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<1st attachment, "Granny, Mary and I.txt" begin>

This is a possible story that could have happened between my grandmother, my 
aunt and I. Hope you like it, it's my first. Please send your feedback to:


When I was about ten, my parents fighting became too much and I went to stay
with my grandmother for a while. She lived with her unmarried daughter, my
Aunt Mary who was my dad's sister. I loved my grandmother, and still called
her 'gaga', a pet name we'd had since we were children. She was old, a bit
strict, in her seventies but still had a twinkle in her eye. She was full of
enthusiasm and had many friends. My aunt Mary was a little odd, very
uptight and always concerned about her status in the community. They were
active in the local church.

I had stayed with my grandmother before and always stayed in her bed, so we
just carried on. Nobody thought anything of it. She undressed in the
bathroom and came to bed in our nightclothes. After a while I got used to it
and after about a week gaga rolled over and said as we turned out the light:

Cuddle up behind me dave and keep me warm.

So I did. I liked the feel of her cotton dress, the faint rosy smell of old
woman that came from her. I found it comforting. We did this every night and
became better at it. I starting putting my arms around her big hips. I was
definitely curious about her breasts but too afraid to touch her there.
Sometimes she'd move and I'd feel her hefty buttocks against my immature
little penis.

I began having erections. I barely even knew at the time what they were, but
some of the boys in school had talked about them. They were small, but hard
as a rock. I felt how they could slip in below Granny's ass, there seemed to
be a little hollow in here body where my little hard-on just slotted in.
Granny didn't seem to notice, and it felt really nice.

One night I woke up with a fright. My hips were pumping backwards and
forwards and an intensely pleasurable, but sticky sensation was coming from
my genitals. I was having a wet dream and my first ejaculation. I couldn't
stop myself, it was like I was possessed by another force.

Eventually it subsided. I knew by Granny's breathing she was awake.

I'm so sorry Granny, I said. I don't know how that happened.

It's ok dave, she said soothingly. And she reached around her hand to my
hips and patted me reassuringly. That's quite alright. The next day we said
nothing about it

A couple of nights later it happened again. But this time I felt more
control. I was half asleep and half awake. I could have stopped. I felt
myself pressing rhythmically up against Granny's fat behind. It was so good.
I knew Granny was awake and I decided to stay going. I felt her hand come
around to my ass and pull me closer. I wrapped my young arms about her body,
and for the first time allowed myself to touch Granny's tit.

Her body jumped suddenly when I touched it, a sudden intake of breath, and
her chest filled out to press herself into my hand. I really hadn't a clue
what I was doing but I knew she liked it. I kept rocking my hips holding her
huge saggy breast in my left hand, while she held me to her.

Nobody spoke in the pitch blackness.

Now she was moving too. Her hips moving at the same rhythm. Her breathing
sounded unusual to me, fast and shallow

I came on the inside of my pajamas, up against her nightdress. I knew she
could feel it. I kept moving for a little while but stopped after a minute
or so. Granny was still breathing fast, but I had calmed down. She moved her
right hand to my hand that lay on her breast and held it there. She moved
her other hand off of my ass.

I heard a slight ruffling of clothes and for a few minutes I could sense her
making small rapid movements with her hand somewhere down between her legs.
I heard her moan, with a voice I'd never heard before, very deep and

Aawww, aaaww, aaaaawwwwww.

Then no more, silence.

Are you ok Granny? I asked.

Wonderful dave, she replied, wonderful. She caressed my ass softly as I
cuddled up close behind her, feeling the wetness of my cold young semen
against the musty warmth of her fat old body.

This continued repeatedly every night for several weeks. I fucked Granny 
from behind through our clothes, sometimes two or three times. Granny wanked 
herself off. The next morning she would always get up first and shower and 
dress. I would shower after her. There were clean pyjamus left put for me 
every day.

It was never spoken of. I so wanted to talk to someone about it, but I was 
ashamed. I knew I was doing something wrong. The boys at school began 
talking about sex and my cock was growing. No longer was it a puny little 
rock a few inches long. Now, when it was hard it must have reached 7 inches. 
I was impressed.

