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Welcome back sex fans, on this beautiful fall day, where the opening
ceremonies of Mary's masturbation session are just drawing to a
close. She's put aside her pornographic novel, gotten up from her
desk, and now she's approaching the couch.

She's leaning back on the sofa...her fingers are at the waistband of
her jeans...and there's the opening stroke! Her hand is inside her
pants, and it's a beautiful sight! Those jeans are a bit of a snug 
fit, and she's squirming away, trying to get her hand her hand to 
where it'll do the most good!

She's opening her pants now, pushing them off her hips...she's
undressing...but wait! They're tangled around her ankles! She's
kicking now, she's kicking...and...they're off! Her pants are off
ladies and gentlemen!

Now she's stroking her panties with just the tips of her fingers...her
head is to her side, she's gnawing on her knuckles. It looks like
she's had enough of that, folks--she's rolling her panties down her
thighs now, her hands are both on her vulva, she's spreading her lips
apart a bit--and there's some moisture there tonight, let me tell
ya--and she's on her clit!

Mary is off to a good start now, working her cunt with a good brisk
pace. Her hips are bouncing, she's biting her lower her head
is thrashing back and looks like this is gonna be a big
one, folks....her hips are up off the sofa, her face is flushed, it
looks like-- Yes,she's coming! Another amazing masturbatory orgasm for
Mary! What a session! Now we'll give the champ a minute to catch her
breath, and we'll see if we can get a few words with her...

This is a Flash Stroke story, part of the Second Irregular Flash Stroke
Festival. For rules and more details, see


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