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	Five Minutes And Forever
	by Ann Douglas

	"It should only be a few more minutes now,"  the
well-dressed blonde who had been introduced to them earlier as
Lisa said, adjusting the wireless headset she was wearing.  "If
anyone needs to make a last minute trip to the bathroom, it's
right across the hall."

	"Thanks, but I'm fine,"  the sandy haired seventeen year
old sitting in the easy chair to her left said.

	Lisa turned to the equally young couple on the couch to
her right to check with them, but they seemed oblivious to her
presence.  They'd been canoodling practically from the moment
they'd gotten here and seemed not to hear, or care, as twice,
Lisa loudly cleared her throat.  Thinking they were hardly the
worst she'd seen on her six months on the job, she shrugged
and turned back to her left.

	"If you have the chance you might want to hose the two
of them down,"  she smiled at the cute young man.  "Otherwise
just relax and I'll be back in a jiffy."

	Nicholas Porter watched as the Administrative Producer
stepped through the door and out into the outer hall.  He
couldn't help but contrast the way she dressed and acted with
that of Hillary over on the couch.  He at least had made sure he
brought a suit with him for tonight, while the dark haired
brunette was dressed as if it was just another Friday night at
the local clubs.

	After taking a brief moment to consider how much fun it
might actually be to dump a bucket of cold water on those two,
Nicholas took another long look around the room to try and
permanently record every feature of his surroundings to
memory.  Part of him wished he had brought his camera with
him, but another had decided that would only mark him as a hick
from the sticks and he'd left it back at the hotel.

	The room was actually rather ordinary, he had to admit,
resembling a living room much like the room in his parent`s
house back in Cherrywood Falls.  Aside from the chair he was
sitting in, a duplicate of which sat just across the way, there
was a large couch and an equally long coffee table.  The latter
of which doubled as a sort of buffet table and was filled with
snacks and drinks.  None of which Nicholas had dared to touch
for fear he`d spill something on his suit.  Hillary and Roger, the
couple on the sofa, however, had devoured a large portion of
the repast as if it were a last meal.

	To the far left of where Nicholas sat stood a wide
screen television monitor, tuned not to any station but to an
area elsewhere in the building.  It was the image on the screen
that made this simple room important.

	In a week of pretty amazing events, it was the call from
the booking agent for "The Midnight Hour" that really stood
out in Nicholas's thoughts.  The Tonight Show it wasn't, but the
syndicated talk show was seen nationwide and constantly ranked
among the top five in the ratings.  Even before he had said that
he would appear on the show, the agent had promised that, even
thought he only lived a few hours drive north of Los Angeles,
they would fly him down to the city.  In addition, they would put
him up at a hotel for the entire weekend, even though the show
they wanted him for was on Friday night.  With an offer like
that, it was almost impossible for Nicholas to say no.  Which of
course he didn't.

	Then, the other shoe dropped and they told him the price
of the ticket.  Once he had agreed to come, the booking agent
mentioned that they were also going to ask Hillary Parks to
come as well.  It wasn't so much having to put up with his
co-worker that bothered him, it was the fact that she would
undoubtedly ask Roger Mills, her boyfriend, to come along too.
To say that Roger, whom he had known since grade school, and
he didn't get along, would be the biggest understatement of the
year.  Still, not even that prospect was enough to cause a
change of heart.

	Arriving at the hotel from the airport shortly after
lunch, Nicholas had been surprised to find a message that said
they had to be at the studio by five o'clock to tape the show.
Evidently, even though it ran at midnight, it was taped six hours
earlier.  In retrospect, that made a lot of sense but Nicholas
wished he'd know that earlier.  In anticipation of having to stay
up half the night, he'd done so the night before and only gotten
out of bed a half hour before they had to leave for the small
county airport outside of town.  With the show over at eight at
the latest, he was going to have a hard time getting to sleep

	On the television monitor, Billy Lee Young, the host of
the show, was wrapping up the previous segment with some
actress promoting her new movie.  Nicholas hadn't really been
paying that much attention to what they'd been saying until the
white haired entertainer announced to the studio audience who
his next guests were.  Even after all the places his name had
appeared this last week, it gave the teenager a rush to hear it
on television.

	As if on cue, which was precisely what it was since she'd
been listening to the show on her headset,  Lisa appeared at the
door and said they should follow her to the soundstage.  That,
Hillary heard loud and clear, quickly disengaging herself from
Roger and rising to her feet.  In a flash, she produced a small
compact mirror and checked her face.  Confident that all was as
perfect as it should be, she snapped it shut and headed for the
door.  Right behind her followed Roger, until he was stopped
short as Lisa stepped in between him and Hillary.

	Guessing that he expected to go along with the dark
haired girl, Lisa had been ready.  After physically blocking him,
she said he would have to wait here in the green room.

	"You'll be able to watch the taping here on the monitor,"
Lisa assured the young man.

	"But I thought, was hoping, that he could come with me,"
Hillary implored once she realized that he wasn't.

	"Sorry, but that would be against the rules,"  Lisa said
with a patented smile.  "Only guests actually booked on the
show are allowed on the set."

	Truth was, that only applied to non-celebrities, but she
wasn't going to tell them that.  Just like she wasn't going to
mention the other waiting room down the hall with more elegant
trappings and buffet for more important guests.

	Hillary pouted for a moment, then deciding that she
wasn't about to miss her chance to be on nationwide TV, kissed
Roger good-bye.  At the same time, she shot Nicholas a nasty
look that said she wished he were the one staying behind.  Not
talking into account the fact that if not for him, she wouldn't
be here at all.  Or anywhere else for that matter.


	Stepping onto the soundstage, Nicholas continued his
interest in the world of television, taking in every little thing.
He found it fascinating the way they took a set that was not
much larger than the room they`d just come from and made it
look so much larger on the screen.  Even the backdrop curtain,
where Young did a short monologue at the start of the show,
was only a few feet from his desk, whereas back home it had
always seemed to be on another stage entirely.  The magic of
television he mused.

	A stagehand took over from Lisa and, after clipping small
wireless microphones to their clothes, guided them where to
sit.  Hillary was  a little miffed when she was relegated to just
window dressing for Nicholas's story and assigned a place on
the couch next to the actress from the previous segment.
Nicholas, had been placed in the chair between the couch and
the desk.

	A minute later, Billy Lee came back from offstage where
he'd had a quick readjustment of his makeup.  In the few
moments before they resumed taping, he welcomed the young
couple, telling them to just relax and enjoy being on the show.
As a casual remark, he said they made a cute couple, causing
Hillary to immediately say that they weren't anything of the
kind.  Billy Lee didn't seem to hear as the director yelled five
seconds at the same moment and the host quickly moved back
behind his desk.

	After welcoming his as yet non-existent home audience
back from a commercial break that would later be inserted,
Billy Lee began to talk about how the only time you seem to
hear stories about teenagers these days was when they were in
trouble or did something particularly bad.  Well, the other day
he was reading the paper, he told the studio audience, which
was at least real, and came across a story quite the opposite.
That an intern whose job it was to look for interesting stories
in small town papers had brought the story to his attention was
left out of his narrative.

	The story, he went on, told of how a young man in a small
town upstate had, at the risk of his own, saved the life of one
of his co-workers.  A propane gas explosion in the kitchen of
the diner where they both worked had, in an instant, filled the
small restaurant with flames and smoke.  Patrons and staff
quickly fled to the safety of the street, but once they were all
there, a headcount showed them one short.

	Hillary Parks, who had been working the register right
next to the kitchen, had evidently been left behind.  With the
local Fire Department not yet on the scene, and the smoky
inferno growing worse by the minute, Billy Lee went on to say,
Nicholas Porter, who had working at the diner as a waiter
during his summer, took in upon himself to brave the flames and
rescue her.

	The veteran host paused for a moment to let the camera
pan over to Nicholas so that everyone at home would be able to
get a good look at him before he finished the story.  To both
the studio, and later the home audience, the young man seemed
an unlikely hero.  Standing only five six and a hundred and forty
pounds, he looked more like the kid next store who mowed your
lawn.  Then again, as Billy Lee was quick to remind them all, what
was a hero but an ordinary man propelled into extraordinary
circumstances, and rising to the occasion.

