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Oceans of Time
     Laura's orgasms last three and one quarter seconds start to
finish. "Oh, oh, oh, oh," she goes, in one one time, each perfect
oh a sweetly shaped whole note of airless howl.  It doesn't matter
whether instigation is the tip of my tongue tickling the little
baton of her clit, or the swell of my cock tasting the swallow of her
cunt, or the press of her own palm upon the plump push of her
eager pubis, she comes the same: four succinct peaks of pleasure,
while her eyes squeeze shut, her tummy clenches tight, her
nostrils flare, her chest flushes with fever.
     Long before the little symphony begins, her flower wets itself.
The sap, syrup thick, wells up her hot little hole, overflows the
pout of her lovely love-petals, and seeps into the starry crinkle
of her adorable ass.
     Afterwards, waves of quiet settle her soul.
     In the middle it's pure music; three and one quarter seconds
of the world's most sublime song. Time to sing it again. Time to
take it from the top. "Oh, oh, oh, oh."

Oceans of Time 
By Mat Twassel (
Second Irregular Flash Stroke Festival

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