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This is total fiction and was written at the 
request of a friend. Do NOT read it unless 
you're a fan of extreme scat action. It 
involves scat, public exposure and pedo. 
ScatGirl Ginger - Part 1 - Meeting Ginger 
(Warning - for extreme scat fans only.)
Ginger eats shit. Finding her was better than winning a lottery. 
My name is Jack and I'm a shiteater, too. I've been eating my own shit 
since I was about 16 and I'm 28 now. Thanks to the internet, I was able to
make contact with Ginger and now she lives with me. She ran away from 
home to be with me so she could indulge in her filthy fetish. The most 
amazing thing about Ginger is her age. Ginger is just 15 and looks even 
younger, but she has the body of a 19 year old. 
By the time we actually met in person, I knew that Ginger was what I had
been searching for all my life....a sexy slut who wanted, no...needed, to 
experience the most perverted and filthy sex imaginable. When she got 
off the train she was wearing a dress so short her asscheeks were visible 
as she walked. I knew she loved feeling the breeze tickling her cunt and 
I also knew she really wanted to remove the dress completely and let all
the total strangers stare at her naked body. 
Her long silky blonde hair seemed to float in the air as she ran to hug me 
and kiss me with her open mouth. I'll never forget her first words when our 
kiss finally ended. 
"I want to eat my shit for you!" 
I smiled and knew she was the one, and then I said, "And what else?" 
"I want to eat your shit and wash it down with your piss!!" 
"And what else?" 
Ginger began to tremble and her beautiful face showed her passion as 
she said, "I want to seduce some very young girls and suck the shit out 
of their assholes and eat it for you!!" 
"And what else?"
"I want you to eat my shit! Right out of my ass! Warm and fresh!"
"Damn, you're making me hot and hungry!" 
I undid the three buttons holding her dress together and pulled it open to
gaze at the most perfect body I'd ever seen. Ginger didn't flinch or attempt
to cover herself in any way as I gazed at her naked tits and shaved pussy. 
Her tits were 36b and stood up as if they were fake, but they were natural. 
Small erect nipples and a very flat stomach that accentuated her mound
above her tight slit. I had seen pictures of her but the real thing was simply
beathtaking. I knew I had to wait a few minutes to look at her perfect round 
ass so I wouldn't attack her right there. 
"My ass is full of that warm delicious shit that we both love!" she said. "I 
can't wait to eat it for you! I'll do it right here if you tell me to!" 
"No, I want to be sure I can watch you closely the first time and we need 
to be where no one will bother us," I said. "You'll be eating lots of shit in
public very soon and I will, too!" 
"Mmmmmm!! Please promise me you'll talk about eating shit all the time!"
she said with a look of hunger on her face. "It's all I think about. I love you
and I want to please you."
"I promise, Ginger!" I said very seriously. "And you promise me that you'll 
prove to me how much you love eating it everyday!" 
Ginger hugged me and whispered in my ear, "My shit will be my afternoon 
snack and your shit will be my dinner tonight, Jack! I can't wait to suck it
right out of your ass!! Then later tonight you can suck some fresh shit out
of my ass that I'll cook inside my ass just for you!!" 
"Let's go! I need to study your ass and your asshole!" 
"Should I strip as we walk to the car so you can look at my ass?" 
"Yes, just as soon as we get outside the building!" 
Ginger gave me the sexiest smile I've ever seen and her bright turquoise
eyes were dazzling. I could see how much she wanted to thrill me by
taking off her dress and walking ahead of me naked. She knew her ass
was absolutely perfect and she wanted to tease me with it. As soon as 
we left the building, I pointed to the car and Ginger slipped out of her 
dress and handed it to me. She walked proudly across the street to the 
parking lot as cars stopped and people stared. My eyes were glued to
her ass as I thought about what I'd be seeing very soon. 
Ginger's skin was tanned and flawless. Her ass was beyond description.
As she got to the other side of the street, I said, "Piss for me, Ginger!"
She stopped on the sidewalk at the curb across from the station and 
turned around to face me as I approached. As we had discussed via 
email many times, she spread her legs and put her hands on her hips 
with a very lewd half squat and began pissing into the street. 
"YESSSSSS!!!!" she hissed as she watched her piss flood the street in
front of her as I reached the sidewalk beside her. "This is the other thing 
I need so fucking bad!! I need to piss and shit and fuck in public for 
someone who understands how good it feels!!"
I couldn't help myself. I pulled out my cock and started pissing in the 
street right beside her. Ginger looked at me and said, "I think I've died 
and gone to hell...and hell is where we belong! Thank the fucking devil I 
found you! Is this incredible or what?" 
Amazingly to me, I was able to continue pissing with my cock growing
harder by the second. We were happier than either of us had been in 
our lives, knowing that this was just the beginning of an incredible 
relationship. I knew Ginger had been naked outside at night, but now 
she was fulfilling her dream of standing stark naked in a public place in
broad daylight pissing on the street with cars passing and people staring
at her. She manipulated her pussy with her fingers so her piss was 
spraying out about five feet into the street and she loved it. She was 
like an uncaged wild animal.
