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Warning! The following story is for adults. It contains explicit sex
scenes between a young boy and an adult female. If you are too young to
read this material legally where you live or if you find this kind of
material offensive, please leave now. All others proceed at your own

Egg Nog (Fb, 1st, ped)
    by Uncle Sky

Chapter 2

"I know just the thing for a growing boy like you Bobby. Have you ever
seen a real live pussy close up?"

"Uh, I've seen pictures but not a real one."

"Well then how would you like to not only see one, but play with one
right now?"

"Gee Linda, that'd be swell. I'd really like that a lot."

"Okay then. First I'll stand up and you take off my gown so you can see
what you're doing."

She stood up and I stood in front of her just staring. How should I do
it? I never undressed a woman before. I was stumped. Linda came to my

"It's loose enough Bobby. Just slip the straps down off my shoulders
and slide the gown down and off my feet."

I did as she instructed. I put my hands on her shoulders and slid them
down over her arms, taking the straps along and off her arms. The gown
fell to her waist revealing her breasts and tummy. I remember she had a
deep innie. The gown was draped over her hips and holding there. I
placed my hands on her bare waist and slid them down over her hips. The
gown moved down and when it was past her hips it slipped to the floor.
I could see all of her wonderful body. I reached down and picked up the
gown as she stepped out of it. I placed it on the couch and then just
stood there looking.

No, I wasn't just looking. I was staring. Staring at a very beautiful
pussy. Her pubic hair was sparse and shaped like a triangle pointing
down to her pussy. I realize now that it was trimmed. It also proved
she was a natural blonde. The hair was so light it really didn't hide
anything. I reached out with a trembling hand and touched the hair. I
ran my fingers through it. It was very soft and my hand shook even more
as I realized I was touching a pussy.

"Do you like it Bobby? Do you want to touch it?"

"Oh yes Linda please. It's so beautiful and feels so nice and soft."

"But you've only touched the hair so far Bobby. Don't you want to touch
all of it?"

"Yes but I don't know what to do. I don't want to hurt you or do
something wrong."

I was very nervous and afraid she would stop me at any moment. But
instead she tried to put me at ease. She put her arms around me and
hugged me to her naked body. I nearly creamed again.

"It's alright Bobby. You won't hurt me. I'll guide you and tell you
what feels good to me, okay?"

All I could do was nod my head. She sat down on the couch and pulled me
to my knees in front of her. She spread her legs apart wide enough for
me to get close between them. First she took my hand and placed it flat
over her pussy and pressed it against her lips. She was very warm and I
felt some moisture as well. Then she took one of my fingers and ran it
up through the slit between the lips. My dick was pounding as I felt
the heat from her pussy.

My finger touched a bump at the top of her pussy and she moaned a
little. I realized she liked that and thought it must feel really good.
She used my fingers to spread the lips apart so I could see her pussy
clearly. I saw there were inner lips and the bump at the top and even
the hole at the bottom. She told me I could feel all around it if I
wanted to. I definitely wanted to.

She let go of my hand and leaned back on the couch leaving me to do
whatever I wanted. I stroked my fingers up and down feeling the little
lips inside and rubbing the bump which I now realize was her clit. Each
time I touched the clit she groaned and I felt her push up against my
finger. I payed a lot of attention to her clit but didn't forget the
rest. As I passed over the entrance to her hole I felt some juice on my
finger. It was very slippery and I figured it must be like my pre-cum.

Then she surprised me again. As I was touching the opening she moved
her hips forward suddenly.

"Put it in Bobby. Slide you finger inside my pussy. Please Bobby do it

I did as she asked and slid my finger into that hot, wet hole. It went
in all the way. I was sitting there with my index finger sunk as deeply
as I could go into a real pussy. As I held it there she started to move
her hips again.

"Put another one in with that one Bobby and slide them in and out. Yes
that's it. Oh that feels so good."

I was in a dream. I must be in a dream. How could I be kneeling in
front of a sexy blonde finger fucking her? But it was real and not a
dream. I remembered that she liked it when I touched her clit so I used
my other hand to rub that while I stroked my two fingers in and out of
her hot pussy. I could feel it squeezing my fingers. She must have been
flexing her muscles. At her request I speeded up and pushed deeper.