One night I was lying behind Granny, pumping against her sweet ass, playing 
with her nipple, listening to her moans and Granny turned around. This was 

Dave, this has to stop, she said.

What? Granny, I said. What's wrong?

We have to do this properly, she said. Let me show you.

Then she put her hands to my face and kissed me full on the lips. I felt her 
tongue penetrate my lips and I licked it. I put my tongue in hers and licked 
her toothless gums. Both my hands ran down her body caressed her huge tits.

Granny touched me all over, touching lightly and lovingly. Eventually her 
hands came to my cock and she caressed it gently through my clothing. She 
knew exactly what to do, her touch was exquisite. She caressed all around 
first. My stomach my legs, then she gently pulled the waistband of my 
pajamas down and touched me. The pleasure was almost unbearable. She 
caressed my balls and leaned forward to kiss me deeply.

I grew frustrated with her long nightgown and began unbuttoning the top. I 
fumbled a little, unsure of myself. Granny whispered. Here. Let me. And she 
opened all the buttons for me. My hand slid inside and went straight to her 
waiting nipple. I could touch it and feel how erect it was, it must have 
stood out over a half inch.

Suck it Bill, please. Suck it gently, said Granny.

I reached and took her big floppy tit out of her dressing gown. I lifted it 
up to my mouth and putting it slowly to my lips I sucked it carefully, 
savouring the newness of the experience.

It wasn't long before I felt orgasm coming to me. Granny could sense it. She 
reached down and pulled up the bottom of her nightdress. She barely had it 
up in time before I spurted onto her.

That's my boy, she whispered in my ear, milking me. I shot repeatedly onto 
her body, into her pubic hair. I almost went dizzy with the intensity of the 

As I lay there panting, Granny took my hand and drew it down to her pubic 
area. She pressede my hand to her and I could feel for the first time her 
bush of wiry hair, mixed with my own young semen.

Play with me, Bill, she whispered.

I rubbed my slimey semen through her pubes. Suddenly my fingers penetrated a 
new place, where it was wet, smooth and soft. Yes, Bill, yes said Granny.

I stayed here, moving my hands around, allowing my movements be guided by 
Granny's moans. I settled into a slow rhythm, being egged on my Granny. 
Moving my fingers down deep to where it was very wet and then back up to the 
top around a small hard little point where Granny seemed to have most 
pleasure. Granny would put her hand to mine to adjust the pressure or guide 
my movements. After some time she pressed my hand harder onto the hard 
little bit on the top.

Yes Bill yes. Don't stop. Yes. Oh fuck oh fuck.

I had never heard my grandmother use such language before. Suddenly she 
straightened her legs right out on the bed and let out one long final deep 
moan. I kissed her, deeply, hungrily, passionately. I was so happy to have 
pleasured my beloved grandmother like this. In time she fell asleep.

The next night I came to bed, there was a candle lit by the bed. I pulled 
back the covers to get in and Granny turned to me, naked.

Take off your clothes tonight Bill.

I took them off in the faint glow of the candle, already with a full 
hard-on, with my delight at being seen naked.

Tonight's your big night Bill, I'm going to show you how to do this 
properly. First we're going to start off slowly. You touch kiss all my body, 
start at my feet, but stay away from my sensitive areas until I tell you. 
Just explore, have fun.

I pulled the covers back and went to her feet. I touched them lovingly and 
carefully. I put her toes in my mouth, one by one. I rubbed my fingertips, 
my lips and my tongue all around her feet, moving to her ankles and the 
white calves and shins, interspersed by the blue of her varicose veins. I 
looked up her body, could see a big bush of gray pubic hair below her belly. 
Above that, her great big flat tits sagged down to her navel, as she lay 
there with her eyes closed, moving her fingers slowly around her own 
enormous nipples.

She would give me signs every now and then, such as yes, I like that. I was 
nervous, I wanted to please her, but she was very kind and positive. I came 
up her thighs slowly, I could feel myself been drawn deep into her body, as 
if pulled by a magnet.

I looked up and could see a flash of pink flesh within her pubic hair. I 
knew instinctively, that was where I needed to go. I made a dive with my 

Not yet, Bill, not yet, she said and grabbed my hair. I moved up her 
stomach, kissing the folds of flesh. I gave one of her nipples a quick flick 
of my tongue and she moaned approvingly.

