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Jo, Company Whore Part one By shooter3704

   I used my lunch hour to take a walk in the park.  For some reason I felt
philosophical or maybe I was soul-searching.  I bought a couple hotdogs
from a street vendor and found an unoccupied bench by the pond.

   Since I am an honest man, I'll admit that everything was my fault.  I
was motivated by greed and it's just that simple.  I wanted money.  I
wanted a lot of money and I sat out to get it at any cost.

   My name is Andy Edmond.  I'm a senior vice president of a huge
investment and trading company.  I suppose I should say I'm a brand new
senior vice president of the company.  I'm married to a wonderful woman who
would do anything for me.  Betty Jo, or just Jo, as she had always been
called, is the love of my life and has been since the very first day we
met. That meeting took place during our senior year of college.  For me it
was love at first sight.  Jo took a little while longer to fall in love
with me.  We married three days after graduation.  And we have been
constant companions for the past five years.  Constant until last year. 
That was when the wheels came off the wagon.  Let me back up a bit and
explain how I fucked up.

   It was in early spring when the news trickled down to those of us in the
trenches that a position had open up on the twentieth floor.  That was
where the movers and shakers had offices.  For those of us in the trenches,
it was something to be highly coveted.

   The twentieth floor was where the assistants to the VP's and the
higher-ups had their domains.  It was where the marching orders to us lower
forms of life came from.  It was a stroke of luck that one of the assistant
VP's got run over by a speeding taxi.  Good luck for one of us, but bad for
the AVP who was smashed.

   Down where I was, you could actually see the plotting and conniving
taking place.  Suddenly friendships that had been longstanding were
dissolved.  Now it was every man and woman for themselves .  Like most
large companies there was always an undercurrent of politics going on, but
now the palace games were in full swing.  It was urban survival of the

   Like the others I got caught up in it also.  I wanted that assistant VP
slot so bad I could taste it.  I was no different then any of the others
who vied for it.  For the next few days after we got word of the opening, I
spent a lot of time and thought on how to get noticed by Alvin Matthews the
VP who's assistant got smashed.  He would be the one to choose his new
assistant.  I had a small advantage.  Al's wife, Tina, and Jo were
semi-friends.  I mean they knew one another from the gym where they both

   "Sure I'll cozy up to Tina," Jo assured me after I mentioned the
situation to her.  "I think we get along all right.  I mean we don't take
showers together or anything like that," Jo added with a giggle.  I
mentioned that she should offer to wash Tina's back or whatever it took. 
Jo laughingly agreed to do whatever she could to help me get the job.

   The status remained quo for the next week or so.  I was a nervous wreck.
I knew that Alvin was interviewing possible candidates and I hadn't been
called up to his office.  I couldn't eat or sleep or even think straight.
Finally after nearly two weeks, I was called up to Alvin's office for my

   "Come in, Andy," Alvin said.  "Take a seat and tell me about yourself."
I managed to get seated without knocking anything off his desk.  For the
next fifteen minutes he let me stammer and stutter on about me and what I
had done and what I could do if given the opportunity.

   "I hear good things about you, Andy," Al said.  He had insisted on me
calling him Al from the start.  "Your performance rating is dammed
impressive.  Let me tell you about my department.  I'm in the wine-ing and
dine-ing division.  We get to impress new clients by making sure they have
a good time.  It's important that everyone in my department is able to meet
and impress those clients.  Therefore it's important that my people have a
wife or husband that can support us, since most of our work is social.  Do
you understand what I'm saying?" I assured him I was with him all the way.

   "Good," he said looking sharply at me.  "We do whatever is necessary to
get the client and keep them.  It's unfortunate that Don Allen got killed.
He and his wife were real players.  They both knew what it took and were
one hundred percent onboard.  Don's wife Alice is a looker and she knew how
to use her good looks.  How about your wife, Andy?  I know she's good
looking, but is she onboard with us?"

   I had heard the office rumors, but I really hadn't paid much attention
to them.  I had heard that Al's department wasn't above hiring hookers to
entertain clients, but from what he said I got the impression that there
was more to it then that.  My brain was telling me to back off but my mouth
seemed to have a mind of it's own.

   "Jo is as committed to my career as I am," I said calmly even though I
wasn't all that sure about her commitment.  It had never actually came up
between us.  I did feel confident that she would get on board with me
because she hated her dead-end job.  If I got the promotion she could tell
her employer to get fucked.

