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A Photographer's Dream

   Shooter 3704

   I was changing the oil in my car.  Not that I couldn't afford to have
someone do it, I enjoy getting under the car and getting dirty.  Since I
had paid an obscene amount of money for the classic Ford Mustang I wanted
to be sure that the oil was right.

   My name is Chad Murphy and until a few months ago I was a career Navy
man.  I was also a proud member of SEAL team four.  I had twenty in and
because I enlisted at seventeen with my parents blessing I am still a young
man.  I could hump it with even the youngest on my team.  There had been a
disagreement with some very senior defense department folks.  The bottom
line was I lost.  Since I had my twenty in they had to let me retire so I
did.  I took my hobby and made a occupation out of it.  Photography was the
hobby.  I got out of the Navy, took my back pay and raided the bank and got
my savings, and hauled ass.

   Off and on over the past five or six years I had corresponded with a
photographer who's work I happened to see in a trade magazine.  He had, on
several occasions offered to let me come work with him.  I did several
times while on leave for short periods of time.  His name was Mack McDill.
I say 'was' because Mack died a year before I left the Navy.  We had become
close over the years and for his family, I arranged to get enough time off
to come to his funeral.  His wife of well over thirty years offered to sell
me Mack's business but I had to turn it down because at that time I hadn't
got cross-ways with the DOD.  That came four months after her offer to

   When I finally realized that I was foot loose and fancy free I called
Mack's wife and heaved a sigh of relief when she told me she had not
disposed of his studio and equipment.  The bottom line was I bought about
sixty five thousand dollars worth of equipment for twenty grand.  I didn't
cheat the widow.  She knew to the dollar what it was worth but insisted
that was what she wanted from me.  The studio was in an old two story house
that Mack had bought for a song and fixed it up and browbeat the city into
rezoning it for his business.  Even without any of the studio equipment the
house was worth more than I paid for the whole shooting match.  I spent a
couple of thousand dollars remodeling the upstairs as living quarters for
me.  It wasn't fancy but it served the purpose.  The driveway was the old
fashion kind with two tracks of concrete and grass in the middle.  That was
were I was with my Boss Mustang.

   I scooted out from under the car and found myself looking up into the
crotch of a woman.  Actually I was looking up the loose legs of her shorts
at a pair of red panties at the perfect outline of her cunt.  I was in a
quandary.  I liked the view but I really needed to know who's crotch I was
staring at and why she was standing straddled over me.

   "Hello," I said making the creeper scoot on out from her.  "How you

   "Fine," she said twisting around to look at me.  I scrambled to my feet.
My first thought was I had made an appointment and failed to write it down.
"Who are you?"

   "Chad Murphy," I answered, finding a rag and wiping my oily hands on it.
"Who are you?" I guessed her age at sixteen but quickly revised it upward
to maybe twenty.  She was wearing, besides the baggy legged white shorts, a
red tank top.  Being that I'm a tit man, I checked and there was nothing
there to get excited about.  Not, mind you, that I consider big knockers a
major plus.  I like them all.  Big, small, cones, puffys, and even the tiny
tits where it's mostly all nipple.  Anything I can get a lip-lock on will
do.  Her face was pretty and right on the border of being beautiful if it
hadn't been for the scowl.

   "I'm Lisa," she said.  "I live right there." She was pointing to the
house next door.  "Your dog knocked over our trashcan and scattered it all
over the back yard.  What are you going to do about it?" She was being
insolent but I thought it was mostly an act.  I revised my estimate of her
age back to sixteen again.  She was acting like a petulant teenager.

   "What shall I do?" I asked scratching my head.  "I got it.  Nothing. 
I'm going to do absolutely nothing about it, Lisa."

   "There's a leash law inside the city." She said, now a little uncertain
that I hadn't volunteered to go clean up the mess.

   "Tell you what," I said, closing the hood of my car.  "Next time you see
my dog over there, shoot it or call the dog catcher.  I really couldn't
care less." She gave me a look I'm sure she meant to be mean, but didn't
carry it off very well.  I've been looked at my some really mean people and
some even wanted to kill my ass.  Lisa wasn't scaring me very much.  She
went back across the low picket fence that separated the two properties. 
It was only about two and a half feet high but she had to hop on one foot
to clear the sharp pickets.  Been a shame to tear her red panties, I
thought, watching her go around to the back of her house.

   I wiped off the tools and put them in my tool box.  It was getting on
toward Miller time and I didn't have any appointments the rest of the
afternoon or evening.  I could get completely sloshed if I wanted to.

   "Just what the hell do you mean, telling my daughter to shoot your dog?"
a demanding voice yelled.  I turned to see a slightly older version of Lisa
stand at the fence glaring at me.  No way could that lovely thing be the
mother of that mean-mouth teenager that just left me.  "Why would you do
that?  My daughter wouldn't harm a fly.  You should be ashamed of

   "I am," I replied, getting the tool box and walking away.  "Have a nice

   "Wait a damned minute," she yelled.  "Don't you walk away from me
while." the rest of her tirade was cut off by the closing of the kitchen
door.  Well, it would have been a kitchen if Mack hadn't gutted it and made
a darkroom out of it.  I added a larger refrigerator and kept beer in with
the film.  I got a bottle of the cold nectar and went to the front to wait.
I didn't have to wait long.

   "I'm Kate Hawkins," she said bursting through the front door into the
waiting room.  "I live next door and I certainly do not appreciate your
attitude, sir." I could see that she was working herself into a state of

   "Hi, Kate.  I'm Chad Murphy and I live here.  I also don't own a dog."

   "What you said was uncalled for and rude.  I.what did you say?"

   "I said I'm Chad Murphy and I live here.  Oh, you mean about me not
owning a dog?  I don't."

   "What do you mean?"

   "I don't own a dog.  I have no dog.  I do not process a dog.  I don't
even know a dog.  Personally that is.  What was that you were saying about
being rude?"

   "Oh, I think I may have made a mistake, Mister Murphy.  I'm sorry. 
Please forgive me." She opened the door.

   "Okay you're forgiven," I said as she stepped through the doorway. 
"Would you like a beer?"

   "What?  I'm sorry, did you just offer me a beer?"

   "I did indeed," I said.  "We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot,
but there's nothing like a cold beer to put things right again.  Straighten
them ol' feet right up."

   "No, but thanks," she said jumping from the porch instead of using the
four steps.  "I have to.go, or something.  I'm sorry Mister Murphy."

   "Call me Chad, neighbor," I called to her back as she leaped across the
fence.  I could hear her yelling at Lisa from my front porch.  Petulant
Lisa was getting her pretty ass chewed royally.  Nothing like a good ass
chewing to lighten the moment.


   I didn't see or hear from the Hawkins girls for over a week.  I was
washing my classic car early one spring Saturday morning.  I tried to break
the early rising habit but it didn't work.  I was awake at daylight every
damned morning.  If it seems that I spend a lot of time fooling with the
car, it's true.  Besides the house it's the most valuable thing I've ever
owned.  Being a classic, it does require some special attention.  I was
already making plans to clean out the garage so I'd have a place to put
"The Boss" by the winter.  From what I could tell the garage was full of
junk left from even before Mack bought the old place.

   "Lisa said you may know something about cars," her voice came from
behind me.  I turned to see Kate Hawkins looking across the little fence at
me.  "My car won't start." I bit my tongue to keep from asking the obvious
question about fuel.  Women hate that, I had discovered.

   "I'll look at it," I said.  "Not real good with the newer high
compression engines." I shut the water off and followed her across the yard
to her driveway.  Her drive was like mine except some one had put cinders
and some gravel between the concrete tracks.  I suspected at all these old
houses had been heated by coal at some point in time.  I had found an old
coal bin in the basement of my house.

   Her car wasn't a new one by several years.  I popped the hood and saw
almost immediately what the problem was.  The ground wire was loose.  I
went back to my house and got a wrench and tightened the connection.  I
told Kate to give it a try and it started right up.

   "Thank you," she said looking uncomfortable.  "I really appreciate it."

   "No problem," I said closing the hood.  "You're good to go."

   "Can I pay you something?" she asked uncertainly.

   "No thank you.  You're thanks is payment enough.  Have a nice day,
Kate." I turned and started back across the yard.

   "Are you married, Mister Murphy?" she called.  "I mean I was going to
offer to cook your dinner and I.well, how many to cook for."

   Now we were getting somewhere.  I can cook well enough to keep from
starving but that's about all.  "It's just me, Kate." I answered.  "Well,
me and the dog of course.  You don't have to cook for me, but I'll tell you
right now if you offer, I'll accept."

   "Tonight about six," she said.  "It won't be fancy, just filling."

   "I'll be here," I promised.  "Can I bring anything?" She said just to
bring an appetite but I made a mental note to pick up a bottle of wine.  I
don't drink it myself but I know some people do.


   Being in a kitchen with to women bustling around preparing a meal is a
special feeling.  Kate met me at the door with a cold been outstretched and
that is always a good way to start almost anything.

   "What are you going to do if shit for brains come by?" Lisa asked her

   "I don't know," Kate answered.  "Maybe he's still gone.  I can't live my
life worrying about what Derrick will do." It was like they forgot I was
sitting there in the same room with them.

