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Subject: {ASSM} Little Kevin Gets a New Perverted Baby Sitter (Mb,toddler,scat)
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Little Kevin Gets a New Perverted Baby Sitter

By Lance Corwin (C)2006

Chapter 1

John Meets Little Kevin

John had recently moved into a new apartment.  Jill, his new neighbor,
was an attractive single mother, and was a friendly sort of person.
They met for the first time as John was moving in.  She hovered around
John, pumping all kinds of information out of him.  She was very
pleased to find out that he was single and had never married.  She
invited John back to her place for coffee when he was finished moving

John was a handsome man in his late twenties, with dark brown hair,
brown eyes, around five foot eight inches, and weighed no more than one
hundred forty pounds.  He dressed in faded jeans, with a sleeveless tee
shirt, dirty sneakers, and a baseball cap.  His hair stuck out of his
cap in a way that gave him a very boyish look.  He had a hairless
chest, a small butt, and a rather small cut cock as well, only about
four inched long when fully erect and very thin too.  Now John had no
sexual interest in his new neighbor, as he was gay, and preferred young
boys.  He graciously accepted her invitation nonetheless, as he thought
it was just the neighborly thing to do.

After moving in all his belongings, he went next door and rang the
bell.  To his surprise, Jill and a little boy met him at the door.  The
boy was no more than two and a half years old.  Jill was quick to
introduce her son.  This is Kevin, she said, and volunteered that she
was divorced, and wanted nothing to do with her ex-husband.  John got
down to Kevin's level and warmly introduced himself.

Kevin was dressed in just a blue and white striped jersey, which hung
down over his diaper and rubber pants.  He was a very cute little boy
with dark dirty blond hair and big blue eyes.  John gazed at his
hairless legs, and admired his beautiful little feet.  Kevin was also
an overly affectionately toddler that quickly held out his arms,
waiting for a hug, as though John was his long lost friend.  John took
the little boy in his arms and hugged him with love and affection.  As
John continued to hug the boy, he felt his Dick moving in his pants.
He broke off the embrace and stood up hastily, as he did not want Jill
to know that he was a pedophile, and became sexually aroused by the
cute toddler.  Jill was embarrassed by Kevin's show of affection for
her new neighbor, and apologized.  John made very light of it, telling
her that he loved kids, and got along well with them.

Jill escorted him to the kitchen and directed him to the table that she
had set up, and was ready to serve coffee.  Kevin followed his mother
as though he was a loyal dog following its' master.  John admired
seeing the little boy scurrying after his mother, his little legs
moving rapidly in keeping his mothers' pace, all the while thinking
how great it would be to get in that kids diaper.  He sat at the table
while Jill served him coffee.  She also served a plate of homemade
cookies, and put them in the center of the table.  They both sat at the
table as Jill talked incessantly about nothing.  It was evident that
she had few friends, and was new to the area.  She told him how she had
to move to Kansas to get away from her ex, and that she would not even
accept child support from him.  She continued to explain how he was an
abusive drunk, she received full custody of Kevin, and he had no
visitation rights.

John sat there and continued to listen, with the appearance of having
interest in what she had to say.  All the while, he was looking out of
the corner of his eye, watching the little boy playing on the kitchen
floor with one of his trucks.  His legs spread wide-open showing off
his diaper.  As Jill moved to the counter to get the pot of coffee,
Kevin got up and grabbed one of his picture books, approached the table
and sat on Johns lap.  Kevin put the book on the table and started
looking at the pictures.  Jill again apologized, and told him to get
down.  John said, "He's all right...he just wants to be part of the
conversation."  Jill smiled and was glad that John liked kids.  She
continued with the conversation.

Kevin started to squirm in Johns' lap.  John felt his cock starting
to get hard.  At that point, the only interest John had was what was
going on in his lap.  He took his hand from the table and placed it on
Kevin's lap, right between his bare legs, and started gently rubbing
the front of his diaper, out of view of his mother.  John had a full
erection, and positioned Kevin in his lap to be right on top of his
stiff Dick.  The toddler turned around instinctively, put his arms
around John, and kissed him on the lips.  This made John even hornier
and let him do it all he wanted.  Jill said, "He really likes you a
lot," "Yea I like him a lot too, he's a nice boy."  "I work
home, so if you ever need someone to watch him for the day let me

Jill appeared pleased with the thought of having someone right
next-door that was willing to baby-sit, and was now delighted that
Kevin liked him so much.  After a while, the conversation died down
enough for John to say his thanks and told them both how much he liked
meeting them.  They both escorted him to the door, where he said his
good-byes, and made sure to get his hug and kiss from Kevin.  As Kevin
kissed him, John said, "Hope to see you again real
soon...bye...Thanks for everything, it was nice meeting you."

That night while John was in bed, he thought of that cute little boy
sitting on his lap, pictured him naked, and thought of all the things
he wanted to do to him.  He was not only a pedophile but also liked to
change dirty diapers, and do naughty things with them.  As he continued
to fantasize about the little boy, he thought of how nice that boys
poop would taste, and how he would like to lick the poop off his little
bum, just then he shot his load all over his bare chest.

Two weeks went by, as he settled in his new place.  He spoke with Jill
almost every day during that time, and they were quickly becoming
friends.  Then Jill out of nowhere asked him if he had any plans for
the next day, as she needed to go to a couple of job interviews and
that she would be gone all day.  "No...I'm free all day...what's
up," he said.  Jill then asked if he could watch Kevin for the day,
and that she needed to drop him off very early in the morning and she
would be home late that night.  John smiled and told her he would be
happy too, and that they would have fun together.  Jill was very
pleased that she found someone that she could trust with her little
boy.  She needed to drop him off at six thirty the next morning, and
John assured her that it would be fine.

John was restless that night, as he thought of all the things he was
going to do to that toddler.  He jerked off, and finally got to sleep,
making sure to set the alarm for six.  

to be continued...

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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