   "That's good, Andy," Al said.  "My wife tells me that Jo is a good
looking woman.  She also told me that your wife had suddenly got a lot
friendlier these past few weeks." He laughed at my expression.  "Hell,
Andy, I don't blame you for that maneuver.  I would have done the exact
same thing if I were in your shoes.  It shows me that you're serious about
wanting the position.  I like that." I couldn't help but breathe a sigh of
relief.  I nearly shit myself at his next words.  "I'm going to take you on
as a temporary assistant.  That will give me an opportunity to see how you
work under fire so to speak.  If you show me that you are willing and able
we can make it permanent."

   Over the roaring in my head I heard him say that I would get an
immediate pay bump and that I should move my office to the empty one next
to his.  I also heard him say that if I didn't workout everything would be
reversed.  I had enough sense to know if that happened, I wouldn't be going
back to my old job.  I would be going out the door in disgrace.

   "To get things off right, Tina and I would like to take you and Jo to
dinner this evening." I had enough sense to accept his offer and get out of
his office before I did something uncouth like kiss his hand or something
just as bad.  I called Jo at her work and told her the good news.

   "So I did help?" Jo said after I blurted the good news to her.

   "Oh hell yes!" I assured her.  "I'm not sure I could have pulled it off
on my own." I told her about us going to dinner with Al and Tina Matthews.
Since we don't get out much she was excited at the prospects.  I knew she
was already planning on what to wear.

   I'll try to describe my wife.  First of all she is beautiful.  Yeah, I
know husbands are supposed to think that about their wives, but Jo really
is drop dead gorgeous.  That's not just my opinion.  Everybody thinks so.
She's petit, being a tad over five feet but she has a killer body.  Her
breasts are thirty-four D.  They look like soft flesh colored balloons on
her chest.  She keeps her blonde hair fairly short and always keeps her
pubic hair shaved except for a small patch at the top of her slit.  Along
with her beauty, she is a personable woman.  Jo never met a stranger and is
out-going and sweet to everybody.  I knew she would dress up nice.  ***

   The dinner was.well, interesting, I guess is the best way to put it. 
Not that we didn't have a good time or anything like that.  We did.  Al and
Tina were a fun couple.  What I found interesting was the tone of the
conversation.  It was the first time I ever met Tina Matthews and she was
something else.  Almost the exact opposite of Jo.  Tina is tall, about five
eight or nine.  Her dark hair is long and where Jo has large boobs, Tina
was smallish and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra.  Her nipples
were plainly visible.  Also where Jo is rather conservative in her
conversation, Tina was frank to the point of being bawdy.  She even told
some jokes that caused me to blush.

   Al seem content that his wife monopolized the conversation with her
ribald tales and comments.  He even seemed proud of her.  Another
interesting thing was my wife and how she handled the near vulgar woman. 
Jo laughed at the jokes and comments at the right place and while I
blushed, Jo kept a calm pleasant face.  She didn't seem at all upset with
Tina.  I suspected that she was used to the woman's nasty mouth from the

   It was later in the evening when Tina said something about a hard man is
good to find and Jo agreed.  That was when the entire conversation turned
sexual.  The wine had been flowing and we all were a little giddy.  Al
mentioned that he would miss Don the smashed AVP, saying he was a good man.

   "Yes, he certainly was," Tina chimed in.  "A damned good man and a hard
man is good to find," she said laughing at her cleverly turned phrase,
"Don't you agree, Jo?"

   "Absolutely," my wife said.  "Always."

   "Ol' Don was always hard or ready to get hard," Tina continued.  "Wasn't
that big, but always stiff." I know my eyebrows must have raised at that
comment, but Al didn't seem to notice.  He smiled at Tina and patted her

   "I know you miss him, Tina," Al said.  "We all do." I don't know who the
"all" was.  I hardly knew the man and I certainly didn't miss him.

   "He was great in a threesome," Tina said wiping a tear from her eye. 
"Do you like threesomes, Jo?"

   "Yes, I do," my wife answered.  How did she know if she did or not?  We
hadn't even discussed it.  I assumed she was just going along with the
conversation and keeping Tina happy.

   "Boy, boy, girl or girl, girl, boy?" Tina inquired.

   "I don't know about girl, girl, boy," Jo answered glancing at me, her
expression unruffled.  "Never went down that road." What the fuck was she
implying?  Did she mean she had engaged in threesomes before?  Certainly
not with me.  Again, I assumed, incorrectly as it turned out, that she was
just going with the flow of conversation.

   "You have to try the girl, girl, boy thing," Tina said excitedly, now
apparently over the loss of Don the stiff one.  "It's great, isn't it Al?"
Al agreed it was indeed great.  It wasn't long after that when we decided
to call it a night.  ***

   "That Tina is something else, isn't she?" I said to Jo.  She was in the
bathroom getting ready for bed.  I was laying on the bed in my shorts.  I
was anticipating getting lucky because wine always made her horny.