	After a few more beats, he again picked up the story and
told how Nicholas, despite the choking smoke and heat, found
Hillary unconscious on the floor beside the register and carried
her to safety.

	The camera panned over to Hillary, the damsel in distress
as Billy Lee referred to her, giving her the fifteen seconds of
glory that was all she was going to get.  A brief span that she
wasted as bored by all the talk about Nicholas, she hadn't really
been paying attention.  Finally, she realized that her face was
on one of the monitors spread around the stage and she opened
her mouth to say something, hoping to draw herself into the
narrative.  However, the moment was already past as the
camera panned back to Billy Lee and then pulled back to include
Nicholas too.

	"First of all, I have to say it really is an honor to meet a
brave young man like yourself,"  the fifty-eight year old said as
he reached over the desk to shake the younger man`s hand.

	"I really don't consider myself that brave,"  Nicholas
replied as he shook hands, feeling a little embarrassed by all of
the attention.  It was one thing for people he grew up with to
say that, it was another to have it said on national television he

	"Well I'm sure our audience would disagree,"  the host

	As if to agree with him, the studio audience burst into
applause.  Taken by surprise, Billy Lee thought it a nice touch
that the director had the foresight to light up the "applause"
sign at that moment.  Standing on the other side of the set, the
director thought that would've been a nice touch too, if he had
thought to do it.

	"I know I would've had second, or even third thoughts
about running into a burning building like that,"  Billy Lee added.
"I think most people would."

	"That`s just it, I really didn't think about it,"  Nicholas
tried to explain.  "If I had, I probably would've waited outside
with the others for the fire department.  That would've been
the smart thing to do.  But all I knew was that I couldn't wait
there while Hillary might be hurt or worse.  I acted without
thinking, that doesn't make me a hero."

	"Well,"  Billy Lee smiled,  "since from what I understand,
the ceiling over where Hillary had been came crashing down less
than a minute after the two of you got out of the building, I'm
going to have to really disagree with you there.  She's really
lucky to have a caring boyfriend like you."

	"He's not my boyfriend!"  Hillary abruptly cried out from
the couch.

	"Excuse me?"  Billy Lee said, not used to being
interrupted on his own show.

	"I said he's not my boyfriend,"  she repeated with a tone
that said, as if she would ever date someone like him.  "My
boyfriend is back in your green room and he ..."

	"My error,"  the genial host apologized.  Before they
went on the air, he'd heard Lisa say that Hillary and her
boyfriend were quite a pair and had mistakenly assumed that
Nicholas was the one she had been talking about.  Then, just as
quickly, once again to Hillary's disappointment, he turned his
attention back to Nicholas, picking up where he'd left off.  "The
bottom line, however you see yourself young man, is that you
are indeed a genuine hero and I just wanted to have you here so
that people could see that not all today's kids are what some
parts of the media like to portray."

	Not wanting to offend the host, and mindful of the fact
that they did bring him down from upstate and arranged for
him to stay the weekend, Nicholas decided not to belabor the
point.  They continued to chat for a few more minutes about
other aspects of his life, and then before he knew it, his
segment was over as well.

	"You did good, kid,"  Billy Lee said as the red light on the
camera's went off after he told the invisible home audience
that they`d be back with their final guest of the evening after a
few words from their sponsors.

	At the stagehands direction, Nicholas relinquished the
chair and headed for the couch.  Still miffed at being
overlooked, Hillary refused to move over, wanting to stay in the
coveted spot next to the chair within camera range.  Feeling
almost a little sorry for her, Nicholas moved to the far end of
the couch and sat at that end instead.

	"I agree with Billy Lee,"  the actress who'd been his
earlier guest said to Nicholas after he sat down next to her.
"You are a hero, even if you are a bashful one."

	"Oh my God, you're Tiffany Adams," Nicholas exclaimed
as he finally realized who had been sitting across from him
during the short interview.

	"If you say so, then I must be,"  the black haired woman
smiled warmly.

	"I've seen every movie you ever made,"  Nicholas gushed.

	"Then you must've started when you were still in diapers,"
the forty-year-old actress laughed.

	"No, I really mean it,"  Nicholas retorted.

	Actually he hadn't, since Tiffany had appeared in nearly
seventy-five films, a large number of which were B Movies or
ones in which she'd only had a bit part.  But the voluptuous
actress had played pretty much the same character in each of
them, a not too bright bimbo.  It was a role she had raised to an
art form, one she'd made so much her own that she could list an
Oscar nomination among her credits.  Well aware that she
wasn't the most versatile of actresses, Tiffany had parlayed a
little girl voice and a very grown up bust into a career that
outlasted most of her peers.  One still going strong with
Tiffany convincingly playing roles written for much younger

	"Well if you're really that much of a fan, then I'm even
gladder to meet you,"  Tiffany offered as she took Nicholas's
hand in hers.

	Sitting so close to her, and now reminded of all the times
he watched her on the tapes and DVDs piled up in his room,
Nicholas couldn't help but be painfully aware of how much of
her celebrated cleavage Tiffany had exposed in the tight
fitting dress she was wearing.  The pain aspect resulting from
the fact that her anatomy had a highly noticeable effect on
part of his.  With the advent of years, the actress had
certainly put on a few more pounds, but they seemed to fall in
all the right places.

	"I can't believe how stupid I am,"  Nicholas went on,
trying to divert attention away from his predicament.  "How
could I be sitting a few feet away from you and not recognize

	"You were nervous,"  she reassured him, "it happens all
the time."

	Tiffany paused for a moment, then leaned even closer
and whispered low enough that only he could hear her.

	It's okay, you can look if you want,"  she smiled softly,
"everyone does.  I don't mind.  If it wasn't for these babies, I
wouldn't be where I am today."

	Nicholas was saved from further embarrassment by the
director's unexpected announcement that they had a small
technical problem and they were going to have to delay taping
the last portion of the show.  He said for everyone to just stay
where they were and they should be back in business in a few

	His admonishment for everyone to sit tight didn't apply
of course to Billy Lee, who promptly walked off the set to wait
out the delay in the comfort of his dressing room.  As he
crossed the stage, he made eye contact with one of the interns
working for the show over the summer and a wordless exchange
passed between them.  The girl waited until Billy Lee passed her
by, then after passing her clipboard to one of the other girl's,
followed after him.

	The exchanged had been caught by the director as well
as he swore under his breath that the taping was now going to
be delayed even longer.  His only consolation was that these
days, Billy Lee's mid-show dalliances didn't last as long as they
used to.

	The host's abrupt departure from the set proved a
disappointment for Hillary as well.  She had hoped the delay
might give her a chance to talk to the star.  The man might've
been even older than her father, but he was, after all,  still in
show business.  Given a chance, she was sure she could've
convinced him of her worth.

	Deciding that the big-boobed actress on the couch was
better than nothing, she turned to talk to her instead, only to
discover that she was already engaged in conversation with
Nicholas.  Well she could put a stop to that easily enough.

	Unfortunately for Hillary, Tiffany didn't seem to be that
interested in talking to her.  Not even when she flashed her
own not unimpressive bust practically in the woman's face.  She
couldn't understand it, hadn't she read that that most of these
Hollywood types went both ways.

	Angry that she was being ignored, Hillary fell back on her
previous complaint that Roger had to wait backstage during the
show.  Moreover, as she did with so many things, she twisted it
around so that somehow it was all Nicholas's fault.

	"You could've at least insisted they let Roger come out
too,"  she said, interrupting Nicholas in mid-sentence.  "After
all, he did come all the way down here with us."

	"He came all the way down here with you,"  Nicholas
pointed out, finally losing his patience with Hillary for possibly
blowing his only chance to talk to a real live actress, "not me."

	"Roger would be the boyfriend you mentioned before?"
Tiffany asked, having already gotten the message that he
wasn't any friend of Nicholas.

	"Yes he is."

	"Well it's a pity that he wasn`t there the day of the fire,"
Tiffany said, "then maybe Nicholas wouldn't have had to risk his
own life to save yours."

	It was only at the last second that Tiffany thought to
substitute "yours" for "your worthless ass."

	"Oh Roger was there,"  Hillary boasted.  "In fact he was
standing on the other side of the counter talking to me when
the kitchen blew up.  He ..."

	"Wait a second,"  Tiffany said, cutting short anything
else Hillary was about to say.  "He was standing right next to
you and he didn't make sure that you were okay before getting
his own ass out of there?"

