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Warning! The following story is for adults. It contains explicit sex
scenes between a young boy and an adult female. If you are too young to
read this material legally where you live or if you find this kind of
material offensive, please leave now. All others proceed at your own

Egg Nog (Fb, 1st, ped)
    by Uncle Sky

Chapter 1

This story took place many years ago. It was back in the days when
young boys delivered newspapers either walking or on their bikes. It was
a time when those boys actually had to go to each customer's house or
apartment and collect payment weekly. I was such a boy.

I was twelve years old and had only been delivering papers for a little
over a month. I was an average twelve year old I guess. Not tall. Not
short. Not fat. Not thin. Certainly not an athlete. Just your average
kid like so many others that you'd have passed without noticing. I
wanted the job to earn money. It was hard work and took a lot of time.
But the money would be mine and I was going to be allowed to spend it
any way I wanted.

I had about 100 customers. It sounds like a lot for a kid but I lived
in a city where there were apartment houses mixed in with single and
multiple family houses. My route only covered one city block. But on
that block there was one huge building that had a couple of hundred
apartments in it. Most of my customers lived there.

I usually collected on Saturday. I had more time and there were more
people home. But there were some customers who were not home weekends.
It was their day off and they went out to have fun or to visit friends
and family. For them I found I had to collect on Friday evening. This
all started on the Friday after Thanksgiving. November 28th, 1947. A
date I'll never forget.

I went to the apartment building and started collecting from the ones
who seemed to never be there on the weekend. I also tried the ones who
were behind on their payments. Miss Griffin was one of those. I'd only
been delivering to her for one month and she was three weeks behind. My
district manager said that was the limit. Either she paid that week or
we stopped delivering the paper.

I'd never been in that situation before. How does a kid tell an adult
to pay up or else? And a pretty lady like Miss Griffin at that. Oh yeah,
she was pretty. She was in her early twenties and blonde with blue
eyes. Her hair was long and always looked nice. It kind of reminded me of
Veronica Lake. Her body was the stuff dreams are made of. Wet dreams.
She was what they call petite. That means not much taller than I was
and slim. Except for her tits. She had tits. To me they looked huge.
Looking back I would guess they were only about a C cup or a little more
but wow were they nice. And her ass was a sight to behold when she was
walking away from you.

Miss Griffin always seemed to be wearing something that showed off her
tits to their best advantage. There was a lot of cleavage and a lot of
the boys in the neighborhood thought she didn't wear a bra. In those
days that was scandalous. We all thought she was a sex goddess. When
she walked by, mouths watered and little dicks grew hard.

At age twelve I was still a virgin. The only sex I had experienced was
with my hand and even that was something new for me. I'd seen some sex
books I found when I was babysitting at my mother's friend's house one
night. So I knew what sex was and some of the things adults did but had
never seen a real live naked woman. But boy did I want to. And that
brings me to the Friday after Thanksgiving.

As I knocked on her door that Friday evening, I was nervous. No. I was
scared. What should I say? How would she act? I knocked lightly at
first. No answer. I could hear some music coming from behind the door
so I knocked harder. That did it. The door opened and I very nearly

There stood Miss Griffin wearing a very light and wispy sort of gown
with a robe of similar material over it. Even with both on there was
little left to the imagination. The robe was open and her tits were
spilling out over the top of the gown. The gown and robe came to just
below her knees. I could see a shadow in her crotch and a dark spot
over each of her tits. All her wonderful curves were there for me to see.
I was speechless for a minute.

She smiled and spoke. I didn't hear what she said. The blood was
pounding in my ears. She repeated herself and it finally came through
the fog.

"What is it you want?"

The little devil on my shoulder wanted to tell her exactly what I
wanted but I managed to keep that my little secret.

"I'm collecting for the paper ma'm. You owe for three weeks and my boss
said I have to be paid tonight or he'll cancel your service."

It had all kind of tumbled out in a rush as she smiled at me. I wasn't
even sure I'd said it out loud. She opened the door further and stepped
to the side.

"Oh I'm sorry. Please come in and I'll see if I have the money for you.
Here, sit on the couch and have some egg nog while I go look."