   "What do you mean?" Jo called back through the open door.

   "For one thing she seems to say whatever crosses her mind," I said. 
"Totally uninhibited, I'd say."

   "Yes, you are certainly right about that," Jo agreed.  "I got to know
her pretty well at the gym.  She's always like she was tonight."

   "I can't figure Al out," I said looking up as she entered the room.  She
was wearing an oversize tee-shirt.  "He didn't even bat an eye when she
talked about threesomes with Don.  I wonder if it's true."

   "Of course it is, dummy.  Al and Tina are swingers.  Didn't you know
that?" I hadn't know that.  Not that it came as a big surprise.

   "Swingers?  Oh, yeah, swingers.  I guess it makes sense now that you
mentioned it.  Are you sure?"

   "Of course I'm sure.  She told me all about it at the gym," Jo said
sliding onto the bed beside me.  "I got the impression that was how Al got
his job." Suddenly some of the things Al had said make sense to me.  I was
Don's replacement and.  My mind went blank for a moment.  Then it hit me
again.  I was Don's replacement in more ways than one!

   I was still deep in confused thought when Jo pulled my cock out of my
shorts and put it in her mouth.  It didn't take her long to pull me from my
thinking and back to the bed.  Jo is a wonderful cocksucker.  She is one of
those rare women who really enjoys giving head.  I had a lot of questions,
but I put them on the backburner for the moment and just lost myself in
what Jo was doing to me.

   "Cum for me, baby.  Shoot the juice for momma," Jo said taking her
delicious mouth off of me for a moment.  "Fill my mouth with your hot cum."
That wasn't unusual.  We discovered early on that I lasted a lot longer
after she had sucked me off first.  "Come on, Andy, let me have.ahh," she
said when I erupted in her mouth.  As usual she swallowed every drop. 
Also, as usual, she didn't let me get soft.  She swung her leg over me and
guided my cock into her.  She shuddered as she slid down on my cock.  That
would be the first of two or maybe even three orgasms she would have.  The
last orgasm would be the one she wanted most of all.  She would start to
cum, then she would go into a series of climaxes.  Bang, bang, bang, and if
I hadn't cum by then, that would send me over the edge.  It never failed to
make my toes curl.  That night was no exception.  She lay on top of me
until the last of her orgasms subsided into a series of small jerks and

   "Ohh, Andy did momma good.  Thanks baby, I really needed that," she said
rolling off of me.  "Wow, that was real good honey." I had to agree that it
had been good.  We both lay still until our breathing was back to normal.
She turned the bedside light off and kissed me softly.  "Good night
sweetie. I have to get to sleep because tomorrow is another damned work

   Long after Jo was sleeping sound I lay awake thinking about what I had
gotten into.  Was this sort of job what I wanted?  My last thought before
sleep overtook me was Jo and her answer to Tina's question about
threesomes. ***

   "Morning, Andy," Al said handing me a cup of coffee.  "Black, right?" I
nodded and took the coffee.  "Tina and I really enjoyed your company last
night.  Your wife is a jewel.  Come on and meet the crew.  Don't worry if
they seemed a little cold at first.  They all wanted the AVP slot.  Fuck'em
and feed 'em fish, huh?  I think the best man, and woman, got the job.  Oh,
by the way, you'll need to go by personnel and sign some papers."

   I followed him from cubical to cubical and met the eight other people
who made up the department.  Three women and five men.  Al had been right
about the cool reception.  Oh, there were a lot of false smiles and
halfhearted handshakes, but I could feel their resentment and I didn't
really blame them.  I came from another floor.  I almost told them that the
job would be up for grabs again by the end of the day.  I had made up my
mind to tell Al that I didn't want the position.  I'd take my chances in
another department later when some other asshole got run over or whatever.
The trip to personnel changed my mind.  My salary had more than doubled and
if I could hold on, I'd get one hell of a benefit package.  All of my
resolve just simply disappeared.  I was going to be making nearly one
hundred thousand bucks a year!  I could put up with some shit for that kind
of money.  I'd have to put up with it.

   By the time I got back to my office I was walking on air.  I called Jo
and told her what my new salary would be and she was ecstatic.  I could
almost hear the wheels in her head turning.

   "Of course I have to get past the probationary period," I cautioned her.
"I have to show Al that I can do the job."

   "You can do it, honey," she responded.  "He seem to like you last night.
Tina told me she doesn't cook much.  Maybe we should invite them over for a
home cooked meal." That was a great idea.  Jo, besides all her other
accomplishments, was a great cook.

