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  She bit her lip, eyeing me thoughtfully. "How can I get you alone?'
she said.
  I thought for a moment. "You could ask me to help you get more chairs
from upstairs."
  Upstairs was cool and dimly lit--thrift store lamps, sloping 
ceilings, unfinished pine furniture. The thumping music downstairs was 
still clearly audible "How can I get you to kiss me?" she said.
  "Bite your lip again, like you did downstairs," I said.
  Her breath was hot and tasted like rum. Her lips were soft and
yielding, her tongue pointed and aggressive. "How can I get you to
spank me?" she said.
  "Bend over the back of that sofa," I said.
  Her ass was compact and firm. Her jeans were sturdy, but I managed to
raise some yelps with my palm.. She looked at me over her shoulder,
tossing her hair back. "How can I get in your pants?" she said.
  "You may have to get out of yours first," I said. "Or else I don't
think you'd fit."
  Her skin was hot, marked with red creases from elastic and underwire,
electric. She shuddered when I ran my hands over it.  She ran her
fingertips over my rigid cock, squeezed, ripples of pleasure ran up my
spine. "How can I--"
  "Condom," I gasped. She opened her other hand, grinned.
  She groaned when I entered her, sank her teeth into my shoulder. She
set a brisk pace with her hips, urged me on with lewd whispers,
gripped me inside her with fierce strength.
  "How can I see you again?" she said.
  "Free tomorrow?" I said.


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