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WARNING: This is a work of erotic fiction. It contains depictions of
nudity and graphic sex.

Author: A Strange Geek
Title: The House at the End of the Street
Universe: Haven
Summary: 4 teens find a mysterious house that can grant them great
power. Will they lose themselves in sexual revelry, or will they turn
from the darkness in time? Or does the house itself have an agenda ...

Part: 15 of 18
Keywords: mf, ff, msolo, fsolo, group, inc, 1st, oral, voy, mc, nc,
bon, toys, humil, magic

Copyright A Strange Geek, 2006

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Jason tried to doze as he sat in front of the monitor screen, its
glowing face reflected in Jason's pallid one. His eyes fluttered back
open, bleary and tired. He stretched, leaning back into the dark. The
only other light in the room were the stark red numerals of his alarm
clock, showing him that it was well past two in the morning.

He sighed and leaned forward again, rubbing at his eyes. He had had to
wait until this late before he could go back on the internet. His
mother had been so angry with him when he had returned home that she
had revoked his internet privileges. She had not said for how long.
Jason had to wait until both parents were safely in bed before sneaking
downstairs and plugging the coax cable back into the modem.

He rubbed at his face and willed himself to remain alert a little
longer so he could review what he had discovered.

It was not much. "The Loner" was one Matthew Johnson, a reclusive man
that committed suicide in 1965 just as police were about to arrest him
for murdering a young woman found dead a few days before. Other than
this, all he found on the man was that he had owned a tavern since
1948, and that the tavern was at the site of what was now the Li'l
Missy Inn, a hotel on the south side of town.

The only correlation he could find between this and Mara was the fact
that Mara Lake had been last seen in the vicinity of the tavern in 1956
before she was reported missing. He tried to link the murdered woman to
Mara, remembering Elizabeth's confused statements about people dying
but not really dying, but the victim was indeed a totally different

That was all there was on The Loner.

Jason sighed and covered his eyes with his hand for a moment. When he
dropped them, he was staring at the article on the screen about the
1965 murder. His eyes scanned down the article again in a perfunctory
manner just as he was about to click over to another window. He stopped
himself when he re-read the last sentence of the article:

/As a final note, it was originally believed that the victim was the
same person as a teenage girl that had been reported missing in 1955,
but the police later denied this connection, and issued no further
comment on the matter./

Jason frowned. 1955. Mara Lake disappeared in 1956. A connection?

He groaned. He was dead tired, and his head ached. He knew he should go
to bed and continue this in the morning, but that would mean depending
on his mother being merciful and letting him have the internet again.

He leaned forward and fixed his glazed eyes on the screen. After
awhile, he did confirm that a girl was indeed reported missing in 1955,
and in the same area of town as the old tavern.

He tried to remember everything Elizabeth had told him, but it wasn't
making any more sense now than before. So what was she saying? That the
Loner kidnapped Mara and some other girl? So what did he do with them?
Did he kill the other girl? If so, why did the police lie about the

(She wanted to get away from it at first)

(everything she was forced to do ... too much for her ... then she
never wanted to get away)

Jason slowly sat up in his chair, his eyes suddenly more lucid.

(I almost wish Richie hadn't let me go)

(Easier to stay ... Easier to cope)

Jason felt a chill up his spine.

No, it /couldn't/ be that! It couldn't be the same thing! Not the same
power as the house had! Not the same one Jason himself wielded on his
Dad, and then on the nurse at the home! That would mean that this Loner
character did it to Mara for /nine years!/

But how did he do it? The house? No, the old woman implied that it was
Mara that somehow gave the house its power. Where did it come from in
the first place?

Jason's head was spinning. He still did not have all the answers. One
thing, however, was very clear. This power was bad news. If Mara was
subjected to it for that long, continuously, it was little wonder she
was mentally disturbed afterward. If she were released from his control
in 1965, it's no wonder there was a two year gap before she moved into
the house in 1967. She most likely spent that time in psychiatric

He tried fruitlessly for a little while longer to find more details on
what the Loner was doing between 1956 and 1965 but came up completely
empty, save for a single, grainy, black-and-white photo of the man
tending a garden of some unusual-looking, broad-leafed plants, circa

He forced himself to turn away from the computer and drop into bed. He
had to tell the others about this. He had to convince them to stop. If
he could do that, there would be no need for him to take the power
himself as the house wanted. They could all just walk away from it.