We finished pissing and laughed as we ran to the car, got in and drove 
away. Ginger leaned over and kissed my cheek and said, "As I told you
many times in my emails, I'll do absolutely anything you want me to as 
long as you help me find girls of all ages to suck the shit out of so I can
eat it. And I mean anything! I'll eat shit from guys and boys, too, but I 
know you prefer watching me eat it from the girls and I have a very strong 
desire to suck out girls' cunts and eat their juice and cum. Fuck, I'm so 
"Show me your cunt, Ginger! Spread it for me!"
Ginger turned so her back was against the door and she spread her legs 
so I could look at her smooth shaved cunt. First she just let me look at 
her tight slit. It looked like someone had just cut a slice through a small 
doughy cuntlips hanging out at all. It was the perfect cunt for me.
When you looked at her standing naked from the front or the back, there 
was nothing hanging down between her legs. 
"Fucking gorgeous cunt!" I said as I stared at it. 
Then she pulled it open so I could see the juicy reddish pink inner cunt. 
"It's aching for cock!" she said. I knew she had fucked a few guys but 
couldn't find any who shared her perverted desires. 
It seemed like it took hours to get to my house instead of the few minutes
it actually took. The house was very private and had a great view of the 
city out the back. We went right to the family room after I stripped and set
her suitcase in the hall. We stood in the family room and kissed for a long 
time as I felt her all over. 
Ginger was trembling with excitement as she said, "I'm so hungry, Jack! 
Are you ready?"
"Do it good, Ginger!!" I said as I let her go. 
She told me to lie down on my back and she straddled me with her ass 
about a foot from my face as she looked down at my hard cock. My first
close-up look at her asshole almost made me cum. I felt her ass and 
said, "Holy shit!! Your asshole is just as perfect as the rest of you! Can 
I taste it?"
"Okay, but just for a second. I need to shit!" 
I pulled her asshole to my mouth and made love to it as she moaned. I 
could tell how much she loved it when I pushed my tongue inside it and
got a quick taste of her shit. That's when she pulled up and said, "Oh no
you don't! I'm going to eat it!" 
I laughed and said, "Please do it now! You're driving me crazy!"
Ginger let her asshole relax and it began to open as she said, "I'll eat a 
little at a time to tease you! Promise you won't take it from me!" 
"I promise!! But how come you're going to do it a little at a time?"
"Because I like it best when it's warm. So I'll shit some and eat it and 
keep the rest warm in my ass!" 
"Ohhhhhh, I love it!!" 
Ginger moaned as her beautiful brown shit emerged from her asshole and
a three inch piece oozed out and then she pinched it off and it dropped on
my chest. She jumped off and whirled around and immediately started to 
lick it as she looked at me. Then she sucked the entire piece into her 
mouth and tilted her head up and just swallowed it. 
"Mmmmmmmm!!! Finally!!! Warm fresh shit in my tummy!!" 
My cock actually ached as I watched Ginger eat her shit as goosebumps 
formed all over her body. Her craving for shit was the most erotic sight I 
could ever recall. She leaned up and gave me a deep open-mouthed kiss
so I could have a taste. She saw my passion as I swallowed the small 
bits of shit I sucked from her mouth. Now we knew. We knew we were 
meant to be together. 
"Now the big one!!" Ginger purred. "This is my favorite!!" 
She straddled me again and my cock throbbed as she relaxed her ass
again and a perfectly formed seven inch piece of pure shit slid smoothly
out of her asshole and fell on my chest. It was the sweetest smelling 
lump of shit I'd ever seen and Ginger quickly turned and stared at it. 
Without using her hands, she took one end in her mouth and then just 
stared in my eyes as she slowly ate it. 
She had an orgasm when she had eaten about two thirds of the turd and 
she heard me say, "That is so fucking beautiful!!" 
After she had eaten the entire seven inches she gasped and said, "I always
cum when I eat my shit!! One more piece should empty my ass!!" 
Then she straddled me once more and I watched in total perverted lust as 
she groaned and pushed one last four inch shitlog from her ass. She 
turned around and ate it slowly, looking sad that it was almost gone. 
"Turn around and let me clean your asshole with my mouth!" I said. 
Ginger crawled into a 69 position and began sucking my cock as I sucked
her shitty asshole and ate the smears of her shit from her ass. I knew she
was eating my precum and it only took a moment before I exploded deep 
in her mouth. Eventually, she turned back to kiss me and we laid there 
quietly. Then I rolled her over on her back and just stared at her, blown 
away at the glow of total satisfaction on her face. 
Speaking very softly, she said, "That was the most intense experience I've 
ever had, Jack. I never thought I'd meet anyone who would enjoy my craving 
to eat my shit as much as me. I think I ate over 14 inches of warm shit from 
my ass! Fuck, it was so delicious!!" 
"You're a dream come true, Ginger!! Say that again!!" 
Ginger was beginning to get excited again as she said, "I think I ate over 
14 inches of pure warm soft filthy delicious SHIT from my ass, Jack! I ate 
my yummy SHIT like candy! It felt SOOOOO good coming out of my ass! 
It was cooked just right inside my ass and it felt really good going down
my throat! Fuck me now and later I'll eat your yummy shit for dinner!" 
Ginger sucked my cock to get it hard again and then she slid on top of 
me and spread her legs and then wiggled down and imbedded my cock 
in her sweet tight cunt. Few things in life could match the feeling of 
fucking a 15 year old girl. Before I came, we fucked in many positions. I 
had decided to save her ass for later. We were both dying for me to fuck 
it, but wanted it to happen in a public place. 
