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Subject: {ASSM} Mom Likes Cum pt 2
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This is a true story as told to me by my mom some little details were
embellished by me to make the story read smoothly.

My Mother, her Dad and Step Mother moved from Canada to the United
States when she was 13. My mother says her Step mother was frigid and
did not care for sex at all. On the other hand her Father had an
extremely high sex drive.
Mom says her Step mom Caught her Dad having an affair. Her Step Mom was
so pissed she went back to Canada, and left Mom and her Dad alone. Mom
was 14 her Dad was out of work.
My Mother says she was a spitting image of her birth mother who died
when she was two.
Mom was 14 years old 5'1", had 34c big breasts. Her Step Mom used to
say she had big breasts at such a young age because she let men fell
her breasts.
She wasn't all that bright by today's standards. But she was smart
enough to know her husband had eyes for his Daughter. Her Step Mom did
have good reasons to have jealous feelings towards her step daughter.
So Mom and her Dad were alone and her Dad was lonely, sad, out of work,
and no wife to keep him under control. So he drank a lot, and when he
drank he became very horny.
Her Dads favorite past time was to comment on his daughters big boobs
and her big nipples. Mom says he was a Boob Man.
Not to say he didn't like her ass too. He loved to make her feel
uncomfortable by telling her she looked like a woman and he wanted to
see if she was one.
Mom describes this summer as, "The summer my Dad had totally free rein
with me."
She says he started with the nasty comments. Then he would come into
her bed room or bathroom when she would be undressed.
Then he made sure she saw him nude, by letting his hard cock come out
of his boxers or after his shower he would walk around in his bath
towel around his waist with the split in the front.
Mom says it looked very big to her, it was the first penis she ever
Her Dad started to come up behind her when she was washing her hair in
the sink or doing dishes and feel her ass or breasts. First over her
Dress then soon under. She tried to protest but she was taught to obey
her parents.
Mom says one day after her shower she went to get dressed and all of
her panties and bras were missing. She asked her Dad where they were he
told her she wasn't allowed to wear them in the house any more. She
knew why. it was so he could see her nipples easer and so he could feel
her up unrestricted. Her Dad told her it would be cooler for her.
They would go to the store and the men would check her out, and
whistle. The women would comment that she looked like she was ready and
looking for sex. This made her uneasy and made her Dad proud.
After her mom was gone two weeks and her Dad had been prepping her for
the inevitable, one night he was drinking she was wearing a loose and
thin night gown. It let her long nipples show through was if it was
cold and wet. It was one with buttons going from the naval to the neck
line. Her Dad was wearing a pair of boxers and a wife beater T shirt.
They were watching TV when her dad asked her to sit on his lap. She
hadn't done this since her Step mom put a stop to this when she started
to develop.
My Mom declined knowing what it would lead to. Her Dad insisted and
told her if she did he would buy her a radio for her room. She had been
after him for months for a radio.
Finally she agreed. She sat on her Dads lap. He offered he a few sips
of his drink, she drank it but didn't care for the taste. He lifted the
hem of her night gown over her thighs and started to massage her smooth
thighs. After a while he started to kiss her neck, and slowly
unbuttoned her night gown which Mom had buttoned to the top.
Mom could feel his cock begin to swell she was aware he was becoming
aroused. When he got it half way unbuttoned he slipped on hand in and
felt her breasts. With the other hand he lifted the hem of her night
gown to expose her little pussy.
Mom clamped her legs closed when he went to feel her pussy.
Mom asked him to stop and he told her to be good and he would buy her a
radio. She said no and he told her either way he would do it so she
might as well let him.
She complied and let him slip his hand onto her lil pussy, he slipped a
finger into her she was tight but wet he told her she was wet because
she was a little slut who liked her Dad to feel her up. He said isn't
that right? She said no, he took his finger out of her and showed her
juices and told her that women got wet when they were ready to be
he continued to finger her and squeeze her breasts and nipples.
Soon mom was moaning and squirming on his lap he told her she was a
good girl and just to enjoy it and cum for him. he coaxed her to let go
of her inhibitions and cum. Mom said it was like she was possessed. She
started to have an orgasm stronger than she had given herself. She
started to say "Finger me daddy. Fuck my pussy daddy! He asked are you
Daddy's Slut? She said yes. He said say it. She said I'm a slut, I'm
Daddies Slut!
After her orgasm she was ashamed she was so vulgar. Moms dad told her
to stand up she hardly could after her strong orgasm.
Mom stood in front of her Dad with her tits still hanging out.
He took out his cock and showed it to her. She says it was 8" and
thick. He asked her if she knew what it was. She said its your penis.
He ordered her to take another big sip of his Whiskey. He then said get
up stairs in my bed. She now knew what was going to happen. After a few
minutes he come into the bedroom he ordered her to remove his boxers.
she was kneeling in front of him as it sprung in front of her he rubbed
his hard cock all over her face she instinctually knew what to do. She
licked it and started to suck it her Dad was pleased at her willing
He lifted her up and Kissed her feeling her ass and tits he was
grinding his cock on her pussy kissing her and telling her she was
going to be fucked and he was going to make her a woman.
He layed her down on the bed and kissed her lifted the hem of her night
gown and un buttoned the rest of the buttons of her gown he made her
spread her legs and open her gown to expose her breasts. He stood at
the foot of the bed and looked down at his young daughter, with her
pussy and tits openly and obscenely displayed to him. Only a few weeks
ago he only tried to see brief glimpses of his daughters cleavage and
legs now she was about to become a woman. She was going to accommodate
her Fathers big cock and be baptized by his cum, and initiated into
womanhood. He mounted her and rubbed his cock along her wet pussy lips.
Mom's tits and her fathers chest were mashed together. He was kissing
her. He asked if she was ready to be fucked, she said yes, About a year
earlier she had broken her own hymen while masturbating with her hair
He lined up his cock with her pussy looking into her eyes he pushed his
head in she gasped at its size. He was proud of his cock, and its
ability to stretch his lil girl open. Moms Dad pushed slowly and
steadily into his virgin Daughter while looking at the expression on
her face she wondered when it would stop going in her finally he
bottomed out in her having about another inch of cock. He smiled at her
approvingly. her mouth was gaping open adjusting to the feeling of
being so full. He slowly started to slide in and out of her. The
momentum built up she was slowly getting into it. He asked her if it
felt good she said yes. he started giving it to her harder and she
started to push back on him. Meeting his thrust with her own.He started
to say yes my lil girl like cock doesn't she? She moaned yes Dad. He
made her say fuck me Daddy. She came about 2 times before he felt his
own cum boiling.
He pushed his cock right to her cervix, she winced in pain and he came
right into her uterus. She laid there totally spent. feeling her Dads
go soft in her. he looked at her and Said I knew you were a lil slut
like your birth Mom.
He took his cock out of her stood up and went to the side of the bed
instructing Mom to roll on her side and clean him off.
he went to the living room and had a cigarette and drink. Mom buttoned
up her nightgown and tried to fix her self and got a drink of water
from the kitchen he asked her to come over and lifted her gown and
inspected her pussy there was no sign of cum leakage. he had shot most
of it so far up it wouldn't come out. mom was now beginning to feel
ashamed. he told her that he was going to fuck her whenever he wanted
and at the very least she would suck his cock daily. he asked her if
this was ok with her, she obediently agreed.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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