   "Is this Derrick someone I should be aware of?" I asked.

   "Mom's boyfriend," Lisa answered without turning around.  "He's an

   "He is not my boyfriend," Kate said forcefully.  "We went out twice
which was one time too many.  He seems to think I'm his property or
something.  He's a real jerk."

   "He threatened Mom," Lisa said now facing me.  "He told her that he'd
kill any man who even looked at her.  He has a couple of buddies he hangs
with.  Mean-ass biker types.  You'd better watch your ass."

   "Okay," I said.  "Now that I know, I'll watch my ass."

   We didn't even make it through dinner before Derrick came calling.  Kate
went to the door and I could hear his loud voice demanding to come in.

   "You got some asshole in there with you, ain't you?" The voice got
louder and soon he was standing in the kitchen doorway.  He was a big man
and full of confidence his size had falsely given him.  He had on a leather
biker's vest over a dirty tee shirt.

   "Who the fuck are you?" he demanded.  I didn't look at him and continued
to eat my meal.  "Man, you deaf?  I said who the fuck are you?" He advanced
to within range.  There is a time to chat and a time not to chat.  I wasn't
in a chatting mood.

   "Man, I'm your worst fucking nightmare," I answered hitting him in his
gut.  From a sitting position the blow didn't have a lot of force, but it
was enough to knock him on his ass.  I wondered if he had enough sense to
retire from the field.  He didn't.  He scrambled to his feet and charged
back to within range.  This time I nailed him with a chop to his neck and
put his lights out for him.  I was careful not to put too much on it.  I
didn't have any reason to kill the stupid jerk.  At Uncle Sam's expense I
learned a number of ways to kill a person with my bare hands.

   "Damn!" Lisa said, her eyes wide.  "You didn't even get up."

   "I really hate to have my meal disturbed," I said.  "Messes up the
digestion.  I'll toss him outside when I finish, if that's all right,
Kate." Kate stepped around the unconscious man and sat back down at her
place.  We finished the meal while Derrick slumbered away on the floor. 
Actually Kate and Lisa seemed to lose their appetite.  Nothing much causes
me to lose mine.

   "His buddies are outside," Kate said in a squeaky voice.  "Maybe I
should call the police."

   "If you want," I said.  "It's your house.  Or I could take Derrick out
and reason with them."

   "Reason with them?  Are you out of your mind?" Kate asked.

   "Not so much," I said.  "I'm a pretty good reasoner.  I'll bet I can
convince them they should leave you alone."

   "Let him, Mom," Lisa said.  "He knocked Derrick on his ass and never
even got out of the chair.  I'll bet he can take care of himself." Kate
looked uncertain.

   "I made an apple pie for desert," she said.

   "Great," I responded.  "Let's save it until I take care of this

   I suppose it was a shock for the two guys to see me carrying their buddy
out by his belt.  Derrick was heavy but I made myself to show no sign that
I was straining.  The two men were sitting on the lawn smoking.  One was
tossing a knife at a tree.

   "What the hell.?" one said jumping to his feet when he saw me and
Derrick.  "What the fuck's going on?"

   "Derrick let his tiger mouth overload his humming bird ass," I answered,
dropping Derrick at their feet.  "You boys don't want to make that same
mistake." I was aware that Kate and Lisa were both on the porch watching
us. "You need to load him up and haul him off."

   "Is he dead?" one of them asked.  He was a slack-jawed man with long
greasy blonde hair, pulled back in a ponytail.

   "No, not that I care much either way," I said.  "He'll come around in a

   "Man, I'll cut your ass," the other man with the knife said taking a
step toward me.

   "Not that way you won't," I said quickly and effortlessly taking the
knife out of his hand.  "You should hold it closer to your body with the
cutting edge up." I demonstrated the right way to do it and handed the
knife back to him.  "You try it." He didn't learn very fast.  He came at me
waving the knife out in front of him.  It was childishly easy to take it
away again.  This time I threw it at the tree with all the force I could
muster.  He grabbed it and tried to pull it free, but he couldn't budge it.
The blonde headed man was slowly reaching behind him.  "When that hand
comes out it better be empty," I said conversationally.  "I'd hate to twist
it off and beat you with it." His hand came out from behind him, empty. 
Blondie was a faster learner.  "Now, boys, load this piece of shit up and
get out of here.  If I see you anywhere within five blocks of this house
again, your ass will be mine."

   "Come on Vic, help me with Derrick," Blondie said.  "We'll see you
later, dude," he tried to scowl at me but it didn't scare me a whole lot. I
wiggled the knife free from the tree and handed it to the one called Vic.

   "You might want to consider another type of weapon," I said.  "You
really aren't very good with a knife, Vic." I watched them load Derrick who
was beginning to stir.  I watched them until they were out of sight and
then I went back to the porch.

   "Now what were you saying about apple pie," I said to Kate who still
looked shaken.  Lisa was beaming.

   That night sort of set a pattern.  I ate at Kat's house about every
night for the next week.  Derrick and company didn't make an appearance
during that time.  I foolishly began to think they wouldn't return.  I
should have known better than that.  That type don't learn.


   One morning, Kate went out to find her tires had been slashed.  Of
course there was no proof but we all knew who the culprits were.  Mister
Derrick and company.  Over the week preceding the attack on her old car,
Kate told me how she happen to go out with Derrick in the first place.

   "He was working at the one hour photo-mart," Kate said.  "He wasn't as
grimy then.  I had taken some snapshots of Lisa for a contest she wanted to
enter.  Derrick made some nice comments about Lisa and me.  Like how he
could believe a woman my age could have an eighteen year old daughter.  Ego
stroking stuff.  I fell for his line and we went out.  That one time was
enough for me, but he insisted we go out again.  He wore me down and I
agreed.  He wasn't very nice the second time and I told him to stay away.
As you saw that wasn't working too well."

   "Okay, but you'll have to admit, because you have a mirror, that it is
hard to believe you could have an eighteen year old daughter.  You don't
look much older than that yourself." Old Chad could stroke the ego, too.

   "Not all that complicated," she said laughing and blushing.  "I started
young.  Very young.  I'm thirty-five so you do the math."

   I had noticed that Kate and Lisa acted more like sisters than mother and
daughter.  Their banter was more sisterly.

   Looking at the ruined tires I thought it was time I go have a heart to
heart with Derrick.  I didn't say anything to Kate, but Lisa told me where
they gang hung out.  I located the headquarters and sat in my car and
watched for a while.  From what I could tell there was about nine or ten
actual gang members and three or four female groupies.  After a while
Derrick and his two buddies, Blondie and Vic got on their bikes and left. I
followed keeping back a ways.  They went to a bar at the edge of town,
parked their bikes and went in.  I went and slashed all six tires and left.
I didn't really think they would get the message, but I hoped they might.

   The next day I helped Kate locate some good used tires and that night
they were cut.  Okay, I was pissed then.  I located the dump where Derrick
lived and paid him a visit.  He wasn't home when I arrived, but I let
myself in and waited.  He came in just after midnight.

   "We have a problem, Derrick," I said from the darkness where I waited.
He jumped and whirled around.

   "What the hell?  What the fuck you doin' here?" he said his voice higher
than I remembered it.

   "Like I said.  We have a problem." I came out of the darkness and stood
near him.  He nearly tore his pocket off trying to get the small double
barreled derringer out.  I helped him and took it away from him.  "The
problem is you are a pest.  I don't like pests, Derrick.  I get rid of
pests." He took a step back and I followed him.  "How bad am I going to
have to hurt you to convince you to leave Kate alone?" He was shaking his
head like he couldn't believe that this was happening to him.  "Derrick,
I've killed men.  A lot of men, actually.  It was never personal, but in
your case I'm willing to make an exception." I broke his nose with the edge
of my hand.  "What will it take, Derrick?" I broke his jaw and then his
collarbone.  He screeched like a woman when I broke his right arm.  He
wouldn't be riding his scooter for a while.  "You owe Kate for a set of
tires, Derrick.  Pay up." He didn't protest when I took a couple hundred
bucks out of his big trucker's wallet that was chained to his belt.  I
drove away on his Harley and he didn't protest that either.  Derrick was
out for the count so I suppose that had something to do with his lack of

   I didn't think Derrick would report my assault on his person, but he
might report the bike being stolen.  I wiped it clean and left it by the
closed gate of the police impound lot on Sixth street.  I walked a couple
blocks over to Broadway and got a cab back to where I left my car and went
home.  Not a bad night's work.


   Derrick left town a week later.  Someone came in a van, loaded his junk,
his recovered bike, Derrick, and drove away.  His father I assumed. 
Blondie and Vic found another place to be, also.  Ah well, I suppose our
town can get along without them.

   Kate and I spent a lot of time together while Derrick was mending. 
There were two major reasons for that.  One, I wanted to be sure that
Derrick didn't send someone to extract revenge and two, I liked her
company. Lisa's company also.  A minor reason was I really liked Kate's
cooking.  I played it cool not making a move on Kate.  Or Lisa either for
that matter.