   "Okay," I said.  "I'll ask him for Friday night.  Is that good for you?"
she said Friday would be fine so I hung up and went to Al's office.  He
called Tina and they accepted out invitation to dinner.  Things were really
looking up.

   I managed to get through the rest of the week without fucking up too
badly.  In fact thing went very smoothly.  The others in the department
seemed to accept me, but I wasn't fooled.  They would shove it up my ass
first chance they got and I knew it.

   On Thursday night I had an opportunity to bring up something I wanted to
talk to Jo about.  That threesome thing just wouldn't leave my mind, but I
wanted to pick my time.  Jo was already in bed and I was brushing my teeth.
She was telling me about the menu she had for Friday night.  I was only
paying half attention to her.  I knew whatever she cooked would be good.

   "So do you think they'll like it?" she asked.  I didn't know what she
was talking about but I told her they would love it.  "I'll pick up a
couple bottles of wine tomorrow on my way home," she said.  "Hey!  Are you
paying attention to me?  You seem preoccupied with something else."

   "Ah hell," I said laying down beside her.  "I was just thinking about
what you said at dinner a couple nights ago.  You told Tina that you liked
threesomes.  What was that all about?" Jo didn't answer right away and when
she did her response surprised me.

   "Come on, Andy," she said at last.  "I had a life before I met you, you
know.  You surely knew I wasn't a virgin.  Yeah, I had a few group
encounters along the way.  Didn't you?"

   "Yes, but." My voice trailed off.  I didn't know exactly how to respond.
Of course I knew there had been other men before me.  For some reason I
never asked her about them and she had never volunteered any information.
For me, our life started when she said she would marry me.  What happened
before didn't matter.  At least it hadn't mattered until then.  Now I found
myself thinking about my wife and other men.  I wondered how many there had
been.  For some bizarre reason I had to know.

   "Anybody I know?" I asked Jo.

   "No...well, maybe," she answered.  "Do you know Todd Travis?  He was in
my business admin class.  Oh yeah, you dated his sister, didn't you?"

   "Yes, for a while.  Who was in the threesomes?"

   "I don't think you knew any of them.  They were all a couple years ahead
of us.  Andy, why are you asking me about ancient history?  Remember it all
happened before there was a you and I."

   "Sure, I know that," I answered.  "For some reason the subject intrigues
me.  Tell me about your threesome."

   "Which one?  The first one?" I told her that would be a good place to
start.  "Okay, but remember you ask for it.  The first time was in high
school.  I was dating a football player, Tommy Allen, and one night after a
game we were going out.  He told one of his team mates that we would give
him a ride to a party.  When we got to the place where the party was
supposed to be, it had moved and we didn't know where.  Anyway, Tommy's
friend Charlie stayed with us.  In retrospect I think they may have had it
planned.  Tommy and I had been sexually active for several months by that
time, and we both were always horny.  And I do mean always." Jo got another
pillow and put it behind her.

   "We drove around a while and I whispered to Tommy that we needed to get
rid of Charlie so we could go out to the lake and park.  Tommy ignored my
suggestion about getting rid of Charlie, drove on out to the lake, and
found a parking spot with no cars close by.  It was a little cool so most
of the fair-weather parkers had stayed away."

   "While Charlie stayed in the backseat Tommy and I started making out. 
To be honest after a while I completely forgot he was back there.  It
wasn't long before Tommy got my cheerleader uniform top off.  I hadn't had
my big boob growth spurt yet, so I didn't need or wear a bra.  While he was
sucking and playing with my breasts he worked a finger around my panties
and was driving me wild.  I was only dimly aware when Tommy told Charlie to
hand him the blanket from the back.  We were quickly out of the car,
blanket spread, and going at it.  I'm not sure at what point I became aware
that Charlie was laying on the blanket beside us, but there he was, laying
there playing with his peter.  I guess I could have stop it right when
Charlie put his hands on me.  When he grabbed my breast was when I could
have said 'no way'.  But I didn't.  I liked his hands on me.  When Tommy
was doing it, he forgot everything else.  Just fucking was the only thing
on his mind.  I really liked Charlie playing with my nipples while Tommy
did his thing." Jo rolled over and looked down at me.  "Andy are you sure
you want to hear this?" I showed her my throbbing hard-on.  She got the
picture soon enough.

