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Subject: {ASSM} [SIFSF] Girl Scout Confusion
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Warning! This ain't no story. This is parody. It contains dirty words. 
Rather stay away.

Oops. I did it again. I wrote a stroke flash story to ASSM. It had to
contain hard cocks, wet pussies, and very hot sex. How? I again went to
the Red 5, the club I visited regularly. All kinds of sin, young girl 
sex, whisky, and Maryjane could be found there, causing me the urge to
spurt hot semen into hotter woman's hottest cunts. Lucy in the sky with
diamonds sucked cocks. I imagined the Bucci twins, the Teles sisters,
and the Coulter girls. I imagined them coupling with Denny, Kenny, and
Benny. Cocks pounding into wet pussies, wet pussies of lovely girl scouts
in skimpy uniforms, making the girls come very hard, moaning out for
lust and crying for more, for much more hard cock. Their dirrrty tongues
are craving for cum shots into opened mouths, the way  I liked to shoot
my spunk into that slut Radka all time I see her. You are right -- it's only
about sticky illusions here, the Coulter girls aren't for real and lucky boy
Benny doesn't exist -- only in fucking imagination.  But then, Kenny's
and Denny's imaginations might be for real. I just can imagine them --
hot sex, hot girls, hot semen, much wanted by horny, dirty, old men.

Author's note:

Actually this piece is a triplet -- it's a contribution to the VIFSF,
but also not an addition to the Girl Scout joint venture. Last but not
least it's also not a part of my own Red 5 story series.

That will be my own challenge for this ASSM event: all of my
contributions will involve some kind of triplets.

(c) 2005 FranzKafka79. All rights reserved. Maybe archived at ASSM.
Maybe included to the SIFSF collection webpage.

Chcete sdilet sve obrazky a hudbu s prateli?

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