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C-Dawg Learns New Tricks

The following is a work of fiction (maybe). It is not intended to be
read by minors. It includes homosexual desire and oral and anal
activity. If you are offended by this kind of fantasy, please search
for something else to read.

Twenty-year old Sandra was in love with her young hood-rat boyfriend
Carlton. It didn't matter to her that he was only sixteen. Still, she
secretly harbored the thought of watching him get naked and rub his
body up against another young male his age while she played with her

There was nothing in Carlton's character or demeanor that would give
her the idea that he would go along with her fantasy so she never
mentioned it to him. Although Carlton had a smooth angelic face and
thick rose colored lips he was not the kind to be mistaken for being
soft or effeminate.

Carlton's nickname was "C-dawg." He would deck a smart aleck for
popping off at him or making lewd comments to his girlfriend. Carlton
floored niggas left and right without a second thought.

Rumor had it that he once killed a dude when he was thirteen because
the guy was trying to rob him while he was transporting drugs on his
bike for older dealers across town. Whether the rumor was true or not,
Carlton did not give off a hit of softness, apart from his boyish face
and slender teen frame.

Carlton had his arm wrapped around Sandra's shoulder as they sat on
the park bench in the summer night. He leaned toward her ear,
"Let's go up to yo mom's crib so I can stick mah dick in yo
pussy." Sandra felt her vagina moisten and rubbed her legs together
in anticipation. Her heart raced at the thought of young Carlton
humping away between her thighs.

Sandra wanted to feel the boy's firm warm body on top of her, but she
had already planned something special. She offered one of Carlton's
homeboys $250 of he could make Carlton cum while she watched discreetly
in the shadows. "Woman, is you crazy?" the boy shot back at her
when she made the offer. "C-dawg aint no punk. He don't take no

Sandra waved a fistful of crisp fresh bills underneath the boy's
face, "I don't care if he takes your dick or you take his, I just
want to see you make him cum - and if you want some easy cash
you'll do what you have to do."

The boy bit his lower lip and eyed the fistful of bills Sandra was
waving under his nose. "What make you think he gonna go along wit

Sandra smiled with feminine charm, "Because he's a guy. No matter
how tough a guy is he always wants his dick sucked and a warm piece of
ass between his thighs. If he's horny enough he'll do it with a
billygoat so long as he thinks nobody else will find out about it."

The boy gave her a nasty grin of acknowledgment. He seemed to be
considering the offer. He never took his eyes off of the money, even as
Sandra lowered her arms and stuffed the bills most of the way back
inside her pocket. "So, where we gonna do dis so you can watch?"

"How 'bout in the old warehouse, where you boys hang out. I'll
get him excited - then you'll have to take it from there and bring
him home."

So, that's what Sandra was doing, warming the boy up. In the dark of
the night she rubbed her hand up and down the thighs of his baggy
pants. She slid her fingers over the lump in his pants and stroked it.

Carlton shifted uncomfortably on the bench and eyed the woman. "You
can take it out n' stick in yo mouth it if ya wants."

Sandra just smiled at him, "No, I'm sorry Carlton. Maybe another
night. I really have to go home. I have to babysit my nieces all day

Carlton looked disappointed. His eyes were pleading, "What, you gonna
leave a nigga hangin' like dis?  You aint gonna give a nigga some

Sandra let out a slight laugh, "From what I can feel under your
pants, Carlton, the last thing you can tell me is that you're
'hanging' right now."

Carlton didn't seem amused by her little joke. He inched up on the
bench and tried to rub up against her, but she gently pushed the boy
away. "Come on, Carlton - I've gotta go. You can get some pussy
from me some other night. I promise."

Sandra eased off of the bench with Carlton nearly clinging to her legs.
She bent down and held the boy's tender face between her hands and
gave him a short kiss on the lips. He grabbed the back of her head and
pressed his face against hers. The short kiss became a long deep

The boy's mouth tasted of fresh cinnamon and its warmth made her
dizzy. Sandra finally pulled herself away and caught her breath,
"I've gotta go."

Carlton watched the woman's ass as she disappeared into the darkness.
He sat on the bench with hard dick jutting up in his baggy pants. He
slowly stroked it in frustration.

A few minutes later his homeboy crept up behind him; "Yo dawg, what
you doin' all alone on dis bench strokin' yo dick inside yo pants?
I thought you wuz gonna be wit yur woman tonight?"