   "Okay, I see that it's turning you on," Jo said with a short laugh.  "Of
course Charlie wasn't satisfied with just playing with my boobs, and when
he got on his knees and offered me his dick, I took it and gave him a
blow-job.  When Tommy finished Charlie was quick to take a turn with me.  I
didn't offer a word of protest.  By the time Charlie squirted off in me,
Tommy was ready again and that was a first.  Normally he was good for one
time a night, but he was really getting off watching Charlie fuck me.  To
tell the truth I had a better time that night then I ever had before.  I
had three or four really big climaxes and that was unusual.  That was just
the beginning of the three of us getting together.  All the rest of the
school year Tommy shared me with his buddy."

   "After school let out for the summer the three of us just drifted apart.
I was getting ready to go away to college, Tommy was working for his uncle,
and Charlie went off somewhere for the summer.  That was the beginning of
my group sex experience.  Does that satisfy you?"

   "For the moment," I answered.  "You never got together with them again?"

   "Only once," Jo said.  "It was between my second and third year of
college.  I was home for the summer and so was Charlie.  Of course Tommy
never left.  I ran into Charlie at a mall and he said he and Tommy were
getting together after Tommy got off work to drink some beer.  He invited
me to join them and I did.  One thing led to another and we ended up doing
it in Tommy's garage apartment.  Somewhere Charlie developed a taste for
anal sex and that was my first experience with that."

   "You liked it I guess," I said.  "I mean you like it now."

   "Yes, I do like a good butt fucking, but I wasn't overly fond of it
then. Charlie was okay because he wasn't very big, but when Tommy saw
Charlie fucking my ass, he wanted to.  Tommy was a lot bigger and he wasn't
very gentle with me.  It hurt and I made them stop it.  In fact it wasn't
until the next year at school that I let another man in that hole.  That
was when I discovered just how good it could be."

   "How did that happen?" I asked.

   "I was dating a guy named Jackson Miller.  Jackson was nearly thirty and
had only recently returned to college.  I think he had been in the service
or something.  Jackson liked to make a party out of sex and that was when I
really got into the group scene.  Of course I'll tell you about it if you
want me to, but right now I think I better take care of you.  Your dick
looks like it about to burst." She was right of course.  My throbbing cock
need some immediate attention and she gave it plenty.

   Jo gave me a combination blow-job and hand-job and in my delicate
condition it didn't take long before I shot-off.  She gave me a few minutes
to get collected and sucked me back to a full erection again.

   "Do me," she said tugging on my ears.  I knew she wanted me to eat her
box lunch and I readily agreed.  I couldn't help but notice her pussy was
soaking wet, so her telling the story had the same effect on her it did on
me.  "Ohh, that feels great, baby," she cooed.  "You are the best." Jo let
me eat her to one nice orgasm and then urged me to mount her and I was
happy to comply.  I used the head of my dick to tease her clit before I
slowly pushed it into her hot wet pussy.

   "Tell me about your group fucking in college," I said slowly stroking in
and out of her.

   "Now?  You got to be kidding," she said her breathing heavy.  "I can't
concentrate on.  Oh shit, I'm cuming, honey.  Go.faster!  Fuck me
harder.Don't stop.aggg!" I held back and was able to get her off a couple
of times and not cum.  I wanted to hear more about her exploits.  I
dismounted and lay beside her until her breathing got back to normal.

   "Tell me about Jackson Miller," I said, using my fingers to keep her

   "Like I said," Jo said after a moment.  "Jackson was older then the
average college student.  He was a big man.  I mean tall and muscular.  I
noticed him in one of my morning classes but he didn't seem to notice me.
He always had one or two coeds hanging around him.  I think I thought of it
as a challenge.  I wanted Jackson Miller to notice me so I wore more
provocative clothes to class on the day I knew we would have class

   "One day about mid-term, he walked up to me after class and told me to
meet him at a coffee shop.  That's exactly how he put it.  Not an
invitation, more like an order, but I met him.  I thought I was seducing
him, but it actually was the other way around.  After coffee he ordered me
to accompany him to his off campus apartment.  I went and he took me within
ten minutes of arriving there.  He simply removed my clothes and threw me
down on his bed and fucked me.  I guess you could say he was the first real
man to have me and he was good.  Very good.  He did me all afternoon and by
dark I was exhausted.  He walked me back to my dorm and gently kissed me
good night.  That was the first time all day he showed any gentleness.  I
was hooked.  For the next week we met at least every other day."

   "Was he hung?" I asked.

   "No, not particularly," Jo answered.  "Nice size, and he knew how to use
what he had.  He never left me high and dry.  Also, he had a short recovery
time.  He would shoot-off and be ready to go again within a few minutes. 
One afternoon I went to his apartment to get some more lovin' and he had
company.  There was an older man there.  Even older than Jackson.  It was
his step-dad.  His name was Luke something.  Not Miller, as I recall. 
Anyway, to make a long story shorter, Jackson gave me to Luke to fuck."