She handed me a cup of egg nog that had been sitting on the table and I
took it and sat down. I was still dazed by her beauty and sexiness. She
made no move to cover herself as she walked to the other room. The
light showed through her gown and robe and outlined her crotch. My dick
started to grow. I tried to take my mind off her body by drinking the
egg nog. It was delicious but it would take more than that to divert my
attention from her obvious charms

I heard her rummaging around in the other room and after a few minutes
she returned and sat down next to me on the couch. I could feel the
heat from her body as she pressed her hip against mine.

"I'm so sorry. I just can't seem to find any cash around here. Isn't
there some way I could get you to give me more time? I really need the
paper every day and don't want it cancelled."

As she spoke, her hand settled on my knee. It felt like it was burning
me. My little dick was growing fast. and poking up in my pants. I was
wearing shorts and prayed that she wouldn't notice anything. Her hand
on my bare thigh was soft and as we sat looking at each other it seemed
to be moving upwards.

"I really wish I could help you Miss Griffin, but I can't go against my

Her hand slid slowly up my thigh towards the edge of my shorts as she

"It isn't really that much money. Couldn't you cover it for me until I
can repay you? I'd be so very grateful for your help."

By then her hand was under the edge of my shorts and showed no sign of
stopping. Even at twelve I was getting the message. If I did what she
wanted maybe she would do what I wanted. Nah, not likely.

"I don't know Miss Griffin. Maybe I could cover for a while. I could
pay your bill but it'd only be for a little while. If my boss found out
I'd be in big trouble."

Her hand was now under the leg of my shorts and touching my balls
through my underwear. I jumped as I felt her touch. I was so afraid she
would stop once I gave in, but she didn't.

"Oh thank you so much. You're being so nice to me I think I should
reward you. Let me see now. What could I do to show you how grateful I
am? I owe you for three weeks right?"

I was holding very still hoping she wouldn't stop what she was doing.
My voice almost cracked when I answered her.

"Yes ma'm. Three weeks."

Suddenly she removed her hand from my shorts. I slumped down in
disappointment. I was sure she had decided to stop and I wanted her to
keep touching me. She looked down at my crotch and could see my little
dick sticking up inside my shorts. It was small but it was hard and I
needed to cum. Boy was I hot.

"What in the world is that sticking up in your pants sonny? Is that
your little dicky all excited?"

My face was red and burning with embarrassment. I couldn't answer her.
I don't think she really expected me to.

"Well why don't I help you out with your little problem as long as
you're helping me out with mine?"

I sat there in shock as she reached down and unbuttoned my shorts, then
grabbing them at the sides she started to pull them down. Lucky I
listened to my mother about clean underpants. This may not have been an
accident but someone was sure going to see them. I raised my hips a
little to let her pull my shorts and underpants down. My dick stuck
strait up in the air and was throbbing.

"My goodness that looks almost painful. Would you like me to help you
out? I could make you feel real nice and relieve the swelling in that
little thing if you want me to."

I was petrified. All I could do was nod my head yes. My eyes were big
as saucers as I watched her hand approach my dick. Before I knew it she
had wrapped her hand around my dick and squeezed it gently. I sighed and
leaned back on the couch as she began to slide her hand up and down my
dick. She ran a finger of her other hand over the tip and smeared a
drop of pre-cum that she found there, all over the head. I didn't last
long. Just a few strokes and I exploded. It happened too fast for her to
catch my cum in anything so it went all over her hand and arm and some
got on my legs.

"Ooops. That was quick wasn't it? Here let me clean you off."

She reached over to the table and got some tissues. She very gently
cleaned my dick and then my legs and finally her hand. When it was all
cleaned up she threw the tissues away and I started to pull up my

"Wait a minute now. That was for the first week. There are still two
weeks to go. By the way sonny, what ever is your name? If we're going
to get personal like this I should know your name at least."

"It's Bobby, Miss Griffin."

"Well Bobby, what do you think I should do now for the second week? Is
there something you'd like me to do?"