Carlton looked up with a pitiful expression, "Yeah. Well, I let da
bitch go, man. I get tired of fuckin da same pussy alla time,

The two young men laughed and pounded their fists together.

"Yeah, I hear ya," his homeboy smirked. "So you told her to step
off, huh? Bet she was really broke up cause she couldn't get any of
dat dick tonight, huh?"

"Yeah, she was broke up alright," Carlton mumbled. He looked down
and tried to sound confident, "Yeah, well - you know - we can't
always get what we want when we want it."

The two boys walked back to the warehouse, grabbing their dicks,
laughing and joking about women. The manager allowed neighborhood boys
to use a room in the old building as a club house so they wouldn't
try to rob the place or vandalize it.

When the boys got to the warehouse Carlton's homeboy give him a
mischievous grin, "Yo, man - I got some porn flicks from dat new
video store downtown. Wanna check em out? Dey got big black ghetto
booty from New York in dem flicks."

Carlton's eyes lit up but then his shoulders grew limp. "Man, I
don't wanna watch no porn flicks without no women. They only gonna
make us horny."

His homeboy put his arm around Carlton's shoulder and steered him
into the building, "Let's watch the flicks anyways and see what
happens. Who knows, we might be able to pick up a couple bitches later

 When they got to the room they called the "club house" the homeboy
offered Carlton a 40 and slid the DVD into the player. The video was
hot, with black bitches sucking niggas' dicks and getting fucked up
the ass. The ghetto men in the video filled those women's loose black
pussies with thick nigga fuck meat as their low-hanging balls swung
against the women's black asses.

The boys were halfway through their drinks when Carlton started rubbing
the front of his pants. His homeboy could see a big hard protrusion in
the front of Carlton's pants. "Yo, man. You might as well take it
out n' play wit it."

Carlton eyed his friend with alarm, "Hell naw, is you crazy? I aint
takin my dick out in front of you and beatin it off. You aint no

His friend tried to play it off as casually as he could. "Look, there
aint nobody here except me and you. You might as well do whatever.
Look, I'm takin mines out."

With that the homeboy unzipped his pants and pulled out a thick black
cock. He started stroking it. It was already as stiff as a piece of
wood as he slowly ran his hand up and down his thick black fuck meat.

"Damn, nigga! Youse crazy!" Carlton backed away from his friend a
little bit, but he didn't take his eyes off of the way his buddy was
stroking his dick.

His buddy tried to egg him on. "Come on, pull yo shit out. It's
just me and you. These bitches on the screen is hot. You might as well
take yo shit out n' enjoy yourself."

Carlton listened to the moans and sighs from the television. He stole
quick glances out of the corner of his eye of his buddy working on his
dick. His homeboy was steadily stroking. His dick was so tight and hard
that the head reflected light like a well-polished ebony stick.

Carlton's homeboy was getting impatient. He shot Carlton a derisive
glance, "Dayum, nigga - why aint you stroking yo dick while you
watchin these bitches? Is you gay or somethin'? Does we need to get
you some men on the screen so you can get yo shit off?"

An embarrassed look flashed across Carlton's face. His friend knew he
had him now. He decided to press it further. "Yeah, I heard youse an
impotent muthafucka. I heard you can't get yo dick hard."

Now Carlton's eyes flashed with defensive anger, "What da fuck

His homeboy cut him off, "hey, I'm just sayin' what I heard.
Bitches be sayin you can't even get it up."

Carlton opened his mouth for a retort, but his buddy laid into him

"They also say you gotta small dick and youse afraid to take it out.
I guess it must be true. Dudes in yo gym class say you hung like a
white boy."

Carlton's eyes were bright with anger. He fumbled with his zipper and
tugged on his boxer shorts. His big hard black cock sprung out of his
pants like a missile about to be launched. His dick pointed to the
ceiling. It must have been nine inches long.

"Does that look like a punk-assed dick, muthafucka?" Carlton
started stroking his cock violently, as if to drive the point home.
"What dat look like? Do that look like a white boy's dick?"

Carlton had fallen into his homeboy's trap. His buddy tried to
suppress a laugh. "I bet you aint never used that dick befo'. I
don't see any children runnin' around the hood callin' you
'daddy.' I bet you aint never even had it sucked."

