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{BG; teen; vaginal; oral; virgin; incest.}

   Me and My Sister (Historic)

   I was nineteen years old, a college freshman.  She was 15 years old, a
high school sophomore.  She was BUILT!  She'd been flaunting herself around
me, flashed her tits more than once.  She'd taken to wearing tight tops and
tight jeans.  Her ass was a marvelous work of art!  And, earlier that night
she'd walked into my bedroom wearing nothing but panties.

   "Do you have a t-shirt I can wear?" Until recently [then] I'd been a fat
slothful fellow.  But, over the course of fourteen months I'd dropped half
my weight and had begun to build muscle.  And, I still had my `fat'
clothes. "Yeah," I gasped, "I - I.., Yes.  In the closet, help yourself." I
felt my face flush, cheeks filled with blood, as my eyes watched her,

   She walked to the closet, gracefully, like skating on ice.  Without
fuss, she opened the closet door, her ass crack very visible through her
pale pink panties.  "The big ones are in the back, right?" she asked
without looking toward me.  "Uh.., yeah." I uttered.  She stretched out an
arm, learning forward on one foot...  "OH -" she started as she began to
loose her balance.  "- I got you," I said, coming up behind her, taking her
by the hips, pulling her toward me.

   Her ass seemed a perfect fit to me crotch.

   She turned then, away from the open closet door, holding the shirt by
it's hangar, bringing it between us, "So, I see," she chirped.  She smiled
coyly.  I knew my dick was hard.  And, I couldn't help myself, I was
involuntarily pushing my pelvis against her.  She kissed me on the cheek,
"Gotta get to.., bed."

   My parents had a guest staying with us at the time.  A woman whom Dad
had put-up in my sister's bedroom.  Instead of having my sister sleep in my
brother's bed or have me sleep downstairs, my dad had my sister sleep
downstairs on the couch!  My father's not the brightest bulb in the box.

   My sister left my room, giving me one last glimpse of her marvelous
melons before turning away from me and walking out the door.  I quickly
stepped from the closet to the door, getting a view of her backside [damn!
she had a very fine ass!] as she walked along the hallway and drew my
t-shirt over her nearly nude pubescent body!

   My young male dick was leaking precum and stuck to my undershorts!

   At the time, when my sister walked into my bedroom, I was [as was she]
getting ready for bed myself.  I had only just removed my shirt when she
came into the room.  So, now, after she'd left, I completed the task of
undressing, washing-up, then dressing for bed

   That particular weekend, my brother wasn't home.  He'd graduated high
school June of that year and by the fall [when this event took place] he
was at some U.S.  Army base for basic training...  eventually, he'd serve
three years at a base in Germany.

   Ah...  but, I digress.

   As I said, at the time, I was nineteen and my sister was fifteen years

   My sister and I have different mother's.  Long story short, my parents
met and fucked when they were teens.  At the time, my mother was "seeing"
three young men, college aged guys, though she was just in her last year of
high school.  She had no real idea who my father was when she was pregnant.
Even later, after she married the man she believed to be my father...  she
wouldn't know the truth until the blood typing was explained to her and a
DNA test proved what blood typing suggested.

   Pop was gone by then.  He and my mother divorced when I was seven.  Two
years later, "an old friend" returned.  Some time before, Dad had divorced
his first wife, my sister's mother and happened to come into Mom's
office... four years later they married.

   When my parents were married, my sister was nine years old.  As was the
custom back then, she lived with her mother.  Dad had her two weekends a

   My sister had always been a bright, cheerful, energetic, loving girl. 
Even as a child, she was quick to lighten-up anyone's mood.  She always had
a goofy face to make, a dumb joke to tell or a game she wanted to play. 
And, even as a child, with regard to her physical form, she had no humility
whatsoever.  My sister wasn't shy or afraid.

   She was friendly.  She liked hugs and kisses.  My sister gave as many
hugs and kisses as she received...  everyone was eager to receive them,
believe me.

   And, she was filling-out magnificently!

   Though my sister and I were only now getting ready for bed, the woman my
father had staying with us had been passed-out drunk for over an hour. 
That woman had gone upstairs to my sister's bedroom and drank herself into
a stupor as soon as my parents left for the evening.  They often went out
for the evening and I rarely cared to know where they'd be, not that they'd
actually tell me.

   So, there we were, two healthy teenagers.  At that time, I knew nothing
of my sister's actual blood relation to me.  It would be years before I
suspected the truth of my paternity and had the DNA test done.  [My mother
is still disgruntled by the exposure.] All I knew then was, my sister is

   As I lay in bed I couldn't keep the visions of her marvelous melons and
wonderful ass out of my mind.  My heart raced.  My young cock grew to full
mast.  I became warm with sweat.  I felt heat fill my face and groin!  I
couldn't just lay there...  I had to have her!