Despite being dead tired, his heart was beating so fast at his
revelation that it took him a little while to drift off to sleep.

For many years, Heather would have treasured a morning of total silence
from Melinda. That particular Monday morning, however, it worried her.

Heather caught Melinda as she was coming out of the shower. Melinda
barely acknowledged her sister's presence as she crossed the room to
the dresser to fetch her clothes.

"So, um, it's your turn today, huh?" Heather said in an even voice.

Melinda finally turned her head and gave Heather a brief glare before
throwing her clothes for the day on her bed.

"I guess Richie's really in for it today."

Melinda said nothing.

"Jason, too?"

Melinda appeared to ignore this as she dressed.

Heather sighed in exasperation. "All right, stop it, Melinda."

Melinda paused and frowned at Heather. "Stop what?"

"Acting like this. The silent treatment."

"What do /you/ care?"

"I just want to know what you're going to do today, that's all."

Melinda gave her big sister a sly smile and remained silent.

Heather ignored her growing trepidation and tried to return it with a
grin of her own, but it was forced. "You're still really upset about
that, aren't you?"

"Aren't /you?/"

"Well ... yeah, I guess."

Melinda yanked her shirt down into place and pulled her hair out from
behind it. "You guess? What the hell do you mean, you guess?"

"I mean, yeah, the little shit shouldn't have done it. But I'm not
freaking out over it."

"Oh, and I suppose I'm not supposed to. That makes me the baby again,

"I didn't say that."

"Then what the fuck are you saying? That you liked it?"

Heather paused a moment. "Well, no, not exactly."

Melinda just stared.

Heather sighed and rolled her eyes. "Look, I didn't care for being
forced to do it," she said. "Or for saying all those ridiculous things.
But it wasn't all that bad."

Melinda looked aghast. "Are you serious? You /liked/ it?!"

"I did /not/ say that."

"Yes, you did!"

"Look, just forget it, okay? I'm sorry I brought it up. I was mostly
just trying to help you calm down about it."

"I don't need your help," Melinda snapped. "So are you coming to the
house with me today or what?"

"Yeah, I'll come," Heather said in a lower voice. "But remember that he
made the both of us do it."

"Except you liked it."

"Stop that!" Heather said, a trace of desperation in her voice. "I just
meant that ... we both have a reason to want some payback. So ... so
don't do anything to me, okay?"

Melinda stared at her sister for a moment before turning away. "We
better get going," she said in a subdued voice.

Heather sighed and reluctantly followed.

Jason burst out of his house and pounded down the street towards the
cul-de-sac, already winded barely halfway to the intersection.

He had been up so late that he had overslept, and then had to face his
mother's wrath when she discovered he had plugged the cable back in the
night before. He had been so wiped out that he had forgotten to go
downstairs and unplug it. It was already after nine, so he just
accepted her retaliation: disconnecting the cable modem entirely and
putting it in her dresser. However, when she tried to ground him as
well, he touched her with the power and made her retract it.

His bout of guilt over it was significant, but fleeting.

When he entered the house, he was gasping in air, one hand grabbing at
a stitch in his side. As he paused to catch his breath, he realize that
the living room was empty. His gaze rose to the portrait on the wall,
and he felt a shudder pass through him.

He wondered where the others were, but these thoughts were dispelled
when his breathing had settled down to the point where he could hear
the loud, desperate moans from the floor above him.

Jason swallowed as he straightened up, still rubbing at his side.

/You need to go upstairs./

Jason felt a knot in his stomach. Now he could no longer see the voice
as disembodied, as free-floating through the air. He could only see
Mara in the back of his mind, as if he expected her to appear in the
room with him.

/Please, Jason. Before it's too late./

There was a hint of desperation to the voice. Jason used to trust the
voice implicitly. Now he was not so sure. Yet would it pick up on his
hesitation? Would it know that he had discovered things that perhaps
Mara did not want him to know?

Jason tried to avoid any stray thoughts and silently acquiesced,
crossing over to the stairs and heading up to the second floor.

The moans grew more ominous to him as he approached the landing. They
were not just desperate, but pleading as well, and growing more
anguished each passing moment. He recognized Richie's voice right away,
and it took a few more seconds to discern that the other was Heather.

He reached the landing and approached the bedroom, the door standing
wide open.

"Yeah, that's right, fuck fuck fuck," Melinda's voice rang out.

Jason froze, his heart pounding.