I moved up her chest, to her neck. Now she was getting more excited, this 
she loved. Finally our mouths met each other, hungrily and greedily. As I 
lay on her I could feel my prick pressed into her pubes.

She reached down and grabbed me.

When you get to my age Bill, you can be a little too dry there, so you'll 
have to get me wet with your mouth.

Yes Granny, show me how.

She guided my head down with both her hands she opened her genitals for me 
to see up close.

Now lick me Bill with that beautiful young tongue. Make me as wet as you 

I gathered all the saliva I could and gave it to her, under the folds of her 
skin, down lower into the deep hole that was there. It began to drip on the 
sheets and I knew she had enough. As I licked her, Granny had moved her own 
finger to the top of her little mound of flesh and was stroking it in little 
circles. I watched her curiously.

Ok Bill, I want you now deep inside me. Come here.

I climbed back up to her and bringing my cock between her lags, Granny 
grabbed it in her hand and guided me to the opening.

I could feel the head of my cock at the opening of her old cunt, warm and 
wet with my own saliva. I sank into her effortlessly.

Oh my god. Never before had I even imagined anything like this, the 
sensation was unbelievable. Granny began moving her hips gently and the 
inside of her hot cunt rubbed against my cock. I responded, moving with her, 
letting her guide the way and set the pace. Soon we were moving together, 
rocking our hips. I knew I couldn't last long and my body took on a life of 
its own.

That's it my little boy, pump me with your juice, Granny moaned breathlessly 
to my ear.

I came and came in wave upon wave, pumping her with hot young semen. I 
couldn't stop.

After I lay still for a minute, Granny held me tightly to her. I was still 
hard, I wanted to keep going. I looked into Granny's eyes and kissed her as 
I started moving again, sloshing my dick through my own sperm deep inside my 
75-year old grandmother.

Yes, Bill yes.

Now I pumped harder. Granny moved with me, I could tell she loved it. I 
sucked her tit. She grabbed my ass cheeks and guided my rhythm. She moved 
her hand up and down the crack of my ass, touching my anus. I loved it

I love you Bill she moaned.

I love you Granny.

Her moans came to a climax and her legs straightened out as she arched her 
back. The intensity of her passion drew me to a climax and I filled her 
again as we both came together. Wave after wave, I thought she'd never stop.

We lay there afterwards, in bliss, listening to each other's breathing and 
feeling the sweat and sperm and cunt juices. I felt myself grow soft inside 
but I didn't want to be outside her. I had never felt so good.

Oh Bill, she said. You're the best ever.

From then on we slept naked. When we met around the house we fondled each 
other whenever we had the chance. My favorite was to come up behind her when 
she was sitting down. I would shove my hands down the front of her chest, 
grabbing her big floppy tits, pinching her nipple gently. She would turn 
around and we would French kiss, she giving me her wet tongue and sucking on 
mine. Of course we had to be careful of my aunt Mary, but the risk of being 
caught was very thrilling for us. At night I learned to take her in many 
positions, I loved her on top of me, with her enormous wrinkly bags dangling 
in my face. She would caress me with them, teasing my mouth until eventually 
letting me suck her.

We managed to procure some proper lubricant, and we played with that, 
rubbing her old cunt round and around for ages, getting her excited and 
swollen. Then she would open out for me and I would put my fingers into her 
body and play from the inside. But eventually she would always want me to 
mount her.


One day I met Mary in the kitchen. "I know what you two are doing" she 
hissed. I stood staring at her, I hadn't a clue what to say.

"Show it to me."

"What", I said. "You mean...." And I looked to my groin.

"Of course. What else? I want it now." I slowly unbuttoned my trousers. I 
hadn't even fantasized about her before. I didn't think of her as a sexual 
person. But as I pulled out my dick I felt myself growing semi-hard. Mary 
ordered me close to her, she wanted to see it better.

"Oooh, its nice" she said. "Make it hard for me".