	"What are you saying?"

	"What I'm saying,"  Tiffany said in a tone far removed
from the quiet, sultry voice she normally used, "is that he
doesn't sound to me like much of a man, much less a boyfriend if
he just left you and ran."

	"My Roger is all man,"  Hillary protested,  "and he did
save me.  He called the fire department as soon as he was

	Nicholas smiled as he watched the verbal exchange
between the two women.  That Roger Mills, football star and all
around jock was a horse's ass before he decided to save himself
above all else was something Nicholas well knew.  It was nice to
see Tiffany come to the same conclusion without ever even
meeting him.  If it wouldn't seem like gloating, he would love to
mention that when they realized that Hillary was missing, Roger
declined to go with him back into the diner to find her.

	Later on, after the fire department had arrived and
administered oxygen to Hillary, Roger did nothing to dispel her
first thought that he had indeed rescued her.  At least not
until the next day after she had been released from the
hospital and thanked him properly.  By the time she found out it
had been Nicholas who carried her to safety, Roger had already
reworked the story so that it seemed like the smaller teen had
actually endangered her life by rushing in there rather than
wait for the fire department.

	"Alright folks,"  the director called out as he spotted
Billy Lee reappearing on the set,  "lets get back to business and
put this puppy to bed."

	As Billy Lee settled into his seat, the director also
spotted the intern who had followed him into his dressing room.
He had to suppress a laugh as he watched the girl she had left
her clipboard with pull a tissue from her pocket and wiped the
corner of the intern`s mouth.  Then, holding the tissue with two
fingers, she dropped it into a nearby wastebasket.

	Then last guest turned out to be the author of some
book that Nicholas had never heard of, but evidently one Billy
Lee had enjoyed.  Whatever it was about went right by the
teenager as he spent the entire interview torn between the
choice of watching Hillary stew or checking out Tiffany's boobs.
In the end, he decided that he'd always have plenty of future
opportunities to again see the former and concentrated on the

	Finally, after a few more minutes of conversation with
his last guest, Billy Lee brought the show to a close.  As soon as
the director yelled clear, he stood up and thanked first his
guests and then the studio audience.  Then, just as quickly, he
was off to his dressing room to change.  This time, the intern
knew better than to follow.

	Tiffany took Nicholas by the hand and said it had been
very nice to meet him.  Then she too was gone.

	Still curious about how the show ran, Nicholas watched
attentively as the crew broke down the set and hoped he might
get the chance to ask a few questions.  A chance he wasn't going
to get as Lisa reappeared from off stage and said she'd walk
them back to the green room.  The implication was clear if
unspoken.  It was time to go.

	Reluctantly, Nicholas followed Lisa and Hillary back
through the long corridor to the green room.  Roger was
standing outside in the hall and as soon as Hillary saw him, she
ran up and jumped into his waiting arms.

	"Baby, did you see me on TV?"  she gushed as she kissed
him deeply.

	"I sure did, honey,"  Roger said as he returned the kiss,
making a grab for her ass at the same time.  "And you really
looked hot!"

	"You think so?"  the brunette asked as she playfully
pushed his hand away.

	"Really hot,"  Roger repeated, knowing that being told
that really turned his girlfriend on.  "In fact, I doubt anyone
even noticed that old actress on the couch after you came on."

	"Oh baby, you say the sweetest things,"  Hillary purred
as she pulled Roger closer, pressing her breasts into his chest.

	"Well I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Midnight
Hour,"  Lisa said as she hid her amusement at the juvenile
dialogue,  "and as soon as you're ready, the car will be waiting
outside to drop you off back at your hotel."

	"In other words,"  Nicholas thought with a smile,  "don't
let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."

	Nevertheless, the young woman was only doing her job,
he reminded himself and he took the time to thank her for her
time and attention.  Roger and Hillary failed to do so as they
bumped and ground against each other.

	"Hey Nick,"  Roger finally said as he came up for air,
ignoring the fact that Nicholas hated being called that.  "Do you
think you could find your way back to the hotel on your own?
Hill and I would really like to ride back by ourselves, have a
little privacy.  You can get a cab, right?"

	If Nicholas hadn`t always thought Roger had a lot of
nerve, this would certainly convince him.  Asking if he wouldn't
mind trading a ride in a plush limousine for the back seat of a
cab, just so Roger could ride alone with Hillary was a pretty
lousy thing to do.  Especially since he was the reason they were
there and more so why they had the weekend in the city.
Something one of the people on the show had went out of the
way to tell him wasn't the way it was normally done.  Billy Lee
had been genuinely impressed by what he`d done and had
arranged for mini-vacation as a sort of reward.

	"Okay, you two can have the car,"  Nicholas replied, as
much to his surprise as theirs.

	"Thanks pal,"  Roger said in a voice oozing insincerity.

Hillary didn't bother to even thank him, whispering instead
something in Roger's ear and then racing down the hall toward
the parking lot.  Roger just sort of smiled at Nicholas, then ran
after her, quickly disappearing around a turn in the corridor.

	Taking a deep breath and slowly shaking his head,
Nicholas wondered why he had done that.  The answer came
quickly enough.  He simply couldn't put up with the two of them
pawing each other in front of him another minute.  If he didn't
see them before it was time to leave on Monday morning, it
would be fine with him.

	With that behind him, Nicholas considered what now.  He
could head back to the hotel himself, or ask someone to suggest
a nice restaurant in the area.  The quiet rumble in his stomach
reminded him he been too nervous to eat at all today.  Then
after dinner, maybe a little sightseeing.

	"What do you think,"  a soft voice behind him asked,  "do
you think they'll make it back to the hotel first or is she just
going to get down on her knees and blow him in the back of the

	Nicholas turned to find Tiffany Adams standing behind
him.  He'd been so lost in thought he hadn't heard her come up
behind him.

	"Excuse me?"  Nicholas asked, sure he'd heard her wrong.

	"For my money, I'd bet on the blow job,"  Tiffany smiled,
proving he had indeed heard her right.  "Hillary doesn't strike
me as the kind of girl who has a lot of patience, much less self

	Nicholas wasn't sure how to answer, even though he knew
the actress was right on the money.  He'd lost track of all the
times he'd watched Hillary and Roger, and a few boyfriends
before him, sneak off into the back storeroom in the middle of
the day.  Hillary always claimed he was helping her with the
inventory, but the sounds coming out of the room when he was
curious enough to put his ear near the door were unmistakable.

	"So what are you going to do now that you've given away
your ride?"  Tiffany asked, sensing that Nicholas wasn't going
to give an opinion on her first question.

	"I'm not sure,"  he admitted.  "I thought I'd ask if there
was a nice restaurant I could go to in the area.  That or just go
back to the hotel and order room service."

	"Either way, it hardly seems such a great way to spend
your first night in LA,"  Tiffany commented, knowing too well
what kind of hotel the show had probably put Nicholas up in.
Nice enough, but definitely low budget.  There were limits to
the show's generosity.  "Not much of a reward for a hero."

	"I really wish everyone would stop calling me that,"
Nicholas said, the impatience in his voice coming through. "It
was bad enough back home, but here it's really beginning to
bother me."

	"Then why did you say you say you'd come on the show?"
Tiffany asked out of curiosity.

	"Well, it was a chance to see how a TV show was made
and, well I guess I really didn't think that much about it.  It all
happened so fast."

	"That's understandable,"  Tiffany smiled, having been on
the end of the full court press of a determined booking agent
herself.  "But if you don't mind my saying, you shouldn't throw
off that mantle too readily before you see what you can get out
of it."

	Nicholas gave her a look that said he didn't quite

	"Well for one thing, some women find things like that
really sexy,"  Tiffany grinned.  "Maybe not your friend, Hillary,
but again, she doesn't strike me as the appreciative type.  At
least not towards those who really deserve it."

	This time, Nicholas understood half of what she meant
but before he could ask her to clarify it, Tiffany changed the

	"Do you like Italian?"


	"No, sports cars,"  Tiffany quipped.

	"Yes, I like Italian."

	"I was planning to swing over to this really great place
down in Marina del Ray that makes the most incredible
Abbacchio alla Romana,"  she went on.  "It's only about a half
hour from here, would you like to join me?"

