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WARNING: This is a work of erotic fiction. It contains depictions of
nudity and graphic sex.

Author: A Strange Geek
Title: The House at the End of the Street
Universe: Haven
Summary: 4 teens find a mysterious house that can grant them great
power. Will they lose themselves in sexual revelry, or will they turn
from the darkness in time? Or does the house itself have an agenda ...

Part: 10 of 18
Keywords: mf, ff, msolo, fsolo, group, inc, 1st, oral, voy, mc, nc,
bon, toys, humil, magic

Copyright A Strange Geek, 2006

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"No way!" Melinda cried. "No /fucking/ way, Jason! Forget it!"

"If you think I'm letting that little creep touch me, you're freakin'
insane," Heather said.

Jason sighed despondently and gave them a desperate look. It was
already nearly ten minutes past the hour, Jason arriving late because
his mother insisted he clean up his room that morning before he could
go out. Now he stood in the living room of the house, glancing
nervously towards the door for a moment before turning back to the
girls. "Come on, you think I want him here?" he said through gritted

"This is stupid, why are we even discussing this?" Heather said.

"I don't even want to be naked in front of that guy," Melinda said,

"He's not that bad," Jason said, though the conviction in his voice was
weak. "He just likes to joke around a lot."

"/No/, Jason!" Melinda said shrilly.

"Tell him to fuck off," Heather spat. "Or go fuck himself. He probably
does that a lot anyway, since I doubt any other girl would touch him."

"Yeah, like no girl would touch me?" Jason snapped angrily.

The two girls exchanged a look and did not reply.

"Come on, this is not my choice, all right? He knows about this and is
threatening to tell my Mom! He said he'd tell your Mom, too! Do you
want him to do that?"

"No," Heather said in a small voice.

"It's my turn today, dammit!" Melinda whined, her eyes glistening. "I'm
not giving that up."

"You don't have to," Jason said. He gave her a small smirk. "You get an
extra slave, then, okay?"

"Ugh. Having him like that doesn't feel any better than having him
control me."

"Yeah, and I doubt he's the type that wants to be controlled, either,"
Heather commented.

"You got that right."

All three of them jerked their heads around towards the voice. Richie
grinned impishly at them from just inside the door.

Heather rolled her eyes. Melinda made a disgusted noise and wrinkled
her nose.

"Er ... hi, Richie," Jason said in a low voice.

"So is that what this is all about?" Richie said as he stepped away
from the door. His eyes roamed around the room. "Some kind of kinky dom

Jason's face colored.

"Yeah, and it's my turn!" Melinda yelled.

Richie sniggered. "I don't think you'd look good in leather, Melinda."

Melinda glared at him, her cheeks going scarlet.

"Richie, we kind of have a system set up here," Jason began cautiously.
"We take turns. I had it yesterday, Heather had it before that. Melinda
is today, all right?"

"Oh, so she's gonna have all three of us?" Richie said with a derisive
laugh. "I don't think so."

"It doesn't matter what you think!" Melinda cried. "That's the rule!"

"How about I suggest a new one? New guy gets first pick."

"/I said no!/" Melinda screamed.

"Mel ... /Melinda/ ... calm down," Heather said crossly. "They'll hear
you on the other side of town."

"I don't want him screwing everything up!"

"Okay, fine, Melinda," Richie said, annoyance edging into his voice. "I
don't want you anyway, you're too whiny."

Melinda was about to protest this when Jason stopped her by grabbing
her hand and gently squeezing it. Totally astonished and flustered by
the gesture, she immediately subsided and stared at Jason.

Richie smirked. "Anyway, I know you and Jason are hot and heavy for
each other. So I'll take Heather."

"Yeah, in your fucking dreams, asshole," Heather muttered.

"That wasn't very nice. Maybe I should tell your Mom how rude you were,

Heather quieted, though her eyes betrayed both frustration and fear.

Jason had to tear his gaze away from Melinda and force his attention to
return to the matter at hand. To be truthful, he was not quite sure
what prompted him to take her hand, either. He was loathe to let it go,
however, his fingers still curled around hers.

"Look, I don't want to screw with your little setup here, whatever it
is," Richie said, his voice rising. "I just want a little for myself.
That so bad? Sounds like you already blew Jason, Heather. I gotta be at
least a notch above the geek."

