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{ASSM} Vampyre Daze Chapter 19 of 50 [Yotna El'toub] (FF,TG, MC,

WARNING: This story will contain situations and explicit language
of an adult nature and should be read only by those of a legal
age to do so. If you are a minor or object to stories of an adult
nature, LEAVE HERE IMMEDIATELY. Legal age local to the author is
18+ please abide to your own local laws.

Please note and understand the content codes for this story. The
characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in
my story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental
and unintentional. The characters and situations portrayed are
pure fantasy; the author is keen to state that in reality adult
sexuality should remain only in the adult world.

Please do not allow or cause this story to fall in to the hands
of minors.

Dedicated to my wife and editor Esu, who has kept me sane during
months of illness. Thank you love.

Chapter Nineteen: Nothing Is, But What Is Not.

Lalo stood very still, almost statue-like. She was barely aware
of the naked women that circled around her incessantly. Without
trying Lalo could reach out with her mind, reach outside the
castle and its stuffy dungeons. Her mind raced free careering
across open countryside and wide waterways alike.

Unblinking she saw her home, at first it was just a glimmer in
the distance, seconds later Lalo was pressing against the
shutters. The shutters were unrecognised, as was the luminous
tape. 'Police crime scene - do not cross.' The yellow band
twirled and twisted in the light south westerly breeze. A sudden
chill hit the girl's heart. Here, there had been something here.
The emotions swept through her and were gone, laughter and love -
things of the past. Gone, forgotten.

A stronger emotion pulled her back, back to the castle, an
emotion she recognised and would grow to love. Fear. Fear was
good, almost as good as feeding. This fear was luscious in its
intensity, and so close. Lalo became animated.

"Stop her! Mika prevent this outrage, the virgins are reserved
for me."

Mika snarled.

"Do not presume to order me child, I outrank you."

A hush fell on the room, partly due to fear, partly to
anticipation. Maldea spoke.

"Lalo be careful, Mika has powers..."

Her words were cut short.

"Mika has powers," Lalo threw back her head and emitted a
crackling laugh, "I have powers. I am an orphaned Wampyr - none
have greater powers!"

The only sound was the catching of Mika's breath in her
tightening throat.

A dull crimson light pulsed around Lalo's teenaged body; rapidly
it coalesced into a bright energy ball two feet in diameter.
Without warning the ball flew across the room and slammed into
Mika. She was thrown backwards and pinned against the soiled
wall. Her chest opened appearing to split in two, and her dark
heart slowed visibly in its fevered beating.

"Now do you stop Jeff? Or should I do that after I dispose of you
Mika?" Lalo asked, unduly sweetly.

"I-I, I will, my apologies Mistress." Mika groaned.

"Good, and so polite," Lalo closed her eyes briefly, and in that
instant Mika's heart stopped, "Now remember who outranks you.
Thank you."

Mika's exposed heart trembled, and finally beat once more. The
assembled women watched in awe as her chest closed with a
resounding slap. Mika fell stone-like to the ground, legs akimbo,
but even as she laid there dishevelled, her lips formed the words
of the spell to halt her thrall.

The room exploded into excited chatter, all present realised they
had witnessed the beginning of a new order. Lalo had staked her
claim to the coven.


To Gwen's relief the apparition stopped just in front of her. The
glistening clitoris tip dangerously close. Its eyes clouded for
an instant, and then the whole face lit up with a beautiful

"It seems my Mistress, my lover wants me to wait. Maybe she
wishes to sample you for herself..." The confident voice
faltered, and a trace of fear marred the relaxed expression. "No
there is another, it cannot be! I do not understand, how is this

The hermaphrodite-being shuddered, and then retreated back to its
coffin, once there, it crouched in seeming confusion.

"What do we do now?" asked Gwen, through clenched teeth.

"Not much we can do love, just be grateful 'thingy' over there
got turned off."

Almost immediately the cell door behind them scraped open. Both
Gwen and Cyn jumped and then turned towards the sound. Leanne's
face appeared through the widening gap.

"It is you, come on, quick I have found a way out!"

Gwen moved forward, she only halted when Cyn's hand gripped the
top of her arm.

"How do we know we can trust her any more?" Cyn whispered

Gwen flicked her eyes towards the coffin. "You trust that more?"