	"Are you kidding?"  a surprised Nicholas asked.

	"Honey, do I look like I kid about food?"  Tiffany

	"I'd love to,"  he finally managed to say, thinking that
none of his friends back home were ever going to believe this.

	"Great,"  Tiffany replied with a smile that could melt
butter.  "I'm parked in the private lot on the other side of the
building, shall we go?"


	Whatever lingering disappointment Nicholas might have
felt over giving up his last chance to ride in that luxury limo
totally faded when he saw the car Tiffany led him to.  It was a
1967 Ferrari 275GTS in mint condition.  His jaw dropped when
he saw the cherry red, two-seat convertible.

	"This is your car?"  he asked in disbelief.

	"What can I say,"  Tiffany grinned.  "I grew up with four
brothers and a Dad who owned a car restoration business.
Some of that sort of rubbed off."

	"Can I drive it?"  Nicholas said without thinking.

	"Maybe we should leave that until later,"  Tiffany
offered, mentioning the value of the car should the newly
licensed teen damage it.

	"I think you might be right,"  Nicholas admitted as that
number hit him like a bucket of cold water.

	"Well just don't stand there, climb in and I'll show you
what it can do,"  Tiffany laughed.


	The traffic on the 405 was just light enough at this time
of night for Tiffany to do just that, much to Nicholas's delight.
With the setting sun disappearing beneath the Pacific only a
few miles away, they raced down the Interstate and made it to
the restaurant in what had to be considered record time.

	"Wow!"  Nicholas exclaimed as he looked out on the
magnificent vista as the last rays of sunset faded beneath the
horizon, its last remnant painting hundreds of boats a golden

	"I take it you don't have anything like this back in
Cherrywood Falls?"  Tiffany asked rhetorically, watching the
sheer enjoyment on his face.  "Well we'll have to see what else
we can find to make your trip memorable."

	Once the sun had finally set, Tiffany led Nicholas across
the road to a small, out of the way bistro.  It didn't look like
much from the outside he thought, but once they were inside, it
was as if they'd been transported to a small village in Italy.  At
least from what he'd seen of pictures of such places.

	There didn't seem to be an empty table anywhere, but
Tiffany remained unconcerned.  She patiently waited for
someone behind the small counter in the corner to spot her,
then smiled as a short, rounded man came rushing up to her.

	"Buona sera, Miss Adams,"  the middle-aged man said with
great enthusiasm.  "It's so nice to see you again."

	"Good evening, Mario,"  Tiffany smiled back.  "I can see
you have what looks to be a full house tonight, but do you think
you could manage to find a small table somewhere for two
hungry travelers?"

	"For you, anything,"  the restaurant owner smiled back,
"if you'll just follow me."

	Much to the chagrin of the long line of people waiting in
line behind the velvet ropes, Mario opened one of those ropes
and let the pair thought the first floor of restaurant and up a
flight of stairs to a small balcony.  There were a few tables
spread across the terrace and half of these were still empty.
He showed them to one at the far end, one with a perfect view
of the marina.

	"I'll have someone come right up to take your order,"
Mario said after they'd taken their seats.  "Might I send up a
nice red wine in the meantime?"

	"That would be fine,"  Tiffany answered, "and perhaps a
Coke for my guest."

	"Excellent,"  Mario said, relieved that Tiffany had taken
the initiative and ordered a non-alcoholic drink for the young
man who was obviously under the legal drinking age.  Not all of
his celebrity patrons were that understanding and expected
differential treatment.

	"I guess it must be great that you don't have to wait on
lines and such,"  Nicholas remarked after Mario went on his
way.  "One of the advantages of being a celebrity."

	"Oh, that's not why we didn't have to wait,"  Tiffany
laughed in that helium filled voice that had made her career.
"If you took a good look, there were plenty of famous people on
that line.  Just being in the movies doesn't count for a lot from

	Surprised, Nicholas gave Tiffany a look that seemed to
ask why then.

	"The one thing a man like Mario values above all else is
loyalty,"  Tiffany replied to the unspoken question.  "He's very
old world in that regard.  I've been coming to his place since
almost before you were born, back when he was just trying to
get his business going.  Eventually, the right people discovered
just how good the food here really is and it's been wall to wall
guests ever since.  But Mario had never forgotten the people
who came here when he was still struggling and always holds a
place for them."

	"That's pretty cool,"  Nicholas replied.

	"Yes it is,"  Tiffany agreed.

	As Mario had promised, a waiter appeared a few moments
later, carry both their drinks and ready to take their dinner
order.  Tiffany ordered for both of them, asking Nicholas to
trust her on that one.  To which he readily agreed.

	The food was indeed as good as Tiffany had promised and
at one point, she even surreptitiously refilled his soda glass
with some of the wine.  Their conversation over diner proved
even more enjoyable.

	Tiffany asked about his life back in Cherrywood Falls,
commenting that it didn't sound all that much different from
the small town in Indiana that she'd grown up in.  They also
talked about his plans for the future and she seemed genuinely
impressed that he had won a full scholarship to California
Southern State.

	"So what are you planning to study once you're there?"
Tiffany asked.

	"I'm not sure yet,"  Nicholas replied,  "but if I can make
the grades, I've been giving some thought to teaching."

	"You're kidding,"  Tiffany laughed.

	"Why is that so funny?"  Nicholas asked, thinking that
she was making fun of him.

	"Oh I'm not laughing at you,"  she quickly corrected him
as she correctly interpreted his tone.  "I just thought that was
funny that's all."

	A long moment passed then she explained why.

	"Air-headed bimbo typecast to the contrary,"  Tiffany
said, "I have a bachelors degree in education science.  Before I
got the acting bug, I was working as a junior high school

	"I never knew that,"  Nicholas said in surprise.

	"Well, that's not the kind of sexy secret that usually
makes the gossip columns."  Tiffany grinned.  "Believe me, the
image most people have of actors actually being the characters
they play is rarely true."

	"I guess not,"  the young man agreed.

	"Now, wasn't this better than room service back in that
box they call a hotel?"  Tiffany asked, changing the subject.

	"Most definitely,"  Nicholas agreed.

	"So what's the story with you and Hillary?" she asked

	"What do you mean?"

	"You have the hots for her, don't you?"

	"Well..."  Nicholas hesitated,  "yes and no I guess."

	"Yes and no as in, she's a girl you really want to fuck but
can't stand her otherwise."

	Nicholas turned bright red with embarrassment as in one
sentence Tiffany summed up what he had thought was a
complex relationship.

	"Don't be embarrassed,"  Tiffany said understandingly.
"You're hardly the first young man to feel that way.  Bad girls
attract, it's that simple.  If it wasn't I wouldn't have a film
career." she added with a small laugh.

	"I guess not,"  Nicholas laughed as well.

	"You'd think she'd be more appreciative of the fact that
you'd saved her life,"  Tiffany remarked.  "I know I would've

	"Well, like you saw back at the studio, Hillary doesn't
always see things the way other people do."

	"Well that's not hard to do that when you're always
looking up at the ceiling,"  Tiffany retorted, leaving no doubt as
to what she meant by that.

	Their conversation was interrupted right then as an
older, blonde haired woman walked up to their table and said
hello.  If Nicholas had to guess, he'd say she looked no more
than sixty and would be surprised to discover that he was a
decade short in his assumption.  Standing right behind her was
a smartly dress brunette in her twenties, who had obviously
just finished dinner with the seventy year old.

	"I hope I'm not intruding, Tiffany,"  the woman, who also
seemed familiar to Nicholas, said,  "but when I saw you I just
had to stop and thank you for all the help you've given the
foundation in raising money for the East LA Education Fund."

	"Not at all, Abigail,"  Tiffany replied, making it clear that
she knew the woman.  "I'm always glad to help good causes like

	"Well if I had a few more helpers with drive like yours,
we could double our contributions,"  Abigail replied.  "So I just
wanted to thank you personally and hope we can count on you in
the future as well."

	"Think nothing of it,"  Tiffany insisted, knowing that the
only reason Abigail even acknowledged her contribution was
that she wanted her to devote even more time to the cause.
The actual cause being the adoration of Abigail Anderson, not
helping some poor kids get a better chance in school.  "Might I
introduce you to my escort for the evening, Nicholas Porter."