   During that time I picked up two good contracts.  One a calendar company
and the other a company with a cheap line of lingerie.  Not inexpensive,
just cheap.  The calendar deal was simple.  Just send some photos of cute
kids doing kid things.  Like playing on a swing or in the playhouse at
McDonalds.  Sappy things like that.  I had that job done in part of three

   The lingerie catalog was a different.  I needed at least four models. 
Petit, average, mature but good looking, and one that was large but
beautiful.  Full figured that called it.

   I was pretty sure I would have no trouble getting any except the jumbo
and the mature but good looking model.  There had seldom been a day go by
since I opened that there wasn't at least some model or model want-a-be
calling or coming by looking for work.

   When I mentioned it to Kate she suggested Lisa as the average size
model. I was aware that Lisa had entered some sort of contest but I didn't
know it was modeling.

   "Are you sure?" I asked her.  "Some of those outfits are pretty skimpy."

   "I'm sure Lisa won't mind showing off her body," Kate said laughing. 
"Haven't you noticed her sunbathing in the back yard?  I'm sure that was
mainly for your benefit." Of course I'd noticed.  I'm normal and Lisa is a
hot young woman.  "I think Lisa is a little disappointed that you haven't
made a move on her."

   "Really?" I was surprised.  Being double her age I had assumed she.well,
I'm not sure what I assumed.  "I thought we were just friendly neighbors.
Besides If I were planning a move it would be on the mother."

   "Why haven't you?" Kate asked.  I didn't answer her but I knew that the
reason was I'm shy with women.  Always have been and I hate it.  I've never
been able to read women.  I don't ever have a clue what they want or what
their thinking is.  I knew from what Kate told me that Lisa's father had
been killed in some sort of industrial accident.  It had taken a long time
but the insurance company finally paid off.  Kate being a sharp woman, put
the money in safe investments and lived off the interest, supplementing it
with various jobs as needed.  After her husband died his other insurance
paid the house off so they were able to live fairly cheaply.

   "I don't know," I answered.  "Fear of rejection, more than likely."

   "You wouldn't be rejected," Kate said looking at me with a serious
expression on her face.  "By either of us.  Why don't you ask her about
modeling?" I told her I would.  "Do you think we are really through with

   "Yes, I think so," I answered grateful for the shift in conversation,
but not really wanting to talk about what I did to Derrick.  I'm shy around
women, but that don't mean I'm totally ignorant.  I knew there was more to
it about Derrick then she had shared with me.  His predatory attitude was
more than a man who had had a couple of dates.  I assumed she had slept
with him.  I hadn't pressed her, figuring she would tell me sooner or
later, or not.  It didn't much matter to me.

   "Good," she said.  "That was a mess and I didn't know how to get out of
it.  I owe you big time."

   "No you don't.  I've eaten enough of your cooking to more than
compensate me for my small part." We were sitting in her kitchen enjoying a
glass of ice tea.  I heard the front door slam and a moment later, Lisa
came rushing into the kitchen.  Lisa was working part time at an office
supply place downtown.

   "Hi sweetie," Kate said.  "Have a nice day?"

   "It sucked, like every day in that crummy place."

   "I'm sorry," Kate said.  "How would you like a modeling job?" She
glanced at me and I nodded for her to keep carrying the ball.  "Chad needs
a model for a catalog shoot." Lisa suddenly was all smiles.

   "Really?  What kind of modeling.not that it matters to me?" I explained
what I needed.  She listened carefully.  "I'm in," she said happily.  "What
does it pay.not that that matters either?" I told her the job paid ten
dollars an hour with a three hour minimum per session.  I told her that it
would take several sessions to complete the shoot.  I also told her that as
a bonus I would put a portfolio together for her.

   "Great!  When do we start?"

   "Tomorrow," I answered.  "But I'd like to do a practice shoot tonight if
you have the time." I suppose the hug and the quick kiss was answer enough.

   "Want to see if I can cut it, huh?" Lisa asked.

   "Yes, but I wouldn't have been that blunt," I said.  "Some of the items
are very reveling, Lisa.  I want to know if you can handle that.  Also if
there any surprised I need to know about." At her quizzical look I said,
"tattoos, scars and such.  I can fix a lot of things on the computer, but
not everything.  I really need to know if you'll be okay nearly nude."

   "I'll be fine," Lisa said.  "It's not like it will be the first time."
She and Kate exchanged a look.  I gave her a copy of the models
instructions.  It told about trimming the bush and a lot of things I wasn't
about to say out loud.  Lisa read it over and left us saying she had a lot
of things to do to get ready.

   "What was the look?" I asked Kate when Lisa had left the room. 
"Anything I should know?"

   "No, I don't think so," Kate answered.  "A couple of years ago, Lisa
decided to leave home.  She thought I was too hard on her so she got with a
biker gang.  Well, not exactly a biker gang.  They would have been if they
had owned a bike.  Lisa posed for some photos that.well, they were for
adults only, if you get my meaning.  The gang tried to blackmail us after
Lisa wised up and came home.  I hired a PI and he got the photos back from
them.  Then that low-life tried to blackmail me.  Be that as it may, we got
all of them back so there's nothing out there to bite you in the butt."

   "Blackmail?  Your own PI blackmailed you?  That's pretty rotten."

   "It wasn't for money, so I guess it could have been worse.  I'll have
supper ready by six.  When did you want to start with Lisa?"

   "You and she came come over right after we eat," I said.  "I'll be all
set up."

   "I won't be coming, Chad," Kate said.  "It would crimp Lisa's style for
me to be there."

   "Oh, okay," I said.  "I promise that."

   "Don't be silly, Chad," she interrupted me.  "You both are adults.  Do
what comes natural." I sure didn't have anything to say to that so I kept
my mouth shut.


   "Hey this is nice," Lisa said looking around my studio.

   "Thanks," I said.  "The dressing room is back there on your right.  I
laid out a couple of things.  Try the white and pink one first."

   Lisa didn't spend a lot of time in the dressing room and soon she was
back wearing the white and pink baby-doll set.  She looked hot.

   "Does this look all right?" she asked giving me a coy look.  She knew it
look a lot more than all right.  "I finished shaving the rest of the hair
off my pussy.  You can't see any can you?" I tore my eyes from her nearly
exposed breasts to her crotch.  Nary a hair to be seen.

   I got her positioned and made a couple of test shots.  Lisa had the
unusual ability to look sweet, like the little girl from next door, which
in this case she was, and in the next instant she looked sultry.  Radiating
sex from every pore.  I was sweating a lot more than the heat from the
lights should have caused.

   It was apparent from the first shot that Lisa would work out very well
for the catalog.  I was sure the people would love her.  I put her in
several other poses and sent her to put the next outfit on.

   I had spent the better part of a day separating the clothes into the
various sizes.  They were shipped to me in two huge boxes.  The outfits
ranged from sexy to just plain raunchy.  Lisa's second outfit was in the
raunchy category.  Black bra with holes for the nipples to stick through
and crotch-less black panties.

   Before I could pose her she sat down on the posing stool and let her
legs fall apart giving me a crotch-shot.  She apparently had done a good
job removing her pubic hair.  She smiled at me and casually tweaked both of
her nipples.  I have always made it a policy to never touch the subject,
but Lisa was making it very hard to adhere to policy.  Over the next ten
minutes Lisa did her best to see if she could drive me crazy.  When she
knew I was watching she would run her finger in her slit and toy with her
clitoris while giving me the look.

   "You know what I want, Chad?" she asked in a sultry voice.  I was pretty
sure I knew but I asked anyway.  "I need a stiff dick to suck on.  Can you
help me out?" Since I had a stiff dick I thought maybe I could.  I put the
camera down and went to her.  I didn't have to do much.  Quick as a wink
she had my pants unzipped and had little Chad out.  "Oh, this is nice," she
cooed stroking my cock.  "I like them when they are big like you.." I don't
consider myself big, but it's nice to hear anyway.  I'm about average, I
guess.  Nearly six inches long.

   "You are going to feel so good in my pussy," Lisa said softly.  I wasn't
sure if she was talking to me or to my dick.  Up to that point in my life I
was pretty sure I was the only person who had ever talked to my cock. 
Usually I was fussing at it for shooting-off too quick or letting the last
drop of piss fall on my pants.  "Oh yes indeedy, we are going to have a lot
of good times, aren't we?" If my mouth hadn't been so dry I would have
attempted to answer her on behalf of my cock.  She bent forward and took my
throbbing cock in her warm moist mouth.

   "Honey you better stop," I managed to croak.  She had been administering
to my cock for nearly five minutes, humming as she sucked me.  "I'm about
to explode." Her head came off of my dick and she smiled up at me.

   "I don't mind if you cum in my mouth," she said.  "But not right now.  I
want your cum in my pussy.  You really need to take me to a bed and fuck
me, Chad." I was thinking exactly the same thing.  My legs were threatening
to give way any moment.

   Since I had spent more time and money on the studio part of the house,
the living quarters left a lot to be desired.  That didn't seem to make any
difference to Lisa.  She was nearly insatiable and she nearly killed my old
ass.  What a way to go, huh?  Being fucked to death by young pussy.

