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Subject: {ASSM} Birthday Present - Part 1 (MF, BDSM, WS, Anal, Oral)
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David stepped out of the lift, and crossed the small gangway to their
penthouse apartment.  It was his birthday, and Karen had told him to take a
half day on the Friday.  Their son was spending the weekend with his
parents, but that was all he knew about his birthday treat.  He was looking
forward to the trip, wondering what was in store - maybe a couple of nights
in that spa that they had talked about going to.

He felt the tension of the morning as he put the key in the lock, and
stepped inside, dumping his briefcase in the corridor and pulling off his
tie.  He jumped slightly as he felt soft hands covering his eyes.  'Close
your eyes, my love, and don't say anything' He heard Karen say.  Closing his
eyes, he smiled, looking forward to his treat.  Karen took her hands off his
eyes, and replaced them with a something tight and quite cool, which pushed
over his eyes, and completely blocked off the light.  He heard her buckling
something behind his head and wondered what was going on - his eyes were
tightly covered by something, and he though it really felt like leather.  He
could feel his cock starting to swell, and his heartbeat quicken as he
enjoyed the uncertainty that was creeping over him.  What was going on?
What was Karen really planning for the weekend?  If she had gone to the
trouble of buying a leather blindfold, which must be what he was wearing,
what else might she do?   Well he was shortly to find out.

He felt a pair of hands unbuttoning his shirt.  He started to help, but felt
a sharp sting on his hands, as Karen slapped him hard, and he dropped his
hands, the message very clear.  The shirt was pulled quickly off his arms,
and the fingers started to unbutton his jeans.  'Now this is a the sort of
present I like' David said, and was swiftly rewarded with a slap on the
cheek which brought tears to his eyes, but a surge of blood rushing to his
already hard cock.  'My love', Karen said, 'I told you not to speak, and I
meant it.  You will have to learn this weekend, that you do what I say - it
will be so much more fun that way.  I have a wonderful weekend planned for
you - just let it happen'.  As she pulled down his boxers, letting his cock
spring free and hard, she continued, 'there are just some ground rules for
the weekend - firstly your safeword is 'apples', but I hope you won't need
to use it.  Secondly, you are to call me Cerise, which is my Dominatrix name
in public, and Mistress Cerise in private.  Thirdly, you will do whatever I
ask you to at all times, but in particular, anything that I put to your
lips, you will open and take in your mouth, when I say 'assume the 
you will bend forward, legs apart, holding your ankles, when I say 'present'
you will kneel in front of me, when I say 'spread', you will use your hands
to part your buttocks as far as possible, in whatever position you are in.'
Do you understand?

'Yes Mistress Cerise' David replied, his heart pounding and his cock
throbbing like he was about to come, just with the excitement.  'I will tell
you more of the rules on the plane, but first we need to get you ready.
'Present' she commanded.  Scrabbling to respond quickly, David dropped to
his knees, facing the direction of his glorious wife and newly found
mistress.  He felt something cold and hard on his lips, and remembering his
instructions, opened his mouth.  As he did he felt something sliding inside
his mouth - starting thin, and expanding to about 1 inch wide, it pushed
inside his mouth as he concentrated to stop the gag reflex.  He felt it
taper again, and as the end pushed against he back of his throat, he
realised that he had a butt plug pushed deep in his mouth.  The glorious
smell of pussy juice hit him as he got used to the length, and he realised
that it had already been deep inside Karen's pussy.  'Have a good suck' she
said, 'see if you can taste my ass too - I tested that on in my own ass
after I had lubed it well in my pussy.  It will make you feel nice and full,
but not too much.  Just enough to get you warmed up for the weekend.  Now
assume the position.'