	"It's nice to meet you, Nicholas,"  Abigail said as she
finally acknowledged the young man's presence.

	"Nicholas and I were guests on "The Midnight Hour"
earlier this evening and I thought I'd see to it that he at least
had a really good meal on his short visit to LA,"  Tiffany
offered in way of explanation.

	"Well you certainly brought him to the right place for
that,"  Abigail remarked.  "What did you do that earned you a
place on Billy Lee's couch?" she asked, familiar with the way the
show operated.

	"Why don't you just tune in tonight and find out,"
Tiffany quickly said, seeing the look of discomfort that flashed
across Nicholas's face.  "It's a very interesting story, believe

	"If I have the time, I certainly will,"  Abigail promised,
leading Tiffany to believe that the thought would be forgotten
before she even got out of the restaurant.  "Well, I do have to
get going, it was nice seeing you again, Tiffany, and meeting you
as well, Nicholas.  Come along, Laura."

	The young lady, who had been standing a respectable
distance from the table, immediately fell in step behind Abigail
and followed her toward the stairs to the lower level.

	"You didn't recognize her, did you?"  Tiffany asked.

	"She seems very familiar but I really couldn't place her."

	"Abigail Anderson,"  Tiffany said, presenting the woman's
whole name.  "You'd probably recognize her right away if you
saw a picture of her as a younger woman, say thirty years ago. "

	"Carson's Crew,"  Nicholas burst out as the name helped
him place the face.  "She played Mrs. Carson on Carson's Crew."

	"You got it."

	Carson's Crew had been one of those super sweet, totally
unrealistic family sitcoms of the seventies.  Abigail had played
Mom to a large combined family in one of those "yours, mine and
ours" shows.  Not as popular as the Brady Bunch, to which it had
often been compared, it had nevertheless earned Abigail a place
as one of those perfect TV Mothers.  A doting image she had
carefully cultivated ever since, creating in fact a charitable
foundation around it.

	"You didn't seem to happy to see her,"  Nicholas offered.

	"No I wasn't,"  she replied.

	Nicholas was tempted to ask why not, since it was obvious
that the two woman had a common interest in education, but
then figured that if Tiffany wanted to tell him, she would.

	"It's just that I won't be doing any more fund raising for
the foundation,"  she answered after a moment's consideration.
"She already knows that, and was just trying to put me on the

	"Why is that?"  Nicholas asked, now that the subject had
been brought up.  "It sounds like it would be something you'd be
interested in."

	"Oh it was,"  Tiffany replied,  "at least until I found out
that Abigail is now in bed, so to speak, with one of those right
wing religious groups who want a big say in how that money is
going to be spent.  I can't believe how hypocritical she is,
cozying up to people like that."

	Nicholas's expression seem to ask why and Tiffany went

	"Lets just say that if you wanted another example of
people being totally unlike their public persona, Abigail would
certainly be one,"  Tiffany said, venting her momentary anger.

	"Why is that?"  Nicholas asked, just a little bit confused.

	"Well, it's not like it's a really big secret, at least not to
anyone who's been around for a while,"  Tiffany said, thinking
that perhaps she shouldn't have brought it up in the first place,
but now that she had.  "Do you remember all those stories that
came out about the actor who played the Dad on the Brady

	"You mean that he was actually gay all that time?"


	"Well, lets just say that if people looked a little harder
at Carson`s Crew, you'd find the same kind of stories."

	"Kevin Wells was gay?"  Nicholas asked, visualizing the
actor who had played Mr. Carson.

	"No, but you're real close,"  Tiffany smiled.

	Then the realization hit the young man.

	"And that girl she was with?"  Nicholas asked out of

	"Well let's just say that if I believed she's just one of
her assistants, then I'm probably just as dumb as some of the
characters I play."

	On that high note, dinner came to an end and the two of
them headed back to Tiffany's car.  It was already after ten
and they'd have to get going if she was going to drop Nicholas
off back at the hotel in time for him to see himself on the
show.  Normally, she never watched her own appearances on
talk shows.

	"I had a really great time,"  Nicholas said as he strapped
his seat belt tight.  "I almost wish it wasn't over."

	"I'm sure you must be exhausted after such a long day,"
Tiffany pointed out.

	"Actually, I'm more wide awake than I was during the
show,"  Nicholas answered, explaining how he had stayed up the
night before thinking the show had actually been on at midnight.

	"Well, in that case, I have another idea,"  Tiffany quickly
offered.  "My beach house is probably a whole lot closer than
your hotel.  If we watched the show there, we could record it
on my DVD recorder so that you could take a copy home with

	"That sounds fantastic,"  Nicholas instantly replied.


	There were few cars on the road to the shore this late
and Tiffany made the most of the emptiness.  So much so that
it was less than a quarter hour later that she coasted the sleek
convertible into a small garage on the overlook.  Locking the
door behind them, she led Nicholas down a narrow, long wooden
staircase to the beach below.  There, only a few hundred feet
from the bottom of the slope, stood the beach house.

	As they walked the planked path between the stairs and
the house, Nicholas looked down the beach, taking note that
the next closest house was at least a quarter-mile distant.
Obviously, Tiffany or her neighbor owned the property between
their homes because it was too prime a spot not to have put
another house there.

	Tiffany's house was a small, split-level design, with a
good-sized deck facing the beach.  Most of the upper floor
seemed to be windows, the largest of which included a door
that opened onto the deck.  Climbing up the stairs just below it,
Nicholas followed Tiffany into the house by that route.

	"Well, here we are,"  Tiffany smiled as they walked into
the main room.

	The house had, Tiffany said as she have him a quick
verbal tour, the one large all purpose room, that took up the
upper floor.  Down below stood a small kitchenette, the utility
room, a bathroom and a walk-in shower.

	In the center of the main room was a long, L-shaped
sectional, in front of which sat a plasma screen television, much
like the one he had seen back in the studio.  There were only a
few other pieces of furniture, mainly a couple of bookcases, a
large chest and two oversized dressers.  On the back wall were
a collection of photographs, a few of the subjects instantly
recognizable as people Tiffany had worked with over the years.

	"We still have a few minutes before the show starts,"
Tiffany said as she took the remote from a compartment in the
couch and turned on the television,  "why don't you run down to
the kitchen and get us something to drink while we watch?
There's beer and soda, help yourself to whichever you want.  I'll
take a bottle of Heineken."

	Nicholas found the kitchen easily enough, deciding to also
have a beer.  After all, who was going to see him drink it here.
Curious, he stuck his head into the other two rooms and saw
that aside from a propane water heater, the utility room had a
small washer/dryer combination and a bookcase sized food
pantry.  The last room was a walk in shower with twin
showerheads on opposite walls.

	Climbing back up the stairs, a cold bottle in each hand,
Nicholas almost dropped both drinks when he reached the top
and saw Tiffany standing with her back to him a few feet away.
For a fleeting moment, just before it disappeared beneath a
short, thin robe, he had a perfect view of both her ass and the
side of her left breast.  In that split second, he had also noted
a small, elegant design tattooed across the small of her back.

	"I just had to get out of that dress and into something
more comfortable,"  Tiffany said as she ran one hand across
her short hair while reaching for the beer with the other.  "I'll
slip into some jeans later on when we have to take you home."

	"Okay,"  Nicholas said as Tiffany popped off the top of
the bottle and, tilting her head back took a drink.

	The teenager's mouth dropped open as the flaps of her
rope opened far enough to display even more of her bust than
the low cut dress she had discarded.  A small amount of beer
spilled out of her mouth and slid down across her chin, tracing a
wet trail down between her breasts.  Lowering the bottle,
Tiffany slid her hand between her mounds and wiped the liquid
with her fingers, bringing them to her mouth afterwards and
sucking them clean.

	"The show's starting,"  she said as the familiar theme
came over the television, ignoring what she had just done as if
it was a common, every day occurrence.

	Sitting down on the edge of the couch, Tiffany tucked
her legs up beneath her and took another shorter taste.
Nicholas took a seat on the other end, wondering after he did if
he picked that spot to keep a respectable distance or to just
afford himself a good view of her breasts.

	With the image of her fingers running across them very
much fresh in his mind, Nicholas stole a few surreptitious
glances in her direction.  Then, discretion took hold and he
transferred his attention to the version of Tiffany now
appearing on the screen.