The last position we fucked in was with Ginger laying on top of me with 
her back to me and my hands on her tits as she wiggled her ass against
my groin. As she approached her orgasm, she said, "Tell me one thing 
you're going to make me do soon!" 
"We're going to find another sexy teenaged girl and I'm going to make 
you seduce her and suck the juice out of her cunt. Then I'm going to make 
you drink her piss! Then, after you finish drinking all her piss, I'll make you
eat every inch of her warm fresh shit! You'll beg her to shit right in your 
mouth while I watch!" 
Ginger was cumming as I talked and her orgasm triggered mine. 
"YESSSSSSS!!" Ginger screamed. "Fresh girlshit!! You're making me
soooooo hungry again!! My dream is to eat 20 inches of shit right out of 
a young girl's ass!!"
My cock must have spurted ten times as I listened to Ginger. After we 
stopped fucking, we just laid there for a few minutes to catch our breath.
Then Ginger crawled off and sucked the cum off my cock. Then she went 
to the kitchen and brought back a small glass and held it under her cunt 
so my cum would drain into the glass. 
She looked at me with her sexy face and said, "I knew you'd like to watch
me eat your cum from my cunt. It'll be almost as yummy as my shit!"  
Ginger looked so nasty as she drank my cum from the glass and then
licked the inside of the glass to get it all. Then we took her things to the 
bedroom and unpacked them. We took a nap so we could just enjoy 
being next to each other and then we took a shower. As we dried each
other off, Ginger licked my asshole and I could feel her hunger. 
"Are you cooking my dinner in there?" she purred as she licked. 
"Are you getting hungry again?" I teased. 
"Yes! I'm finally going to get to eat fresh shit right out of an asshole! My
fucking mouth is watering to be your human toilet! I promise I'll do it so
good it'll make you cum!"
"Let's have some wine first," I said. "I want to explore your body."
We walked to the family room and I poured Ginger a glass of Merlot. Then
I had her sit on the couch and spread her legs. I sat on the floor and she 
moved forward so her wide open cunt was right in front of my face. She 
seemed to get more and more excited as I stared at her cunt, studying 
every inch of it. When I started running my fingers very lightly over the 
skin on either side of her slit, she just moaned and rolled her eyes back
as she said, "Would you like to watch me pee? Get me a big glass and 
I'll drink it for you!" 
I hopped up and got a glass and came back and held the glass under her 
cunt. She pissed slowly as I watched her cunt open and her piss flow out 
into the glass. Knowing she was going to drink it made it even hotter. 
There must have been about eight ounces when she finished. She took 
the glass and drank it down smoothly so it would be nice and warm. 
"Mmmmmmm!! I love my piss!!" she purred. 
I licked her cunt dry and tasted her sweet piss. Then I played with her cunt
while she drank her wine. I happened to glance up at her and noticed she
was licking her lips. 
"Anything you need?" I asked.
"I'm really getting hungry," she replied. 
"Would you like your dinner?" I said.
"Yessssss!!! I'm going to go crazy if you don't feed me soon!" 
"Where do you want it?" I asked. 
"Let's go to the bed," she said as she smiled at me. "I promise I won't 
make a mess. I won't drop a bite!" 
So we headed to the bedroom and she wanted me to lie on my back with
some pillows under my ass and also under my head so I could watch while 
she ate from my ass. I gave her some soft ropes so she could tie my legs 
up so they wouldn't get tired. She tied them to the bedposts behind me 
and then she got down between my legs and sighed. I could see she was
absolutely on fire with lust as she prepared to eat her first meal from my 
ass. She started licking my balls and my asshole and rubbed my legs. 
"Give it to me slow, Jack! I want to lick your asshole as I eat your shit!!
Are you ready?"
"God, I can't wait, Ginger! Stick your tongue up my asshole and then suck
my shit out and eat it!!" 
"I will, baby!! I'm going to devour every inch of your shit!! Feed me!!"
I felt Ginger's tongue licking my asshole and then pressing inside. I relaxed
my ass and my shit started to move toward Ginger's mouth. I could just 
barely see her eyes as she sucked on me. She started to pant when my 
shit pushed her tongue out of my ass and my shit stretched my asshole 
and she sucked it in. I think she may have been cumming as she broke off
the first mouthful and raised her head slightly so I could watch her suck on
the shit and then chew it up and swallow it. 
Ginger gobbled down the first big bite of my shit and then put her mouth 
over the thick log sticking out of my ass and sucked it out about three 
more inches and broke it off while I concentrated on not pushing it out
any farther. She was so fucking hungry for shit, I could hardly believe it. 
After she swallowed that chunk, she smiled again and said, "Your shit 
is so thick and chewy!! Please shove the next few inches into my mouth
real hard! I want you to fuck my mouth with your waste! God, I wish my 
throat would open wide enough for you to take a huge shit right into my
I waited until she had her mouth open wide over my asshole and then I
pushed maybe four inches of shit right into her mouth.
"Fuck!! I love shitting in your sweet mouth, Ginger!!" I moaned as she 
obviously loved having her mouth filled with the big turd. "Now eat it for 
Ginger had to use a hand to hold the shit while she nibbled little bites 
off and ate them, making sure I could see her. 