Jason gave Richie an angry glare. It was softened when he felt Melinda
squeeze his hand in return. As he turned his head towards her, she
smiled gently at him.

"Can't we like split it or something? Heather and me, Melinda and

"I don't want to be in the same room with you when you're ... ugh,"
Melinda said, wrinkling her nose again.

"Well, fuck, this place has to have more than one bedroom."

Both Melinda and Heather looked at Jason.

Jason blinked in surprise at the sudden attention on him. "Uh ... I
guess it does. There was another door at the end of the hall. I don't

"Why don't you just ask?" Melinda said.

"Ask? Oh, yeah."

Richie gave them an odd look.

Jason looked away from the others. "Uh, so, does this place have
another bedroom?"

/Yes, indeed it does./

Richie flinched, his eyes growing wide. "Who said that?"

Heather snorted in wry amusement at Richie's frightened reaction.

"The house said that, of course," Melinda said, rolling her eyes.
"Shit, you're stupid."

"Houses don't fucking talk!" Richie snapped.

"This one does. Or whatever ghost is here or something."

Jason sighed inwardly. He still did not believe it was a ghost.

"Oh, now that's ..."

/Richie can use the other bedroom, and he can have fun with Heather./

Heather's mouth dropped open. "Now wait a minute!" she cried.

"Uh ... " Richie said, looking around warily. "Does that mean I get to
tell her what to do?"

/Of course. She will do whatever you want./

Richie broke into a wide smile.

"No way! No freaking way!" Heather started shouting. "I'm not going to
do this! You can't ... you can't ... oh God ... no, please ..."

Melinda gasped and raised a hand to her mouth, her eyes wide. Jason
swallowed, feeling Melinda's hand tighten around his own.

Heather felt it penetrate her mind far faster than it had before, the
impact making her reel. Her legs trembled and she staggered. She fought
it as hard as she could to little avail. Already her body felt very
warm, her skin tingling and flushed. She shook her head weakly as one
last thread of resistance stretched and then snapped. She drew in a
shuddering gasp, letting it go as a soft sigh, her body trembling now
more with desire than fear. Her heart pounded, which she could feel as
a dull pulsing in her cunt as it grew wet under her clothing.

Heather drew in a steadier breath and raised her eyes to Richie. She
gave him a sultry smile, her gaze burning with lust.

"Whoa," Richie said in a low voice. He stared as Heather walked up to
him, swaying her hips in that sort of exaggerated motion that
inexperienced boys believed was so provocatively slutty that it turned
them on just thinking about it. Already his cock was hard in his pants,
almost unbearably so, rising with such speed that it ached.

Heather stopped before Richie and gave him a lascivious smile. Still
swinging her hips back and forth, she grasped her shirt and pulled it
up and over her head with smoothly deliberate movements, performing a
slow strip-show in front of him.

"Holy fuck," Richie breathed. "I-I didn't even ask her, she just ..."

"That's how it works," Jason said in a weak voice. "You just need to
think about it and ..."

"So if I want her to say something like ... uh ..."

"I'm ready to be your little slut, Richie," Heather said in a
high-pitched, breathy voice. She slid her jeans from her legs and
stepped out of them. "I'll be your little fuck-toy."

"Oh wow ..."

Melinda shook her head, screwing up her face in disgust. She turned her
head to the side and pretended to stick her fingers in her mouth,
making loud gagging noises.

Heather tugged playfully at her panties. She giggled in a manner that
was most unlike her and framed the wet stain on her crotch with her
fingers. "See how wet I am just thinking of you?" she said. She hooked
her fingers into the waistband and yanked her panties up, forcing the
fabric into her slot. She slid her hips back, pulling the panties
deeper into her, the lips of her pussy squeezed out on either side.

"Mmmm ..." Heather murmured, licking her lips. "My little pussy is
soooo hot and wet for you, Richie ... "

"Oh, /ick/. Take it upstairs, Richie," Melinda said, her voice shaky.

"Gladly!" Richie said.

Jason stared at Richie. Jason had always heard the term "shit-eating
grin" without really knowing what one was. He was sure he just saw it
on Richie's face.

"Here, it's this way," Heather said excitedly. She wiggled her hips as
she walked, thrusting her ass out towards him. Richie followed her out
like a little puppy dog.

"Oh my freaking God," Melinda breathed when they were gone.

"Just ... just don't make me say silly things like that, all right?"
Jason said anxiously.

