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Subject: {ASSM} New Wife and Shipping Out  MMMF Preg
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I'm from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and enlisted in the Marines.
After boot camp I went back home and took out a girl i knew in HS - she
was 2 years younger than me. She was a hottie and we liked each other a
lot. We fucked like crazy, hell I was 18 and she was 16, but we used
protection cause we knew we couldn't have a kid for a while. I went
back to my unit in Camp LeJeune, NC and asked my sergeant if I could
marry her. He said yeah but I had to hurry up cause our unit was
leaving for a 6 month cruise afloat in about 4 weeks.

The next weekend I went back home and proposed and we got married the
next day.  She came back to Jacksonville (thats the town next to
LeJeune) with me. I didnt have much money and since we just got married
I couldn't get base housing. My sergeant said he had a friend with a
room in town we could rent for a while so we did that. I had to be on
base by 4:30 every morning and sometimes didnt get back to the house
until like 6 or 7 at night. I was only a LCpl (lance corporal). My
sergeant was really good to help us out and him and another sergeant
from our company would come by sometimes after we got off and we'ed all
go out for beer and burgers or pizza.

One nite the two of them - the sergeants came over and the guy and his
wife we were renting from, he was another Marine sergeant, all had a
party. We all got pretty blitzed and I passed out sometime. The next
day my sergeant said it was a hot party and i shouldnt be pissed but my
wife got fucked by the other guys.  That night I asked her and she said
yeah she had but she'd been so out of it she didnt remember much.  Our
unit was shipping out in another week so I decided to just let it go
since I probably couldn't really do much about it anyway.  Two days
before we were to leave I was told all junior personnel were restricted
to the base - so we wouldn't like go AWOL - so I didnt even get like a
last night with her.  The next day on our way to the ship in the busses
my sergeant told me that the night before 3 of them had fucked her
again and this time nobody was blitzed and she hadn't fussed at all but
just opened her legs.  This time I WAS pissed but what the fuck was I
supposed to do?  Then it really hit me when the sergeant said nobody
had used protection and since we were gonna be gone for 6 months I'd
have a kid when I got back.

I did.

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