I pumped myself and grew hard quickly. Mary put her hand down the front of 
her old-fashioned tweed skirt. I saw her grimace a little as she shoved 
clothing aside to get her fingers to her clitty. "Pump it harder for me 
Bill." Through her skirt I could see her hand making short circular motions. 
We both stood in the kitchen wanking ourselves off and turning each other 

"Wow, Mary, You're really turning me on. I think I'm going to come soon. "

Oh, me too, was all she could say as she leaned back against the counter 
top, her face growing red, her knees bending, her other hand caressing her 
nipples through  her blouse.

Oh god, Mary I'm coming, I moaned.

Aww, was all she could say, as the first wave of orgasm washed over her.

The sight of my fat old aunt like that was too much for me and I spurted 
right across the kitchen, onto the bread. She looked at me with her eyes 
wide open in wonder. "I want you inside me" she said, and I was still coming 
as she sat on the floor, pulling up her long skirt and rolling her great 
knickers and tights to her ankles.

"Now, Hurry" she ordered. I lay on her and she grabbed my cock putting it 
between her legs and into position. By this time I knew what to do, and I 
slowly sank into her. She was much tighter than Granny, and I was afraid of 
her. Fuck me fuck me fuck me, she shouted sternly in my ear. And I obliged. 
I fucked her hard. I slapped my body into her with all the strength I could 
muster. We were sliding up the kitchen floor and when we got near the wall 
she braced herself with her big strong arms.

"Come on", she goaded me, "Harder. Fill me" I fucked for all I was worth. I 
fucked for god, for country, for men everywhere who want to fuck hard, I 
slammed into her with every ounce of strength I had. We were coming 
together. "Yes, yes" we both cried as her fanny's pulsations sucked my young 
sperm deep into her body. Yes.

We both collapsed and could barely move. We looked at each other and kissed 
tenderly. My aunt Mary was not an effectionate aunt, but now she was. She 
caressed my ass delicately, running the tip of her fingernails from my anus 
down to the back of my scrotum and back again. "That's my boy" she said.

We had to keep it a secret from my Granny. That wasn't too hard, as she was 
a little bit deaf and slow on her feet. All the same, we couldn't have full 
sex in the house. Sometimes, if we met in the kichen, or the hallway, she 
would hike up her skirt and tell me to get on my knees and lick her. Usually 
she didn't come doing that, but just made herself more excited. Or she would 
grab my balls and give me a deep French kiss. In this way we kept each other 
excited and turned on. I don't know how she could stand the tension. I was 
ok, I was fucking Granny every night, but just managed to get to her 
properly every few days or so.

We found an old mattress and arranged it out in her shed, in an awkward 
place where you had to scramble over old bits of coal and turf to get to. We 
knew Granny would never go there. We rigged it up well, with old blankets, 
and even found an gas heater to warm us up when the weather changed. After 
that, we managed it nearly every day, one way or another.

She was always the boss. She was more active and strong than Granny (even 
though she was nearly 60!) She always wanted to try different things, 
different positions. I learned a lot of things that I tried on Granny. She 
taught me how to lick her asshole, slowly and gently, and at the same time 
to wank her off by rubbing her clitoris. Then she showed me how to rub the 
saliva round her asshole slowly, pressing a little bit deeper, adding more 
spit, until my finger went inside her. She loved my finger moving round in 
her, although she never asked me to fuck her up the ass, just finger. After 
her orgasm like this, she wanted me to lick my finger. I smelled it and said 
'phew, no way'. I think this annoyed her and hurt her feelings. She grabbed 
my hand and sucked it deep into her mouth. `There, you see. I love it', she 
said triumphantly.

She wanted to know everything I did with Granny, and took great pleasure in 
hearing it. I learned I could easily turn her on by caressing her belly and 
thighs, and telling her about Granny's huge nipples, about my Granny loved a 
slow gentle silent fuck. About how I licked Granny's asshole and penetrated 
her with my finger just like Mary taught me. About how Granny loved to watch 
me walk around her room in my pyjamus, admiring my young body, she would 
gently touch herself as I would look coyly at her.

This talk drove Mary wild, I completely teased her with it. After a while 
she would order me, beg me, to touch her fully, to enter her, and I would 
eventually empty myself into her hot body, 2 maybe 3 times, feeling her 
getting wetter and hotter all the time.
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