Don't ask me where in the world I got the courage. I haven't the
slightest idea. All I know is that the words tumbled out of my mouth
before I could stop them.

"You could let me play with your breasts, Miss Griffin. I'd really like

She sat back a little and smiled a big wide smile. I thought at first I
was in trouble but then she reached up and opened her robe and then her
gown. She let them fall down around her waist and sat there with those
beautiful tits staring at me. I was frozen in place. I didn't dare
move. I was afraid she'd change her mind or I'd do something stupid and
make her mad. So I just looked. No I didn't drool. But I felt as if I did.

"Are you a little nervous Bobby? It's alright. Just reach out and touch
them. Be gentle but go ahead and play with them."

I still hesitated until she reached over and took both my hands in hers
and placed them on her breasts. I sat there with my pants down and my
hands full of tits. I wondered if that was what they meant by heaven. I
sure thought so. She let go of my hands so I started to move them
around. I rubbed her tits gently like she said. I could feel the
nipples getting hard under my palms. I rolled them between my fingers as
they got harder and began to stick up like tiny dicks.

"Mmm. That feels nice Bobby. Would you like to taste them? Go ahead and
suck on one of them. I bet you'd like that and I know I would too."

She reached over and put one hand behind my head and pulled me to her
chest. I opened my mouth and put it around a nipple. I started to suck
like a baby. This was too much. I couldn't believe this was happening.
I played with one tit with my fingers and sucked on the other one. I
wiggled my tongue over the nipple and she moaned. I guessed she liked
that. I continued doing that for a while until she kind of shivered and
then pulled my head away. She sighed and took my hand off the other tit
too. It was over but I was happy as a clam.

"Did you enjoy that Bobby?"

"You bet I did. That was the first time I ever touched a tit er I'm
sorry, I meant breast."

"That's okay Bobby. We're friends now so you can call them tits if you
want to. You know I enjoyed that too. It made me cum a little bit. Now
let's see. That makes two weeks out of three that I've thanked you for.
That leaves one more. Hmm. What could I do for that last week now?"

She sat there giving it some thought. I had a few ideas but she didn't
seem to really want my ideas and I would have been afraid to ask her
any way. At that point I was thinking of that shadow between her legs. I
really wanted to play with that. I sat there waiting with my dick hard
and sticking up again. Playing with her tits had given me another
hardon. Then she looked at my dick and smiled again.

"I know just the thing to repay you for being so nice."

And just like that she leaned over and took my dick in her mouth. If I
hadn't been jerked off just a few minutes earlier I would've cum right
then. But I was able to hold off. It wasn't easy but I managed. She
reached over and started to play with my balls as she sucked my dick. I
wasn't very big in those days so she was able to get all of it in her
mouth. She bobbed her head up and down as she sucked and I nearly went
crazy. I knew what this was. It was my first blow job. Miss Griffin was
sucking my dick. And at the rate she was going I would be cuming in no

She was very gentle with my balls and it felt great and so did her
mouth and tongue working on my dick. She kept a steady pace up and down
on it as she sucked softly and tickled the head with her tongue. I thought
she had done that several times before because she was very good at it. It
didn't take too long for me to start moaning and pumping my hips up at
her mouth.

"You better stop Miss Griffin. I'm going to cum now. You better stop.
Oh God I'm cumiiinnng!"

I could just see a little smile as she sucked harder instead of pulling
off. She squeezed my balls at the same time and I shot off in her
mouth. She took it all. Well okay there wasn't that much but she took all
I gave her and then really surprised me. She swallowed. I never heard of
such a thing. She swallowed my cum and then licked her lips and grinned
at me.

"Mmmm. That was delicious Bobby. Thank you for the snack."

"Uh, thank you Miss Griffin. I really liked that."

"Well Bobby. That takes care of three weeks so I guess we're done for
now. You better get going or your folks will be worried about where you

"Yes, Miss Griffin. I guess you're right. I better go. I'll take care
of covering your bill as soon as I get home. Thank you for the egg nog and
er ah the rest. I really liked it."

"You're very welcome Bobby. You be sure to stop in next week and
collect for the paper. I'll try to have the money for you and I'll be sure
to have more egg nog ready too."