Cyn blinked. "Point."


Bill sat staring blankly into his empty coffee cup, finally he
spoke. "What is the point, it's all gone to hell, I might as well
go home and gas myself. Bob thinks I'm a lunatic, said so before
he left. Now I wonders if he wasn't right." The big man shook his
head in disbelief.

"Listen Bill you don't know the half of it yet. We have to save
Cyn and the others from this - madness." Jolene protested.

"Why should I want to save her? The little madam has been on
drugs or something and gone crazy. Now she rushes around Bristol
sexually assaulting other women. What would I do with a crazed
lesbo teenager?" Bill spat out the words with disgust.

Jolene went to reply, but Fizz raised a hand. His mellow tone was
distorted by swollen lips, but he could still exude authority.

"I know my present appearance may not suggest it, but I am a
medical doctor with years of experience in the problems of
adolescents. Whatever you think of your daughters actions, I can
assure you, it is not her fault. This madness, lets call it a
virus,it infected her at the concert. It is now controlling her

The big man blinked, as tears filled his eyes. "Virus, so she's
ill, not mad? Tell me doc, man to man, is she going to, to, die?"
Deep sobs welled up from his chest.

"Not if I have anything to do with it. But we have to find her,
and the more of us the better. These infected girls' gather
together." said Fizz.

"What sort of virus makes them group together?" asked the puzzled

"A very odd sort of virus, but one we can cure."

"OK, I'm in - lets save these kids."

Jolene smiled at Bill's response, she lent against Fizz and
whispered "Well done, you convinced him!"

Fizz kept his feelings to himself 'I wish I was as convinced
myself.' However he now diverted his attention to the fragments
of blotchy loo paper. He frowned, try as he might it made no

'xxxxxxilly xxxxle, it's between Van and Bedwas. Under it thexx
xxx xxxxxxns. Go on train to xxxdifx it's not far xxxy.'

Jolene had a stroke of inspiration. That could say Cardiff!
"Look, go on the train to Cardiff it's not far away."

Bill perked up, "Wales, they are in Wales? Let me look I knows
Wales. His eyes hungrily digested the smudged words. "Caerphilly
Castle they gone to Caerphilly Castle!"

Fizz and Jolene looked at each other in astonishment. Both of
them asked the same question simultaneously. "How the hell do you
know that?"

Bill suddenly looked sheepish. "Well I has two hobbies,
crosswords and buildings, big buildings like castles. I was just
a kid when I got into castles."

Jolene lent across the table and kissed Bill on his lips. As she
pulled away she said, "Don't you apologise for your hobbies,
don't you dare apologise. You and your hobbies are hero's, just

Bill turned beetroot.

"Right, now all we need is a plan." Fizz smiled, "Only a minor
detail of course."


Gwen followed Leanne, leaving a small gap between the two of
them, just in case. Cyn was even more cautious, her eyes darted
left and right scrutinising the shadows. All seemed calm however,
and their route was gradually ascending. Gwen began to think they
could re-group and discuss their strategy. Wandering around
blindly seemed a little too vague and dangerous. Cyn whispered to
Gwen, "Don't get too relaxed, we should be ready for anything".
As the final word left Cyn's lips, Leanne faltered in her step
and then sunk to her knee's.

"Leanne!" Gwen rushed forward to her stricken friend. Cyn paused,
confusion showed in her bright blue eyes. Her eyes widened with
fear as a door in front of Gwen and Leanne opened, and women
filed out to fill the corridor.

"Fuck! Gwen leave her, run," said Cyn as she spun on her heels.
Seconds later she vaulted around a bend in the corridor and into
the arms of another group of women. A young girl spoke.

"Excellent, you are just in time for the ceremony. The more the

"Oh, shit," muttered Cyn, "Leave me be, please."

"Now where would the fun be in that?" Asked a woman who resembled
the girl closely, "Don't worry it won't hurt, at least not in a
bad way."

The group guided a crest-fallen Cynthia back towards her friends,
eventually the two groups met and swept the trapped women into a
large hall. Together Gwen and Cyn were hustled towards a raised
central dais. The plinth was covered with a red cloth, the cloth
was not clean, but smeared with the emissions of many an urgent

Gwen looked at Cyn, it was suddenly abundantly clear what they
were being asked to do. Some sort of performance was planned.
Both the young women paled.


