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Title: Weller Lake
Author: Mat Twassel

Weller Lake
   On a bright fall day, Mat and Laura strolled the path along
Weller Pond. While Laura was counting geese, six more glided in.
One after the other they landed, wings flapping, bellies juddering
the calm water. Laura laughed. "They're so graceful and awkward at
once," she said. "So serene, and then so much fuss and splash, and
then serene again, like you when you come in my mouth."
   "No," Mat said.
   Laura grinned and squeezed his hand and tugged him into the
   "What if someone comes?" Mat asked.
   "That's the idea," Laura answered. "Such silky bark."  Her
fingers frigged faster. "Such a warm stiff stem." Her mouth took
him deeper. The sweet, sweet swell. The sudden, unstoppable
surge. The hoarse honk of countless geese.
   "Oh, honey," Laura crooned, letting the last of him drip sweetly
down. "That's your seed. Soon there'll be a baby boy tree here.
It'll grow fast. Soon it'll be big enough for me to climb."

Weller Lake
By Mat Twassel
An SIFSF story:

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