"Oh, God, no. Wow. At least you never did that to me."

Jason smiled mildly. "I actually kind of like it quiet during sex."

Melinda managed a smile in return. "Me, too."

"I do like to hear you ... well, the noises you make."

Melinda blinked and then blushed again. "You ... uh ... you're very
g-good at making me make those noises. I mean, when you're doing me."

"Well, it's still your turn."

Melinda almost felt reluctant to do it. Yet now she entertained the
memory of their last tryst when she had control. There had been one
thing that he had done for her that she had really liked, but she had
not had enough time to explore thanks to Heather's interruption.

She had no opportunity to repress the thought. Within seconds, she saw
the now familiar look of Jason slipping into her enslavement, his body
becoming more relaxed, his gaze more sultry. Jason offered only token
resistance this time, quelling the initial surge of fear just before
his mind was taken. He was actually looking forward to pleasing her

Melinda smiled nervously, her sex tingling "You already know what I
want," she said softly.

Without a word, he stepped up to her. His hands rose and slipped under
her shirt, cupping the soft swellings of her bosom. Her flesh gave
easily, as she had not worn a bra today. Her nipples were already
erect, and she shuddered when he touched them.

Her lips curled into an amused grin as she realized she liked him
touching her tits almost as much as she liked him touching her pussy.

Jason continued to slowly and gently squeeze her budding breasts.
Melinda closed her eyes and uttered a low, breathy sigh. Heat flared in
her cunt, moisture filling it and wetting her panties. He placed the
pads of his thumbs against her nipples and stroked, eliciting a whimper
from her.

"Oh my God ... U-upstairs," she moaned. "Let's go upstairs."

"Of course, mistress."

Melinda giggled. She simply /adored/ hearing him call her that.

Richie was so excited that he very nearly came just walking up the
stairs behind Heather, watching her ass jiggle right before his face.
Unable to resist, he raised a hand to her and squeezed one of her
ass-cheeks. She made a little cooing sound, reaching behind herself to
yank her panties down far enough for him to touch bare flesh.

"Oooo, that makes me so horny!" Heather gushed.

Heather turned down the hallway at the top of the stairs. The nearest
bedroom was still closed, but the next door down was open. She glanced
behind at him and giggled, removing her bra as they approached the
door, letting it teeter at the end of one playful finger before
dropping to the floor.

At the door, she turned around, shaking her torso and making her
breasts jiggle.

Richie just stared at them for a moment, still daring to believe this
was actually happening. Heather was doing everything that he wanted,
his desires fueled by many evenings of watching hardcore porn movies
while his mother was out on her latest sexual conquest. He simply
duplicated what he saw in the movies in his mind, and Heather did his
bidding, just like his own personal porn star.

Heather responded to his every desire. She leaned forward simply
because she knew Richie wanted her tits. He grabbed at them, roughly
fondling and kneading them like dough. Heather uttered delighted,
high-pitched moans. "Oooo, that's so nice!" she cried. "Oh yeah! Make
me wet, Richie"

Richie's grin was so wide that his face ached.

Impatient to experience more, he dropped his hands from her, wanting
her to go into the bedroom. Heather winked at him and licked her lips
before turning and leading him inside. Richie followed, and then paused
in surprise. "Wait, this looks like ... holy shit ..."

Fashioned after yet more imagery from his illicit peeks into filmed
sex, the room appeared as a bedroom set from one of his favorite
movies. Everything was done in the typical style of that movie:
overblown, overexposed, and overwhelming to the senses; loud colors,
plush furnishings, and tacky furniture.

Heather turned to face Richie, panting in the typical breathless
melodramatic style of cheap porno flicks. She slipped her panties down
her legs, Richie staring with both lust and amazement. He was so
excited that he could not make up his mind what he wanted first. No,
wait, he did know what he wanted. He wanted to see it all.

She smiled at him. "I know what you want," she said in a soft, sultry
voice. "I know what my Richie wants. You want to see my nice, wet

Richie swallowed. "Oh, fuck, yeah."

Heather giggled again and climbed onto the bed. She lay on her back and
parted her legs wide, spreading her labia with her fingers, exposing
the wet pinkness between them. She drew her fingers delicately over her
slot, touching her excited flesh with light, furtive strokes. "I know
you like watching me touch myself," she moaned. She pressed her fingers
into herself and licked her lips again. "Ohhh ... I'll just imagine
your nice, hard cock there ... mmmm ..."