   I couldn't help but notice that for someone so young, she seemed to
really know her way around a man's body.  Just when I thought I had nothing
left she managed to get me up and hard again.  When she went home sometime
around midnight I was dead to the world.  I remember her kissing the tip of
my limp dick and telling it goodnight.  I don't recall my dick answering


   I was moving kind of slow the next morning.  I guess I smiled a lot
because my face hurt from it.  I had two appointments before noon and I
managed to get through them without breaking into song.  I could almost
feel Lisa's pussy as it closed around my cock the first time.  It had been
like my cock was being grasped by a tight fist encased in a warm moist
velvet glove.  One thing was for sure.  Getting laid had put a spring in my
step.  There was only one dark cloud in my sky.  Kate.  I had a lot of
problem thinking how I would react.  I didn't have to wonder very long. 
Kate came in just as the second morning appointment left.

   "Good morning," she said cheerfully.  "How did it go last night?"

   "Good," I mumbled.  "Lisa will workout just fine as a model.  She's a

   "She should be," Kate said with a laugh.  'She's spent enough time
posing and primping in front of a mirror.  She's wanted to do modeling
since she was in junior high.  Thanks for giving her a chance, Chad.  She
left for work singing at the top of her lungs.  I love it when she's

   "My pleasure," I said and immediately regretted my choice of words. 
"The prints should be coming out of the printer about now.  You want to

   She looked at the nearly nude photos of her daughter without comment
until she had looked at all of them.

   "These are really good, Chad.  You do know your way around a camera,
don't you?" She flipped back through the stack.  "I'm not wild about this
one," she said handing me one with Lisa in the crotch-less panting giving
the camera a great crotch shot of her pink pussy.  I wouldn't think a
mother would like it.  "Her expression is all wrong." Expression?  Hell I
hadn't even looked at her face.  I took the photo and examined it.  Kate
was right.  I had caught Lisa between two expressions and it looked like
she was about to puke.

   "Yeah, that's not flattering at all," I said tearing the photo into tiny
pieces and tossing them into the trash.

   "This one is hot," Kate said offering me another photo.  It was one
where Lisa was looking at the camera with a wanton expression and fingering
her clit.  "Good stuff," Kate said.  "Looks like you found one model. 
Where will you get the others?"

   "I'll send out a model call to the agencies," I answered.  "I'll start
interviews in a few days.  Hopefully I'll start shooting by mid-week.  I
only have three weeks to complete the assignment."

   "Okay, Chad," Kate said coming close to me.  "You haven't looked at me
since I arrived.  What's wrong?" I shook my head, still not able to look in
her eyes.  "Come on now.  Is it because you made love to Lisa last night
and you're embarrassed?  I told you to let nature take its course, didn't
I. Don't look so shocked," she said laughing and putting her hand on my
cheek.  "Lisa and I don't have secrets from each other.  Was she good?  She
said you were great." I could feel the heat in my face because I was
blushing.  I muttered something, but I'm not sure what.

   "Lisa said you were a stallion in bed.  I guess that must have been the
case because you sure put a smile on her face.  She woke me up to tell me
about it." Oh God, I wanted to crawl into a hole to get away from this
weird conversation.  How on earth does a man discuss having sex with the
girl's mother?  Nothing in my limited experience had prepared me for that.
Merciful she left, telling me to come over for lunch.  I wasn't sure I
wanted to face her ever again.  I told her I couldn't come for lunch
because I had a lot I needed to do.  That was true but it sure wasn't the
reason.  Kate invited me to come for dinner.  I was noncommittal with my

   By suppertime I was over some of my embarrassment.  I was also hungry so
I went.  Strangely neither Kate or Lisa seemed any different.  Well Lisa
was a lot more friendly.  In fact she met me at the door with a kiss on the
lips.  I was acutely aware that Kate saw her kissing me but she seemed okay
with it.

   "How was your afternoon?" Kate asked.  I told her it had been fine and
that I had found a BBW.  "Okay, what's a BBW?" she asked.  I told her it
stood for big beautiful woman.  I met Marcy at the modeling agency by
chance and was immediately struck with her charms.

   "Large or full blown women are a large segment of the lingerie
business," I informed them.  "The trick is to find a big woman who is
comfortable with her size and who looks good on camera.  Marcy's portfolio
looks good and she didn't have any problem with posing in the lingerie I
described.  I'm doing a test shoot tomorrow afternoon."

   "Great," Kate said.  "Now all you need is a Petit model and some old

   "No, not old or bag," I corrected.  "The mature model has to be old
enough but not too old and she has to look good."

   "Why don't you do it, Mom?" Lisa said.  "You're mature but look good."

   "You have to be joking!" Kate said with a laugh.  "Me?  Model?  I don't
think so, kiddo.  Too much age and gravity on my tired old body.  I'd scare
customers off."

   "I think Lisa's right," I said.  "I think you look good for a woman of
any age.  Why don't you give it a try?" It took Lisa and I another hour to
convince her to try.  We were finished with dinner when she reluctantly
agreed to do a test shoot.  I suggested we go do it right then.  I didn't
want her to change her mind on me.

   "Okay," Kate said.  "Lisa, you'll have to help me.  I don't even have a
clue what to do."

   "Of course, I'll help," Lisa said.  "There's really not that much to it.
Chad will pose you so all you have to do is look pretty for the camera."

   While Lisa and Kate were in the dressing room I got the lights
positioned.  Because I wanted Kate to see the results of the shoot quickly,
I decided to use a digital camera.  I purchased a high dollar, eight point
two mega-pixel, professional digital camera.  I had been very pleased with
the results.  I suspect that film will be around a long time but digital
was moving up fast.

   I let Kate and Lisa pick the outfit from the available stock.  I wanted
Kate to be comfortable with what she was wearing.  Fortunately she had more
wine with dinner than she normally drank so she was a little more adaptable
and amenable.  Her first outfit was a cobalt blue chemise with a matching
shear robe.

   Kate looked like a million bucks.  Hot and sexy.  Like Lisa she proved
to be a natural model by getting into a pose and holding it until I got a
couple shots.  The next selection was a gold satin camisole and she looked
even better.  The next was a black baby doll with gold trim.  Kate went
through five or six changes before she came out in the really sexy stuff.
One was a pushup bustier that threatened to spill her large breast out over
the top.  She wore a matching pair of butterfly panties.  I snapped away,
my mouth as dry as cotton.  Kate had no idea how hot she was or how hot she
was making me.  At least I didn't think she had any idea.

   By the time she got to the open nipple bras and crotch-less panties I
was sporting a hard-on that threatened to shatter.  Kate was calm and
collected as she posed giving me a great beaver shot.

   "God, Mom!" Lisa said.  "You really look good, doesn't she Chad?  "

   "Good enough to make a good dog break his leash," I managed to croak. 
Lisa went over to her mother and deftly removed the bra.  Kate, being
larger than Lisa, had a little sag from the weight of her big boobs but
they were still magnificent.  Long nipples that looked hard to me.  I shot
several shots of Kate topless and then Lisa helped Kate remove the panties.
Now Kate was completely nude except for her heels and stockings.

   "Do I look okay?" Kate asked leaning back on the pillows Lisa put down
for her.  She left one hand drift down to her hairless pussy and toyed with
her clit.

   "Only one thing would make you look better," Lisa said.  I wondered what
on earth that could be.  "That pose needs one thing," Lisa said.  Kate
asked what it needed.  "You need Chad's cock in your mouth." I froze at
that statement.  Lisa came over and took the camera out of my hand.  "Go
over and put a cock in her mouth, Chad," she said softly.  "I can take the
pictures.  When I didn't move she gave me a gentle shove.  I didn't know
what to do.  Kate solved my dilemma.

   "Bring it to me, Chad," Kate said huskily.  "Let's make the picture
right for Lisa." Then she added, "Let's make it right for me."

   I don't remember actually walking the short distance to where Kate lay.
I know I did because I was there.  I knelt down beside her and she unzipped
my fly.  My hard cock wasn't going to come out of that opening so I undid
my belt and shoved my pants down.  When my cock sprang free she took it in
her hand and smiled at me.

   "Lisa's right.  It is beautiful." She raised up and engulfed my
throbbing cock with her warm mouth.  I was only vaguely aware that the big
lights were flashing.  I was totally focused on what Kate was doing to me.
Lisa was a talented cocksucker, but Kate was a master at it.  She seemed to
know when I was ready to shoot and she clamed down on my cock and stopped
long enough to let me settle down and she would start again.

   Suddenly I felt another hand on my butt.  Lisa had put down the camera
and joined Kate and I on the floor.

   "Fuck her, Chad," Lisa whispered softly in my ear.  "Stick your cock in
her cunt and fuck her." I glanced around and saw that Lisa was naked like
her mother.  Lisa help me get undressed and when I got between Kat's open
legs I felt Lisa's hand on my cock guiding it in her mother's pussy. 
Again, I had nothing in my experience to fall back on.  Of course I had
fantasized about having two women, but it had never happened.  Kate was wet
and she was tight and when I didn't shove it in fast enough to suit Lisa
she pushed on my ass until I sank into Kate's hot pussy.  It took
everything I had to keep from shooting off in her immediately.

   "Don't worry, sweetie," Kate said.  "I'm protected so cum whenever you
want.  We'll get you hard again, won't we Lisa?" That did it.  I pumped in
and out of her a couple of times and came.  When I came so did Kate.