"Do it, Ginger!!! Swallow a nice big chunk of shit from my ass!!" 
She sucked out about an inch of shit and bit it off and held her mouth 
open so I could see it sitting on her tongue. Then she closed her mouth
and tilted her head back and swallowed the entire chunk. Her smile was 
radiant as she looked at me. 
"Feed me more shit, Jack!! I want it all in my stomach!!" 
Ginger continued to eat the shit from my ass like candy until it was gone.
Damn, it felt fantastic! Then she licked my ass clean and untied my legs. 
"Mmmmmm!! I'm guessing you fed me about ten inches of shit, Jack!" she
moaned contentedly. "Thank you for such a delicious warm dinner!" 
Then she laid down on the bed and spread her legs and masturbated as 
I watched her. 
"Tell me what you're thinking about?" I asked as I watched. 
As Ginger slowly rubbed her clit, she purred, "I'm thinking about sucking 
the shit out of a cute young girl's ass in a public place for you and eating
it all. And I'm thinking about shitting in a public place for you and eating it
while you watch!!"  
"Since you won't be able to shit for a while, why don't we take you out 
and let you piss in public? You can drink lots of liquids on the way." 
"Mmmmmm! That sounds like fun! Should I wear a real short skirt?"
"Yes! Just barely covering your pussy!" 
So we cleaned up and got dressed and headed out to have some fun. 
Ginger wore a tight soft mini-skirt and a blouse that she tied under her
tits so her flat stomach was visible. She also wore four inch heels but 
of course no underwear. She looked really hot. She asked me where I 
wanted her to piss as she drank lots of flavored water. 
"Let's go into a big store and you just keep drinking until you can't hold it
anymore. Then just spread your legs and pee for me!" 
Ginger really liked that idea. She was just like me....she liked to piss 
and shit where it was very risky and people might see her do it. She didn't 
care what she pissed on or whether something got ruined when she did it
as long as it turned her on. In fact, she got an evil thrill when she pissed
or shit on furniture or clothes or carpeted floors. 
So we drove to a mall and went into a big department store and walked 
around looking at things. Ginger was drinking constantly. As we walked 
into the area where they sold dresses, Ginger got a wicked look on her 
face as she glanced at me. 
"Stand back a few feet and watch!" she said. 
I knew what was coming and I couldn't wait to watch her piss all over the 
deep burgundy carpet. She set the drink down and smiled at me as she 
lifted her skirt with her hands and spread her legs. 
"This is for you, Jack! Watch me pee!!" 
Her piss shot out in a strong stream. It only took a few seconds for a 
nice puddle to form and Ginger just kept pissing in the same spot,
obviously enjoying the look of the big puddle and the sound of it, too. 
"Piss on some dresses, you fucking Slut!!" I said as I smiled at her. 
I could see Ginger react with lust on her face as she turned the spray
towards the dresses hanging on a rack beside her. She sprayed at least
ten dresses and seemed to be shaking a little with excitement. 
When she finished, she looked at me and moaned, "Thank you for 
telling me to piss on the dresses! God, that felt good! Next time, I'll find
a shelf of sweaters or something and piss all over them!"
"That was so nasty and good, Ginger!" I said as I kissed her and we 
strolled away. "I want to see you shit on a chair or couch in a hotel
lobby and then eat part of it and leave the rest!" 
"It'll be difficult not to eat it all, Jack," she said softly, "but I'll do it for 
you! Now let's grab a bite to eat so I can work on a nice snack for later!" 
We went to the food court to buy some dinner and as we stood in line 
at one of the walk-up restaurants, two sleazy yet sexy girls came up 
behind us and obviously liked Ginger. I glanced back to see them and
started drooling when I saw their hot young bodies in low cut jeans and
t-shirts. I guessed they were both about 12, but had killer bodies with 
budding tits and no bras. Both had dark hair and sexy dark eyes. 
"I'd love to taste that!" one of the girls said to the other, loud enough for
us to hear. 
Ginger turned around and looked at the girls and then squeezed my hand 
as she said, "That can be arranged." 
The girls looked around to see if anyone else had heard and then the 
slightly taller girl said, "You serious?" 
Ginger smiled and raised her skirt to expose her shaved pussy and said, 
"Of course I am!" as the girls just stared at the gorgeous sight. There was 
no doubt they were young lesbians the way they licked their lips and 
nudged each other. 
"There's a catch, though," Ginger said calmly. "Hi, I'm Ginger and this is 
The taller girl was just a touch nervous but said, "I'm Heather and this is 
"Let's get some food and talk, Heather," Ginger said. 
So we bought some food and we walked over and selected a table away 
from the other people. Ginger had been looking the girls over as we walked
to the table and when we got there she said, "Before you sit down, turn 
around for me." 
The girls put their trays down and smiled as they both turned around. 
They seemed to know that Ginger wanted to see their sexy bodies and 
especially their tight young asses. Both girls filled out their jeans real 
good with those asses that you dream about. 
"Okay," Ginger said after looking at both asses closely. "Let's eat." 
We sat down and began eating and Ginger said, "Tell me what you had in
mind, Heather?" 
Heather took a sip of her drink and glanced at Rachael and then she said,
"We'd like to taste your pussy." 
"I was kind of hoping you wanted to eat my cunt and my asshole," Ginger
said very calmly as she looked at the girls for a reaction. 