Richie could no longer stand the tightness in his crotch. Breathing
hard, he quickly stripped. When he got his jeans off, there was a small
wet stain near the end of the hard bulge of his cock. He smiled as
Heather watched him with an eager, hungry look on her face, rising to a
seated position on the bed, still stroking herself. When he was down to
just his briefs, Heather surged forward.

"Let me, please," she said in a deeply husky voice.

Richie paused a moment, then grinned and stepped up to the foot of the

Heather grasped the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down,
Richie uttered a short gasp as his already rather excited cock popped
out before Heather. No sooner than his briefs were down than she took
him into her mouth, drawing him in deeply, his size making it easier
for her to take him in nearly all at once.

"Oh, fuck!" Richie cried as she started working his cock in her mouth,
her head moving steadily back and forth. Already he rose like a rocket,
and it was not very long before he was straining near the edge. Heather
slid him further into her mouth as far as he would go, his head just
brushing the back of her throat. She did not gag in the least, knowing
exactly what to do and how to do it.

Richie was beyond words as Heather rhythmically squeezed his cock,
milking him as he soared up and over. He groaned loudly as he came, his
body shaking, throbbing in her mouth for far too short a time. He
realized with frustration that he had cum way too soon to suit him.

Heather swallowed his seed and licked him clean. She looked up and
smiled. "Don't worry, Richie," she said. "I know exactly how to get
that nice cock all hard for me again."

In the other bedroom, Melinda fought a battle of will with herself. She
desperately tried not to have Jason touch her pussy.

It was very difficult, for Jason was driving her insane with lust. She
lay under him, writhing on the bed and moaning. One of her nipples was
inside his mouth, where he had been licking and sucking at it until it
was pink and throbbing.

When he had done this to her the other day, it was good. However, he
had also stroked her at the same time, and much of her attention had
been distracted by that. Now that she had him focus exclusively on her
tits, it was far better and much more intensely erotic.

"Oh my God!" Melinda cried as he sucked at her hard, drawing nipple and
areola past his lips, his tongue lashing. She spread her legs wide, yet
it did nothing to relieve the pressure. Her cunt felt as if it had
already been stroked halfway to orgasm.

/Don't tell me I can get off just on my boobs!/ Melinda thought in

Jason responded to her fleeting thought. Quickly he lifted his head
from her breast and straddled her, moving so fast that Melinda gave a
little gasp of surprise. He slid up just past her waist, his cock
standing out stiff and hard, making Melinda's mouth tug upwards in a
smile. He placed his hands over her mounds and stroked her nipples with
his fingertips, moving in a steady and sure rhythm.

Melinda was astonished at the effect it was having. She always thought
she hardly had any tits worth noticing, yet his touch was sending shock
waves though her. He was light and gentle at first, more teasing than
touching. He grew bolder as her excitement rose, squeezing her nipples
between thumb and forefinger and rolling them back and forth. He
squeezed her a little harder, tugging at them, giving them little
flicks with his fingertips.

She was panting hard, her thighs trembling. Her pussy felt hot, the
hovering stimulation like a constant buzzing between her legs, low
enough to keep her from cumming, high enough to drive her mad. His
touch on her nipples kept her there but took her no further.

"P-please ..." Melinda begged. "B-back in your mouth."

She need not have voiced it. The initial word of her plea was barely
out of her mouth when he stopped straddling her and instead lay atop
her again, this time sliding more of his body against hers, one of her
legs slipping between his. She felt his cock press against her thigh as
his head came down again. His tongue touched one nipple as his fingers
played with the other.

Melinda moaned, her pussy rising a little more, but that was it. She
couldn't stand it anymore. She needed to cum badly.

Jason's hand disappeared from her other breast. Melinda drew in a loud
gasp as his fingers touched her slot. She lifted her hips against it,
though he was already stroking her hard and fast. His mouth was still
clamped around her nipple, sucking greedily, sending her soaring and
straining against him in seconds.

She closed her eyes tightly and clutched at him as she throbbed. Her
mouth opened wide, gasping at each pulse inside her, as her body jerked
under him with her orgasm. When her voice finally returned to her, she
uttered strident moans, pressing her sex tightly against his hand, as
if wanting even more. He obliged her, stroking her until her climax
could no longer be sustained.