Carlton drew his shoulders up and inflated his chest, "nigga, my
bitch sucks my dick alla time."

His homeboy pressed him, "Is dat so? She aint suckin' it

Carlton kept stroking his cock as if he wanted to punish someone with
it. He stroked it and made it jut in the air like a lethal weapon.

Homeboy watched Carlton bucking the air, "you ever have a dude suck
dat punk-assed dick?"

Carlton gave his homeboy a look of disgust, "Hell naw. Sheet I aint
no faggot."

Homeboy kept stroking his cock. He looked Carlton in the eyes, "It
aint a faggot that gets his dick sucked by another dude; it's a
faggot that do the suckin'. Only a real man can get another dude to
suck his dick."

The boys kept stroking their cocks in front of the television. They
started showing off to each other. Carlton looked puzzled. "What you
mean, only a real dude lets another man suck his dick?"

Homeboy gave him a quick glance, then returned his gaze to the video,
pretending he had lost interest in the topic. "I mean just what I
said; if you really a man, only way you can prove it is by makin' a
punk outta another man."

Carlton laughed, "Hah! You just sayin that cause you let some dude
suck yo dick, nigga!"

His homeboy didn't miss a beat, "Thas right. I sho did. I made a
nigga get down on his knees and suck my dick."

Carlton's eyes got wide, "Fo' real?"

"Yeah, fo' real. What you think?"

"What it feel like?"

"It felt good as fuck makin that nigga slurp on my dick. When a nigga
be suckin on yo dick he be givin you props. I let him know he met his
master. There aint nuthin like it to feel the power over a

Carlton laughed, "When I want to feel the power I just pull out my
gat n' shoot the muthafucka."

Homeboy didn't yield any ground, "There's mo' power in shootin
a nigga's mouth fulla yo cum than shootin' a nigga with bullets.
Real power is makin' a nigga suck yo dick and swallow yo cum.
That's how you take a nigga's manhood away."

Homeboy could see the wheels turning in Carlton's head. He pressed
his point further, "I talk to them old heads servin' time in the
County; they say you aint really a man unless you made another nigga
suck yo dick and toss yo salad. You gotta get a nigga to lick the shit
outta yo ass."

Carlton giggled. His homeboy continued.

"Besides, niggas give better head than bitches. They know how to hit
all the hot spots cause they got dicks of they own."

Carlton was lost in a cloud of new thoughts. He weighed his buddy's
words in his mind.

Homeboy pressed him, "You should let me do you so you can see how it

Carlton snapped out of his hazy thoughts. His eyes grew wide with
alarm. He reared his head back and slowed down with his strokes. He
stared at his buddy in disbelief, "Yo man, is you some kinda

Homeboy tried to casually pass it off and kept stroking his cock. He
shrugged, "Naw, man. I ain't no faggot. I just figured it's just
me and you. I ain't never tried it. This would be my first time. And
you ain't never had it done. I figured I'd be doin you a favor.
Thas all."

Carlton slowly started stroking his dick faster again. He seemed to be
considering the offer.

Homeboy suppressed a grin, "It's just me and you. Nobody else has
to know about it. Yo woman aint here to do nuttin fo' you. I ain't
tryin' to suck no nigga's dick. I just wanna give you some respect.
I'll diss myself if it'll make you feel happy."

Carlton stared at the video. His dick was so hard it felt
uncomfortable. He needed a warm pussy to envelope that dick; either
that, or some nigga's thick hot lips. He stole a quick glance at his

Carlton took a deep breath and barely whispered, "Okay, man." He
loosened his trousers and let them drop to his ankles. He jutted his
dick and balls out in his homeboy's direction, but kept his eyes
glued to the heterosexual activity on the TV screen.

Homeboy sank to his knees in front of Carlton. Carlton's smooth dark
shiny meat waved in his face. Homeboy had never seen a dick that hard,
not even in the movies. He wrapped his mouth around the boy's hard
cock and slowly massaged it with his lips and tongue.

Carlton let out a loud sigh and closed his eyes. He gently rocked his
dick back and forth inside his buddy's hot mouth.

The moans and cries from the video continued echo through the room.
Slowly, quietly, Sandra rose out of a stack of boxes in the corner of
the room. She pointed a camcorder and captured the action.