"Th..that's what I meant," Heather said with a sexy smile, realizing Ginger
wanted to play. "Damn, you're so sexy!! I can't believe you'd let us do it!" 
"What's the catch?" Rachael asked cautiously but very anxiously. 
"You both have to do something very special for me," Ginger answered. 
"What?" Heather asked anxiously. "Shit, we'll do anything you say!!" 
"Anything?" Ginger repeated. 
Heather looked at Rachael and she nodded, once again showing her 
excitement, and Heather said, "Yes! Anything!! We want to eat you!!" 
"Well, first, Jack will get to watch us," Ginger said, watching the girls 
closely for their reactions. When the girls nodded quickly, Ginger said,
"And he gets to do whatever he wants to you." 
"Okay!" Heather replied, waiting for the rest as she smiled at me. 
"Are you positive you meant ANYTHING?" Ginger said. 
"Yes!! What else?" Heather said anxiously as Ginger spread open her 
blouse to expose her beautiful tits to the girls. 
"Jesus!! What else?" Rachael pleaded as the girls stared at Ginger's 
perfect tits. 
Ginger closed her blouse and stood up, turning to me as she said, "No,
I don't think they're ready, Jack. We'd better go." 
"NO!! Please!!! Don't go!!" Heather and Rachael begged. "We promise 
we'll do ANYTHING you want!" 
Ginger winked at me before turning around slowly and looking at the girls'
worried faces. Then she sat back down and said, "Show us your tits." 
The girls didn't hesitate as they lifted their shirts and revealed their cute 
budding breasts with their enlarged nipples. After Ginger stared for a 
moment, she motioned for them to lower their shirts. 
"Now stand up, one at a time, and let me feel your pussies," Ginger said. 
"Pull your pants away from your tummies and let me get my hand inside." 
Heather stood first and Ginger slid her hand down her pants. 
"Mmmmm!! You're wet!" Ginger moaned softly. 
After Ginger pulled her hand from Heather's pants, Rachael stood up and 
let Ginger feel her pussy. 
"Also wet!" Ginger moaned. 
The girls were both horny as hell now and leaned forward as Ginger leaned
toward them. 
"I want your shit, girls!!" Ginger whispered. The girls' eyes opened wide as
they listened to Ginger say, "I want to suck the shit out of your asses so I
can eat it! Give me your shit and you can eat me!" 
"You want to eat our shit?" Heather said softly. 
"Yes! You said anything!" Ginger reminded her. 
"And then we get to eat you?" Rachael said, rubbing her pussy. 
"Yes!" Ginger said, realizing the girls were thinking about it. "It'll feel really
good, girls. I promise! Please let me eat the shit from your asses!! I've been 
dreaming about this for years!!" 
Heather looked at Rachael with a wicked grin and said, "Awesome!! I'm in!!" 
"Me too!!" Rachael said excitedly. 
"Turn around for just a minute. Please?" Ginger moaned as she began to 
tremble visibly and I got very excited. 
The girls guessed what Ginger wanted and they turned around and stuck 
out their asses for us to stare at. Holy shit, they were perfect! Their jeans
clung to their little bubblebutts like a second skin. Round and firm. 
"I think I may faint!!" Ginger moaned. 
We couldn't believe Ginger was about to realize her dream. She reached 
out and felt the girls' asses right there. Then she stuck her fingers down 
the girls' pants and said, "No panties!! I love it!!" 
I looked at the girls and asked them if they were okay to come with us 
to the house so Ginger could enjoy them there. They said that was fine
with them so we finished eating and drove home. We found out that 
Heather was 12 and Rachael was 11 and they had been lovers for the 
past year. They were dirty little sluts. 
As we walked into the house, Ginger said, "Let's go in the family room 
where the light is good and get your clothes off, girls!"
Everybody stripped and we started drooling when we saw Heather and
Rachael naked. Both had shaved pussies and the sweetest firm asses
we could have ever hoped for. Ginger knelt in front of them as they sat
on the edge of the couch and said, "Tell me about your shit, girls! Is it 
hard or soft and what color is it?" 
The girls didn't hesitate. Heather said, "My shit is usually medium brown
and fairly soft. It feels really good coming out of my ass!"
Rachael smiled and said, "My shit is usually dark but fairly smooth! I'm
getting turned on talking about this!" 
"I'll eat your shit first, Rachael," Ginger said as she rubbed Rachael's 
thighs softly and then ran her hands up Rachael's body and squeezed 
her little tits and nipples. "I want Heather to watch. Turn around now,
Rachael, and let me look at that sexy oven where you're cooking my 
Rachael turned around and got on her knees and spread them as she felt
Ginger's hands pushing them apart. Then Ginger started running a finger 
up and down Rachael's slit. 
"That's sooooo pretty, Rachael," Ginger purred as she let her finger slide
just a little way into Rachael's cunt. "I'd better suck that sweet little cunt
for just a minute!" 
Rachael shuddered and gasped as Ginger licked up her slit and then began
to suck on her cunt. 
"You are fucking delicious!!" Ginger said and then sucked on Rachael's 
clit. "Now let's take a close look at your pretty asshole!"
Ginger squeezed Rachael's ass and then spread it open. 
"YESSSSS!! Oh YESSSSS!!" Ginger moaned. "That's what I want!!" 