"Fuck all you want. Fuck each other's brains out. But don't cum! Don't
you /dare/ cum!"

The sheer vindictiveness in Melinda's voice worried him. The distressed
whimper that Heather gave a moment later outright scared him.

Jason felt himself move towards the bedroom again. He couldn't tell if
he was doing it of his own will or if someone was nudging him along. He
managed to hesitate for a second before stepping into the open doorway.

He was so taken aback by what he saw that he could not utter a word.

It was Melinda's dream bedroom again. Heather was on the bed, naked,
her legs wrapped around an equally nude Richie, who was fucking her
fast and hard. The both of them were covered in a sheen of sweat, their
bodies writhing in a frenzy of lust and cruelly unsatisfied need. They
both panted hard, moaning stridently, Richie's noises so high-pitched
he almost sounded like a girl.

From the agonized look on Heather's face, it was obvious to him that
she was just at the edge of orgasm but not cresting over. He could not
see Richie's face, but from his voice and the frantic urgency of his
movements, he guessed that it was the same with him.

"About time you showed up."

Jason nearly jumped. Melinda regarded him with a cool gaze, her lips
drawn into a pout. She had stripped off some of her clothes, and now
stood in her bra and panties.

Jason swallowed. "What ... what are you doing to them?" he asked in a
small voice.

Melinda giggled. "I though you were the geek. You figure it out."

Heather let out a loud, anguished cry, her hips rocking frantically
against Richie's.

"Melinda, please ... please stop this for a minute."

"Why?" she demanded. "It's my turn, dammit!"

"I know, but I need to talk to you guys about something important.
Please, Melinda."

Melinda frowned and sighed. "Fine. Stop fucking, you two."

They simply stopped. Cries turned to low moans of unsatisfied lust as
the two of them slowly separated. Heather's pussy was sopping wet, the
insides of her thighs damp with her moisture. Richie's cock glistened
with it as well. He got off the bed and staggered to the side. Heather
spread her legs wide as if in vain hope she'll be allowed to cum.

"All right, there, happy now?" Melinda snapped. "What is it?"

"Can you release them?"


Jason uttered an exasperated sigh. "Melinda, please. This is

"Then you can tell me. They'll hear you! What is it?"

Jason bit his lip. He couldn't say anything of it out loud, not where
Mara could hear. "Melinda, come outside with me for just a minute."


"I can't ... " He dropped his voice to a bare whisper and leaned
forward. "I can't say it in here."

"Why the fuck not?" Melinda said loudly. "And why do you want me to

"Just for a minute or two, that's all! I just need to talk to you
privately." He paused and gave her a heartfelt look. "/Please./"

Melinda bit her lip, glancing from Jason to Richie and Heather.

/I wouldn't trust him, Melinda./

Melinda looked confused for a moment.

/I don't think he wants to give you your turn. He's too afraid of what
you might do to him./

Melinda started shaking her head, stepping back from Jason. "No, that's
not what you want."

Jason gaped at her. "Huh??"

/He wants to take your turn away from you. And that's not fair, is it?/

"You want to try to take it away from me!" Melinda cried.

Jason blinked in incomprehension. "Take /what/ away from you?"

"/My turn/, that's what!" she bellowed.

"What? No!"

"Yes, you do! Richie already tried it! He was already here when I got
here! Again! And Heather tried to make me promise not to do anything to
her! And now you want me to leave!"

"Melinda, no. That is not what I want. I really just want to ..."

"I don't believe you."

Jason stared at her, stunned. Heather made another terrible whimpering
sound. He turned his head and saw her masturbating, stroking herself
with quick, firm strokes against her clit. Off to the side, Richie
moaned as he lightly teased his own cock.

Melinda turned her head as well. "That's right, big sister, you
bubble-head. You keep doing that. I won't let you cum until you beg

"Please, let me cum, Melinda!" Heather cried, eyes watering with tears.
"Oh, please, please! I know I've been a naughty girl ... very, very
naughty ... and I don't deserve it ..."

Melinda giggled. "This is fun."

"Melinda, please, don't do that to her," Jason said in a strained

Melinda's smile faded as she looked at Jason's face.

Heather gasped and threw her head back. She let go with a loud wail as
her legs drew up, lifting her feet from the mattress as she abruptly
went into orgasm. One single huge squirt of fluid from her pussy soaked
the bed under her. Her wail settled down to a loud, strident moan as
her hips bucked violently under her hand.