   When I eased out of Kat's sloppy pussy Lisa was on me.  She had my limp
cock back up in just a few minutes with her lovely mouth.  She seemed to
take no notice that my dick was slimy with Kat's and my juices.

   "There you go, Mom," she said "Get on and ride him." Lisa held my cock
for her mother to mount.  I held out longer that time.  I managed to bring
Kate to several very vocal orgasms before I shot off again.  I was sure
that I wasn't going to get it up again for a while, but they proved me
wrong.  This time Kate held my cock for Lisa.  It was totally surreal. 
While Lisa fucked me, Kate rubbed Lisa's shoulders urging her on.

   "Pinch my nips," Lisa told Kate.  "Pinch them hard, please." Her mother
complied and Lisa wailed loudly as she had a crashing climax.

   "No more," I pleaded when I came.  "I haven't got anything left."

   "Sure you do," Kate said kissing me soundly.  "You just need nourishment
and something to drink.  Let's go over to my house."

   Son of a bitch, she was right!  After a snack and a couple of beers I
was ready to go again.  The two women fucked me on and off the rest of the
night.  I staggered out of their house the next morning and made my way
back to my house.  I had two appointments that morning and I managed to get
both of them done without falling asleep.  I grabbed a nap and was
reasonably alert when Marcy came for her test shoot.  She did great and I
contracted with her to do the catalog shoot.  I think Marcy was a little
disappointed that I didn't come on to her.  No way, Jose.  I was fucked
out. At least I thought I was.  Late afternoon I got around to uploading
the pictures from Kate's shoot.  I got hard all over again.  Kate looked a
lot better than a woman her age should look.

   When I got to the last ones where Kate was giving me head, I really got
a boner.  Lisa had done a damned good job taking the photos.  She even had
a super erotic shot of my teeth pulling on Kate's elongated nipple.

   I didn't understand what had happened between Kate, Lisa and me, but I
sure wasn't complaining.  The idea of having two hot women to play with was
great, but thinking about a mother/daughter combo was almost more than I
could get a handle on.  It was glaringly obvious that they had no hang-ups
about the threesome.  They seemed completely at ease with it.  There was no
way that this could be their first time.  I was dieing with curiosity but
didn't know how to approach the subject.  Kate brought it up herself a
couple nights later.

   Lisa had gone out with some of her girlfriends and Kate and I were
laying on her bed is that post sex stupor that happens after intense
fucking.  Kate was laying with one legs thrown over mine and her head on my

   "Are you sure, Chad?" she asked.  I roused myself enough to ask her
about what.  "Me modeling for you.  You're not just being nice to someone
you are fucking, are you?"

   "I'm very sure," I said.  "You are great and the client is going to love
you.  You are as good, if not better, than most professional models.  It's
just too bad that we can't send some of the photos Lisa took," I added with
a chuckle.  I printed some of them and gave them to Kate.

   "I think that they may be a bit to much for a catalog," she said.  I
could feel her smile against my chest.  "I guess you've wondered about Lisa
and I.  I suppose it's a little unusual for a mother and daughter to have
sex with the same man and the same time, huh?"

   "I guess," I acknowledged.  "I sure never ran into it before.  You and
Lisa do it a lot?" I felt her stir in my arms.

   "No not a lot.  A couple of times before.  Derrick was the last man to
share us.  I suppose you figured there was more to that deal than what you
were told?" I told her that I had make an assumption or two.  "I know I
should have told you the whole story, but at the time we were just friendly
neighbors.  Engaging with sex with your daughter isn't something you're
likely to tell just anyone.  "

   "So there were more than just the two dates, you mentioned?"

   "No, that was it.  We went out two times on a date, date.  The other
times were here or his place.  Not real dates."

   "Do you want to tell me about it?" I asked.  "No pressure, but I am
curious if you want to tell me."


   Kate's story:

   "I mentioned that Lisa ran off.  After she came back it was a little
strained around here for a while.  I knew she had become sexually active
early.  Runs in the family I guess.  She had been back home for a couple of
months before she told me what all she had been involved in.  She told me
about putting out for the whole gang.  Eight or ten of them.  She pulled a
train a couple of times, too.  That's just a different way of saying
gang-bang.  She told how she had been sodomized a lot of times and how she
had serviced two men at a time.  I had taken her to a doctor just as soon
as she got back so I knew she hadn't suffered any permanent damage and
hadn't contracted any STD's.  Her stories both horrified me and, in all
honesty, excited me.

   Lisa was a different person when she came back from the gang or whatever
the hell it was.  She had always been a free spirit but she was even more
so after her experience.  Sex with my husband had been good and after he
died I really missed it.  I tried to make-do with a lifelike fake dick but
it wasn't the same.  After Lisa came home she was more open with her
sexuality.  She brought boys home and took them to her room.  A few even
stayed the night.  Of course I didn't like it but she was eighteen by that
time and there was no point in making an issue out of it.  I suppose I was
a little jealous if the truth be known.  Sometimes at night I could hear
Lisa and her lover and it damned near drove me around the bend.  Then one
night I happen to walk in the den and see her with a lover.

   I had been to a late movie and while I wasn't trying to catch her I did
come in quietly.  I didn't turn on any lights and when I walked past the
den I glanced in.  There was a lamp on by the sofa and I went in to turn it
off.  Lisa and her friend was on the floor in front of the sofa.  He was on
top of her going to town.  His dick working in and out of her like a piston
or something.  Even though I couldn't see his face I was sure it was Rob
Smith a boy Lisa had gone to high school with.  He was one of the few black
friends Lisa ran around with.

   I don't know how long I stood frozen in place as I watched him do her.
In the soft light I could see his big black dick going deep in her and I
could hear her soft grunts of pleasure.

   I would have made it out undetected if I hadn't ran into the coffee
table that they had pushed out of their way.  I knocked some bottles over
and Rob looked around and saw me.

   "Hi Mrs.  Hawkins," he said his teeth gleaming in the light.  "Did we
wake you?" He didn't even stop plunging in and out of my daughter.  I tried
to form a reply but no words came out.  I turned and hurried up to my room.
I threw my clothes off and pulled the cover over my head.

   A short while later I heard the front door slam shut and shortly after
that I heard Lisa in the bathroom.  When my bedroom door opened I pulled
the cover down and looked at Lisa.

   "Mom, are you all right?" she asked.

   "I'm fine Lisa," I answered shortly.  "Why wouldn't I be okay?"

   "I don't know, but you ran out of the den like you were upset.  Did it
bother you to see me with Ron?" I wanted to scream at her that it bothered
the hell out of me.  Not so much that she was screwing a black man but that
she was screwing any man.

   "No, of course not," I lied.  "It just surprised me, that's all."

   "Good.  I wouldn't want you upset at me.  I just felt like some dark
meat tonight.  I ran into Ron at the mall and.well, we ended up here.  Are
you sure you're okay?"

   "No dammit, I'm not okay!" I snapped.  "I'm horny as hell if you must

   "Do you want me to call Ron back?" she asked grinning at me.  "He's
always good to go again.  Ol' Ron's cock never gets completely soft." I
assured her that I didn't need Ron, but after she left me I thought about
it and I had to use my trusty dildo to get to sleep.

   The next morning while I was having coffee she came in the kitchen and
said good morning and poured herself a cup.  She sat down at the table
across from me.

   "Mom, when was the last time you had sex.with a man, I mean?" I shook my
head not knowing exactly how to answer her.  I hadn't had sex with a man
since my husband had gotten killed.  "I think you need to get laid," Lisa
said.  "You need to feel a real man between you legs and a good hard cock
in you.  Do wonders for your disposition."

   "You think my disposition need fixing?" I couldn't help but laugh.  She
laughed also.

   "It sure couldn't hurt, Mom.  Might soften the edges some." I informed
her in no uncertain terms that I could handle my own sex life.  She laughed
and said okay, but that night she brought Ron back and he and I ended up in
bed together.  Lisa had been right.  A hard cock was what I had been
missing.  I really enjoyed having Ron screw me.  He didn't have a lot of
experience but he more than made up for it with his staying power.

   After Ron there were other men Lisa brought home for me.  I'll be the
first to admit that the circumstances were a bit weird but for some reason
it worked for us.  Most of the guys were young, friends of Lisa.

   One guy, a man she worked with at the time was a little older.  Hal
Marks was his name.  Hal got Lisa and me into having sex with him together.
I can tell you the first time was not very good.  It was just too bizarre
for me.  Lisa, after her experience with the gang, was use to group sex,
but it took me a long time to get comfortable with it.  Anytime Hal came
over he insisted we do it together and after a while I didn't have a lot of
problem with it.

   That brings us to Derrick.  It's like I told you.  I took some snapshots
of Lisa and took them to get developed.  I didn't know that Lisa had used
my camera to take some pictures of me.  Me and some of the guys she brought
over.  They were on the roll of film I took to the Photo Shop.  Derrick
made copies of the pictures and used them as blackmail to get me to go out
with him.

   "You are going to have fun, Kate," Derrick told me.  "I got a hard cock
you'll love.  It ain't as big as that black dude's, but I think you'll like
it just fine."