	Not having paid that much attention to her interview
while it was being recorded, Nicholas found it interesting.
Especially now that he had gotten to know her a little.

	Tiffany made a few comments about her interview, as
well a couple of jokes about Billy Lee.  Nicholas laughed at the
jokes, out of both politeness and the fact that some were
actually funny.

	Then Billy Lee announced his guests for after the
commercial break and a thrill raced through Nicholas as he
heard his and Hillary's names.  Taking a drink, he wondered for
a second if Hillary had remembered to watch the show or if she
and Roger were too busy fucking their brains out to turn on the

	Nicholas felt the same wave of embarrassment that he'd
experienced earlier as he listened again to Billy Lee telling his
story.  The view of the camera panned over to Hillary and as he
watched her brief appearance, Nicholas realized how bad her
clothing choice, a pair of jeans a size too small and a leather
vest with nothing beneath it but her charms, had really been.
Evidently, Tiffany had much the same thought.

	"I hate to say this,"  Tiffany pointed out,  "but your
friend dresses more like she's open for business on Sunset
Boulevard than appearing on national television."

	"Yeah, that's Hillary," he had to agree.

	The program continued and, now from the perspective of
onlookers rather than participants, both of them could see just
how inappropriate Hillary had behaved.  She kept trying to get
Billy Lee's attention, flashing as much of her gems as she could.

	"That sort of thing might work back in Cherrywood Falls,"
Tiffany laughed,  "but you have to do a lot more than flash a
little flesh to get anywhere with Billy Lee."

	"Oh she's willing to do a lot more than just show a little,"
Nicholas said without thinking, remembering that Hillary's trips
to the storage room actually dated back to their first year of
high school and that the restaurant owner had been the first
one to go back there with her.

	"Even so, there`s a long line of girls ahead of her,"
Tiffany added, remembering the Intern she had watched follow
Billy Lee off the set,  "and some of them even have talent in
areas actually related to show business."

	Their interview ended and Tiffany picked up the remote
and clicked off the television.  The segment with the author
had been boring enough the first time around.

	Overall,  Nicholas had enjoyed watching the program,
especially comparing what he seen live and how it compared to
the edited tape.  He still felt a little funny about being called a
hero in front of all those people, but what was done was done.

	"Tired yet?"  Tiffany asked as she laid down her now
empty beer.

	"Actually, I probably should be,"  Nicholas replied as he
realized how own bottle was also empty,  "but I feel more wide
awake now than I did a few hours ago."

	"Adrenaline rush,"  Tiffany offered,  "I get that myself
at times."

	He nodded his head, thinking she was right.

	"If you're not in a hurry rush to get back to the hotel,"
the dark haired woman asked,  "how would you feel about a walk
on the beach.  It's really beautiful at this time of night."

	"That sounds great,"  Nicholas instantly replied, thinking
this night couldn't get any better.

	The beach was indeed beautiful, stretching almost fifty
yards from the house to the edge of the water.  Having left his
jacket and tie up in the house, Nicholas now took off his shoes
and socks , rolling up his pants so that he could follow Tiffany
across the wet sand.

	Water from the incoming tide splashed across their feet
as they watched the full moon hang high in the night sky.  A
warm Pacific breeze washed over them as Tiffany played with
the sand with her toes.

	"You know what would feel really good right now?"
Tiffany asked rhetorically.  "A midnight swim."

	"I don't have a suit,"  Nicholas answered automatically.

	"Well, I wasn't planning to go back up to the house to get
mine,"  Tiffany smiled mischievously.  "Haven't you ever gone
skinny dipping?  Come on, it'll be fun."

	With that, she dropped her robe to the beach and, after
standing totally naked in front of the teenage boy for what
seemed like an eternity, splashed into the surf.  Nicholas stood
there for what seemed like a second eternity, then began to
pull off his own clothes.

	"No one, absolutely no one is ever going to believe this,"
he said to himself as he dropped his underwear next to her
robe and followed into the water.

	It only took a few strokes for Nicholas to catch up to
Tiffany.  Looking over her shoulder to be sure he'd done so, the
older woman began to swim in earnest, inviting her guest to
keep up with her.  Despite being half her age, Nicholas had to
give it his best to do just that.

	"I guess I should've mentioned that I was on the girl's
swim team back in high school and college,"  Tiffany laughed as
she stopped and turned around to face Nicholas.

	"Now you tell me,"  he laughed in response, looking about
and realizing that they had gone pretty far out.

	"Nervous?"  she asked, seeing the concern on his face.

	"A little I guess,"  he admitted as he treaded water.

	"Don't be,"  Tiffany assured him.  "The bottom's only
about six feet this far out and besides, I still have my Red
Cross certification as a lifeguard.  You'll be fine."

	"I didn't know that,"  Nicholas said, thinking that he'd
never have imagined half the things he'd learned about Tiffany

	"There are a lot of things about me that I think would
surprise you,"  Tiffany said as she suddenly stopped the motion
of her legs and dropped beneath the waves.

	Before Nicholas could react, Tiffany swam the short
distance between then and resurfaced with a splash, practically
on top of him.  She closed her arms around him and, pulling him
closer, kissed him hard enough to literally take his breath away.

	The kiss complete, Tiffany released her hold and backed
off a few feet.  Floating again, she was just low enough for
Nicholas to make out her nipples in the moonlight as her
breasts bobbed in the water.

	"I guess you're wondering why I did that,"  she grinned.

	The feel of her lips against his was still too fresh for
Nicholas to do anything but listen.

	"Let me tell you a little story,"  Tiffany went on, "one
that I've never told anyone, at least not since I came to

	Nicholas moved a little closer as if to give her more
privacy, metaphorically if not physically.  That she was naked no
longer seemed to matter, he realized.

	"Back when I only a few years older than you, I was
trapped in a fire at the school where I worked,"  she confessed.
"The details of the how and why aren't that important, except
that I was sure at that moment that I was going to die.  And
die horribly."

	Nicholas was almost holding his breath, not wanting to
interrupt her story with even the sound of his breathing.

	"Obviously, I didn't die,"  she said, the momentary dark
look on her face morphing into a lighter one.  "And the reason I
didn't is because someone risked their life to save mine.  A man
I didn't even know and never even got the chance to thank."

	Listening to the story, Nicholas could feel himself, if only
for a fleeting moment, back in the diner.  With the heat of the
surrounding flames replacing the coolness of the ocean water
against his skin.

	"That man was a hero,"  Tiffany said,  "just like you."

	This time, Nicholas was too engrossed to blush.

	"And I don't want to hear again how you aren't,"  she said
with conviction.  "Someone much wiser than me once said, a hero
is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes
longer.  If that's really the case, I owe the last twenty years of
my life to those five minutes."

	Of all the things Nicholas had heard said about heroism
in the last week, he had to say that made the most sense.

	"And I think, no I believe, a hero should always be
rewarded,"  she concluded as she again moved closer so that
their bodies were practically touching.

	"Thank you,"  Nicholas said, thinking as rewards go, this
hadn't been bad.

	"Oh I'm not finished,"  she smiled as her breasts rubbed
against his chest and her hand slipped down between his legs.

	Now it was once again impossible for Nicholas to be
unaware of her nudity.  Not with her fingers wrapped around
his cock.

	"Do you remember back at the studio when I said some
girls find heroes sexy?"

	He nodded yes.

	"Well, I find you a lot more than sexy," she said in the
tiny, yet high pitched voice that had spawned a thousand
hard-ons, even as her fingers continued to work his cock,
adding one more to that list.

	A long minute passed, then two, by which time Nicholas
realized that if she kept playing with his cock, he was going to
come.  A few seconds more and that thought became reality as
he exploded into the warm waters around them.

	"Oh shit,"  he gasped.

	Tiffany lifted her hand up out of the water, glancing
down at the diluted whiteness clinging to the palm of her hand.
She smiled and washed it off.

	"That was just to show you that I was serious,"  she
assured him.  "If you want to see just how grateful a woman can
be, meet me back at the house and I'll be happy to show you.
Like I said, I never got the chance to thank my hero, but I like
to think he must've been a lot like you."

	In the short time it took for her words to sink in,
Tiffany was already halfway back to shore.  Nicholas was quick
to follow, telling himself to be careful as he did because this
would be the absolutely worst time in his life to drown.