I stepped out the door and she closed it. I just stood there for a
minute trying to be sure it wasn't just a dream. I felt my dick and
balls. No, it wasn't a dream. I really had been there and enjoyed it
very much. I skipped all the way home and thought about the next week.
I wondered if she would have the money or if she would give me some more
egg nog.

The days crawled by. I wanted to see her again and watched when I
delivered her paper. But she was never around. I saw her from a
distance one day as she was leaving the building but she didn't see me.
Just the sight of her made my dick hard.

I wanted to tell my friends. I had sex with the sex goddess. Well sort
of any way, and I wanted to brag about it. All the guys bragged about
sex stuff. We all knew it was bull but it was fun to listen. I almost
told my closest friend Teddy but at the last minute I realized it would
be wrong. I didn't want to do anything to spoil it so I kept my mouth

Finally it was Friday, December 5th and time to go collect again. My
folks seemed a little surprised at my eagerness to go. I normally was
slow about it. I didn't really like going door to door asking for
payment. But this Friday I couldn't wait for dinner to be over. I
gulped down my food and excused myself from the table and was out the door
almost before they said yes.

I knew I had to do some collecting or there would be questions so I ran
to the building and made several stops as fast as I could. I moved
through the halls as if I was being chased. At last I had enough to
make it look as if I was on the job like I was supposed to be. Then I went
to Miss Griffin's apartment.

I was nervous again. What if she had the money? What if she had changed
her mind about what we did and sent me away? What if she was mad? My
mind was in turmoil as I reached up and knocked on the door. This time
she opened it right away. It was as if she had been waiting for me. She
had a big smile on her face as she invited me in.

"Come on in Bobby. I almost forgot you were coming tonight. Please sit
down and help yourself to some egg nog. I'll go see if I have your
money this week. It's up to four weeks now, right?"

"Yes ma'm."

I sat down and poured a cup of egg nog from the pitcher that was on the
table. I was thinking she was going to pay me this time. She was
wearing a nice dress that showed off her figure but was more like you
would wear to go out than for around the house. All I had been able to see
was her cleavage and her ass wiggling as she walked away from me. But that
was enough to get me hard again.

It seemed to take her a long time. I'd finished the cup of egg nog when
she finally came out, but she wasn't wearing the dress any more.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting Bobby, I just had to get out of
that dress and into something more comfortable. Do you like my new gown?"

She was wearing a slinky gown that was held up by thin straps. The top
just barely covered her nipples and showed off most of her tits. When
she walked it clung to her body and showed the shape of her hips and
legs. She turned around to show me the gown and it outlined her ass
very clearly.

"Yes Ma'm. It's very nice and you look beautiful in it."

My mother always told me to be nice and complement ladies on their
clothes. She said it was the polite thing to do. It seemed to please
Miss Griffin. She smiled and after she sat down next to me she leaned
over and kissed me. She kissed me! On the mouth! Okay, it was just a
little peck but geeze it was a big deal for me. I had never been kissed
by anyone on the mouth like that. I almost passed out I was so excited.

"Thank you, Bobby. It was very nice of you to say that. But now after
you being so nice to me I have to tell you I don't have your money
again. You must think I'm a terrible person. Will you have to cancel my
subscription now? Or can we find a way to keep the papers coming? Is
there some way I can make it up to you?"

"Well. I guess I could cover for you again. As long as my boss doesn't
find out. I guess it'll be okay."

"Oh but Bobby, if you take that risk for me I just have to reward you
in some way. That would only be fair. Did you like the rewards I gave you
last week? We could do that again if you want to. Would that be enough
of a reward for you?"

"Yes Miss Griffin. That would be very nice. I liked what we did last
time very much. It'd be a great reward for me. But did you like it too,
Miss Griffin? I mean if you don't like it I won't mind not doing it

"Bobby, Bobby. Yes I liked it too or I wouldn't do it. I enjoyed
playing with you and I'd like to do it again. But Bobby. If we're going
to be friends and play together I think you should call me Linda. I mean
Miss Griffin is so formal for two friends that play together like we do,
don't you think?"