   I should have told him to go fly a kite, but I didn't want any trouble
so I agreed.  It wasn't long before Derrick got Lisa into it and not long
before he got his buddies involved.  It seemed that every night was orgy

   I thought after the novelty wore off things would get better but they
didn't.  Derrick and his friends started bring other men to the house. 
When I found out that they were charging the other's for our service I put
my foot down and told them to go away.  I didn't want to be a whore and I
damned sure didn't want Lisa to be one.

   That was when my wonderful neighbor got involved and charged to our
rescue.  Thank you for being our wonderful knight in shining armor, Chad."


   "Wow," I said when she finished her story.  "Happy to be of service,
Madam." We were laying on her bed, both of us naked.  I was aware that I
was showing a powerful boner.

   "I would have told you all that before but frankly I wasn't sure how
you'd take it," Kate said taking my hard cock in her hand.  "I guess, from
this beautiful hard-on, you weren't turned off."

   "No, not turned off in the least," I said.  "In fact it's about the
hottest thing I've ever heard."

   "What part of it?" she teased.

   "All of it, but especially the part about you and the black guy.  I
don't know why, but that idea really turns me on."

   "Well sir," she said throwing a leg over me.  "Let's not waste this
beauty." She put my stiff cock in her pussy and wiggled around until it was
firmly in place and she settled down on my cock.  I nearly exploded right
them but managed to hold off.  She hadn't even taken a full stroke when the
bedroom door slammed open.

   "Chad, I found the answer to your problem," Lisa yelled.

   "I have the answer to my problem on top of me," I managed to say.  "Join
us or go away."

   "No, I'm serious, Chad.  I've found your petit model for you."

   "I'm serious, too, honey," I grunted.  Kate was beginning to move her
ass up and down on my cock.  "Get in or get out."

   "Oh my God, they're fucking!" a female voice said.  I craned my head
around and saw a tiny girl standing by the bed, her eyes wide.

   "Yes they are," Lisa said with a chuckle.  "This is Missy, Chad.  She
wants to model for you.  Hurry up and finish so we can talk."

   Have you ever tired to concentrate on fucking while being watched by an
elf?  Damned difficult I can tell you.  I told Lisa to take her little
friend to another room but she didn't pay any attention.  The two girls
kept up a running commentary on my performance.

   "Gosh, he big isn't he," the strange voice said.

   "Yeah, and it feels good too," Lisa commented.  I closed my eyes and
concentrated on what Kate was doing to me.  "Chad is real good," Lisa
added. Of course I heard that.  Heady stuff.

   "Will he do me?" the voice I assumed was Missy, asked.  I felt the bed
jiggle and Lisa's face appeared in front of me.

   "Chad, Missy wants to know if you'll fuck her?  Mom will share, won't
you, Mom?"

   "Of course I will, Honey," Kate said.  "There's enough of Chad to go
around." Kate lifted herself off of me and the next thing I knew there was
a strange set of lips on my cock.  I opened my eyes to see a small head
bobbing up and down on my cock.

   "Get naked, Missy," Lisa instructed.  "I'll keep him up while you do."
Missy's mouth left me and Lisa's took over.

   "Better take it easy," Kate suggested.  "You know Chad is easy to
shoot-off the first time.  You girls arrived before he's blown once."

   "I'm ready," Missy said shoving Lisa away and climbing up on me.  It was
the first time I had got a good look at her.  For a moment I nearly
panicked.  There was no way that tiny thing could be eighteen.  Pedophile
rang in my brain.  Missy's boobs were hardly nothing more than two small
bumps with long nipples.  As she lowered herself down on my throbbing cock
I saw that she had no pubic hair I tried to say "wait" but it came out as a

   As small as she was she had no trouble taking my cock in her.  She eased
down over me until she had all of me in her.  Then she went crazy.  She
started fucking me hard and fast bouncing hard on my cock.  I knew there
was no way I could last long with that.  I looked up to see Lisa standing
over me, pulling hard on Missy's nipples.  Lisa was naked, also.  Missy was
sobbing loudly and she climaxed just as I unloaded in her cunt.

   "Good, Huh?" Lisa said helping the tiny girl off of me.  She lay Missy
down beside me and they went into a sixty-nine.  Lisa was slurping loudly
as she ate Missy's, dripping pussy.

   Kate got on the bed and took my limp cock in her hot mouth.  It didn't
take but a few minutes of watching the two girls and Kate's sucking until I
was hard again.

   "Now I'll finish what I started," Kate said getting back on my cock. 
She fucked herself to a crashing orgasm and then Lisa wanted a turn.  While
I fucked Lisa doggy fashion , Missy licked and sucked on Lisa's clit and
played with my balls.

   I thought it was hard to take care of two women in bed, but three is
impossible.  After nearly an hour of them taking turns with me I was shot.
There was nothing more for any of them.  Lisa and Missy didn't let that
stop them from playing.  While they licked and sucked each other, Kate
cuddled with me, and I took a nap.  Way too much pussy and not enough cock.
The only good thing was when my cock got soft, my tongue stayed hard.

   "Are you hungry?" Kate whispered in my ear waking me from the doze.  It
was quiet and dark in the room.

   "Yeah, I could eat," I managed to say.  "Where's Lisa and

   "Missy.  They left a little while ago.  A little while ago you muttered
something about being a pedophile.  You don't have to worry, Chad.  She's
legal.  In fact she a year older than Lisa.  Missy is nineteen." That made
me feel some better.

   "Where did Lisa find her," I asked later after eating the late dinner
Kate fixed.

   "Oh, they've been friends a long time," Kate said.  "All the way back to
elementary school.  When Missy was a sophomore in high school her parents
moved away.  Missy just came back here a few months ago.  Missy is
bisexual, but I guess you noticed that."

   "Apparently Lisa walks both sides of the street, too," I offered.

   "Yeah, but not as much as Missy," Kate said.  "Lisa will do a woman if
it's the right timing."

   "How about you," I asked.  "I noticed you didn't get in on the girl-girl

   "I can," she admitted.  "Not something I care that much about.  Derrick
made Lisa and I do each other sometimes.  He and his cronies got a kick out
of it."

   "Can you get off with another woman?"

   "Sure," she grinned.  "I can get off, just thinking about getting off. I
guess you noticed that I'm an easy climaxer.  I guess that's something to
be grateful for.  Will you give Missy a test shoot?"

   "I suppose that's the least I can do," I answered laughing.  "Tell Lisa
to have her at the studio at four o'clock tomorrow afternoon.  I'm shooting
Marcy in the morning."


   After I got the hang of taking pictures from my knees, Missy turned out
to be a good model.  She reminded me of a porno actress from back in my
youth.  The actress called herself Jackie the giant killer.  She
specialized in taking the biggest cocks and completely destroying them with
her mouth and pussy.  The last scene of her flicks always showed her naked
with one foot on her fallen victim her hands clasped over her head like a
winning prizefighter.  I wonder what ever happened to her?

   The amateur models surprised me.  I thought it would take a couple days
longer because of their inexperience but I was wrong.  All three, Kate,
Lisa, and Missy did as good as Marcy, the pro.  I finished the shoot with
four days to spare.  I sent the photos off and waited for the results.

   After the fervor of the catalog shoot things settled back to a more
normal pace.  Then I got the call from the president of the lingerie
company.  Mister Willis Fox.

   "Great stuff, Murphy," he said.  "Best catalog photos we've ever had. 
You'll be getting some calls over the next few days and weeks.  Everybody
wants to know who did the photos.  Also they want to know about the models.
You're going to be a busy man.  As a matter of fact I'd like to meet your
models.  Any chance of that happening?  I'll be on the east coast in a
couple of days."

   I thanked him for the compliments and told him to be sure and stop by if
he got an opportunity.  I didn't really think he was serious, but again, I
was wrong.

   Willis Fox didn't look anything like I imagined.  For one thing he was
black.  For another he was big.  Not gigantic.  Maybe six-two but he was
thick.  I guessed his weight at somewhere around two-seventy five or maybe
even three hundred.  His head was big also.  Big and round like a black
basketball and with as much hair as a basketball.  My fairly large hand
disappeared in his when we shook hands.

   "So this is where you perform your magic, huh?" he said in an unusual
soft voice for someone as large as he.

   "Not so much out here in the reception room" I said.  "Mostly back in
the studio.  Come on back, Mister Fox."

   "Call me Will," he said following me into the back.  "All my friends do.
Sorry I didn't give you notice, but I wasn't sure when I could make it
here. How about the model?"

   "Which one?"

   "Any or all of them," he said with a soft chuckle.  "I really liked the
one named Kate.  One really hot chick." He smiled at me.  "Not that any of
them were bad.  All lovely women but that Kate struck me as a dish.  Can I
meet her?" I wasn't too sure about that.  I started to say she wasn't
available but changed my mind and called her.

   "Hi Kate, this is Chad Murphy from Murphy Photography," I said when she
answered the phone.

   "Well hello Chad Murphy," she said with a laugh.

   "Kate, Will Fox who's president of Dreamland Lingerie Company is here
and wonder if you were available this afternoon.  He'd like to meet you."

   "I get it." she said.  "He's standing close-by, huh?"

   "Yes, that's right."

   "And you don't know if I want to meet him or not, is that it?"