"You can forget about Richie, though!" Melinda said. "I'm not going to
even make him beg."

Richie was looking very strained and very uncomfortable, his penis
faintly purplish as he continued stroking it right at the edge of an
orgasm that Melinda refused to bestow.

Jason didn't know what to do. It was as if Melinda had gone crazy. She
could understand her being this upset with Richie, but her sister? What
had happened between them?

/That's right, Melinda,/ the voice said to her smoothly. /Take your
due. They owe this to you. Don't let him weasel out of it. It's not
like you had a choice yesterday, did you? So why should he have one

Melinda narrowed her eyes. "Why were you late, Jason?"

"I overslept," he said in a squeaking voice. "I swear, that's all it
was. Melinda, listen, please ... I know you're still mad about
yesterday, but ..."

"/I should make you and Richie do the same thing he made Heather and I
do!/" Melinda screamed.

Jason gave Melinda a look of abject panic. "Oh, Jesus, Melinda, no!"

"Why not?!"

"Melinda, it wasn't my idea!" Jason cried in desperation. "Richie did
this! I would have stopped him if I could! I promised you I wouldn't do
that to you two and I meant it! Come on, Melinda, please! You have to
believe me!"

Jason was nearly in tears.

Melinda paused for a long moment. "Fine," she finally said in a low
voice, eyes flashing anger and disappointment. "I won't do it. Probably
gross me out anyway."

Jason swallowed. His legs were shaking. "Th-thank you. R-Really,
Melinda, I didn't want him to do it ... I ... M-Melinda ... oh God no

For the first time since coming to this house, Jason actively fought it
when it began to come over him. Instead of feeling like a heavy blanket
gently smothering his will, it was like a huge metal weight crushing
his spirit. The fog that came into his mind was a terrifying invader,
and his last thought before he slipped into total enslavement was of
what it might be like to suffer this for nine years.

"I won't make you and Richie do it," Melinda said with a smirk. "But
that doesn't mean I don't want to have a little fun with you."

His final thought made him want to scream, as if he feared that Melinda
was about to do just that to him, but it came out only as a soft groan
as the last of his willpower was swept away. "Of course, mistress," he
said softly and respectfully. "I wish only to please you."

"Oh, you will, Jason," Melinda said in a deeply husky voice as she shed
the rest of her clothes, her body trembling with an arousal sparked by
both sexual desire and the reveling in her power. "And maybe if you're
good, I'll let you cum."

Melinda made it very clear from the start that this day in the house
was all about her and no one else.

The orgasm that she felt compelled to allow her sister to have was
largely out of deference to Jason. Now that he was under her control,
she felt no further obligation. Despite Richie having been the trigger
of her anger, her target was more often than not Heather. She was
giving years of pent-up resentment free reign in dictating her actions.
Some of it spilled over to Jason, as she remembered that he was more
interested in Heather than herself at first.

She had Jason satisfy her, but withheld satisfaction from him. She sat
at the edge of her bed, Jason on his knees before her, skillfully
licking her pussy to her vocal noises of delight. Jason trembled on the
edge of cumming as Heather lay on her back between his knees, gently
sucking his cock until it strained intolerably at the edge. Heather, in
turn, panted heavily and uttered tiny moans of distress through her
nose as Richie finger-fucked her cunt.

Melinda's climax under Jason's tongue helped quench some of her sexual
desire, but her lust for payback was still strong. She again had
Heather lie helpless on the bed, this time both Richie and Jason taking
turns fucking her, letting none of them cum.

Heather was nearly in tears.

This, finally had some effect on Melinda. "Oh, all right," she said
with a roll of her eyes, and let her sister cry out in orgasm. She
sighed as Heather's hips jerked and bucked against Jason, as he was
inside her when Melinda decided to show some mercy. There was a
slightly forlorn look in Melinda's eyes as she watched the two of them,
Heather slowly relaxing as she was spent, her pressure relieved, and
Jason growing increasingly agitated as he would go no further.

"Stop," Melinda said.

Jason uttered a distressed moan and pulled out of Heather, his cock now
nearly painfully hard. Richie stood off to the side, panting lightly,
also straining for relief.

Melinda glanced between the two boys, and then to her sister. Heather
lay limp on the bed, moaning softly and piteously, her pussy aching and
sore. Only a few moments later, however, Heather was already sliding
her hand back over her abused cunt, fingering it and stroking her clit
with abandon, her flesh still slick and wet. Mounting pleasure mixed
with pain.

