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Subject: {ASSM} The Taming of Cindy - Days One Through Three NC
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Cindy was not considered beautiful by the girls in her senior class in
high school.  She was 18 years old and had full curves, full thighs,
full voluptuous breasts.  Svelte she wasn't, and svelte was in - for
the girls.  Boys, however, saw in her the raw material for their
endless fantasies.  I couldn't get her out of my mind and had to have
her.  I had just bought a house and discovered an old forgotton
underground bomb shelter beneath its basement from the 50's.  It was
perfect for my plan.

Chloroform, a lonely road at night and an engineered flat tire, and she
was mine.  I held her in a small cage constructed of steel.  The floor
was connected to electrical wires and simple equipment which allowed me
to control the electrical current.  The bars were only vertical and
were left unconnected to the electric wires.  In the cage was only a
simple chemical toilet.  She wore a skirt and a white button down
blouse.  And she was waking up.  I observed through a concealed camera
as she became less groggy, tried to control her panic, used the toilet
and explored her small cage.

I switched on a bright spot light aimed at her to keep her panicked and
"Your name is slave girl,  I am your master."
She blinked and tried to control her fear.
"Open this thing and let me out, NOW!" she demeanded.
I switched on the low current and watched as she jumped and screamed in
pain as she madly looked for a way out of her situation.  She
desperately lunged for the bars and realized they had no current
running through them.  She pulled herself up on the verticle bars and
pressed her feet together against the bars to help to support her
weight.  But there was no horizontal bar and the effort was exhausting.
 Her breasts heaved as her blouse became soaked in her sweat and clung
to her fully curved, well filled out, and now well - defined form.
I calmly stood and observed as she inevitably weakened and slipped down
the bars closer and closer to the electrified floor. when her foot
touched the floor she screamed in shock and jumped back up to cling
with all her diminishing strength to the bars now slippery with her
After a short time she was slipping down the bars again and pleaded
with me, desperately begged me to turn off the current.  So after
several more seconds ... I turned off the switch.  She fell to the
floor and could not support her weight at first.

"Stand slavegirl and face your Master!"
She got up still shaking uncontrollably and sweating profusely.
"What is your name?" I asked her.
"Why are you doing this to  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
The current hit her and she jumped back up on the bars clinging again
with hands and feet pressed desperately together with all her strength.
"Your name?"
"Ci Ci Ci Cindy!!" she cried breathlessly.
"Wrong answer" I replied calmly.  I am setting the random timer.  It
will switch on and off the electric current without warning.  Master
will be back in a few hours to check on slavegirl."
"NO! don't leave me here, you bastard! Come back!!!"

I observed the scene on my computer screen as My new prisonor
periodically leapt from the current flowing though the metal floor and
clung to the bars and then inevitably tired and slipped down to the
floor while screaming and pleading, though nobody was there, to turn
off the electric current.  When the current was off she lay of the
floor curled up in a fetal position or tried to find a lose bar or a
way to escape from the cage.  She realized that her situation was
hopeless and she was exhausted and totally distraught, shaking, and
I returned and switched off the current.  She collapsed on the floor.
I let her rest for a few minutes.
"Stand and face me."
She pulled herself up with great effort by holding on to the bars. and
looked at me.
"What is your name?"
S..s....slavegirl, I am slavegirl."
"And my name?"
"You are Master"
"Very good slavegirl."
Your function is to follow my commands and to please me.  Or you will
be punished"
"No, please, no more." she cried.
"Obey, it is the only way.  Unbutton your blouse"
No, plea... AHHHHHHJHHH   YYYes I will obey, !! Please master, turn it
She was back on the metal floor and unbuttoned her blouse.
"Take it off."
She took it off and revealed a white bra covering very full and
generous breasts, a deep cleavage and still a lot more flesh spilling
out from above and between her full breasts.
"Take off the skirt"
Her hands shook as she undid the buttons and fasteners and slid the
skirt down her full ass and generously rounded thighs to the floor. Her
panties were brief and embarrased her greatly as her unshaved triangle
was partly visible.  The muscles in her thighs and calfs still twitched
and shook from the exertion of pressing against the bars of her cage.
I held out my hand and she handed me her clothing through the bars.
"Face left, right."
Her full body profile was breathtaking.  With each breath her breasts
rose and fell.  Her fullness and voluptuousness were everything I had
fantasized about.  I could hardly believe that the fantasy was now
reality, and that this helpless girl was in a hopeless situation and
totally under my control. I wanted to proceed slowly, to savor every
"Slide the shoulder straps off your shoulders."
She did so with shaking hands.
"What do you think comes next, slavegirl?
She saw me reaching for the switch.
"No Master, please!! Next you will command me to remove my bra."
"Do it."
She removed it and pitifully covered  what she could with her trembling
"Hands clasped behind your back!"
She followed my command and I gasped as she revealed the fullest and
most well formed mounds of breasts I had ever seen.  The nipples were
partly erect in the cool air and the areolae large and pinkish.
Despite her fullness, there was no sagging and the nipples pointed
almost straight ahead.  She had tears in her eyes and was blushing with
anger, shame and humiliation.  She wanted this to end, yet was in a
hopeless situation.  She could think of no way out, and was desperate.
Also, she was hungry and thirsty as well as exhausted.
"Turn left... right...back to me..bend over..feet apart..farther
apart.. face front... bend over."
Her humiliation was complete.  Nothing could have prepared her for a
strange man controlling her and exploiting her, dominating her in this
"I know what you are thinking slavegirl.  Keep this in mind.  You are
not yet totally naked.  I have not yet touched you. Your training is
only beginning.
Take off your panties for your master, worthless slave."
She shuddered from cold and fear and silently wept as she slid her
panties down to the floor, and handed them to this man who had full
control over her.  She stood before Master totally naked and knew not
to cover or try to hide herself.
"I know you are tired slavegirl, but first some exercise.  You could
lose a kilo or two.  You will do jumping jacks.  Start now!"
She jumped and spread her feet while raising her arms above her head
and then jumped back with feet together and arms by her sides.  Her
breasts jiggled and flapped and danced uncontrolably and very
uncomfortably as she jumped up and down.
"Higher!..Faster, or the current gets switched on!!!"  I shouted.
The speed increased the sweat flowed and her breasts rocked and roiled
and swung crazily.
 When she seemed near collapse I ordered her to stop.  She was gasping
for breath as her tits rose and fell with each breath. The sweat flowed
down and between her heaving breasts and dripped off her nipples.  Her
legs were shaking and barely supported her.  She started to collapse
and sit on the floor.
"Stand!, Hands over your head!
She stood. Heaving, exposed, sweating, exhausted, beaten, trying to
control her ragged breathing.
"This is the first day of your training and taming, slavegirl.  You
will obey every order and will satisfy all of my wishes you will turn
my fantasies into reality.  Now beg Master to sponge you off, and clean
you very carefully, especially in the most sensitive partst of your