Carlton grabbed the back of homeboy's head and pushed his buddy's
face in the lush black bush of his pubes. Homeboy's nostrils filled
with the musty smell of the young nigga's genitalia.

Carlton held his buddy's head tightly. His thrusts became harder and
more aggressive. He pumped his dick rapidly in his buddy's mouth.
Homeboy felt Carlton's hard black rod deep in the back of his throat.
Carlton's dick forced him to gag a bit and catch his breath.

Homeboy tasted precum. Carlton gyrated his hips and made corkscrew
motions in his homeboy's mouth. His lush dark pubes rubbed in his
homeboy's face like a Brillo pad polishing a copper pot.

Carlton made grinding motions in his homeboy's mouth. His homeboy
choked some more and swallowed. He let Carlton's full nine inches
explore every part of his wet mouth.

Carlton grunted as he worked his dick between his buddy's lips. He
sounded like a boy getting a workout in the gym. His buddy's thick
black lips slurped all over Carlton's hard cock. Saliva and precum
drooled from the homeboy's mouth.

Suddenly Carlton's grip tightened on his homeboy's head. He made a
few spastic jerks in homeboy's mouth. A load of fresh hot cum flooded
over the boy's tongue. Thick, potent nigga-seed oozed down
homeboy's throat. Homeboy gasped as Carlton filled him up with liquid
black young manhood.

Sandra caught all of this on video. Her pussy oozed its own juices. It
took all the will-power in the world for her to keep from dropping her
camera and sticking her fingers in her cunt.

Carlton let out another sigh and loosened his grip on his homeboy's
head. He slowly pulled his cock, still hard and dripping thick ropes of
white cum, out of his homeboy's mouth. His buddy's lips and chin
glistened with his own saliva and Carlton's thick sticky man-juices.

Homeboy looked up at Carlton, his eyes wide with lust and awe. "Damn,
dat wuz hot! Youse a real man now, nigga."

Carlton half-closed his eyes and mumbled, "fo sho, fo sho."

Homeboy gripped Carlton's smooth thighs. His hands slid around
Carlton's backside and he started massaging the nigga's firm ass
cheeks. Carlton let him do it. He watched as ropes of white cum slid
off of his dick and eased down the side of his homeboy's black face.

Carlton was in dream, hypnotized by the sight of white cum on smooth
black skin.

His homeboy kept massaging Carlton's ass. He casually worked his
hands between his ass cheeks. Carlton didn't resist. Homeboy worked
two fingers in Carlton's tight hole. Carlton's dick got harder.
Homeboy finger-fucked his buddy's tight black ass.

Carlton's body rocked to the motion of the boy's fingers in his
ass. Sandra was still hidden in the pile of boxes. She gasped and
zoomed in for a closer shot.

Carlton's hard cock bumped up against the boy's face again. His
throbbing hard dick was poking homeboy in the eye. Carlton's hairy
low-hanging balls swung below his homeboy's chin.

Homeboy felt his own dick uncomfortably hard. It stretched through the
opening of his pants and rubbed against his zipper. He unsnapped his
pants. Carlton looked down at him and moaned softly, "Yeah, boy -
fuck this nigga's black ass."

Homeboy looked up at the angel-faced young thug. "You mean that?"

Carlton seemed transformed. He nodded his head, "Yeah, punk this
muthafucka's ass," he whispered.

Homeboy stood up and wrapped his arms around Carlton's waist.
Homeboy's loose trousers dropped to the floor. He lifted Carlton's
shirt to expose his lean, muscular hairless abs and chest.

The firm hard young black boys rubbed up against each other. Dark young
male ghetto bodies in the fullness of heat and budding manhood.

They started grinding their hard dicks together and shared in the
intimacy of their youthful masculinity.

Sandra felt herself having an orgasm. Her hips thrust up and down while
she held the camera and moaned. Her moans were drowned out by the moans
from the video. Her panties were soaked with fishy female cum juices.

The black boys held each other tight. Homeboy's hard black ghetto
cock rubbed up and down against the side of Carlton's firm young
thighs. Hard, glistening dark bodies with the musky smell of sweat and
sex filled the hot summer air inside the room.

The white light from the TV screen reflected off of the boys'
half-naked dark bodies. Their sweaty smooth arms flexed, revealing the
shapely form of well-developed muscles. They spent hours every day in
heated games on the city's basketball courts. Now they were releasing
all of that energy and power into each other's arms. They locked
their thick juicy lips together in a deep moist kiss.