Melinda groaned and fell back limp on the bed, her breathing labored as
Jason slowly removed his hand from her.

She was too stunned for words for a few moments. Jason simply smiled at
her, caressing her thigh gently, waiting for his mistress' next wish to
be made known to him. Her control over him had not slipped one bit, to
which Melinda gave a puzzled look.

"I thought you were released as soon as it was over," she said in a
breathy voice.

/Perhaps you do not want it to be over yet./

Melinda looked at his cock. As the thought entered her mind, Jason
wrapped his fingers around it and slowly stroked it for her, giving her
small, soft moans. This excited her again, and she realized that the
house was right. She did want something else. She was not sure that it
was right to want it again, but she could not get it out of her mind.
Heather had forced it on her, but now that she had experienced it, she
was too curious not to try it again.

"I will gladly do whatever my mistress desires of me," Jason said

Melinda whimpered. She just loved that!

Richie had no idea how Heather knew it was there, or how it had gotten
there. It did not matter. It was one of the many things he wanted to
see, and Heather was obliging him quite nicely. When she had told him
she would get him hard again, he was not sure what to expect until she
reached into the little night stand next to the bed and pulled out a
huge dildo.

"Oh, yeah," Richie said, climbing onto the bed for a better look.

"You see, I know exactly what you want," Heather said as she settled
back on the bed, spreading her legs wide again. She stroked her pussy
lightly with one hand and gave him a mischievous grin. She brought the
tip of the dildo to her mouth and licked at it as if it were a real
cock. She pushed it passed her lips, cheeks dimpling as she sucked,
closing her eyes and moaning.

/Man oh man oh man, is this what Jason's been getting for the last few
days?/ Richie thought.

Heather slowly pulled the dildo from her mouth. "This is going to feel
good," she cooed. "But not as good as your cock."

Richie already felt himself getting hard again. He was tempted to take
her right there, but he wanted to see this. He wanted Heather to give
him a show.

Heather did not disappoint. She touched the head of the dildo to her
pussy, slowly sliding it up and down between her labia. She drew it
back up to the apex of her slot and twirled it against her clit as she
drew in her breath and closed her eyes. She tilted her head back and
let her breath go, pulling the base of the dildo towards her. The shaft
of the dildo slid against her sensitized clit, squishing softly with
her moisture as the toy moved back and forth.

"Uhhh ..." she moaned dramatically, arching her back. "Oooo, yeah ...
that's so nice ... I love it when you watch me play with myself, Richie
... oh, yeah ..."

Richie really was hard again now, his prick sticking up between his
legs in an almost comical fashion, his eyes fixed on her pussy. She
angled the base of the dildo up again, pressing the head against her
tunnel. She flashed him a mischievous, sultry smile, dropping him a
wink as she teased herself. Very slowly, she pushed it against her, the
head parting the lips and plugging her entrance. She twirled it around
a few times, just stroking the tip of her clit, drawing another deep,
throaty moan.

By this time, Richie wanted to see that inside her so badly.

Heather responded immediately and began to push it into her. "Ohhh!"
Heather cried, the dildo making wet sounds as it slid into her. "Oooo,
yeah! ... Uhhh! ..."

It disappeared into her inch by inch, until the base pressed against
her pussy. She moaned loudly and slid it back and forth, slowly at
first, but steadily picking up the pace. She panted, pressing the
fingertips of her free hand against her clit and stroking it with quick

"Oh, yeah!" she cried. She threw her head back, dildo moving faster and
faster, her breath growing short. "Ohhh ... I'm going to cum ... uhhh!
... /ohhhh!/ "

Richie almost jumped when he saw her pussy abruptly squirt from around
the dildo. "Holy fuck," he breathed, staring.

Heather writhed and bucked on the bed in her orgasm, drawing out the
drama of the moment, her moans and cries continuing for a few seconds
even after her throbs had dwindled.

She already knew what Richie wanted next, and he grew impatient to get
to it. Heather put the dildo aside, giving Richie a knowing smile and
gesturing with her hand for him to come to her.

Delicacy was not Richie's forte, nor was it even his desire. He only
knew he wanted her and how he wanted her. Heather looked up at him
eagerly as he crawled over her. "Oh, yes, Richie, I'm still wet for
you," Heather cooed in a moaning, desperate voice, her legs spreading
wide under him. "Please fuck me, Richie! Please ... /ohhh!!/"

Richie groaned as he plunged into her, his cock sliding in easily into
her already moist cunt, his pubis coming down on hers. Unlike Jason, he
wasted little time savoring the experience. He rose and came down
again, and again, working into a quick, frenzied rhythm. His hips made
short, fast thrusts against her, his body slapping against hers.