   "Sure, I don't mind," she said.  "When?"

   "Can you be here in thirty minutes?' I asked, knowing she could crawl
from next door faster than that.  She agreed with a laugh and hung up.

   "That excellent catalog layout will get you a lot of business," Will
said.  We had gone back to the waiting room to wait for Kate.  "Lot of
excitement about you in the business." Will was a study in contrast.  He
looked like a well dressed street hood but talked like a college professor.
"Not just catalog work either.  A friend of mine, Mack Dawson, owns a
magazine called Peeks.  It a nudie rag, but he does pretty good with it. 
He asked me to tell you to give him a call.  He's interested in you doing
some work for him." The door opened and Kate came in.  She had taken the
time to fix herself up and she looked like a million bucks of anybody's
money.  She was wearing crisp white shorts and a red pull-over top with her
flat tummy showing.

   "My God, woman!" Will said after I made the introductions.  "You look
great in photos, but even better in person." I noticed that he didn't
release her hand and that she didn't take it back.  He steered her to the
couch and they sat down.  He lavished compliments on her and she ate them
up.  Reasonable I guess.  I don't know anyone who doesn't like to be

   "I was just telling Chad that he's going to get a lot of calls.  I think
you will also, Kate," Will said.

   "Oh, I'm not a professional model," Kate said.  "My daughter, Lisa is
the one who wants to be a professional."

   "Lisa?  The model in our catalog?  Surely you jest!" Will said obviously
surprised.  "She can't be your daughter.  There's no way!"

   "I'm afraid it's true," Kate said blushing furiously.  " Lisa is my

   "Adopted, surely," Will said.  When Kate shook her head he shook his. 
"Truly amazing.  I would have believed younger sister, but never that she
is your daughter.  Why don't you want to turn pro?  You're very good."

   "Chad is very good," Kate said still basking in his praise.  "I just did
what he said to do."

   "That's all any model does," Will said.  "Look pretty and do what she is
told.  Let me ask you, would you consider doing a magazine lay-out?"

   "What kind of magazine?" Kate asked.

   "Men's magazine," Will answered frankly.  "Total nudes and all that sort
of thing.  The pay is good.  I could tell that you wouldn't be bothered by
nudity.  Some of the clothes you wore in my catalog caused you to be nearly
nude.  Are you interested?"

   "I don't know," Kate answered slowly, looking at me.  "What do you
think, Chad?"

   "Hell, Kate, you know I think you look hot," I said.  "You'd do good, I
know.  But, of course, it's up to you to decide."

   "It would open up a lot of doors for you and for your daughter," Will
said.  "It's an international magazine.  Show the world your wonderful

   "Maybe," Kate said.  "I don't know if the world is ready or not."

   "It is, believe me," Will said with his soft laugh.  "Tell you what I'll
do.  I'll pay for a shoot and you can look at the pictures and decide then.
How does that sound?" It sounded good to me.  I would have done it for
free. "What will it cost me, Chad?" I named a figure and he nodded. 
"Good," he said.  "Can we do it today?"

   I told him that I had an appointment to do some children in an hour but
it wouldn't take long and that I was clear after that.  He left telling us
he would be back in a couple of hours.

   'What just happened?" Kate asked after Will departed.  "Did I just agree
to do nudes?"

   "I think so," I said laughing at her.  "Hey, you'll do great, Kate."

   "What kind of magazine is he talking about?" I explained that Peek was a
typical man's magazine.  I'd do pictures of her showing everything.  She
seemed strangely excited when I mentioned showing a lot of pink.  "And he's
going to be here?  Will, I mean."

   "I guess he is," I said.  "Why?  Does that make a difference?"

   "I don't know," Kate said.  "Maybe.  It would seem weird to be posing
with someone watching, I think.  You know how hot I get.  What if something

   "Like what?  Do you plan on attacking him?"

   "What if I did?" she said laughing and blushing.  "What would you do?"

   "I'd take pictures," I answered.  "Seriously, Kate, I think Will is warm
for your form.  But don't do anything you don't want to do."

   "He did seem interested in me didn't he?" I had to laugh at that.  He'd
done everything except lick her face.  Yeah, Mister Fox was defiantly

   Kate went home to get ready and I set up for the kids.  The time dragged
by slowly and finally I got the kids photographed and they left.  Kate must
have been watching because they had no more than left when she came in.

   "Chad," she said.  "We need to talk." I indicated I was ready to listen
which was what she really meant.  "We have something going," she said after
taking a deep breath.  "I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I really don't
want to do anything to fuck it up.  If doing nudes for a magazine would do
that, then I don't want to do it.  That or anything else." I gave her
crisis serious thought.  Kate was right.  We did have something going, but
I knew what it was.  I, Chad Murphy, was falling in love with her.  I had
know it for sometime but I hadn't said anything.  Hell, I didn't know if
she felt anything for me more than friendship.

   "Kate," I said taking her in my arms.  "You are a grown woman, who had
been on her own for a long time.  You are a strong decisive person.  I
would love it if you decided to do the shoot.  I would be okay if you
didn't, but it ain't my call.  Don't decide one way or the other because of
me.  Do what you want to do.  I'll still love you either way." Oh shit I
used the L-word.  She jerked back from me and looked up at me.

   "Even with all you know about me?" she said a quiver in her voice.  "All
that I've done and you still love me?  Honestly?"

   "I love you because of all that you've done, Kate," I said pulling her
back to my chest.  "We're two of a kind.  We fit."

   "So you won't be upset if I do it?" she said her voice muffled against
my chest.  She leaned back and looked up at me, tears on her lashes. 
"Because I do want to do it.  I want to pose nude for you while Will
watches.  Am I a sicko?"

   "No, not any sicker than I am because I want you to do it.  I want Will
to see you when you open your pussy for the camera.  I want him to see you
playing with yourself getting all wet while you do."

   "What if it goes beyond that?" she asked nestling back against my chest.
"You know how I am."

   "Yes, I know.  Take it as far as you want to take it, Kate.  It won't
effect you and I.  Remember what you told me when I was going to do the
test shoot for Lisa?  Do what comes natural."


   Will Fox arrived and we went into the studio.  At Will's suggestion Kate
would start out in a red teddy covered by a matching robe.  The teddy had
removal panels that covered her breasts.  She would slowly progress to just
hoses and heels.  Since it was just a test shoot I used the digital camera.

   It took twenty one shots to get her bare-breasted and ten more to get
her nude.  Kate looked stunning as I knew she would.  She was one of those
women who relish being nude in front of the camera.  It was a big turn-on
for her.

   "Damn," Will who was standing beside me as I snapped the photos, said
softly.  "She is spectacular." I agreed with his assessment.  "Is
she.special to you, Chad?" I nodded.  "I see.  Very special?"

   "Yes, Will," I said continuing to snap photos of Kate.  She was causally
toying with her clit.  "She and I have a relationship.  If you are asking
if we have something exclusive the answer is no.  Kate is her own person."
Suddenly more than anything I wanted to see Kate with Will.  I really
wanted to see his black cock in her, fucking her.  "Why don't you get into
the picture with her?" He gave me a sharp look.

   "I would like that, Chad," he said still fixing me with his eyes.  "Just
as long as you realize that any image that shows my face had better remain
in your private collection.  I would be very distressed if any should be
made public." Damn, a deaf man would have got that warning!  I assured him
that I had no intention of making them public or even sharing them with

   Kate was laying on a low posing couch.  I told her to open her legs
wider.  When Will approached her she looked up at him and smiled.  Will
knelt down beside the couch and placed one giant black hand over her breast
completely covering it.  He spread his finger and allowed a nipple to show

   Kate, who isn't small by any standard looked small and fragile beside
the big black man.  Will Moved around behind her and took both of her
breasts in his hands.  Kate sighed when he applied pressure to her big
globes.  She moaned when he mashed her beautiful boobs out of shape.  I got
several great shots of Will playing with her tits.

   "You are beautiful, Kate," Will said.  "I love your breasts."

   "Thank you," Kate responded.  "Your big hands feel good on my breasts."

   Will stood up and leaned over her from behind and he gave her an
inverted kiss on the lips.  Kate responded by caressing his bald head as he
did.  Will kissed and caressed her from that position for a few minutes and
then he moved beside her and used his mouth on her breasts.

   Kate has sensitive breasts and it didn't take long for her to start
twitching from his endeavor.  He let his lips travel down across her tummy
and come to her tiny patch of pubic hair.  Landing strip was what Lisa
called it.

   Will pulled Kate around so that he could get to her better and started
to eat her pussy.  I had to relocate because he changed the angle on me.  I
shoved the big soft-box around to get good light on them.  Will took Kate
to a couple of orgasms with his tongue and lips.

   He stood up suddenly and took his shirt off, then his pants.  His silk
boxers were quickly dispensed with.  Will sported a rather impressive cock.
Not much longer than my own but like everything else about him, it was
thick.  At the base it was an easy three inches in diameter and tapered to
a point at the tip.  His cock stuck straight out before him and Kate's eyes
were fixed on it.

   "Kate," Will said softly.  "Would you like me to make love to you?"

   "No, Will," she answered.  "I want you to fuck me," she answered getting
up and strolling to him.  Her response surprised him but he recovered and
laughed.  She reached him and took his cock in her hand.