	Reaching the shore, Nicholas didn't bother to get
dressed.  Instead, he just grabbed his clothes in a bundle and
started after Tiffany.  She had waited just long enough to
make sure he made it in, then raced, also naked, toward the
house.  Running as hard as he could, Nicholas could see Tiffany
open the ground floor entrance and disappear inside.

	Barely taking the time to lock that door behind him, it
only took a second for him to realize where she had gone.  The
sound of running water in the shower was pretty much a dead
giveaway.  Dropping his pants and shirt next to where Tiffany
had left her robe, Nicholas stepped inside the small room.

	Despite an almost two-decade career playing buxom
vixens, Tiffany, unlike many of her peers, had done so without
ever appearing nude.  Like many of the stars of early movies,
she had vamped her way with innuendo and just a tease of
flesh.  A practice that made her just that much more alluring to
her fans.  So, now faced with his first good look at her naked
body, Nicholas was sure she would understand his, at least
momentarily, inability to do anything but stare.

	Watching her stand under the dual showerhead, her
hands spreading soapy water all over her body, Nicholas
remembered reading in a magazine that the five foot five
actress had a 36C bust.  That simple fact in no way gave justice
to the magnificence only a few feet in front of him.  Without
looking down, he knew that his cock had already shaken off the
numbing effects of the late night swim and was in fact rock

	Tiffany's hands continued to spread body wash across
her skin, playing with her breasts as her fingers caressed her
large, dark pink nipples.  From there they slid down across her
thighs, grabbing the cheeks of her ass as she carefully washed
herself there.  Moving back upward, she again cupped the
undersides of her breasts, pressed them together, vigorously
rubbing the slippery flesh of one each against the other.
Letting go after a few moments, her hands dropped down to
converge on the thin patch of hair between her legs.  She
angled her body so that the stream of water washed it clean,
then massaged it just as enthusiastically, her fingers reaching
deep inside her self.

	"Fuck!"  was all Nicholas could manage to say, and even
that was in a barely managed whisper.

	Faster and faster her fingers moved, sliding in and out of
her pussy.  Finally, with her eyes tightly shut and her head
arched back, Tiffany let out a long, soft moan that told
Nicholas that, for the first time in his life, he'd just seen a
woman have an orgasm.

	Lost in her own world, Tiffany stood under the steaming
water for a few moments more, then opened her eyes and for
the first time acknowledged Nicholas's presence.

	"In case you haven't noticed,"  Tiffany said in her most
sultry tone, "this shower was built for two."

	Snapped out of his contemplation, Nicholas quickly
stepped under the shower with her.  Tiffany put her arms
around Nicholas, pulling him in close.  Their lips met and they
began to kiss. The kisses started out slow and gentle but soon
grew more passionate, her tongue exploring the deepest
recesses of his mouth.

	Filling her hands again with scented body wash, her
fingers closed around his cock, sliding back and forth, gently
massaging it and the balls beneath with sensual care.

	Nicholas lifted his own hands and embraced her
celebrated breasts, running his fingers across the lathered
flesh.  Her nipples grew hard at his touch, a shiver racing
through his body.  At the same time, he could feel her body
react to his touch, her heart racing as her pussy again grew

	"Not that it matters,"  Tiffany asked as they finally
broke their long, intense kiss,  "but have you ever been with a
girl before?  I mean, you're not a virgin, are you?"

	"No, of course not,"  Nicholas replied with all of the
sincerity he could muster.  "Well, not really,"  he amended his

	"What does not really mean?"  Tiffany asked.

	The truth was, Nicholas confessed, he was practically a
virgin, having only gone all the way that one time with Cheryl
Russell last Christmas.  Technically, he had lost his virginity
since he did get it inside of her, but he'd climaxed almost
before they'd even got started.

	He'd tried several times for another at bat, but Cheryl
wasn't interested.  She'd just grown tired of all the rigmarole
everyone seemed to attach to losing their cherry and decided
to just get it over with.  Now with that out of the way, she
could concentrate on more important things.

	"Well, I'm certainly not going to call you out before you
get a hit,"  Tiffany smiled.  "In fact, I think that with a little
help, you could easily go for extra bases."

	Nicholas was relieved that Tiffany wasn't put off by his
inexperience.  He never imagined that to some women, that was
actually a turn-on.

	"Just do what feels good,"  Tiffany reassured him,  "I'll
let you know if you're on the right track."

	Nicholas might not have had a world of experience to
draw upon, but he did have one hell of an imagination.  More
importantly, unlike any of the girls back home, Tiffany was
willing to let him try anything he wanted.  Too many girls his
own age played that game of, yes, I like to fuck, but then acted
as if they still wore virginal white.  He'd even once overheard
Hillary, of all people, when asked by a girlfriend about sex,
actually claim she wasn't that kind of girl.

	Figuring the best thing to do was to follow Tiffany's
advice and just let his instincts guide him, Nicholas lifted one
of Tiffany's mounds and closed his mouth around her enlarged
nipple, feeling it harden.  A soft moan slipped from her lips,
telling him his instincts were right on target.

	Tiffany moaned even louder as Nicholas started to suck
on her nipple in earnest.  Encouraged by her response, the teen
began to suck a little harder, taking more of her breast into his
mouth.  The tip of his tongue lightly circled the rigid nub,
teasing it as he placed a hand on Tiffany's other breast and
began to caress it.

	Tiffany's whispered encouragements continued as, after
a few minutes, Nicholas shifted to her other mound, again
teasing its nipple with his tongue before taking it between his
lips.  Simultaneously, he used both hands to squeeze and caress
her large globes.  In response to which the actress pressed her
breasts harder against Nicholas's hand and mouth.

	Alternating soft kisses with gentle, and some not so
gentle bites, Nicholas moved back and forth between the
celebrated mounds.  Tiffany ran her finger through his short
hair, wrapping his locks around her fingers as she helped guide
him to her more sensitive areas.

	Releasing his hold on her breasts, Nicholas took a half
step back and turned Tiffany around so that he was now behind
her.  He ran his hands down the length of her back and across
her ass, parting her legs so that his fingers could slide between
her cheeks to brush against the hairs of a mound, trimmed so
close as to be almost bare.  The few girls he'd gone this far
with had all been au natural in that regard.  Not having to work
through a tangle of hair certainly made it easier to find his way.

	A goal that one again the volume of Tiffany's cries helped
lead him to.  His fingers found her excited clit and he began to
massage it.  As with her breasts, gently at first, then with
increased vigor.

	He could feel her wetness around his fingers, assuring
him that he was still on the right path.  But from here on, he
was pretty much in virgin territory, so to speak.  Even Cheryl
had only let him put his fingers, and then his cock between her

	Unlike some of the guys he'd heard talking about it back
in school, Nicholas had no reservations about going down on a
girl.  After all, he certainly wanted her to do the same for him.
The big problem had been to find a girl to practice on.  For
some reason, all three of the girls that had performed oral sex
on him had declined his offer to reciprocate.  He was pretty
sure, that wasn't going to be a problem with Tiffany.

	Starting at the base of Tiffany's back, moving down
across the soft cheeks of her ass, Nicholas kissed his way down
to her pussy.  There, he paused for the longest of seconds,
appreciating the beauty of that which he'd only seen under the
dim light of his car`s backseat.

	Breathing deeply, he drew in the fragrance of her
aroused womanhood, a scent he found intoxicating.  He kissed
her cit, running his tongue up and down her mound tasting the
sweet honey that coated it.  A delight he instantly decided was
to his liking.

	Tiffany continued to loudly moan as Nicholas kissed and
licked her pussy.  For someone who had never done this outside
his dreams, Nicholas was getting Tiffany more and more
excited.  She spread her legs wide as he pressed his tongue
deep inside her, giving him as much room as possible.

	Bringing a hand into play, his fingers sought out her clit,
rubbing gently against it as he coaxed it between his lips.
Following the example of what had worked on her nipples, he
played her clit in a similar fashion.

	"Oh yes, right there,"  Tiffany cried out as a pleasant
electric jolt rippled across her body.

	Supporting herself against the tiled wall, Tiffany closed
her eyes and let Nicholas lick her pussy to his heart`s content.
A task he went at with ever-increasing zeal.