"Oh yeah!" Heather cried. "Fuck me ... fuck me hard! ... oh yeah!"

Not once did the thought of safety come to Richie's mind. Not once did
he think of any possible repercussions. Heather was his sex toy, and he
was treating her as such.

Heather played the part perfectly for him. She acted just as he wanted,
submitting to him, receiving him with all the joy he desired to see.
Despite his lack of grace and lack of attention to her pleasure, she
was rising with him, simply because it was what he expected. Her head
tilted back into the pillow, her hips rising to his thrusts. The bed
rocked with each drive, causing them to both bounce lightly.

Richie groaned urgently as he surged towards his peak. He leaned
forward and pounded into her as fast and hard as he could, bringing
loud cries of pleasure from Heather, and then a single shuddering quake
under him as she came. Her cunt squeezed his cock and gave it the final
push over the edge.

"Oh, man! Oh, /fuck!/" Richie cried as he throbbed, gasping. First he
buried himself inside her, then jerked his hips back and forth a few
times until he was spent. He let go with a noisy sigh and fell limp on
top of her.

Heather moaned and subsided, falling silent.

"Wow," Richie breathed. "That ... that was fucking awesome!"

Melinda held her breath as Jason mounted her, tensing for a moment as
the swollen head of his cock pressed gently but urgently past her
labia. The discomfort she expected never happened. Instead, all she
felt was a moment of resistance, and then his fullness sliding into
her, causing her to let her breath go as a ragged gasp.

She let out a low, soft moan as he sank further into her, whimpering
with delight when he was fully inside. He slid back, which was nearly
as exquisite as going in, and then forward again, slowly and steadily.
She heard him groan above her, his cock squeezed tightly by her young

Even with as little experience as she had, she already knew she liked
it this way, slow and easy. She wondered idly if Jason would have been
so willing to do it this way with her if he were not under her control.
Supposedly all that a boy cared about was getting himself off, but
would Jason be that way?

Jason panted as he thrusted into her, building carefully in pace and
strength. It was simply perfect. Melinda voiced soft, tiny moans as his
cock slid back and forth. She wanted more contact and he obliged. He
changed the angle, rocking his hips a bit more. Her moans grew louder
and more urgent as his cock touched her right where she needed it, the
pressure in her pussy growing again. Soon, she was ready for more.

Jason moaned, picking up the pace. He stroked into her faster, Melinda
spreading herself wider, angling her hips and accepting him deeper. Her
voice rose along with her body. Quickly everything escalated as their
mutual pleasure mounted, until Melinda was writhing under him, uttering
little cries as she rose towards a fast-approaching crescendo. Jason
panted harder as he soared as well, faster than Melinda, letting out a
loud, low-pitched groan as he pulsed inside her, gasping as he expended
himself inside her.

"/Ohhh!!/" Melinda cried suddenly as she shuddered in orgasm, her cunt
throbbing against his still-hard cock even as his own orgasm faded.
Even though she knew he would stay inside her simply because she wanted
it, she locked her legs around his anyway, holding him against her. She
wriggled her hips under him, her moans slowly subsiding as her climax
was spent.

By the time Jason rolled off her, both were panting for breath.

"Now I know ... what the older kids ... see in this ..." Melinda

It was a moment before Jason stirred, the fog only now lifting from his
mind. "Shit, you're not the only one," he murmured.

Melinda could not help but giggle. "So I'm not your 'mistress'

Jason paused, then blushed. "I can't believe you had me call you that."

"Well, just be glad that's all I did," Melinda said. She sat up and
looked at him, smiling. "Anyway, you got to boink me, what more do you

"Yeah, true. Wow. That was great. Damn, you're so tight!"

"Um, that's good, right?"

Jason looked at her and laughed. "Uh, yeah, Melinda, that's good."

Melinda smiled at this and opened her mouth to say something else to
him when there was a sudden ruckus in the hallway.

"Richie, you are such a fucking /pervert!/" came Heather's voice, which
rose to a near scream on the last word.