Carlton rubbed up against his homeboy's hard body. He had forgotten
all about the pleasure he used to get from the soft tits and squishy
black ass on his girlfriend. The female body seemed weak and shapeless
by comparison to the firm, hard youthful physique he was now holding.
Carlton's homeboy's tight muscular frame gave him something solid
to hang onto. The two boys bonded in young masculine brotherhood.

Carlton felt the hardness of his homeboy's smooth sweaty chest, the
firmness of his biceps and the ripples of his torso as they rubbed
against each other. For the first time, Carlton and his homeboy felt
like they belonged to a single tribe. They were of one breed. They
needed each other. They tongue-wrestled, swapped spit and lost
themselves in their mutual embrace.

Sandra felt her pussy juices dripping down her leg. See zoomed in and
out of the action, catching close-ups and then pulling back to get the
bigger picture.

Carlton felt his friend's hard cock rub against his own aroused
loins. He smelled the sweat of the boy's sexual passions as he rested
his head on his homeboy's shoulder. The heat from the boy's body
mixed with the musky smell of teenaged masculine power.

Carlton ran his hands inside his homeboy's shirt and moved them up
and down his slick sweat-covered back. He admired his buddy's smooth
dark body and firm muscles. He admired his youthful confidence, as if
he could take on the whole world.

If Carlton had been a bitch he would have let the boy "rape" him
right there on the spot; he would have offered his friend his pussy. He
suddenly knew what it must feel like to be a ho, wanting to serve the
power of a young boy's lust. The hard youthful male body gently
bumped up against him over and over again in a frontal fucking motion.
Each time homeboy slammed into Carlton's body he let out a soft

He wanted to let his buddy make him his cum bucket. He wanted to give
his homeboy's rock hard ghetto cock a warm wet place deposit all of
his sexual tensions. He wanted the boy to shoot his jizz in the depths
of his body.

Carlton sighed and thought how it would feel to have his homeboy's
jizz warming up his insides. He'd let the boy take control over him.
His homeboy's smooth muscular young body would own him.

Homeboy was steadily pumping his dick up between Carlton's thighs,
fucking under his nut sack like it was a young girl's pussy. He
dripped streams of precum between Carlton's legs and under his balls.

Carlton tightened his thighs around the boy's hard cock and felt the
nigga's thrusts more intensely. Homeboy started gasping and drooled
on Carlton's shoulders. Carlton felt homeboy's heart pounding
against his smooth bare chest. He could tell his buddy was really
getting off with this action.

The thought flashed through Carlton's mind that his homeboy was under
his control more than ever before. As his homey humped frantically
between Carlton's thighs, homeboy let out short plaintive whines of
gratitude. Carlton had the power to make this tough young black male
lose control over his body and give himself up to helpless orgasms.

Carlton made this boy drop his public fašade of coolness and
indifference, and surrender his smooth black toughness to the pleasure
of uncontrollable sexual convulsions. He made this confident street boy
weak with passion. Homeboy held Carlton's body tightly while he
slobbered like a helpless baby - pumping his hard dick between
Carlton's sweaty black thighs.

Carlton bent over and positioned his ass so his homeboy could take him.
Homeboy stood behind him and admired Carlton's lean muscular dark
body. He bent down and stuck his tongue inside Carlton's tight ass.
Homeboy tasted the boy shit in his buddy's ass. He slowly licked up
and down Carlton's sweaty black ass crack, savoring the flavor.

Carlton moaned. Homeboy spread his ass cheeks wider so he could French
kiss his friend's ass as deep as his tongue would go. Homeboy made a
slurping lapping sound as he cleaned his buddy's shit hole. Carlton
moaned intensely. He felt the warmth and wetness of his homeboy's
tongue giving his butt a bath.

Homeboy stood up again and rubbed his hard black cock up and down
Carlton's crack. Homeboy's cock felt warm and heavy. He pushed it
in Carlton's opening - slowly at first, then with more force and a
harder thrust. Both boys grunted. Carlton's butt opened wide for his
buddy's dick.

Homeboy grabbed Carlton by his lean muscular hips and humped
rhythmically. Carlton yielded to his buddy's thrusts. His tight black
ass rode up and down on his homeboy's stiff ghetto cock. Homeboy
deepened his thrusts. He slid into his buddy's ass making him grunt.

