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[SIFSF] Leather (MF)

The ritual begins with the gloves, fingerless and studded leather which
I pull easily onto my hands and then cinch tight with Velcro wrist
straps. Then the leather boots which I strain to put on. Succeeding at
last, I pull the jean legs back down over them. Finally, of course, the
leather jacket which, when it is zipped up to the top and secured with a
snap flap at the neck cradles me like a black eggshell. In black and
blue costume at last I am ready to go out into the world. Deliberately
striking the sidewalk hard with my feet I stomp into the garage and
stride over to the bike. I mount it like some old-time cowboy, left leg
on the stirrup of the concrete floor and the right leg swinging over the
seat until I reach the bliss of being encased in tight leather and
sitting on leather and feeling my balls and cock tingle with excitement.
Then the last ritual, pulling the bike to vertical and pushing up the
kickstand and then fingering the starter button and listening to the
roar and feeling the vibration and teasing the throttle again and again
to let myself and the world know I am alive and happy.

Riding down the road the Harley magic fingers and the anticipation of
seeing my woman heighten the ringly-tingly feelings in my cock and I
arrive at her place all prepped and ready for ... anything. The brap
brap noise as I gun the throttle brings her running out to me, and as
she steps onto the passenger pegs and sits on the pillion seat her smile
and the light kiss she gives me and the way she wraps her arms around me
completes my ecstasy. Underway at last she leans back into the sissy bar
and wraps her legs around my waist, the heels of her boots lightly
resting on my crotch. She moves hers arms lower down and finally her
fingers snuggle beneath her bootheels onto my crotch, and the touch of
boots and hands on my crotch and the wind in my face and the glory of an
open road and a beautiful woman and her fingers and the vibration of the
bike soon bring me off  to a wonderful, glorious climax. "Mmmm. Me
next." she says and I know my destination is now fixed on some secluded
spot in the country, where we can perform other rituals. 

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