	Tiffany was moaning even louder now, pushing her hips
against Nicholas's mouth.  Nicholas stuck his tongue harder and
deeper into Tiffany's pussy, twisted it everyway he could.  He
was a man with a mission, to pleasure her the way he always
imagined a woman should be.  He licked and sucked, taking her
clit into his mouth repeatedly.  Using short quick strokes, he
brought her to the brink of climax.

	A brink she went hurdling over a half dozen heartbeats
later, her body quaking with excitement as the forces he'd
unleashed ripped across her trembling form.  It wasn`t the most
powerful of climaxes he knew, but it would be the one he would
forever be the most proud of having delivered.

	 Once she had recovered from her unexpected orgasm,
Tiffany stood and turned, kissing Nicholas and tasting her own
fruits in his mouth.  She hadn't been exactly sure where this
night was going to go when she'd invited Nicholas to dinner,
having acted on emotion rather than reason.  Now, she was
absolutely certain what came next.

	Dropping to her knees, Tiffany fondled his balls and
stroked his length with her fingers.  Then, wrapping her lips
around his cock, she ran her tongue across his crown.  Slowly,
she dragged her mouth and tongue up over his hardness,
savoring every inch.

	Not lost to Nicholas, despite the absolute delight
spreading from his loins, was the fact that this was Tiffany
Adams sucking his cock.  Not some horny cheerleader, or
frustrated housewife, but a real, honest to God, movie star.
This was beyond his wildest fantasies.

	Twirling her tongue again around the tip, she slowly
lowered her mouth down his shaft, deep-throating in a way no
girl back home had ever done.

	A sly smile formed on the corner of Tiffany's mouth as
she listened to the sighs of satisfaction filling the air.  She
knew how good a cock sucker she was, a talent formed over
twenty years of staying in a game where there was always
someone younger and sexier nipping at your heels.  That she was
doing it now solely to bring this young man pleasure only added
to her own.

	Her mouth felt unbelievable,  Nicholas thought, and it
was only getting better.  She sucked, licked, kissed and
caressed every inch of his manhood, enjoying every reaction his
body gave.  For ten long minutes, she centered his universe on
his cock and her wondrous mouth.

	Tiffany's head bobbed up and down on his erection, her
hand keeping time as she continued to hold him tight.  Deep
inside, Nicholas could feel a familiar surge building.  Along with
a sudden fear that it was going to be Cheryl Russell all over

	"Tiffany, ... I ..."  he started to say in warning.

	But years of experience had her way ahead of him.  She
could read his body's response almost as well as he could and
had already toned down her efforts.  This time, mighty Casey
was not going to strike out.

	Letting his still hard cock fall from her mouth, Tiffany
stood up and kissed Nicholas hard, pressing her breasts tight
against his chest.  Her kisses continued down his neck and
across his chest, paying careful attention to the small nipples
that like hers, were quite receptive to stimulation.

	Twisting around in his arms, Tiffany pressed her ass
against the teenager's cock, massaging it with her cheeks.
Taking Nicholas's hands in her own, she placed them squarely on
her breasts, inviting him to play with them again.

	Short minutes passed as Tiffany kept things on simmer,
then decided it was time to bring them back to a boil.

	Getting down on all fours, Tiffany stretching out on the
long shower mat, and motioned for Nicholas to get down behind
her.  Getting down on his own knees, the young man followed her

	Reaching back between behind her legs, Tiffany took
hold of his cock and aimed it at her pussy, rubbing the head
against her wetness.  Softly she moaned.  Hard it might be for
some to believe, it had been a while since she'd last been with a
man.  Pressing backward, she forced the head just past her

	There she paused, to give Nicholas a chance to get
comfortable.  Glancing over her shoulder, she smiled at her
young lover and gave him a slight nod. Then she lowered her
head, resting it on her folded arms, slightly lifting her rear at
the same time, inviting him to enter her.

	"Fuck me!" Tiffany practically ordered him as she
pressed  against his cock.  "I want you to think about how hard
you wanted to fuck Hillary and then fuck me ever harder!"

	With that, Nicholas leaned forward and effortlessly slid
into her.  As amazing as his cock had felt in her mouth, that
paled when compared to the tight warmth now engulfing his

	"Oh God!"  He gasped as two became one.

	His much too brief encounter with Cheryl washed away in
that second.  In years to come, when he thought of losing his
virginity, this would be the moment he remembered.

	With a firm grip on Tiffany's hips, he soon developed a
firm rhythm. One that Tiffany quickly matched, timing her
gyrations  to meet his forward thrusts.

	The pace quickened and Nicholas's thrusts became more
pronounced, each drive penetrating deeper than the last. He
would pull his hardness almost all the way out, then press
forward in a furious forward motion. Each time he looked down
at the beautiful woman stretched before him, he was reminded
of how many times he and his friends had watched her on the
screen and fantasized about her.

	"Fuck me, Nick, fuck me harder!"  Tiffany cried out in
that sexy voice which had enthralled her legions of fans.  "I
want you to make me come!"

	That she had used the hated diminutive of his name
didn't make a difference, all that mattered that he help her
reach the climax she craved.

        Drawing on all his youthful vigor, Nicholas drove into her,
his cock slamming against her pussy.  Tiffany met him with, if
not equal strength, equal resolve.  Their coupling grew more
intense as they neared what both knew would be an explosive

        Reaching down between her legs, Tiffany's fingers found
her clit, adding her own skills to the mix.  The dual pleasures
brought by her hand and Nicholas's cock drove her to the edge
of bliss, needing only the gentlest of touches to push her over
that edge.  A touch that was akin to a match dropped in a pool
of gasoline as a veritable explosion ignited every nerve in her

        The walls of her pussy constricted around his cock as
Nicholas exploded inside her, the force of her climax triggering
his.  Time stood still as their bodies rocked in orgasmic ecstasy.

	At that moment in time, he was just a man and she just a
woman.  With the pleasures they shared as old as life itself.

	Drained, Tiffany collapsed on the wet floor, followed a
heartbeat behind by Nicholas.  The heat of their passion slowly
cooled as did the water showering down on them.  Tiffany pulled
Nicholas to her, kissing him softly on his lips.


	Nicholas didn't get back to the hotel until Monday
morning, barely twenty minutes before they were scheduled to
leave for the airport.  Quickly packing his bag, he was just
closing the door behind him when he ran into Hillary and Roger
coming out of their room across the hall.

	"Hey, look who finally showed up,"  Roger said as he
spotted Nicholas.

	"Like you really missed me?"  Nicholas shot back as he
double-checked the door to make sure it had locked.

	"Not really,"  Hillary put in, "we were just worried that if
you didn't show up, the car might not take us to the airport."

	"Right,"  Nicholas said with a smile.

	"So where were you all weekend?"  Roger asked out of
curiosity while they waited for the elevator.

	"I just decided to do a little sightseeing,"  Nicholas
replied, unable to ignore his curiosity in the narrow confines of
the elevator.

	Actually, that was the truth, if not the whole truth.  He
had spent the last two days seeing much of what interested him
in Los Angeles.  Tiffany had even arranged for him to take a
personalized tour of one of the local film studios, where this
time, his guide was more than happy to answer all of his

	What was left out of his answer was the fact that every
night he went back to Tiffany's place and shared her bed.  He
lost track of how many orgasms they'd shared, or the amount of
new positions he'd learned.  He'd come to LA pretty much an
innocent, but he was going home a much more experienced man.

	"Well I guess that was better than sitting in the hotel
room eating room service and watching pay for view,"  Roger
laughed as the door opened on the lobby.

	"Not that we had much time to watch TV,"  Hillary
chimed in, drawing attention to how they'd spent the last two

	If she was waiting for a hurt reaction from Nicholas, as
she usually was, this time she was disappointed.  Much to her
surprise, he just smiled a knowing smile and walked out the

	They barely said a word to each other all the way to the
airport, and sat in different rows on the small plane.  His mind
was on more important things, among them the DVD of "The
Midnight Hour" and an autographed photo of him and Tiffany
taken at dinner last night.  Closing his eyes, he could see the
inscription Tiffany had scrawled across the print Tiffany had
given him when he kissed her goodbye early this morning.

	"To Nicholas, my hero,"  she had written,  "if five minutes
is worth a lifetime, then two days are worth forever."

	And forever would be how long he would remember these
last two days.


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