   "How did that happen?" I asked using my thumb on her clit while working
a finger in her snatch.

   "When I realized that he had company I told Jackson I'd see him later
and started to leave.  Jackson told me to stay and he introduced his
step-father to me.  Luke was about forty which at the time seemed older
than dirt to me.  He was nice looking with just a little gray at the
temples.  He was nice, also."

   "Is this your lady?" Luke asked Jackson.  "She's a tiny thing, isn't

   "Yeah, she's my vest pocket lady," Jackson responded giving me a hug. 
"You know what they say about small packages, and this little package is
smokin' hot." I should have been pissed at the way he talked about me, but
strangely I was thrilled.  At least he had acknowledged that I was his
girlfriend.  That was a first.  Jackson sat down beside me and gave me a
big smooch.  I returned his kiss.  I didn't protest much when he started to
fondle my breasts in front of Luke.  It was embarrassing, but not so much
that I made him stop.  I suppose I knew where it was going, but I was hot
and didn't care."

   "Pop, look at these puppies," Jackson said lifting my shirt and exposing
my lacy bra which he quickly disposed of.  In a flash my bare boobs were
exposed for Luke to look at.

   "Now that is an impressive rack," Luck said.  "Mind if I have a taste?"
I knew he wasn't asking me.  The next thing I knew Luke had one nipple in
his mouth and Jackson had the other one.  By that time I was steaming hot.
I didn't care what happened.  It was almost as if it wasn't me there on
that couch.  It was some other little slut that was letting two men suckle.
It didn't take very long before I was completely naked and Luke was on top
of me.  He was older, but he, like Jackson, knew what to do.  While Luke
fucked me, I sucked Jackson and after a while they swapped places.  It was
the first time I ever sucked a man after he had been in me.  I discovered I
didn't mind it at all.  I liked the taste of me."

   "Did they double fuck you?" I asked my voice ragged with pent up

   "No, not that day.  They just took turns with me.  Luke stayed with
Jackson for nearly a week and by the second day they were double teaming
me. Luke like the backdoor, as he called my butt.  I got so I looked
forward to my visits to Jackson's place.  I really hated it when Luke left
us.  I had gotten use to hot threesomes.  After Luke left, Jackson invited
some of his friends in to have me.  Once I took on four men and boy that
was some wild fucking."

   "Sounds like you have a wild time before you met me," I said.

   "Yes, I did," Jo agreed.  "But then there was you and you were enough
for me.  I was ready to settle down and be a one man woman."

   "Do you miss it?" I asked.  She didn't answer right away.

   "Sometimes," she finally admitted.  "Not often though.  Just once in a
while I think about it."

   "With this new job we may have to open things up some.  I mean sexually.
I think Al may be thinking along those lines.  Are you going to be all
right with it?"

   "Yes," she answered promptly.  "I'll be fine with whatever.  The big
question is how will you be." That was a big question.  How would I be? 
Knowing my wife was with another man or even worse seeing her with another
man.  I thought about it while Jo gave me some great head.  A hundred grand
a year and a great benefit package was good incentive to go with the flow.
In fact, thinking about Jo with Jackson and Luke was a real turn-on.  Yes,
I would be fine with 'whatever', too.  We could make it work.  ***

   Our dinner with Al and Tina went off without a hitch.  We were charming
hosts and they were charming guests.  There was a lot of sexy chat but it
didn't go any farther than just talk which surprised me a little. 
Apparently both Al and Tina were patient people.  Frankly I was also
disappointed that somebody didn't make a move.

   Jo and I talked about it later that night.  She asked me what I would do
if Al made a move on her.  I countered and asked what she would do if Tina
made a move on me.  We laughed about it and agreed it didn't much matter
because it hadn't happened.

   "Seriously," Jo said after I turned the light out.  "I think we both
better think about it a lot.  Tina told me the other day at the gym that Al
had the hots for me.  She also said you would make a nice replacement for
the guy that got killed.  Sooner or later one or both will make a move."

   By the end of my second week I was pretty well settled in.  The fake
friendliness from the others didn't bother me.  They were all too job
scared to do or say much after I fired one loud-mouth.  He made one snide
comment too many.  When I told Al about it he told me to fire him.

   "They work for you, Andy," he said.  "You don't have to put up with any
shit from any of them.  They'll fall in line pretty damned quick after they
know you mean business."

   He was right.  After the mouthy one was gone, things changed rapidly in
the office.  Any remarks were made behind my back and I was sure there were
some.  I was crying all the way to the bank.