"Yes Bobby. That's it. Nice and deep and fast. Oh God that feels so
good Bobby. Don't stop. Just keep doing that and I'll cum in a minute."

She was true to her word and came right after that. She moaned and then
called out loudly that she was cuming. I thought the neighbors must
have heard her. Then after a few moments she relaxed and took my hand away.
She pulled it up to her lips and took my fingers into her mouth and
sucked them clean. Then she pulled me close and kissed me hard on the
mouth. I have no idea how I kept from cuming again or fainting. It was
the most wonderful feeling I ever imagined.

Linda sat up and told me it was time to go. She thanked me for making
her feel so good and for letting her payment slide for another week. I
got dressed and left. I could still smell her pussy on my fingers when
I got home. I smelled them and then tasted them. I could taste her pussy
and I didn't wash until morning. I didn't want to lose that connection
with my first pussy.

The following week was much like the one that had just passed. It went
very slowly and I had no chance to see Linda except once from a
distance. I kept getting erections every time I though about her and
that was often. When Friday the twelfth finally arrived I was in a
panic. I wanted to get there so much and yet I knew I had to follow my
usual pattern or somebody might realize what was going on.

I wolfed down my dinner very nearly choking once. I got a few
suspicious glances from my mother but nothing was said. I managed to
control myself and asked to be excused. I walked slowly to my room to get
my receipt book and change bag then left at what I hoped was a normal

As soon as I was out of the house I started to run. I ran to the homes I
needed to collect from and ran to the building where Linda lived. I ran
up and down the halls stopping at several apartments to collect. I knew I
had to keep accounts up or I'd lose my route.

At last I had enough done and reached Linda's apartment. I knocked on
her door and it flew open instantly. She had been waiting for me. She
was ready and so was I. This time she was wearing a silk robe that
covered her completely. It molded to her figure but showed nothing. I
was a little disappointed and wondered if that meant no more fun. But
Linda soon eased my fears. We went to the couch and there was my egg
nog waiting. I picked it up and was chugging it down when she slipped her
robe off.

I almost choked on that egg nog. With no preamble at all, Linda had
taken off her robe to reveal her naked body underneath. She wasn't
wearing anything and wasn't wasting any time either. She took the empty
cup and told me to get undressed. I got out of my clothes faster than I
had ever done so before. I stood in front of her and waited for her
next move.

"Bobby. I think we both know what's going to happen so why don't we
forget the make believe? I have your money and will give it to you
before you leave. But first I want to do the things we did before and
maybe more. It's five weeks I owe you for and we've been adding one
more thing for each week. So let's get busy so we don't run out of time."

She pushed me down on the couch and gave me a fast hand job, collecting
my cum in a tissue. It was just like the first time except faster. She
was in a hurry and so was I. I knew what came next and reached over to
play with her tits. I pinched and rolled the nipples and then sucked
first one then the other. After a few minutes I bit down on a nipple
and as before she shivered with a mild orgasm.

It was her turn again and she wasted no time sucking my dick into her
mouth. She worked feverishly and used her tongue as she sucked. It felt
great and when she squeezed my balls I came in her mouth. She sucked
all she could get out of me and then swallowed it. After licking her lips
and kissing me lightly on the mouth she leaned back and spread her

It was my turn again. I got down on my knees and started to play with
her pussy. It didn't take long for me to get my fingers going deeply in
and out of her cunt. I rubbed her clit as I fingered her and she came
fairly soon. It seemed to be a good one and she took a few moments to
regain her senses.

"That was very good Bobby. Now we need to try something different for
the extra week. Do you know what eating pussy means?"

"Yes, but I don't know how to do it."

"I'll show you what to do if you'll do it for me."

I wasn't too sure about putting my mouth on her pussy but then I
remembered tasting her on my fingers. I went for it. She instructed me
and I was soon eating my first pussy. At her request I licked all
around the outside then along the groove. I kissed and licked the inner
lips and lapped from the bottom up to her clit. I got an even better
reaction to my tongue on her clit than I had from my finger.