The van shuddered violently as it hurtled along the crowded
motorway. Fizz bounced uncomfortably in the rear, his eyes were
fixed and staring. Normally he would have complained at the
breakneck speed, particularly as the less than aerodynamic van
protested so violently.

His mind however was fixed on the safety of others, he felt
responsible for Rachael and her predicament. Despite the jolting
ride his attention was focussed on Jolene, his love for her was
growing in spite the disparity in their ages and background.
Finally he blinked and rubbed his dry eyes with his thumb and
forefinger, his sigh was long and low. If only he knew what to do
once they arrived, why did he have to be a man of thought, but
not action.

"Are you all right love," asked Jolene without turning.

"Yes, I'm just concerned about our rescue attempt." Shouted Fizz
over the rattling and pounding of the van.

"We'll be fine mate, us two strong men - I means they are just a
bunch of weird girl's. What's the worst that can happen?" Joked

"More than you could imagine." sighed Jolene.

"Is there something you two aren't telling me?" Bill asked.

The van fell silent, other than the creaking of the chassis and
the shifting of Bill's building equipment. The Ford swept along
the M4 bypassing Newport, and its lights flickered across the
large road sign 'Cardiff 18, Caerdydd 18'. Bill decelerated and
slammed the Escort over to the left. It shot up the ramp and
screeched to a halt behind a short queue of traffic. Fizz made an
immediate decision. "Bill we haven't been entirely frank with
you; but if we are going to explain we need you to drive a little
more sanely."

"I expects I could organise that." said Bill flatly.

"Well it's a long story..." Fizz began to tell the tale.


Desperately Gwen's eyes searched their would be audience for
signs of sympathy; there were none, just raw feral lust. Her gaze
turned back to Cyn, what she saw surprised her, Cyn looked
broken, defeated. "Come on love, we can get through this

Cyn just nodded dumbly, and ignored the hands disrobing her. Gwen
jumped when similar hands fell on her, pulling at her tee-shirt
and jeans. Soon the tee-shirt lay torn on the floor, and Gwen's
jeans were, together with her panties, crumpled around her
ankles. Urgent hands thrust Gwen and Cyn together, and the numb
girl's tumbled onto the low plinth.

"Enough! Our purpose here today is sacred," said Lalo in a stern
voice, "Time for the ceremony to commence." Maldea stepped
forward to embrace her daughter.

"I lose you as a child and gain you as a sister." She whispered
in Lalo's ear. "Begin the summoning!"

The crowd around the plinth parted, leaving the two disorientated
young women holding each other. They dared not move, wondering
not only what was to come; but what their part in it would be.

The room appeared to darken and then at one point a brightness
developed. The dull redness grew and as it grew, it pulsed,
getting continually brighter. Soon it was too bright to be
comfortable, but not one pair of eyes looked away. The very air
appeared to crack, and a rough portal formed. Two women stepped
through the portal and were bathed in the crimson light.

The portal closed and the atmosphere snapped shut once more,
relishing in its reformation. Gwen and Cyn clung to each other
for warmth, as clouds of ice particles fell to the dungeon's
floor. As eyes their recovered, they could make out the odd garb
of the beautiful beings that had joined them, odd but strangely
in keeping with their surroundings. The taller of the women

"Kneel fools! You are in the presence of Wampyr."

Other than the petrified couple on the dais, all fell to their
knees. The shorter woman glared at Gwen and Cyn. "How nice, we
have some pets to play with."

Lalo spoke, her voice hushed in reverence. "Countess, Darvulia,
you honour us with your presence."

The air shook as Erzsébet Bathory spoke. "Nonsense child we are
here to honour you. You do not yet understand your importance to
our race. Davrvulia will explain, I only desire the enslavement
of the human race; I have no interest in its flawed seed."

Darvulia stepped forward, a smaller but in no way a diminished
figure compared to her Mistress. "I am Darvulia, consort to
Erzsébet and fellow high council member of the Wampyr. I have
consulted with the scientist's collected here, and Margit before
she met her unfortunate end. Lalo is unique, she is an 'orphan'
from two blood lines and in a freak of nature she has in this way
inherited two copies of the Wampyr gene. Normally this only
happens when a vampyre completes its bite, but that process is
brutal, normal human DNA is shattered.