"Yes Miss Gri... I mean Linda. I'd like that very much."

She'd already reached over and started to take off my shorts. I lifted
up and in one sweep she had my shorts and underpants down around my
ankles. My little dick was at attention again waiting for what I hoped
would come next. Sure enough she took hold of it with one hand and
cupped my balls with the other and started to jack me off. But there
was a difference this time. I had cheated.

Just before dinner that night I'd gone into the bathroom and jacked
off. I hoped that it would make it easier for me to last when she did it.
That is, if she did it. And there she was working on me just like the
first time. I leaned back and watched as she stroked up and down on my
dick. Her hand covered it easily and on the upstroke she let her palm
rub over the head a little. After a few strokes there was some pre-cum
oozing out of the slit at the tip of my dick and she again smeared it
around with her finger. Boy did that feel good.

As I started to get close I let my head drop back on the couch and
closed my eyes. I pictured her tits as I'd seen them the week before
with my hands on them. It was all I needed and I could feel the cum
starting to rise up through my dick. I warned her and she grabbed some
tissues to catch my cum this time. She was just in time as I gushed out
in several spurts into the tissue. When I stopped she cleaned off the
tip of my dick and threw the tissue away.

"There you are Bobby. That's for week one just like last time. Now it's
your turn for week two. Do you remember what to do?"

"I sure do Linda."

I reached up and slipped the straps of her gown down off her shoulders
and pulled the whole gown down to her waist. There they were. Her tits
were sticking up as proud as could be with the nipples already starting
to get hard. I put a hand on each of them and rubbed lightly at first.
Then I leaned down and sucked one nipple into my mouth. I licked it and
sucked on it and even nibbled a little bit. All the time I was doing
that I was rolling her other nipple between my fingers. As I nibbled on
one I pinched the other just a little. She moaned low in her throat. I
guessed she liked it.

"A little harder Bobby. Please. Harder."

Having been brought up to obey my elders I did as she said and bit
harder and pinched harder. It must have been the right thing to do
because she moaned and called out and then shivered like the last time.
After a minute or so she took my hands away from her tits and just held
them for a moment.

"Thank you Bobby. That was just what I needed. I had a nice little
orgasm just from your hands and mouth."

I grinned from ear to ear and I bet my chest grew two sizes I was so
proud of myself.

"That was for week two Bobby. I guess it's time for week three. Do you
want the same reward as last week?"

"Oh yes please Linda. That was fantastic. Please do it again."

The words were barely out of my mouth before she bent down and took my
dick deep into her mouth. Her lips caressed the shaft as she bobbed up
and down on my twelve year old dick. I could feel her tongue swirling
around the head as she sucked on it. I'd cum twice in the last few
hours and so it was more enjoyable than the previous week. I was able to
sit back and relax with my head resting on the back of the couch and my
eyes closed.

I opened my eyes every now and then to look down at Linda's face as she
gobbled my dick. It was fantastic watching her push down until her nose
was nestled in the small amount of hair around my dick. I could feel
her breath on my wet dick as she exhaled on the up stroke. And all the
while she was gently squeezing my balls with that talented hand of hers.
Yes, I held out longer than the week before. But not long enough. It was
over way too soon as I reached my second orgasm of the last hour.

Linda let my dick slip from her luscious lips and then cleaned it with
her tongue. She had swallowed my cum and smiled as she licked her lips.
Then she leaned over and kissed me long but softly on the lips.

"Well Bobby, that takes care of the third week. But there's still week
four. What do you think I could do for week four? Let me think now.
What would a nice boy like you want from an old lady like me that would
make it worth you risking your job? Hmm. You're covering four weeks for
me now so it has to be something special doesn't it?"

I agreed with her but then everything she'd done with me was special. I
knew what I wanted from her but I didn't have the guts to ask her for
it. I sat there waiting as she thought about what she could do for me.
I trusted her to come up with something very special and she finally did.
When she looked me in the eye and told me what to do I nearly passed
out. But that will have to wait for the next chapter.

The end of Chapter 1.

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