She told me to use my fingers like before while I was licking her clit.
I slid two fingers in and worked them hard as I sucked and licked her
clit. She asked me to stick my tongue into the hole and I did, as far as
I could. Then it was back to my fingers with my tongue on her clit.
That did it and she came nice and hard.

We rested for a few minutes and she held me close while she came down
from her orgasm. After a while she looked at her watch and said it was
time for me to go. While I got dressed she went into the other room.
She came back with the money she owed me and even included a tip. I
thought that was too much after all she had done for me but she insisted.

I left after what had been a wonderful but very fast evening. Linda
told me to be sure and stop by the next week. She promised me I would like
the next step. I had been worried at first that she was going to stop
the fun and games since she had payed me. But she was still interested
in our having sex I guess and I looked forward to her next offering.

Another week crept past. I was spending all my spare time thinking
about Linda and jacking off. It seemed to me as if I had a constant
erection. It's a wonder I ever managed to take a leak what with my dick
being hard all the time. I kept trying to imagine what would happen on my
next visit to Linda's apartment. I had no experience and so my imagination
was limited. I replayed the events of the past few weeks and just
dreamed of Linda.

When Friday the nineteenth finally arrived I could hardly wait for the
evening. I almost missed the note when I delivered Linda's paper. It
was tacked to her door and had Bobby written in bold letters on the side
that showed. I took it down and opened it nervously. It was short.

Bobby. Please come to collect earlier tonight. Thank you. Miss Griffin

I wondered at first about her signing it with her last name but
realized it could be just a precaution. If anyone opened the note and read
it they would think she was just leaving a note for her paper boy. But why
did she want me there early? I thought about it as I finished my route.
How should I do it? What might be wrong? I got home and cleaned up for
supper. The meal went quickly and I was ready to leave. On a whim I
told my mother I might be a little later than usual because there were a
couple of customers who were not there early enough. She told me not to
make it too late and I left.

In case anyone was watching I stopped and collected from a few of the
small houses on my route. Then I went to the big apartment building. No
running through the halls this time. I went right to Linda's apartment.
I knocked on the door and waited. No answer. I knocked again. This time
the door opened. Linda stood behind it as she motioned for me to come
in. I stepped inside and turned to look at her as she closed the door.

She was naked. Well, almost naked. She had a big red ribbon around her
waist with a huge bow right over her pussy. She also had a small stick
on bow on each nipple. It was beautiful and I just stood there gaping
at her.

"I take it you like my outfit. Since this is the last time before
christmas I thought I'd give you your present tonight. Come in and sit
down and drink your egg nog."

It seems funny now to think she always had that egg nog ready for me.
But this time it was different. I sat down and picked up the cup of egg
nog. Linda picked up another cup and clinked it against mine.

"To us and all the fun we've had together. Merry christmas."

I took a good sized slug of the egg nog and my eyes must have looked as
if they were going to fall out. I know they got very big. She had
spiked the egg nog. It was cold but made my mouth and throat burn a
little as it went down. It tasted good though and I finished it in one
long chug. Linda smiled as she watched me.

"I hope you don't mind that I added a little something special to your
egg nog tonight. You see this is a very special night. I'm sorry to
have to tell you it's the last time we'll be able to see each other. I
need to cancel the paper because I'm moving away."

I was devastated. I had allowed myself to get used to our meetings and
the sex. I had thought it would go on for a long time. I thought I was
a little in love with Linda. Not unusual for a twelve year old boy who
was getting sex for the first time. I must have looked very sad. She put
our cups down on the table and pulled me into a hug. She held me for a
few minutes and then pulled back.

"I know you're disappointed Bobby, but it can't be helped. I have a new
job in another town and I'll be leaving in a couple of days. But I
wanted this to be a very special time for us. I want you to have a
special present from me tonight. That's why I asked you to get here
early. I don't want us to be rushed."

I was still very unhappy. She stood up and took my hand then led me
into her bedroom. That was something new. We'd never gone in there before.
When we got in her room I saw it was very nice looking and there was a
very large bed up against one wall. Linda led me over to the bed and
then started to undress me. She took her time and was careful to put
each piece of clothing on a chair next to the bed and my shoes on the
floor in front of it.