In Lalo's case this has not happened, we have normal DNA with a
complete Wampyr gene set. This means two things, firstly we will
no longer fear the elimination of the DNA vector in single bite
'orphans'. No longer will they die early due to their damaged
DNA, nor will man find and block our infection path. But secondly
and most importantly that vampyre's and the Wampyr host will be
fully immune to daylight. We shall be able to walk on the earth
with impunity and feast at will!" Darvulia smiled a lupine smile.

Erzsébet emerged from the shadows. "The Wampyr host will take its
natural place, as the enslavers of mankind. Now Lalo is of age
and sexually active, our work can begin. In recognition of this I
am here to induct Lalo into the high council of the Wampyr host."
She turned and kissed Lalo on the forehead, whilst running her
pale skinned hands along the naked girl's flanks. Lalo's flat
stomach rippled in anticipation, and her young thighs parted
revealing her responsive core.

Lalo rotated her hips forward, displaying her plump mound to the
Wampyr's hungry gaze. Erzsébet fell to her knees and tenderly
suckled from the moist offered morsel. The countess's eyes
drifted up Lalo's quivering flesh until they met the youngsters
own, Lalo nodded her consent between her rasping gasps.

The Bathory teeth clamped shut, puncturing and capturing her
prey. Lalo threw her head back in ecstasy, her mouth wide in
passion. The beam of desire that was born in Erzsébet's mouth,
travelled through the wildly twitching expanses of Lalo's
captured body. The beam intensified with each nerve synapse it
touched, and each cell it ravished, until in a orgasmic blast it
erupted from Lalo's stretched lips. The room was illuminated with
desire, bathed in perverted lust, as bright as the midday sun yet
as dark as the midnight hour. The orgy began in earnest.

Lalo, Wampyr Mistress was born.


Bill parked the van with all the aplomb Fizz had expected of him.
The nearside two wheels were humped up on the kerb without a care
for his passengers. "Well matey, here we are - what's next?" Bill
peered into the dark rear of the van, his grin was as lopsided as
the disgruntled medic.

"Well... Matey, As soon as I have undergone surgery and extensive
traction, I suggest we finalise our attack plan."

"Oh, was the trip a bit rough, sorry I didn't think of you back

"A bit rough... Never mind. Do you have anything we can use as

Bill considered this for a second and then smiled. "I got a
couple of shovels and some fence posts. We could makes us some
stakes. You did say there was vampires."

Fizz buried his head deep in his hands, then looked pleadingly at
Jolene, who had just managed her struggle against gravity and
Bill's parking, to emerge from the passenger seat. Jolene strode
along the side of the van and up to Bill, she slipped an arm
around the burly man's shoulders. "I would forget what you have
seen on 'Hammer House of Horror'. This needs a subtle approach

"Subtle?" asked Bill, mouthing the word uncomfortably.

Fizz nodded. "Look Bill, bring any small sharp tools you have,
things that we can pocket easily. We will have a meeting in that
café over there and think how the three of us can work as an
effective team against many."

"Okey Dokey matey, Oh I got a St. Christopher sticker in the
front of the van. If it will help!"

"Why not pop it in your pocket, after all, you never know."
suggested Jolene. Bill bounded off to retrieve his sticker. Fizz
just shook his head and gazed upwards hoping for guidance. "His
heart is in the right place Fizz, give him a chance."

"It's not his heart that worries me..." replied Fizz.

Jolene shuddered.

"What's the matter, are you cold?" Fizz wrapped a long protective
arm around his woman.

"No, they are here... I can feel them... It's as if..."

"As if what?" Asked Fizz, his face a mask of concern.

"As if... Nothing Is, But What Is Not." Jolene spoke dreamily.

"That's Shakespeare isn't it?" asked Fizz.

"Mmm - think so!"

"I see, I see" said Fizz, his forehead furrowed with frown lines.
The doctor blanched, Jolene was linked to them, could she now be
trusted? In fact could any of them be trusted with this task?


To be continued:

Foot Notes (C) Yotna El'toub January 2006

I hope you have enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed
writing it.  As always, feedback is appreciated, since it is my
only payment for my work.

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