Ginger licked all around Rachael's asshole and pushed her tongue inside
it as she moaned. 
"Please relax your asshole for me, Rachael, and I'll suck your shit out! 
Just push a little bit to get it started for me!!" 
Ginger watched as Rachael's asshole began to slowly open and the tip 
of her dark brown shit became visible. Then Ginger covered Rachael's 
asshole with her mouth and started sucking. 
"Mmmmmmmm!! Mmmmmmmm!! Mmmmmmmm!!" Ginger moaned. 
"Ohhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhh!! She's sucking the shit right out of my ass!! Do it,
you sexy bitch!! Let me shit right in your mouth!!" 
I could tell Ginger was cumming just from sucking the shit out of Rachael's
ass. She was shaking all over as she pulled back and the dark piece of shit
pulled away from Rachael's asshole with a nice taper and hung down over 
Ginger's bottom lip. Ginger just sucked it in like she was eating spagetti 
and tilted her head back slightly and swallowed the shit right down!  
"I HAD TO JUST SWALLOW IT, JACK!!!" Ginger gasped. "It's so warm and
yummy!! At least three inches!! And maybe an inch in diameter!! The next 
one should be bigger!!!" 
Heather looked at Rachael and said, "How was it, Rachael?" as Ginger 
stared at the tip of Rachael's shit sticking out of her asshole. 
"Fucking awesome!!!" Rachael replied. "Her lips are so soft around my 
asshole as she sucked out my shit!! Did she really eat it?"
"Like a bite of ice cream!!" Heather said. 
"GIVE ME MORE SHIT, RACHAEL!!" Ginger pleaded. "Let me watch your 
asshole expand and then I'll suck it out and eat it!!" 
Rachael concentrated on relaxing her ass and her shit began slowly oozing
out as her asshole expanded beautifully. 
"Mmmmmmm!!" Heather moaned without thinking. 
Ginger noticed immediately and said, "It's sooooo fucking good, Heather!
Watch me eat it!!" 
Rachael's asshole had stretched to over an inch and about an inch of pure
dark shit was sticking out of Rachael's ass as Ginger covered it with her 
mouth and started sucking on it. She filled her mouth and then gently 
broke off the shit and began chewing it. 
Ginger's eyes rolled back as she moaned, swallowing as fast as she could 
chew up the big log. I started feeling Heather's clit as she watched Ginger 
in obvious fascination. 
"Looks good, doesn't it, Heather?" I said softly. 
"Yeah.....I never thought I'd get turned on watching someone eat shit!! Keep
playing with my pussy!!" 
"Mmmmmmmm!!" Ginger moaned as she heard what Heather said. She 
finished the big mouthful and said, "Go ahead, Heather. Taste Rachael's
shit! Lick it for us!" 
Heather appeared to be very excited and I covered her pussy with my hand,
softly rubbing it. She moved her face to Rachael's ass and nervously stuck
out her tongue and licked the dark turd hanging out of Rachael's ass. 
"Ewwwww! That's gross!!" Heather said as she tasted the shit. But she 
swallowed and didn't move away. 
"Try another lick, Heather," Ginger said. "I thought you loved Rachael?" 
"I do!!" Heather said quickly. "Maybe one more lick." 
"You should suck it, Heather!" Ginger said, noticing Heather's willingness 
to try again. 
Heather showed us what a nasty little slut she was as she moved in and 
put her mouth over Rachael's shit hanging out and sucked it for a few
seconds. Then she took another big lick and looked at Ginger for approval. 
"That's better, Heather," Ginger said. "You need to learn to eat Rachael's
shit if you truly love her. You both need to be each others' toilets. Now 
watch me finish Rachael's meal, and then I'll suck your shit from your 
ass and eat every bite!" 
Ginger sucked three more nice turds out of Rachael's sexy young ass and
ate them, moaning with lust constantly. Then she licked Rachael's ass 
clean and kissed her asshole. 
"Let me suck her clit for just a minute!" Heather pleaded. 
Ginger moved away and Heather slid behind Rachael and sucked her clit
until Rachael had a beautiful orgasm. Heather licked up Rachael's juice 
and then smiled and thanked Ginger. 
Rachael was smiling as she turned around and said, "Thank you for eating
my shit, Ginger! It felt great!! Are you really going to eat Heather's shit now?"
"You're very welcome, Rachael," Ginger purred as she felt Rachael's pussy.
"Your shit was so warm and delicious! Maybe you'll let me eat it again real
soon. And yes, I can't wait to eat Heather's shit. You want to watch, don't 
Rachael looked a bit emabarrassed, but said, "Yes. I do want to watch." 
Heather hopped up on the couch and stuck her ass out towards Ginger 
and spread her legs. Rachael watched closely as Ginger rubbed Heather's
ass and spread her cheeks so she could stare at her pretty asshole. 
"Mmmmmmmm!! Look at her asshole, Rachael," Ginger purred. "Isn't it
beautiful? I'm going to suck on it and draw Heather's fresh warm tasty
shit right out of her ass and eat it."
Rachael moaned a little as I started feeling her cunt and softly playing 
with her clit. 
"That feels good, Jack," Rachael said. "Please keep playing with me while
I watch Ginger eat Heather's shit! I'm getting excited!!" 