   Slowly, quietly, with an edge of fear, I rose from my bed and crept
downstairs to the living room.  Standing in the entryway I suddenly felt
dehydrated, all the moisture inside me had been boiled away.  I was
chilled, as covered with frost.  No water was in my mouth, tongue parched
as desert sand.  But, my heart raced-on and my cock shrank not a bit!

   My sister slept on the couch, there, before my eyes.  She was turned
away from the space of the living room, face pressed against the couch.  A
blanket covered her from toes to shoulders.  Her breathing was steady.  My
ears were keen, registering all sounds inside and outside the house.  I
sifted the sounds through the logic center of my brain, deleting everything
but her breathing and the absence of a car motor in the driveway.

   If my parents arrived home, I wanted to know about it instantly.

   Approaching the couch, I removed my undershirt.  As is still my
tradition today, I wear sweat pants and an undershirt to bed.  With my
shirt in my left hand, I sat on the edge of the couch and reached my right
hand out to touch my sisters head.  The moonlight shined through the living
room window and lit her ruby-gold colored hair.  I ran my hand along her
hair, from forehead to shoulder, pulling it free from the grip between her
head and the pillow.

   My sister's hair was gloriously soft and luxuriatingly long.

   She stirred.

   My heart skipped.

   My sister turned toward me.  "Wha," she whispered.  "What is it?" she
asked.  "It's me," I answered.  "What do you want?" "You." "Huh?" "YOU."
"Me?  You want me?"

   "Yeah," I responded, shifting my position, sliding away slightly as my
sister sat upright.  She looked directly into my eyes.  Her hazel greens
burned into mine.  No, I realized, they weren't burning into me, they were
gazing, admiring.  My prick twitched.  She noticed, moved her gazed to my
rising crotch.

   "Well," she said, smiling, "it's about time.  Geez.  I was naked for
cryin' out loud!" My sister reached for me, pulled me toward her and we
kissed.  We kissed with passion.  My lips to hers, without hesitation or
skepticism.  We kissed with certainty.  My sister and I kissed earnestly,
hungrily...  we kissed with passion!

   Soon we undressed one another.  I removed her top, slowly, easily. 
Then, she tugged my sweat pants off of me.  I nearly slipped from the
couch. "Maybe we should go upstairs?" "Ya think," she teased.  She grabbed
the blanket and clothes and led the way upstairs to the bedroom I once
shared with my brother.

   My sister had taken hold of my rigid pole as soon as we rounded the
corner from the top of the stairs.  She wasn't stroking it.  Oh, no, she
grabbed my cock like it were the leash on an insubordinate dog!  My
brother's bed was closer to the doorway...  and we could wait no longer.

   As we dropped onto my brother's bed, my sister tossed the blanket and
clothes onto mine.  We lay side by side, kissing, petting...  exploring. 
"I've sucked cock before," she blurted; continuing, "Want me to suck
yours?" I was speechless.  She lowered her mouth to my member...  and
engulfed it's fully erect 6 inches!

   Swallow.  SLURP.  Lick.  SUCK.  Pop.

   My sister swallowed my cock with the desperation borne of unchecked
desire.  Her wet mouth slobbered over my cock, slurping loudly, like
remnants from a soup bowl.  I was enthralled by the workings of her
delicate mouth worm, tongue softly licking my prick, teasing it's length.
Like a vacuum, my sister sucked my cock from tip to scrotum.  Then, drawing
her lips tightly along it's erect form, popping from it.  Only to swallow
it again.

   "OH!" I gasped.  "Shit.  Krist, that feels so fuckin' good.  Don't
stop." "Not `til you cum." "Really?" I was young, no chick had swallowed my
load yet.  "Shure.  First, in my mouth.  Then, when you fuck me," here now,
looking at me, stopping this terrific blowjob, "in my pussy." "You ever
fuck before?" "No.  I've Been Waiting For You....  That's why I'm such a
good cocksucker - I am, ain't I," I nodded, then she continued, "no
fucking, just sucking.  All my dates, since my first, last year, get
blowjobs.  But, NoBody Gets My Pussy.., until after you've had it."

   Then, she returned her full attention to my cock...  and I shot spunk
into a chick's mouth for the very first time...  felt a girl swallow my
spunk with my cock still in her mouth, for the very first time!

   My sister swallowed my load with a slight gulp.  Then, with deliberate
lip action, squeezed the last of my load from my prick.  This she kept on
her tongue, showing it to me once my dick was free of her pie hole.  That
pool of cum she swallowed too.  Then she licked my slimy cock clean.

   Her pussy was aroused, though at the time I didn't realize what that
scent indicated.  At the time, I believed pussy always smelled like that...
a sweet perfume, drawing me to her petals.  The first pussy I ever saw up
close, outside of a magazine, belonged to my sister!