   On Thursday Al stuck his head in my office and told me that he and Tina
wanted Jo and I help entertain a prospective client on Friday night. 
Dinner out and drinks later at their place.

   "Tell that sexy wife of yours to wear something hot.  We don't want this
dude to get away.  He's loaded, I hear." I told him we would be happy to
help out and I asked him why he needed Jo and I.  "Hell, I hear old Eric
Davenport likes women with big knockers.  I guess you noticed that Tina
isn't all that big in the tit department.  Tell Jo to wear something
low-cut and be nice to the old fart."

   Well there it was.  Jo was supposed to flaunt her boobs to get an
account.  When I called her at work she was tickled and immediately agreed
to tease the client.  I wondered if it would get beyond teasing.  ***

   Eric Davenport wasn't old by most standards.  Early fifties I guessed. A
well preserved fifties, also.  He was one of those loud boisterous men. 
When he told a joke, and he told a lot, he'd laugh long and loud.  Of
course we all laughed with him.  He kept his sunglasses on during the
entire meal so it was hard to know exactly where he was looking except when
he was looking at Jo.  She was wearing a real low-cut cocktail dress that
gave the impression that her tits were going to spill out at any moment. 
Even while telling a joke, Davenport seemed to be looking at Jo's
impressive chest.

   All of us had a lot to drink before, during, and after dinner.  Al's
suggestion that we adjourn to a place where we could all get more
comfortable was well met.  Half an hour later we were in the Matthews' den.
Al was bust mixing drinks and Tina put some mellow music on the stereo. 
Eric Davenport was sitting on the sofa with Jo and Tina came and sit beside
me on a loveseat.

   "Jo," Eric said.  "I do like a woman who's built for comfort.  You know
padded in all the right places like you."

   "Why thank you," Jo said smiling at him as if he had bestowed the crown
jewels on her.  She wiggled a bit closer to Eric and he put his arm around
her shoulders.  They looked quiet cozy there.  When his hands came around
and rested on the top of Jo's breast she smiled at him again.

   "I like a woman that's friendly, too," Eric offered.  "Are you a
friendly woman, Jo?"

   "I think I am," she replied and raised her face to his.  Eric was a
loud-mouth but he knew enough to know an offer of a kiss when he saw one.
They kissed but not very long.  "There, am I friendly or not?"

   "I'd say you were friendly," Eric answered.  "It just remains to be seen
how friendly.  Are those real?" he asked putting his other hand on her
ample breast.  "They feel real."

   "Oh yeah, I'm all natural," Jo answered.

   "Show him you're real, Jo," Tina said.

   "Yeah, show the man," Al chimed in.  He was standing by the loveseat
beside Tina and I.  Jo gave me an inquiring look.  I could also feel the
gaze from Al and Tina.  Apparently I had the ball.

   "Well, honey," I said, my voice about an octave higher than normal. 
"I've always liked looking at them.  Show the man." I've described Jo's
wonderful tits but no one can appreciate them until they've actually seen

   Jo smiled at me, shrugged, stood, and let the straps fall from her
shoulders.  She reached around behind her as all women and no man can do
and unzipped the dress.  She slowly let the dress fall, gathering it at her
waist.  She was wearing a black half bra that showed the just the top of
her areolas.  All four pair of eyes were fixed on her magnificent chest.

   "Eric can you unsnap me, please?" she asked coyly.  He jumped the few
feet that separated them.  Eric made a production of undoing the bra but
finally released her splendid globes.  She turned slightly so that Eric
could see her breast.

   "My God woman!" Eric stammered, still clutching the half-bra.  "Those
should be in a museum or art gallery."

   "I have to agree with Eric, Jo," Al said.  "They are perfect."

   "I sure can't argue with that," Tina said with a grin.  "I think I hate
you, Jo."

   "Please don't hate me because my boobs are pretty," Jo responded in a
little girl's voice and put her hands over the as much as they would cover.
That move caused the dress to fall to the floor leaving her only with a
black garter, black hose, and black thong.  My wife was a vision in erotic

   "Uncover them tits, young lady," Eric said in a gruff tone of voice. 
"Nothing that beautiful should ever be covered."

   "My boobs are nothing in comparison," Tina said shimming out of her
dress.  "But by God, they ain't bad." She was right.  Tina's breasts were
small but perfect little cones with puffy nipples.  While I do love Jo's
big breasts, I have always been infatuated with puffy nipples.