"Yeah, sure, like you didn't enjoy that," followed Richie's voice, also
loud but filled with amusement.

"Shut up! I was just a stupid toy to you, that's all!"

Richie laughed. "Yeah, a fuck-toy."

"/Don't you ever call me that again!/"

"Hey, it was your word!"

Melinda bolted for the door first, followed closely by Jason. They saw
Heather standing there with her back to them. She had put her panties
on, though from their wrinkled condition it was obvious they had been
yanked on rather quickly. Her bra was still clutched in one fist. Past
her, at the other end of the hallway was Richie, grinning, already
fully dressed.

Melinda tried to hide her own still naked body from Richie's view.
"What's going on?" she demanded.

Heather whirled around, her face flushed red with anger. "This little
fucking creep," she spat. "This little turd ... he made me act like a
fucking slut in there, like I was in some cheap porno movie!"

Richie stepped forward, still straightening his shirt and grinning ear
to ear as he spotted Jason. "Oh, man, Jason, it was freakin' awesome!
You shoulda seen her!"

"That's it! I am never, ever letting him do that again! No more!"

Melinda had to admit to feeling some amusement over this. After all,
Heather had a similar idea in mind when she created that sickeningly
pink room the other day. She kept that to herself, however, and said in
a matter-of-fact tone of voice, "So? It'll be your turn next time and
you can make him do what you want."

"I don't want him to do anything except go away!"

"No way, Heather," Richie said. He looked over to the other two. "And
don't either of you even think about it. I said I'd tell if I don't get
in on this and I meant it."

"Then just be fair about it next time, all right?" Jason said, annoyed.
"Let someone else have a turn next time."

"Yeah, yeah, sure," Richie said with a smirk, rolling his eyes. "Betcha
anything she'll just make me fuck her again, since she liked it so

Heather shuddered and folded her arms tightly. "In your dreams."

Richie just laughed and started down the hall towards the stairs. A
look of alarm came to Melinda's face as he approached, and she tried to
close the door to hide herself. Jason was in the way, and she was
unable to push him back inside in time. Richie stopped, giving Melinda
a once-over with his eyes. She blushed and shivered.

"Hey, she's actually not bad," Richie said. He turned to Jason and gave
him a wink. "Nice play. Get Heather and the little sis, too. See ya all

"That's what you think," Heather muttered. "Fuckwit."

At the top of the stairs, Richie paused and jerked his head towards
Heather, shooting her a surprisingly venomous look, his good mood
seemingly evaporated the space of a second. He stood there for a
moment, staring hard at Heather. His hand gripped the banister tightly,
knuckles turning white. He took a deep breath and let it go.

"Fuckwit, huh?" he said in a low voice. He smiled lasciviously.
"Fuckwits don't get to screw babes like you, Heather, now do they?"

He headed down the stairs and out of the house.

Fuming, Heather turned and stalked over to Jason. "I meant what I
said," she hissed. "I will not have him doing that to me again. I don't
give a shit whose turn it is!"

Now Melinda was looking at him as well, as if they were both expecting
him to do something about this. "I don't know what to tell you," he

"Jason, I'm not taking a chance," Heather said. "I'm getting down here
early tomorrow. Real early. Mom's at work tomorrow, so Melinda and I
can come here whenever we want."

Jason just sighed. "Okay, that's fine. Whatever."

"Heather, just what did he make you do?" Melinda asked.

"Let's just say he watches way too many adult sex flicks."

"Oh." Melinda was not quite sure what that meant, since she had never
actually watched one herself. She had seen some of the pictures on the
cover of such movies, and they were always so ridiculously posed. Did
Richie make her do that? No wonder she was upset.

"He's got no fucking clue about sex. He was only good as he was because
he was in this house."

"Yeah, I guess that's where my skill comes from, too," Jason said a bit

Heather smiled at him. "Well, maybe. But you at least act like you give
a shit whether the girl is having any fun. And the house didn't give
you an extra inch over him."

Melinda laughed.

"Uh ... I don't get it," Jason admitted reluctantly.

Heather smirked. "Your cock, Mr. Geek. You're bigger than he is."

Jason stared. "I am??" He glanced over to Melinda.

Melinda blinked and abruptly blushed. "Well, don't look at me! I don't
know what size is supposed to be good." She paused a moment and flashed
him a tiny smile. "I just know that I like yours."

Jason paused for a long moment before breaking out into a very wide
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