   No, I wasn't a virgin at that time...  but until a month prior, I had
been.  [Another tale I shall regale.] But, I'd `lost' my virginity in the
dark, in the back seat of my car.  This was going to be all together

   My sister and I lay together, face to face, fondling and kissing.  I
moved between her legs.  She was still wearing her panties.  I removed them
slowly.  When we entered the room, some time ago, I had closed the door and
turned-on the light, setting it to a dim stage.  This time, my second time,
I was `doing it' with the light on and I was going to see this heavenly
creation called a pussy.

   Without knowing what I was doing, moving only by instinct, I touched her
pussy lips.  I rubbed them with my finger tips.  Then I plied them with my
tongue.  I licked and penetrated her with my tongue and fingers.  The folds
I drew to my lips, kissing, sucking.  When I wasn't looking at her cunt I
was peering at her face.  My sister smiled, broadly, with bright eyes
unblinking, as I ate her flower.

   "Oh," she moaned.  "Yesss, oh, yes.  Do that," she uttered.

   Kiss.  Lick.  Tickle.  Penetrate.  SUCK.  DIP.  Twitch.  FLICK.  Suck.

   I kissed her cunt then licked it.  My fingers tickled her folds before
penetrating her.  One finger, then.., two.  Inside, then out, back again,
her first finger fuck...  mine too.  She was wet.  Sex filled the air.  I
drew my lips to her petals, suckling them into my mouth, one set, then the
other.  My tongue dipped into her moist pot and twitched the inside,
flicking her stamen.  Gently, I sucked her clit [at the time unaware of
it's identity]....

   "OH!" my sister cried out, grabbing my head, drawing it into her crotch.
"YESS.  Do That!" I continue my ministrations.  "Hm.  Hm.  You bet," I
muttered.  "Shush.  Don't talk.  EAT!  Eat my cunt!" I obeyed.  "That's it.
Damn!  You're a naturally pussy eater, brother.  Eat me.  Make Me Fuck'N

   She did.

   All over my lips and chin.

   Into my mouth.

   And, I swallowed.

   Afterward, my sister and I lay still for a few moments.  Then she
reached for me, coaxing me toward the pillow beside her.  We were young. 
We were inexperienced.  We were horny.  And, laying in bed together, side
by side, we made out...  like teenagers.

   Our hands roamed over one another's bodies.  We explored every crevice.
...every nook.  We kissed. ...touched our lips to more places than our
lips, moved beyond our faces.  I tasted my first asshole, she too. 
Fingertips and toes were kissed and suckled.  But, none of our renewed oral
ministrations reached our pelvic areas.

   When our temperatures were nearly peaked, I concentrated my oral efforts
on her tits.  Those tender tasty teen globes were a treasure to hold in my
hands. my mouth.  I worked her breasts eagerly, curiously, determined
to move her, ready her for my grown member.

   My sister was just as eager to have me inside her.  While I was suckling
and fondling her boobs, she stroked my penis.  Her stroke was tender,
teasing, often concentrated on the tip of my dick.  She drew me near her
pussy, teasing herself with my cock...  teasing me!

   Her tender teen womanhood was moist, warm, open...  ready.

   I moved atop my sister, her hands brought my cock into her.  She drew
her hips toward me, swallowing my cock with her cunt.



   Inside her my prick was assault with sensations unlike any I'd ever
felt. Though this was only the second vagina into which I had the pleasure
of inserting my manhood...  it would always be the best.  [Point of fact -
to this day, just the sight or image or scent or sound of my sister will
give me wood!]

   Slow.  Stroke.  JOY.  Fast.  Thrust.  DEEP.  Exit.  Enter.  Hold.  PUMP.

   I entered her slowly, stroking my cock with the folds and cavern of her
delightfully fit pussy.  Joy enveloped us, encouraging us to linger and
love.  Faster I thrust, penetrating her deeply.  Deep inside her I went,
wanting to become part of her.  Withdrawing from her, exiting my sister's
perfect pussy, brought a moment of disappointment...  but entering her
again relieved it!  And, we held ourselves together, gratefully bound cock
to cunt.  Then, we pumped our pelvises, pounding together in perfect

   Our breath was heavy but synchronous.  The air was filled with the scent
of sex.  Sound was swallowed by the animal utterances escaping us.

   "So, good.  I don't buhleeve..." she moaned.  "...yeah, me too.  I Luv
This.  I'll never have it this good again.  Ur perFict!" "Yes!?  Thanx. 
Don't know what...  OH!  Damn!  Great.  Don't fuck'n stop.  Don't care. 
ShiT.  Just don't stop!" "Luv U.  Really.., couldn't be...  UH.  NnHn. this...." "Didn't...  thought it woHd...."

   Our groans lost all recognition.  We screwed beyond words of expression.
Lust fueled us, moved us.

   And, we came.

   I flooded my first womb with semen...  felt my first flood of female
orgasm wash over my cock!

   I remained inside her, my dick dwindling as my sister and I kissed,
cuddled and cooled.  Sweat coated our flesh.  Sex sizzled the air.

   We smiled.

   We giggled.

   We were caught!
   12 July 2004 FrankW265

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