She stopped to place a kiss here and there as she took my clothes off.
She kissed my nipples and my arms and my thighs and even my dick. When
she was done she stood in front of me and told me it was my turn. There
wasn't much to take off of her. I pulled a small bow off her breast and
kissed the nipple. I pulled the other small bow off and kissed the
other nipple. Then I reached down and pulled the end of the ribbon that
held the bow over her pussy. The whole thing fell away and I leaned down
and kissed her pussy lips.

"Now let's lay down on the bed Bobby. Tonight I want you to put all the
things we've done together and not do them one at a time. Just make
love to me Bobby. Touch and kiss and lick all you want to and I'll do the

I was very nervous. It had all been structured before. I knew what was
coming step by step and had no trouble following along. Now she wanted
me to wing it. I started playing with her tits but I didn't stay there
waiting for her to shiver. I moved down and played with her pussy too.
I covered her body with kisses. I kept trying to think what to do next. I
just kept repeating all the things she had shown me. It seemed to make
her feel good. She moaned and held my head close to her tits a few

My dick was really hard and I needed to get some relief soon. Linda saw
it and pushed me flat on the bed. She moved down and started sucking on
my dick like she did before. It felt wonderful but I was so excited I
came way too soon. She swallowed my cum and licked her lips.

"That was very good Bobby. How about eating my pussy now?"

As I moved down to get at her pussy she changed our positions so that
we were in what I now know was a sixty-nine. I took a minute to get used
to the new angle and then went to work on her pussy. While I was licking
and sucking and fingering her hot box I could feel her slip my soft
dick into her mouth and suck every now and then. As she got more excited
by my tongue on her clit and my fingers in her hole, she sucked more

I kept up my licking and sucking and pumping my fingers in her hole.
She kept sucking my dick. But then she started to cum and left my dick
alone. I didn't mind because I was very busy anyway. My hand moved as
fast as I could manage and my tongue was pressing on her clit and
rolling it back and forth. In a few minutes she really came hard. Her
hips pushed up off the bed and she went all stiff and groaned real
loud. I kept moving my fingers but stopped moving my tongue. I just
licked her whole pussy up and down.

Her orgasm lasted a while and then she pulled me up next to her again.
She kissed me and told me how good it felt.

"But there's something that will feel even better Bobby. Better for me
and better for you too. I want you to fuck me now. Put that nice hard
little dick right in the hole where you were sticking your fingers and
move it the same way you did them. Come on Bobby. Do it now. Fuck me!"

I was in shock. Not only did she use the f word out loud but she wanted
me to do it to her. I hesitated for a minute and she pushed and pulled
until I was between her legs with my hard dick touching her pussy. I
supported myself over her with extended arms and waited to see what
came next. I didn't have to wait long. She reached between us and took
hold of my dick. She placed the tip next to the opening to her hole and
then pushed her hips up at me.

My dick started to slip into her and I realized what I was supposed to
do. I pushed in and my dick sank all the way in until my pubic bone was
crushing hers. She groaned and sighed and then started to use my hips
to guide me in my movements. She had me pumping in and out of her cunt
in no time. Once I got the rhythm down she let go of my hips and put her
arms around my neck. As we pumped she pulled my head down and kissed
me. This time her tongue found its way into my mouth. My first french

I don't remember a lot of the details. It's been a long time. But I
know we went at it for quite a while. Linda managed to have two more
orgasms before I came. I guess the blow job made it possible for me to
last a lot longer. When I felt her cum for the second time I couldn't
hold back any more and I plunged deep into her cunt and held it there
as I spit out all my cum into her hot box.

Linda held me tight and wouldn't let me roll off her. I held my
position for a few minutes while we both recovered. My dick was very
soon back to it's miniscule size and slipped out of her pussy. She
finally let me roll off to the side.

"Thank you Bobby. That was very nice. You did very well for a first
time. Did you enjoy it too?"

"You bet your life I enjoyed it! That was the most fantastic feeling
I've ever had. It was great! Thank you so much Linda."

