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I lean against the wall, and listen to the slow, heavy tread of your
last volunteer walking up the steps. I finger the supplies in my
pocket with a small secret smile. You're sweeping. I ascend the steps
and latch the door from the inside. When I come back down, you give me
a puzzled look. I take the broom from your hands and throw it to the
ground, shove you up against the wall. You open your mouth to protest
and I cover it with mine, pressing my body against yours. You whimper
a little when I grab your hips and pull them tight up against me.
 I grab your wrists, wordlessly tug you over to face one of the
shelves. I pull a roll of duct tape out of my pocket, and your eyes
widen when I wrap your wrists in several turns of tape, binding them to
shelves above your head. You hear the 'snick' of my knife behind your
ear, and I cut the roll of tape free. A moment later a ball gag is
pressed against your teeth. You open to receive it, and I buckle it
behind your head. I unfasten your belt, push your pants down to your
knees. You feel the cool air against your ass, your vulva. My hot palm
is cupping one sensitive cheek. "I'd advise you to be quiet," I
whisper, and then the first blow falls.


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