"Push just a little for me, Heather," Ginger said. "We all want to see your 
asshole open up!" 
"Fuck, this is so nasty!" Heather said as she started to push. "I'm getting 
excited, too! I really WANT you to suck my shit out and eat it, Ginger!!"  
As Heather's asshole slowly opened up, we could see the tip of a medium
brown turd inching its way out. It looked soft. Ginger carefully licked at it 
and a small piece broke off on her tongue. Ginger turned and showed it to
Rachael and then swallowed it. 
"Ohhhhh, fuck!!" Rachael moaned. "Eat Heather's shit, Ginger!! Play with 
my cunt, Jack!! This is HOT!!" 
"Okay, baby, I'll eat it! Give it to me, Heather!! Take a nice shit right in my
Ginger covered Heather's asshole as the shit began to move. We could 
see Ginger's mouth fill up and then munch the shit and eat it as quickly 
as it came out of Heather's ass. Heather was too excited to hold it and 
she just let it slide out. 
"Ohhhhh yesssss!!! I'm shitting in your mouth, Ginger!! Ohhhhhh yessss!!" 
Ginger was shaking with excitement as she gobbled down the fresh shit
oozing out of Heather's beautiful ass. I knew she had Heather wait until 
last after hearing that her shit was usually soft. She knew she'd be able to
swallow it quickly. 
"MMMMMMM!!!! MMMMMMM!!! MMMMMMM!!" Ginger moaned over and
over as she ate the shit. 
Suddenly, Ginger's body shook violently as she had a powerful orgasm. I 
knew she was happier than she'd ever been as she trembled and trembled
in lust and pleasure. 
"Oh my god!! Ginger's cumming just from eating Heather's shit!" Rachael
Ginger kept eating and eating as Heather emptied her bowels into Ginger's
hungry mouth. When she finally swallowed the last of it, she backed off 
and took a breath and said, "Holy FUCK!!! I think she gave me about 15
inches of pure shit!! That was SOOOOO delicious!!! Lick her dirty asshole.
Rachael!! I know you want to taste her shit!! Do it!!"
Rachael was really horny and didn't hesitate. She leaned in and covered 
Heather's asshole and sucked the gooey shit off and ate it. 
"Oooooooo!! That's nasty!!" Rachael said. "But it's good!!"
"Of course it's good, Rachael!!" Ginger said with an evil smile. "Now show
me you like it!!" 
Rachael had a very wicked look on her face and she said, "You want me 
to suck some shit out of Heather's ass and eat it like you did, don't you?
Okay! Push real hard, Heather!! There must be a little more in your ass 
for me!! I want it!! I want to eat your SHIT!!!" 
Heather strained and pushed another small piece of soft mushy shit into
Rachael's mouth and Rachael showed it to us before she ate it. Then 
Ginger grabbed Rachael and kissed her so they could lick the inside of
each others' mouths and exchange the remaining shit and swallow it. 
Ginger had finally realized her dream. She ate shit right from some girls'
assholes. She was radiant and bubbly as she thanked the girls. 
"Your shit is incredibly delicious, girls, just like I knew it would be! I want 
to eat it again and again! And I really want to eat it in public!"
"In public??" Heather said, looking at Rachael in surprise. 
"Yes!! I want you both to take a big shit in my mouth in public places. Just 
think how excited you were when you were letting us look at your bodies 
and touching you at the food court. Now just imagine how good you'll feel 
when I suck the shit from your sweet little assholes and eat it in public! 
Piss in my mouth right now as you think about it!!"
Heather jumped up and straddled Ginger's face immediately and took a nice 
long piss in her mouth. Then she looked at Ginger and said, "You want to 
be our human toilet, don't you, Ginger?" 
"More than you can imagine, Heather!!" Ginger moaned. "Thank you for 
your piss and shit!! Now Rachael!!"
Rachael was getting into this as much if not more than Heather. She also
straddled Ginger's face and pissed beautifully in her mouth. 
"Mmmmmmmmm!!! That feels so fucking good to piss in your mouth!! I'd 
love to use you in public!! Would you like me to save up a really big shit
for you?"
"YESSSSS!!" Ginger exclaimed, hardly believing her ears. "I'll suck out 
every inch of your yummy shit and swallow it. And I want you to help me
find some younger girls, maybe about five years old, who we can get to
shit in my mouth!! I know they wouldn't be able to shit a whole lot, but 
I still want to eat some real young shit!!" 
"Is your tummy full?" Rachael asked. 
"Yes!! Full of your shit and Heather's shit!! In a few hours, I'll be shitting 
it all out and I'll eat it again!! God, I can't wait!!" 
Heather looked a bit nervous, but she said, "I'd like to see you do that. 
Could we stay with you until you eat your own shit? Please?" 
"Hmmmm....if you're serious, Heather," Ginger said, "you'll have to agree 
to three things." 
"Okay!! What are they?" 
"First, you and Rachael have to eat each other's cunts for us."
"We will!!!" the girls said together. 
"Second, you have to let us fuck you both, any way we want."
"Okay!! We'll do it!!" they said with big smiles. 
"And both have to eat a big bite of your own shit from my 
ass before you leave!" 
The girls looked at each other quizzically. Then Rachael smiled at Heather
and nodded. Heather smiled back and giggled a little. 
"We'll do it!!" Rachael said. 
