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Subject: {ASSM} [SIFSF] A Little Less Conversation {Vinnie Tesla} (MF spank)
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Title: A Little Less Conversation
Author: Vinnie Tesla
Keywords: MF, spank, SIFSF

She was nervous and talking fast. I had this premonition--when we got
to my place, she wasn't gonna be able to stop. It would be a stream of
trivial patter--an impregnable shield against my advances. I knew I
had to do something if I was gonna prevent this. So when we got into
my apartment, I took her coat, hung it up, and kissed her. She made a
little 'Mmph!' noise as I leaned in, and put her hands on my biceps,
but she kissed me back, opened her mouth to me little by little till
her lips were soft and slack, and her mouth was mine to explore.

I sat down on the sofa. "Undress." I told her.

She blinked at me, skin flushed, still a little dazed by the
kiss. "You mean--now?"

I supressed the urge to be sarcastic. "Come here," I said softly. She
stepped forward.

"Your safeword is 'fire.' Tell me what your safeword is."

"Um, fire. But. Shouldn't we--?"

She shrieked as my arm darted around her waist and I tugged her onto
my lap. "Hey, what are you doing?" she demanded.

I tugged her skirt up over her hips, exposing a lovely round little
ass in green satin panties. "You tell me," I said. "What am I doing?"

I tugged her panties down, luxuriating in the texture of her fine,
smooth skin, enjoying her squirming compact mass on my legs.

"You're getting ready spank me," she said.

My first blow landed on her far cheek; she stiffened and
yelped. "That's exactly right," I said.

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