   "Then fuck you, I shall," he said still grinning.  He gathered her into
his massive arms and while hugging her tightly, kissed her deeply.  The
contrast between them was startling.  His dark, nearly black skin, against
her pinkish-white color tone.  Size was a enormous contrast also.

   I had the foresight to make a pallet out of backdrops and floor drapes
because I knew in my heart that Kate would get fucked.  Either by Will or
me.  Kate had watched me make the pallet and she led Will to it, using his
cock as a handle.

   The coupling of a white woman and a black man is an awesome sight, but
the sounds will stay with me forever.  Kate lay on her back and pulled her
legs open and back.  The initial penetration was easy because of his
pointed dick but after the first inch Kate was being stretched.  Each inch
he shoved in her increased the level of sounds from her.  By the time he
was fully embedded, Kate was in full cry.

   "Oh God, he's tearing me apart!  Oh shit, Chad, he's big!  Easy Will,"
she implored.  "Ohhhh, fuck!  I've never been this full of cock before."
When Will started to pump, slowly at first, Kate's words ceased to have any
meaning.  She just spouted gibberish but her meaning was clear.  Kate
Hawkins was being brutally fucked and she was loving every minute of it.

   Over the next forty minutes Will fucked Kate in every position.  By the
time he took her from behind she could accommodate his thick weapon with a
certain amount of ease.  I stopped counting her climaxes after the first
ten or so.  I have no idea how many times Will came.  It was obvious he had
shot-off several times from the amount of cum that gushed out around his
cock onto my backdrop.  Fortunately it is washable material.

   My cock was harder than I think it ever had been in my life.  My
erection was actually painful and it was difficult to concentrate on taking
pictures, but I had over two gigs of images on the memory cards.  Finally
with a mighty grunt, Will delivered his last load of cum into Kate.  They
both lay there panting, literally worn out from their effort.  From the
amount of semen leaking out of Kate's gapping cunt and the big spot on the
backdrop, Will had produced and delivered over a pint of cum.  They lay
there gasping for breath for nearly ten minutes before Will managed to get
up and get dressed.

   "I'm going to need some more of your wonderful pussy, Kate," Will said
looking down at her.  "Is that possible?"

   "I think it will be," Kate croaked.  "Ask Chad." Will looked at me.

   "I think it's entirely possible," I said.  "It looked like she had a
good time.  How about tomorrow night?  Are you going to be in the area that

   "I had planned on leaving later today, but I'm flexible," Will stated.

   "Chad, you know Lisa will have to have some of his wonderful cock," Kate
said.  "She will be highly pissed if she's not included."

   "Yeah," I agreed.  "Will you think you can handle some eighteen year old

   "Or die trying," he answered with a big smile.  "Where and what time?"
When I told him six o'clock and next door he grinned.  "Neighbors, huh? 
Isn't that handy?"

   "Yes it is handy and dandy," I told him as I escorted him out the door.
"Mighty handy."

   I went back into the studio and helped Kate get up from the pallet and
to the bathroom to clean the cum out of her.

   "So what did you think of Will?" I asked joining her in the shower.

   "A fucking bull," she said.  She looked down at my throbbing cock.  "Oh
you poor thing.  What can I do to help you get relief?" I didn't have to
tell her.  She went to her knees and gave me excellent head until I came.


   The next evening Will arrived promptly at six o'clock.  Kate took him
into the living room and I got us all a beer.  Kate sat beside Will on the
couch as we made small take.

   "Mom, Missy and I are going to the mall.  Do you need anything?" Lisa's
voice called getting closer until she appeared in the doorway.  "Whoa,
who's this?" she asked seeing Will sitting with his arm around Kate's

   "Lisa, say hello to Mister Will Fox," Kate said.  "He's the owner of the
lingerie company we modeled for."

   "Well, hello Mister Fox," Lisa said smiling at the big black man.  "Nice
to meet you."

   "And it's nice to meet you also, Lisa," Will said showing a lot of
pearly whites.  "I met the other half of the Hawkins lady's modeling team

   "Yesterday you say," Lisa said glancing at her mother.  Will's hand had
fallen down onto Kate's breast as she snuggled against him.  "Not at all
like Mom to keep secrets." Lisa's eyes locked onto Wills hand as it made
little circles around Kate's shirt covered breast.  Lisa glanced at me and
I winked.  "What brings you all the way from.where-ever, Mister Fox?"

   "Call me Will," the big black man said.  "Our headquarters' is in LA. 
Frankly, Lisa, I'm here to get to know our new catalog models better." He
jumped a little when Kate put her hand on his crotch.  A move that Lisa was
quick to notice.

   "I see," Lisa said.  "Have you enjoyed your visit so far?"

   "Yes I have," Will said enthusiastically.  "Kate and I had a great
meeting yesterday, didn't we Kate?"

   "We sure did," Kate answered.  "Chad set up a test shoot for a magazine
and Will watched.for a while." She giggled and unzipped Will's fly and
hauled his thick black cock out.  "Don't let us keep you, honey," Kate said
to Lisa.  "I know Missy is waiting on you."

   "Fuck Missy," Lisa muttered watching her mother jack the big black cock.
"Jeez, is that for real?  I've never seen one that big around."

   "Come here little one and let your mother feed you my cock," Will said.
Lisa had to open her mouth to the max to get his thick hunk of meat in her
but she managed.  Kate held the ebony rod for Lisa to suckle.  It was an
amazing sight.

   "This little white bitch has a very talented mouth," Will said taking
his mouth from Kate's ample chest.  "Did you teach her, Kate?"

   "No, I can't claim any credit for that," Kate answered.  "She learned it

   "Maybe she just a natural cocksucker," Will offered.  "This is a rare
treat having a mother-daughter combination.  You are a lucky man, Chad

   Of course I had to agree with that.  Since meeting the Hawkins girls, I
had enjoyed more pussy then any five years previous.  Watching Lisa suck
Will's fat black cock and watching his black lips on Kate was giving me a
diamond cutter hard-on.

   "Does she fuck as good as her mother?" Will asked me.  Shit I may be a
dumb ol' photographer but there was no way I was falling into that trap.  I
simply didn't answer his stupid question.  Instead I launched into a long
incoherent tale about how good they both were and how much alike they were
and yet how different.  I don't think any of the three paid much attention
to my rambling.

   "Where do you want to take me to fuck me?" Will asked Lisa.  It was
apparent that she was through with sucking for the moment because she was
standing, tearing her clothes from her body.  Lisa didn't answer with
words. She simply laid down on the carpet in front of the couch and spread
her legs.  Will had no trouble interpreting her moves.

   Will got up, removed his clothes and pounced on Lisa.  I mean literally
pounced on her.  He had his cock started in her young cunt in a flash.  It
did take a while for him to work the bulk of his hard black fuck stick in
her, but they managed.  While Will pounded Lisa, Kate and I connected on
the couch.

   I had Kate bent over the arm of the couch and she watched her daughter
getting black fucked.  Kate and Lisa managed to cum at nearly the same time
on several occasions.  It wasn't long before Kate and I joined Will and
Lisa on the floor.  I hate fucking on the floor.  Rug burns, and I always
managed to get them, hurt like hell.  I may hate it but I'm not so stupid
that I'd pass up pussy because of my dislike.

   Later Will asked Lisa to eat my cum out of Kate.  She didn't even
hesitate before diving into Kate's pussy.  Watching Lisa eat her mother's
pussy got Will and I both going again and we swapped partners and started
fucking again.

   It was Kate who suggested that Will and I both fuck her.  From the first
time Kate and I fucked, she made it known that she liked anal sex.  My
limited experience with women had taught me that some do and some don't. 
After a few false starts I got in her ass and Will fucked her pussy.  Lisa
hovered close, giving suggestions, orders, and comments.

   Lisa wasn't a huge fan of butt-fucking like Kate, but she insisted on
being double fucked.  After a few minutes recovery time Will and I fucked
Lisa the same way.  I think we made a convert out of Lisa.  She bawled,
screamed, and cursed at us while all the while having one big climax after

   About ten o'clock that night we ordered pizza delivered.  Kate said
there was no way she was going to stop fucking to cook dinner.  After some
pizza and beer we sat around naked, discussing the modeling careers of the
Hawkins girls.

   "Missy is going to be so pissed," Lisa said.  "She really does like a
good group-grope and she loves black cock.  She really got into the
modeling gig, too."

   "I'm sure we can find a place for her," Will said.  "Missy is the tiny

   "Yes," Kate said.  "She's a dynamo, isn't she Lisa?"

   "Missy never met a cock or pussy she didn't like," Lisa agreed.  "We
even talked about doing a porno flick once."

   "Now that's interesting," Will said.  "I happen to own a company that
makes porno.  We're not big time, but me do good work." He glanced at his
watch.  "I have to get out of here.  I have a plane waiting on me.  Tell
Missy I'm anxious to meet her.  I'll work my way back through here in a
couple of weeks." He gave Kate and Lisa a big smooch, dressed and left.

   With Will's contacts the girl's careers looked promising.  Very
promising indeed.  Of course I'll make sure there was a place for me as
their primary photographer.

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