I gave her a small portion of food and a limited amount of water.  I
wanted her hungry, thirsty and totally dependent on on her master.  She
slept on a thin mattress that I supplied to her for a few hours while I
worked out the continuing plan.  To break this girl was going well and
less of a challenge than I had thought.  Day two involved something
much more difficult.  I wanted to see if I could bring her to the point
where she would be extremely sexually excited and would beg me to
satisfy her needs.  I read about these situations all the time and it
always seemed false and much too easy.  The girl in the story or movie
turns into an instant slut and is begging for it in no time.  I knew it
wasn't so easy.  I doubted if it was possible at all.  Day two would be
"UP!" I shouted and beat the bars of her cage with a stick to startle
her awake.  It all came back to her instantly and she curled up in
"One minute for the toilet then stand with hands over your head."
I watched as she urinated to continue the humiliation.  She stood in
the center of her cage, hands over head, breasts thrust out and lovely.
"Run in place!  Begin now!"
She began running and the very generous breasts began jiggling and
"Knees higher!  Faster!"
She was red with exhertion and shame.  Breasts were heaving and
bouncing and sweat was freely flowing.  She strarted to tire and to
slow down.  A zap of electricity to the floor caused her to scream in
surprise and her pace was faster than ever.
"Beg Master to let you rest."
"Please, Master, let slavegirl rest, PLEASE!!"
"You may stop slavegirl."  She gasped for breath then I suddenly doused
her with freezing water from a shower over her head.  The water ran
down a drain in her cage.  She screamed in shock and surprise and began
shivering and hugging herself in the cold basement air.
"Hands on head!"  She stood with hands on her head and shivered with
her full nipples fully erect and very large and engorged.
"Come here and stand against the bars!  She did so so that her breasts
extended out of her cage.
"If you move, the punishment will be terible, slut."  I couldn't resist
pinching and pulling on those full errect nipples while she clenched
her teeth and stood still with hands clasped on her head. She drip
dried while I kneeded her breasts and pinched her throbbing nipples.
She was scared, exhausted, hungry and thirsty.  I hoped that this
general weakness would help me to reach my goal.  It was time to try.
I put leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles from outside the cage and
tide her to the bars.  Next I entered the cage and put her face up on
the matress with hands and feet spread and tied to the bars.  She was
shivering with fear and begging for release.
I let her rant on as a took out the vibrator and traced it ever so
slowly from the sole of her foot up her calf to the the insides of her
thigh, then down the other thigh and calf, and back again.  I wasn't
time to get really intimate yet.  I continued sloooowly massaging with
the vibrator along her ribs and around her full breasts, yet the
breasts themselves remained untouched.  She calmed down when she
understood that there was no pain for now.  But she wasn't a raging
slut begging for sex either.  I ran the vibrator around her breasts and
slowwwly centered on the mounds themselves closer and closer to the
fully engorged and super-sensitve nipples.    I placed my lips around
her nipples and began to kiss and to suck as she begged me not to rape
her.  I slooowwwly traced down her ribs to between her legs in order to
check on wetness.  This was reality.  She was scared and wanted nothing
more than to escape, not have sex with her captor.  She was still dry.
"Master. please, don't do this to your slavegirl."
I warned her to shut up or I would zap her with more electricity.  I
then began to circle her sex with the vibrator and to lightly touch her
vaginal lips.  I vibrated gently between them , but didn't yet enter
deeply inside of her.  She tried to shift away from the vibrator with
the limited freedom of movement that the ropes provided. I blew on her
sex lightly and traced my fingers lightly around her vaginal lips.
She tried to close her legs together, but of course was unable to
because of the ropes holding them apart.  She had been warned not to
speak, but she shook her head 'no' from side to side.  She longed for
escape.  And she was still dry.  I continued for several minutes
including entering into her sex and stimulating her clit, yet this girl
had self control and though she was my prisoner, she was still in
charge of her most intimate desires.  The morning was gone and she was
only partially broken.