Melinda hesitated a moment, as if trying to make a decision. She
finally took a deep breath and grabbed Jason's hand. "Heather, get off
the bed," she ordered. "Go lie on the floor. Richie, go fuck her one
more time."

Heather and Richie obediently complied, and soon were again coupled,
their moans and cries rising.

Melinda climbed onto the bed quickly, as if trying to avoid changing
her mind. As she had willed it, Jason slid over her, and she gave him a
mild smile as she spread her legs and allowed him to enter her.

She struggled a bit to maintain her conviction as she heard the sounds
of Jason's mournful moans grow with the intensity of his thrusts into
her. Several times, she considered stopping and letting all of them go.
Each time she chose to continue. Her own pleasure mounted, making it
difficult for her to think, or to want it to stop. She closed her eyes,
though she could still see Jason's pained face above her.

Melinda cried out softly as she rose higher, panting. She tilted her
head back and bit her lower lip, her mind and emotions suddenly in a
tumult. She lifted her hips to his, and her pleasure soared sharply
upwards. At the very last second, just before she squealed in orgasm,
she let go.

Jason let out a keening wail as his cock exploded inside Melinda,
throbbing so hard that it made Melinda gasp from the feel of him
pulsing madly against the sides of her tunnel. So intense was his
climax that he faltered on his thrust, some of his seed spurting out
around her slot, until he could slip himself fully back inside her.

On the floor, Richie let out a loud cry followed by ragged, almost
choking gasps as he came, though instead of doing it inside Heather's
cunt, Melinda had them frantically rearrange themselves at the last
moment. Now he spewed his seed into Heather's mouth, which ran down her
chin in the frenzy with which she sucked at him. Heather frantically
fingered herself until she crested one last time, closing her eyes as
her pussy throbbed, leaving behind even more of an ache than before.

After Jason rolled off Melinda, she glanced down and wrinkled her nose
a bit at the sticky mess between her thighs. The others breathed hard,
staggering as the fog lifted very slowly from them, leaving them
greatly disoriented for a few minutes.

Melinda rose to her feet and stood before the others. "All right, I'm
done," she said. "I had my turn. My /fair/ turn."

Jason covered his eyes with his hand and lay curled up on the bed.

Heather moaned and sniffled once.

Richie had to drop back to the floor because of his shaky legs. He
gazed coldly at Melinda, clenching his teeth as he swiped at a tear
that had trickled from one eye.

Melinda suddenly grew very angry at their reactions. "Look, that's all
I ever wanted, okay?!" she screamed at them. "I just wanted my share! I
didn't want everything! You understand me?!"

Heather turned her head and regarded her sister with a look of icy

Richie clenched his hands into fists, the nails biting into his palms,
and looked away.

Jason lifted his head and gave Melinda a look that, to her, was the
worst of them all: disappointment.

"We're even now!" Melinda shouted. "That's all! Even! What's the matter
with you all? You all get what you want all the time! You ..."

/Do you see now?/

Melinda fell silent. The others also grew still.

/Do you see what I have been trying to warn you about?/

All four of them heard the voice in their head.

/You can't trust the others. Look at them. What will they do with the

All four of them listened very closely.

/If you have it, they begrudge you. If they have it, they abuse it./

Each one thought the voice was speaking only to him or her.

/Don't let them have it./

The expressions on all four of their faces hardened.

/Fight for it. Fight to keep it for yourself./

Without a word to each other, all four slowly cleaned themselves up and
began to dress.

/Come to me early. As early as you can. Grab it. Keep it./

They listened. Hard.

/And whatever you have to do to keep the others from getting here
before you .../

Eyes flicked suspiciously between them.

/ ... do it./

Heather was finally the first to speak, her voice low and quavering,
but quietly defiant. "Nice little show, baby sis."

"Yeah," Richie grunted. "Real nice."

"Guess I was the lucky one, huh?" Jason said sardonically. "I got to
cum inside you. What an honor."

"There's always tomorrow, you know," Melinda said evenly.

The others slowly nodded.

"It will be someone else's turn, huh, Mel?" Heather asked with a
humorless smile.

A pause. "Sure," Melinda said with a wry grin. "Sure, Heather. Someone
else's turn. Fair's fair, right?"
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