Carlton's firm tight ass felt moist and warm around homeboy's cock;
better than any pussy he ever had. No pussy ever gripped his dick this
tightly. He pushed down on Carlton's back as he humped his buddy like
a dog in heat. Lean naked black boys humping in the middle of the
storage room; their sweaty black bodies slapping against each other.
Their youthful black skin glistened with sweat and reflected the light
in the room.

The funky smell of sweaty young niggas in heat filled the room.
Homeboy's firm ass cheeks flexed with every thrust he made into his
buddy's tight ass. He held his buddy and filled his hole up with
thick urban manhood.

Carlton surrendered, "Fuck me, man. Fuck me. Fuck dis nigga's black
ass." Homeboy was more than willing to comply. "Yeah, take dat
dick. Take it. Take dis muthafucka up yo ass."

The horny boys' slammed into each other. Sandra held her camera with
one hand and slid her other hand inside her panties. She violently
fingered her vagina as her boyfriend was being stud-fucked. Wave after
wave of orgasm came over her. Her hand was soaked with feminine cum

"Fuck me, nigga. Fuck me." Carlton gasped. Sweat ran down his face.
His eyes were half-closed and he drooled down the side of his mouth.
Homeboy pushed Carlton's ass cheeks tighter on his dick. "Yeah,
muthafucka - you gotta a tight ass. Yo ass tight just like yo

"You betta not talk about my mom," Carlton groaned, only
half-serious. Homeboy's thick sausage dick slid in and out of
Carlton's ass with ease. Carlton felt like his buddy was poking him
with a pole of warm flesh. "Mama's boy is gonna take a good
fuckin' tonight," homeboy taunted. "You takin this nigga's dick
up yo butt, go run tell momma 'bout dat." All Carlton could do was
grunt and wiggle his ass in reply.

Homeboy's muscles tightened and his body stiffened. He let out a deep
groan and pulled Carlton's butt against his sweaty black thighs. Both
boys were shining with sweat. "Take dat dick," Homeboy shouted.
Carlton's mouth hung open, "Oh yeah. Give it to me."

Homeboy closed his eyes tight and exploded with a load of thick hot cum
in Carlton's ass. His body convulsed. He shot more three more loads.
Homeboy shook in an uncontrollable orgasm. Carlton gasped. He felt his
hole fill up with hot thick jizz. His ass was being bred like a bitch
in the ghetto.

Homeboy didn't let up; he shot more loads in his buddy's ass. When
his last shot was spent he let his sweaty body collapse on top of his
buddy. Both hot sweaty black boys fell on top of each other on the
couch. They breathed heavily as their sweat and cum mingled. Their
hearts beat wildly as their flesh became one.

Sandra zoomed in for a close-up. Homeboy licked Carlton's ear and the
side of his face. The boys panted. Their thick lips were inches apart.
It didn't take long for their mouths to find each other. Homeboy
enveloped Carlton's mouth in his thick sloppy lips. The boys explored
each other's mouths with their tongues.

The lay together, lips locked and bodies in a tight naked sweaty
embrace. Young black manhood on top of young black manhood. Eventually
they fell asleep. Homeboy's dick remained in Carlton's tight ass,
and Carlton's dick never fully got soft.

Sandra crept out of the room and turned off the light. Only the glow
from the TV screen reflected off of their naked sweaty black bodies.
The boys snored, occasionally swapping spit.

The next afternoon Sandra saw homeboy at a diner. "I guess I owe you
$250," she pulled a wad of cash out of her purse. Homeboy just looked
at her with a dreamy eyes. She laid the money beside his plate of
spaghetti and added, "You know, for the show you two put on I really
ought to pay you more money than that."

Homeboy brushed the bills aside. "Naw, you keep it. I don't want yo
money." Sandra was startled, "What do you mean you don't want my
money? You earned it. You went further than I pictured in my wildest

Homeboy's voice seemed distant, "Yeah, it was wild, wasn't it?"
He sipped his milkshake. "I don't want yo money. I got something
betta than that." Sandra happily picked the bills up off of the
counter. "Really? And just what is it you got, Mr. Studman?"

Homeboy lowered his voice and gave Sandra a soft smile, "I got a
night wit' yo man - n' you can't pay a nigga fo dat."

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