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Subject: {ASSM} [SIFSF] Virgin Altar {A Strange Geek} (MF 1st bond)
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Virgin Altar
   Her anointed skin a sheen in candlelight, body splayed across black
marble, breasts rise and fall with anxious breath, her muscles tense
against the chains.
   The chant rises, her body trembles with desire and fear. A drop of
oil upon each nipple, rising erect, tingling madly. A slow crescendo
reached, her soul quivering with her body, the priest hovering for
the final anointment. She braces, feels the slick warmth trickle over
excited flesh, oozing between helpless folds. Her body aches for
consummation as much as it trembles before it.
   The chant stops. Her breath catches. One final but vain tug at
her chains.
   She is joined on the altar. Warm flesh slides against her body.
She shudders at his hardness, whimpers at his entry. Then, a stop,
a push, a flicker of brief pain and a gasp. A pause.
   And inside her. The chant is renewed, she rises with it. Waves
crash through her body. Soaring, bursting, a final cry of ecstacy.
   Her virginity sacrificed.

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