Spanking can be a turn on and it was next on my list.  I turned the
buxom slavegirl over and retied her hands and feet and had her bend
over my knees.  I swatted her ass and upper thighs with a ping pong
paddle while she counted each stoke and was forced to thank me.  Each
swat made her breasts heave and jiggle as they hung heavily and
unsupported.   Her ass became crimson and hot.  Her face was no less
red with shame and exertion.    After 40 strokes I traced my fingers
from her knees up to the insides of her thighs and around her lips.
She was wet outside, but it was sweat and not her womanhood that
accounted for it.    Within her she remained dry and in control.

I wasn't sure if my slave knew what my goal was.  I couldn't let her
know that so far she was winning the contest of control over her
desires.  Day one was the master's, but day two was won by the sexy,
buxom slave with the heaving breasts, even if she didn't know it.


I expected to face a challenge and I was right.  This wasn't a stupid
submissive slut like in 90% of the bondage flicks who explodes into
orgasm as soon as the whip is flicked on her naked skin.  I had in my
possession a normal young woman who obeyed every command because she
had no choice, but her desires were still under her own control.  She
wasn't a hot bitch in heat, but a captured prize who wanted to go home.

I was angry and frustrated, so of course I took it out on the top-heavy
slave girl.  I loved to see her tits heave and jiggle and to see her
grow red with exhaustion and humiliation.  I made her dance for me and
zapped her if she started to slow down.  the sight of her humping,
shaking, bouncing breasts was a total turn on and I revelled in it til
she stumbled and fell from total exhaustion.  She was smelling quite
rank by this time and I decided to reward her for turning me on with a
warm shower.  I provided soap and shampoo and left her in her cell over
the drain with the warm water running.  Unknown to her I observed on my
screen from the hidden camera.  Following the usual soaping, as I
observed her, it finally came to me.  She had a secret spot as perhaps
all women do.  She also thought she deserved the one reward she could
give to herself in her hopeless situation.  she soaped and rubbed
herself lightly with the tips of her fingers in two places:  on the
undersides of her breasts below her areolae, and especially in the
private place between her vagina and anus.  It couldn't be called
masturbation, but she received great comfort from it.

I returned and toweled her dry and tied her hands behind her.  I put a
ball gag in her mouth just to be sure, and explained to her that she
would massage me all over my body using only her breasts and nipples.
She started to protest and I slapped the side of her udder which hit
the second one and set it swings like a pool ball reaction.  she held
back a tear and began massaging my chest.  I rubbed a fragrant oil onto
her breasts concentrating below the nipples and observed that she
closed her eyes and sharply took in her breath when I touched her
there.  I got completely undressed and ordered her to concentrate on my
erection.  It was magnificent.  Next, I commanded the boxom slut to
start from my head and work down so that she would rub while
stimulating the sensitive underside of her bulging breasts.  Again she
closed her eyes and breathed in gasps.

Next I lay her on her back and tied her feet up and apart.  Again, I
started to lightly stimulate around her vaginal lips and then sloowwwly
worked backward toward the anus.  She gritted her teeth and breathed
hard.  The air whooshed in and out as her full chest rose and fell.
She arched her back and closed her eyes.  After circular stroking for
several minutes, alternating between her G spot and vaginal lips, I
lifted my fingers slightly from her pulsating body.  She immediately
bucked and sought the fingers, and right after that willed herself to
lie still.  She was struggling with herself.  She loved the stimulation
and needed it badly, but to get it meant to surrender her last vestige
of respect and dignity to her hated master.   Her hands were bound and
legs spread so that she get this stimulation only from me.  I observed
her torment and decided to gamble.  I told her I would leave her now in
this position to rest.
"No, please Master."  she pleaded.
"You don't want to rest?"  I asked in mock surprise.
"Please untie me, Master."  She wanted to continue, but on her own.
"Master will leave you to rest like this for a few hours."
My finger was still there, so close to her most tender and sensitive
spot.  She struggled within herself, gritted, seemed to bite her tongue
and finally bucked her whole body as much as she could to reach my
fingers and screamed, "NO, Master, please cintinue, PLEASE don't leave
me like this."

Victory for master!!  I continued stroking her with the head of my
penis below her vaginal lips and with my own lips on the undersides of
her very full breasts.  Her nipples became fully engorged.  I entered
her and found her fully lubricated and very wet.  We came almost
together in a raging climax, and when we calmed down I untied her and
let her sleep undisturbed.

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