I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. She smiled and then
glanced over at the clock. It was getting late but I still had some
time before I was expected home. I told her that I'd told my mother I
might be late. She laughed and told me I was getting smart. We just
lounged there on the bed for a little while. Then Linda looked at me
and smiled.

"It looks like your youth is letting you recover quite fast. Your
little dickie is getting hard again. Would you like something more
before you go?"

I had no idea what she might have in mind but I knew that I wanted
whatever it was. At that point I think I would have let her beat me
with a belt if she had asked. But that wasn't what she had planned.
She reached over to her bedside table and took out a tube of KY Jelly.
I recognized it as what my mother used on the enema tip at home. I
began to wonder if I was going to like this after all. I must have
looked worried.

"It's okay Bobby. You'll like this I promise."

She squeezed out some of the KY and smeared it all over my dick. So far
so good. But I did wonder why I needed to be greased up. I was small
enough to fit in her pussy. We had already proved that. Then I got my
next shock. She took a large dollop of KY and pressed it into her ass
hole. Whoa! What the hell was this?

"Now Bobby I want you to get behind me when I get up on my knees. Then
you put the tip of your dick against my ass hole and push. Okay?"

I nodded and watched as she got up on her knees with her head down on
the pillow. She reached back and spread her cheeks so I could see the
brown pucker of the entrance to her ass. I did as instructed and placed
the head of my dick against the hole. I pushed and she did too. There
was a pause and then my dick popped into her hole. I pushed harder and
slipped all the way in. I felt my balls bang against her pussy.

"That's it Bobby. Now fuck me just like you fucked my pussy. Nice and
deep and hard."

I put my hands on her hips for leverage and started pounding in and out
of her ass. I was surprised at how tight it felt. Much tighter than her
pussy in fact. And hot? You wouldn't believe how hot it was. I think
under normal circumstances I would have cum in an instant. But I had
already cum multiple times in a short while. That meant I was able to
continue for quite some time.

I could see Linda reaching down to rub her clit. I wondered if there
was something I could do to help her feel good too. Then I noticed her
tits hanging down under her. I reached down and felt for a nipple. When
I found it I started to roll it around and pinch it. She seemed to like
that a lot so I continued while I pumped in and out of her ass as hard
as I could.

Linda reached another orgasm but I wasn't finished. I kept doing what
seemed to please her for another five minutes or so. Then just as I
lost it and started to pump more cum into her bowels, she came again.
Harder than before. I tried to stroke a few more times but ended up just
pushing all the way in and holding it there. I pinched her tit real
hard at that point and she screamed.

"Yes! Oh yes! That's it darling. Yes!"

I must admit it scared the hell out of me at first but she quieted down
and I felt her relax. I pulled my dick out and watched in fascination
as her ass hole slowly closed up. I barely heard her as she whispered to

"You better go clean up and get dressed dear. It's getting late."

I slipped off the bed and went into her bathroom. I found a wash cloth
and cleaned myself up. Then I thought about her and rinsed the cloth in
warm water. I took it in and before she could resist I washed her ass
and pussy carefully. She moaned as I ran the warm cloth over her pussy.
When I was done I took the cloth back to the bathroom and rinsed it
out. I dried my hands and went back to the bedroom.

Linda was just resting on her back as I got dressed. When I was ready
she reached up with her arms wide inviting me in for a hug and a kiss.
Her hug was tight and her kiss was passionate and wet. I loved it and
felt really good.

"Good bye my darling Bobby. I'll miss you and never forget you. You are
a very good boy. No, a very good lover. Thank you for letting me love

"Thank you Linda. I'll never forget you either. You taught me a lot and
I had a lot of fun. You're a very special lady and I'm glad you were my
first. I think I love you a little. I'm really going to miss you."

I was getting too close to crying and I think she was too. I said good
bye one more time and leaned over to kiss her. Then I left.

I never saw Linda again. I did receive a card from her just in time for
christmas. There was a twenty dollar bill enclosed. She had signed it,
"Thank you very much for your kindness. PLease use this to buy some egg
nog. Linda Griffin."

I've kept that card all through the years. And every year at the
holiday season I buy egg nog and remember Linda.

The end.

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