.  I decided I was going to make my move one more
time.  She put my breakfast on the kitchen counter and refilled her coffee

   I finished my breakfast and went to the TV lounge and sat right next to
her.  I was kind of uncomfortable trying to figure out what the right
moment would be.  She noticed my discomfort and said "hey, what's wrong" I
said "nothing mom" she ran her fingers through my hair and said "you are
not going to tell your mom" I turned towards her and put my right hand on
her tits.  She said "what do you think you are doing" then I put both of my
hand on her tit and started squeezing them.  All of sudden she slapped me
across the face and told me to stop immediately and go to my room.

   I had tears in my eyes; I left the room and went upstairs.  Now I was
sure that she will tell dad.  I was scared.  I lied down on my bed and
dozed off.  I woke up around 3:00 o clock looked out the window and saw dad
car in the driveway.  I didn't want to go downstairs and face the music.  I
stayed in my room a bit longer then I decided that I was going to sneak out
and go to my friend's house.

   As I was quietly going downstairs I heard mom and dad talking.  Mom said
to dad that "David has been taking liberties with me when you are not
around" Dad almost screamed and said "don't forget that you the BITCH of
this house, when I am not around he is your master.  Why do you think I
have ordered you to dress like whore that you are around the house"?  I
want him to see you and treat you like his BITCH." You get it BITCH?" All I
heard mom say in a very trembling voice was "yes sir, as you wish".

   I decided to back to my room and think about what I just heard.  I lied
down in my bed.  The more I thought about this the more aroused I got. 
Before I knew it was almost 6:00 PM and I knew I would soon be called for
supper.  I took off my clothes and got under the covers.  Few minutes later
mom knocks on the door, I didn't respond.  She then open the door and
called my name I responded by saying "WHAT", she said "come downstairs for
dinner" I said I wasn't hungry.  She came in my room put her hand on my
back and said "come on David, you know how your father gets when we don't
eat dinner together".  I got up stood stark naked in front of her, she was
still wearing that short nightie.  I looked her in the eye, grabbed her by
her pony tail and planted a super wet kiss on her lips and pushed her away.
She almost fell to the floor.  I then grabbed her by the arm and slapped
her hard across her face and told her never ever hit me again.  I also told
her that I wasn't done with her yet.  I then put my shorts and T-shirt on
and went downstairs to join dad.

   Dad asked about mom I said I am not sure she is still upstairs.  He
called her and she responded by saying "honey, I will right there" 5
minutes later she came down and served dinner.  We ate dinner like a normal
family.  Dad was asking me about school and then we talked about sports
through dinner.  Mom also participated in the conversation like nothing
happened.  After dinner dad was going upstairs to the library to do some
work.  He told mom to come up early he wants his back rubbed.  She said as
soon as she done with the dishes, she will be up.

   As soon as dad went up I told her that I want her to blow be before she
does anything.  She looked scared and didn't know how to react.  I grabbed
her by her hair and forced her face in my crouch.  I pushed my shorts down
and shoved my dick in her mouth.  She sucked me for 10 minutes and then I
fucked her in the kitchen and exploded in her cunt.  I wiped my dick off on
her face and told her that I want her in my room as soon as dad fall a
sleep.  She said what if he wakes up.  SLAP .....  That's your problem,
make sure that he doesn't.  Dad has been a stock broker all his life he
always slept early and went to work early.  He had the same routine on the
weekends as well.

   I went to my room got under the covers naked and waited for mom to come
in my room.  It was 10:30 when she finally entered my room.  With out
saying a word I forced my already hard dick in her mouth she sucked for
half an hour and then I turned her around and fucked her in the ass.  She
begged me not to because it hurts badly.  The more she begged the rough I
got.  Once I came in her ass, I told her to back to her room and get me all
of her birth control pills.  She was shocked and asked why?  SLAP .... 
Don't you ever question my orders.  Tears started to run down her cheeks I
pushed her out of my room, she went to her bedroom and I heard dad said
what are you doing come to bed.  She said honey I want to shave my leg you
go to sleep I will be a while.

   She brought me the pills, her hand were shaking; I took the pills and
flush them down the toilet.  She said "David.  I can get pregnant" I said
that is the idea.  She said I beg you not to do this to me.  I said you
should have thought about this before you hit me today.  She had no idea
that I have heard the conversation between my dad and her.

   I laid down couple of rules for her.  (1) I want to be awaken by your
blow job every morning all seven days.  If I wake up and your filthy mouth
is not on my dick, you will be punished (2) she would be wearing at least
4" heals everyday all day.  The only time you take off your shoes is when
you go to bed

   She said OK during the week because your father leaves home at 5:30 in
the morning but I can't come to your room to wake you up on the weekend. 
SLAP ....  That's your problem.  Now get the fuck out my room..  And
listen, shave your cunt as well.  I like to see the pink cunt lips when you
parade around the house like a two bit whore.

   I was so excited with accomplishments of the day that I could not fall a
sleep.  Tomorrow is Sunday, I normally wake up around 10 in the morning on
the weekends.......

   to be continued..........

   only if I get few emails of encouragement:

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