   Tina didn't stop with her dress.  She peeled down to nothing but shoes
and stockings, but I seemed to be the only one watching her do her strip
act.  Al and Eric were homing in on Jo and she seemed to be welcoming their
attention.  I quickly moved around so I could see both women.

   Al and Eric moved in on Jo and while Eric attached his lips to one
nipple, Al had his lips on hers.  I had suspected something would happed
during the evening but I hadn't expected things to go so fast.  I was well
aware that I had developed a throbbing hard-on watching the two men maul my
little wife.  I must have blinked or something because I didn't see her
thong being removed, but suddenly it was gone and two sets of fingers were
in her pussy.

   "Your little wife is going to get fucked," Tina said from right beside
me.  I hadn't noticed her approach.  I grunted and nodded not trusting my
voice for actual words.  "How do you feel about that, Andy?"

   It was a damned good question.  I had mixed feelings of course.  On one
hand I was jealous as hell.  I wanted to yell for them to stop it and leave
my beautiful little wife alone.  On the other hand, we were a team working
for our betterment.  We each did what we could to make our life better. 
Putting out didn't seem like such a big thing right then.  Also I was
excited just watching them.

   "Jo is going to get fucked," Tina sang putting her tongue in my ear and
her hand on the bulge in my pants.  "Ohhh, Andy is excited watching his
wife getting sexed up.  Don't worry Andy, you're going to get fucked, too.
Tina will take care of you, honey."

   Al and Eric had my wife back on the couch.  Eric was still sucking on
her nipples and Al was on his knees with his head buried in her pussy.  He
mist have been doing her good because her head was thrashing back and
forth. By that time Tina had my dick out of my pants and she was giving me
a primo tongue-lashing.  There was just too many sensations to cope with. I
wanted to close my eyes and enjoy what Tina was doing to my dick but I
didn't want to miss seeing Jo.  Tina seemed to sense that my attention was
divided because she soon stopped sucking me.

   "Is it your first time watching her?" Tina asked me.  I admitted it was.
"Then this is a special night for you.  Come on let's get a good ringside
seat and watch.  I don't know about Eric, but Al a good fucker."

   Later Al Matthews got his tongue out of Jo's cunt long enough to get a
heavy pad out and put on the floor.  They put a totally compliant Jo on the
pad and proceeded to fuck her.  First to get her pussy was Eric the
prospective client.  Not even a raging hard could get in the way of
business apparently.  Eric pounded his modest size cock in my wife like
fucking could go out of style at any minute and he wanted to get as much as
he could before it did.  While Eric fucked Jo, Al knelt at her head and let
her suck his larger cock.  I say larger, it was larger then Eric's or mine
but not all that much.  I mean he wasn't packing a monster cock.  Maybe
seven or so inches.

   While I watched the debauchery on the pad, Tina succeeded in getting my
pants off and was fondling my cock.  I had to still her hand several times
because I was about to shoot my load and I really wanted to hold off as
long as I could and make it last.

   "By God, I'm nearly there!" Eric said, "I'm about to shoot her full of

   "Give it to me baby," Jo gasped, taking Al's cock from her mouth.  "Cum
in me!"

   Eric came with a loud groan and took his softened cock out of her
gapping pussy.  Al was quick to fill the void.  Jo moaned loudly as Al
rammed his larger cock in her.  Al wasn't as fast as Eric had been.  He
took his time and slow fucked Jo through a couple hard orgasms.

   "Jo is getting a lot of cock, Andy," Tina whispered.  "You sure you
don't want some pussy?" I knew that I was going to cum pretty soon anyway
so I had Tina get on me.  I nearly shot-off when my dick slid into her hot
wet cunt.  I managed to last long enough for Tina to have one climax before
I unloaded in her.

   By that time, Eric was ready again and he and Al were both fucking Jo.
Eric was in her ass and Al was fucking her pussy.  She was yelling and
encouraging them to fuck her harder.  It was a wild, exciting thing to see
and I was hard again.  Tina told me to go make Jo "air-tight" by filling
her mouth with another cock.  I'm not even sure Jo knew who's cock she was
sucking.  She was out in some other orgasmic dimension by that time.

   Rapid fire Eric was the first to cum, followed by me then Al.  We left a
limp semi-conscious Jo a sperm coated, and filled mess.  Tina helped her to
the shower and after they returned the fucking started all over again.  I
got to participate in a double fuck with both Jo and Tina and I discovered
there is a trick for two men to fuck one woman.  Fortunately I'm a quick
study and caught on pretty fast.  Jo and I left the Matthews somewhere
after two in the morning.  We were both pleasantly fucked out.  Neither of
us wanted to talk about what had just happened.  Not right then.  *** End
of part one

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