David stood up, and bended over, his yoga practice helping him to bend well
over, as he held his ankles.  'Now spread for me, my fuck-slave'.  Taking
his ass cheeks in his hands, he opened his asshole up to his mistress,
trying to relax as much as possible.  He felt the cold of KY jelly being
rubbed over his asshole, and then the snub nose of the plug pushing against
him.  He pushed back slightly against the plug, allowing his ass to relax
and the plug to slide in.  he felt himself being stretched more and more, as
the increasing girth slided inside him, until the widest part slipped
inside, and his asshole tightened around the thin end of the plug.  He felt
full as the large plug sat securely inside him, with the flared base sitting
snugly between his cheeks.

'Well done, my sexy slave.  You look lovely with that sticking out off your
ass.  Now turn around and lets see what we can do with that cock of yours.'
His cock throbbed as he felt something tight being stretched over its purple
head , and soon her fingers were manipulating his balls into tight rubber
rings.  After a few moments of uncomfortable struggle, his balls were each
pulled through a tight rubber rings, and his cock through a third one,
holding him in a tight grip.  'Good,' Karen said 'You look ready to travel.
Take my hand, and I will help you into your new shorts.  As he raised his
foot, unsteady with the blindfold still on, he felt a tight set of underwear
being pulled up his leg.  As it started to  pull at the hairs on his leg, he
realised it must be a set of rubber underwear.  'I've dusted it well with
talc, but I would imagine it might get a bit sweaty.'  As he pulled the
second leg in, and the pants were pulled up, he could only imagine how
obscene they looked, with his hard cock and balls in tight relief at the
front, and the end of the butt plug visible moving between his butt cheeks
at the back.

Only when the top of the tight rubber pants started squeezing his bladder
did he realise that he had been dying to pee when he got home, and it was
getting worse.  'Umm, May I have a pee, please, Mistress Cerise'  he asked.
'Well, it looks like we have just got time for your next rule' she replied.
'Throughout the weekend, where possible, you will ask me if you may pee, and
if I allow you to, I will accompany you, and hold your cock to show you that
I control everything you do.  And as you are going to remain blindfolded
until you are dressed, you will certainly need me to help you now.'  She
took his hand and walked him through to the bathroom, and, slipping her hand
into the tight pants, pulled out his cock.  Although he was dying to pee,
his cock was so hard that it seemed impossible, even as they waited and
waited.  'Well, do you need to go or not?'  she demanded.  'I do, but I cant
seem to make myself go - I am so hard'  She laughed, as she put his cock
back into his pants, 'You'll just have to wait then - or go in those rubber
pants.  Now I need to go - so next rule - you will accompany me wherever
possible when I pee, and you will kneel in front of me.  Shame you are
blindfolded this time, I know how much you like to watch.  He moaned as he
heard her pee tinkling down into the bowl.  As she finished, he felt her
hand on the back of her head.  'The next rule, is that you will clean my
pussy with your tongue whenever I command.'  With that, she pulled his head
towards her and he felt her pussy lips against his.  They were completely
smooth, and he realised that she must have had them shaved or waxed.  As he
started to lick he realised that they were soaking with pee - he could taste
it, salty and slightly tart.  Relishing the first chance to touch his lover
since arriving home, he licked broadly, then slipping his tongue inside
tasting her arousal.  As he licked her clit he could feel her tense, and he
flicked his tongue over and back as the tension built and built.  On her
command he slid two fingers into her pussy, and started to caress the upper
wall of her pussy, pressing gently on her G-spot.  Soon she began to gasp,
and flooded David's mouth with a final spurt of pee, salty - almost
buttery - which he swallowed without thinking, gently caressing her pussy
with his tongue as the aftershocks of her first climax faded away.

Stroking his head, she cooed,  'Mmmmmm what a lovely start to our weekend,
my sweetheart.  We are going to have such fun - and it's only just begun.
They stood and kissed passionately, and then Karen lead David back into the
bedroom, and helped him put on his favourite Paul Smith suit, ready for
their trip to London.  As she undid his blindfold, he gloried in her
vamp-ish new look, more in love than ever with this wonderful woman, who
played him so well.  And as for the rest of the weekend, he could hardly
imagine what was in store - and he would turn out that he didn't imagine the
half of it!

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