"You will eat my shit and NOT make sad faces or hesitate! Do you 
"Yes, we understand!" Rachael replied. "You want us to suck fresh shit 
from your ass and eat it!!"
"You look a bit excited, Rachael," Ginger said, trying to subdue her own
"I am!!" Rachael replied. "It really turned me on when you ate Heather's 
shit!! I wanna learn how to do it so I can eat Heather's shit when you're 
not around!!" 
"You want to be Heather's personal toilet?" 
"Yes! I love her!!" Rachael replied. 
"So you want to eat all her shit, right?" Ginger asked, getting really hot. 
"Yes!! And I want to drink her piss, too!!" Rachael said. "I want to be her 
human toilet and let her use my mouth like we used yours!!" 
"Okay, let's get started, girls," Ginger said. "Get on the couch and eat 
each others' cunts for us!! Keep those legs spread wide so we can watch
you eat!!" 
Heather laid down and spread her legs as Rachael climbed over her in the
classic 69 position. They wasted no time sinking their tongues into each
others' cunts and munched away. Ginger and I watched closely as the 
girls were loving each other beautifully. We watched for fifteen minutes and
then Ginger told them to stop so I could fuck them. 
Ginger had Heather kneel on the floor with her chest on the couch and then
she had Rachael lie on top of her with her legs spread apart so we could see
Rachael's cunt just above Heather's. 
"Jack is going to take turns fucking your cunts, girls," Ginger told them. Just 
stay still and give him your cunts!" 
I got behind the girls and pushed my cock in Heather's tight cunt and she 
moaned loudly as I stretched her. I buried my cock all the way up her cunt
and then rammed her hard for a few seconds before pulling out and shoving
my cock hard in Rachael's cunt. Both girls were moaning now as I took 
their sweet cunts deep. 
Ginger loved watching the girls getting fucked as I switched back and forth 
between the girls. I decided to give both girls some cum. When my cock
exploded, Heather got the first blast. Then I pulled out fast and slammed 
my cock back in Rachael's cunt and gave her three more hard spurts. 
When I pulled out of Rachael, Ginger told them not to clean themselves. 
"When we take you back to the mall, I want you both to walk around with 
cum dripping down your inner thighs!" Ginger instructed. 
The girls both smiled and promised they'd do it. Then Ginger sat on the 
couch with her ass at the edge as she smiled an evil smile at the girls. 
"Time to eat?" Rachael asked as she stared at Ginger's gorgeous crotch. 
"Yes!!" Ginger purred as she looked at the sexy girls. "I'd usually get on
my hands and knees but I want to see your faces to make sure you do
what I said. You first, Heather."
Rachael whispered to Heather to be happy and Heather got down between
Ginger's legs as Rachael and I held Ginger's legs up to give Heather better
access to Ginger's asshole. It appeared that Heather was actually excited
as she put her hands on Ginger's thighs and began licking her asshole. 
"Ohhhhhhhh....that's nice, Heather!!" Ginger purred. 
Heather's nose was right in front of Ginger's cunt as she started sucking 
hard on Ginger's asshole and moaning. 
"Good girl, Heather!!" Ginger gasped. "Now suck out a nice turd and eat it!!" 
Ginger relaxed her asshole and a small soft turd passed into Heather's 
"Mmmmmm!!! Mmmmmm!" Heather moaned as she held the fresh shit in 
her mouth. 
Rachael was excited as she realized that Heather had shit in her mouth 
and she urged, "Swallow it, Heather!! Swallow Ginger's shit!!" 
Heather tilted her head back and gulped the turd down her throat and then
smiled at us. 
"I DID IT!!  I DID IT!!" Heather exclaimed happily. "I ate Ginger's yummy shit!"
"My turn!!!" Rachael squealed. 
Rachael changed places with Heather and started licking Ginger's asshole 
immediately, tasting some shitty residue very enthusiastically. 
"Shit in my mouth, Ginger!!" Rachael pleaded. "I wanna be your toilet!!" 
Ginger was panting as she watched Rachael sucking her ass. She relaxed 
her asshole and I could tell by the look on her face she was going to give 
Rachael a bigger turd. Rachael's cheeks bulged as Ginger released a nice 
lump of warm shit into her pretty mouth. 
"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! You got a nice one, Rachael," Ginger moaned. 
Rachael looked right at Ginger as she chewed up the large turd and slowly
swallowed it in five or six gulps. 
"One more please!!!" Rachael begged as she lowered her mouth back to
Ginger's asshole. 
"Ohhhhhhh, we've got a real live shiteater here!" Ginger hissed. "Suck hard,
Baby!! Suck my shit into your mouth!!" 
I let Ginger hold her own leg up so I could get behind Rachael and reach 
around to feel her small tits and play with her sensitive nipples. 
"Eat that warm shit, Rachael!!" I whispered. "Show us what a sweet little 
shitslut you are!!" 
Rachael moaned loudly as she sucked another nice fresh turd from Ginger's 
ass and munched on it. She smiled at Ginger as she chewed it up and 
swallowed it. Then she licked Ginger's asshole clean and also slid her 
tongue up Ginger's slit and began sucking on Ginger's clit. It only took a 
few seconds for Ginger to cum. 
Everyone was satisfied and happy as we all hugged and promised to get 
together again soon. 
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